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Big Brother 25-Wednesday Recap for 8/30/23

August 31, 2023 | 26 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning everyone, today’s recap will be a shorter one. Between work today and my frustration with the feeds cutting yesterday, I won’t be as detailed as usual. I was fairly patient with the feed cuts the day they did the power comp, even though it was annoying.

Yesterday, was another story. It seemed like they cut them anytime they brought up the special power comp. I mean, they announced it on the show already so why the hell does it matter if we hear about it?? Anyway, I’m just letting you know, I may have missed some things because my patience was wearing thin yesterday.

Most of the day was alot of campaigning from Jag and a little from Blue. Initially, Blue wasn’t doing it all but it got back to her that wasn’t going over well so she gave it a try. They only one she’d campaigned to before yesterday was Meme. She only did it with Meme because she hadn’t talked to her the entire month they’ve been there!

She campaigned to Cameron and told him she planned on throwing the next hoh. (?? Don’t ask me why she said it or why she campaigned to Cameron at all) She told other people the same thing. She said she didn’t want to stay a target and that’s why she’d throw it. (Make it make sense)

Later, she told Felicia it wasn’t true (about throwing it) and said she wanted to work with her. (I’m not buying the Blue edit from the episode. I think she was asked questions that were edited together to make it seem like she figured out Jared’s secret. There’s been nothing on the feeds that matches her DR last night) Maybe I’m wrong but I’ll wait for more info to come out before I’m convinced. Remember, in BB21 with Haleigh? She would have Tyler’s game completely clocked in her DR’s, but in the house and on the feeds, she didn’t have a clue. (It was editing)

Either way, Blue doesn’t know how to play BB. I liked her saying Cirie, Felicia, Izzy and Jared need to be broken up but she doesn’t have the game skills to do it.

As for Jag, he’s caught in a circle of saying the same things to everyone. The truth is, it doesn’t matter. If they want to keep him, they will and if they don’t, they won’t. Nothing Jag says will effect tonights eviction.

I REALLY enjoy Jag as a person but like Blue, he’s so bad at the game. I like his humor and like that he actually wants to play the game. Wanting to play and knowing how to do it are 2 different things. He got the run aroud all day. It was the typical “we’ll keep you if so and so will.” He also did the typical “let’s get everyone in a room to say they’ll do it.” If he was better at BB, he’d know it’s bullshit. (They don’t want to get in a room Jag!)

Cory finally woke up and started gaming again but he’s playing at least 4 days behind. In a house that games nonstop, that’s like a month. It doesn’t help that Jared can’t stand him now either. At first, he just needed to get back in with Cirie and Izzy. (He’s been replaced with Matt, both as a number and as a mole) Now, he has Jared against him too. Jared is still pouting over the special power comp and seems to be taking most of if out on Cory.

Let’s see, who else sucks? Bowie told Red if the hoh came down to Red and herself, she’d throw it to him. He appreciated it and said he really just wanted the letter. He said she could even pick the noms if she threw it to him. Bowie said she didn’t want to pick noms or be the hoh. (Of course she doesn’t!)

She was upset and cried yesterday. She said people keep leaving rooms after she enters them. (No shit, they’re GAMING!) Yes, I feel bad for her but her lack of gaming has caused some of it. On one hand, its ridiculous they think Bowie is gaming so hard. On the other, why wouldn’t they think it? It’s what they’re there to do. It’s understandable for them to think she’s with Red and Cameron. She doesn’t talk much game with the others so they assume she has to be doing it with someone.

It’s the same thing that was happening to Meme when she was laying way to low. Her group started to be skeptical of her and her name got tossed around as someone who was expendable. Meme’s stepped it up and guess what? She’s more in the inner circle again and her name isn’t being thrown around as much. (I still wish she’d work on her on side stuff more tho)

We’ve had confirmation that Cirie, Jag, Matt and possibly Cory played in the power comp. Jag admitted it to the Seven Deadly Sins people as a way to campaign. He said it would establish trust by telling them. He also said he didn’t win it. Felicia or Cirie (don’t remember) said he should tell Jared too.

Cameron telling America she could wear more clothing:

Jag told Jared but it just pissed off Jared. His viewpoint was Jag originally lied and said he didn’t play in it and only told the truth later. (They ALL lied) It didn’t matter because Jared wasn’t serious about keeping Jag. Frankly, none of them were.

