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Big Brother 25-Wednesday Recap for 11/01/23

November 2, 2023 | 41 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all, this long week is finally ending and it will be with Cirie heading to the jury house. Both she and Felicia feel like they may be the one leaving tonight and it’s because they’ve both been told they’re staying. They did their goodbye messages to each other yesterday and joked about them as Cirie headed to the diary room for hers. She told Felicia “I don’t even know what to say.” Felicia said “just say, if you’d kept your mouth shut, we could’ve made this thing work.” (True) Felicia said they’d needed to undermine Bowie so the guys didnt trust her. She finally sees Cory’s plan to do just that would’ve worked if she’d kept her mouth shut.

They talked more about the season and different things that happened. Felicia asked “where did we go wrong?” Cirie said “we should’ve kept Cory.” Initially, Felicia didn’t agree but Cirie explained that he’d have gone after Matt and Jag so at least one of the guys would’ve probably been gone. (She’s right but they’d have had Cory to deal with. Cory wouldn’t have hidden in the hoh room an ignored them tho)

One more from Halloween:

The house remains divided with Cirie and Felicia downstairs while Bowie, Matt and Jag hung out upstairs. They were all friendly enough during the moments they came in contact with each other. There just wasn’t alot of it.

Felicia and Cirie both did some limited campaigning. Cirie explained she wasn’t trying to pester them and was just taking them at their word when they said she was staying.

Felicia did the same but mixed in a bit of throwing Cirie under the bus. She wanted to remind everyone, Cirie would win if she got to the end. She lied and said that Cameron, America and Cory already said they were voting for her if she got to the final 2. (This part wasn’t true but it was a good lie to tell and I don’t blame her)

Matt, Jag and Bowie have been trying the dumb plan to stress them out but it hasn’t worked. They aren’t even following through with it very well. That agreed to start telling Cirie and Felicia, they didn’t know how they were voting. Instead, they’re still confirming to each one they’re staying. The only thing that’s changed is they’re saying it with less conviction. (Oooh, scary)

Matt suggested, maybe they could keep Felicia cooking so she wouldn’t have time to study. He came up with things like this when he wasn’t busy wondering about how many testicles Cory had. (Yeah, that was a conversation) He was also trying to figure out what America saw in Cory. (Just a guess but he’s nothing like Matt? That could be a start)

Jag pointed out the way the house is so divided. I think he was starting to feel the awkwardness of it. (He’s still shit talking tho) Bowie assured him there was nothing wrong with it. She said “they’re the competition and we need to study without them.” Bowie is all over them. I think she feels like, if she can keep them from communicating very much, nothing will change. Matt made a comment about the way Bowie is even following Jag to the bathroom. (True)

Felicia was over it and said she wasn’t cooking for them anymore. (I can’t believe she hasn’t gotten to this point before now) She backtracked a bit and said she would cook for herself and Cirie and they could have the leftovers. This didn’t happen though because once they realized how late it was, they just ate their leftover take out for dinner.

Jag talked to Bowie about the way he felt he’d been treated in the early part of the game. I actually understood his line of thinking after hearing this conversation. I don’t agree with it but I understand him better. He talked about the way Cirie and others were telling people not to trust Jag. (True)

Felicia falling over from laughing so hard:

Jag talked about how he would come into a room, share some info and they’d tell him, he better leave and not stay in there very long. By this point, he was in 7 Deadly Sins with them. He said this caused him to hang out with other people. When he would hang out with other people, Izzy, for example, would tell him it was suspicious that he was hanging out with so and so. (This is what he’s talking about when he says he felt bullied the first half of the game) This isn’t bullying but in real life, it could definitely feel that way. He feels justified in lying to other people this week because he was lied to the week he was voted out.

Technically, he’s right but the part he’s leaving out is the why of it all. There was a strategic reason to lie to Jag the week they thought they were voting him out. There were still alot of people in the game and they didn’t want the alliance outed. It feels like Jag wants to lie to them this week simply for payback for lying to him. What he’s doing is the opposite of being strategic. This is where it goes back to him not really understanding the game. With only five people in the game, honesty would be the best strategic play.

Jag didn’t understand the game in the beginning. He took these things personally and I think he genuinely felt hurt by them. He was also lied to and betrayed multiple times and he also took those things personally. Jag slowly learned how to play the game and he began doing those same things to other people. There’s nothing wrong with that but he hasn’t made the connection yet. He keeps saying, what he’s doing now is just playing the game and it’s true. (Except for all the weird personal stuff happening at the moment)

Instead of looking back at the first half and seeing that’s also what they were doing, he’s still going off of how it made him feel at the time. If he could let go of how it made him feel, he’d realize it wasn’t personal for them either. (I’m not counting the times Jared was shitty to Jag because that did seem personal) This is something I think he’ll realize once he’s removed from it a bit.

I feel a little differently about Bowie and Matt. For Bowie, she felt isolated too. However, she intentionally put herself in situations that caused it at times. Like Jag, this probably came from not understanding the game very well. Here’s an example: when they made the bye-bye bitches alliance, Bowie freaked out and left the room right as it was forming. She was almost terrified of participating in any game talk. (Well, it’s a game so if you don’t want to participate, you’re gonna get left behind) She doesn’t seem to understand this at all. She’s just going off of how she felt emotionally, when she was left out of the Red vote. It’s made the game way too personal for her.

With Matt, he just seems like a spoiled, man child. Neither he nor Bowie has ever been on the block. Unlike Bowie, who did at least have a hard time connecting with people, Matt’s been loved from the beginning. It’s why many of us have said he was the frontrunner for most of the game. Jag was always the target, never Matt. No one was upset with Matt after they found out he’d used his power to keep Jag, who the entire house wanted and voted out. It happened on Cameron’s hoh and even he liked Matt alot more than Jag. When Matt won the veto and helped evict Jared, he didn’t have to take any of the blame.

