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Big Brother 25-Weekend Recap for 10/8/23

October 9, 2023 | 4 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning everyone! It was a busy weekend with Bowie in charge. I don’t know if the move Bowie is planning is necessarily the best one for her game. However, I haven’t cared because it made the weekend entertaining.

After Bowie won the hoh, everyone thought they could get her to do their bidding. They quickly found out they couldn’t. (at least initially) Honestly, last nights episode did a great job going over everything that happened ahead of Bowie making her noms. That usually can’t be said about the episodes. They edited it great and I think it was the best episode this season.

Cameron approached Bowie’s hoh as if he didn’t care what Bowie did, since it was HER hoh, until she wouldn’t do what he wanted. He quickly switched things up to his usual methods and pushed too hard for Cory. Cory couldn’t get Cam and Blue nominated either. Jag and Matt were the only ones who had any real influence with Bowie over the weekend. (So far)

Bowie made it clear, she wasn’t putting up Cameron for Cory or Cory for Cameron. She had her own idea and it was Cirie. She’s recognized Cirie has alot of influence in the house. She also knew she didn’t have the votes to get her out. She either thought she’d convince people or Felicia leaving would be good for her too. Bowie put Cirie and Felicia on the block but didn’t rule out a back door plan entirely.

Saturday was a team effort to work on Bowie. They still wanted either Blue or Cameron backdoored if possible. Matt, Cory and Jag all talked with Bowie. (Blue also made her pitch but she didn’t have any pull)

Cory wearing Americas OTEV costume:

Cory went more of the logical route and pointed it out why taking out Cameron would be good for her game. Matt did his usual thing, where he pushes his agenda by acting like it’s someone else. Matt will say things like “people are going to pitch this to you,” when its really what he wants.

Jag is who actually got the job done, just like last week with Cameron. (He deserves most of the credit for getting Cam to be ok with Felicia staying) Jag used the ‘what’s best for the team’ approach. He played on the things Bowie values in the game.

It didn’t hurt that Bowie said she might put up Cameron if he’d said anything bad about her. Shortly after saying this to Matt and Jag, Cameron said a couple of things about her and to her that she didn’t like. (It saved Jag and Matt from having to make something up which they probably would’ve done)

Cameron staring down Amwrica and Cory:

After the veto picks Saturday morning, the mood in the house seemed to change and Cam could feel it. Cameron does a great job of saying “it’s not my HOH, I’m going to support her,” and “she can do whatever she wants,” as long as someone’s doing what he wants. It’s what most players say, except Cameron doesn’t do a good job of hiding his irritation when things aren’t going his way. Think back to the week he wanted Izzy out. As soon as he realized people may not be on board with his plan, he started telling people they were dumb and idiots. (I still believe this was the moment Matt stopped liking Cameron at all)

With the veto draw, the only 3 people not playing in the comp, were the 3 people who were the backdoor options. It was Cory, Cameron and Blue. It felt like Cameron went into a bit of panic mode right after realizing he wouldn’t be playing in the comp. He began questioning Jag and wanted to know what was going on.

It didn’t help that he’d gotten in a recent disagreement with America. He’d spent the last week talking to both America and Cory separately about their games after they were split up. Cameron told America he didn’t know how to talk to her with Cory in the house. He’s said he wants to be friends with her but it’s not possible while she’s in a duo, etc. (This is one of those things where no one is saying the quiet part out loud) I say this because Jag, Mat and everyone else in the house has lots of conversations with America alone. They’ve never described it as awkward uncomfortable or being a 3rd wheel the way Cam describes it.

America was already tired of Cameron and his pushing for her to be ok with Cory being taken out. After the veto picks, she didn’t feel like hiding it anymore. She and Jag were in a bedroom talking, Cam came in and America immediately got up and left. Cameron began questioning Jag about why America was acting that way. He pointed to the door after she’d left and asked “why why?” Jag said he didn’t know but Cam kept questioning him.

Cameron went to Matt to ask him why everyone was acting so weird. Matt said he didn’t know but said he felt it too This was part acting but part sincere. Matt was in a bit of a mood himself because he’d said Jag hadn’t talked to him all morning. (I think this house is starting to get to all of them, lol)

Jag won the veto and the back door plan was on as long as they could talk Bowie into it. There was also some dancing and celebrating just like the last time Cameron didn’t win a veto.

Cory almost ruined it because he was pushing so hard. Bowie said as much to Matt and Jag. Jag was able to tell Bowie that Cameron was being pushy and had said he had concerns about Bowie. Cameron had told Jag, he thought there was something to the things Meme said before she left. (About the Cory, America and Bowie secret alliance) Cameron also told Jag he thought Bowie might have told America he’d wanted to target Cory last week. Cory had mentioned to her how Cameron would always propose Bowie as someone who could go on the block with one of them if it ever came down to it.

