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Big Brother 25-Wednesday Recap for 10/18/23

October 19, 2023 | 8 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all, It’s eviction day again and either America or Cory will be going to jury tonight. There’s no need for suspense because it’s going to be Cory. In spite of trying to stay, his efforts have failed so the shomance will be separated this evening.

He gave it a good try but it wasn’t enough. His campaign was probably never going to work. He has the reputation for not being trustworthy and some kind of evil genius, even if not entirely deserved. (He hasn’t done half the things the other hg’s thinks he’s done) He also didn’t have a very good campaign.

I think his best bet would’ve been to try to flip Matt & Jag. Naturally, he needed some of those women to vote for him but without Matt and Jag on board, I don’t think they were ever going to do it. They can both play for the hoh so voting against what they want would be risky at this point. (I still think its bullshit Jag gets to play for the hoh again) The problem is, if he could’ve gotten the guys to want to keep him, the women wouldn’t have wanted to do it anyway.

Cory was in a jam on this one. Twists really have screwed him this season. Without there being 2 Vetos this week, Cory wouldn’t be leaving. Without the zombie twist, Cameron and Jared wouldn’t have came back either and his DE hoh would’ve been a success. I’m just saying he didn’t play a terrible game. There was a bit of help in getting him out the door.

I especially liked his nod to Kevin Jacobs (BBCAN 10 winner) when he got up yesterday morning and put on a suit. He said he was conducting official business, put on the lawyer persona and announced he needed 3 clients. (Votes)

Kevin did something similar except he was successful.

A Twwet from Kevin yesterday that I’m sure Cory will love:

Cory’s plan was busted before he really began. He’d hoped to get Cirie and Felicia to go along with telling a lie to Bowie. He wanted to convince Bowie there was a final 4 with Matt, Jag, Felicia and Cirie. If Felicia would confirm this, Bowie would get paranoid about her alliance with Jag and Matt being fake. The hope was Bowie would want to keep Cory to go after the other guys. Sure, it wasn’t much but it’s about all he had.

Felicia went ahead and told Bowie about the plan. (She’s also told the entire house) By the time Cory was going to talk to her, it was already over. He held his meetings in his suit and gave it his best shot. In between his campaigning, he would go back to America and fill her in on his progress. America was also campaigning to stay and would do the same with him. (True fans of the show, I love it!)

Honestly, this showmance has annoyed me less then any in the past. (I could definitely do without the kissing noises. You would think during all the kissing lessons, one of them would have taught the other how to do it quietly. I don’t care about America’s washing machine or if she kissed like a dryer, convection oven or a damn toaster! I am at least thankful the kissing sounds will end!!) I think I haven’t minded their shomance because they both continued to play the game and played it pretty hard. (I didn’t say well, just hard)

America finally had her talk with Jag. (There’s no need to recap a big chunk of yesterdays recap and that’s what they talked about) Basically, Jag felt betrayed after Bue told him America was coming after them. America was upset because she was blindsided and said he could have told her she was going on the block. She said she didn’t want to look stupid and he’d been her friend. America said Cory didn’t know anything about the things she’d said to Blue. She also told Jag that Blue was lying about some of the stuff she said. She told him Blue had been fully on board to go after Jag & Matt. Jag also apologized to her for the way he did it.

She made a joke about coming after him if she won the HOH. He said he didn’t blame her but said he wasn’t planning on letting her when the HOH. She told him she was telling everyone that they would be her targets. She said she also had other targets so there was a world where maybe she wouldn’t come after them. They agreed to keep that part secret, had kind of a side hug and agreed to try to be friends again. (America and Cory already talked about her needing to fake it with Jag and Matt for now)

Matt was the most annoyed America wasn’t talking to them. For that reason, I enjoyed watching America patch things up with everyone else in the house except Matt. She saved his talk for last. ( It wasn’t in a ‘save the best for last’kind of way. It was more like a ‘this is an afterthought.’)

Bowie began the day paranoid. She asked Cirie about a girls alliance she’d been hearing about. Cirie said it hadn’t been mentioned to her. Bowie was also trying to pick Cirie’s brain to find out if Matt and Jag had other alliances. She’s trying to do it without letting on that she has one of her own. (It was pretty transparent)

Coey made his rounds with Cirie and Felicia with them acting like they’d consider it when they weren’t. He was waiting to get them on board to talk to Bowie. Bowie wasn’t going to consider it even if Felicia hadn’t already told on him. I actually think Cory’s biggest mistake has been over estimating his relationship with Bowie.