What I’m getting at is, at least Jag and Bowie have what they think are reasons to be upset. Matt’s been the most loved person in the house all season, except maybe for Cirie. He doesn’t have a reason to be acting so petty and disrespectful to the 2 women who’ve treated him like a son. (They still don’t think Matt is that involved in what’s happening this week!) It’s similar to the way he talks about America and Cory. They both liked Matt so much and never said anything against him in the game. For a long time, Cory trusted Matt way more than Jag. The personal comments he makes towards America and Cory are childish, petty and ridiculous. He’s also decided he was bullied this season too. (I’d love to hear just 1 example of when Matt was treated poorly)

All 3 of them are pretty spineless too. For example, Felicia took the deck of cards but told Matt to let her know when he wanted them back. Right after she left, Matt asked Jag to go ask for them. He said he wanted them but he hadn’t bothered to tell her her himself. Jag even asked him why he didn’t just tell her when she was in the room. Instead, he says things to Bowie like “I want to win that veto and send her ass home. That’s what she gets for preparing a final 2 speech.” (note to self, its almost over!)

Anyway, there wasn’t anything to really recap so I went off the rails talking about other stuff. (If you know me and how I recap, it’s what I do sometimes, sorry) I’ll get back to the rest of it tho…

Cirie and Felicia packed up their suitcases and even managed to make that entertaining. Cirie couldn’t get hers to close so Felicia sat on it…

leaned on it…

and stood on it. Her pants fell down in the process of trying to help Cirie close it.

These two together have been so much fun to watch. I enjoyed Cirie with Izzy because of all the silliness and the frantic gaming. I enjoyed Felicia and Cirie together for different reasons. I’ve enjoyed them separately too. Felicia could be an entire show by herself and she was great casting. All 3 of them were fun to watch, especially together.

I know some people were upset over Cirie being cast this season. I said from the start, I didn’t like the advantage she had with Jared. (He managed to even things out quite a bit by his bad gameplay tho) I also admitted from the start, I didn’t care if it wasn’t fair because I got to watch Cirie in action, on the live feeds. She didn’t disappoint me and I’ve never seen anything like her social ability in this type of game.

After the argument between Cory and Jared, her entire game was blown up, but she managed to do what most couldn’t, which was regain everyones trust again. Her game was practically blown up again by Felicia and still, she managed to get herself back in a good position one more time. She lost every ally she had except Felicia, who was also working against her. She still made it to the final 5 and she managed to do all this while being Cirie Fields.

They all knew her history even if they hadn’t seen Survivor or the other shows she’d been on. Both Cory and Cameron told them. Even the people who were skeptical and didn’t trust her, felt they could by the time they left. Cameron wanted to target her but began to trust her. Bowie, who wanted to put her on the block, wanted her in a F4 soon after. Even America and Cory began to trust her too and they knew better! People who left early like Reilly, Red and Hisam, left the house thinking she was amazing. Matt still wanted her in his final 3 until he got outplayed by Jag this week. I’m glad I got to see her in action and unedited. It showed me that yes, she really is that good.

At least, it sounds like we’ll get the hoh comp live tonight. I’m really hoping Felicia wins it just to throw the other 3 into a panic. Cirie is too and said to her “if you stay, win it so I can work for you in jury.” (Cirie also said she hopes she doesn’t have to hear make out noises anymore in the jury house from Cory and America, haha)

If she can’t campaign for Felicia, I think she’ll be campaigning for Matt. (So will Felicia) Like I said, they think Matt is being played this week and they can’t stand Jag or Bowie.

I’m kind of hoping once they leave, (if Felicia leaves too) they’ll realize that if Matt got played this week, maybe he shouldn’t win the game. Maybe he’s not played the best game after all anymore. On the flip side, if he’s convinced them he didn’t screw them, that’s good game too.

At the moment, Felicia’s threatening to vote for Bowie if either of the guys bring her to the end and she’s told them as much. I think it’s a good threat to try to get them to take her over Bowie but I don’t actually think she’ll do it. (I also don’t think it will work) Now, she may vote for Bowie if something happens and she leaves at the final 3. There wouldn’t be enough time for her to decompress and possibly take the emotion out of it.

Besides, an arguement could be made for Bowie too. She went all season, playing mostly alone but never got put up for nomination. Near the end of the game, she found a solid alliance. She was the one who got Jag to finally turn on Matt and she was the one who took out Cameron. (The truth is Jag was already planning on turning on Matt, once he found out Matt had the votes. It was also Jag who talked her into taking out Cameron) Forget the truth though, I was putting a spin on it to make a case for Bowie if she ended up in the final 2. I wouldn’t buy into it but at least it’s shit she could say.

If Felicia can’t cause an upset tonight, I have no idea what I want to happen. It’s because everything I’d like to see is contradictory. I’d like to see Jag take out Matt so Matt can see what a huge mistake he made this week. The problem with that is, I’d also like to see Bowie be taken out.

I’d also like to see some miracle where both guys leave and we have a Felicia/Bowie final 2. (That won’t ever happen) It would be nice for Matt and Jag to realize the Minutemen are NOT Derrick and Cody 2.0. (See why it’s hard to care who wins?) This is how I mostly feel about the game that’s left to be played:

Ater a week of nothing, I’m ready for tonight. Cirie will get to head to the jury house and relax for a few days. Hopefully they’ll give her some stuff so she can redo her braids. I know trying to manage her hair has been driving her crazy recently.

Have a great Thursday!


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