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Big Brother 25-Wednesday Recap for 9/27/23

September 28, 2023 | 58 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning, the longest BB week we’ve had in a long time finally comes to an end, sort of. We’ll finally get to see either Cameron or Jared evicted. Unfortunately that’s the only house guest we’ll lose for another week unless BB has a surprise for us and them.

This sign in the house sums it up:

Blue and America made a couple of comments yesterday but I don’t know if it’s something they picked up from the DR or if it was only speculation. America said something about how there wouldn’t be another eviction on Thursday. Blue mentioned there being another double right after Cameron or Jared leaves. I think America was referring to the HOH comp not being live and I think Blue was only speculating about a double. Later, when Blue talked to Jared, he said he didn’t think they’d have another double this season and Blue said she thought they would. It didn’t sound like she had any actual info.

America and Cirie after a good chat and Cirie got a bit teary eyed. The feeds cut it off so no idea why she got emotional:

There’s no point in recapping all the conversations from yesterday because they were mostly on repeat. It was alot of checking in to see if “we’re still good” with everyone else. (They can either tell who’s lying or they can’t) I’m just going to cover some specific moments from the day and then cover who everyone seems to be targeting. (Well, until it changes)

America (along with others) joked about scary week being nice and not scary at all. She made fun of them being given gift baskets instead of being scared. (She’s one of us)

We caught a brief glimpse of a comp set up on the feeds. Everyone assumed it was the comp Cameron would be doing tonight, assuming he’s doing himself. Hamsterwatch posted she was told this wasn’t the comp for Cam and it was for something else. We’ll know soon enough but here’s the image:

Jared and Cory had a nice conversation about women. It’s actually the most appealing Jared’s been to me since week 1. Cory filled Jared in on his talk with America from the day before. It was about the Cameron issue and Cory telling both America and Cameron he “didn’t give a shit” about the flirting. (I swear, I haven’t talked this much about flirting since high school!) If Cory and America hadn’t both handled it like they were in high school, it wouldn’t have been necessary to talk about it at all.

Jared gave him a hard time (good naturedly) and told him he handled it horribly. Cory admitted it was true. Cory said Jared could come to him for strategy and he could to go to Jared for advice on women. (Yeah’ yeah, I know the whole Jared’s got a girlfriend and he treats Blue like crap thing) It was just a nice moment because It actually felt big brother/little brother stuff.

These are still people, even the ones we don’t like. I don’t like Cam or Jared and Matt’s said some problematic stuff too. They have families and people who love them too. We’re allowed to point out their good moments along with their bad ones. (That’s my 2 cents at least)

Jared asked Cirie if there was anything she’d like to keep out of his stuff. She said nothing because she wasn’t planning on him going anywhere. He offered her his HOH photos and letters but she was hesitant to take them. She was afraid someone might find her with them and question it. After he left the room, she did take one of his photos and hid it in her drawer. (Ok, this is the part of the recap some will become outraged. I can already hear “that’s not fair” and “she hasn’t won her own HOH yet.”) Keep in mind, anyone being evicted can give any of their stuff to someone else before they go.

America talked to Cameron about her situation with Cory. He kept trying to take it back to jokes but she did a good job with it. He wanted to know if everything was good with her and Cory now. (He’s aware there was a problem the day before) She said yes and said they were great. She said they’ve talked about seeing what would happen between them on the outside. She basically let Cameron know she really liked Cory and wasn’t a fan of Cameron’s dad comments. Cameron just laughed it off and said he liked to irritate Cory.

To clear up the Cameron/America controversy one last time…. America’s never had a problem with Cameron flirting with her. She obviously hasn’t had a problem flirting with him. She’s only said she gets uncomfortable when Cameron takes it to an elevated level and he absolutely does take it too far. (Yes, I’m aware she made the joke about the shower but it was a joke) Should she use better judgment with the types of jokes she makes to him? Yeah, probably. Is it a harder situation to handle inside the house than it would be in real life? Yes, definitely.

Does her flirting give him the right to take things to an uncomfortable level? No, it absolutely doesn’t. She doesn’t like it when he grabs her hand and tries to hold it or like the other day, when he threw his leg over on top of hers. She didn’t like it when he said, (during lockdown) he wouldn’t be able to control himself in jury around her.

