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Big Brother 25- Weekend Recap for 8/27/23

August 28, 2023 | 30 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all! It was a weekend for the BB house! Secrets were spilled, trust was broken and cleaning wipes were used. It was alot! I had to do some catch up early this morning because I was away from the feeds for a big part of the day yesterday.

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes! I’d love to go thru the comments and say that individually but honestly, I was overwhelmed that there were so many of them. You guys are the best and sincerely, thank you!

I had a moment yesterday that reminded me of the BB house this season. My 6 year old granddaughter made me promise I’d always love her more than her future children. It was a hilarious moment but appropriate for a 6 year old. At 6, you can be a ‘pick me’ person and it’s normal but this house feels like that too. Cirie has everyone in there saying ‘pick me, pick me!’

I know comparisons have been made to Paul and BB19 but I don’t see it. He was coming off of just playing B 18, had made the F2 and was given 4 weeks of safety. I think its alot closer to Tyler in BB20. There’s the obvious Foutte comparison because both groups of people have made Foutte type decisions. Tyler had so many people convinced they were the one he was actually working with and that’s closer to Cirie’s game.

Matt fully under Cirie’s spell:

It’s also more similar because they genuinely liked Tyler. With Paul, it was hero worship and brainwashing combined with a lot of bullying tactics. Cirie operates more like Tyler did because she’s just charmed all of them. Most of them aren’t even impressed with her being on Survivor. If anything, some talked about getting her out early because she’d been on Survivor and had “already had her chance.” I’m not comparing her to Tyler. She’s far better at the social game than Tyler. I’m only saying it’s a more similar season.

Cameron after telling Cirie “you’re my boo” and saying she’s safe this week:

Cirie had a huge advantage having Jared with her and I’m not disputing that part. I’m just saying, the entire house doesn’t want to work with her BECAUSE of Jared. If anything, his mistakes and big mouth have only helped shine a spotlight on her running the house. We’ve had Jared and Izzy telling anyone who’d listen how they were with Cirie since day 2. If anything, it should’ve made her a bigger target. Cirie’s social skills are the ONLY reason people feel the way they do about her.

It’s also why I’m not rooting against her yet. She has her hands full with Jared and Izzy. She’s also a messy player when she has so much down time. Honestly, her game should’ve tanked more than once already with some of the messiness. It hasn’t because of her social game. This doesn’t mean I’m roothing for her either tho. I’m rooting for Jared to keep blabbing things to Blue and I’m rooting for Cory and America to realize Cirie’s lost trust in Cory. I said from the start, I was looking forward to seeing Cirie Fields operate in real time. I have been and she isn’t disappointing.

Cirie telling Izzy she has to chill with the faces shes makes towards Cameron:

Now, I’d love for Jared to be evicted, Cirie’s secret to be exposed, Cory to take a shot at her and everything else. I don’t want the game handed to her either but I’m not mad she’s doing well because, let’s face it, she’s really good. If anything, I’m rooting for Cory or America to make a move against her just to see how it plays out.

Red telling Cirie (pre-veto) he’ll go otb if needed so the rest of Legend 25 doesn’t have to:

As for the weekend, there was alot happening…

Cameron won the hoh when he was the house target. I don’t care for Cameron but its always hilarious when the house target says ‘nope, not so fast.’ As for his hoh so far, well, he kinda sucks. Hisam even did a better job. He, at least, asked people questions and tried to get info.

Cameron just talked and talked and talked some more. He announced what he’d do and the conversations were over. He missed his chance to gather info and find out what was going on in the house. (He didn’t need to because if you haven’t realized it yet, Cameron knows it all!) Even the few times he’s been given info, he’s just said “I knew that already.” (Note to readers: He didn’t know that already)

Most of his gaming is sitting around with Red mapping out who they’ll work with moving forward. He doesn’t do anything to make it happen. He just lists the people he wants in his group. Like Reilly’s old alliance, he doesn’t think about how the people gel or if the group would make sense.

