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Big Brother 25-Weekend Recap for 10/29/23

October 30, 2023 | 51 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies, It’s almost over and after this weekend, I have to say I’m ready for it. The end of the game always drags and we know it, so that’s not a big deal. It’s the ‘we’re good people and they’re not’ thats made the weekend hard to watch. I’m just ready for Matt or Jag to get their win and let this season be over. It also turned super cold where I live. I’m not used to freezing temps mixed with my Big Brother, so combine that with a 100 day season and I’m tired ya’ll.

You already know Matt won the hoh, Jag won the veto and Bowie’s been promoted to alcohol police. It was a full weekend for them. When the episode ended on Thursday, we saw Matt telling Cirie he’d never put her on the block. Fast forward to the next day and….he planned to put Cirie on the block. How did this happen? There were a few reasons in my opinion.

Cirie when she found out Matt was putting her up. (Haha):

First, Matt has deferred to what Jag wanted all game. Jag and Bowie spent the past few days hangng out in the scary room together while Matt was in the hoh room. They decided they wanted Cirie out before Felicia and planned to talk Matt into it. They were just waiting until the veto was played. They said the reason was Cirie had done a bit better in the comps lately.

The real reason is because Jag knows Cirie is closer to Matt than him. It was time to take away any advantage Matt may have over him and he saw Cirie as that advantage. Why did he care so much, since he was the frontrunner to win the game? Well, he found out he wasn’t.

Jag trying to snuggle up to Cirie:

Shortly before Blue and America left, some info came out. Blue and America both said some version of ‘no hard feelings’ and ‘Matt is playing the best game’ to Jag. America also told them Cory left thinking Matt was playing the best game. This had to be a shock to Jag. When your game is mostly comp wins, it’s easy to think everyone sees the game thru your lens. Jag thinks comps wins are everything. (Like alot of recruits)

Cirie telling Jag to get off of her. (Lol):

Matt’s always let Jag make the moves and take the blame, while he worked on the social end of the game. Jag’s done most of the dirty work for them. Matt also equates comp wins to a good game tho and he didn’t have as many. It may be why he’d considered taking out Jag at 4 (like he told Cirie) and thought he’d need to do it in order to win.

Felicia cracking Cirie up:

The info from America and Blue may have shifted things for Matt. He found out he’s the frontrunner and then wins a few comps on top of it. Suddenly, he can take Jag to the F2 and still win. Matt’s mistake may be not realizing, if things shifted for him with the new info, they may have shifted for Jag too. After hearing his comp wins may not be enough, Jag started making plans to (maybe) not go to the end with Matt. Jag heard the same stuff Matt did but Matt didn’t grasp, it may also have an effect on Jag and his plans.

Jag and Bowie made their own F2. I dont know if it’s sincere or just a back up plan but regardless, they made it. They’ve bonded over getting all the blood on their hands while Matt hasn’t. Ya, I know Bowie hasn’t done alot but she thinks she has because she took out Cameron and America. She thinks she won’t get their votes or Cory’s because of America. (I don’t think she ever had those 3 votes)

Matt’s been closer to Bowie, especially after Jag suggested using her as a pawn last week. The extra time together has caused that to shift and I don’t think Matt’s noticed it. (If Bowie had taken out Matt or Jag when she won the hoh in the double, she may have had a shot at winning the game)

So far, you’ve got Cirie doing better in comps lately and being closer to Matt. Those were 2 marks against her for Jag. The last thing was Cirie’s fault. (imo) After Matt won the hoh, they celebrated and listened to bizarre convos about Reilly. (Matt may start planning the wedding before the game ends. He also seems obsessed in having the ‘better shomance,’ they same way Blue did) After that, Cirie went to bed. She’d been told she wouldn’t go on the block so why not? Bowie and Jag spent hours after that working on Matt so that’s why not. They weren’t trying to get him to take out Cirie yet. They were just bonding with him and making sure Bowie wouldn’t go on the block. Maybe it would’ve happened like this anyway, since Matt told both Bowie and Cirie they wouldn’t go up. Then again, maybe not. I think if Cirie had stayed up and hung out with Matt, maybe she could’ve prevented it.

Jag won the veto so she’d have gone up anyway, but it may have made it harder to make Cirie the target. Like I said, Jag’s always gotten his way when he and Matt haven’t agreed. In this case, I think it may have been harder if Cirie hadn’t made it easy for him. All those hours of shit talking Felicia and Cirie got Matt to change his mind about both of them. Matt takes on Jags opinions the same way he did Blues. By Friday morning, it was over.

Matt told Cirie she had to go on the block so Bowie or Jag wouldn’t try as hard for the veto. (Like people arn’t gonna try at the f5?) She tried guilting him with the ‘what would Reilly do’ thing. The problem was, Jag had already been doing the same thing and he got there first. It just pissed Matt off when Cirie did it. Maybe it didn’t come off as manipulation when Jag did it, simply because he did it first.

Once she was on the block, Jag just had to win the veto to finish Cirie off. Bowie and Jag know they control the vote but wanted to talk Matt into it. They spent the weekend trashing Felicia and Cirie and it worked. (I actually think it’s worked on all 3 of them) They’re hanging out in the hoh room high on their own supply, as they say. I’m not about to go over all the stuff they’ve said but it’s the way Matt talked about America all season x2.

It’s things like “they’re useless, they’ve been carried” and “they don’t do anything.” There’s also alot of “we’re the good people, were not selfish like they are” and so on. They’ve said they didn’t lie in the game like Cirie and Felicia. They changed it to “we only lied when we had to” and “they lied first.” Bowie’s back on the “they’re bullies” thing too. (They’re internationally blindsiding everyone. How is that only lying when you have to?)

