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Big Brother Final 4 Live Eviction

derrick-calebHere we are, heading into the final 3, and the final week of the Big Brother 16 season.  I am writing this 5 minutes before the live show, so I don’t have a ton of time to reflect on the season, but I’m sure I will be doing a lot of reflecting the next week.  It’s always sad when the season ends.


So what will happen tonight?  Will Caleb or Victoria go to jury?  Will they take the hard or easy road?   We will find out shortly!

Updates –

  • Question of the night. Would Caleb have won BB16 if he got Derrick out?  Frankie and Cody would have been tough competition either way.
  • Also, correction from my previous post. Cody can’t use the PoV, but he’s the only vote so it’s the same thing.  He has all the power.  I wasn’t thinking when I said ‘will cody use the pov’
  • Highlights from the last few days.  Frankie tried to give the guys the millions of followers speech and said he holds all the power in the jury.  Caleb called Frankie out on his threads. Was pretty fun to watch.
  • Derrick got a ‘holla’ from his daughter.  That was nice to hear.  I thought I would have hated that punishment, but it was really fun hearing them do it the past few weeks.  The ex-players, the random people and now his daughter. Great job, BB
  • Showing the nominations which were Caleb and Victoria
  • 5:17pm – More highlights.  Showing Caleb talking about how great he is.  Then they show Caleb’s family. Caleb’s dad said there is a shred of truth to everything Caleb said.
  • 5:25pm – Commercial return, POV competition. It’s the web competition where they put faces up next to clues. I love this competition. It’s another I wish I could play.
  • Because Derrick threw that, there was no chance Cody wasn’t winning that veto.
  • 5:44pm – It’s eviction time.  Julie said ‘Victoria.. for the 9th time. Is there anyone left you haven’t thanked yet?’
  • Caleb used ‘at the end of the day’ twice in the same speech.  I believe that is the 4,683rd time this season.
  • Cody’s eviction speech. Tells everyone about the hitmen and the final 2 deal and his reason for voting out Caleb is because that’s the easiest route.
  • Caleb said he wishes he didn’t show Frankie as much respect as he did because Frankie showed his true colors.
  • Caleb really grew on me, and it’s sad to see him go.
  • No HoH endurance competition tonight. They really screwed us on the endurance comps this season.

Check back for more


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  1. SB i want to thank you for taking time to start new blog while away on honeymoon. I just wanted you to know i appreciate that i am able to get my bb fix.

  2. Caleb would have done better if he had gotten rid of Derrick!

  3. g8trgirl

    He DID NOT say that. OMGosh!

  4. Wow…Frankie finally shows his true colors to his fellow alliance members, LOL. I give Derrick credit for not saying what he really felt when this was happening, but hey – Cody and Caleb didn’t hold back!! Woo Hoo!! (Especially Caleb, LOL – not the brightest guy, but I was rooting him on as he gave it right back to Frankie as good as Frankie gave it!!)

    And speaking of Frankie – could he be any more conceited???

    • Rita

      Caleb crushed his exit interview! And he crushed Frankie! That was sad seeing Caleb be blindsided. I would love to see him in AllStars and see how he plays after this.

      • Great post. You know, after seeing BB put his charisma in a few minute package and his interview skills.. he may get an acting job!

      • Maybe he’ll get a roll as a stalker. Lol sorry couldn’t help it.

      • Getting rid of Amber was the best thing that could have happened to Caleb. Even though he didn’t make the finals, it allowed enough time to pass that we got to know the non-stalker side of Caleb and turned out that he seemed like a pretty good guy, loyal and with his heart in the right place. He started to grow on us and honestly when he left last night like it went down it was the only HG eviction that I actually felt sad about. I’m glad Julie didn’t ask him any questions about Amber either. I too, loved when he called out Frankie’s BS.

      • AIO_7

        “I too, loved when he called out Frankie’s BS.”

        Chen-bot looked like she had ants in her pants around that time.

    • Actually, I thought that was a smart attempt on Frankie’s part to tell his alliance that he would be more of a threat to them in the jury house. Frankie can talk. I just hope he manages to get through to the jurors. In a way it’s fortunate that Caleb is following right on Frankie’s heels. Frankie holds Caleb and Cody responsible for his eviction. Caleb needs to inform Frankie (and the house) exactly what Cody told him about Derrick and he having formed the Hitman the first few days in the house. During Cody’s farewell message to Caleb, he tried to tell Caleb that a lot had been going on behind the scenes (implying that it wasn’t really him causing it). I seriously doubt Caleb is bright enough to pick up on it. Tonight’s show was a real an eye opener for me. I discovered that Derrick is more of a slimeball than I originally thought he was.

      • It’s big brother Derrick isn’t a slimeball. He is a great player. He is playing for his family not to mark friends. If he wins HOH he will take Victoria.

      • I do agree with it being a smart attempt by Frankie. He needed to try something to save himself. I’m sure they will make up in the jury house.

      • That’s what is so wonderful about Big Brother, Sam. One person’s great player is another person’s slimeball.

      • Sam you can be a great player and be a slimeball. Not saying he’s a slimeball but just saying.

      • I don’t understand why you called Derrick a slime ball. Who did he hurt? It’s a game. This not about who is the most loyal or who has the most integretity. This is BB it’s a cut throat game. It’s cut before getting cut. I think Derrick actually respected a lot of the house guests and said so. But at the end of the day ( couldn’t help it ) it is still a game and you play to win.

      • Yeah, what Sandra said.

      • Rita

        I was an attempt. It might have been smart if Frankie left the attitude out of it. It was all in the presentation. Instead of scaring them Frankie made it sound like a threat.

        Or like a little child at the grocery store that wants a candy bar but mom won’t give it to him. “If you don’t give me that candy bar I’m going to throw a fit right here in front of all these people”.

      • Rita. That’s the way I took it also. Kind of like I’m so much better than all of you and you know it. I thought he was serious

      • When Cody told Caleb on his goodbye message there was a lot going on behind the scenes what he was trying to say nicely is that Caleb just hadn’t been aware of everything going on in the game. We all know that Caleb didn’t have a clue about Cody and Derricks alliance or Derrick and Victorias alliance or even there wasn’t a bomb squad forever now. It was the detonators. That was my take on it anyway. IMHO

      • He had already said all that at eviction time. It’s interesting how we can all see the same thing and come away with completely different aspects of what happened. I have completely opposite view of how Cody was to Caleb (unclassy, intentionally mean, braggart and uncaring) to those who didn’t see any of that at all, others wo saw it but says doesn’t matter it’s just a game. None of us are wrong. It’s just how differently we perceive life behaviors, our life experiences and what we think is acceptable or unacceptable behavior. Some ppl think no matter what you do in game it’s ok because it’s just a game and the point is to win while others think that even when playing game there are limits ppl should go to to advance.. Our life experiences influence how we judge these HG and we are all have different life experiences. What is right to one can be wrong to another. We just need to respect one another’s opinions even tho we are saying “how can you think or say that”. Guess that’s why we all come to site like this- how boring if everyone here agreed with everyone else. There would be nothing to post but “I agree” as boring as HG this season voting with the house every time but once (or was it twice)

      • I think it was once. Anyway I agree with what you said in regards to people having different perspectives. I myself try not to get emotionally involved with the players but there usually is at least one that I i do. Donny was my guy this year. He was endearing.

    • Diane, I know Frankie is conceited; but Derrick, with his self assurance that he would control everyone in the house to do his bidding, is just as conceited.

      • Just because someone is comfortable with who they are as a person dies not make them conceited. I think maybe you might want to think more about how some of the others have behaved to know the difference such as Frankie, Caleb and Devon.

      • Sandra, I’ve seen how the others behaved. I’m sorry, but nothing will make me like Derrick’s gameplay.

      • Ah you said gameplay. Basically you just admitted that you don’t like Derrick. I don’t understand why people want to hate him so much. What did he do that was so horrible? Nothing.

      • Sandra, after weeks of reading some really scathing and downright nasty comments on this and other sites about Frankie and some other houseguests, I think I’m entitled to say that I don’t like Derrick or his method of gameplay.

      • Absolutely. It was just a question. I’ve said before that the word hate to me is a very powerful word Im just trying to understand why some people are using that word for Derrick when I haven’t seen him do anything to deserve such a harsh reaction. But your entitled.

      • I never thought Caleb was conceited. He’s an insecure guy who tries to act superior to hide insecurities and help his ego

      • Rita

        Some say conceited. Some say confident.

      • Exactly, Rita – I see Derrick as confident (very) but not conceited. Frankie is just an arrogant, conceited, brat. The example you gave of a kid in a grocery store who doesn’t get his way was perfect – Frankie forgot that he’s supposed to be a grown man, though. I thought his threats were really a low blow, as well. It’s like as soon as he realized they were really sending him packing, the real Frankie came out – no holds barred.

