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Big Brother 25-Weekend Recap for 10/15/23

October 16, 2023 | 8 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning everyone, Everything changed over the weekend. It began with Blue as the main target and the remaining duos working together. That all changed when Blue upset Jags (many) plans by winning a veto.

Jag had the ability to go after whoever he wanted and do it anonymously. (sort of) Let’s face it, it wasn’t gonna be hard to figure out who was HOH this week. With Felicia, Cirie and Bowie ruled out, that only left 4 people to pick from. Since those 4 are seen as duos, that really only left 2 options. It’s either Cory & America or Matt & Jag.

That’s not to say Jag handled it well tho. I mentioned as soon as I knew he’d won, putting up Cirie and Felicia was his only good option if he wanted to actually have options for the week. He’d have the most room to do whatever he wanted with those noms. Instead, he put up Blue and Felicia, with Blue as his target.

Blue was freaking out and figured it was either Cory or America.

Felicia was mad because she’d gone up so much. She went up to Jag and Cory and asked “so who’s the target?”

They were both a bit tongue-tied trying to deny they were the HOH.

Why have a physical comp for an anonymous HOH? You’ve already ruled out half the people who it might be before the comp even starts. Not only that, they had 2 veto comps this week. I just don’t get it. It’s something I’ve talked about in the past but this year, it seems like an even bigger problem. We’ve talked about how they needed to make accommodations for Matt so the comps would be fair to him this year. I never hear anyone complaining about the comps not being fair to the older or physically weaker house guests. This was a much older cast this season too. BB Comics has become a staple for the show but does it need a zipline to be good?

I also think it’s more noticeable this year because the hg’s are talking about it ALOT. Click on the feeds on any given day and at some point, you’ll hear someone saying “please let this be a comp we can win.” (They know they don’t have an equitable shot in the comps, it’s not a secret)

Cirie and Felicia talking about knowing Jag was the hoh:

We’ve also heard plenty of talk from Matt, Jag Cameron and others saying ” let’s hope it’s a physical one so we know we’ll win.” They’ve talked about how the veto comps are almost always physical too. Not everyone is going to do well in comps that are based around memory, balance and even endurance. (endurance doesn’t have to include physical strength) It still gives everyone (physically) a fair shot at them.

I just find it very frustrating. Why even cast people to play when the comps are created for them to lose? I’m also tired of listening to ‘so and so needs to win a comp to prove their worth.’ Do you realize how much harder this game is to navigate and/or to win if you can’t win comps Alot.

To make it worse, we found out that Jag gets to compete in the next HOH, since this one was a “secret HOH.” During BB23, Claire won a secret power that allowed her to make the noms. She played in the next HOH comp but was told, she had to throw it. It doesn’t sound like Jag was told to do the same. (It’s ridiculous) Anyway, the feeds and the comps this weekend just have me in a mood so I need to move on. It is what it is.

As I started to say earlier, Jag made a complete mess of his HOH. After telling Matt he’d won, he told Cory, America and Bowie too. He even considered going ahead and telling Cirie until Bowie (I think) pointed out, he may need a replacement nom. It’s not like it mattered because Cirie and Felicia clocked pretty quickly that Jag was the HOH.

Felicia and Cirie praying for a veto win:

Next came the veto comps. The first one (the spinning discs) came down to Jag and Blue. We’ll have to wait to see but it sounds like Jag really hung in there to make sure he beat Blue, which he did. It didn’t matter since she won the 2nd veto. (The is the 1st veto won by a woman since Britney won on BB24)

After Blue won and foiled Jags plan to take her out, he had to switch gears. Originally, his plan was to take out Felicia if Blue won the veto. Blue had put some work in before the veto comp to try and make sure that didn’t happen. (Blue actually stumbled backwards into something that helped her)

Before the veto comps and even before the nominations were made, Blue was visibly nervous. She was worried Cory was the HOH and she was going on the block. She also had the stuff in her head Cameron told her and Cirie was saying it too. (about how she couldn’t trust Matt and Jag) She’d been going to Jag and Matt and questioning them about it.

