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Big Brother 25-Wednesday Recap for 10/25/23

October 26, 2023 | 14 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies! It’s time for the 2nd double eviction of the season and yesterday was mostly spent planning and strategizing for it. The rest of the time was spent making Felicia an even bigger target heading into next week. Felicia, unknowingly, helped with that too.

Cirie woke up in a mood and Felicia woke up on a mission. Cirie had the night to sleep on the things she, Matt and Jag talked about. She’s completely done with Felicia and that has narrowed her options for the end of the game. She’s seen Felicia isn’t going to help try to take out the guys, so does she try to do it by herself, with the help of America? The other option is being stuck with a final 4 she didn’t want? (With Matt, Jag and either Bowie or Felicia)

The night before, Cirie was able to tell Jag things that made sense, even if they were only partial truths, mixed with some out right lies. (I still don’t think the thing about Cirie telling Blue she was leaving came up) However, she’d told Jag thay Felicia was the one who wanted to split the votes. (That’s the lie) Cirie had also told Matt, Felicia was the one who said Matt talked about getting rid of Jag to her. (Felicia)

Cirie was able to go back to a convo that happened a few weeks ago. Felicia was having a conversation with Matt and asked if he thought Jag would ever try to take him out. At the time, Felicia reported back to Cirie, she’d got Matt to consider taking out Jag at some point. (It’s not really how the convo went but it’s the way Felicia retold it to Cirie) This was what Cirie was telling Matt the night before. Because he DID remember the convo with Felicia, Matt believed this was where Felicia’s ‘lie’ originated.

To make it more confusing for them, Felicia may not have been lying to Jag but she gave him the info wrong. Felisha always embellishes and this time it came back to bite her. Matt hadn’t had a convo with Cirie about taking Jag out in the double or at final 5. What he’d told Cirie, was that he planned to do it at the final 4. Felicia told Jag it was at the double or F5. This was enough of a difference to convince Matt, Cirie hadn’t given the info to Felicia. (Regardless, I was impressed with how fast Cirie was able to spin it and remember that convo from a few weeks ago) There’s also no reason Matt should be believing Cirie right now. I mean, come on! He has his first convo with Cirie about going after Jag and the very next morning, Felicia is telling Jag that Matt wants to go after him. (No light bulbs? Nothing?)

Cirie and Felicia had also talked to America about how they’d split the votes and why. Since Felicia had taken the lead in the convo with America, Cirie was blaming the idea on her. She also told Jag about Felicia saying she’d just tell Jag that America overheard it. This brings us to yesterday and how Felicia accidentally did some things to reinforce what Cirie said.

Yesterday, Felicia brought up the split vote again to Cirie. Cirie talked as if she didn’t care anymore and said it wasn’t worth doing. This wasn’t what Felicia wanted to hear so Felicia said, she was going to talk to Jag again. She said she was going to tell him, she was either telling Blue she was leaving or she was going to vote for her to stay.

Felicia talked to Jag and basically gave him this ultimatum. Jag said, after thinking about it, he didn’t want to tell Blue. Jag spun it like telling Blue would be good for them and bad for Blue. (Chicken shit) Jag’s decided it would be selfish of them to tell Blue. Felicia said it ‘hurt her spirit’ or something like that to not do one or the other. Jag said he preferred to not tell Blue so she should go ahead and vote for Blue to stay. He said the vote would be 3-1 and Blue would be leaving anyway.

Blue thought the vibes were off in the house and was starting to get a bit paranoid. She was telling everyone she wasn’t worried but she’s either delusional or in denial. She told Jag how Felicia was acting weird and she wanted to make sure Matt, Jag and Bowie were still good with the plan. She said Felicia came into the scary room the night before and thought it was strange. (Its when she got up and was looking for Cirie, haha) Jag said everything was fine.

Blue camera talked and said she can’t leave before America. She followed it up by saying she was sure she wasn’t leaving.(We won’t get the split vote but unless someone changes their mind today, we may still get a blind side)

It’s hard to feel bad for Blue in this situation. She’s been warned about Matt and Jag by Jared, Cameron, Cirie, Cory and America. That’s not including how Jag put her on the block last week and she found out she’d been the target. Yesterday, she caught Bowie studying with America and Jag hung out with her for a large part of the day too. Blues ego has made for some good episode segments, but tonight may humble her a bit.

Since Jag keeps getting shut down by Bowie and Matt over targeting Cirie, he’s gone back to buddying up to her instead. He talked to her yesterday and gave her more details about the things Felicia had been saying. She played along, pretended to be shocked and talked about how good she felt about Matt and Jag.

I don’t know if Jag believes Cirie or not. It doesn’t matter, because even if he believes her with the Felicia stuff, he’s still scared of her in the game. Matt thinks Felicia is trying to make a final 2 with Jag and Jag thinks Cirie is trying to do the same with Matt. Jag wants his final 3 with Matt and Bowie and Matt wants his with Jag and Cirie. (That’s assuming he doesn’t try to take a shot at Jag at 4) Bowie could be pivotal in the Felicia vs Cirie thing and Cirie has a better relationship with Bowie.

Jag’s main problem with Matt telling Cirie the other nigit, was Cirie knowing Jag hadn’t said anything to her. He called that one right and Cirie mentioned it yesterday. She told Matt about Jag talking to her but said “he told me after 5 days.” Jag is probably going to out-comp Cirie in the game but he’s not going to outsmart her.

