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Big Brother 25- Wednesday Recap for 8/23/23

August 24, 2023 | 66 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all! I woke up and saw the pressure cooker comp WILL be shown on the live feeds tonight. I wasn’t sure if they would or not since we don’t know what kind of twist they’ll be adding to the comp. BB fans are so weird (myself included) because we’re all like “Yeah! I get to watch people push a button for hours! Woo Hoo!”

Yesterday was another waffle Wednesday. The day began with Cirie questioning if they were being too hard on Hisam for playing the game. She, Felicia and Izzy talked about not wanting him to feel isolated this week. This got the ball rolling for them to each talk with him.

Cirie had a long conversation with him. He apologized and said they could fix it. He did a good job of convincing her he was sincere. (I bought it too) He equated it to families who fight, make up and move on from it.

He also talked to Izzy and Felicia. They discussed flipping the vote to keep him. They told him they wouldn’t give him an immediate answer but talked like they’d be doing it. They did their usual which was to say they needed to discuss it with people before making a decision….and then began making the decision before talking to anyone.

They needed Jared and Cory to agree first plus they’d need Meme and America to have the 6 votes. Jared, Cory and Izzy had already had a morning convo discussing it. (This was before the Hisam talks) Jared and Izzy were considering it but Cory was a firm no.

Jared and Izzy made up from their tiff the night before. They told Cory they were good and said they always argue. Jared even said “that’s my sister.” (This was shortly Jared had gone to Cirie for the 2nd time to talk about getting rid of Izzy)

Once Izzy approached Cory again, he began talking her out of keeping Hisam. He said he knew she was worried about Cameron but told her the entire house except for Red would be going after Cameron next. He also said Hisam could be harder to get out later than Cameron would be.

He ranted to the cameras after she left the room. He said it was a stupid move and would be terrible for his own game. He also thought it would be terrible for hers. While Izzy was being talked out of it, Felicia was busy taking Meme into it. Cory and Jared talked to Cirie, they all talked together and the flip was back off.

Izzy told Cory and Jared she just needed to work thru all the scenarios before feeling good about a decision. She warned them (and us) it would probably happen every week. Haha

Unfortunately for Hisam, they made it seem like they’d do it when talking to him so he’s going to be blindsided again today when they tell him they won’t. (Assuming they tell him) At least he was a bit more social with people and got to enjoy his Wednesday. (That’s something, right?) In my opinion, they cant keep him now, even if I think he was sincere yesterday. No one wants to feel like they need to grovel, even if they’re willing to do it in the moment. Eventually, he’d resent that he had to and when is back was against the wall, he’d definitely remember they’d tried to back door him. It would justify him backstabbing them later in the game. It’s just too risky.

Part of why Cire was considering keeping Hisam was because she found out Cameron said she and Izzy needed to go soon. He’d told both Jared and Matt (and more people) and it got back to them. It was looking like they wanted to target Red before Cameron but that may have changed things for them. (Cory still wants Cam in the game for the same reason Cirie will want him out)

Cameron was angry yesterday morning. He found out Hisam was saying Cameron ratted out his alliance with Reilly and was the one who told him Reilly had said his name. Hisam said Cameron caused her to be his target. (The last part isn’t true) Cameron made the rounds telling people none of it was true. He talked about his special relationship with Reilly and how that never happened. (Except it did happen. He did rat out the entire alliance and made Reilly an even bigger target for Hisam)

Matt ratted out the 2nd alliance that was formed to Jag after they’d formed the Seven Deadly Sins alliance with Cirie, Izzy and Felicia. He told Jag about the Legend 25 alliance but said he didn’t think Jag needed to worry. He said he just wanted him to know about it.