      • Yes Derrick and Cody taking too much credit for things they had nothing to do with. Much of first of game they just went with majority because of alliance when voting HG out. Usually it was one person who came up with idea and everyone fell in line. It wasn’t until many ppl were out that Derrick started having any power. There were some smart ppl who got kicked out before jury and many were just sent on someone’s paranoia or whim. Bot helped derricks game immensely. Hope they never do that again. Hated that. But didn’t ever seed cody do anything. He would want to make a move and Derrick talked him out of it every time so Cody just floated with majority. Most ppl stuck with alliance just cause they had numbers not because of Derrick. I saw derricks real power coming in when he started trying to get rid of Nichole and Donny. So inaccurate to say he ruled entire house cause he never ruled Hayden Nichole or Donny. Nor did he fool them. He didn’t fool most ppl of average intelligence or higher. They just couldn’t fight back because of numbers. But at the end of the day lol, Derrick did play best game. But if he had not lucked into that large alliance ( and it was just random luck who got in)who knows what might have happened.

  5. Uh, oh. I voted last night for America’s Favorite Player (all on Donny!) and I definitely voted before 12 midnite…it was actually around 10:30pm Pacific time, which is exactly the same as BB time). So I just went to vote for today and it won’t let me; it keeps saying I already voted today. I did not!!!! What the heck?! I did not see anything that keeps tabs on the time, other than the last votes must be made by 9:59AM, Pacific Time on the 22nd. Don’t tell me BB/CBS is screwing with our votes!!!!!!

    • marie2 – it sounds like they’re using a 24-hour clock for voting, which means you’ll be able to vote again at 10:30 pm (PST) tonight. 🙂

      • Thanks Diane, I never thought of them using a 24 hr clock in that way. I assumed that it was 12 to 12, like a normal day. I’ll try again tonight after 10:30pm and see what happens.

      • Not so sure of the 24 hr. thing, I definitely voted earlier today than I did yesterday. But it could be they are giving window of a couple of hours. But also have to say that while I didn’t really count the votes I made today, but it seemed to me that they cut me off before I got 20 votes in. I will pay more attention and count tomorrow. I really hope I am wrong.

      • I counted all 60 of mine both days. They were right. And I would doubt they would change the they usually do time in TA missions. a new day started at mn. I voted today and will try at mn tonight

      • Actually I voted last night before midnight and again today I was fine. Might want to try again or leave message for cbs.

    • I hope not because I planned to do Mondays vote right after mn sunday

  6. leafhopper

    I guess I have not paid that much attention to ALL of Caleb’s “stories” – when they put them all together in a segment like they did, it makes him looks like quite the fabricator.

    • I can see his stories being quite entertaining in the house.. you’d never know what he’s gonna say next..

    • I missed most of that. I’m going to have to go back and watch it again.

    • There were so many more stories than you heard tonight. Caleb has had every job, met every person and done everything and not only that but he did it better. But I liked him this past couple of weeks. Beastmode!!!

      • LOVED Caleb’s comment that if he wrote a book, it would be a best seller.

      • Caleb has a very good heart. He’s been basically nice to most ppl. He was so classy tonight. You could tell how hurt he was but he fount back the tears. My feelings for him went up, Cody’s is low on ground to me and I also think less of Derrick there was always something I didn’t like about him. He was by far best player and deserves to win but I lost respect for him. Hey. It’s my right. I’m an idealist and think he showed lack of class tonight.

      • How did Derrick act classless tonight. He was nice to Caleb it wasn’t his vote that sent him home and he gave him a very nice goodbye message. What did you want him to do?

      • Meant lack of class for Cody but also thought Derrick as leader he is, should have made sure Caleb knew before he left. Derrick knew how much Caleb was going to feel betrayed but more important how hurt he would be. Getting a heads up before would have helped. Plus he could have blamed it on Cody like he’s done to evicted HG all season

  7. To vote for America’s Favorite Player, just head over to:


    As Steve Beans posted, all it will take is one tweet from Ariana to give Frankie a ton of votes, so make sure you get in your 20 votes every day until Monday (9/22). Every vote counts!!

    Donny for America’s Favorite Player!!

  8. I can’t believe I’m even saying this, but after hearing what Derrick and Cody (especially Cody…) really think about Caleb, and how they’ve basically just used him…I almost feel sorry for him. He’s going to be devastated, to say the least.

    • Bridget

      I also feel sorry for Caleb after listening to Cody.He is one cold hearted dude.I’m stll rooting for Derrick to win .

    • I thought Cody was a real ass. I can’t believe he talked like that when it was not necessary. Cody talked about calling ppl out all season but never had guts to do but does it at end in hurtful goodbye message. That’s not a man to me

      • Somehow I missed Cody talking bad about Caleb. Was it on the live feeds? Did Derrick say stuff too? What was said?

      • I think some people are taking what was said tonight and twisting it to fit what they think they heard. Some people can’t be impartial when it comes to BB. Just like in the house these kinds of people never make it to the end on the outside some people expect that you should be especially nice and upfront with everyone. That’s not BB. To answer your question they didn’t say anything mean or hurtful.

      • Rita

        Well said. Thumbs up!

      • Bull. We were just using you? That was not necessary. He had already told him in his speech he was letting him go. All he had to say was you were good competitor and we had to get you out. Bb is game of scheming and lying and backstabbing but you don’t have to get personal. Cody got personal essentially behind his back did not have balls to do it to his face like he said he would all season. I know what I heard and went back to read it again to make sure read other postings where others thought the same. And I didn’t like Caleb so there was no bias with me.

      • Rita

        I did say Cody was harsh with his comments to Caleb. He wants Caleb to go to the jury house and tell them what he said.

        With that being said… I challenge anyone to spend 80+ days locked in a house with these guys and see how your mood is when you finally get one of the biggest braggers out.

        At the end of the day… I liked Caleb ever since Amber left and it was sad to see him go.

      • I liked him too after Amber left especially in the last couple of weeks.

      • Why do they want Caleb to tell jury. That makes no sense. I mean what good will that do. Surely Cody is not so stupid as to think jury does not know? Well how stupid am I to say that because he has been fooled by Derrick the most and for the longest. He said last night to Derrick: when the jury questions us about hit men and are mad (they won’t be mad) then we will just say we are final two and fooled you all and Derrick getting $500,000 is just like me getting it?? And we thought Caleb was delusional

      • Yeah, what Sandra said.

      • BB Bopper: It’s in tonight’s aired show. I think they’re talking about what Cody says to Caleb in his eviction speech as well as the farewell message Cody left for Caleb. In my opinion, Cody didn’t mean for it to be bad or hurtful. Cody was truthful with Caleb for once.

      • Thx, AnitaM

      • In his goodbye speech and in his DR before that. And he said it seriously with hate I thought

      • I disagree I thought he was being very sincere to Caleb and trying to explain what happened and why.

      • What was hurtful about Cody’s farewell message to Caleb? I thought he was honest with him. He finally clued Caleb in to the fact that he and Derrick had basically used the rest of the them in order to reach the final 2. There was no real alliance between the four of them; nor was there any loyalty except for some misguided loyalty for Derrick on Cody’s part. Unfortunately, Cody is still clueless to the fact that Derrick has and continues to use him.

      • Anita not talking about Cody’s eviction speech where he said all that. Was talking about DR and goodbye speech. It’s just that we perceive things differently. I think he got personal and you dont

    • Cody was using Christine the whole time too so its definitely not surprising.

      • I don’t think he was using her at all he likes her. Said he was using her after they talked him into going with them and voting her out and after she got booed. He still does not think their relationship had anything to do with ppl not liking Christine. He thinks their behavior with each other was fine

    • What really was interesting to hear was Derrick tell the Diary Room that he intended to take Cody to the final 2–not because of any loyalty to him but because, as he put it, anyone sitting next to Cody is guaranteed to win. I truly hope that comment of Derrick’s comes back to bite him in the butt! Victoria heard Cody spill the beans about how loyal he and Derrick have been to each other all along and about their final 2 deal. Unless she’s totally stupid (and the verdict is still out on that), she should now realize that she’s been had by Derrick. All she is to Derrick is a jury vote or a backup person to take him to the final 2. Derrick will look to smooth things over the next couple of days by telling Victoria that he’s only been fooling Cody and that he really has a final 2 with her. If she believes him after that, I have swamp land to sell her. It would be so fitting if Victoria won and dumped Derrick for Cody. Or, if the gruesome twosome end up as the final 2, I hope Cody wins the $500,000 and Derrick comes in second place. $120,000 as a second place price is not bad at all.

      • Derrick has told Victoria all along that Cody thinks they have a final two but that she knows where his true alliance is. With her. She believes him. Like I said above some people aren’t meant to play BB. Victoria is one of those people.

      • Derrick has been the best player by far this season. Winning comps is good for your game, IF you need them. Derrick has been able to manipulate others into believing what he needs them to believe, and has not been on the block all season. I think he wins in a landslide over either Cody or Victoria. Derrick knows this too.

      • How would Derrick get that much for second place? $50,000 for second, $$20,000 for TA $5,000 for competition and stipend of about$7,000 for stipend

      • Your right except he wouldn’t get his stipend. 1st and 2nd place don’t receive their stipend.

      • Didn’t know they didn’t get stipend in final 2! So Derrick would get $75,000 for second

      • Trudy: Second place for Derrick would entail: $50,000 for a Team America member making it to the final 2; $50,000 for coming in second place; $15,000 that he won for the Team America tasks (or more, I lost count); $5,000 that he won in the snowman slush contest; PLUS his stipend. All-in-all a sizeable amount for second place.