These things seemed to have an effect on Bowie plus some things Cameron said directly to her. He would tell Bowie he wasn’t going to push and then immediately proceed to push her for an hour to take out Cory. He continued to make comments about America not having a brain, not thinking for herself and so on. He said something to Bowie about America being lost after Cory left and would have to come to them. Bowie said America was smart and she thought she’d do fine without Cory. (Bowie doesn’t like these kinds of comments and she’s pushed back at them several times in recent weeks with Cameron)

Meanwhile, Felicia and Cirie were finally filled in about a Cameron backdoor plan. They spent half the weekend thinking there might be a back door plan but thought it was Cory. (Blue gives them most of their info lately and she doesn’t have a clue what’s going on in the house) Matt does too but he’d been quiet and was waiting to tell them what was going on.

Bowie told them not to worry and promised they were going to back door Cameron. (Matt had already insinuated this to Cirie) Cirie said she was fine with Jag using the veto on Felicia. She said she hadn’t had to pack her bag yet and wanted to give Felicia a break. (Scary game move, good jury management)


Blue and Cirie had to talk in the hammock. Blue was downloading all her recent info to Cirie, which has become her new habit. Most of the stuff she said was either wrong or information Cirie already had. (Basically, Bue was the last to know what was going on in the house)

Jag and Matt worked on a plan to handle Cameron outing the fugitive alliance. They also spent time trying to figure out the best time to tell Blue. They were worried she’d tell Cameron. It was decided, with some pushing from Bowie, they’d go ahead and tell Bue. Cameron had suggested Blue go on the block and they felt like if they gave her this info, she wouldn’t be sharing any more info with him. Bowie, Jag and Matt filled her in on the plan.

Cameron had initially pushed hard for Cory to go up. Bowie said no but Cameron found out Jag was planning on using the veto Jag’s story was that he’d promised Felicia and Cirie he would use it. This was when Cameron made a push for Blue to go on the block. It’s not that he wanted her out, there wasn’t anyone left. (I didn’t think this was the big deal Jag and Matt thought it was because obviously, he’s going to campaign for Blue to go up over himself)

Cameron had spent most of Saturday complaining about Cory and America. He was either talking about being confused as to how they’re a couple or complaining he needed to talk to America but couldn’t get her alone. Yesterday morning, he finally got to have his talk with her and It didn’t go very well. He asked her why she was acting weird she said she wasn’t. He said he hadn’t been targeting Corey and she said he had. He told her it was other people bringing up Corey’s name and he was only agreeing with it She asked if she should believe him or the 7 other people telling a different story. (It also sounded like they’d had some kind of arguement when the feeds were down before or after the veto comp)

Corys new look with Bowies shades:

After beating around the bush for a month, he finally came out and told her he wanted to work with her in the game but didn’t want to work with Cory. America told him that wasn’t happening and she wasn’t going to just be okay with him taking Cory out. He said he didn’t know how to be friends with her with Cory in the house and said it was awkward. He made a couple of snide comments and she told him to stop being condescending. He said he wasn’t. (He was) He asked if they were drawing the line in the sand and she said yes, she guessed they were. There was more to it but it was mostly Cameron talking in riddles and trying to say the part he couldn’t say.

This is what Cameron wants to say: I want to hang out with you but I want to do that without Cory. I dont want tou to be in a shomance. I like you and I don’t understand how in the hell you like a 22 year old kid over me. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

Cameron has recently become more rude (if that’s possible) with the comments he makes about and to Cory. They’ve had some very awkward convos lately. His comments about America have become more derogatory too. One part I left out is that once Cameron escalated the way he was talking to Cory, their attitude has changed towards him too. They’ve stopped faking it. At one point, America made a point to start making out with Cory when she heard Cameron getting ready to walk by their room. Basically, Cameron was hit square in the face with the fact that America actually likes Cory and he can’t pretend anymore that she doesn’t.

Cameron’s gut feelings mixed with a shomance in his face had him in a mood yesterday. No one was telling him but he knows what’s going on. He began pressuring both Jag and Matt not to use the veto. Cameron told Bowie he shouldn’t be the replacement nom if Jag does use it. I get what he’s trying to do but it isn’t going to work. With Jag and Matt, he uses guilt. He reminded them, he could’ve used the veto last week and gone against their wishes and taken out Cory. (He should’ve) He said he didn’t because he did what was best for the Fugitives. (I mean that’s the truth but the Fugitives was never the right set up for Cam) He joined up with 2 guys who’ve been linked at the hip since the first week of the game. If he’s so worried about being a 3rd wheel, he’s in the same situation with Jag and Matt.

