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Big Brother 25-Weekend Recap for 10/1/23

October 2, 2023 | 12 Comments
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Author: Mel

Hello everyone and welcome to Big Brother in the fall! I had to do alot of late night catch up and still haven’t seen the Sunday episode. (I spent yesterday decorating for Halloween) It doesn’t feel weird to me yet since it’s in the high 80’s here but as the leaves start to fall and it cools off, it’s gonna feel weird to still have BB.

I left off Friday morning with Cameron as the new HOH and wondering if he’d handle it differently than his last one. Jag had made some point to him and Cameron said “I hadn’t thought of that.” I thought, maybe he’s finally going to realize he doesn’t know everything. Did that stick? Nope.

Most of Cameron’s 1 on 1’s didn’t matter but the one with Felicia was goooood! (Good to watch, not good game) It was terrible game play but also hilarious. She found out she was going up, asked it they could work together and Cameron flat out said “no.” He also told her he didn’t want her on the jury. That’s about as honest as you can be but is it smart? Hell no! She also tried to make Cirie the target during this convo.

During her second meeting with him, she apparently told him he should put up Cory so he could have America to himself. When he tried to tell her to stop and deny he liked America, Felicia said the entire house knew how he felt. Now, the feeds were immediately cut but we heard Felicia telling Meme what had been said. (Felicia isn’t one to embellish either. She usually retells things exactly how they happened plus, Cameron mentioned it a couple of times too) We can safely assume the convo went exactly as Felicia said it did.

Felicia told people she was offended he didn’t want her in jury. Who wouldn’t? After losing the veto comp, Felicia really let loose. She talked about how badly Cameron played the game. She said no one wanted to be around him unless he was the hoh. (She ain’t lyin’) She also said he didn’t have a personality and had to rely on comps to win the game. Whether Felicia leaves or not, I appreciate how hard she’s played. She’s not the token older person who sits quietly and waits for her turn to leave. She’s played messy but she’s played this game hard. I respect it.

Meme took the news she was going up with the usual storage room rant. Those have been entertaining but she needs to put some of her storage room energy into the game. Yeah, I get those who say ‘it’s working for her so far’ and ‘she’s not a target.’ That’s true but she’s also expendable to the entire house and where is her win equity? She doesn’t have any yet. She could get it but she’d better get moving.

Cirie has blended further into the background which was her plan. After getting a big target off her back by using her social skills last week, she’s trying to lay low. She still has Blue and Matt (seperately) keeping her updated on what’s happening. Her only obstacle (which wasn’t a big one) was working things out with Felicia. They hashed out the Izzy and Jared votes AGAIN and they think they’ve finally put it to rest. They’ve agreed to let it go, trust each other and be the Bookends again. (Their F2 name)

Cirie also had Matt telling her he thought he could get Cam to target Cory. (This was after Cam said he was doing it) Cirie was almost giddy with the news. (Haha) Cirie said “America will cry” and Matt said “good.” (That seemed a bit too much but whatever)

Matt also assured whatever he was doing in the game would always include her and I kind of believe him.

After America set things straight with Cameron and told him she really liked Cory, the way Cameron’s talked about her has changed. He seems to look for any opportunity to insult her now. He made a comment about how information ‘gets around the house faster than America.’ He’s either insulting her intelligence or talking like she’s “a fast girl.” (Its not game related an uncalled for imo)

Cameron preached to the entire house why Felicia needed to go. Soon after winning the veto, he started saying Cory should go. (He’s also told everyone he wouldn’t backdoor anyone. He said he doesn’t like that kind of game play) His initial plan was to use Blue as a replacement nom if needed as a pawn.

Cameron, Matt and Jag said Blue was the best option because everyone else may be voted out over Felicia. Once Cameron changed his mind, he quickly sold Matt on the plan but Jag was harder to convince. Jag’s drifted away from Blue and gotten alot closer to Cory and America.

Cameron began by telling Matt and Jag, he wouldn’t make the move unless they agreed. (This is Cam speak for ‘you need to blindly agree with me.’) The rest of the weekend was spent with Cameron pushing, Jag pushing back and Matt going back and forth. After one chat about it, when Matt and Jag left the room, Cameron said to himself “I can do whatever the fuck I want.” (Except control the votes)

Both Matt and Jag confuse me. They’re both stubborn but also both easily influenced. It’s a weird combination. It only took Blue a couple of days to convince them they were being used by Cory. (Because Matt didn’t use the veto to save Jared during the double and because Jag used a veto on Cory)

They conveniently leave out that neither of them touched the block when Cory was the HOH and they were in on the plan to take out Jares. They’ll both stick with a plan for way too long even when the games changed around them. At the same time, it feels like they’ll do whatever the last person they spoke with tells them to do. (Strange combo)