      • Anita,TA had to win bb to make the money not just get to final two

      • He’s been doing that all night to both of them I heard Derrick say he had no ones back but his own but I missed him saying he was taking Cody cause he could beat him. I can’t think of anyone who would vote for Cody but possibly Christine but why should jury stop voting unanimously now? Slight chance Cody gets one vote. Zero chance Vic gets vote. Cody expecting to tell jury we r twosome one of us winning bb is like both of us winning. Do you think Derrick is going to say that?

    • Caleb never did understand how BB works. BB has never been a game that you could play fair and loyal and win. If that’s what you want to see then then this is not the game for you or people like Caleb or Victoria for that matter.

      • Jordan played a pretty clean game and won. Everyone has to lie but no one has to be nasty in personal way

      • I’m sorry but how many Jordan’s have won? Who was seated next to her? I wanted her to win but the old saying nice guys finish last is out there for a reason. I don’t see anything personal in anything that Derrick especially had said to hurt Caleb. Did you ever think him and Caleb were as close as Caleb did? No that was another one sided relationship of Caleb’s that he thought was real. He did it with Amber and did it with Derrick

      • See that’s difference in our looks on life you think nice guys finish last and I think nice guys win in the long run. I think what goes around comes around and actions will come back to bite you. I think nice guys might not win a game but win the bigger game of life.

  9. Before it’s to late thank you Steve for this season

  10. I don’t like Cody at all. He is being such a jackass about Caleb. He’s going to look really stupid when he takes Derrick to the end and loses unanimously. I don’t want him in the final 2, he doesn’t deserve the money anymore than Victoria, well not a whole lot more. And I also hope everyone makes fun of him for messing around with Christina, she’s gross and he let her all over him.

    • Glad to know it wasn’t just me. Thinking I might be over reacting

      • Trudy I saw nothing mean or malicious about what Cody said. Or Derrick. I can’t believe people didn’t see this coming we’ve been talking about this for several days. Everyone knew Caleb was leaving.

      • Oh I knew that. No doubt. Just thought Cody was unclassy in how he did it. They told Frankie he was going and not Caleb. But Caleb showed class leaving and held himself together and I thought Cody really did mean to hurt him. He had a look on his face that I can’t describe– like he was so glad to be rubbing it in his face. Just seemed personal to me. I think he wanted to personally hurt him

      • Derrick was as usual nice in his goodbye speech

      • Have you ever thought that maybe he was nice in goodbye messages because he’s nice. Just sayin IMHO

      • Trudy-
        I understand what you are saying. I did think it was comical that Cody waits until now to finally step up and say things that were said. It did take until after Amber left for me to see Caleb as a sweet guy, who is very loyal. And yes last night did show up as a story teller, but I bet he offered up some excitement throughout the season.90+ days in the house, you need something and the same old story after story does get old. He seems to have new ones just waiting to tell. It was hard to see how hurt he was last night during the interview with Julie.

      • Caleb didn’t. Cody could have just left it at–you are beast mode and we don’t think we could win against you. Caleb was hurt more by Derrick not having his back than what Cody said.

      • Thank goodness some ppl see it like I did. I was beginning to think I was the only one with everyone else thinking I was imagining things. I think it’s different way we see things. Some ppl are more sensitive to other ppls feelings and others think feelings don’t matter cause it’s just a game. Non of us right or wrong- just completely different perceptions

    • No it will be really funny when Derrick wins HOH and takes Victoria to the final 2!!

  11. Yep America gets to see the true Frankie tonight.. I control the jury I’ll use my million fans omg. Wish all viewers saw shat we have seen

    • Rita

      I cannot believe BB showed that considering how nice of an edit they have been giving Frankie all season. But BB always surprises me at the end of the season.
      Maybe Frankie went all Diva at the end of the show last night and they are paying him back a little bit. lol
      I say that because of what Christine said about Frankie during their football training camp outing.

      • Seeing tonight’s show where they handed Frankie his ass…that made me SO HAPPY!!!! Nice to see him taken down a peg… or two… or a whole bunch…

      • I didnt see that. How did they hand him his butt? Are you referring to the fact they voted him out, then YES I agree.

    • Frankie was throwing up a Hail Mary at that point. Trying to intimidate Derrick, Cody and Caleb. Is he a jerk absoulutely. Is he egotistical? Yep he’s both those things and more. He has no pull with the jury. So he can go jump.

      • I really think he thinks he has influence in jury. Maybe with zach. Caleb will never trust him again

      • that is how the game is played, try to do anything you can to stay in the house. But we all know he is a jerk and seems to be like that in real life only makes it worse when we see it on here. I am so glad I wont have to watch his animated facial expressions anymore!!

  12. Okay, I need to find the exact words Caleb just said to Julie about how he really felt about Frankie…I’m impressed!!! We all thought Frankie had him in his back pocket, but apparently Caleb felt the same way about Frankie that the rest of us did, LOL. You go, Caleb!!

  13. It’s really funny that Cody thinks he’s played so h a great game. He would t know what was going on in the house if Derrick hadn’t held his hand and drawn him pictures all season. Delusional.

  14. I think BB HAD to show a true edit of Mango.
    And it was great!! Those few sentences summed up who he is.

  15. I’m sorry but even tho I knew Cody was dumb as a rock didn’t think he was that nasty. He talked really bad about Caleb in DR and also in goodbye speech. Uncalled for. They also should of told him before hand I think. That would have changed nothing They told Frankie.caleb was really hurt but showed class when he left. Cody showed his true colors to me and I hope he doesn’t get final two cause I don’t want him to even get any money.

    • Bridget

      Cody shouldn’t get a dime after his actions tonight.Caleb was a real gentleman.I hope he does get some fame after this is over.His family should be very proud of him.Also,everyone was getting on Victoria for being inappropriate with Derrick{I don’t think she crossed the line}.But what about Cody’s behavior with Christine?

    • I know Cody was influenced by DR to blindside Caleb but uncalled for

    • OK, so Cody says nasty things in good-bye to Caleb……but everyone was sugary sweet to Frankie last night?????? I haven’t seen the show yet (in CA) – just going by comments posted. Tell me last night with Frankie wasn’t edited!!!??

      • Yes. They were very nice to Frankie and told him before he left and he got very good goodbyes. Cody crapped all over caleb

      • I haven’t seen BB yet cuz I’m in CA but I’m guessing from the posts today that Caleb was evicted and that Cody left him a nasty goodbye msg? Is Cody really so stupid that he doesn’t realize that Caleb is going to jury! And now not only Is he definitely not getting Caleb’s vote but he might persuade others not to vote for him now either. Not only was it apparently classless it was also a bonehead move.

      • Nobody ever said he had any brains. He’s believed everything Derrick has told him all season. Cody on TV bragging about what a big part he had in every move in house. What a joke. And Derrick blowing smoke up Vic’s butt along with Cody.

      • Bb bopper. Ppl have different view on how Caleb was treated in end you might not agree. Watch and see what you think cause audience split on this

    • Did we watch the same show tonight? Cody wasn’t nasty to Caleb. He tried to explain as he was evicting him just WHY he was evicting him. Was Caleb upset? Of course he was. Derrick and Cody had been feeding him lies that he would be safe and that the “boys” would make the final 3. I’m sure Caleb was crushed; but it wasn’t Cody’s fault. Cody is a true hitman. He’s emotionless when it comes to giving someone the axe. Derrick knows this and that’s why he thinks no one in the jury will give Cody their vote. Cody’s farewell message to Caleb wasn’t nasty either. It was nuanced and probably not understood by Caleb.

      • Not then to his face. His goodbye message and how he talked about him in dr

      • Plain words. Nothing nuanced about it just plain words clearly said and in mine and others opinion personal and meant to hurt. I’m a very blunt and upfront person which sometimes comes out Untactful. But I think getting person and saying things that you know are going to hurt ppl is uncalled for. I also have thick skin so don’t get feeling hurt easily. I’m a tough old gal. But getting your feeling hurt is very hurtful to everybody so I don’t like to see it happen to anybody esp when not deserved. Words can be very hurtful.

    • What exactly did Cody say that was so awful? I must have watched a different BB episode. I would like someone to get specific about what was so horrible that he said. The truth often hurts. Would you rather he lied?

      • I didn’t say it was so horrible. Simple hurtful words. He knew what he said was going to hurt Caleb and I think he did it on purpose to intentially hurt him. Don’t know how to explain it. It’s a game but I guess I expect everyone to talk to ppl just as they would outside house. I think Cody meant to hurt caleb

      • I’m sorry Trudy but I’m still not hearing from you or anyone else specifically what it was that Cody said that was hurtful. I ask because I didn’t hear that or perceive it that way.

      • We were never loyal to you and we were just with you to use you. You were only there to be used. Something like that. I posted it somewhere. First of all even tho they were in alliance they were also in alliance with Caleb until they couldn’t be anymore and were loyal. Second why rub it in and say we used you? He’s already evicted, he has already been told there was final two deal etc. at that point you say in goodbye speech:Had to get rid of you because you were too big of competitor(true) Sorry to see you go but I had alliance and had to do what’s best for my game. Cody never liked Caleb and he let it show in what he said. Actually he could have essentially said what Derrick said. Can’t see how you can’t see difference in their two goodbyes

      • I think Cody is just too stupid to realize what he is saying. He hasn’t played the game. He’s been Derrick’s little puppet all season, carrying out orders just like Victoria.

