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Big Brother 25-Weekend Recap for 8/20/23

August 21, 2023 | 24 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all, it was a busy weekend in the BB house. If there’s a theme this season, it has something to do with complicating and uncomplicated situation. Take the first HOH with Reilly. She was in an amazing position which is having the first HOH. It’s a great tool to get ahead, start building alliances and getting to know people. She didn’t handle it well and created a mess for herself. Next, we had Hisam, who, in his defense, did stick with a very simple plan. Unfortunately, his abrasive personality turned his HOH into a shit show. The fact that he got his way last week had nothing to do with it being what he wanted.

Week 3 with Felicia as the hoh, should’ve been very simple. The target was already Hisam and the entire house was on board. He felt so comfortable, he even told people he hoped he didn’t get picked to play in the Veto. Evicting Reilly accomplished their goal of keeping him comfortable. He wasn’t chosen for veto and all they had to do with wait until Monday….no matter who won it.

Jag won the veto and everything went off the rails…again. Honestly, for feed watchers, it’s a good thing. Can you imagine how boring this week would’ve been so far with the target already set? The funny thing is, we aren’t done, even if the plan sticks and Hisam gets back doored today. It’s a long time from this afternoon until Thursday and I could see Hisam being saved by the same people who made the plan to take him out.

Cory’s new shomance:

On top of that, they’ve had an earthquake and now rising water from a Hurricane. They only had a brief time outdoors before being locked in again. All this extra time inside could make them even nuttier this week.

I’m not saying it’s likely they’ll keep Hisam but it could happen. Cameron and Red spent the weekend running their mouths to way too many people. If Cirie, Felicia and Izzy get wind of the things they’re saying, Hisam could stay. I don’t think it’s likely because it would take skills that I’m not sure Hisam has in him. He’d need to be apologetic over his behavior. He’d also need to fake wanting to put the backdoor attempt behind them as a group, make up with them and so on.

Instead of going over every flip attempt and every person suggested as a renom, I’ll focus more on the reasons behind it. At some point Saturday, almost the entire house was being considered for eviction. Cirie, Izzy and Felicia seriously considered Cameron, Red, Meme, Bowie, Blue, America, Matt and Hisam. I’m not saying there was any logic behind it, I’m saying there were “reasons.”

Here’s a great summary of the weekend:

Cirie and Izzy are starting to annoy each other:

Part of it is Cirie and Survivor. She’s used to everyone being eligible for eviction and things going at a much faster pace. That could explain some of it or maybe she’s always operated this way. On Survivor, you only see the results of the decision, you don’t see all the mess leading up to it. There isn”t time for much mess to happen tho. I don’t know if that contributes to it or not, I only know that Saturday can’t be blamed solely on Izzy. The funny thing is, Cirie and Izzy are arriving at some correct conclusions but they’re getting themselves there for the wrong reasons.

They really can’t trust Red but not because he didn’t try hard enough in the vero comp. They shouldn’t trust Matt or America either. They’re on the right track….sort of.

From Cirie, Izzy and Felicia’s perspective, this is what they’ve felt was happening in the house:

Red was behaving suspiciously. He questioned Felicia in a way that made them feel like he couldn’t be trusted or that they didn’t trust him. They also didn’t think Red tried in the veto comp. Once Cameron told Red about the plan to get rid of Hisam, Red WAS suspicious. He knew he was being left out of decisions with his alliance. He didn’t mind getting rid of Hisam but knowing they didn’t mind taking out one of their own, didn’t give him a real comfortable feeling. Felicia kept saying Cameron couldn’t have been the one to tell Red because he was on the block and his ass was on the line. (He was the one to tell Red)

This is part of how Bowie became a target. They were sure she must’ve told Red about the plan. Not only that, Bowie simply doesn’t talk enough game. They assume she must be talking game with someone, it just isn’t them. (She really doesn’t talk much game)

Hisam sleeping in the wall?

Meme was already in the crosshairs over 2 things. Meme recently told Cirie she didn’t want to be seen as too linked up with them. She said she wasn’t going to hang out with them as much so they didn’t blow their alliance. This made Cirie paranoid because Meme started spending alot more time with Jag and Blue. This shouldn’t be enough to make Meme a target. The problem is, she doesn’t talk enough game with them when she is with them. If she isn’t sharing game info with them, who is she sharing it with?

