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Big Brother 25-Weekend Recap for 8/13/23

August 14, 2023 | 26 Comments
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Author: Mel

It was a long weekend waiting for the feeds to come back. It was also a long wait for the Sunday episode. What WAS that anyway? Gorgons, portals, Cameron calling himself daddy? I thought the Thursday show was weird but last nights topped it. We at least got to see Filicia’s acting chops. If you agree with Cameron, (that she’s Denzel Washington’s sister) how did she compare?

I haven’t posted since Thursday so warning, this will end up a long one…

I know people are bothered by Hisam and some of his comments. I get it and agree on some of them. He still had some of the funniest Friday hoh meetings I’ve seen in a while. He was short, to the point and asked some really bizarre questions. (It was like combining Kylands hoh on BB23 with speed dating)

Reilly felt overwhelmed during her hoh when people kept coming ti her door. Hisam made it clear he’d ask for them when he wanted them. It was efficient and pretty funny. (Don’t call me, I’ll call you, that was the vibe)

He asked Jag who he thought was the most threatening out of his own group. He asked Reilly who she’d like to sit by on the block. (I mean, why? Haha) He also convinced Cameron he was doing him a favor by putting him on the block. (not a bad start)

Personally, I thought he handled that part well. He was also trying to convince people that backdooring was a bad way to play. With his comp wins, he knows he’ll probably be backdoored so why not set the tone that its not respectable game play? (It didn’t work but was a good attempt)

He’s also trying to use the intimidation thing, like with Matt. He insinuated everyone would be against him if he used the veto on Reilly. Again, it’s not bad if he can pull it off. It feels icky but it’s simple manipulation and that’s what happens in BB. (The big alliance always tries it)

It’s on the hgs on “the other side” to realize they shouldn’t listen to him. He’s trying to villianize Reilly and exaggerate her hoh mistakes but he wants her out, so of course he’s gonna do that. Before people start feeling like it’s a shitty way to play, think back to Reilly’s hoh. Her alliance sat upstairs talking really cocky about how all the comp people were in their group and they were going to wipe out the other side one by one. (A little humble pie isn’t a bad thing)

I’m also not buying into the fear of a bad season or a steamroll. I mean, it’s only week 2! Each side has won an hoh, Reillys side probably has more people who would be better in comps AND Cirie’s side is already talking about trying to take out Hisam…their best competitor. How in the multiverse is that a steamroll?

Yes, I know, Cirie has Jared. Is that an unfair advantage? Absolutely. He’s also not that good of a player so far and people are already figuring out that he may be playing both sides. Rmember, Reilly’s alliance wasn’t busted because of Jared last week. It was busted because Reilly, Blue and Cameron have big mouths.

I’m not saying having Jared isn’t a huge asset in the game because that would be stupid. Its just not much worse than what happened in BB4 and BB8. (I still stand by if Eric’s hands hadn’t been tied, Dick and Danielle wouldn’t have made the f2) BB14 and BB18 had returning players who’d already aligned too. They weren’t family but it was also a big advantage. I know in BB5 and BB17, the twins had to play individually but after they went so long without being caught, they both got to play together too.

Of course, the biggest difference is that no one but Izzy knows about Cirie and Jared. (That’s not the same as no one knowing tho) I’m also watching the times Jared’s already screwed up and waiting to see if they can pull it off. Here’s a tweet from Kevin Jacobs, BB10 Canada winner. We may not like it but I believe its true. (He was also on the block week 1 and a big house target before he went on to win)

I got really sidetracked so back to Reilly. She DID tell people she wanted Hisam or Izzy out next so it’s the correct move for Hisam to make. (Well, it would be if he hadn’t won 3 comps already) He almost needs Reilly to stay since she’s the only other person in the house that’s won a comp.

It was a good start for Hisam but now, his own alliance is making plans to take him out. His comp wins scare them and they don’t like the way he’s been talking about the game. He began by saying he wanted them all to talk and agree on a decision. That quickly turned into they needed to agree with him on the decision he’d already made. He’s also doing the ‘play with integrity and honesty’ bs. Izzy especially doesn’t like that either.