  16. danmtruth

    I’m sure Derrick was not thrilled by Cody’s speech To much information . Derrick does not want people knowing any part of his game

  17. g8trgirl

    You’ve gotta respect Beast Mode. He took it like a man, said his piece to Julie, made America aware that he knows the score with Frankie and was then ready to sign autographs all in a matter of 3 minutes. Nice job, Caleb.

  18. Okay, it’s my last post for the season. Not much game left to discuss, and so I am logging off, hoping to see a surprise next week.

    Sad to see Caleb go, but he handled it well.

    Thanks to Steve for running the site, especially during a very busy schedule, and difficult family issues. Best of luck with that. September 29th will go great !

    Let’s hope Big Brother 17 is less predictable !

    Take care everyone. See you back here in about 9 months.

  19. I told you guys, from the jump, Cody was a jerk. Jerk, jerk, JERK

    If he’s so smart (he’s not) he should see Derrick might be setting him up.
    ‘specially after blabbing about the Hitmen. Good thing his big mouth wasn’t on TA.

    BB should withdraw that extra TA mission money tho. TA has not successfully accomplished the last 3 missions anyway. I’ll give them the mouse one but that’s it.

    They could have told Caleb, but then again I hate the “dead man walking” feeling the “sure to be evicted” nominees/targets have.

    Frankie was just saying whatever he needed to for them to keep him.
    I don’t think ill of what he said at all.

    I’m not fan of the dumb backstabber Caleb but that naked football pic. Cody, he smoked you. He crushed it.

  20. I really really really want Victoria to win just to
    Spite Cody for evicting Caleb. Soo upset right now.

  21. But it’s ok. When Derrick takes Victoria over him
    He’ll feel the burn!!!

  22. I felt bad for Caleb tonight but he went out with real class. I always thought Cody was an azz & tonight he proved it.

  23. jimbo

    Gonna miss Caleb…loyal and funny. Egotistical, but funny in an almost kid-like way.

  24. Rita

    I am not defending Cody’s comments here but I’d like to point out why I think he said what he did to Caleb.

    Cody could be competing with Derrick in the final 2. He needed to make sure it got back to the jury house that he played the game and didn’t just sit around getting petted by all the girls.

    To me how he did it was harsh and Caleb deserved better but I understand why he did it. What week was it when Cody wanted to put Caleb up on the block but was talked out of it by Derrick and the alliance?

    And Caleb has been strutting around the house as the self proclaimed “King of the house” for weeks. We all saw how the HGs hated that. Maybe Cody couldn’t hold it in anymore.
    Like I said. Not defending, it was sad seeing Caleb go but as Nicole said, this isn’t Big Baby, it’s Big Brother.

  25. Glad Caleb called Frankie on his BS about his million followers and how he would control how the jury voted. Not fond of Cody, but when he told Frankie, “You’re not Jesus.” That was hilarious. Nothing like adding blackmail and threats to your already degrading resume, Frankie!

    • jimbo

      Not really against threats and blackmail…it’s a game and you do what you think has to be done (uh, like holding a funeral), but it does show what Frankie resorts to in a time of need. Once, he played the “famous sister” card, and now he plays the “media mogul” card, saying he has immense following, and the “egotist” card, saying he controls the jury.

  26. Did Juli say first part HOH would be Played or Shown Friday night? Because right now they’re all in athletic garb “carb’ing up” waiting for end of west coast viewing (?)

  27. I feel no sympathy for Caleb. Who goes around all season saying they are America’s favorite player? No humility and an insult to other houseguests. He came on just for a shot at fame and all of his antics,calling himself third person beastmode, exploitation of military, speeches in the live feeds, emphasizing loyalty with Julie, etc. ect.. its all a ploy to win afp and it has been from the go. America’s favorite should be humble with no expectations

  28. I don’t think Cody meant to be mean to celeb with that speech. He just wanted Caleb to know it wasn’t just his idea to ever rid him.

  29. Here we go. Endurance on live feeds

      • And again. Plus they were leaning Way over.

      • Rita

        Wow! Victoria could win this one. It looks like she is less affected because of her height. But she needs to stop singing so we don’t get highlights.

      • Seriously, Rita? Is she managing to hold onto the bar without effort? I thought her height might be a disadvantage.

      • Rita: Victoria has already fallen off. From what I’m reading, Derrick is basically trying to get Cody to jump off to allow Derrick the win.

      • LOL…so that Derrick can make the decision of who to pick from the competition between Vic & Cody….But Cody ain’t falling for it!…LOL

      • Yes it was hilarious how Derrick was trying to have Cody give it to him. I thought he would I don’t get feeds so couldn’t see but reading recap as it happened. He wanted to have one win in his belt. They acted as if they were going to give each one a win. That would be mistake on Cody’s part Derrick says nobody can beat him in mental comp but if not for audience in last nights hoh Derrick would have not been hoh

    • From Big Brother Spoilers (@BBSpoil) on Twitter:

      Not sure if the bars are adjusted to their heights. If not, that’d be pretty unfair considering Derrick is 6’1” & Victoria is 5’2”.

      The wall tilting very far down:

      Victoria’s singing a song in Hebrew. Most likely to take her mind off the pain.

      Derrick says he’s hurting. Victoria keeps adjusting her hands. Cody seems comfortable.

      The wall is tilting down extremely far. They’re almost horizontal:

    • Diane, do you know if the “hang gliders” are going to tilt at some point? This appears to be a bit of a difficult competition for Victoria to win because (and I’m just looking at the photo you linked us to) she’s short and her arms are short. She looks like she’s straining a bit to hold onto the hang glider bar. Where that competition could be in her favor is the platform they’re standing on (if it’s just endurance and the platform doesn’t tilt). Usually having smaller feet do better in those competitions. If those platforms end up tilting, Victoria will lose because I don’t think she’ll be able to maintain a strong enough grip on the bar. It will be up to Derrick or Cody to decide to take her to the final 2. Now, I tend to think Cody might win this because he’s in better shape than Derrick as well as more athletic.

  30. This is kinda off topic, but does anyone know what is wrong with Victoria’s scalp and or hair? She’s talked about it a few times but I’ve never heard her say what the problem was. I know she said her scalp bleeds but that’s all I’ve caught. My best guess is psoriasis. Anyone know?

    • Rita

      I never heard her say what was the cause. She said she wouldn’t tell anyone until after the show.

    • Speaking of Victoria, is it just me, or does she sound/talk exactly like Rachel?? Especially when she’s doing the DR thing. Like fingernails on a chalkboard for me!

    • I think what is wrong with her scalp at this point is that her scalp is irritated from continuing to clip in those nasty hair extentions. But she is too vain to go without. She showed her real hair to Derrick last night and he even told her that her real hair looked fine, but she doesn’t think it is long enough.
      Supposedly some kind of trama caused her to lose her hair 3 yrs. ago, but she has not said what. As much of a drama queen as she is, who knows what she would consider trama. Maybe she lost her make-up or something.

  31. The DR had them going in a lot before Frankie’s eviction, I think they made them do a good and a normal one, with their own thoughts and chose to show the good, praising the egotistical pervert so as not to ruffle his sisters feathers. By not telling Caleb ahead of time that he would be going but telling Frankie was very disrespectful to Caleb. Caleb marched to his own beat of the drum but at least he stepped up and was in the military, and for that he has my respect. Derrick has played a good game, Cody and Victoria rode his shirt tails the whole three months. Zach needs to buy them each a life vest.

    • With Cody now officially winning part one of this HOH he has won 4 HOHs and three vetoes. He’s far from a floater. He got here by his own right. Did Derrick do a lot of his thinking for him? Yep but he did that for everyone not just Victoria and Cody.

      • Cody has won most of his comps near end of game. Three I can think of off the bat Derrick threw or others did. Might have been more. Derrick threw last pov. Last few comps Derrick or Caleb not playing in so really not much competition in many comps he won. Didn’t win much at all til most HG gone. Still they are counted as wins he will probably beat Derrick in physical comps but that’s not saying much. He’s done better in mental comps last two but he’s been studying with Derrick.

  32. Who thinks it would be funnier the hell if Victoria won the HOH part 1 (endurance comp)…and then takes Derrick. That would be the end of a perfect season.

    And BTW…Vic has hair extensions in and she hasn’t removed them the whole entire season…and that is why she is always hurting.

  33. From Jokers:
    :59 PM Standing high up on a wall that leaning forward. Their feet are on little blocks that look like they go back and forth. Like the Softball comp last year. Both hands over head holding onto a pole connected to a glider kite
    7:58 PM F3 endurance comp on feeds. Version of wall comp with hang gliders. Standing on small ledge holding onto hang glider over them. NT
    7:56 PM They are hanging from kites! Or close to it. NT

  34. Just posted another pic from over on Big Brother Spoilers (@BBSpoil) of the wall tilted way down with the players almost horizontal, but got the “awaiting moderation” message…will try one more time:




  35. They’re encouraging each other. So nice. Having fun!

  36. Victoria is out. And she’s mad. Derek and Cody deciding who should go next.

  37. Been trying to post more pics of the HoH comp, from over at Big Brother Spoilers (@bbspoil) on Twitter, but keep getting the “Awaiting Moderation” message, so will try to post just the updates with no pics, and see what happens:

    Not sure if the bars are adjusted to their heights. If not, that’d be pretty unfair considering Derrick is 6’1” & Victoria is 5’2”.

