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Big Brother 25-Tuesday Recap for 8/22/23

August 23, 2023 | 22 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning, I’ve got to do a quick recap today. I have an appointment that was scheduled about 3 months ago and I wasn’t thinking about Big Brother when I made it. So, let’s just get to it.

Luckily, this should be an easy one to condense. The entire house is in overlapping alliances now with the exception of America. Solidifying groups for protection was the theme for yesterday. The new Seven Deadly Sins (briefly Savage 7) was made official. It includes Cirie, Izzy, Felicia, Matt, Jag, Blue and Jared.

The next one includes Cirie, Izzy, Felicia, Cameron, Red, Bowie, Meme and Matt. Wait for it…they called it Legends 25. (Haha) They made it official with a name None of these alliances matter in my opinion because they arn’t about a loyal group working together. They’re about trying to control noms for the next couple of weeks.

Running numbers with candy has officially began this season:

Izzy and Cirie also talked about their best case final 6. They agreed the best path would be Izzy, Cirie, Jared, Felicia, Bowie and Blue. They want to keep Cory as long as possible but not to the F6.

America entertained Hisams pitch the night before and talked to Blue about it. America would like the remnants of the first Reilly alliance to get back together. (She doesn’t know most of them are in the Seven Deadly Sins now) Blue immediately told Izzy that America was wanting to keep Hisam so now she’s a bigger target that she’d already been.

America, seeing she couldn’t trust Blue, went to Jag about it. She doesn’t really want to keep Hisam but wants to work with Jag. She told him a bunch of stuff and also asked him not to tell anyone. She told him about Blue telling everything she’d told her. As close as Jag and Blue are, going to him right after trying Blue, seems like a mistake.

Cory knows America is in trouble. He’s tried to push her in a direction that will keep her safer but she isn’t listening. Granted, he’s only hinting things to her so he doesn’t blow up his own game. He tried to tell her to be careful with Jag but she isn’t listening.

Since yesterday was more useless campaigning from Hisam and people making more fake alliances, I’ll just go over what people are trying to accomplish. That way, some of these rinse and repeat convos will make more sense.

We already know Cirie, Jared and Izzy are just trying to cover themselves with a Jag & Blue hoh or a Red & Cam hoh. That’s the reason for the 2 big alliances. As long as America doesn’t win the hoh, they should be fine. (They could be fine anyway)

Cory, who’d make tons of progress since the game started, is starting to see his position slip away. He knows about the Seven Deadly Sins alliance even tho he isn’t in it. This was bad for him because he needs people to target Jag next week. With Jag gone, he feels Jared can influence Blue and knows Cirie is getting closer to Matt. It would also get America away from Jag. Since Blue is probably protected a little bit by Jared now, he doesn’t want America catching a stray while going after Jag.

Cory has done alot of work to get Red and Cameron to target Jag next week. He’s also put in work trying to focus Jag and Blue to go after Red and Cameron. He’d prefer Jag go first but he’d be ok if it was Red. He knows Cameron will take a shot a Cirie eventually and that’s why he needs him. He sees Cirie and Izzy as the core of the house. He’d like the outer people to go after each other for now to get the numbers down. After that, get someone to break up Cirie and Izzy and then make a run with people he’s been working on, like America.

He never wanted to go to a final 4 with the Crossroads, which is the alliance of Jared, Cirie, Izzy and Cory. He wants to get to around 7, 8 or 9 with them but that’s it. He’s tried telling America it’s too soon to be telling people Cirie and Izzy are running the house. He knows they’re too insulated to make that move now.

Cory can’t tell America “stop talking to Jag because he’s in a 7 person alliance with Cirie” because she’d want to know how he has that info. It’s the same way he can’t tell Red and Cameron that Jag is after them. He can only hint and point in the direction he’d like them to go.

Red and Cameron had already decided to stop talking so many weeks ahead after their plans got out. They’d planned to take a shot at Cirie and Izzy but not for a while. I don’t know if the new alliance with them, which is meant to replace the Professors, it’s going to change their plans or not.