Hisam nommed Reilly and Cameron with Jared sending Jag to the nether region. Jared had to explain his decision and he kind of screwed it up. Reilly was begging him to save her which he couldn’t do. He could’ve just told her that Hisam threatened to put him up if he sent Reilly. Instead, he over played by saying Hisam lied to him and he didn’t think Reilly was going up. Hisam, the guy who was blunt and honest with the entire house, lies to only Jared??

Sometimes, Jared plays very well and other times, he’s really sloppy. Like Reilly, he talks too much. He wants Reilly out bad too. Maybe he just gets more loyalty vibes from Cameron, the way Hisam does and doesn’t believe it with Reilly. He saved Jag this week but left Jag suspicious of him. (That’s not good and a sign you weren’t that clever. The person you save should feel indebted to you, not leary of you)

Cirie sees how fast Cameron switched sides so she won’t trust him but Jared’s spent more time with that side of the house. She needs to trust his input on this one a little bit, I guess. On top of that, Hisam is adamant Reilly be the one to go. I’ve said Reilly is better for Cirie’s game because Reilly isn’t looking to take her out until she has to do it. Cameron is another story. He’s not after her now but he’s unpredictable and she knows it.

Reilly cried, Hisam won the veto so the noms will be set today. Reilly’s really trying so I’ll give her points for that but she’s soooo bad at this game. She still not getting just how much info she gave up last week. Like Jared, she won’t stop talking.

Cirie talked to her about getting the votes to keep her and her ONLY stipulation was NOT to tell anyone. Reilly told Blue, Matt and Cory as fast as she could. (Jag already knew) This got back to Cirie quickly and she wasn’t happy about it. (Cory told her)

Cirie spoke with Jag and said she didn’t like having her name linked to it and so fast. Jag thought he’d manipulate Cirie in this convo and it was enjoyable to watch. (Jag thinking he’d be able to outsmart Cirie was something) Cirie said if Reilly couldn’t keep quiet for a couple of hours, why would she trust that she’d keep quiet all week.

Cirie knows Reilly would be better for her individual game but at what risk? With most of her alliance preferring Reilly leave, Hisam being dead set on it and now Jared too, is it really worth it? You could see her toss the idea out there a few times to test the responses. She could still flip enough people in her alliance to save Reilly if she wanted. (Cory, Felicia and Izzy would do it. She’d just have to work on Jared)

I also think she’s realized at this point that it’s not worth it. She sees Reilly’s side as people who cant keep their mouths shut. It’s a long time from todays veto ceremony to Thursdays eviction so anything can happen. I just think, as of now, they’re going to give Hisam his way this week. It’s probably big risk for little reward to try and keep her.

Ok that covers the bigger picture of the weekend. Here’s some smaller details that should come into play soon mixed with some stupid stuff that entertained me:

Jag and Blue spent the weekend trying to decide if saving Riley was worth it. (She is for them!) Jag talked to Cirie but it wasn’t a good pitch. She told him she was still thinking about it but would work with him even if Reilly left. Jag is still suspicious of Jared and why he didn’t send Reilly to the NR.

Blue and Jag want to keep Reilly but don’t want to mess things up with Hisam. It’s the secret ‘working together’ thing they think they have with him. (Sure, join Hisam so you can be 7th or 8th on his loyalty scale)

Around the time they were doing this, Hisam was telling Red that Blue might be the target if Reillly saved herself with the veto. Red had found out about Blue saying she’d use the veto on Reilly. (Cameron told Red, Red told Hisam) This pissed off Hisam but by the time of this convo, Jared had already convinced Blue that she shouldn’t. It didn’t end up mattering sinse Hisam won the veto himself. I just think it’s funny how a tiny bit of outdated info can turn you into a target that quickly.

There was another similar moment this weekend. While Hisam was busy convincing his alliance that Cameron was completely trustworthy, Cameron was downstairs telling Jared how they needed to take Hisam out soon.

Keep in mind, this was happening BEFORE the veto ceremony. I understand that people need to take risks in trying to find a group they can confide in but damn, pick your timing people! I’ve already mentioned Jared’s dumb reason for not saving Reilly with the nether region thing but so many of them just don’t think. Here’s a couple more examples.