    Victoria’s singing a song in Hebrew. Most likely to take her mind off the pain.

    Derrick says he’s hurting. Victoria keeps adjusting her hands. Cody seems comfortable.

    The wall is tilting down extremely far. They’re almost horizontal.

    Cody says he’s good. He’s mouthing words to Derrick so Victoria can’t hear, but she is watching him.

    Victoria is really struggling. Victoria- My hands are slipping. Cody- Keep going girl.

    Derrick- I can’t feel my hands. I’m old. Victoria- My hands fell asleep. Cody- It’s definitely most painful in the hands.

    Victoria is down. She screams and yells “f*ck”. Cody- Good job girl. Victoria- Good job, my ass.

    Right after Victoria falls, Derrick immediately says they’ll go for a bit more and he’ll jump off.

  38. More rain Derek’s trying to “work” Cody and he’s not having it. May the best man win.

  39. I just saw latest episode of BB, its a pity that Derrick is also going to stab Cody in the back with choosing Victoria for the F2…SMH!

    Derrick doesn’t have the so called “mist” like Dan G. had, he is just dealing with very weak minded, and easily manipulated people, imvho.

  40. I am surprised that Cody won. He has done everything Derrick said so far this year. Derrick trying to get Cody to fall and Cody was standing firm he was doing this comp. But we all know Derrick will win 2nd one because Vic will give it to him.

  41. Derrick fell around the one hour mark. Cody has won Part 1 of the Final HOH.

    Derrick and Victoria will face off in Part 2 of the final HOH.

    • Rita

      Victoria asked Derrick if he threw it.

    • I’m sure Derrick will win over Victoria in the second comp. But even if he doesn’t I think both Vic and/or Cody will take Derrick to F2. I think there is a slim chance Cody might not, but Victoria definitely would.
      I would actually laugh right out loud if Cody evicted Derrick, but hope that doesn’t happen because neither Vic or Cody deserve to win. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like any of them. But given what we are left with, Derrick has played the better game.

      • More of the jury like Derrick tho, not Cody, and I think Cody knows this.

      • Yep. That is why I think he may not (slim chance) take Derrick.

      • Do you think Cody really knows this? I haven’t got that feeling. Has he said anything? Tonight on feeds Derrick was talking about Vic could possibly beat him in comp. Cody said something like are you kidding. Little later Cody in br alone talking about it to himself like no way he thinks that now seems suspicious. If he knows thinks Derrick has more votes surely he wouldn’t take Derrick and sure has sounded like he would take Derrick. Will be glad when it’s over and Cody sees how Derrick played him

  42. Well, Cody won the first part of the competition.

  43. Does anyone know when will be second part of HOH??

  44. Cody won part 1 of competition, then Derrick and Victoria go to part two.
    Then what happens? I can’t remember from last year. Thank you.

  45. Derrick looks annoyed that Cody didn’t fall when Derrick was asking him to let Derrick have this one.

  46. I’m sure Derrick knows that Cody seems to have his number? Might have to dump him for real. Blabbermouth Cody thinks he’s busting on Derrick.
    Pity he doesn’t realize the Jury already knows who the mastermind is, and seems some have made peace with that.
    Cody trying to show how bloody Derrick’s hands are (by sneaking in words to embitter Caleb and ultimately the other Jurors Caleb speaks to) is only making Derrick’s case for the win. (Derrick seems to have thought about most every scenario) This Jury will barely count all Cody’s win, they WILL count that their butts are in Jury House because of Derrick.
    Sorry Frankie (great plea attempt) but you can’t sway the Jury, that’s preaching to the choir.
    If Cody knows whats good for him, he better win and choose Victoria.

    • From what they have shown of the jury, they all realize Derrick was behind everything. But I think game-wise, they are all giving him credit for good game play. Even Christine voiced it, saying something along the lines of ‘he got me, great game play!’.
      That is why I said earlier that I would LOL if Cody evicted Derrick. But I think Cody is still under Derricks control, so I guess we will see.
      That being said, in my book, Cody still doesn’t get a free pass on the whole Christine / Cody disgrace. But I guess I am in the minority on that, because it seems most seem to think it’s OK because he is a young single guy.

      • Yup I agree with you on Cody. (and everything else you said)
        Cody is trying to blow D-Rack’s game,
        especially with all his “after” talk

        Hey hey, ho ho, Cody need to go !!!

      • I think he and Derrick agreed he could say that last night

      • I think if Cody dumps Derrick before the final 2 and opts to take Victoria instead, THAT, in my opinion, would constitute great gamesmanship. Cody has followed Derrick’s every order since the beginning of the game (and there were times when he was really torn up about doing so); so if he finally rebelled against his “master”, that would be a fantastic ending.

      • If Cody wins and picks Vic then he finally got a brain. But even if he thinks Derrick wins he’s willing to take $50,000 because they are hit men final two to end! Think he is that stupid. Has anyone heard him say anything at all from him about jury votes. Vic told him last night she planned to be sitting in final two seat.

      • Not ok but he seemed to not think anything went on. He thinks everyone disliked Christine because she was just not nice but he doesn’t really get that either cause he really liked her as friend. He really seemed clueless.

    • I’m sorry but I think your giving Cody to much credit. Cody is not smart in that way. Derrick is but Cody nah

    • So right. But he said last night on feeds when we face jury and they are asking us questions and are bitter because we had final two and fooled them we will just say. If person next to us wins $500,000 that’s just like the other one winning it too…. Hello!!?? Anyone in there. Caleb might not be brightest crayon in box but Cody not even in box!!

  47. Franko hope you’re doing well.

    Christina hope you’re ok too.

  48. Who else is watching the live feeds and is focused on Victoria’s hair. Hope BB don’t tell us later that she’s recovered cancer patient playing for charity. SURPRISE?! Then again hope they do, so I can see all the back pedalling, LMFAO

  49. Oh my goodness. Haters are hating tonight. I don’t understand why everyone is so riled up about Cody telling Caleb about the hitmen. Like I said earlier what did you want him to do lie? Then you would’ve complained about that too. Everyone knew that the reason they were talking to Caleb was to ensure Frankie went on the block. It’s a game. Was Cody too honest when he told Caleb about the hitmen? No he wasn’t. Why did he do it? Doesn’t matter which is why Derrick told him last night on feeds to go ahead and do what he wanted. Is everyone gonna get mad if Derrick wins second part of the HOH and decides to take Victoria? I bet you will. People it is a game. Not personal. Never has it been for Derrick I know. I don’t think it has been for Cody either. The game doesn’t always get played the way you want but there’s no need to attack the HGs. I’m still voting for my man Donny that’s who I wanted to win but he didn’t. So now I’m going for who played best game. Derrick

    • Absolutely!
      I have decided that I am going to go back and watch the show again because I really didn’t see that Cody was cruel to Caleb in any way, he was just absolutely honest with, and put it as nicely as he could. But after reading the posts, I didn’t know if they were all just Caleb lovers, or if I saw it wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like any of them at this point, but trying to be objective with what we are left to work with. I am still going to go watch it again to see if I see it differently.

      • Okay I watched BBAD and started watching Couples Therapy with Evil Dick from season 8 of BB. It got me thinking about how the final comps work. Okay so correct me if I’m wrong, I know y’all will, but Cody won first part so now Derrick and Victoria face off in part two. Whoever wins that one faces Cody in part three right? Okay on to what happened on BBAD. Cody is getting alittle obnoxious with the whole hitman talk to Victoria. Not rubbing it in ( well maybe alittle ) just getting her alittle stirred up when it’s not necessary. Cocky I guess is the word. Victoria was doing the same thing when Cody went to the DR with Derrick. Just being really loud ( which drives me nuts ) and too sure of herself. Both are convinced Derrick will take them to F2. I’m not sure anymore. I would say Victoria except I remember Derrick telling Frankie that anyone who took Victoria to F2,would probably lose. He said he would vote for Victoria if that happened. Now he could’ve been lying. I just don’t know.

      • I keep going back to Derrick’s pre-show interview where he laid out his strategy for the game. At the time he wanted an early alliance with one person which would secretly work within other alliances and for the two of them to make it to the end. He called his shot and wants to sink it.

        He knows there are people who do not like Cody in the jury and I think he will bet on beating him with the jury. Of course he may not get the chance to decide if Cody wins the final HoH. I’d call it 60-40 in favor of Derrick but the favorite doesn’t always win.

      • Exactly. When you do watch it again I would appreciate you letting me know if your opinion changed. I don’t think it will but who knows. I just have to beg to disagree with the others. I don’t think there was any malice involved.

      • leafhopper

        I agree Sandra ftsm. Derricks game did not involve malice. It involved strategy. Once the HG are removed from the game and into the jury they have time to reflect on who PLAYED the best game, with the best strategies to get to the end. Derrick used people, absolutely, but not with the intentions to hurt them personally, only to hurt their game and to better his position to get to the F2. Yes, he told lies, and yes he made alliances he did not intend to keep, but that was part of his strategy thus part of the game. I do think that it will be Cody and Derrick on finale night because Derrick knows that he will have Vic’s vote in the jury house, Cody is a wild card and could hold a grudge and vote against him.