It’s amazing what people will tell themselves in order to avoid feeling guilty. If they would stop feeding off each other for like an hour, they could come back down to reality and see the obvious. It’s a game and there’s no need to feel guilty. Since you don’t need to feel guilty, there’s no need to tear other people down so you feel justified in kicking them out. You’re simply evicting them because your chances of winning are better if certain people are gone. It’s strategic and not personal so…don’t make it personal. On top of that, they’re talking about how great and nice they are, all while being pretty nasty.

Sure, Felicia and Cirie have been busy saying some shitty stuff too. It’s also easier to swallow when the underdogs are complaining. They’re losing and they have a reason to be temporarily irritated. When you’re winning, what are you so pissed off about? It doesn’t hurt that Cirie and Felicia have mostly been saying things that are the truth.

Jag has successfully talked Matt into taking Cirie out this week and after all the bashing, he didn’t have to put much effort into it. Jag won’t use the veto today and Cirie is the target. Matt’s told both Felicia and Cirie that the other one is leaving. He originally lied to Felicia but now that’s switched.

Matt, Jag and Bowie are all lying to Cirie and telling her she’s still good. Felicia’s been holding out hope Bowie would go otb today. Cirie told her, if Matt wanted her up, she’d have gone up instead of both of them. Cirie knows that’s not happening.

Felicia’s back to liking Cirie now that she knows she beat her:

Bowie’s been obsessing over the wine in the house. She hasn’t wanted to share any with Cirie and Felicia and says they don’t deserve it. She said they could have wine when they got to the jury house. (I bet they have alot!)

Felicia may be staying but her reads continue to be bad. (Felicia needed to stop listening to that gut of hers and listen to her brain a long time ago) Matt, Jag and Bowie hung out in the hoh room and Felicia said she felt like Matt wanted some alone time. Cirie said no, they wanted to drink the wine without them. (Haha)

More wine and a couple of beers was delivered to the storage room. (Not counting the 2 bottles stashed upstairs) Bowie ran to get the new wine and divided up one of the bottles between all 5 of them. She took the beer upstairs and said it was for the guys. (Felicia and Cirie noticed)

Matt said something about saving a little bit of his wine for Cirie because he’d told her he would have some with her. Jag didn’t think he needed to and Matt agreed. He said she’d be leaving in a few days anyway.

Bowie talked about stopping talking to Cirie and Felicia entirely if they pissed her off. (When’s she not been pissed off lately?) She said she’d finally found real friends in the house. Jag and Bowie have also decided to try and get Cirie and Felicia to get into it with each other. (They’re already against each other otb and they get into it enough without help)

Cirie telling Felicia not to fart on her bed again:

There’s also another plan for Matt to keep Felicia occupied so she doesn’t get much sleep and do poorly in the next comp. Lastly, there may be a plan to try and stress Felicia out before the next comp too. (These are the angels who’ve been bullied this season, lol)

The rest of the day was the same shit talk on repeat. Other than that, they finally got some playing cards:

Jag and Matt tried to cook:

They apparently didn’t know how canned biscuits worked or how to open them:

They also didn’t know they shouldn’t be frozen. Bowie may not want anything to do with Cirie or Felicia but she doesn’t have a problem running downstairs to gobble up the cookies they made.

Matt’s saying things about Cirie and Felicia like “they better behave” and Jag’s on a full blown comp win power trip.

Jag, Bowie and Matt also have a F3 name. It’s the Mafia. I mean, they’re the ‘good people.’ What’s more wholesome than calling yourselves the Mafia?

I’m sorry, there’s more but it’s just not fun to talk about anymore. Once the game gets going again, I’ll do better. The only real game talk is Felicia trying to drive a wedge between Matt and Jag. (Good for her if she can do it) For now, I have other more productive things I can do that won’t ruin my mood. A little shit talking is funny but I’m worn down by it at the moment.

Maybe Jag will stick with Matt, who knows? Losing Cirie, without even putting up an arguement, is a stupid decision for Matt. If Jag sticks with Bowie, it may come back to bite Matt in the ass. With Jags bad jury management, I’ve felt for awhile, Matt was playing the better game. I may be changing my mind on that one. Matt’s jury work isn’t looking much better right now, Jag’s better in comps and also tends to get his way with Matt. He also has that new secret F2 with Bowie.

There isn’t alot of time for all this to come out at the finale. If Jag can get Matt to burn his bridge with Cirie and get the jury to see it, it could be good for him. He also needs them to see he’s called the shots. If he can do that, I still think Jag could win. I don’t know if it’s something the jury will get tho. It’s similar to how Cirie ran the game for over 40 days but they may not see it until they watch the show back.

My favorite screenshot:

For me, Jag’s turning into the better player (not saying hes a good one) but I have the benefit of seeing it all. I wouldn’t fault the jury for not seeing it, especially if Jag can’t get that across to a jury in a minute. There’s still also time for it to change too. I’m just talking about the point we’re at right now. Since they both have bad jury management and Matt’s making bad moves, I’d have to give it to Jag if I was on the jury. (I dont think the jury will agree with me tho)

It would be funny if Felicia can manage to win the next hoh and screw up their plans. Maybe Cirie will catch wind she leaving and do something about it. (I don’t see it happening tho) For now, we just wait for Thursdays eviction and the next hoh comp. Jag won’t be using the veto today.

Have a great Monday!


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