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Big Brother 25-Weekend Recap for 10/22/23

October 23, 2023 | 11 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning, We’re getting so close to the end! At this point, I’m just hoping someone other than Jag can win a comp to shake things up a bit. I dont even care who anymore! I left off with Jag winning the HOH so let’s get into it…

Jag’s family had a cardboard cut out of him at his sisters wedding he had to miss. It was one of the hoh pics they sent him. He said they’re very close and he almost didn’t do the show because of having to miss the wedding:

After Jag won the hoh, he had his one on one talks with everyone but they didn’t really matter. He already knew what he was doing. He tried to get Blue out last week and this week was going to be his 2nd attempt. It was funny watching Bowie be stuck to Jag like glue from the time he won up until he made his noms. He’d wanted to pawn her last week so I couldn’t really blame her.

Initially, the plan was for no one to know who the real target was except for Jag, Matt and Bowie. This is BB25 so obviously that didn’t last long. Cirie basically tossed it out as a possibility because she already had a feeling to see what Jag would say. He took the bait and went ahead and told her the plan. (Bowie suggested to Jag that he tell her to build trust anyway) Yeah, it’s past day 80 and this bunch thinks they’re still “building trust.”

Jag also talked to Bowie about whether or not to go ahead and tell America He said he would “feel it out during their conversation.” It only took a few minutes of feeling things out before Jag told America too. She had promised him the world to avoid going on the block. He told her it would “look sus” if she didn’t go on the block but said she wasn’t the target. He pulled a Cameron by telling her it could change if he heard she’d told anyone.

He told Felicia she wouldn’t go otb this week and she made a small push for Bowie to go up. (She’d planned to insist and say he wouldn’t get her jury vote if he didn’t put up Bowie) Jag said he didn’t want new blood on his hands so he couldn’t put her up. Felicia didn’t argue with it and only made a comment about Blue being upset if he put her up twice.

Jag worried about how to tell Blue she’d need to be a pawn but before he could fully explain, she just agreed to it. He said he needed her to help win the veto and she said yes. She spent the weekend saying America had never beaten her in a comp. (She has) She also said she’d had a hand in taking Cory out and she wanted a hand in America’s eviction too. (easy peasy for Jag, I guess)

There was some talk between Cirie and Felicia about how close Bowie was working with Matt and Jag. They agreed, if Bowie didn’t go up, she was with them. Cirie also said if Blue went up, they’d know she was the target. She said there was no way Jag would use her as a pawn the week after trying to evict her and then admitting it to her.

Blue started wearing Jags gray robe right after America started wearing Cory’s. Maybe it’s a coincidence:

Felicia may have came down with amnesia because Blue went otb and Felicia was fine with it. It probably didn’t help that Blue was almost happy about it. Cirie tried to hint to her that she needed to win the veto but Blue seemed oblivious. She told Cirie, taking Cory out was a game move but taking out America, was personal. She said America had done her wrong and she’d wanted her out for 2 months. (The only thing I’m aware of that America did to Blue eas tell Cory that Blue wanted to target him. Yes, America did do that but why in the hell would Blue tell America this and think she’d keep it from Corey?)

America played her part and hung out alot by herself. She camera talked and said she didn’t want to be seen as linked up with anyone and thought she was safer if she was alone. She still found time to talk to Cirie about wanting the guys out and is pretending like she’s the target.

She also told everyone all the details of how she and Cory got together and how they’d said “I love you.” (Finding out more details should’ve caused some of them to eat their words from some of the mean things they’d said recently) They listened to her go on and on about how great Cory is and I thought this could switch the target. I could just see it getting annoying to hear. (Maybe that’s just me)

I’m not really even knocking it and I guess it’s a sweet little love story. It’s just something I don’t care about. I wish them well when this is over and it either works out or it doesn’t. Once they leave the house, none of it matters to me. Cory lefter his gray robe and his pink hat for her too. She even joked to Jag that she’d “joined the robe alliance.”

America, Cirie and Felicia talked about there being a way to turn Bowie against Matt and Jag. They didn’t think it was possible at this point but America was able to tell them, it’s what Cory was trying to do before he left. Both America and Cirie looked over at Felicia with a ‘see what you did’ look. Felicia looked back with an ‘oopsie’ expression.

America also got a chance to tell Felicia and Cirie what happened with Blue. America said Blue was upset with her because she warned Blue that Jag and Matt were trying to take her out. Both women seemed surprised to hear this was the reason. (Yeah, cause it’s not remotely close to anything Blue said) It’s not like it matters that much, other than for some clarity.