With Bowie, he uses guilt and a bit of ‘who else do you have besides me?’ When he asked Bowie if he was going up, she said she didn’t know what to do. She said they have the votes to keep him and didn’t want to get more blood on her hands. (I get it, Bowie, Matt and Jag are trying to keep Cameron from going off this week but this is stupid) They think they can put him up and tell him he’s only a pawn.

High fives after Jag won the veto:

They need to remember he’s going to jury. If it were me, i’d go ahead and piss him off now and spend the rest of the week trying to smooth it over the best I could. He said something to Bowie about having protected her for 2 months. She told him she hadn’t needed his protection and that she hadnt been in danger. Cameron said he hadn’t put her on the block during his HOH’s and she said, he was never planning on putting her on the block. (Cameron does a lot of ‘damsel in distress’ talk and Bowie doesn’t care for it)

Cory and Cameron also had a morning chat. Cameron denied that he’d been coming after Cory. The talk got interrupted so not much was said. They kind of agreed they’ve only been talking about going after the other because they had heard they were being targeted by the other one.

Cameron had a conversation with Cirie and did his usual lines about I’m not a monster, I’ve been portrayed to be the bad guy, etc. Once again, he said his game was destroyed after the week he was on the block against Hysam. (He’s said this a lot and people ignored it) Cirie decided to question it and ask him why he felt that way.

He said Hysam spread a lot of info about him. Cirie said the only thing she ever heard about Cameron was that Cameron had outed his is family style alliance and told Hysam that Reilly was nervous about him. She did it in a nice Cirie way but she was telling Cameron, the only thing that got him into trouble was the things he actually said. (Cameron’s always refused to admit he’s the reason Reilly was evicted. He even refuses to admit he outed his first alliance)

They got the camera and some alcohol yesterday too. Maybe it would have happened anyway but I think the alcohol led to another disagreement between Cameron and America. He brought up how everything he tells her get spread all over the house and she denied it. (It’s true but its Blue who does it. It’s still America’s fault because she should’ve stopped giving Blue info a long time ago) They argued over who was going after who first. America told him it wasn’t her fault that he chose to work with Matt and Jag over her and Cory and may now be getting played by them. (I’m not going over all the condescending remarks from Cam but there were plenty, as usual) He started working on her to try to keep him if he goes on the block.

She told him even if she could get Cory, he still needed another vote. Cameron said he thought he could get Felicia’s vote if he made it sound like he would target Cory next. (I don’t think he’s going to be able to get Felicia to vote out Cirie, even with their recent disagreements. I believe Cirie wanting Felicia taken off the block has gone a long way with her) Cam went on to fill in America about the stuff Jag and Matt have been doing. (For example, the Meme vote and blaming Cory) He told her about faking the convo to let Cory think he convinced Cam to be ok with keeping Felicia.

Cam actually thinks Cirie will come off the block. He tells America he has a relationship with Cirie no one knows about. He said if she and Cory would vote to keep him, he knew he could get Cirie to keep him too. (Haha)

America shared her conversation with Cameron to Cory. They talked about continuing to work with Matt and Jag and how soon they need to go after them. They think they should wait another week and have figured out they’ll need Cirie and Felicia. (Don’t see that happening) Meanwhile, Jag and Matt were reconsidering going after Corry instead of Blue first. (This could get messy)

Cameron worked on Jag and Bowie more over not using the veto. So far, they arn’t changing their minds.

Some other conversations:

Matt told Bowie about playing in the power comp and that he won it.

Blue and Cory had a conversation that was mostly fake about not going after each other.

America and Cory officially became boyfriend and girlfriend over the weekend. They shared the news with Cirie and Felicia.

Jag Matt and Bowie brainstormed over a name for their alliance. It’s been jokingly referred to as the sinking ship but they all agree that’s not a good alliance name.

After already telling Cameron the veto was being used, Jag told Cameron he wasn’t positive he was using it. (I thought this was dumb because it only opens the door for more pressure conversations from Cam) Maybe he was tired and wore down by the conversation but why backtrack? Jag had made it Bowies problem when he said he was using it.

Jag and Felicia talked and he confirmed he was using the veto on her. They did a bit of game planning for next week. There was talk about Cory needing to be the next target. Jag agreed with her but for now he wants the next target to be Blue.

Matt had a conversation with Cameron trying to convince him that if Jag uses the veto, he thinks Bowie is going to put up Blue. (Matt has started playing dumb ain almost every conversation lately) Cameron argued and said no, he knew it would be him. Cameron also said if he went on the block, he knew he would be out.

Cirie was really down on herself this weekend for how poorly she performed in the OTEV comp. We found out, she only knew she was coming to BB 2 weeks beforehand. She said she wished she’d had more time to learn more about the show and get herself in better shape.

We’ll know this afternoon if Bowie goes for it or not. After that, we’ll probably have some heavy campaigning from Cameron if he’s on the block.They can say whatever they want to him but he’s going to know he’s the target. Have a great Monday!


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