    • Oh my god Cody is little girl and hes not going to win and derrick can’t even play a cop game and he is a cop go figure.
      Personal thought its a dam shame you can’t watch a show and find out who wins by us seeing it not by being told. Never watch this half ass show again. CBS you have had better shows. WHAT HAPPENED.

    • danmtruth

      Did not say Cody was mean to Caleb in his speech. Just that I’m not sure if Derrick wanted everyone in the jury house to know of the hitmen.Caleb did take it well and seemed to put the blame more on Derrick . As always Derrick is very conscious of how he is viewd in the jury house.

      • When Caleb said he was more hurt by Derrick than Cody because they had been friends from the jump I was baffled. I never saw the relationship he was talking about. Did anyone else? Or was this one of Calebs delusional thoughts. I just didn’t see it. I don’t think Derrick has a problem with anyone in the house. I don’t think he cares much for Frankie or Christine but I think everyone can figure out why. Derrick did what he had to do to win.

      • danmtruth

        Caleb once more seems to be having a problem figuring out his spot in a relationship. That could be Caleb’s job after the show . Advice columnist

      • Lol. Seriously though I kinda worry about him when he gets out. He’s so sure movie producers and girls, singers lord no what else are going to be waiting on him. What is he going to do when all he has is a job at lowes?

      • danmtruth

        That’s funny ! So you don’t see him staring in an action pack judo(Judy chop) movie?

      • Lol rotflmao

      • The jury already knows or should. Donny told them Derrick was running things before they even got to jury. I’m sure they’ve discussed it by now. Even Christine said, “He got me.”

    • I don’t think anyone was upset about Cody telling about the hit men that didn’t bother me at all and don’t remember anyone else complaining about it. You have not understood what everyone was talking about with Cody. It had nothing at all to do with telling about the hitmen. And everyone knew Caleb was being evicted-it wasn’t that either. I heard Cody and Derrick talking about how they needed to tell Caleb ahead of time cause it would not be right to blindside him and he would be prepared (I agreed). They told Frankie and Derrick cried when telling him. So I just think you are not understanding what we have all been talking about with Cody but that’s ok. I haven’t noticed any hating either. Are you talking about hating Derrick? I don’t hate Derrick. I don’t hate anyone. Did not care for him since beginning (Sandra you knew that told you long time ago). And have always said he played best game. Am I missing something here

  50. Hahaha, listen to Cody try to back pedal with Victoria after he blabbed about “Hitmen”. lol, Derrick must want to knock him out. Derrick seems to be trying to salvage as well. HAHAHAHA.

  51. Amanda from Big Brother 15, just twitted that, “Cody takes Victoria to the F2.” I think so also, Cody is onto Derrick’s game…

  52. I read all the current posts that were posted prior to me watching tonights episode and gathered from a lot of them that both Derrick and Cody were really mean and nasty to Caleb???? I just watched tonights episode and didn’t see that at all!!! I think we must have watched different shows. The only
    person on this show that I saw being nasty was………FRANKIE!!! But I loved how both Caleb and Cody came back at him, made me proud. And Derrick did what hr’s good at and diffused the situation before it got out of control. I thought Cody was just trying to explain to Caleb why he was evicting him. Maybe he could have done it better but imo I didn’t think it was mean.

    nasty was……..FRANKIE. Of course he resorted to what he thought was the only weapon he had left and that was threats. But I love that it didn’t work and I love how both Caleb & Cody

    • Agree. See my earlier post.

    • “Maybe he could have done it better”. So you did see something just thought he could have done it better. Some think he could have done it a lot better. Some think he was fine. Everyone sees things differently. Also I thought it was classless for them not to tell him before hand. Usually I would not think this should be done but they told Frankie before hand so why not Caleb who they say they love. They even talked about that night before and both agreed it would not be right to blindside him and did it anyway didn’t care much for Caleb although he amused me and liked him better than Cody but in this case thought the right thing to do was let him be prepared. But he recover fast and went out with lots of class and got tremendous applause.

      • Trudy,

        I didn’t see anything mean and cruel about what Cody said. All I meant was that since some people thought it was, maybe he could have said it better. I personally didn’t see it that way. You are of course entitled to your opinion as am I.

  53. OK. First Derrick is comparing himself to Dan,
    And now from Jokers:
    ‘9:55 PM derr to Cody: i think Chilltown was on our level.’
    I think Derrick has a little bit of the big head. He is not even close to either!

  54. Why do they dislike Jacosta so much?

    • Probably because her bow tie thing was stupid, there was always something wrong with her (sympathy), and she cried all the time, too much, over the top crying, that mostly was an act.

    • She did not seem suited to the game. Not only did she perform poorly in comps, she injured herself in many of them. She did not mix well with the house [poor social game] and was not in the majority alliance let alone any other recognizable alliance. She may be a very fine person but she really, really, REALLY sucked at this game. I feel the term “floater” is over-used and thrown around at many players simply because the speaker dislikes that player, however this is the rare case when I feel “floater” fits.

  55. Bet jury people glad see they got him out.he won’t have many friends there eather.nasty to all of them.hope all ignore him!!!! He’s nothing but a brother of a tween singer (for now.most don’t last)

  56. Okay I watched BBAD and started watching Couples Therapy with Evil Dick from season 8 of BB. It got me thinking about how the final comps work. Okay so correct me if I’m wrong, I know y’all will, but Cody won first part so now Derrick and Victoria face off in part two. Whoever wins that one faces Cody in part three right? Okay on to what happened on BBAD. Cody is getting alittle obnoxious with the whole hitman talk to Victoria. Not rubbing it in ( well maybe alittle ) just getting her alittle stirred up when it’s not necessary. Cocky I guess is the word. Victoria was doing the same thing when Cody went to the DR with Derrick. Just being really loud ( which drives me nuts ) and too sure of herself. Both are convinced Derrick will take them to F2. I’m not sure anymore. I would say Victoria except I remember Derrick telling Frankie that anyone who took Victoria to F2,would probably lose. He said he would vote for Victoria if that happened. Now he could’ve been lying. I just don’t know.

    • I think if he doesn’t put Victoria in the jury it could become a mistake because he would be losing a vote. However if Cody gets to chose and picks Derrick and Victoria goes to jury that would work out for him. I’m trying to figure out if Cody is just spewing everything about the hitmen because he feels him and Derrick have it wrapped up or could there be another reason? I think it’s the first but he needs to shut up now before he convinces Victoria that Derrick won’t take her. Trudy I know you watch BBAD what did you think? Hmm I’ll have to see more Derrick and Cody talking alone to figure that out.

      • ⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙
        Sandra ftsm,
        I have what is probably a very stupid question. I’m at a friends house for a few days to to recuperate and relax. They have not been able to watch big brother after dark at home and not while I was in the hospital but I was hoping to watch some of it here. I can’t find tvgn on uverse TV. Help a neighbor out here, since we’re in the same area I thought you might know where the heck I can find what I want to watch.
        Btw, HELLO. LOL
        I really am going to miss this blog when the show ends next week.
        Hope you’re enjoying this cool weather we are having. I bet its nice out in the forest!!

      • Hey franko what’s up. Sorry I don’t know a thing about uverse I’ve always had DTV. I’m so glad your out of the hospital and feeling alittle better. Yeah the temps are nice. It would be beautiful out here except the sun has been hiding. I will miss everyone on this blog too. I will be thinking about you and mom, dandaman, Trudy, mouse and so many others. Steve your the best hope everything goes good for you and your family. I try to remain unbiased with all the players Frankie however I just couldn’t. I feel he will never live in the real world and neither does his family. They have done him a great injustice in his life. Wonder if his world will come crashing down with all the haters out there. My mom always said hate was a very strong word and you shouldn’t ever say that about anyone. I haven’t and will stay true to that.

      • We will meet again next year! Agree on the never say hate about someone. We were taught you don’t hate the person, you hate their actions. Very true of Frankie. He is selfish, self-centered, egotistical, vicious, vulgar, vile, filthy minded….Donny and Nicole were the only ones I actually liked.

      • Me too. I almost didn’t watch the rest of the season but wanted to see what happened when the alliance had to start feeding on their own. Glad I did, the look on Frankie’s face when he found out what that button was, now that was priceless.

      • I think Cody is trying to take Victoria’s jury vote away from Derrick. Which is a smart game move on his part. Maybe he’s been underestimated all season.

      • leafhopper

        I doubt (hope) that Cody can’t undo what Derrick has been working all summer to build with Victoria. I think that their relationship is deeper than Cody realizes.

      • I think Cody would vote for Derrick also. Surely not Vic. Feed recaps both Vic and Cody going over the top. Cody sure Derrick would pick him Vic sure he’d pick her. And all that little sister stuff and WE protected you all season. Were best alliance ever. Had to get off there. Lies lies everybody lies. And Vic told Cody she wasn’t ever mad at Derrick. He said good wanted to talk to you about that. He didn’t even know what she was telling them. Derrick quickly said we kissed and made up. Vic even told Cody she planned to be sitting in final2 chair.

