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Big Brother 25-Weekend Recap for 9/17/23

September 18, 2023 | 15 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning everyone, it was a fairly calm weekend in the house. The Izzy tizzy energy is gone and Cirie definitely feels the difference. (So do I) She was pretty quiet over the weekend. It was in part, Izzy’s departure. Izzy is what made the house fun for her. The other part was having most of her alliances blown up on Thuraday afternoon. She’s been trying to lay low and regroup. Unfortunately for her, other people have been regrouping too.

Jared already knew which noms he was making on Friday so his one on ones didn’t matter. I wanted to see them for the info he’d likely give up, not the info he’d get. Cameron tried to erase all recent conversations he’d had with Jared and act like they were just best buds working together. Cameron’s done this all season. He talks to people like they’re working together even when they aren’t. Honestly, if he didn’t have such a huge ego, its not a bad strategy. If you cant get people to trust YOU, at least convince them that you trust THEM. It makes you less threatening to the other person. Cam just doesn’t have the chops to pull it off.

Cameron coming to tell Cirie he knows what its like to lose your best friend after Izzy’s eviction:

Besides, his “I’m a loyal guy, I’ll do whatever you want” isn’t gonna work when his first move this season was to throw his entire alliance under the bus. Cameron plays both over confident AND desperate. It’s a weird combo.

Cirie flipping him off after he left the room (haha):

After the fall out from Thursday, the momentum in the house stopped with Jareds hoh win. They all had to go into ‘cover your ass’ mode. It was too late to lie about how they flipped or how it happened. What some were able to accomplish, was convince Jared he hadn’t put a target on himself. He actually believes he came out ahead in the Cory/Jared arguement!

Jared put Cory and America otb with plans to backdoor Cameron. Cameron knew this and asked Cory or America to pick him to play in the veto. America kind of wanted to do it but knew it would make her enemy #1 after Cam left if she did. (I think the entire house would target whoever screws up taking Cam out this week) We didn’t get to see if she’d have done it because the only HG choice chip was drawn by Cory. He chose Jag to play. Cameron was still drawn so he got the chance to play and save his game this week.

Cirie, thinking she could save Jared’s game, asked him to put her otb if Cam won the veto. She said she could be voted out and he could blame everything on her. (This was never gonna work) I know alot of people thought she just wanted to quit while she was losing but I don’t agree. (Her son is the hoh this week so she’s safe) That gives her a week for damage control. I think she truly believed it would help Jared’s game. She’s also down because Izzy left and I’m sure that was part of it.

This got started because Blue told Cirie people were starting to talk. Blue said people were linking her to Jared as them being alot closer than they pretended to be. Cirie seemed surprised by it. This is why she thought it would help his game if she left. (Felicia and Meme are the only ones I think are really talking about it tho)

I don’t like anyone ever talking about quitting but she didn’t spend a week begging to be voted out when she was in fear of going otb. (That could still happen later tho) In this situation, she’s putting her son before herself. I don’t like it but this is different than the usual scenario. Her purpose is to help Jared. What I’m interested to see, if he’s evicted, will she try to win?

Jared told her no but only after mentioning it to Blue. Blue told him it wasn’t a good idea. I think there’s been a lot more talk about Jared’s mom being in the house with Blue then we (or I) realized. There’s been talk about how we see so much of Cory and America but not Blue and Jared on the feeds when they’re alone. I’m wondering if this is the reason for it.

Jag won the veto and Cory and America spent the weekend arguing over who he should take off the block. Jag told them they could decide and if they didn’t, he’d use it on Cory since he’d picked him to play.

They were both funny with each other over their reasoning and both wanted it used on them. I like that neither of these two are dramatically throwing their games away for the other one.

Blue, after finding out she’d been lied to by Jared, told Jag she wanted to target Jared. I said on Friday, I wasn’t convinced. It didn’t last long and she doesn’t want to target him anymore. (She shouldn’t) She seemed to wake up and realize, she could play the middle if she’d stop telling everything to everyone. She proposed the middle thing to Matt, who agreed with her. (It’s because he’s already figured this out and is already doing it) Jag, FINALLY realized it too.