She doesn’t like the type of comments that Jared’s even brought up and talked about. (Jared, who doesn’t even like her) I also want to remind everyone, Cameron did the exact same thing with Reilly. It doesn’t matter if maybe you like Cameron and maybe you don’t like America. America hasn’t been talked to by production about her behavior but Cameron has been. (I’m hoping this is it for me on this topic because I want to talk about the fun stuff!)

Blue looking very annoyed as Jags saying he doesn’t think they need to worry about Cory yet:

Blue and Jared discussed where and when they could do the things they do if you get my meaning. They just want to get one more on the books in case he leaves tonight. I think they settled on the have not room, this morning, after Matt gets up for the day.

Blue told Cirie her target was Cory. She also told her, she’d been trying to convince Matt and Jag that Cory had only been using them to do his dirty work. (This has partially worked on Jag and fully worked on Matt) Blue was trying to work on Cirie to get her to target Cory too. Cirie said she’d be on board with it as long as she had their support. (I have no idea if she’s lying, probably not)

Jag and Meme having some chess time:

As for the next hoh, this is where I think people are leaning:

Both Matt and Jag would like Felicia to be the next one out. They’re aware that Felicia and possibly Meme want to target them. They still want to work with Cameron, are still on board to take out Cory but see Felicia as their biggest threat right now. They’ve been having conversations with Meme, trying to get her to want to work with them.

I think Jag is more hesitant to go after Cory and America. He said he thinks it needs to happen later on. This makes sense because Jag is closer to them than Matt. Matt also still doesn’t trust America. Recently, they agreed they should use Cameron to take out Cory and then they’d take out Cameron. (Personally I think it should be the reverse)

Matt and Jag have also been waiting for the right time to tell Cameron about Cory wanting to target him. Their plan this week has been to agree with Cameron about taking Felicia out first. If Cameron were to win the next hoh, they want to try and sway him to go after Cory instead. This problem is, Cameron knows Cory doesn’t want to target him anymore, so it may not work.

Blues main target is Cory and it’s NOT a secret. She did a bit of camera talking yesterday. She said she’s been playing the game all season but needs to step it up. She said she needs to pay more attention to who’s talking to who and pick up on subtle things more. Blue is being Blue and as usual, is contradicting herself. She feels like Cory and America are useless in the game ut she also thinks taking Cory out would be good for her BB resume. (It’s both?) I’ve already mentioned how much work Blue’s put in this week, trying to make Cory the house target. She’s had partial success with it.

I’m on the fence with Blue’s position in the game right now. She’s definitely worked harder than anyone else this week and it’s paying off for her. On the other hand, she has just as big a mouth as America and it would be easy for her to get busted. It’s possible she gets caught talking to too many people but if she already has people deep into the ‘take out Cory’ mindset, it may not matter at that point. Blue drives me absolutely crazy but she’s stepped up her game. The advice she was giving herself during her camera talk was good advice and she’s definitely there to win. Like her or not, I can’t hate on it.

Blue and Jared talked about all the people he thinks she needs to take out. His list has been growing and I’m not sure how Blue is supposed to get all this accomplished. According to Jared, she needs to target Cory, Matt, Jag, Felicia and Bowie. (Better get to work gurl)

Blue easily gets fired up talking about Felicia and Bowie because she says they haven’t done anything and haven’t played the game. (Felicia’s not always effective but she’s played the game since week 1. Blue started playing this week. Felicia’s also won 1 more comp than Blue’s won, since they think comps are soooooo important.) They don’t want Bowie to get far because they say she hasn’t done anything. (Blue doesn’t understand how that makes Bowie a great person to drag to the end but whatever)

Both Felicia and Meme had been planning on targeting Matt and Jag. I could see that changing, especially if Cameron stays. I agree with them because for their games, Cameron, Matt and Jag all need to go. (I don’t care who you are in the game. If you aren’t a strong physical competitor, you need to get rid of the people who are before the physical end game comps, period) I don’t see Felicia targeting Cirie but she’s getting increasingly annoyed that Cirie isn’t a target anymore. She even asked a couple of people how Cirie went from a target last week to no one’s target this week. (I’ve really enjoyed this Felicia/Cirie rivalry this season)

