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Big Brother 25-Tuesday Recap for 9/26/23

September 27, 2023 | 18 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning everyone, we’ve got 1 more day to wait before this game gets going again…hopefully. Yesterday was mostly more of the same as the day before and the day before that…

There’s a little bit to recap but it’s not alot. The hg’s received gift baskets filled with things they’ve been shouting out that they wanted. It was mostly snacks and food items they’ve been hoping to get. Isn’t this supposed to be scary week? I dont know what’s scary about presents but whatever.

Cory had his overdue talk with Cameron about working together. They rehashed the Izzy week. They each bragged on themselves while letting the other take some of the credit. (big of them) Cory’s decided (maybe) he wants to work with Cameron instead of trying to get rid of him. Yesterday morning, he wanted to make sure Cameron knew it. They talked about possibly bringing in Matt and Jag too and targeting Felicia. (Cory’s behind) Cory gave up alot of info and Cameron did not.

Later, Cory told America he thought they could actually work with Cameron. He wanted to talk to Matt and Jag and see how they felt about it. (He’s really behind) He told Maty he thought Cameron could be a shield in front of them. I think it’s dangerous to have so many shields. (Once the game starts moving again, having Cameron, Matt and Jag still in the house is going to be tough)

America talked to Blue in an attempt to finish destroying her game. She talked more about the final 4 Felicia and Mimi had offered America and Cory. She told 6blue there was no point in accepting the offer since they were going to be targets soon. (There’s also no point in telling Blue about it)

Cory makes jokes about how he’s going to work with Meme “whether she likes it or not.” For America, I think she’s serious. She’s determined to work with the people she likes hanging out with which is Cory, Jag, Matt and Blue. I can at least give Cory credit for being strategic in his decisions because he’ll work with anyone that can get him further in the game. I’m starting to think America is just a lost cause.

I guess the only good thing she mentioned to Blue was her talk with Cirie from the day before. She told Blue how she felt so good about Cirie and really trusted her. Naturally, this got back to Cirie so if she happens to be in charge of anything, maybe that will help Cory in America for a bit. (That may be the only thing Cory and America have going for them at the moment)

Jared and Blue went over the things she’d been doing in the house. She said she thought she finally had moved everyone away from targeting Cirie. (Cirie did that, Blue didn’t) She filled him in on turning Matt and Jag against Cory and about Felicia proposing a F4 with Cory and America. (Jared told Cirie. Later, Blue told her too and she acted like she didn’t already know it) Blue said she was wondering when she should tell that info. Jared warned her to be careful and said maybe tell Matt first. (I think Cory already told Matt)

Blue said she feels better about Matt than Jag at the moment. How crazy is it that Jag isn’t as good with Blue as Matt? They’ve been a duo since the start of the season. (Matt’s playing a VERY good game!)

Cory told Matt how his talk went with Cameron. He said maybe they could work with Cameron after at least for a while. Later, Matt talked to Cameron. He told him Cory was wanting to work with him now but said Cory was wanting to get rid of him the day before. Cameron said he’s hanging out with Cory and America more so people didn’t start to link him with Jag and Matt.

Side note: Cory’s been helping Matt and Jag study. (I dont know why he wants the people who can beat him in physical comps to be better in the mental one too!)

Jared told Cirie she should probably go after Matt and Jag. He said Cory was a good option too. She’s wondering if she should even try for the next hoh. She has a point but so did Jared. He told her they needed to get out some bigger comp threats and soon. He’s also trying to stay hopeful that Cameron might screw up his challenge, comp, puzzle or whatever it might be.

Meme, America and Jag chatted about America and Cory. They wanted to know what might happen after the show. She said they’d be friends and didn’t nt know about anything else. (This was a funny convo. They call Cory ‘Lunchable’ and refer to Cameron as ‘Digiorno’) America told them about Cory saying he didn’t care if Cameron flirted with America and saying it to both Cameron and America.

Later, America talked to Cory about it. She told him it bothered her that he’d said “he didn’t give a shit.” He finally admitted he didn’t like it. He explained (or tried to) it was a weird situation. He said he didn’t want to seem controlling but also, they had to factor the game into it. He also told her it would be an easier conversation if they weren’t being watched on the feeds. (Understandable)

I think what Cory tried to tell her was of course, he doesn’t like it. He also knows he doesn’t have the right to tell her how to handle Cameron. He doesn’t want America to have to flirt with him for their games but senses it’s the only in with Cameron they have. Naturally, he’s not going to want to say it because it sounds gross.