America decided it was a good time to work on Blue too. She told Blue a lot of what Cameron said was true. She also told her that Matt and Jag were targeting her. I understand planning ahead and America wanting to steal Blue away from Matt and Jag. Here’s the problem though: Jag is the HOH and he hadn’t made noms or a replacement nom yet! Not only that, Blue was the target so America doesn’t need Blue on her side in the house if she’s going to be evicted.

America told Cory some of what she and Blue talked about but not all of it. Once Cory pointed out how bad the timing might be, America downplayed it a bit. They actually seem to take turns over the weekend with being nervous. When he was fine, she wasn’t and then the reverse.

Meanwhile, Cirie advised Blue about how to handle Jag and Matt. Blue wanted to question them and Cirie told her it was a bad idea. She said, for right now, Blue needed to make sure Jag and Matt believed Blue trusted them.

When Blue initially talk to Matt, she blamed the things she had heard on Cameron and left America out of it. (This was around the time she was camera talking and saying she wanted all women at the end. She said Matt and Jag had to go for her to have a shot at winning)

I don’t know if Blue can’t bring herself to actually like America for more than 24 hours at a time but something switched. She went to Matt before the veto comp and spilled everything America had been telling her and said it came from America this time.

She questioned Matt a bit but did a better job of taking Cirie’s advice. She told him she trusted them and was completely loyal to them. During this conversation, Matt wasn’t telling Blue that Jag was the HOH. She only found out after she won a veto.

The next thing that happened shouldn’t have worked for Jag but it did. After some conversations between Matt and Jag, and Jag telling Cirie and Blue he was the hoh, Jag decided to put both Cory and America otb. This was after briefly considering taking out Felicia. This was also after Matt suggested Jag put him on the block as a pawn. (I mean, ???) They thought they could act like America was the hoh. (Don’t ask me) Jag accidentally ended up with the correct noms for the week.

The idea behind Matt going up was for Blue to take herself off the block and Jag replace her with Matt. It was an attempt to still hide the identity of the HOH. (The HOH everyone already knows about)

Talking about these bad suggestions reminded me of something I forgot. Initially, Jag talked to Bowie about going up as a pawn. She didn’t want any part of it and thought it was stupid. She told Matt, there were too few people left in the house to try and avoid putting up targets. First, she was pissed and then she even cried to Matt. She’s still loyal to Matt and Jag but I betcha she doesn’t forget that moment. I also bet she chooses Matt over Jag moving forward. Later, she told them they should study within America and Cory. She said they should milk all the info out of them they could before they leave. (I like this Bowie!)

Jag admitted to Cirie he was the HOH and told her he was going after Cory and America. She avoided the ‘I already knew’ position and used the advice she gave Blue instead. She pretended to be thrilled for him, said she was proud of him and said once again, how much she trusted Jag and Matt. (**checks notes** She doesn’t)

Cirie telling Matt how happy she is Jag won and she isn’t upset with Matt for lying to her about it. (Ya, right):

Jag also had to tell Blue. When he told her, he said she’d been his target because he’d believed things that Cory and America told him. Blue was so happy she was finally getting Cory out of the house, she didn’t hold a grudge. She hugged him instead.

Keep in mind, finding out she’d been the target and seeing how hard Jag tried to keep her from winning the veto, should’ve told her America was telling the truth. It didn’t. For now, she wants America out next.

Nope, it turned into that part of the program where the houseguest bashing began. You know, that part of the week where you have to completely villainize the person you’re taking out, in order to avoid feeling guilty over it? Yeah, that’s where we arrived this weekend. If you believe Matt, Jag and Blue, Cory & America have both done everything and nothing this season.

They talked about how they’ve done everything for them, been shields, protected them, etc. They haven’t won anything, (They forget about Cory’s hoh) haven’t made any moves, etc. At the same time, they’re to blame for everything and have manipulated everyone. They’re both responsible for people leaving this season, while also doing nothing. (???)