Cory wants to put up Blue and Meme, assuming he gets to play. (He’s asked If he gets to but they haven’t given him an answer) His plan would be to pretend he wanted to back door Cameron but Blue would actually be his target. (I’m guessing his pawn options would be Felicia, Meme or Bowie. I’m also guessing whoever he chose would be done working with him in the game)

I’m not sure about America because, although she agrees with Cory, she does it very hesitantly. (Blue should absolutely be her target too. She just doesn’t know it) If it’s not Blue, I’m starting to think it needs to be Cameron. (Half the house is starting to talk about how Cam wants to send Cory out before jury so he can be alone there with America) Even though Cameron isn’t targeting her, he could mess up her game in other ways.

We know Cameron doesn’t make the way he feels about America a secret. (The same way he hurt Reilly’s game by telling people they were closer than they were) I could see (with Cory gone) America going on the block with Cameron the week they decided to take out Cameron. If he won the veto, she’d probably be gone. The entire house talks about it. They’ve talked about how he stares at America and Cory from a distance. They’ve made jokes saying “if anything happens to Cory and America, we all know who did it.” They’ve said “this is why they don’t let us keep the knives.” Matt even told America she didn’t have to worry about Cameron putting her on the block, because Cameron said he wants to be in the jury house with her.

Cirie’s told Cory & America, Matt, Jag & Blue and Cameron she isn’t targeting them. She’s also told Felicia, Meme and Bowie she wouldn’t put them up. Were she to win, I have no idea who her target would be. She seems to enjoy the company of Matt, Cory and more recently, Jag and America the most. I don’t think this would stop her from targeting them tho.

While talking to herself yesterday, she said she had to stop telling everyone they were safe with her. Cory had a conversation with Cirie about Traitors. He hadn’t seen it but had seen clips of it. He was talking about what a great BB player Cody was, but admired the way Cirie had handed Cody his ass. (I could see convos like this making Cory her target.

That leaves Bowie, Cameron and Jared. It seems Bowie’s been flipped by Matt about not trusting Cory or America anymore. I think Cory could potentially flip her back but he’d need to know some of the things being said about him first. I could see her going after Cameron, as long as it’s what the whole house wanted. (Cameron did tell Bowie yesterday she was his #1) What I think is most likely is Bowie throwing the HOH comp.

Jared’s telling people he wants Felicia out but he also told Blue he’d put Cory and Felicia on the block. He said at that point, he wouldn’t care which one of them left. We already know Cameron’s going after Felicia hard. I could see this being true because of his “we can’t have her in jury” spiel. I could also see Cameron doing what he did during his last HOH. He could be lying to everyone and could want to Cory out first or target anyone.

A few last images to use up so I can delete them:

Cory and America in bed as Cameron stood at the doorway staring at them:

Meme just being Meme:

Jag taking a turn in the pig costume:

More from Blues camera talk:

One last thing to bring up:

I think the mystery over what Blue knows and doesn’t know about Jared’s secret may have finally been solved. She made a comment a couple of days ago to Jared saying “I can’t wait to meet your mom.” He responded by telling her she was a nice lady and Blue would like her. I’ve seen this suggested online by other people and I’m starting to think it’s true I think Blue and Jared are trying to create conversations for the feeds (the show) that make it look like Blue doesn’t know. I actually think they’re faking content so Jared doesn’t get busted by Cirie. Here’s his problem tho, we already saw him tell her on the feeds when they thought they weren’t on camera. Too late.

If you remember earlier in the season, Jared and Blue talked about how they didn’t think the cameras were on them when they were cuddling in bed together. That’s what they were doing the evening Jared told Blue about his mom. I may be completely wrong but I think this is why Blue speaks as if she knows it one minute and doesn’t know it in other moments.

For real, for real, this is the last thing:

Unless your name is Jag or Cirie, I think everyone in the house needs to be focused on taking out Matt, after they get rid of Cameron. Even Jag and Cirie shouldn’t go down to a F3 or F4 with him. If Blue keeps playing the way she has this week, they better start focusing on her too. (There’s another 2 cent so I guess I’m up to 4 cents today)

That’s it for me until the episode. I left out alot of the talk from yesterday but after this evening, it’s a whole new game again. Most of it will be irrelevant. Have a great Thursday!


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