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Big Brother 25-Wednesday Recap for 10/4/23

October 5, 2023 | 15 Comments
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Author: Mel

Hello BB Junkies! Yesterday was a wild one in the BB house. There’s always activity on Wednesdays and yesterday was no exception. I think this cast has been misunderstood with all their flipping and flopping. They aren’t doing it because of some Foutte type gaming where they never have a clue about anything. This season, it’s the opposite , because they’re trying to game every angle they can. If anything, they’re over thinking things. It’s still messy but messy with a purpose.

Bowie got the day started by telling Cirie what she’d like to have (food) for her birthday after Cirie asked her. (They’re really into these birthday meals this year) Although they got booze on the 3rd, I guess the 4th was actually her birthday, if her bday is actually in October. (This is very confusing!)

Blue and Jag talked about if they could work with Cameron for longer than they’d originally planned. (Please no) Blue said she knew she was in trouble if Cory came into power but for now, she was going to lay off all the Cory talk. She said she’d wait until she had power to work on getting Cory out. (Ya think?)

Cirie and Meme had a long talk. Cirie told her she wanted her to stay, how to move forward, etc. Cirie explained the Izzy vote again. She also told Meme about the things Felicia had said about her that got back to her.

Felicia woke up and started campaigning almost immediately. (It kinda annoyed Cirie, who is tired. Maybe she’s not cut out for 100 days of this. BB has a different pace than Surivor too.) First, Felicia talked to Bowie and then moved on to Matt. Matt told her people were still debating it and said she wasn’t done yet. He said even America and Cory weren’t fully decided and this surprised her. (It should)

After Cirie put her work in with Meme, Felicia told Cirie she thought she may be staying. (Lol) Cirie said she wanted them to keep working together if she stays. She also told Felicia, “all the bullshit from the past had to stop.” I think Felicia has forgiven Cirie at least 3 times already, but within an hour of doing it, she’s back to shit talking her. (This rivalry between the 2 of them has been one of my favorites this season!)

Jag and Matt were still trying to find a way to keep Felicia. They know Felicia will go for Cory and Cameron as targets, plus she’d be easier to beat in comps. They were trying to find a way to get Cameron to agree to it. Jag is aware of Meme telling Cory she wouldn’t put him on the block. (I don’t remember how he knows this or if it’s even true. I’m sure it is and Cory probably told him.) He suggested they pass that info on to Cameron.

Cameron suggested to Matt, they tell Cirie and Blue that Cory is trying to flip the vote and leave them out of it. Cam still wants Felicia to go but figures it would get Cirie and Blue to target Cory next. (They already are) Matt liked how it would make Cory a target but wasn’t sure if they should do it before they see who wins the next hoh. (Matt will tell Cirie anyway)

America joined them and tossed out the possibility of keeping Felicia. Cam cut her off and said “no.” He said Felicia had to go, none of them wanted her in the jury house and his usual spiel. Before, he hadn’t wanted Felicia on the jury because he said she’d have too much influence. Yesterday, he boldly started saying he didn’t want her in the jury house at all, because no one wanted to hang out with her there. He said no one liked her, wanted to be around her, etc. (Cam’s a bit more petty than strategic but this isn’t news)

Side Note:

Cameron says no like he’s still in charge. I know it wouldn’t be good for their games but I so badly wanted someone to remind him he isn’t in charge of shit anymore this week. He doesn’t get to vote!

Felicia campaigned to America and Cory. (Seperately) They told her they were really considering it. She said she wasn’t coming after them and promised they wouldn’t be her target. (True, its Cameron but she’d probably put Cory and America otb to try and backdoor Cam)

Jag joined Cam and Bowie and Cam told Jag about America suggesting they flip the vote. He told Jag how he shut it down immediately. He also brought up the idea he ran past Matt earlier. He wondered if they should tell Cirie that Cory was trying to flip the vote. He wants it to get back to Meme too so Cirie, Blue and Mem will all be against Cory.