I think Cirie would like to work with America but it doesn’t mean she wants Blue to go. On the other hand, she doesn’t seem too upset that Blue’s leaving either. She’d been working with Blue longer but she also knows Blue thinks they should go to a final 5 with the guys and she knows America wants to take them out.

The rest of the weekend was spent trying to do a bit of guessing. After the veto comp, Jag unsurprisingly had won the veto. Naturally, America was bummed she didn’t win it. Blue seems completely fine with it. Matt was pretty down in the dumps over it. He complained to Bowie about how he needed to win comps. America overheard him and was a bit annoyed by it. She muttered to herself that he wasn’t on the block and wasn’t in danger so why should he care? (Oh I don’t know, maybe it’s because he spent the past couple of months talking like America and Cory have been carried and haven’t done anything to help them. He may be finally realizing that ‘them’ actually means ‘Jag.’)

Jag told Matt about some things Felicia had told him before the veto comp. She claimed Cirie had told her Blue was the target and said Cirie also told this to Blue. She said Cirie made comments about targeting Matt and Jag too.

Later, she repeated it all to Matt too. She told math that she usually gets blamed for saying things and wanted to get ahead of it. She said she trusted in their 4 but thought Cirie was having doubts. She suggested the 4 of them get together so Matt and Jag could reassure Cirie. She also told him about a couple of conversations that had happened regarding Bowie. She told Matt none of that was her fault either.

Okay there’s a couple of possibilities for why Felicia did this over the weekend. I’m going to go over the Bowie thing first because it’s a bit confusing. Felicia and Bowie both, at different times, have brought up the women working together. It started being talked about again on Thursday night or Friday. It wasn’t that serious and the convo between Cirie and Felicia was mostly like ‘this would be great but we’d never get Bowie to do it and maybe not even Blue.’

When Bowie and Cirie talked, they both said ‘I’ve heard talk about the women working together but no one has talked to me about it.’ While this kind of chatter was going on, Felicia knew Bowie had wanted to have a chat with Cirie. I don’t know if she got paranoid over it or what happened. (The chat Bowie wanted to have was more about making sure Cirie felt good about the 4 with Matt, Jag and herself) It’s why Bowie encouraged Jag to tell Cirie Blue was the target too.

Eventually, Felicia had a convo with Bowie and found out the talk with Cirie was nothing. Cirie hadn’t said anything about Felicia or a womens alliance but it was too late. Shed already spilled to Jag and Matt.

Because Felicia’s said things too, I think she got paranoid after Bowie talked to Cirie. Everyone knows Bowie’s runring all the info she has back to Matt and Jag. She’s doing their laundry, making their beds, making them snacks, etc. (It’s as if Bowie is trying to maid her way to the final 3)

Bowie bringing Matt soup and a sandwich to ‘hold him over’ until dinner:

Now there’s a chance Felicia just wants to throw Cirie under the bus to get rid of her but I don’t think that’s it. Since Bowie didn’t go on the block, I think she’s paranoid Bowie is going to end up stealing Matt and Jag away from her and Cirie. I think she also wants to be the favorite of Matt and Jag, between her and Cirie. It could have been intentional or it could’ve just been sloppy.

Regardless, Jag decided he can’t trust Cirie anymore and told Matt everything Felicia told him. He told Matt they wouldn’t target her this week because they still needed Blue out. He also said they don’t need to take her out yet because Cirie is scared to take a shot at them. He said “she doesn’t want the smoke.” (Hahaha, I’m not saying Cirie is in a good position in the game but the idea that Cirie Fields is scared to make a big move in a game is ludicrous)

Jag believing Felicia was confusing too because Jag said Cirie told Blue she was the target. Soon after, he said “Blue doesn’t know she’s the target.” (I don’t know how Cirie could’ve told her but she still doesn’t know, but whatever) Matt eventually figured this out too and pointed it out to Jag. It didn’t seem to phase him or his logic.

Up until recently, Matt and Jag have always had someone kind of steering they’re gameplay. At times, it was Cory and even America a little. For a time, it was Jared. When it wasn’t those any of them, Cirie’s had a hand in strategizing with them. It’s obvious, when they’re on their own, they don’t make very much sense.

Of course, there’s a chance that Jag’s playing dumb too. He’s decided he can trust America and would like her to stay longer. (That’s a thing all on its own) Matt still has some kind of personal thing against America and wants her to go. Not this week, but in the double. I also think Jag feels like he’s closer to Felicia and he knows Matt is closer to Cirie. He may believe the things Felicia said or he could just be using it to get rid of Cirie. I’m not sure but it’s obvious Matt and Jag don’t have the same final 4 in mind.

Cirie trying to double Dutch. They also got jump ropes:.

