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Big Brother 25-Tuesday Recap for 8/29/23

August 30, 2023 | 25 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies, I’ll only have a bit of vote flipping talk today mixed with speculation over who won the secret power. The feeds cut all day so the conversations in the house were in pieces. Every time a new houseguest was called to compete, (or stand around and not compete) the feeds were cut. I’m sure there was alot more going on, we just missed it.

I won’t complain too much about a slow day because a slow day for this group is still pretty active. If you watch feeds, you know alot of seasons, you hop around trying to find a game convo happening. This year, there’s almost always game talk and usually more than one at the same time. For that reason alone, I appreciate this cast and didn’t mind the slow day.

Reds fashion yesterday, any thoughts:

Red wanting Izzy out remained a big topic yesterday. He told Cirie, if Izzy didn’t chill out, he was done with the alliance. (Red’s not really in an alliance so oh well) He thinks he has leverage because he thinks he has a special relationship with Cirie. (Don’t they all?) He’s said “I don’t know what it is about Cirie….I love her so much, I just have a special connection with her.”

Red’s also tired of Meme and America. He said Meme is too full of herself and a bunch of other stuff I can’t remember. He’s been trying to convince Cameron that America needs to go before Cory and Red didn’t like the way America behaves around Cameron. He actually said America is using her “womanly wiles” to get further in the game. Womanly wiles? (Red’s playing BB, the1800’s edition) Maybe instead of costumes, they can make them wear a scarlett letter.

Side note: This made me think of a thing going around on Twitter for Cory called “Corswhores.” I have no idea what got it started but it’s been funny. Cory’s one of the people I’m sort of rooting for so I guess that makes me a Corswhore? (Maybe I should drop that during dinner just to get my husbands reaction)

Cameron, who’s been working with Cory on the side, has came around to wanting him gone. He’s told America she reminds him of his daughter now too. (Sorry Reilly, he’s moved on) Cameron likes America and that’s why he suddenly thinks Cory needs to go. (Remember weeks ago when I said he gives me Beast Mode Cowboy vibes?) Cameron did the same thing with Reilly that he’s doing with America. He follows her around or stares from a distance. Don’t worry though because where Amber was completely creeped out during BB16, America just seems annoyed.

Cameron and Red sat in the hoh room watching the tv screen, convincing themselves of who was talking game. They were sure Blue and Izzy were having game talk in the kitchen since Red can read lips. (They were actually making fun of some shorts Cameron gave Blue because they were so small) They were trying to figure out how Cameron could’ve ever worn them.

Speaking of Blue, she camera talked yesterday. She said she doesn’t like how Felicia, Cirie, Izzy and Jared always feels so safe. She also said she needed to step up her game with having conversations with people besides Jared. She had a conversation with Meme yesterday and Meme said, it was the first time that had happened since they’d been in the house. She made one comment yesterday that stood out and also summed up her game. She told Jared it was a boring week. (Yep, she’s on the block and thinks it’s a boring week!)

I liked this, “Izzy Tizzy” is a great description for when Izzy spirals. Haha

Back to Red, he seemed sure he’d get chosen to play for the power because he’s so popular, don’t ya know. (I don’t think he was picked and he was bummed) He’ll blame not getting chosen on how he’s had to “tame his personality” for the game. We hear a lot about that because Red says “I have such a big personality” or “I’m the biggest personality in here” but then says he has to tone it down for strategy. I’m sure he’s very successful on tiktok but most people I know with big personalities, don’t have to tell people they have big personalities! (Maybe that’s why he doesn’t like Izzy, she’s a BIG personality)

Jared talked to Jag to let him know he was considering keeping him. (He’s not) I guess this was to appease his alliance but I’m not sure why he was doing it. Later, Jared told Matt he didn’t think Jag would be useful. He talked like Jag hadn’t done anything impressive yet and they didn’t need him to win comps. (He’s won more than Jared) Matt worked to get Jared to consider it but didn’t really push too much.

Izzy pumped up Cirie for the secret power comp. Izzy was sure she’d be picked. This was a pretty funny scene to watch. Izzy was making butterfly motions, shadow boxing and all kinds of stuff.

Later, both Izzy and Matt, were pumping Cirie up to compete. I didn’t see this happen with her biological child but her new adopted children were very supportive. They said she’d have the votes from the Survivor community. They also joked about Matt’s swim community being small and Izzy said she was sure her alternative music group was pulling thru with the votes.

Another side note: Everyone is lying about who got picked. I think this is a mistake for Cirie to do it. She did tell Izzy, Jared and Matt. I think she only told Matt because he told her he got picked first. It allowed her to share a secret with him that she said no one else knows.

Anyway, it’s obvious Cirie is an fan fave and everyone knows it. I think she should’ve went ahead and admitted she was picked. She could also tell them what she told Izzy, which was she didn’t do well in the comp. I just think that’s a lot more believable.

Jared told Cory, he didn’t see Cory getting picked with a vote. He said Cory didn’t have the personality for it. However, he was pretty sure he’d be picked himself. Cory joked it off and said ‘sure, he didn’t have Jared’s dynamic personality.’ This was after some heavy debating.

Cory wasn’t saying he thought he’d be picked. He was trying to tell Jared the fan vote can be unpredictable based on its history. He said it’s almost impossible to predict the reasons fans will vote for certain people. Cory said they usually vote for the underdogs and Jared told him he wasn’t an underdog.

Once the secret comps were over and Jared wasn’t chosen, his attitude towards the power (and Cory) changed throughout the day. (Jared told Cirie he wasn’t picked so we know he wasn’t) He bounced between saying the power wasn’t important and saying whoever got it was his next target. (Jared seems like a spoiled man child) Hes trying to ride the fence between not caring and being pissed he wasn’t chosen. I’m sure from his perspective, he had 2 ways to get it. He’s Cirie’s son and he’s in a showmance.

