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Big Brother 25-Tuesday Recap for 9/19/23

September 20, 2023 | 6 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies, The double eviction is only 1 more day away! By now, half the house is uaually predicting it but there’s only been a couple of people guessing there will be a DE this week. Cirie and Felicia have both said there may be one. Both Cory and America (the superfans) are convinced it’s too soon. (Cory’s a little know it all too so I’m glad he’ll be surprised)

In the meantime, we’re almost at the halfway point in the season. It’s usually about to end around now so this feels weird. I wonder if they’ll have the halfway party this evening or maybe Friday night? Hopefully, they don’t do it Thursday night, after the double. That’s enough of a bad decision for us feed watchers that I could see it happening.

The entire game has flipped from the first half too. For over 40 days, Cirie controlled the game and for the first time, she’s found herself at the bottom. She and Izzy ran the entire house. She did it with a bit of help from Jared the first week but after that, he’s actually been a hindrance to her game.

This week, it’s as if he said to himself ‘let me win the hoh again and completely destroy our games.’ The decisions he made and things he said during his first HOH is what got them into trouble in the first place. He’s spent this second HOH finishing the job. With the flip and Izzy leaving, Cirie had a big obstacle. She needed to get back in with most of the house. She probably could’ve done it easily enough because her social game doesn’t compare to almost anything we’ve ever seen.

Remember last season when Michael and Brittany were working together? Michael would share info with Brittany, she’d talk too much and he’d have to go behind her and try to fix it. This is similar except it’s so much worse. The big advantage to playing with someone you know from outside the game is you can trust them completely. It’s having that 1 person in the house you know won’t spill your game. Jared’s decided to take a different approach and throw away that advantage. Not only that, he’s actively sabotaging her game, even if by accident.

Since Cirie doesn’t have Izzy to talk game with, she’s bouncing things off Jared more. For example, she tried to consider the possibility of keeping Cameron and using him in the game. Jared convinced her this wasn’t possible. When she went to Jared and said she thought Cory, Matt and Jag had probably formed something last week, Jared shut that down too. Her reads in the game are pretty good but he won’t listen to them.

That’s not the worst of it though. Everything she’s trying to do this week is being undermined because Jared’s spilling all the info before she can accomplish anything. For example, when Cirie told Jared she was going to talk to Meme and do damage control, he told Blue about it. Blue passed this info to Matt and Jag, who passed it on to Cory and America, who passed it on to Meme. By the time Cirie sat down to talk with Meme, she already knew what Cirie was going to say. (Having the info in advance can make you immune you to the bullshit)

When Cirie told Jared, she thought Matt and Jag may try to throw the next HOH comp, the same thing happened. Jag and Matt immediately switched gears after hearing Cirie was doubting them and said they should try to win it. That’s just a couple of examples but there are plenty more. He’s also not sharing enough info with her. When Cirie sat down to talk to Felicia, Felicia already knew most of the story about what had happened last week. Jared knew this because Blue told him. He didn’t give Cirie this info until much later and she’d already had her talk with Felicia.

All of this is before I even mention his biggest screw up. Telling Blue their secret was bad enough, but keeping it from Cirie is so much worse. Cirie keeps having conversations with Blue that are obviously deceptive and Blue even started targeting Cirie this week because of it. It’s been fascinating to watch, at the very least. I’ve tried to compare it to a previous similar situation but I’ve never seen anything like this!

After all the alliances were spilled during the Cory/Jared argument, she definitely had a hill to climb. She’s probably got the skills to do it too but not while being constantly sabotaged. Sometimes you can apologize to someone and move past it. I don’t know how she can because Jared keeps setting her up to look like she’s STILL lying. Like I said, he isn’t doing it intentionally but this is the result. If he leaves in the double and she stays, I don’t know if she can get past it. Once anyone gets labeled as a liar, a comp beast, a floater, etc., its hard to shake it off you.

I’m only talking about this today because unfortunately for Cirie, it’s what the rest of the house is talking about. Jared has single-handedly destroyed Cirie’s game and heading into a double, one where Jared cant play for hoh, it’s going to be hard for her to maneuver. Here’s what’s going on with everyone else…

Naturally, anytime I leave out a minor conversation, it ends up being relevant shortly afterwards. (It’s why I often mention something and then say ‘this isn’t important now but it could be later.’) This happened during yesterdays recap. It was a brief exchange between Cirie and Felicia the day before.