Jag went hard for Cory this weekend. His main Points were Cory and America were a target in front of them. He worried the women may band together with Cory gone. He also said Cory wanted to target Blue and they should let him, so they weren’t the ones that had to do it. He told Matt that Blue could target them once Cam and Coey were both gone too. None of the points Jag made were bullshit. They were all pretty valid. Jag talked about Blue and Cory wanting to go after each other. (Matt and jag have been stoking that fire to keep that going)

For Matt, it’s a bit different. Matt’s not as close to Cory and he wants him taken out. The main reason Matt wants Cory out is because he wants Cameron targeted next. He feels like Cameron won’t be the next target if Cory is still in the house. (That could also be true)

Matt has a better connection (even if it’s fake) to Cameron. It’s like the Jared thing, where Cameron just up and decided Jared was one of his closest allies, when that had never been the case. He did the same thing with Matt. (Matt was actually one of the main ones who left rooms when Cam would come into them last week. He didn’t like being around him.)

Blue has been getting more confident by the day and tried to work Cameron. She gave him all the info about how she wanted Cory out next. None of this stuff Blue said worked on Cameron because she didn’t know she was going to be the replacement if needed.

Cameron seemed surprised and thought she’d want to target Cirie. (No idea why he thought that) She also talked about Jag and Matt needing to be broken up at some point. The only thing this accomplished was give Cameron ammunition against her. (Guuurls not quite as clever as she thinks she is, I guess)

America and Cory spent the weekend hanging out, doing some check ins with Cam and having a lunchables date. America tried to warn Cory a couple of times, she felt the vibe was off with Jag and Matt. Cory discounted it and didn’t feel the same way.

America, for once, didnt play a huge role in their potential downfall this week. (That was all Cory) She went back and forth over if she’d target Cam next or not and worked on Meme a little but that’s about it.

Cory, on the other hand, made some questionable choices. He had an extremely long game talk with Blue (I’m still trying to figure out why) Cory laid out all of his upcoming plans, minus targeting Blue to her. He even gave her the run down of his player rankings. This is something he’s done all season and I’ve found entertaining but dude, keep that shit to yourself! Basically, what Cory did, was give Blue tons of ammo to go to Cam and tell him. (more on Cory in a bit)

Cameron noticed the long chat with Cory and Blue and may have started doubting if Cory and Blue were each other’s targets. Some people are saying this is when Cam change his mind about targeting Cory. Others are saying this was always his plan but may have temporarily backed off of it, because of the things Felicia said. (Cam doesn’t want it to look like he wants America to himself, especially if the whole house already thinks it)

We can read Cameron’s behavior but not his mind. Either way, Cameron’s terrible at this game. Sure, the stuff Felicia said was coming from being angry but it doesn’t mean it’s not true. Cameron’s social game has been terrible and it’s been terrible all season. His game plan is to continue to win comps. How is that playing the game of Big Brother? That’s just someone who signed up to play a bunch of carnival games and it happens to be being filmed and aired on tv.

If Felicia was always his target, It was a pretty lame game move. If Cory was always the back door plan, all the stuff he said was stupid. If you’re planning on keeping Felicia in the house, why would you so openly tell her you’d never work with her and you didn’t want her in jury? Why would you make a point to tell people that you aren’t a back door kind of guy? Why would you tell people that’s not the game you’d want to play? (It makes no sense) His game has absolutely no strategy. Well that’s not true exactly. There’s been a couple of things he’s attempted to do based on a strategy but his read on the house is completely wrong.

I know Steve mentioned this weekend that BBJ seems to have a pro Cameron group. (Yeah, you guys!) Thankfully, Steve lets me write my true opinions, and I’m gonna to have to respectfully disagree with the Cam fan club. Cameron’s good at competitions but he’s been one of the worst players of the season. He’s so full of himself, he can’t acknowledge he may not actually know everything. He’s so condescending and talks down to everyone. He’s insulting about ALL the women in the house, even Bowie. Sure, he’s nice to her but he talks to her like she doesn’t have a brain. He’s made a lot of feed watchers uncomfortable with his behavior towards both Reilly and America. He also talks like Felicia and Cirie are just there to cook for him.

The only appeal I can see with Cameron is the underdog thing. Sometimes, it’s fun to watch someone who’s always a target win so the rest of the house can’t take them out. That appeals to me when it’s someone like Nicole from BB21. She was treated like crap by most of the house and was trying to be a strategic player. People have been trying to take out Cameron because of things he’s done. Cameron quickly took over his alliance the 1st week and wouldn’t listen to anyone else’s opinions. They watched him turn on his entire alliance (without any prompting) the 2nd week of the game. He may be an underdog but it’s because of Cameron himself.