She said she’d like to have a game relationship with Cameron without flirting. (I also think she senses it’s probably not possible) She said the joking type flirting is ok but said, he takes it to another level sometimes. (He does) She said it makes her uncomfortable too.

I only included all that because its directly related to ther games. I’ve said Camerons jealousy is why Cameron may target Cory. I think they see the only relationship Cameron wants with America is the way it is now. I hope people don’t judge either of them too harshly because its a difficult situation to navigate. Yes, America is a flirt. Alot of them flirted with alot of people this season. (No one judged Matt for flirting with both Kirsten AND Reilly) As people started forming closer friendships with certain people, the flirting stopped with the others.

The problem is, Cameron could see America getting closer to Cory but still wants them to behave they way they did the first few weeks. He either doesn’t care or isn’t willing to believe she’d like Cory more than him. Based on the things he asks her, I think he won’t admit she actually likes Cory.

Sure, you can say America still flirts with him too and she definitely does. I just think she doesn’t know how to get away from it without it hurting her game. (Amber was evicted on BB16 SOLELY because she rejected Caleb. This feels the same to me) Any normal person would see what’s going on with America and Cory and stop on their own. Why is he even asking America if it bothers Cory? Does it matter? They’ve obviously hooked up so why not let it go? (I don’t know if Cory and America will date after the show and I really don’t care. For now, and for the game, I see what I see)

Putting Cameron and his wanting to be everyone’s daddy issues aside, Cory and America are in game trouble. Cory commented yesterday about how he was glad he’s gotten to have this week to do damage control for his game after winning HOH. I was surprised when I heard him say that because Cory definitely hasn’t done damage control this week. Granted, Blue’s put in a lot of work to make him a target but let’s be real, he’s done some of this to himself.

I’ve already mentioned the way he’s helping Jag and Matt study for mental comps. He’s said himself (talking to the cameras) that his real alliance was with Matt, Jag and America, for now. He also acknowledged, it wasn’t a good path to the end, because they’d to beat him in comps He said this before he knew Cameron or Jared would be back in the house. With one of them there, it gets even worse.

Until it changes, Blue is targeting Cory and Coey is targeting Blue.

He also still hasn’t been able to get Meme to trust him yet. He could’ve accepted the final 4 with Felicia and Meme so he had an exit strategy to get rid of Matt and Jag later. Instead, he’s outed it to Matt.

On top of that, he’s encouraged Matt and Jag to make their own fake deal with Meme and Felicia. He even gave them tips on the ways they could throw Cory under the bus to Felicia and Meme. Yes, I know America outed the final 4 to Blue but does it matter if Cory was doing it?

America, Cory, Matt and Jag alked again about the 4 of them. They may have even named the alliance. It’s called ‘Belguim.’ At this point I have no idea if they’re serious about the name. Unfortunately for Cory and America, I don’t think they’re serious about the alliance.

Blue, after noticing the group together got back to work. She’d been busy trying to convince Meme that America wasn’t a “girls girl” and couldn’t be trusted. She got a hold of Matt and Jag again and drove her points home some more. She hasn’t let up on trying to turn the entire house against Cory and America.

I don’t know if this will all blow up in her face but for now, it seems to be working. Just because Blue’s been a terrible strategic player for over 50 days, doesn’t mean she can’t improve and turn into a good one the second half of the season. I just think it’s crazy that someone like Cory, who’s obviously very strategic, is letting Blue run circles around him this week.

Matt and Jag had a talk with Bowie. Matt had a separate convo with her too. They planned to pull Bowie more over to their side and they may have succeeded. Matt told her that Cory, America and Blue had a final 3 in the past. (Not true) Bowie seemed shocked and admitted she thought they were trying to make one with her too. She told Matt, they hadn’t actually said it but it was the vibe she got from the talks ahe was having with them. Later, when Bowie talked to Cory, she didn’t tell him the things she’d discussed with Matt. Now this is Bowie so it may not mean anything. It could also mean that Matt was successful.

Things can and probably will change but for now, Cirie, Felicia and Meme may be the only people in the house not targeting Cory and America. Once Felicia and Meme find out Cory and America outed their final 4 proposal, Cirie could be the only one left not targeting them.

I’m curious how it’s all going to shake out but I mostly, I just want to get the show on the road again. I am so sick of this week. Blue, Matt and Cirie have come out the biggest winners so far this week with Cameron probably as the 4th.

Have a great Wednesday!


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