The second reason came from a joke. Cory recently told Cirie about convos he had with Red and Bowie. (Separately) He was talking about them being seen as players who played the middle like Cory. He joked that his new favorite alliance was the”Middleman” with himself, Red, Bowie and America. This was only a joke. Cory has a habit of making jokes about fake alliances and game moves but it isn’t always clear that he’s joking. I think Cirie thought he was serious. She trusts Cory because he was telling her about it and that it was fake. She also mixed up America and Meme when she was retelling it to Jared. From that moment, it was Meme, Cory, Red and Bowie in her mind. Since Meme hasn’t told her about this fake alliance, (the one she knows nothing about) she can’t be trusted.

Matt was only briefly considered because they were afraid they needed to keep Hisam as a number and were low on options. America was considered because they thought they could get Jag and Blues’s votes. They know America hangs out with them but they don’t think Jag and blue trust her.

Thankfully, (for their sake) Cory and Jared calmed them down. It was mostly Cory who flipped them back but with a couple of assists from Jared. He explained, they were too far in to back out now. They told him the plan about lying to Hisam. They thought they could convince him the other side wanted him out and they were only going along to gather info. Cory told them Hisam would never believe it. (Correct)

They also got paranoid and thought Blue, Jag, Matt, America, Red, Cameron and Bowie had joined to take them out. Obviously, losing Hisam would be losing a number. They’d just made a new alliance with Jag, Blue and Matt but didn’t feel like they were talking to them at all. Izzy even told Jared it had been days since they talked to them. (It had been less than 24 hours. They’d also just had a physical veto comp and may have been tired)

Making the new fake 7 official:

Jag and Blue SHOULD be making more of an effort but it’s mostly Cirie and Izzy’s paranoia causing all of it. Even if Hisam leaves this week, these thoughts are already bouncing around their heads. I’m not saying any of it makes any sense, I’m just explaining the thought process behind it.

Here’s a simpler explanation someone came up with:

Izzy is also starting to worry about her standing in some of the groups. She feels she’s at the bottom of all their fake alliances plus her real one. The one she feels the best about is the Crossroads with Cirie, Jared and Cory. She even had separate conversations with Cirie and Jared about it. Cirie told her she and Jared understood she’d have to cut one of them at the final 3 and neither would hold it against her. (Cirie didn’t get into what would happen IF Izzy didn’t win the final hoh, haha)

She had a good cry yesterday and told them she just needed some time to regroup. She complained about Cirie to Jared of all people. He gave her a pep talk which was funny, since he’d talked about targeting her only the day before.

Jared told Cirie, he thought they needed to consider getting rid of her sooner instead of later. He said he was worried she was too emotional and would be a loose cannon. (I really think he was annoyed because she’d argued with him the night before. It was over his weird dating logic)

Siblings making up and having a good chat:

I think some of this was Izzy’s spiral was caused by the vote flipping back to Hisam. Izzy is okay taking Hisam out. I just got the feeling it bothered her the vote flipped back while she was in the DR. She wasn’t there when Cory got them back on track. Maybe it’s not that deep but I felt like it might’ve been a bit of an eye opener. Cirie doesn’t need Izzy to make every decision in the game. That’s what Izzy may have taken from it OR they’ve rubbed off on me and Im overthinking it.

The Fields siblings horsing around:

I don’t know what Izzy’s plans are long term but she IS at least thinking about it. Of course it would be stupid to try and make it to a final 3 with Jared and Cirie. She’s in a situation where she knows what she wants. She also knows what she wants isn’t logical but hasn’t found a way to have her cake and eat it too yet. I’ve been wondering what Izzy’s game would look like if she’d kept what she knew to herself but used it to her advantage. Would she be in a better or worse position moving forward? I don’t know.

Cory had his own stuff to deal with this weekend. He went from being on the outskirts of everything to being an important part of all of it. Jag has started to be skeptical of him but that’s about it. He and America were flirting alot but have mutually decided to cool it. They don’t want to be targeted over it. Cirie, Jared and Izzy trust him completely. When Meme hangs out with the other side of the house, it’s suspicious. When Cory does it, they trust he’s only gathering info. It’s because Corey gives them info ALL the time. It may only be little nuggets that aren’t very important but it’s enough.