He and Red also describe their friendship to each other all the time. I don’t think I’ve ever seen people do that before. (Weird) If that’s not happening, Cameron talks like he’s reciting dialogue from a really bad dramatic movie. (Sappy or scary music should be playing in the background any time he speaks)

Blue is spending so much time in bed lately, she can’t be bothered to sit up even while finding out she’s going otb:

Jag and Blue weren’t much better. Sure, if Cameron had asked either of them ANYTHING, maybe one of them would’ve spilled the Seven Deadly Sins alliance to him. This would’ve been the correct more but nope, they just wanted to talk to the alliance to work out a plan. Jag wants to play the game, at least. He just isn’t any good at doing it. Blue’s big idea was to get Bowie on the block so enough said about Blue.

Blue upset she went up against Jag:

With Red winning the Veto, noms will stay the same. That’s good for Red since he’d volunteered to be the pawn if needed this week. (Face Palm) Red is a mess too. He wants to believe in this Legen 25 alliance so bad. He’s even clocked that there’s a smaller alliance within the fake 8. (that should be the name of the alliance)

What does he want to do? He wants to get in on the smaller alliance, not break it up. Why? He told Cameron he’s the closest to Cirie besides Cameron and they want to pull her into a new group with them. (You can’t make this shit up!)

Sure, Cameron thought about going after Izzy before Red talked him out of it but how? He put 2 people up who he thought weren’t with Cirie and Izzy. If Red were to use the veto and pull one down, there would still be 1 person otb whose vote they’d need to take Izzy out! (Foutte)

Red telling his future plans to Matt so he can go tell Cirie:

Not that Cirie’s side is much better. They’re flipping votes before they’ve even had the veto ceremony now. Izzy has to be told to stop making over the top expressions towards Cameron that HE CAN SEE! Jared has been hell bent on telling Blue his big secret and they all hate Bowie for no reason other than paranoia. They’re a mess too! (Foutte)

Bowie complaining to Cirie about the lack of sleep and Izzy being snappy to her. Yes, she even complains with a smile:

It’s funny how Bye Bye Bitches don’t trust Bowie. Yes, she hangs out with Red and Cameron but Izzy treats her like crap so why wouldn’t she? She’s obviously bad at the game but she’s loyal and she’s a vote. I think it will be funny if somehow, she ends up being the one vote, one of them needs to stay…and they don’t get it.

Nothing going on, just an image of Matt:

Matt, another recently adopted Fields child, convinced them to keep Jag when he’d been the backup target after Cameron. He mentioned Jag would help them in comps and be a shield in front of them. (Them is Cirie, Izzy and Felicia) Like Red, Matt is completely loyal to Cirie now. Obviously, this plan may change 50 times between now and Thursday, but for now, they’re keeping Jag.

Jared explains to Izzy that him mom always thinks she’s right even when she isn’t. (Run, don’t take his advice Izzy, You’re actually better at the game than Jared):

They’re also planning on getting the 6th vote they need from Jared. (He was told yesterday) Cirie and Izzy don’t trust Cory anymore and want him and America left out of the vote. (A mistake imo) For now, they plan the votes to come from Cirie, Izzy, Felicia, Meme, Matt and Jared. (Another mistake imo) They also plan to blame Jared and Matt’s votes on Cory and America.

Cirie telling Izzy that Jared better do what she says, haha:

Look, I’d have more sympathy for Jared if he wasn’t thinking with his penis. He’s an arrogant know it all who wants to target people for personal reasons. He started wanting Izzy out after she gave him shit for his weird relationship views. Now, he hates Bowie because she made a couple of shomance sex jokes. Izzy can be annoying but she has his game in her hands. (Ya, I don’t care for Jared) He’s actually hurting Cirie’s game as much as he’s helping it.

I think Cirie was partially sold on keeping Jag because he’d kept his mouth shut about the 7 person alliance. She couldn’t believe he didn’t spill it because she knew it’s what he should’ve done. He proved his loyalty to the fake alliance.

Until they change their minds this week, (and they will) they plan to alienate Cory and America with the vote. The only thing this will accomplish is to have Cory realize it’s time to make his move against them. (hopefully) Not only that, they’ll be burning Red, Cameron and Bowie too. This is all assuming Jared doesn’t go rogue and vote for Blue to stay anyway. (These are the reasons I think they may rethink the decision) Of course, Cirie could just convince Red and Cameron to switch the target to Blue. I’m not ruling this out either.