That’s not to say Cirie didnt briefly consider it but she mostly used Cory’s talks to work on Felicia. She told Felicia what Cory was saying made a lot of sense. She just wants Felicia to wake up and see Matt and Jag need to be the next targets, not Bowie and America. Cirie said Matt and Jag are just going to be the new Cameron and asked how they were planning to get them out? Felicia feels like Cory is the new Cameron because she thinks he’s such a liar.

Cirie, Felicia and Blue tried to get Bowie to join them in the yard. She sat with him for a time but didn’t talk much. The other woman noticed this and talked about it after she left. They realized Bowie doesn’t want to be seen with them very much. She’s paranoid about Matt and Jag thinking she’s teaming up with them.

Jag told the others about his conversation with America. He left out the part about America telling him she may not target Matt and Jag. He said he’d apologized for the way he blindsided her. He actually seems sincere about it too and finally realized he got wrapped up in the moment and didn’t need to do it that way. Most of the time Jag was telling this to everyone, Matt was interrupting to slam America more. Matt said it was stupid for her to be that overconfident and how dare she not consider she could go on the block, blah, blah, blah. (Matt was still pissed off and didn’t want Jag to switch how he felt either) Later in the day, Jag told Matt in private the parts of the convo he’d left out. It was the stuff about how America may actually target Blue over them.

Cory did more camera talking and said it would probably be his last one. He said he’d bullshitted enough people in the house to know when it was happening to him. He said he enjoyed his time on the show and went over the mistakes he’d made in the game. He talked about how hard it was for an introvert to try and be social for so many days. He said it we’d noticed him taking his foot off the gas during the past couple of weeks, it wasn’t because he felt safe. He said there just wasn’t any gas left in his tank. (He sure sounded humble for all the people saying he’s too cocky)

America campaigned to Felicia. She said she really did want to stay, had just needed some time to process everything and would target Matt & Jag. Felicia tried to poke a little at Cory and America’s relationship or stir up shit, whatever you want to call it. Felicia said she wasn’t sure America wanted to stay because Cory had been campaigning pretty hard. It didn’t work because everything Cory’s done and said since he was put on the block, he’s told to America. America told Felicia she’d been burned by Blue and the reason Cory was leaving was America’s fault, not his own. She also promised Felicia that she would never put her or Cirie on the block.

Felicia also told on Blue. (Haha) She told America that Blue is going around saying America would come to her after Cory left. America filled her in more on the things that had happened with Blue. She said she was never going back to Blue and couldn’t trust her.

America also talked to Cirie again. The 2 of them talked openly about needing to take out Matt and Jag. (Everyone else is scared to have this conversation) They also talked about Bowie and America said “Bowie will go where the power is at.” I know Blue and Felicia are closer allies to Cirie. However, Cirie and America’s plans for the end game align much better. America talked about having to play the game alone and Cirie said people were wanting to play with her more than she realized. She also told her she thought Cory was the one being voted out. America mentioned how things can change at the last minute and said, please not blindside her. Cirie promised her if anything changed, she would let her know ahead of time.

America finally had her talk with Matt. (You know, the one he’s been so obsessed over wanting her to have) It was similar to the one she had with Jag. She just said she’d been hurt because she felt so close to them. She apologized for telling them to fuck off and Matt said it was understandable. He said he knew she had needed some time before she was ready to talk. (Wow, these people sure talk a big game in private, Ha ha)

America also brought up how Felicia mentioned America and Cory were making fun of her. (It came from Matt) America told Matt that wasn’t true. She said yes, they made jokes about Felicia being in solitary and pulling a Dan Gheesling and things like that. She said it was all good-natured and no one had been actually making fun of Felicia. She reminded Matt, he was there and a participant in those jokes too.

Cory finally got to work on Bowie. He said she could be in trouble if Matt or Jag was the next hoh. He said Bowie and Blue would be the noms and one of them would be going home next. Bowie said it seems like everyone has to be for themselves at this point or something like that. He tried to create some doubt in her mind. He said “Cameron and Jared both thought they were good with Matt and Jag and look what happened to them.” Bowie talked like she may need to talk to Jag about it and Cory said he would probably just lie to her. Bowie brought up America being a target and Cory said he didn’t think Matt or Jag would be too worried about America after he left.

Corey’s campaign to Bowie didn’t work as far as helping him stay. What it did do, was cause Bowie to spiral a bit. She went straight to Jag to talk to him about the things Cory said. Naturally, Jag said none of it was true and he didn’t plan on putting her on the block.

Bowie got emotional, cried and was looking for assurances that aren’t possible. (You can either trust the people you’re working with or you can’t) Bowie talked about noticing Matt and Jag Hanging out with Felicia and Cirie a lot. She said it didn’t look good.