Jared talked to Izzy about needing to get rid of Cory. It was only the day before, Jared was telling Izzy and Cirie, they could trust Cory. Now, Cory did mentioned to Jared, they shouldn’t let Cirie get to the end of the game. This was a while back and it didn’t phase Jared before. I could be wrong but I think this new attitude towards Cory stems more from something Jag said. Jag pointed out that Cory may be popular because of the shomance with America.

Meme and Cirie talked about the issue with Izzy and Red. Cirie said she couldn’t keep sticking her neck out for Izzy. (I dont think she means it) Meme said Red’s a good liar and thinks he is exaggerating the stuff with Izzy. She thinks Red wants to use it as an excuse to go after her. Cirie agreed and they both said they were only loyal to the Brown Sugar Babes alliance anyway. (This is also a lie because Cirie doesn’t really trust Felicia anymore)

Felicia, Meme and Cirie talked and (for now) have decided they should probably go ahead and keep Blue. They don’t think it makes sense to piss off Jared right now. They’re not sure if the advantage to having Jag is worth it, especially with a secret power in play. (Its not but Felicia and Meme should want to keep Jag tho)

I may take digs at Jared but Jared is correct over who they should keep this week. Blue is a 100% loyal to Jared which means she will be the loyal to Cirie. It doesn’t matter that they don’t trust Blue because I think Jared could completely control any HOH or Veto she won. Jag is also close to Matt and Blue isn’t. Cirie shouldn’t risk Jag and Matt teaming up later against them. (Ya, I get she has Matt for now but why take the risk?) Jag will also probably be a better competitor than Blue which means he’ll be harder to get out later.

If Jared wasn’t lying to Cirie, he’d probably have done a better job of convincing her. She doesn’t know Blue will be that loyal because she doesn’t know about rock, paper, scissors. I’m not saying he has to get specific with his own mother but he could let her know their connection is closer than he’s made it seem. (I definitely want Jag to stay, I’m just saying I think it’s better for Cirie’s game if Blue stays) On top of that, they’d fracture anything they’re faking with Red, Cameron, Cory and America by keeping Jag.

Not that the America part matters. She’s aware the ‘for real for real’ alliance isn’t for real. Cory told her it wasn’t fake, they were just at the bottom of it. She argued and said “no, they have alliances with everyone in the house, it’s fake.” Last night, she talked about some combination of Izzy, Cirie and Felicia needing to go on the block. She said that group needed to be split up. (Gee, I wonder how that could happen, maybe holding down a button, winning an HOH and perhaps, not throwing it??)

They’ve guessed Bowie is lying about her age:

I think she threw it to Cameron because she thought that was move he’d make. She thought it would allow her to keep playing the middle. It’s the game she’s tried to play since the beginning and the one Cory is playing too. The problem is, there is no middle anymore. Everyone in the house knows which side people are on. They also know which people are in the middle and running info to both sides. (with the exception of Red, who thinks he has Cirie) You can’t play the middle when everyone knows you’re doing it.

It’s why I said Cory needed to get off the hammock yesterday. I feel like he’s been too distracted with America to realize he isn’t in a good spot anymore. Jared tried to warn him 2 days ago but he argued against it. He also hasn’t picked up that Izzy’s stopped giving him info. He has no idea Cameron wants him out now either. (Cory is in trouble, ya’ll)

As for the special power, I think it’s stupid. They put a power in play to stop an eviction right after the pressure cooker. I mean, THE PRESSURE COOKER!! If they want to undo an eviction, why not do it after a crap shoot comp? I may not like Cameron but to have your HOH ruined after you just competed in a 14 hour comp is ridiculous!

I hope I get proven wrong but I just see it messing up the game. So far, we know Cirie and Matt played for it. Cory could have been happy and smiling yesterday because of America but I think it’s possible he played in it. Jag may have because he’s in trouble and the underdog, possibly America and Felicia is another one I could see getting picked.

Let’s say Cirie wins it, do we really think she needs another advantage? If Matt or Felicia wins it, they’ll do what Cirie wants with it. Cory probably won’t save Jag since he wanted him out but America might. Even if it’s used, do we just repeat the week? (Ya, that’s exciting)

I guess there’s a couple of specific circumstances where it could shake-up the game. Since Cory and America are probably our best hope at giving Cirie some competition, they could win it and use it to save themselves or someone else next week. Cory isn’t under Cirie’s spell, he’s just making the mistake of thinking it’s too soon to go after her. Who would he save? Jared??

I just think there’s more ways the power will slow down the game instead of helping. Lets say someone from Cirie’s group finally ends up on the block next week, someone from her group could use it to cancel the eviction and we’ll juat be starting all over. It’s the same reason I don’t like battlebacks. It’s not because of who leaves or who’s saved. It’s because it almost always is a do over week. At least this is an unpredictable group so I’m hoping that will help. I’m actually hoping it doesn’t end up getting used so we can just keep trucking along.

Some recent quotes before I wrap it up:

Blue to Jared: “If you logistically think about it, there’s no way they can record if we’re out of the covers.”

Felicia about the pressure cooker: “I mean, the people doing the live feed, who’s gonna stay up all night and watch people stand in a room?”

Felicia: “Cameron is in his same little stance.” Cirie: “I bet he got beat up as a kid.”

Cameron: “This week is alot more figureoutable than the last 2 weeks.”

Blue to America about Jared’s ex: “Sure, they have a dog together but that doesn’t mean they’re married, right?”

Cory to the cameras: “Jared’s kind of a dick. I like him and we get along well but he is kind of a dick.”

Izzy to Cory from across the yard: “What are you doing over there? Playing rock, paper, scissors with yourself?”

Have a great Wednesday!


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