Jared, knowing Cirie is talking to Blue more, accused Izzy of maybe spilling their secret to Blue. Cirie said it wasn’t possible. He said maybe Izzy told Cory. She didn’t believe this one either. She said, if Cory knew, it would already be out. I think Jared’s worried Blue may slip up and is trying to cover. This is sooooo dumb. (Tell her! He’s hurting Cirie’s game by not telling her. She’d be playing this much differently with Blue if she knew)

He knows it was stupid to tell Blue and the proof is that he’s trying to cover it. Cirie’s been having conversations with Blue about feeling like she’s the third wheel to them. She’s doing this for Blue’s benefit but it makes Cirie look like a liar to Blue. (It does seem there was a point off feeds when Jared must’ve clarified, its Cirie and not Felicia)

There was also a point on Thursday night when Blue brought up to Jag knowing secrets about Jared they could ruin his game. Jag being Jag, just moved right past it and started talking about something else. I’m not saying I think she was going to tell him but Blue has a big mouth. With a litttle prompting from Jag, I actually think she might.

The entire house celebrated when Cameron lost the veto. (Jag won) I thought that was a funny moment on the feeds. The entire house was dancing in separate rooms at the same time. (Surely, that’s going to make the episode)

Speaking of the episodes, I still haven’t watched the one the aired last night. I’m anxious to see it because I’ve been reading a lot of comments about it being one of the best so far.

Bowie needed help getting her costume off:

Matt, who hosted the comp, left his costume on after the comp. We know Matt loves a costume. America said he looked like he worked at Footlocker:

Felicia and Meme began trying to sort everything out. I was glad to see it because at first, it looked like they were just going to move on past Felicia almost being voted out. They’ve talked to Matt, Jag, Cory and America, all separately. They finally realized it wasn’t a last minute decision too. They know the plan for Jared and Cirie was always to keep Izzy last week.

Felicia and Meme also made a final 2. They’re faking things with Jared and Cirie for now but it may not be over. They may as well keep working with Jared and Cirie while not trusting them because they don’t trust the other people either.

Meme stepped up her game and hung out with the younger crowd the past two nights. I still don’t think she likes most of the people in the house but she’s finally trying to fake it, at least.

Cameron campaigning to Cirie by talking bad about Izzy, that was a choice:

I already mentioned Cameron’s campaigning and he was working hard. I think he campaigned to almost everyone yesterday except for Felicia, Meme, America and Cory. Keep in mind, he did all this to try to avoid being on the block. Most of his conversations were a waste of time because Jared and Jag were the only 2 people he needed to get to before today.

Cameron discussing how he’d be good on Love Island:

As Steve’s already mentioned, he used the “I have a daughter and financially need to make it to jury” thing. Have they upped the jury stipend drastically and we just don’t know it? I’m only saying that because the money he makes a week in jury isn’t a lot of money. How does making it to jury somehow save him financially? I think it only postpones him looking for a job for a couple of months.

Cory had a lengthy conversation with Felicia yesterday. It was smart to have it because even though she stayed and she knew Cory instigated it, she was still saying Cory and America would be her noms next week. He was able to fill in a lot of the blanks for her that Meme couldn’t. Cory thinks he can get Felicia to also target Jared. (I think he’s wrong)

They also got a little alcohol last night. I’m sure they enjoyed it but they benefited most from getting the yard back. Cory was out of socks, said he was almost out of underwear and had worn America’s sweatpants the day before the yard opened. Cory probably needed to do laundry the most but everyone was running out of clothes. Not only that, they’ve been stuck in the house for a week so it probably felt like a month.

Felicia surrounded by piles of laundry:

For now, it sounds like the crew Cory put together for the vote flip is still planning on working together. (Maybe) There’s still nervousness about it from most of them. For example, Cory still doesn’t trust Blue with information. (He shouldn’t) Matt still doesn’t trust America. He’s never gotten over finding out several weeks ago, America said she’d put him up as a pawn. This seems like a weird thing to hang on to and not talk to her about it. I don’t even think it was that serious the moment she said it and it definitely doesn’t apply to their situation now.