America continued to get assurances from Bowie, Matt and Jag she was safe. America worked on Bowie a bit more, trying to drop hints they need to take a shout at the guys. I don’t see this getting her anywhere but all the conversations are making Bowie feel good about her, at least. The most she may get out of it is Bowie wanting to keep America if America and Felicia were on the block together.

They’re bored out of their minds so Jag painted America’s nails. They both talked about Felicia and what a messy game she was playing. They rehashed both weeks Felicia was set to go home and how they’d saved her. They said Felicia wasn’t the reason Felicia stayed those weeks. (It’s the truth) America was doing as much as she could to make Jag and Matt feel comfortable with her.

Blue finding everyone with America after looking to see where everyone was hanging out:

Aftter word of the 3-1 vote got around the house, Bowie made a comment about it. She said Blue would probably think Matt was the one who gave her the vote. After that, Felicia seemed to change her mind about doing it. She told Jag and Cirie they could just make it unanimous. Later, Jag and Cirie joked about the reason Felicia changed her mind. They said it didn’t have anything to do with her spirit feeling hurt and it was all about jury management.

Cirie worked on Bowie. She fake bonded with her over wanting to protect the guys and Felicia telling lies about them.

Cirie also talk to America. She told her she wasn’t splitting the votes She said that whole thing was Felicia’s idea and said at most, the votes would be 3-1.

Jag told Matt about Felicia wanting to give Blue a vote to stay. He told him about the ultimatum thing. Jag said he was going to be pissed if Cirie did it too and made him break a tie. (Jag briefly wanted to break a tie because he thought it could get America on his side) Once he realized America was going to know about it and know why they were doing it, he wasn’t interested anymore. (It was stupid and something he should have never wanted to do to begin with)

Matt said Cirie wouldn’t do it but they could talk to her to make sure. (Cirie had to give up on that plan anyway. She had to go into damage control mode) Bowie joined them and they went over it again. Bowie said America overheard Felicia talking about it. Matt and Jag said they were glad she’d overheard.

Matt and Jag are a bit delusional too. They think this will get America to target to Felicia and Cirie over them. Their plan has been to target people solely based on comp potential, regardless of any strategizing people are doing. I don’t know why they can’t see, other players in the house want to do the same thing. With this few people in the house, the details don’t matter as much. Jag & Matt have boiled the entire game down to comp wins. Well, if the others want a chance to win the comps, Jag and/or Matt has to go. (Its not that complicated)

These are the two everyone thinks will turn on each other….napping together:

In spite of this obvious fact, Matt and Jag continued to run around, covering their bases. Their new plan is to convince everyone to throw the double HOH to Bowie. This will allow both Matt and Jag to compete for the next HOH. Bowie seemed a bit freaked out by it because she doesn’t want to be the HOH but hey, she’s a team player. They think they have both Cirie and Felicia convinced to throw it too.

They went to bed at a decent time last night because they wanted to get rest. Boredom will make you tired because they took a nap yesterday afternoon too. (At one point, I completely turned the feeds off for a while) Felicia is convinced the double won’t be tonight from “her gut.” America is convinced it will be a double and the rest of them think it probably will be. It’s the reason they wanted to be well rested for today.

There were a ton of conversations I didn’t go over because it was mostly stuff on repeat. (I can’t blame them. It’s down time, what game is there to talk about that’s new?) Plus, things change depending on Matt and Jag’s mood. Most of the time, America is the main target heading into tonight. Sometimes, they get themselves worked up in conversations, and it temporarily switches to Felicia.

I’ll be pleasantly surprised if something happens tonight to open up the game. I’m certainly not expecting it to happen though. First, I don’t know if Felicia and Cirie are really planning to throw the HOH or if they’re lying. Second, we may not get exciting noms or outcome even if they win it. Felicia wants Bowie or America out. I think if Jag or Matt was on the block against Bowe or America, Felicia would keep Jag or Matt.

Cirie was planning to take a shot at the guys. After Felicia’s recent activity and Cirie having to do damage control, I’m not as convinced anymore. I’m completely convinced she’ll go after Jag but without Felicia to work with, why would she take out Matt? With Jag out, Matt is her best shot at making it to the final 2. If she won the double HOH, I think she might put up Jag and Bowie or Felicia. I think Bowie might be the one who was voted out, with Matt and Felicia voting to keep Jag.

She could play the safe route and put up Felicia and America. I also believe these would be Bowie and Matt’s noms. Cirie may still do it but it’s less likely now. America may be the only person in the house who would put up both Matt and Jag. Of course, America and Cirie would need to beat Bowie, Matt and Felicia in the HOH comp for it to even be a possibility. If they can manage that, they’ll also need to beat Jag in a veto comp. Like I said, I’m not getting my hopes up for things to be shaken up very much tonight.

I suppose anything could still happen if I’m being optimistic. If people are throwing it, it would increase America’s chances to win. Bowie is the person they’re trying to throw it to and she doesn’t even want it. Maybe Cirie can win one and make the move. Maybe Matt wins and Cirie convinces him that now is the time to take out Jag. (There, did that help even it out some?) This seasons just a game of comps lately so I’m trying to be realistic.

Cirie with the disinfectant spray after Felicia farted on her bed:

I know today’s recap was sort of lame but there wasn’t a lot to work with, unless you want to hear more about Felicia’s farting. Hopefully something exciting will happen and we’ll have much more to talk about tomorrow.

Cirie going in the bathroom behind Felicia and being mad about that too:

I hope it’s a fun double eviction and have a great Thursday!


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