Jag went on to convince Bowie they were solid. He said Bowie, Matt were the only people he trusted, with Cirie a little bit. She said sh felt better but worried when he was hanging out so much with other people. (Good grief! Get a grip!) Jag reminded her that their plan was to hang out with other people so they didn’t appear close. Bowie told him she didn’t want to go on the block, not even as a pawn. Jag assured her she wouldn’t.

Image is from the veto comp. This was the “cuddling” that offended Matt, Jag and Blue so much:

Cory and America met up again and shared how their convos had been going. Cory said he thought he shouldn’t have tried to take out Meme and should have let Felicia go instead. (He’s right) He warned America not to trust Matt and said he was a really good liar. He also said she may need to go after Matt first. He said Jag might be better at comps but Matt had better relationships. (Thank you! Someone sees it!)

America shared some of the info Felicia had given her and said she thought Blue may be the one who was telling Felicia a lot of stuff. America also said she was frustrated that Cirie and Felicia seemed too focused on taking out Bowie. (Cirie’s not but can’t come out and say it yet)

Bowie continued to be upset with Cory. She was upset and crying again and talked to Felicia and Cirie about it. She’s blaming both Cory and America for “tricking her and making her paranoid.” She said they were “making her feel isolated.” (What the ??) Felicia told Bowie that Cory was confident about getting her vote. She continued to be upset and said she wanted to go to Cory and tell him to stop campaigning. (Haha)

Bowie found Cory in bed with America (shocker) and told him to “stop campaigning, my mind is already made up. I’m not changing my vote.” He told her that campaigning had stopped hours ago and he knew he was leaving. Once Bowie left the room, America started crying again and apologizing.

Side Note: I hope if Bowie manages to make it to the final 2, Cory can return the favor. He should tell her not to campaign, his mind’s made up and he’s not changing his vote.

It’s a weird dilemma because America wants to stay but also feels guilty if she does stay. He tried to make her feel better about it. They talked about things they could look forward to on the outside and so on. (Wont bore you with the mushy lovey talk)

Meanwhile, the others were outside, still confused as to the way America and Cory had campaigned. (Okay, this is only my opinion, but I don’t think for a minute they’re confused. I think they wanted Cory & America to bash each other. It didn’t happen, they didn’t get what they wanted, so now they’re pretending they’re campaigning “just doesn’t make sense.”) There was more personal attacks on their relationship and everything else you can imagine. (I’m over writing about that too. I need a break)

Cirie and Felicia talked again. Felicia told her she found out the guys said they would nominate America and Blue and would use Bowie as a pawn. (I think Cirie had finally had enough of the bullshit and stupidity) Cirie asked Felicia “who’s left if one of them comes down?” She said if Bowie isn’t an option to go on the block then who is left? Felicia started saying well, I just think they’re trying to make her feel comfortable, etc. Cirie said she got that part but again, “who will they put on the block if it’s not Bowie?”

She’s trying to get Felicia to understand that Bowie is not the next target for them. It needs to be Matt and Jag. She had also told Felicia she didn’t want Felicia giving Bowie Information to make her feel better. She knew they weren’t keeping Cory but felt like the stuff Cory was saying could help.

Bowie would be more apt to target the guys over them if she didn’t trust them anymore. (Ding ding ding) It was too late because Felicia had already spent the past couple of days telling Bowie that everything Cory was saying was a lie. (No wonder Cirie has gotten frustrated this season. It’s like playing the game on hard mode while the others are still reading the game inatructions)

Cirie got Felicia to agree that Matt and Jag needed to go on the block together….for about the 15th time. Soon after, Felicia started wondering if Matt and Jag secretly want someone to take out the other. (NO FELICIA!)

Cory and America spent most of their last evening alone with each other. It wasn’t hard to accomplish, since most of the house is still villianizing them. Cirie walked past their room going to her own and said “don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” Cory joked and said they were going to do “all of the things.” After Cirie told this to Felicia, Felicia went into their room. She told them “just keep the volume down and stay off the walls.” (The walls? Mama Fe got a wild side!)

Cirie was mad at Felicia the day before for farting on her bed. Yesterday, it was over Felicia filling the dead skin off her feet on her bed. When she got ready to start on her toenails, Cirie made her get up. (I love these two bickering) It doesn’t matter if you’re rooting for these two or against them, there’s no denying it’s incredible casting. They’re basically a sitcom, just by having a conversation, any conversation.

Well, unless America decides to tell everyone in the house to fuckoff today and possibly smack ’em all around a little too, Cory will be evicted this evening. His family should be proud and he’ll have bragging right over his brother Zach too. His mom is as funny on Twitter as his brother. (She still doesn’t like the mustache)

Have a great Thursday!


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