Regardless, Cory has finally ran out of runway and I hope he sees it soon. He got caught playing both side this weekend so he’s no longer in the know. Basically, he spent days hinting to America that she shouldn’t trust Jag. She didn’t pick up what he was putting down and he finally had to tell her.

He spilled the 7 person alliance Jag was in with Cirie and Izzy. He made her promise not to tell Jag she knew. She went to Jag, told him she knew and said Cory told her. It was also mentioned that Jared told Cory.

Cory doing a bit of tanning thinking he’s in a good spot:

Jag went to Cirie and Izzy and repeated everything. Jag’s plan was to get them to stop trusting Jared. (Which would make them want Blue to go) He didn’t think the important part was Cory telling America because he wasn’t even in the alliance.

The important part for Jag was about Jared spilling it to Cory. Cirie and Izzy both focused on why Cory told and Jag was probably confused by it. The takeaway for them was knowing Cory is playing both sides. Cory has been replaced with Matt as far as Cirie and Izzy are concerned.

Cory panicked this weekend once he found out America told. He was nervous, she was apologetic and the flirtmance is turning into an actual shomance by now. He isn’t Jared and said the game is still his priority but he’s definitely distracted.

I just need him to get off the hammock long enough to realize his middle position is gone. He and America need to win now and make a move against Cirie and Izzy.

Finally, Jared told Blue (sort of) his mom is in the house. Ya’ll already know about him not saying a name and Blue mistakenly thinking it was Felicia. There’s no point in going over it again so I’ll focus on something else.

Found this on Twitter, haha:

Think about all the clues Jared gave Blue before the night he told her. Even if she didn’t pick up on the Connecticut thing, he said he’d been to Figi, said he had “an in with alot of reality tv people” and several other things. HOW did Blue jump to ‘it must be Felicia?’ Oh and let’s not forget the one thing she did put together. Since Jared is using Washington for his last name, Blue thinks Cameron’s theory may be correct. She thinks the other part of Jareds big secret could be he’s Denzel Washingtons nephew. (Hahaha)

Jared left her thinking it’s Felicia for now but Blue guessing wrong is the only reason Jared didn’t tell her ALL of it.

Blue buttering up to her future mother-in-law? (Actually, some butter would go along way with Felicia now that I think about it)

Jared telling Cirie that Blue lied about her job and how she’s actually a brand strategist:

As I mentioned earlier, Cirie told Jared they were keeping Jag and said she’d need his vote. He wasn’t happy about it at all. He said he’d do it but said he didn’t agree with the move. Jared thinks its dumb to take out the people he’s working with but Cirie disagreed. She told him he can’t trust Cory anymore and Blue doesn’t give him info because she doesn’t get any. (I’m sure that’s frustrating for Jared but he needs to let Cirie take the lead on the strategizing) Now, she doesn’t know about all Jared’s rock, paper, scissors activity. (Ya, that’s what they call it)

Jared cleaning up after a game of rock, paper, scissors:

I won’t be surprised if this debate continues this week. This won’t be an easy one for Cirie to win with Jared. She has no idea he’s spilling secrets and other stuff….

Blue hearing the cameras are on them ALL the time and in every room:

We’ll have an uneventful veto ceremony today and then all the craziness will begin. I want to see if Cory picks up on being on the outs. I’m watching for Blue to try to get in better with Felicia since, you know.

I’m also wondering if Jag will tell America and Cory about thinking he’s staying so they know how to vote. Izzy and Cirie told him not to but we’ll see. Cirie’s already said if he tells Cory and America, she’s switching it back and they’ll keep Blue.

Cory is still giving Izzy info but isn’t getting any back. How long till he notices?

Also, will Bowie start to flip out over being sleep deprived? (I’m a complete asshole when I don’t get sleep) She’s been complaining about Izzy and Cory staying up half the night. She’s a have not with them and the lights don’t go off until at least 2 of them go to bed. The funniest part of yesterday for me was Bowie trying to get Cory in trouble with production for napping.

Have a great Monday!


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