  57. Whoa-did Cody have a ninja moment in tonight’s episode? He knows that Caleb is all about loyalty; and headed to jury; he really isnt sure how the jury perceives him; Cody touted the loyalty card to Caleb-maybe in hopes that Caleb will spread Cody’s alliance with Derek around-which might sway some of the votes who are on the fence if Derek is standing next to Vic in the F2-also it kind of forces Derek’s hand to Cody-(He has to tell him, yeah he is glad he told Caleb and is okay with the reveal of the Hitmen alliance) it could also backfire though, Cody and Derrick in F2-all Derek has to say I played dirty at times when it benefited his alliance to Cody-I wonder if that reveal was enough for Derek to take Cody to F2..if this was planned, that was perfection from Cody-throw the dice out there, Cody starting to play the game? He is also doing fantastic in the comps too-maybe that half million is starting to call Cody’s name-I would be going crazy a week and you have a 1 out of 3 chance of being one of the people who might become a 6 figures richer.woooohhhoooooo Team Derick, would like to see Cody in F2-

    • The news of the Hitmen may benefit Derrick as much as Cody. Derrick is unsure of how the jury views his game but has some suspicions. If there was no news of The Hitmen in the jury, the jury might dismiss any claims of The Hitmen’s gameplay as last minute lies. By sitting next to each other they force the jury to chose who was the better “Hitman”.

      Derrick is aware Donny put the house power on Frankie and Derrick. Donny viewed Caleb and Cody as meat shields to protect that duo if an opposing alliance had ever formed. He also knows Donny will have the most influence on the jury [sorry Frankie, you just get 7 days with them. Donny has been schooling them for weeks and they now know so much more than you do.] so he should be favored over Cody. Victoria going to jury will just be another layer of info about how Derrick ruled over Cody – though she will have little or no time to update the other jury members.

  58. Frankie’s arrival at jury had best be on Friday night’s show – in fact we should get to see his and Caleb’s walk of shame [probably not the first for Frankie lol]. I do think he was aware of how inflated his claims of jury influence are. It was a last ditch gambit and Caleb, as he has done before, took ideas Derrick gave to him and presented them as his own.

    In reality Frankie, who has arguably been living in Frankie’s Big Brother house now gets to go to Donny’s Jury house. Another consequence of the rewind was the delay in juror #7 [Frankie] getting in the jury house, juror #6 [Christine] has been ther almost two weeks already. Juror #8 [Caleb] will only be two days behind him and then the group will be in to final discussions before the finale and getting juror #9.

    Now outside of TA info Donny has had no reason to be quiet about the gameplay. He clearly pointed out Derrick and Frankie [mostly Derrick it seems] as the house power. He is also able to say “told you so” to every jury member so far, the second time around I think they will be paying more attention. From the words we have gotten out of the jury so far they all seem to be leaning towards Derrick, even Christine. I think that is all Donny’s doing.

    Donny will have been in the jury close to 20 days before Frankie darkens their door. By now they have certainly talked game but also bonded over shared time without the pressure of the game. No more lies, no more deception – that is for the game and the jury seeks the truth. Donny should have them immunized to any dazzling brilliance or baffling bullshiat of Frankie’s. Frankie will only have 7 days or so and that is not going to be enough time to regain anyone’s trust let alone influence them.

    If Derrick is in the Finale he wins … and like most votes it will probably be unanimous.

    • I 100 percent agree with everything you said. Everyone knows Frankie only had power because of the alliance he was in. Caleb will set them straight on Frankie. Boy I would like to be a fly on the wall there. But I can hear Frankie telling Caleb ” see Rose this is why you shouldn’t have put me up. I had you. ” oh well Bon voyage Frankie hope to see you and your sister never.

  59. I hope Donny wins af I just love him

    • When Caleb said he was more hurt by Derrick than Cody because they had been friends from the jump I was baffled. I never saw the relationship he was talking about. Did anyone else? Or was this one of Calebs delusional thoughts. I just didn’t see it. I don’t think Derrick has a problem with anyone in the house. I don’t think he cares much for Frankie or Christine but I think everyone can figure out why. Derrick did what he had to do to win.

      • Derrick had final 2 with Caleb and he enjoyed Caleb’s exaggerations. ( I know he had final 2 with everyone) He thought things that bothered Cody about Caleb usually didn’t bother Derrick Caleb got under Cody’s skin and Derrick thought it was funny Caleb was entertaining and really did like him. They spent more time together at beginning of game. Caleb respected Derrick and they were close in a friend way. We didn’t see much Caleb/Derrick in actual game and one reason I think is Cody/Vic up his butt all the time. But you saw and heard this stuff on bbad and reading feeds. Caleb spent more time being active and outside whereas Derrick spent more inside or inactive on hammock etc outside.

  60. Frankie has no influence over any jury member except maybe Zach. I am so disappointed in Julie for fawning all over Frankie. Sickening. I don’t particularly like Derrick, but he played the game. Frankie was personally vicious to people. He used his grandfather’s death to help keep him in the game then, when he knew he was close to being evicted, he ‘came out’ with the fact that Ariana was his sister.

    • In addition to talking about all this influence he has over the jury, Frankie also made a big deal about his “social influence” – I apologize if this is an ignorant question, but Frankie won’t have access to the outside world (Internet, Twitter, FB, etc.) in the jury house, correct?

  61. danmtruth

    DanDaMan great points on Donny now having a bigger influence in the jury house. Frankie game play going into the jury house will be flipped with Caleb coming in. This will be the fun time now to see the jury house. No need to worry about game play . Just which way to vote. I think Frankie will see the jury house will be like America. A few of the people will be impress with his self proclaimed fame. More people will just be like who cares? It was nice to see how Caleb and Cody could not hold it in any longer with Frankie. Seeing that the loyalty card was not working . Frankie decides to try to intimidate the “boys” The reaction caught him off guard. It was nice to see both Cody & Caleb stand up to him. Derrick in the edited clip we saw sit back and let his meatheads have there say. In Caleb exit speech he did a good job in explaining how upset he was with Frankie. It said a lot about Celeb. He was ready to let every thing just be forgiven as game play.Than he felt Frankie took it pass simple game play. Too all the people with the Frankie glitter in there eyes. This one clip strips Frankie bare. As someone said it showed who he truly is. A self centered bully. How he will be put in contact with his millionSSS of fans. Not true I thought they had the same rules no outside contact. That he Frankie was the best at manipulating people to get what he wants . That he alone will decide who wins . That influence will hit a brick wall called Donny. Looking forward to Fri seeing Frankie and Caleb going into the jury house.

    • I’m just hoping they show the jury. Since we don’t have another show after Friday till next Wednesday there is limited time to show the jury, the first and second part of the final HOH and I don’t know if they’ll show the part where the houseguest have a meal and talk about the other players or not either. Personally I’d rather see jury house.

    • Even worse was how “matter of fact” Frankie was about all the crap he was saying. I didn’t think those in the jury house were allowed to have contact with the outside, either, but Frankie is so pissed that trust me, if he can find a way to actually do everything he talked about (ahem…his sister…,) I wouldn’t put it past him.

  62. I hope Caleb lets everyone know in the jury house how Frankie thinks he has this power over them and who they choose.

  63. Goodmorning everyone. Steve hope your enjoying your break from reality. Soak it in. I have to say I was really stunned by the bashing that Cody took last night because he told Caleb about the hitmen. I thought most of us could sit back and think about this as a game only. Nothing is personal to any of us. I went back read a lot of different blogs and how people were reacting to what was bothering a lot of y’all. For the most part people didn’t see any malice from Cody either. I was hoping last night that someone would tell me exactly what Cody said to make them believe that Cody had done this maliciously but no one would or could give me an example. I asked because I’m trying to see what they saw not to fight or argue with anyone. I hope no one ever takes anything i say as anything other then trying to have intelligent conversation with people that enjoy this game. I try to stay 100 percent impartial. It’s hard with some HGs but I try. I hope y’all know that I enjoy just about everyone on this site.

  64. I do want to explain myself a little. As most of you know I have a disabled daughter that I take care of at home I’ve been with her 24/ 7 for 36 yrs.Since I was sixteen. Her health has declined in the last three years and she’s not the bubbly little girl I used to have. I used to be able to hold conversations with her but not anymore. She’s in her own little world. My husband is gone most of the day so I have nothing to do anymore but sit here. When I found this blog I was thrilled because there were other people on here I could hold an intelligent conversation with. You have no idea how much you all have meant to me. I hope to see all of you back here next year for BB 17. I wanted all of you to know that you have helped me tremendously. Thank you so much I will think about you all the rest of the year waiting impatiently to talk to all of you again next year. Thanks again. Your all special people!!!!

    • God bless you! Is there any way to have friends, neighbors, or family come in and relieve you? That is too much stress for one person to handle continually. Enjoy your insights and take care of yourself.