After Blue decided she wouldn’t use the veto on Reilly, Jag asked if she was going to throw it. She said no, she was still going to try and win it. (Why?) Blue also told Reilley she’d use it on her, Reilly picked her to play and then….Blue told her they’d have to have a convo about it. Blue said this before the veto comp even happened. (Why again?)

When Jared lost the hoh comp to Hisam, he went to the NR. After he came back, he told Cirie that he’d really tried to win it. (Why?) Jared winning the HOH would’ve been completely stupid for his game. We’ve also already gone over Reilly screwing herself by telling people Cirie was trying to keep her. Jared also told Red he thought he (Jared) was good with the whole house. (Why would you tell anyone that?)

It’s not just the mistakes and talking too much that’s cracking me up this season. It’s the way they don’t realise what they’re giving up when they’re saying certain things or after they’ve done it.

Cory has become closer to Jared. He was serious about working with Jared, Cirie and Izzy. He thinks Jared is smart, playing a good game and wants to go far into the game with him. (Cory did some cam talking this weekend) He was happy to find out Hisams side wants to go after him so soon. He was also surprised that Cirie supported the idea. He doesn’t think it’s a smart move for her because Hisom can win comps and be a shield for her.

He’s been putting in time to work on his relationships with Mecole and America too He knows he’ll need his own side people further along in the game. I think he talked with almost everyone in the house this weekend and made the most progress in my opinion.

I’ve hinted recently about Jared and Blue flirting. He’s told people he wants her out but I don’t think he means it at all. I think he wants Reilly and Jag out so he can bring in Blue closer to him. He may be doing it for game but there’s definitely some flirty banter going back and forth between them.

As for a shomance, it doesn’t really exist yet. This moment with Matt’s hand on Reillys leg is about it.

Izzy had a few Izzy moments this weekend too. She had words with Red over sitting on Hisams bed when he first got the hoh room. It turned into her crying about how she really just hates Cameron. Hisam consoled her while reminding her they weren’t going to blow up their games over silly things.

Izzy apologized to Red. She admitted she doesn’t like Cameron but took it out on him. They talked it out and its all good.

She got upset over a comment about their group not being physical threats in comps.

It was from something Felicia said. Felicia apologized, they hugged and it’s all good.

Cory spoke some Spanish with America and Izzy did some of her close talking with Jag.

More close talking with Felicia, this was not an aggressive convo, in spite of what it looks like:

There were trust falls:

There were meat and peanut butter sandwiches:

Matt with his hair pulled back:

Bowie was sent to the nether region:

Jared told Izzy she was already like a sister to him.

There was counting, lots and lots of vote counting:

We finally got the memory wall:

Is this Jared’s solution to having the memory wall so they don’t see the resemblance?

A new outfit for Cory?

Cory told Reilly she wasn’t his type. She asked why and he said he “liked his women off the block.” He got her to laugh which she probably needed.

Cameron was probably miserable watching the exchange. He used the part of the comvo about them all getting together after the season to remind Reilly he planned on being in Nashville on New Year’s. (Ya know, where Reilly lives)

America continued to spend time with Hasim and his side of the house. She put in some good work (I guess) by letting Hisam repeat for the 50th time why Reilly needed to go.

Hisam is high on his own supply at the moment. Reilly had a messy HOH but the only thing she did was play sloppy. It’s no different than last week with Kirsten. Regardless, he’s still convinced Reilly is the key to the other side staying together. I do agree with him that if she and Matt have an emerging shomance, you may as well take one of them out now. Everything else he’s saying is ridiculous.

I do think this has blown up the handful and the 8, Family Style alliances. What I think it’s going to do is reshuffle the house and create smaller alliances that are harder to detect. That doesn’t really work in Hasim’s favor in my opinion.

Cameron got in Reillys head alot last week. I think if he left, she’d probably play better and wouldn’t be so emotional. Hisam doesn’t know this part but for him, it’s also another reason to take her out now. If she’s good at comps, he doesn’t need her staying and learning to play the game better too.

See ya back here tomorrow and have a great Monday!


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