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Big Brother 25-Wednesday Recap for 9/20/23

September 21, 2023 | 16 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning friends, It’s double eviction day! We’ll either be cheering at the end of the show or stunned because something happened that we didn’t factor into our guessing all week. Either way, its always a fun night. Let’s just hope some scaryverse twist doesn’t mess things up.

Although there was a bit of talk about keeping Cameron, it seems like he’s still being evicted. Jared and Cirie talked about the possibility and if they could get votes from Meme and Felicia. Cirie said it would be hard. Jared thinks Cameron will still target Cirie and they’d have people after them even more.

I don’t know why Jared didn’t just tell Cameron he’s working with Cirie (everyone knows it) and if Cameron targeting her would be a deal breaker for them to work together. I think Cameron might have agreed to work with Cirie. Would he stick to it is the question? Not only that, they would’ve had to been working on it before Wednesday. Neither Jared or Cirie have the pull at the moment to make it happen.

Jag and Cory trying to work on clues together:

The hg’s were distracted by more than the upcoming eviction yesterday. They got messages in their bank tube that were clues to a puzzle. They tried to decipher it but didn’t figure it out. (Neither did I) Its put the whole house on edge and they’ve been speculating about what could happen. There was talk of a battle back and other things that could happen. Personally, I hope it’s something minor and not a battle back or cancelled eviction. It would take a slow week and just make us have a do over. (No thanks!)

They also had their halfway party so the feeds were down for a while. They had the usual food, cake and a little alcohol. Between the party and the messages, there was less game talk yesterday. There was still some gaming, just less of it.

When the feeds came back America and Cory were already back in bed. (Shocker!):

The day started with some speculation and it was over the groceries. BB hadn’t restocked them so Felicia wondered if they could all be put on slop again. Meme thought maybe they were going to split the house like last season. (Dyre Fest) They couldn’t figure out how that would work because of when jury starts.

Jag confirmed with Matt that they’d both put up Jared and Cirie if the won the hoh. After that, Jag told Cory about Cameron telling Jared they were all targeting him.

America was still working on her speech. She’s nervous about having to say something on live tv. She also said she freaked out a bit when she went into the storage room and saw her suitcase. She feels confident in the vote, Blue told her it should be unanimous but obviously, she’s still a little worried.

Jag and America talked about Matt and Jag throwing the hoh to America or Cory if possible. They all agree, it makes more sense if it comes from Cory or America. It’s because of the time they’ve (Matt and Jag) been spending with Jared this week. They’ve continued to convince Jared they sided with him and not Cory after last week. They’re hoping with Jared on the block, he would pick Matt or Jag to play in the veto. Of course, none of these plans will matter once they realize it’s a double eviction. Things will happen faster than what they’re planning and they won’t have time to convince Jared to pick one of them.

Jared, Felicia, Jag and Matt talked about Cory in the hoh room. Jared doesn’t think Cory or America will put any of them otb if they win. He thinks it will be Bowie and Meme. (WHY would he believe that?) Jag said they’d have people playing in the veto for each other so it wouldn’t matter if one of them went up because they have the numbers. Jared doesn’t think America and Cory can do anything once Cameron leaves.

After Jared left, Felicia, Jag and Matt agreed the nominations would still be Cirie and Jared. There was some conversation about which one to target and as expected, Felicia thinks Cirie should be the one to leave. She said Cirie’s the one telling all the lies. Jag and Matt remind her that Jared could win comps. Matt also said everyone knows about Cirie lying so no one will believe her anymore. (Wow, uphill battle for Cirie if she stays) She conceded and said maybe Jared did have to be the one to go first. They also had a laugh about how over confident Jared sounded.

Jag and Matt have done a great job of making Jared feel like they’re on his side. For all of Jag’s talk about playing an honest game, he’s done a hell of a good job lying this week!

Cory made the rounds, starting with Bowie, talking about Cirie promising she wouldn’t put Cory or America otb if she won the hoh. He’s hoping people will continue to see her as a liar.

He’s said she’s told everyone they’re safe so who would she put up? While talking to Bowie, he mentioned a 3 they’d made with Jag and how no one would figure out they had a 3 together. (I guess hes already got his plan if he loses America)

Blue and America made a final 2 and promised not to tell Jared or Cory about it. (Cory’s not the only one with side plans) America told Blue about Corys Crossroads alliance with Cirie, Jared and Izzy.

Blue said she had a F3 with Jared and Cirie but it hadn’t been talked about or wasn’t official or something like that. (Does that just mean Cirie doesn’t know about it? Haha)

Blue also talked to the cameras. She said she wants to keep Jared to take the shots for her that she can’t take. (getting rid of Jag and Matt) She talked about how she’s proven herself in comps by coming in 2nd or getting close in some of them. She mentioned how long she lasted in the pressure cooker as an example. She said something similar to Matt too.

Matt and Jared have talked alot about comp wins and proving themselves. Blue wants to include herself in this by saying she’s came close. She’s pointed out how worthless Cory and America are because they haven’t won anything.

