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Big Brother 25-Wednesday Recap for 10/11/23

October 12, 2023 | 2 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all, it’s eviction day again and if Cameron leaves, it will only feel like a reset. It’s been forever since someone new was evicted so I’m ready to get this thing rolling again! They (and we) need him gone so the game can actually start back up. I only say “we” because he’s already been evicted and I’d like to see new targets in the house again. Yesterday on the feeds was mostly some goofing around, mixed with some plans for the upcoming week. It definitely wasn’t the usual waffle Wednesday.

Cameron seemed resigned to the fact that he’s leaving and spent the day giving the other players advice. He started it off with an apology to America. (for their arguement the day before) He said he just planned to hang out and enjoy the rest of his time. He asked her not to send Felicia to the jury next so he didn’t have to spend a week with her. (America said “too bad” but I don’t think Felicia is her target)

Bowie filled in Cirie and Felicia on her talk with Cameron from the night before. Bowie said he’d wanted answers and said she didn’t give him any. She said she just told him he was pushing his own agenda on her too hard.

I swear this isn’t the same pic being used every day:

Cirie and Cory had what has become their usual meet up early in the day. They talked more about Survivor and also the game they’re actually playing. (This isn’t Cirie wanting to talk about Survivor. Cory likes to talk about it) Cory made some remarks about Russell Hantz that weren’t flattering. For example, he compared him to a troll. Cirie warned him, Russell would come after him and he’d better watch it. (This was all said in fun) At one point, Cirie said to the cameras “it’s not me Russ, it’s this little mother fucker right here.” (This was funnier to me because Russell has some beef going with Wendel right now and he posted Wendel’s phone number on Twitter. I dont’ know the details of their issue. I just thought the timing was funny.) I also probably spelled those names wrong.

Cameron chatted with Matt and told him to watch out for Cory plus more advice. He told him he was all in with the Fugitives and didn’t know where it went wrong. (Probably week 2 when Cam ratted out the alliance he was in with Matt & Jag, just a guess) Cameron’s told everyone to watch out for everyone else this week so its lost any credibility. Matt played along but he knows Cameron’s already been throwing Jag and Matt under the bus all week.

Felicia and Cirie have studied ALOT lately for the spelling comp. (I think BB18 is the last time they’ve done that one but if they do it, they should be prepared) It’s at least given them something to do, I guess.

Matt talked about wanting to get some ducks and a mini farm. (Like I said, it was more of a relaxing day) He has names picked out for them already, wants to get them a kiddie pool and wants to take them to swim practice with him too. He also wants a mini pig and maybe a monkey. There were lots of details so he’s got it all worked out. (Haha) Jag said he’d like a baby gorilla. (They’ve lost it in there!)

After that, they moved on to makeovers and Cory was the main beneficiary or victim, however you see it. Bowie tried out some long hair:

Cory’s makeover was the focus of the makeovers tho. Bowie did his nails and America did his hair.

Jag did his make up. (He almost took out an eye with the eyelash curler)

Blue was there for moral support. I’m not sure if the support was for Jag or Cory.

Cory’s really taken a liking to America’s OTEV outfit:

The only real new game info came later in the day. Blue camera talked and told us her plans. I’m not usually surprised by what players are planning but Blue surprised me yesterday. She said the usual shout outs to Jared, Izzy and her family. After that, she started talking about her end game plans. She’s been talking to America a bit more again and told us America was her “girly pop.” She said she needs Cory out so America will be on her own.

She said she knows she can’t trust America with info as long as Cory is in the house. She brought up their F2 they had in the past and America telling Cory about it. She also mentioned giving America game info in the past to test her and she failed. (The game info was that Blue was targeting Cory! Of course she told him!) Haha

Blue said she wants to throw the hoh comp so Matt and Jag have to take out Cory. She wants Jag to leave after that and then Matt. She thinks throwing it will show her if they’re loyal to her. (And if she’s wrong???) She also said she didn’t want to be the one to do it anymore because she’ll need America to want to work with her.