Cirie and Izzy decided to make a real alliance with the people they’d ave needed to keep Hisam. Hisam would still go but they wanted the real group to be Cirie, Izzy, Felicia, Meme, Jared and Cory with America as a 7th. Except for America, they said it’s the group they like and actually want to work with in the game. (They finally beleive Meme doesn’t have side alliances and trust her again) They’re naming it “For real, for real.” (It should be named “for now” or “for today”)

They still don’t trust America but Cory vouched for her and they trust him. America had also talked to Felicia before all this and said she’d like to work with them. She said she didn’t want to be seen as someone floating in the middle. Felicia said they could use that earlier convo and Cory to bring America in with them.

As usual, they made a plan but didn’t stick to it. The plan was supposed to happen with Felicia approaching Cory and America together. They wanted it to seem like it formed naturally and didn’t want America to feel like she was a late addition. Felicia had the convo on her own (without Cory) and worded it like “we’d like to bring you in if you can be trusted.” She even told America that everyone thought she was “flaky.” It was obvious she was joining and already formed alliance and obvious she was on probation until she proved herself to be worthy. (Felicia, I love ya girl but your power had ended. Get off that high horse)

Jared and Cory talked about the need to keep Blue and America in the game for now to help their own games. They also made fun of Cirie and Izzy for making too many alliances. Cory mentioned the way Izzy gets too personal about people in the game and said it makes him uncomfortable. (I like Cory) They also agreed that the trio (Cirie, Izzy, Felicia) sit up there watching the spy tv and make themselves paranoid. (True)

Izzy was paranoid again. She’d seen Jag, Bowie, America and Matt hanging out with Cameron in the bathroom. She’s convinced they’re trying to form a group of their own. (She doesn’t get socializing because she games 24/7) She and Cirie had also began wondering if Jag and Red were faking going after each other. Cory assured them it was real.

Cory talked to America and said he thought Cirie and her group were going to offer them some kind of working arrangement. America said she’d be ok with it and told him she only talked game with him. (Lie, he knows she talks to Jag) They made a final 2. After Felicia had jumped the gun, Cory knew America would know he’d been lying to her.

He camera talked about trying to fix it the best he could. He said he’d played like shit for 2 days regarding America but counted the day as a win because Hisam was still leaving. He didn’t like or understand why Mecole was being included in the alliance since Cirie and Izzy said they didn’t trust her. (They change their minds too fast for Cory to keep up!)

He also said it was good for him that the alliance finally included America because he needs her in the game. He’s also worried America may think he’s lying to her about the final 2 because of the way the day unfolded.

The pressure cooker could be interesting as far as who feels like they need it. It seems most of the house will target Cameron and Red. Cirie’s group is hoping they can influence Red and Cameron to go after Jag. They’re also hoping they can influence Bowie to go in that direction too.

Side note: Bowie 1made a final 2 with Felicia but Felicia told everyone about it so it’s not real for her.

It would be good for America to win the hoh to solidify herself with her new alliance. If she went after Red and Cameron, they’d probably trust her more. (I don’t know if that’s what she’d do tho) I think a Meme win would help her game too and for the same reasons.

Some random things:

Cirie and Izzy laughed about flipping the vote and then flipping it back. They were simultaneously proud of themselves for having the ability to do it while also making fun of themselves for it. (They KNOW they’re messy!)

Bowie was talking about Jared and Blue to Cirie. She said Jared was wanting that hoh room and bed awfully bad. (Haha) Bowie also doesn’t like the haircut Cameron gave her. She said it looks like a bowl cut.

Felicia talking to Jag: “Someone from our 6 needs to wins the hoh, umm, 7, is it 6 or 7?”

Cirie to Meme: “This is so much harder than Survivor.”

Bowie to everyone: “You want an m&m that I’ve had in my pocket? It’s a clean pocket.”

Jared and Blue talked to the cameras about how they’re giving us what we want to see….a shomance. (I need Jared’s torch snuffed, ya, I know, wrong show but I don’t care)

Cirie got Izzy to try on Cirie’s jumpsuit.

I didn’t have time to get into it today but FINALLY, there was a good episode last night! Have a great Hisam eviction Thursday!


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