A better situation for Cory would’ve been to team up with America, Jag and maybe Matt. He isn’t close enough to Jag to risk it tho. Now that Jag is in the seven deadly sins, Cory can’t risk laying the game out to Jag and having him run the info back to Cirie. He tried talking to Jag a little bit yesterday but wasn’t really getting anywhere. Cory sees the game board really well so I’m curious how he’s going to maneuver.

We know jag was hesitant to trust Cirie and Izzy with this new alliance. He told Matt if they could cut Hisam, what would stop them from cutting them too? He sees it but doesn’t know what to do about it. You also have to understand Jag’s game so far. He made an alliance that blew up almost immediately. Since then, everything he’s tried gets messed up for one reason or another. Jag is just looking for a home. He wants a loyal alliance that will stick together. He’s being told the things he wants to hear at the moment and after scrambling for 3 weeks, he just wants to feel safe for a little while. It’s the same thing for Matt. (Cirie is VERY good at making people feel comfortable)

Red keeps talking about the fake middlemen alliance and doesn’t know it’s fake. He’s convinced the middle people are trying to save Hisam. This is throwing a kink into things for people like Meme and Bowie. Neither one of them are in any kind of middlemen alliance and neither of them know that people think they’re in one. If Bowie or Meme are cut soon, it could be because of a joke Cory told.

I’m not saying it would only be for this reason. As for Bowie, Red and Cameron have already talked to people about “having her.” They told Matt they “have Bowie and America.” They don’t and Bowie isn’t aware they’re saying it. Cameron just started talking about who they could get to form a group in a couple of weeks. They said they thougt America was a free agent and felt like they could get Bowie because she talks to them quite a bit. That’s it, they don’t even know their names are being tossed out there. They are tho and Cirie and others believe it.

As for Meme, she just hasn’t done enough in the game. She found an alliance the first week and doesn’t feel the need to do anything else. When she doesn’t agree with her alliance, she vents to let it out in the storage room. After that, she goes with the majority decision anyway. She doesn’t try to push her opinions and she rejects people like Cory, who’s tried to work with her. I think Cirie, Izzy and Felicia have backed off thinking she’s in a separate alliance without them. However, they still see her as expendable because she doesn’t share very much with them.

They haven’t considered the possibility the Bowie and Meme simply don’t talk very much game. They feel like, it must be because they have other things on the side. I don’t blame them because Meme and Bowie’s approach doesn’t make much sense.

Jared and Blue have officially made out now and I don’t know how that will effect the game. Blue talked to America about Jared before so maybe she will again. If it goes from America to Cory to Izzy to Cirie, maybe Cirie will find out. He’s putting her game in jeopardy so she needs this information. I don’t think Jared will mess up her game by trying to protect Blue for too long. I think it will happen because he’s dying to tell Blue his big secret.

Blue also volunteered to be a pawn next week if the seven deadly sins wins the hoh. (Recruit) I’m sure this is part of why Cirie and Izzy think dragging her to a F6 would be a good idea now.

Red made an amazing looking cake for Cameron’s daughters birthday. Felicia may want him out soon. She’s pissed he keeps using all the butter!

Izzy approached Hisam and wanted to know why he was telling everyone lies. He asked if she wanted to talk and she said “nope.” (He is lying but some of it is true) She’s also wanting to join conversations he’s in order to talk block him. I could see doing something like that strategically if he was making progress but he isn’t. Izzy is one of those players who has to be mad at the person she evicting.

Hisam tried campaigning with no luck. He mentioned how lonely it was being on the block He also said It was hard feeling like the house was just moving on without him. Remember right after the Veto meeting when he left Reilly on the block? He started asking everyone how they saw their game moving forward in a “post Reilly world.” (Karma) While campaigning to Blue, Hisam told her about Izzy saying she didn’t like shomances or recruits. (I’m with Izzy on that one)

Felicia asked BB for the vacuum and battery pack so she could clean. The BB voice told her to “cool your jets.”

Bowie told everyone about her song that was used for an episode of SWAT and said she was an extra on it too. Screenshot of her video:

Sorry this ones lacking today but I’m on a tight schedule. I don’t think we’ll have a waffle Wedneaday this week but you never know. Even if we don’t, have a great Wednesday!


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