She said she’d like all women at the end of the game. She talked about how she still trusts Matt and Jag but knows they have to go for her to have a shot at winning. I don’t know who she’d prefer for her F2 but she wants America, Cirie, Felicia, Bowie and herself to be the last players in the game.

America and Cory were comparing notes about what Matt and Jag have been saying. (Cory still believes them more than America at this point) They haven’t been as vocal about Blue going lately and seem to have been telling Coey and America different things. (Some of it had to do with saying they hadn’t talked to Blue and didn’t know who she’d target)

Blue checked in with Cirie and Cirie warned her again, not to throw the hoh comp. (Cirie’s the one who told her Cory needed to go so they could reel in America too) Blue talked like she could still trust Matt and Jag. She said she didnt believe they’d target her, regardless of what Cam said. Blue also thinks Jared screwed up his game by listening to the things Cam said. (Wrong) Cirie said she feels good about Matt targeting Cory but isn’t sure what Jag would do. (Possibly correct)

Later, America told Blue about Matt and Jag targeting her. She said not all the stuff Cameron was telling her was bullshit. America said she was giving her the info to build back their trust. (Why America?)

Cirie and Matt talked about targeting Cory next. Matt is letting her think he’ll put up America and Cory together. This may be true because Matt has been pushing Jag for Cory to go before Blue. When the 2 of them talked with Bowie, Jag and Bowie said they want Blue out first. Jag is convinced Cory won’t make the move against them at 7. He thinks it will be later. (Cory’s said he’ll go after them at 7) Jag, Matt and Bowie also talked about a final 4 with Cirie.

Blue told Matt about what America said but she said she heard it from Cameron. (She heard it from him too) She was looking for answers but I’m not sure how she thought she’d get any. If they arn’t targeting her, no problem. If they are, they arn’t going to tell her. (Matt and Jag were planning to throw the hoh so I don’t know if the will now)

Some random tidbits:

Jag told Bowie he may toss her name out as a fake nom when he talkes to Cirie.

Felicia said she wouldn’t vote for anyone who took her out before final 5.

Cirie wanted Felicia not to fall for everything Matt told her anymore.

Felicia wondered if the stuff Mecole said was true. Cirie doesn’t believe it is and thinks if anything, Bowie is with Matt and Jag. (True)

Blue said she thought someone would be named ‘White’ on the cast after hearing there was a Red and an America.

Totally random but if you ever wanted the Slop recipe, here ya go. Someone was able to screenshot it earlier this season:

Cirie made lasagna yesterday and they also made banana bread. This cast has eaten well this season!

They all piled in Coy and Americas beds and even yelled for Cameron to join them, which was nice:

I don’t think Blue should be throwing any comps as a way to test Matt and Jag but I did agree with her end game plans. I just never thought she’d turn on Matt or Jag. (Well, maybe Jag) Most of this has came from Cirie but I don’t know if she’ll take all her advice. (The part about trying to win the hoh)

I just said yesterday, I thought she was so performative, it made it hard to like her. When she camera talks and is just being Blue, it’s like she’s a different person. This is the Blue I wished we’d seen all season.

Matt and Jag arn’t in agreement about who should go first between Cory and Bue. That could make for an interesting week, depending on who wins the hoh tonight.

Cory is certain Matt and Jag will target Blue for him if he doesn’t win it. I think he could be very wrong. I think America will go after Matt and Jag before Cory at this point.

Felicia and Cirie need to win it to avoid being possible pawns again. Cirie may be the only one who might put up Matt and Jag together. (Maybe America) Felicia still talks like Cory should go first, in spite of Cirie telling her why he shouldn’t.

They all have a reason to win this next one, even those who think they don’t. I can’t wait to see how it goes and also see what the hoh comp is going to be. If I have to hear about the damn slip and slide anymore, I’m gonna lose it!

As for Cameron, he’s on to bigger and better things. He’s convinced he’ll be famous after this and he wants to do The Amazing Race, Survivor, The Challenge and Buddy Games. If you’re a Cam fan, he thinks you’ll be seeing him on another show soon so all isn’t lost for you.

Have a great Thursday.


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