Jag said he thought they should wait and brought up Cory having some kind of deal with Meme. Jag was trying to plant the idea that it would be bad for Cory to take out Meme but good for them. (It’s really good for Matt and Jag…probably)

Matt began making his rounds by telling Cory how Cam was still against keeping Felicia. He warned him Cam wanted to blame the vote flip talk on Cory too.

Matt also went to Blue and Cirie, just to tell them people were still talking and it may not be decided. Blue, who recently decided she had the game on lock, seemed surprised. She said she didn’t think everyone would go against what Cameron wanted. Matt reminded Blue that Cameron can’t play for the next hoh. He also said they weren’t trying to make this Cameron’s ideal jury house for him.

Cory went to the hoh room to give a not so subtle pitch to keep Felicia. Cory was in there with Cam, Jag and Bowie arguing against Felicia having influence with a jury. (America did the same earlier) Cory said he thought the next targets would be either Cory or Cameron, no matter which one of them won an hoh. This appeared to annoy Cameron and he said “no, you and your little partner would be on the block. Why would I be on the block with you?” Cory asked Cameron if he could elaborate as to why he didn’t want Felicia on the jury and Cameron said “I have.” (Great social game, lol)

Once Cory left, Jag got to work. He tossed out the idea of going along with Cory’s plan. (It’s also Jags plan) Jag said if they went through with the blindside, they could blame it on Cory. He suggested, they pretend to let Cory ‘trick them’ into doing what he wanted. Jag also mentioned that keeping Felicia was worse for Cory’s game but said Cory didn’t know it.

Jag tried different things and finally landed on something Cam would like….sticking it to Cory. (Cam made a couple of comments about it being Jag and Matt’s fault they didn’t take Cory out this week. I think he was irritated he didn’t use the veto and put Cory otb) Jag, Bowie and Cam worked out the details of how to pull this off. There was talk about if Bowie should act blindsided too so it wouldn’t look like she was with them. Bowie said it wasn’t necessary and they didnt need to overplay the week.

Cirie asked Cory and America if the vote was flipping. She said she’d heard it might be. (from Matt) Cory downplayed it and said people were just doing the usual debating. He said if it flipped, he’d tell her so she wasn’t on the wrong side of a vote.

Back in the hoh room, Cory told them Cirie was already asking if there was talk of the vote flipping. They wondered how she might know but decided it was just Felicia saying things about getting the votes to stay. Cameron asked Cory to go thru his points again about keeping Felicia. (operation ‘Trick Cory” began) They went over it again which was neither of them will have jury influence, both may put them otb but Meme was more likely to win a comp. Matt brought up how Blue and Cirie wanted Meme to stay so that was another reason she should go.

Cameron pretended Cory convinced him so the flip was on. (Cam was loving this moment) America joined them (Cam, Cory, Matt, Bowie and maybe Jag, forgot) and Cam said Cory had changed his mind with all the points he’s been making. (Lol, this is so stupid) Somewhere along the way, they decided not to blindside Blue and Cirie. They still plan to blame Cory for the flip tho.

After Cory left, Cam, Jag and Matt congtatulating each other:

They agreed it was better for Cory, America, Jag and Matt to talk to Blue and tell her about it. They didn’t think Cam should be a part of that convo. Cameron also said he’d changed his mind about the jury. He said he thought his talk with Felicia about not being a good jury may have gotten her to think about it. He thinks she could probably be more objective now that he pointed it out to her. (I’m sorry, he’s an idiot)

Cory, America, Matt and Jag worked their way into a room to talk to Blue. Once Blue said she was voting out Felicia, they started the ‘what ifs’ about keeping her. This was all supposed to feel like they’d just started having these thoughts. Blue was against it but they gradually wore her down. (Notreally, she was just outnumbered)

After Blue and America left, Cory, Jag and Matt talked about it. They said it was definitely the right decision to take out Meme because Blue wants her to stay so bad.