The two of them were in the kitchen. They’d just gotten the yard back and Cirie was observing who was grouping up and chatting. Cirie told Felicia she thought Cory, America and Jag may be making a final 3. She even went over an approximate order she thought those 3 would try to eliminate the others. That’s it, there wasn’t much to it. (This was they day Felicia woke up and told Meme, she wanted to target Cirie and Jared)

Cirie also said the same thing to Jared. Later, Jared passed it on to Blue and Blue passed it….(you get it by now.) Cirie had told Jared “Felicia and I were talking about it.” Somewhere between Jared to Blue or Blue to everyone else, the story got twisted into “Felicia said it.”

It matters because even though Felicia woke up Monday morning wanting to target Cirie and Jared, she woke up Tuesday morning and had changed her mind. She told Meme they couldn’t trust them but maybe she needed to keep her mouth shut and keep working with him for a while anyway. (She should)

Shortly after this, Cory talked to Felicia. He told her he’d heard she was spreading that he, America and Jag had a F3. He said he wanted to ask her about it instead of assuming it was true. He told her he was tired of the telephone game and wasn’t doing it anymore. (Cory knows he came out ahead of the dispute with Jared and I think this is his attempt to keep it that way)

She denied it and told him, Cirie had actually said that to her. Cory said he’d heard that Cirie was telling people Felicia said it. Cory also found out in this convo that Felicia would prefer to keep Jared over Cirie. He told her for him, it was the opposite. Felicia flipped back to wanting Cirie and Jared out. It may not stick but it shows how one thing and the timing of it, can change alot.

Jag and Meme talked. (Cory and Jag are both trying to get in with Meme but I don’t actually think she trusts either one of them) Jag told her about a convo he’d had with Felicia the day before. Felicia and Jag thought it may be a good idea to keep the 7 deadly sins alliance but replace Cirie and Jared with Cory and America. (Haha) Honestly, the whole thing was kind of dumb and once Meme and Cory talked about it, they both said as much.

Matt joined Cory and Meme. Meme asked if he was doing ok. (He slept late) He said he was fine but he didn’t hear the wake up call because one of his hearing aid batteries died. People were also asking him how he was doing yesterday because he’d had a bad day on Monday. He kept to himself a bit more and said he just wanted some time away from the game. Matt got frustrated the day before from alot of the whispering. He walked off walk in the middle of a conversation in the bathroom saying “I’m tired of the whispering.”

I can only imagine how much of an obstacle the season’s been so far for him. In spite of people trying to pay attention and looked directly at him when they speak, he still misses some things. (Matt’s possibly in the best position in the house right now and that’s even without him hearing everything) I can sympathize with his frustrations but at the same time, whispering is often necessary in the house. I know he wants to get his information in real time but sometimes that may not be possible. I think he’s done a remarkable job at handling his frustrations so far.

Blue has been talking as if she’s fine with the people she’s working with targeting Jared. She went from telling Matt and Jag that she’d target Jared herself, to not doing it herself but being OK with it happening. I’ve mentioned how she’s been subtly trying to put a target on Cirie. Yesterday, it became obvious to Jag and Matt that Blue’s shifted again. She’s talking like she wants to protect both Jared and Cirie. They’ve shared this with Cory and America and all 4 of them are frustrated with Blue. They’ve agreed they need to stop sharing as much info with her for right now. (I can’t believe they ever thought they could while Jared’s in the house!)

Blues game is so confusing to me. I thought it was great she finally realized she could just play the middle. She told Matt “why should we do their dirty work for them?” (“them” is Cory and America) She’s right but “them” is also Matt and Jag so she should watch what she says to them too. Just this week, Blues targets if she won hoh, have been Jared/Cirie, Bowie/Meme and now its Cory/America.

Jared’s still suspicious of Jag and I think Blue really does want to protect him. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know what info to share and what to keep to herself. She’s a recruit and some of what she’s doing made a tad more sense after yesterday. Some of them talked about which seasons they watched preparing to come on the show. Blue said she watched seasons 23, 24 and BB Canada 6.