In between conversations between Matt and Jag about taking out Cory this week, Cory would pop in to say he was ok with Felicia going this week. He also took time to reassure Cirie that if she did end up going up as a pawn, she’d have the votes to stay. (Haha)

Cory telling Cirie she’ll have the votes to stay:

If you remember, Cory’s had a dilemma lately. He told America he knew Matt and Jag needed to go but part of him didn’t want to go after them. He said they were the best allies anyone could have and in a way, would love to be in a final 4 with them. By the end of the weekend, he’d made his decision. He told America if he won the next HOH, he’d have to put them on the block. (Too late)

Cory and America when finding out Jag was the hoh:

There were also a couple of punishments after the HOH comp. Felicia had to do a 24 hour solitary confinement. She’s been stuck in the Comic bdrm but was let out yesterday evening. She was also filled in about Jag winning the HOH and how both she and Blue would be coming off the block.

Cirie had to wear a super hero costume and when called on, she had to roll back and fourth across the backyard. (Is it Humiliverse week again?)

Another one:

Blue will remove herself from the block today and be replaced with either Cory or America. Jag will take down Felicia and the remaining one will go up. Unless something crazy happens this morning, one of Cory or America will be leaving Thursday. I’m going to assume it will be Cory.

I don’t like how we got here (all the bad production decisions) but it could be a fun week. Although I mentioned Cory and America have been a bit nervous at times, the rest of the time, they’ve been way too confident. It’s always fun for someone to get evicted when they don’t see it coming. (Yes, I’ve rooted for Cory and America a little bit this season but come on, fun is fun!)

It would just be more fun without all the trash talking. I don’t mind some of it because they’re in a game and it’s a stressful situation. People like Blue just seemed to take it to a nasty level. While talking about America, Blue’s said “I’m going to make that bitch campaign to me” and “they’re an ugly couple.” I don’t see the point in all that and it’s just mean. (I’m also not in an uproar over it either)

Matt chimes in with Blue the most about the personal stuff. He talks about how America doesn’t really like Cory and she’s just using him. (He’s said other nasty stuff too, mostly about America) Jag has his own version of villianizing them. He talks more about how he’s had to do all the work and carried them in the game. (Jag’s won alot of comps and he’s protected them some. He’s also protected Matt and Blue. During Cory’s HOH, Jag never hit the block but he always seems to leave that out)

It looks like the trio of Blue, Matt and Jag are back together again but how long will it last? Cirie has it figured out but Blue doesn’t. Felicia doesn’t really either. One minute, she talks like they need to go but her dislike of Cory and America always overshadows it. (It’s funny because they’ve saved her game twice)

Here’s a few more images to use up today. Especially for the weekend recap, I just take a bunch of screenshots and then see what I’ll end up using later. But the time I’m done writing, I usually have alot left. (It’s that thing where you don’t know what you’ll need until you need it)

Matt trying to convince Cirie he doesn’t know who the hoh is:

Another similar convo with Cirie not believing a word he’s saying:

Cory and America getting caught doing ‘whatever it is they do’ by Matt:

Matt telling Blue and Jag right after he “caught them humping.”

Another roll thru the yard:

Cory telling everyone about Dan’s funeral after being in solitary like Felicia. He said there were also 2 vetoes that week too:

Jag stringing Cory along:

Houseguests getting a “stop that” from BB for trying to talk to Felicia thru the wall during her confinement:

There was also some talk about Cirie’s son being on a family visit during one of her Survivor seasons. (by Cory)

Cory’s told a couple people Cirie won Traitors but said not to tell. He didn’t want her to think he was trying to make her a target. (Haha)

I’m anxious to see how both America and Cory handle the ceremony today. I think America will get mad and be hurt. I think Cory may get mad and then recognize, he was planning on doing the same thing to them. I make be completely wrong too but I can’t wait to see.

Regardless of their reactions, I hope all the personal bashing will stop. A lot of people do it but recruits, for some reason, are especially bad about it. (This is me giving Blue and Matt the benefit of the doubt and blaming it on them being recruits) Otherwise, I’ll have to start thinking their just assholes. I actually think Jag will see how silly he’s being once he’s out of the house, because he’s such a nice guy. Hopefully, they all will.

Blue may be in for disappointment again with her renewed trust with Jag and Matt. The only thing Matt and Jag seem to debate about the final 3 is whether or not to take Bowie or Cirie. They’re leaning towards Cirie. (Sorry girly pop, you may have to get yourself to the end)

Have a great Monday!


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