Blue talked to Cameron and asked if he was hearing things about a vote flip. He said it had been mentioned, he’d been against it but he could see how it would make sense. Blue was visibly upset the vote may be flipping. She also said she didn’t get why Cory would want to keep Felicia after she blew up at him this week. Cameron asked Blue how keeping Meme could help her game.

Blue said she’s been trying to get in with Meme and was making progress. Blue thought since she could be better in comps, it could help Blue if they got closer. Blue said Meme might go after Coey and America. Cam asked if she thought Cory could see that too? He said that could explain why he’d want Meme out over Felicia. (This felt like the moment Blue realized she’s not invisible and people can see what she’s been trying to do)

Blue continued to be upset the flip may be happening. She warned Meme and blamed Cory for it. She told Meme she better start talking to people. Meme said she knew she had Matt and Cirie’s votes for sure. (Cirie had also warned her to ‘get out of bed and start talking to people’)

Meme talked to several people. Cory said he didn’t have any power and would have to do what other people did. Bowie acted like she hadn’t heard anything about anything. When she talked to Jag, she FINALLY said she’d go after Cameron if she stayed. She said she hadn’t said it before because he’d been hanging out with Cam all week.

They were also played videos for the upcoming hoh comp while the feeds were down. (I’m guessing it’s for the hoh comp) They studied for it combined with talk of keeping Felicia the rest of the evening. Matt was annoyed when Cam and Bowie were going over things with Blue in the room. (Matt and Jag are fully anti Blue at this point)

Cory is already being blamed for flipping the vote to Cirie and Blue. They don’t know if it’s a done deal (neither do we) but they know he’s trying. Cirie seems to also suspect Jag of being involved.

Honestly, I don’t get all the fuss. I know every eviction is important but really? All this work to decide between Felicia and Meme? Sure, anyone could win a crap shoot comp. If it isn’t one of those, I don’t think it matters all that much.

It’s better for Cirie to keep Meme since she could be more help in physical comps and it’s the same for Blue. For everyone else, I don’t think it matters. Both Meme and Felicia will probably have the same targets. For that reason, its probably good to take out Meme since she’s better in comps. On the other hand, when you still need to take out so many comp threats, she could be an asset.

Birthday dinner:

Personally, I hope Felicia stays and it’s not because I like her more. (Which I do) It’s because Felicia’s been fighting to stay. Her methods don’t always make sense but she’s trying. Meme had to be prompted into getting up and talking to people yesterday. After 60 something days, she’s finally gonna try to make some connections? (No thank you, I’d rather watch people actually play BB even if they’re playing badly)

I also don’t get the ‘blame Cory’ strategy. It takes 4 votes and Cory and America are only 2. If they don’t want to let Cory flip it, then just don’t agree to it. (Cirie and Blue arn’t stupid) Cory may take a small hit but what is Cameron actually accomplishing? He’s getting a target put on Cory by 2, may 3 people who were ALREADY targeting Cory? His targets were Felicia and Cory this week and he isn’t getting out either one of them out. On top of that, he was completely tricked by Jag and Matt yesterday. Cameron thinks he’s tricking Cory but Cory KNOWS the votes being blamed on him. Cameron doesn’t know Jag and Matt played him.

Cory didn’t fare much better than Cam. He’s flipping a vote to keep someone who just went after him in front of the entire house. Did he get a deal out of Felicia yesterday? Nope. (Missed opportunity) Cory also did Matt and Jags dirty work this week. Even if it’s not a huge difference, it would be better for him if Meme stayed. She may not want to work with him but she could be a target in front of him. Felicia won’t be.

Anyway, we’ll have to see if it flips back today but Felicia or Meme will be leaving tonight….right? Or is anyone leaving the house again? Ever? Will anyone ever actually go to a jury house this season?

See ya back here for the live show and have a great Thursday!


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