One of the main storylines in BB Canada 6 was a showmance. Kayla planned to take out Kayla showmance at the F3 and felt like that move would win her the game. It didn’t happen but that’s not the point. Like most recruits, Blue doesn’t realize how much gaming goes on that doesn’t make the episodes. On top of that, BBCAN6 was one of the worst edited seasons EVER. The episodes didn’t remotely reflect what was happening in the house. I guess this is a long paragraph just to say, Blue’s over simplified the game. I think she wants to play the middle, get to the end, take out Jared, have people say “wow, what a badass move” and have that move win her the game. (It’s all those little details before you get to the end Blue’s overlooking)

Jags spent Monday convincing Cory it was better to put Cirie and Jared on the block together. (I agree) After finding out Blue’s trying to protect both of them, Cory’s starting to think Blue may need to go up with Jared. He talked about telling Blue if should would use the veto on Jared, she’d need to sit on the block with him as a pawn. He thinks he can get her to promise not to use it in order to stay off the block. (I don’t agree with this plan at all)

Cameron with his hair straightened:

Cameron campaigned a little to Jared. He’s done it with some of the others but in the form of joking. He tried to convince Jared that Jag was coming after him. Jared still wants Cam to go but he did manage to get in Jared’s head a bit. Cameron also said Matt and Cory were going after Jared. Later, Jared talked to Blue about whether or not he could trust Jag. (Jag and Matt have spent most of their time this week buddying up to Jared)

Jared told Matt and Jag that Cameron was throwing them both under the bus pretty hard. Neither of them cared about this but if Jared and Cirie decided they should try to keep Cameron, there’s 2 people he’ll never be able to talk into it. (I don’t think the vote is going to flip this week but I didn’t think it was going to flip last week either) We know Cirie’s considered it. If Meme’s considering it, (more on that below) she could probably talk Felicia into it. Jared could talk Blue into it and that’s the 4 votes he would need. I’m just saying, it’s possible.

Meme had another storage room talk with herself. Cirie interrupted it before we heard much but Mimi was in there saying she’d like to find a way for Cameron to stay this week. She was also saying she had no idea how to make it happen. I don’t know what her strategy is on this one but I like to see that she’s trying to play the game a bit more. Laying low is fine but she’s laid too low. She’s been brought up as a pawn too many times and has been seen as expendable. Ever sent she got in on the vote flip last week, her status in the house has been changing. She’s being seen more as a number to work with instead of an expendable pawn.

Felicia joining Cory and America on the bed. It’s becoming obvious if you want to talk game with them, it’s where you need to go:

Felicia had a talk with Jared. She mentioned the F3 rumor being spread around about her starting. She said she wasn’t the one to start it and said someone had said it to her. There was more fake chatting between them about working together. Of course, it could’ve happened off feeds but I never saw Jared tell Cirie what Felicia said about the F3 rumors. (It would be kinda good to get on top of that don’t you think?) Jared also told Felicia that people were saying she’d told Jag he was the target when he was on the block. Jared was giving her a heads up about the rumor. Felicia told him, it wasn’t a rumor and that yes, she told Jag. (Haha)

Matt’s telling Blue he doesn’t want to target Jared or Cirie either. He’s telling Jag, he will target them so I really don’t know what he’d do. I’m leaning towards thinking he’s lying to Blue but it does seem as if he wants to work with Cirie. Maybe it’s a split the difference kind of thing. He may be lying to Blue about wanted to keep Jared and lying to Jag about wanting both of them out. If I had to guess, and I am, I think he only wants Jared out. ( Actually, most of the house should only want Jared gone. If he left and Cirie was alone, most of them would be crazy not to work with her. There’s a lot of duos in the house so having a third working with you, who isn’t very good at comps, would be an asset)

Once Jared’s out, Cory & America and Jag & Matt need need to go after each other. There’s also the duo of Felicia and Meme, who’d be smart to ride the middle and let them fight each other. I don’t know about everyone else but Cory certainly knows it. He’s already been hinting to Meme and Felicia that he doesn’t think it’s smart to go to the end with a trio. (Matt, Jag and Blue)

Cory finally did a little camera talking again. He apologized to us that it’s been so long. (No shit? Cory, stop making out with America and give the people what they need!) He said his real alliance for now, is with America, Jag and Matt. He also said he doesn’t want to go to the end with them because of their ability in comps. He mentioned how he needed Blue gone sooner vs later. (I agree) He’s also worried he’d go home if it was America and himself otb. He didnt think that a week ago but now things have changed. He also noticed what we did about the wall comp. He said it was the 1 type of wall design Jared could win. (Bigger platform for your feet and the type of hand holds) He also noticed only half Jared body got sprayed with water and goo. (Future hg’s: Pick one of the end spots to stand)

Cory and Cirie finally had their conversation about the events last week. (She’d already had an earlier convo with America) They joked off the argument he had with Jared, Cory gave his pitch about Jared being like his brother and as strange as it sounds, he still trusts him and so on. He assured her if he won the HOH, neither she nor Jared would be his targets. She said the same thing back to him. They talked about not burning bridges and no hard feelings. (This was the typical BB convo with both people lying through their teeth)

They had a spa day in the hoh room. Cameron even joined in and America straightened his hair again. She took her time and did a better job this time around. Everyone had a laugh over it. I kept thinking, if his personality was different, this would be a good way to get back in with people. Just socializing with people can really do alot.