Now, getting back to Cory and his atrocious game play this weekend. I’ve kind of rooted for Cory this season (I don’t think it’s a secret) but what the hell? His decisions have been nuts and that’s me putting it as nicely as I can. Yes, he got screwed with the twist. Both his big moves were undone by it but is that why he’s a target? Nope. If Cirie could climb out of the hole she was in, so could he.

Cory can’t do anything about Cameron liking America. That’s out of his control but Matt and/or Jag getting on board with it IS partially in his control. Cory even has it in hands if Bowie is ok with it. Once Cory got into a shomance with America, he wasn’t staying on top of things enough. Cameron can put Cory on the block but can’t take him out of the game if he doesn’t have the votes. If he’d been spending more time with everyone, people like Blue couldn’t do as much damage. For a time, it seemed like Bowie trusted Cory more than anyone else. Hes dropped the ball. The amount of time you spend with people matters.

Once he saw Matt and Jag hanging out in Cameron’s HOH room, what did he do? Nothing. He even told America he was sure Cameron had made a fake final 3 with Matt and Jag. After he had his fake final 4 with Felicia, Meme and America, what did he do? He ratted it out to Matt and Jag. After that, he encouraged them to get in good with Felicia and Meme too.

As if that wasn’t enough, he began helping Matt and Jag study for the mental comps. (Okay, Felicia did this too over the weekend. She did it because she was sure she was leaving and wants them to take Cameron out for her) For Cory, why, I mean, why???? He’s also told everyone the comps will be more mental near the end game. This was such a bad move. First, if recent history stays the same, Cory’s wrong. (They usually get more physical) Second, he’s the one who has people talking about Cory’s ability to win comps at the end. He caused this to be a topic.

This is all before you even get to his dumb convo with Blue. He knows they’re targeting each other. Why would he think he should be giving her any game info at all? Every time he talks to Cameron, he’s analyzing the game like they’re watching it, rather than playing it. An example is when he was reassuring Cameron he wouldn’t be coming after him. He said something like ‘I couldn’t do that because i’d need both Matt and Jag to be on board with it.’ (Here’s an idea Cory, how about we don’t talk about targeting Cam at all!?!?) Now, he’s told Cam he’d go after Meme and Cirie over Blue. (Sure, Cam’s gonna buy that one. No, hes gonna think you want to target him!)

Cory plays the game like he’s not in it. It’s more like he’s giving a class. (How to play BB 101) It’s almost as if he’s doing what we do here on this site. I get he’s playing the game from a logical place and not an emotional one. Like Cameron, Cory can’t read a room. Not everyone plays the game the way Cory’s playing It. Also like Cameron, he’s done alot to get himself here.

Yesterday was spent with Cameron trying to get Jag and Matt on board to take out Cory. Matt’s been playing both sides. Shortly after telling Jag he agreed with him. he went to Cam and said he agreed with Cameron. (That’s been interesting) Just as I started wondering how it would play out, Cameron changed his mind. He got called to the DR and came back being ok with Felicia leaving.

There’s been some speculation about what happened. No, they didn’t tell Cam “don’t target Cory.” However, it doesn’t mean they didnt say anything. This is where the DR questions can come into play. Sometimes, the questions are leading but sometimes simple questions create paranoia. They have to ask questions to get to their DR content and there’s nothing wrong with that. The questions could have been things like ‘so Cameron, are you worried Crie, Blue and the rest of the women are going to ban together and target you?’ They could’ve asked stuff about Matt and Jag. They could ask ‘do you think your alliance with 2 other physical competitors is the best route to take?’ This could cause Cameron to rethink a final 3 with them. It could make America and Cory more appealing. (Personally, I think Jag did good work with Matt and that changed Cams mind)

For whatever reason, Cameron came back to the HOH and began talking as if he would trust Matt and Jag, let it go and stick with taking out Felicia. I have to admit I was a little bummed. After Cory walking around all weekend feeling so safe, It would’ve been a great blindside this afternoon. I also think watching Cameron use a veto on Felicia would’ve been funny too. After the conversations he had with her this weekend, she wasn’t going to be grateful. She would have thanked him for using it but continued to make him her #1 target.

Blue trying to fix it after Felicia overheard her tell Cam she wouldn’t use the veto on Felicia:

Felicia not believing anything Blue said:

America doing the awnings with Cameron doing whatever he’s doing:

There is still time for it to change again but we’ll have to wait and see. Cory’s made enough mistakes to justify leaving pre-jury. I also think he’d make a really good juror and everyone who is actually playing the game, should want him on it.

Have a great Monday!


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