      • Thanks mouse. No I don’t have any family in same state anymore but I’m okay. Didn’t put it on here on here for sympathy. That’s my child and wouldn’t have it any other way. Just wanted everyone to know how much y’all have meant to me. Thanks so much will be back next year

    • danmtruth

      We never know the whole story behind people on sites like this. To me the site is a nice safe place to retreat to. A place to read and share ideas with other people . As I said before I enjoy when someone brings up something I didn’t think of. You and I talked before about family I am sorry to hear about your daughter and the strain you are under. Just glad we were able to connect Yours are always some of my fav post Just know you have a fan

    • Are you on Facebook? It’s a great way to keep up with people and also to vent! LOL The husband of one of my friends had a stroke last year and she uses FB as a kind of journal keeping us updated on how he is doing AND how she is. We can’t be with her but we can keep her spirits up and give her encouragement. It’s important to take care of yourself too, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

    • Sandara ftsm — You are always welcome for any support I can give you. You are as special person and a special mom. God’s Grace and Blessing to you!

    • Will miss our arguments! I love to argue my opinion. I have esp enjoyed you this year. I was here last year but don’t remember anyone. I think we must be a lot alike in several ways. strong women not afraid to stand up and voice our opinion.. And no one has ever called me shy. We agree on most things and strongly agree on others! I’m retired and we r raising our grand child as daughter deceased 10 years ago. She’s junior at miss state. I do volunteer work at local high school and cut back to two days a week this year so have lots of spare time. Have enjoyed everyone on this site this year. Know whose everyone favorite HG and one they dislike the most(that was easy). See you all next year. I’ll still be checking and posting til the end.

  65. So so glad that Frankie is finally out of the house. I could barely watch BB with him playing up to the cameras all the time. He certainly acted up with Julie, but everyone knows his number now. He’s a silly obnoxiuos person.

  66. Thank you to all of you that leave comments on here. You made a somewhat boring season exciting. If they have auditions for BB fans for an upcoming season I would love to see some people from here on the show. You could outsmart and out-think the rest.
    I do have a question and maybe I missed what Frankie was referring too. Just saw Frankie’s walk out last night and when he said to Cody “I have had better” and then he said to Julie that when he got home he was going to google (for a lack of better word) Cody to find out some things about him. Not sure what has or has not happened. I don’t have the live feeds and U-Verse does not offer TVGN with my package.
    The only sad part of this season ending is reading all of your comments. I wish you all a great rest of 2014 and a wonderful 2015!

  67. I still want an America’s Most Disliked player!

  68. My prediction for the BB Season:
    Winner Derrick
    Second Victoria
    America’s favorite Donnie

    • Hope you are right about America’s Favorite, but, now that freaky mango pervert is out of the house, his creepy sister will triple her tweets to get her followers to get on and vote for him.

      • I hope not. I put my 20 in today for Donny

      • Seriously do you people think CBS really counts the votes, LOL…if they want Frankie to win AF he will win….simple as that…just like the editing was done to put Derrick in a better light when it was he doing all the plotting…just saying CBS gets what CBS wants. I remember on a survivor when Russell Hans and Boston Rob came back and went head to head. They were supposed to be this big finally but right at the beginning the Russell Hans side voted him out…i thought UH Oh…CBS will not like this cuz it was billed as a big showdown.. well what happened, amazingly the Russell Hans team lost challenge after challenge and all went home eventually…just keep a close eye on these games and u can see the behind the scenes moves they are tricky to spot but can be spotted, like subtle game changes…or how about that rewind button or ending Team America so Derrick didnt look like he went against TA by voting out Frankie…its there keep watching

  69. danmtruth

    On all the fan sites I have looked at Frankie is always at the bottom. Sad part is to someone like Frankie he won’t care. After all any pub is good pub

    • Unfortunately, the fan sites that show Frankie at the bottom for AFP aren’t taking into account the votes Frankie can potentially get from his sister’s fans, since they don’t visit those fan sites – they’ll just vote for Frankie because he sister tells them to.

      And am guessing that if only a small portion of all these so-called fans/followers that Frankie keeps talking about that he has vote for him as well, it’s going to be a very unfair result – the award is for America’s Favorite Player of Big Brother, not America’s Most Popular Player…

      Even more of a reason to make sure everyone get’s in their 20 votes a day for their favorite!

  70. Team America “Officially” Ended just prior to Frankie being voted out…now why is that or have anyone here even thought about it…easy as pie…the editing by CBS had turned biased favorable towards Derrick about mid season. So what does CBS do with Team America, instead of just letting it end by voting Frankie out…they Officially end Team America so Derrick does not look like he went against Team America by voting Frankie out…its all about ratings. So if you watch the live feeds then see how its edited then how its switched up you know what CBS is up to and who they want to win, same can be said for Survivor. How in the heck does that cop on Survivor just walk through a Jungle and find Idols, yeah sure….

  71. I luv to see Cody actually THINK for himself and if he wins final HOH say we were together since day 2 but I have to play my game now cya Derrick….BUT what will really happen is Derrick will say Cody we have been working together since day 2, however, Victoria and I have been working together since Day 1, SHOCKER!!!!!!!

  72. Just went to do my daily votes for Donny and saw that cbs is giving their view of Frankie’s strategy on the game. What a bunch of bs, total opposite of the real Frankie, pushing for AFP for him. If cbs thinks he is the greatest to ever walk into the BB house, they have scraped the bottom of the barrel! Scroll down until you see his fugly face and read the article. I left a comment and am sure it will be deleted for calling them out on all of the lies.

    • seriously do u really think CBS counts the votes? They want Frankie to win, he has the Ariana factor…just like on the live feeds Derrick was telling everyone to join up to see what they were up to that night, now why would Derrick be plugging for CBS spot, lol…i like BB and Survivor but with the live feeds its easy to see how much CBS has their hands in the game…how about the Rewind button or AKA Save Derrick Button, lol….people just dont catch on…like when the Jury was playing to get back in the house with sliding those pucks to the center. They never said how many turns, it was just done until a favorable result was come to…notice the hesitation around round 5 as they were checking to see who was ahead…no way did CBS want Jocasta back in the game and she was ahead…

  73. Glad they’re finally giving Frankie the official villain edit.

    BMCB/Caleb needs to come back for all-stars. Heard dat!

  74. ” The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” as to Americas Favorite

  75. Just saw on mortys vote poll for favorite. Donny leads by landslide at around 70%. In second place I’d Nichole at 11%. Tied for third Is Derrick and zach at 10%. Fourth is Caleb at 4%. The rest have 1% or 0%. Interesting

  76. I know it’s me, being impatient, and I’m grateful (like so many of you) that stevebeans would have added any new posts during his honeymoon, imagine! And thanks again! But I cannot wait to see Frankie’s little pic turned to purple like the other members of the Jury. Just saying.


  77. I’ve been thinking about Frankie’s behavior for awhile now and seeing how he behaved last night I wanted to run it past y’all. Now I don’t know how old Frankie’s step brother is but I know how old Arrianna is. Frankie behaves like that of a child who was number one child in his family for awhile. He got all the attention and then comes this cute little sister his way and all of sudden the attention is on her. She’s little and cute and at ten he’s not so much anymore. Not only is she cute but hey mom and dad have put her into acting. She gets a roll on a show after awhile and then becomes a singer. Now where is Frankie? On the sidelines looking in fighting for every little scrap of attention he gets. Thought of that way I can see why he acts like a spoiled brat. He stunted at ten. That’s where he stopped progressing. I think he loves his sister but I would bet there’s some jealously there too. He knows it’s wrong to feel that way but can’t stop himself. Explains a lot.

  78. There was a good exit interview done with Caleb on bigbrothernetwork if anyone wants to read it. Also a story on Frankie’s threats to other HGs too with a comment by Britney Haynes. Good read.

  79. Whats with Cody telling Victoria he thought she was the hottest in the house? Seriously?

    He’s assuming Cody will honour their alliance. But he is aware that Cody might back stab him. To vaguely qoute Derrick to Victoria “… that guy (Cody)isn’t playing for me,… you’re (like) my little sister”

    I wish Victoria really was a Mossad Agent after all, (I’m kidding of course) and in the end she reveals “… Derrick, you’re an undercover cop, but I’m a sleeper agent” (If she was a Mossad Agent, she would not tell)

  80. any thoughts on what Frankie meant on his exit when he told Cody “I’ve had better”. I know what I think it means I just hope it’s not true.

    • I think that’s what he meant but don’t think it’s true. Trying to insult cody

      • I took it as a dig at Cody…possibly insinuating that Cody is gay. Whatever it was, it wasn’t cool. If Cody IS gay, that’s Cody’s business. Maybe he’s just sensitive and not a homophobe. Maybe he is gay. None of our damn business, really.

  81. Franko you doing ok? If you feel like it we would love an update. Feel like I almost know a lot of the people on here. All season we knew at the beginning of the week who was leaving and who would use pov or not use pov. Now we finally have to try to figure these people out. I feel if Derick doesn’t win hoh Cody will take him to final two. What I’m not sure of is Derick will he take Victoria or Cody. Either one has good reasons to take. Both slackers and nitwits in their own ways. If I was Derick there is a lot to think about both are equal as far as beating them on votes just different reasons. Not sure who I would take but Derick has had nothing but 24/7 to evaluate the situation, so it will be interesting on his final decision

  82. Sorry if this has already been discussed, there is a lot to read here! Does anyone think Frankie will push for or against Derick simply because he knows about the extra TA prize money and either wants a member of the team to receive it or would rather nobody get it if he couldn’t have it?

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