Cory charming the entire house:

He’s been trying to work on both Meme and Amarca so he would have his own people as the numbers dwindle. Meme’s probably hurt her game by not being more receptive to it. (She needs options and quickly!) He’s moved on to focusing a lot more on America. This is starting to have its own set of challenges. Cory told America not to be throwing Jared’s name around because he was well insulated in the house at the moment. They’d also talked about Izzy and Cirie.

America spent the weekend talking to Jared, Matt and Blue about how Cirie and Izzy were running the house. Since these same people just made a new alliance with Cirie and Izzy, will it get back to them? Cory’s already done some damage control to keep America from becoming a target but she’s making it harder for him. (America does see the house pretty accurately. She knows who’s running things and who’s playing the middle)

Cory was also approached by Red and Cameron to start working together. They spilled every thought in their heads to Cory yesterday. Cory’s been working on Cameron for a while now but Red told him about the Professors. Cory already knew but this means, Red’s definitely with Cameron. They also told Cory they should try to pull in Matt pretty soon because they felt he was workable. (I think Cory’s plan is to use Cameron to take out Cirie at some point)

Red and Cameron went to work on Matt yesterday too. (They have a little Cirie and Izzy in them I guess) They told Cory they thought they should start with Matt around the time they hit jury. Instead, they did it about 5 minutes later. They talked to Matt about wanting to work with him and said the entire house was targeting Jag and Blue. They said if he won HOH, he would probably need to put up at least one of them, if he wouldn’t do both. Matt agreed to everything they said because why not?

Felicia living her best life with a little wine and music:

Later, Matt told Jag about Red and Cameron warning him that Meme was throwing his name around. He didn’t tell Jag about the real conversation. I don’t think he trusts Red and Cameron. I think he’s one of the few people in this house that doesn’t tell everything immediately.

Showing where their hands are while under the blanket:

Ir seemed Jared and Blue took the shomance to the next level over the weekend but also broke it off too. (By next level, I only mean more detailed talks) Jared’s way too much of a talker and if they don’t stay “broken up,” he’s gonna end up telling her his secret. They’ve had more than one conversation where he drops hints. This break seems to just be conversation about it but not really changing things up. I think they’ll keep moving along the same path until Jared tells her everything.

Blue is taking alot of heat from Cirie and Felicia, behind her back at least. They see it as Bue hitting on Jared constantly and sweet, innocent Jared trying to escape her. I dont blame them because its what Jared is telling Cirie. He talks to Cirie as if he can’t get Blue to leave him alone. Right after, he talks to Blue like he’s falling for her. I don’t claim to have any idea where this situation is heading.

Bye Bye Bitches meeting:

The house isn’t 2 sides anymore. It’s too fluid at the moment for there to be any sides but if anything, it’s more like a triangle. There’s Jag Matt and Blue on one point. You’ve got Cirie, Izzy, Felicia and Jared (plus Cory) on another. Red and Cameron make up the third. Cory is actually with all 3 groups (so they think) and Bowie, America and Meme are just floating around. These 3 seem to be expendable to every group. (With the exception of Cory wanting to secretly keep America)

The Crossroads alliance plus Felicia making it official too, I guess:

I’m anxious for the veto ceremony. Either the targets going to change again before we even get to the ceremony or shit may hit the fan. Either way, it could make for some really good feeds. Here’s some quotes and images for today before I wrap it up:

Jared: “I drove 28 hours in 1 day.” (Cory questioned how this was possible. Hahaha)

The look on Hisams face later today?

Cameron: ” I’ve been nothing but gentle, calm, kind, gypsy, hippie Cam but the minute I turn that tornado loose, I want some ass.”

Cameron: ” I like velveeta shells and cheese. That’s okay with daddy, I’m daddy.”

Man vs chicken:

Jag to Blue after Felicia told him he’d be a pawn- Jag: “I walked in there being told I’d be on the block and I walked out in a 7 person alliance.”

Cameron: “This game still ain’t started yet.” (He’s been on the block twice already but ok)

Two people who both expect to see the other one on the block today:

Izzy: “If we’re flipping again, I can’t be a part of it now. I’m too tired.”

Cameron & Red- (talking about Felicia taking Hisam out) Red: “Its a big move but necessary though” Cameron: “I don’t put this under her. I’m not giving her the credit for this. I’ve been cooking this shit up for weeks. I’m just happy someone finally listened to me.” (Face palm)

Have a great Monday!


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