Cirie told Bowie about knowing about the “Middlemen” alliance. Bowie didn’t know what she was talking about. She said it sounded like a joke and she’d never been in an alliance with Red, Cory and Meme. (This was the thing that really was a joke. Cory made a joke about the people seen as middle people being in an alliance. Cirie still believes it was real, haha)

Cory told America he was nervous about how much time Jag and Matt were spending with Jared this week. He knows there’s a reason for it but how could that not make you nervous? There’s concern over the way Bowie will go with whoever is talking to her the most and Meme’s definitely not locked in. (Cirie’s been working on Bowie too)

This isn’t a new alliance, even though there was lots of joking about it last night. This is more a group of people who voted together, had to hit the pause button and they’ll wait to see who wins the next HOH. It’s actually good for us because it eliminates any kind of steamroll. Almost anyone will work with anyone moving forward so that makes things unpredictable.

Jag, Matt and Blue have talked about throwing the next hoh. (This may change when they find out it’s a double) Finally recognizing they shouldn’t take out Jared themselves, they’re hoping Cory and America will do it for them. Jag’s also hoping Meme might do it. (I don’t see that happening) It may be fine for Matt or Blue but Jag doesn’t have any business throwing the next hoh. He’s still a big target.

Jag doing the baby gif dance shes got half the house doing now:

The 3 of them also talked about being honest that they may have different targets. Blue said, what’s best for one of them may not be best for all 3 of them and said it’s ok. (She’s not wrong) She’s way more with Jared than she’s pretending but she still isn’t telling Jared everything. (I just don’t know how long it will last)

Matt’s doing the best job at playing the middle. It’s because he was already doing it. Jared still trusts him and Cirie’s still working on getting him back. Jag’s told Matt he can’t trust Cirie but I don’t think he’s convinced. Matt’s mistake, (I think) is thinking if he takes out Jared, he’ll have Cirie loyal to him. He may for a while but they’ve already said, they can’t let Matt get near the F2. They feel like he’d beat all of them. Matt’s also told Cirie about Cory targeting Jared next.

Felicia questioned Jared over why he didn’t use the veto on her and if he had any F2’s. He said alot of words but she knew it was bullshit:

It sounds like Cory is the one who will be coming off the block. Cameron is still the target and I’d expect it to remain that way. Cameron’s going to campaign to stay pretty hard, I’d imagine. Someone who campaigned that hard to stay off the block is definitely going to put work in once they’re sitting there. Cory may have to work harder this week than he thinks he will.

America tried to get a jump on it the other night by revealing some of the information she shared with Cam. You could tell Matt especially was annoyed by it. He even asked her “why would you tell Cameron anything?” She knows it’s info Cameron will try to use against her so she was trying to get ahead of it.

Yesterday, Jared told Cirie, he wanted to make Cory squirm again. There will be some conversations about flipping the vote this week, even if it’s not sincere. Jared doesn’t like the fact that Cory feels comfortable this week. He wants to act like maybe they’re considering splitting up the showmance and saving Cameron. Obviously, anything could happen but I really think Cameron leaves this week. I think Cirie still wants revenge for Izzy.

Cirie even mentioned the possibility to Jared about working with Cameron. Cameron had been offering Jared the moon and Cirie asked him if he thought it was doable. Jared said it wasn’t and they seemed to move on pretty quickly. (I actually think it’s the smartest thing that could at this point) Jared’s reasoning is knowing how much Cameron says things but takes it back as soon as he’s in power. (True) On top of that, Jared simply doesn’t see Cory or America as threats. Cirie warned him she thought Cory was trying to build something with the people who voted with him last week. Jared, who thinks he knows everything, wasn’t worried about it.

A couple of extra moments:

Matt told Jared “we’re winning comps.” Jared corrected Matt and told him, “me and cameron are winning comps.” Matt also corrected Jared and said “I won that 1 veto and let you keep it. (Hahaha)

Jared told Cirie that Cory & America didn’t have anything without Cameron. He said he didn’t ever see them making a big move. (Ummmm, they already did!)

The veto ceremony will be later today and assuming nothing crazy happens, we’ll end up with Cameron vs America this week.

Have a great Monday!


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