Felicia gave Bowie a new hairstyle. Cory and America said she looked like a Debbie now:

Cory and Matt weren’t interested in spa day so they chatted instead. They mostly talked about needing to turn on Jared and how much he’s lied. Cory said he’d like to convince Cirie he’d go after Blue so she wouldn’t know he’d be going after Jared. (Too late, Matt’s already told her. Its not like she couldn’t figure it out anyway) There was also alot of talk about girls too.

Cirie told Jared about Matt saying Cory was the 4th person to play in the power comp. (This was something else Matt spilled) They talked about whether or not she still had Matt on her side. Jared thinks she does and Cirie kind of does too but she said, Matt’s with Jag as much as he’s with her. (True) They talked about whether or not Meme would join America, Cory and Jag. Jared didn’t think so since Meme keeps wanting Jag targeted.

Cirie also said she couldn’t trust Felicia anymore, not after what happened last week. (Good time to tell his mom about his recent convos with Felicia, right? Wrong.) She also asked if she could trust Blue fully and Jared said yes. (Good time to tell her about Blue knowing the secret, right? Wrong.)

Everyone is lying to everyone this week. For some of them, I can’t tell when they’re being truthful. American and Corys plan is pretty straightforward and so is Jags. All of of them want Jared out and will settle for Cirie if they can’t get Jared.

Matt is a little trickier but I’m 95% sure he wants Jared out and I’m 99% sure he wants Cirie to stay. Blue wants to play the middle and is most concerned with keeping Jared, Jag, Matt and Cirie. (I think in that order)

Felicia wants to target Cirie and thinks she’ll have Jared once Cirie is gone. I’d give hers a 100%/50% and that’s because she 100% wants Cirie gone but only 50% of the time.

We already know Meme would prefer to keep Cameron this week. It could be because she sees herself working with Cory if America’s gone. I don’t think she’s going to do anything to try and protect Jared and Cirie but I don’t see her trying to take them out either. Like Felicia, if one of the two left, I think she’d prefer it to be Cirie. She’s having lots of conversations this week especially with Matt, Jag and Cory. I think a lot of people will be trying to work with her even more after the double.

It’s the same for Bowie. Cory, America, Felicia and Cirie have realized how important Bowie’s getting ready to become in the game. They’re all working hard to get her on their side. Matt and Jag have been spending quite a bit of time with her too. Watch out because unless she’s a casualty of a target winning the veto in the double or an upcoming week, Bowie could be in a lot of peoples final 3 plans.

As for Bowie, I don’t even know if she has targets. I’m guessing she wants Jared and Cirie out but who knows? (She’s doing a good job of lying to people this week) I’d imagine Cirie will be wanting to take out Jag, Cory or America. (That frees up Matt for herself or splits up a showmance) She needs to watch out with Matt tho because Felicia’s been putting in some time with Matt too and trying to steal him from Cirie. Jared wants Jag or America out next and I think Blue would like to see Cory or Bowie leave. Of course, this season, all that may change by tomorrow.

Jared managed to go from someone I recently said no one was targeting to the house target for the most part. He got the ball rolling during his 1st hoh and finished it off on his 2nd. It’s been a while since we’ve seen someone play this badly. Keep in mind, he even got his shomance to turn on him, even briefly. I mean, that’s quite the accomplishment. He’s also manages to tank Ciries game right along with his own.

For myself, I’m really torn on the double. Part of me would love to see Cirie win the HOH because she’s definitely the underdog now and by huge margin. On the other hand, I really want Jared to leave next and a Cirie HOH won’t allow that to happen. In a way, it’s better to be torn over it. I can just go back to not giving a shit who wins it and hope for an eventful night.

Sorry this one was so late. My husband was off today and decided to have a full blown conversation with me while I was typing. That wasn’t working out too well for me. Have a great Wednesday!


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