The only thing I know for sure is Cirie had a hard time convincing Felicia that Matt and Jag needed to go. It seemed like Felicia finally got on board with it. Something changed this weekend and that’s no longer true. She’s had it in her head for a while that she and Cirie can beat them at the final 4, so she’s just trying to get there. That could still be her plan and she’s just wanting to make sure Matt and Jag don’t replace her with either Bowie or America.

Honestly I don’t completely understand it. I understand her throwing Cirie under the bus a little bit. She’s not blind and she sees how liked Cirie is in the house. (There’s also been a power struggle between Cirie and Felicia all season) Obviously, if she can’t win at the final 4, she’d rather be the one the guys take to final 3. The part I don’t understand is why she doesn’t want a shot taken at Matt and Jag at all. Anytime it’s been brought up since her conversation with Jag, Felicia fights against it. I mean sure, suck up to the guys to make sure they take you to a final 4 but why is that your first choice? Wouldn’t you rather someone take a shot at them in the double and then maybe you can just take yourself there? Or only have one of them to deal with?

Cirie’s picked up on the fact that Felicia has changed her opinions on going after the guys. She may also feel something is up because there’s been a little tension in the air. She doesn’t know exactly what Felicia’s done though. This was Cirie’s expression when they talked about the DE. (They’re guessing it’s a double) Felicia popped up and said a combination of America and Bowie or Blue needed to go. Cirie said what about Matt and Jag?

I think most of the feedwatchers spent the weekend waiting for Matt to talk to Cirie. He fought back against the idea about not trusting Cirie at times this week. Other times, he chimed in with Jag about her and agreed. (Bowie was the one sticking up for her) We’ll be waiting to see if Matt tells her anything once they have a chance to talk.

For now, the target is still Blue and it’s obvious she doesn’t know it. Like Matt pointed out, Blue wouldn’t be able to hide it this well. Yesterday, Bkue told Cirie, if she were to end up the target, she would cuss Jag out. (Haha) This wasn’t said in a stressful way and it was more of a joke.

Cirie had also been telling Felicia “wait and see, Blue will be put up as ‘a pawn’ and then they will change the target to Blue.” Felicia argued against this too. After Jag talked to Felicia and told her he thought they “might need to change the target to Blue,” Felicia hasn’t gone back to Cirie to tell her anything. Forget Felicia saying ‘you were right,’ she hasn’t even told Cirie the target has changed yet. (She thinks Cirie doesn’t know) Felicia has always wanted America out before Blue but she didn’t even question Jag about switching targets. She just agreed with it and moved on with her day. She was even giving him advice on how long to wait to tell Blue.

They had a lazy day yesterday so Matt still hasn’t told Cirie everything and I don’t know if he will. They got a grill, some alcohol and a some new aprons. Felicia requested the aprons and they were delivered. Production must love Felicia because she requested a bit more alcohol too and that also arrived. (She’s good tv so they probably do really like her)

Cirie and America have talked more. She may not fully trust America but I do think she trusts she’ll go after Jag. Besides, what else can she do? She hasn’t been able to get Blue to want to target them and now, Felicia agrees with Blue. Cirie and America have both said everyone’s afraid to mention it.

It’s kind of turning into a weird season at the end. It’s boring if we watch Jag comp out. It’s also interesting to see how and who is going to turn on each other. If you’re invested in who wins it, it could still be pretty boring. The interesting part is more about what everyone else is thinking.

Is Matt just humoring Jag for now and would secretly like a final 2 with Cirie? Is he loyal to Jag or was some of his frustration over not winning the Veto, concern over not being able to get him out? He even said something this weekend and I don’t know if it was a slip up or not. He was talking about Cirie and how she needed to chill out. He said it would be so easy for her to just chill and get to the final 4, final 3 or final 2. (How’s she gonna get to the F2 Matt?)

Does Jag want America and Felicia in the final 4 with him and Matt, thinking it would give him better odds? Hes been convincing himself he can trust America. Haha

Bowie told Matt and Jag, she would be happy with 3rd place. Is it true or is it what she thinks she needs to say? Does Blue really not have a clue or does she think they’ll change their minds if she’s chill this week? Does Felicia have some kind of strategy we haven’t figured out or is she just this sloppy?

Can America sneak her way towards the end because she isn’t threatening in comps? Is there even a path to the end for Cirie since her only allies are so bad at this game?

Cameron would cringe, haha:

Jag and Matt and just focused on taking out anyone who can win a comp. It’s boring but I get it. I can’t even get upset with Jag for playing this way. It’s the way modern BB is set up so he’s just playing the game in front of him.

Have a great Monday!


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