Here’s the problem with her logic. America came in 2nd in the pressure cooker, not Blue, and America could’ve won it. Blue hasn’t “proven herself to be a competitor” anymore than America has at this point. (Yes, I know players have double standards and that’s fine when talking game. She was talking to herself tho)

Blue thinks she’s playing a great middle game. I like what she’s trying to do but her execution is shit. She shouldn’t have told everyone she wouldn’t put up Jared and Cirie because she could find herself on the block tonight as a pawn. She stopped sharing everything with Jared but the info she does share with him is the usually the wrong info.

I do like America and Blue coming together and making a final 2. We’ve seen men pair up and use their showmances to further their games but I don’t think we’ve seen a pair of women do it. First, I’m not sure yet if they’re sincere. Second, I’m not sure they can pull it off because they both talk way too much. This will have to be one of those ‘wait and see what happens’ things.

Cory spoke with Jared and tried the same stuff he did with Cirie. He told him that initially, he’d have put Jared and Cirie otb but didn’t feel that way anymore. Cory said the only people he wouldn’t put up is Jared, Cirie, America and Jag. (He said he included Jag because he’d used the veto on him) Jared said he’d believe him and he would either prove it to be wrong or not. (Jared’s not worried because he doesn’t think Cory will win an hoh)

As for Cirie, she was more concerned with the clues and figuring out what the new twist would be than who to target next. She’s not happy that a battleback would delay the jury starting even longer. Cirie and America are opposites in one area. Cirie hasn’t made any secret that she isn’t having fun. It’s been 50 days and it’s more stressful than she thought it would be. She may be realizing that Big Brother just isn’t the game for her. No I’m not talking about her quitting. I’m just saying, it’s not the experience she thought it would be and that happens to a lot of players.

On the other hand, America seems to always be excited. Even when the game’s not going her way, you can tell she’s enjoying the experience. It’s one of the things I’ve liked about her from the start. Her excitement is almost contagious. Of course, she wants to win the money but she’s determined to enjoy the game. She’s loved the iconic comps she’s got to play in so far. She’s been on slop, been on the block, got into showmance, etc. It’s as if she’s going through some kind of super fan checklist.

Jared talked to Blue about wishing he’d used the veto last week on Izzy. He insinuated it was Blues fault that he didn’t because she’d told him he shouldn’t. How could that be Blues fault? He couldn’t use the veto because his mom would have gone up. (This guy is ridiculous) Their showmance has made me feel bad for Blue this season, mostly because of the way he talks to her. I actually feel better about it now. It’s because Blue saying she’s using him just as much as he’s using her.

I’m not about to get into the 500 different scenarios of how things could play out tonight. I’ll just keep it simple and say I’m not going to factor any twist in until we know what it’s going to be. As for the HOH, Jared and Cirie will be in trouble or Cory and America could be in trouble. There’s also a third option, where someone who isn’t anyones target could go home, simply because of who won the veto.

I’m more curious about how it will play out if Cirie and Jared end up on the block together. We know she already has a plan (we just don’t know what it is) to make herself the target over Jared. I don’t know if it’s a plan that could be executed in the middle of a double eviction tho. Anything she’s planning, she’s thinking she’s got a few days to make happen and she won’t.

If Cirie won the HOH, I think she’d target Jag before targeting Cory and America. It’s probably the smarter play too. Cory is coming after her but so is Jag. If one of Cory or America leave, neither Cirie nor Jared is going to reel the remaining one back in. If Jag was to leave, Blue is more solidly locked in with Jared and Cirie may be able to reel Matt back in with her.

I’ll also save any thoughts on her strategy moving forward if Jared were to leave and she were to stay. I have a couple of ideas but if she goes home tonight, it won’t matter. It’s just thoughts on whether or not she should reveal the secret if Jared is gone. That conversation can wait until we see what happens tonight.

Some recent quotes before I wrap up:

America talking about trusting Blue (re Jared): “I really want to believe Blue but is that a hickey?”

Blue: “I don’t even know what Big Brother is, I’m just over here chillin”

Jared about Cory & America: “They’re falling for each other. As weird and nasty as it is, it’s obvious and it’s disgusting.”

America & Cory after America told Felicia she was leaving:

America: ” I really thought i’d be better at keeping my mouth shut.” Cory: “Do you think it will happen again?” America: “Yeah” Cory: ” Yeah, I do too.”

America to Cory: “You’re talking mad shit for someone with Sponge Bob underwear. Did your mom buy you those?”

Cameron about Cirie: “She doesn’t lie. She doesn’t trust herself lying because she’s not very good at it.” (She’s great at it when Jared’s not going behind her screwing it up)

Cameron when he thought Izzy was staying last week: “Yay Twitter, this should be funny. I don’t give a fuck anymore.”

Cameron: “I hold a security clearance for the United States government so obviously I can keep a secret.” (I think his security clearance is an ID to get access to the PX and Commissary on base)

Blues shout out during the live a couple weeks ago: “Happy birthday everyone!” (How is it everyone’s bday?)

Americas shout out last week: “Shout out Josh Duhamel!”

Matt not hearing Cirie clearly- Cirie: “I just had a great conversation with Jag. He’s so funny, Jag is stupid.” Matt: “Jag doesn’t know what’s going on? He’s stupid?” Cirie: “No, stupid meaning funny.”

Oh Kaaaaay, as Felicia would say, I guess that’s it for me today. Ya’ll have a great Thuraday!


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