I get it, they have 2 choices. Tell him he’s leaving or string him along. They don’t want to tell him the truth and give him time to blow up the Seven Deadly Sins alliance. They don’t realize Jag hasn’t even thought about doing it. It’s what Cirie, Cory or any decent player would’ve done. (before going on the block) They also don’t know what’s happening with this power so they don’t want to say anything for sure. (I understand but its painful to watch)

America is the exception. She’s frustrated with all of it and wanted to tell him he didn’t have the votes. She knows Cirie and crew are blaming not having the votes on her and Cory. She’d happily keep him if he had the votes and wanted him to know it. She’s ready to blow shit up….sort of. Cory’s trying to convince her she needs to go after Red before trying to break up the big group. She’s kind of agreeing by saying yes to Red but no to Cameron. She doesn’t like Cameron but thinks she can use him so doesn’t want to go after him. (I have no clue what she’d really do with an hoh)

Cory told Izzy he feels bad for steering America the wrong direction. He said he doesn’t like her romantically but he does like her. (I also have no idea if he’s lying to Izzy or America) He may be acting like she’s expendable so they don’t seem close. He may also see Jared and Izzy in his end game over America. (Maybe if the feeds stayed on, we’d find out)

Cory told America how hard Red’s coming after her and that he called her a bitch. (Cirie told Cory) She wanted to call him out but Cory talked her out of it. America may be a gamer but she’s also too impulsive. I’m starting to think a cross between Cory and America is what it would take to go against Cirie. Cory wants to wait too long but America just wants to blow shit up. Unfortunately, she wants to do it without a plan to land her in a good spot afterwards.

Cirie told Jared that Matt said he won the power comp. (They competed but didn’t find out who won until later) She said Matt only told her he’d won. Cirie was busy trying to figure out what Matt should do with it. Jared was busy being annoyed that Matt didn’t tell him. (That’s what it seemed like to me at least) Jared and Cory had just had a convo about Matt. Jared kept insisting that he “had Matt.” Cory kept trying to tell him that everyone thinks they “have Matt.”

I’m not even going to get into how the power works. Cirie was trying to explain it to Jared but it was pretty confusing. Since I don’t know if I was tired and not understanding, Cirie was mixing it up or if Matt was confused, I’m better off waiting until the episode to find out. I don’t want to explain it wrong.

Having decided Blue will stay, Cirie talked to Blue to make it official. (The boss has spoken) She wants some of that credit for keeping her. Haha

Blue and Jared had a weird convo that I can only speculate about. Because of the damn feeds cutting, we only got bits and pieces. She was apologizing to him for something. She was saying she knew she screwed up but she’d never let the other thing slip. Jared was obviously trying to guilt her about something. My guess and ONLY a guess: Maybe she confided in someone about rock, paper, scissors but was assuring him she’d never tell his secret about his mom. (I really have no idea)

Blue has also been saying she wants to be seen as her own own person , not as part of a shomance. Jared seemed to be giving her the cold shoulder and she said something to America about it. America told Blue they needed to shake up the house and both know they’re on the bottom of whatever is going on.

Jag kept working hard and kept trying to get the meeting he’d need. Cirie had orginally suggested he do it and then obviously wanted no part of it. He even campaigned to Cameron to break a tie in his favor. (He really wants to stay) Matt and America also want him to stay or at least tell him he’s leaving. I do think between Matt and America, one of them is going to him.

Jag sort of got his meeting. He cornered a group by the number pool and got them to agree to keep him. It was pretty halfhearted but I’m sure he felt better.

A chaotic scramble is what this house is becoming known for but I think it will end with Jag leaving. (Unless the power does something) This might be the most chaotic house I’ve ever seen when it comes to making game decisions. Most of them want to go over and over the pros and cons a ridiculous amount of times.

For once, Izzy stayed out of alot of it. She did get upset over Bowie getting upset but for the most part, she spent alot of time in the have not room. She was waiting for have nots to end so she could eat. They ended and everyone got to eat. (The butt kicker is fixed again so yeah us! Such a pleasant sound in the earbuds)

Heading in to the next week, here’s the layout as I see it and the potential for a game shake up:

In a normal season, you would think Red would be the best option to win but we know Cirie is his girl so that isn’t going to shake anything up. Bowie doesn’t want to win and Blue would probably do what Jared told her. Even though Felicia and Cirie are sick of each other, neither she nor Meme would do anything exciting yet. Unless Matt is playing Cirie, his hoh would be a Cirie hoh.

Here’s my best guesses for some drama. Before you tell me I’m insane, I already know some of these are a stretch:

Cory gains some insight that he’s in trouble and makes his move now instead of waiting. Izzy or Jared wins and causes problems with extreme hohitis. (No, they wouldn’t go against Cirie but could cause problems in some other way) Maybe a bit of power wakes up Izzy and gets her to realize she can’t go to the end of the game with a mother and son. Maybe Jared and Blue are in the HOH room so much, it becomes obvious to Cirie what’s happening.

America wins it, goes after Cirie, ruins her game in the process but we at least get to have a bit of fun. Honestly, that’s all I can come up with so maybe you guys have better scenarios.

Here’s hoping for a fun episode this evening and finally figuring out this power! Have a great Thursday.


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