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Big Brother-Recap for Friday 8/4/23

August 5, 2023 | 16 Comments
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Author: Mel

It’s our first veto day of the season and based on the lack of sleep for most of them….good luck! We’ve got official alliances (for now) formed and others starting to come together. Even Red, who’d said it “was too soon to talk game” has entered the gaming arena.

After Reilly removed Corey and Jared from the block, we were left with Kirsten and Felicia as the noms. Kirsten was naturally upset after un-noms and Reilly cried too. I like Reilly but I never like it when an HOH pretends to be more upset than the people otb.

To make it worse, there was a whole convo up in the HOH (mostly by Cameron) talking about Kirsten’s reaction and how she needed to be socializing instead of pouting. On the flip side, there was talk downstairs about Corey smirking and being insensitive because he was too happy. (Chill people, it’s the first week)

Reilly, Jag and Blue put their plan into action from the night before. They already have their 3 (Crowd Control) and pulled in Matt and Cameron for the 5. (The Handful) They did a good job in the meeting letting it appear to happen naturally. They said they were basing it on the people who slept in the scary room with all the hands.

Jag would make a suggestion about who to include for an outer layer. When someone (Cameron) would put up any resistance, Reilly or Blue would jump in and say “yeah’,” “I agree” or “that’s a good idea.” It made it feel organic and also caused a majority rules kind of thing. This is how they got the people they’d already wanted in it and kept the people they didn’t want, out of it. Matt pushed for Luke but that got shut down. Cameron didn’t want to bother with more than the 5 and that was shut down too.

Meanwhile, Kirsten was still trying to tell people about a big alliance starting but no one was hearing it. (She’s mostly right about the people in it) People hugged her and tried to make her feel a bit better tho.

Cirie, Izzy, Felicia, Bowie and Mecole are an official group that Felicia named Bye Bye Bitches. They want to bring in Hasim and maybe Red. Hasim appears to already be with them but they couldn’t get a read on Red. He vibes with them, shares a bedroom with them but hasn’t been talking game. (That changed some)

Cirie gets it and has said if someone isn’t talking game with you, they’re doing it with someone else. That’s usually true but in this case, Red has told almost everyone it was too soon to talk game. There’s also been talk from Izzy and Cirie about trying to pull is America and Blue.

Mecole, who’d stopped doing anything, got back in the convos. I think she clammed up a bit after Kirsten made herself a target and didn’t want to be seen as linked with her.

Cirie’s group is doing a similar thing as Jags plan. They have their core and are building outer layers. Their core appears to be Cirie, Izzy and Felicia with Bowie, Hasim and Mecole being an outer layer. (Now, the real core is Cirie, Jared and Izzy) They’re going to have the same problems as what’s temporarily the upstairs group. Hasim and Cirie would like to bring in Blue but Mecole doesn’t trust Blue. They’d like to bring in America but they don’t know they’re too late.

Corey played chess with Cirie and was teaching her to play or she pretended not to already know. They attempted to bond but it mostly turned into filling the other one out and I think they were both left with their original impressions. Corey wants Cirie gone and she doesn’t trust Corey. She did let him know that some people had a problem with his show of emotion during the nom ceremony. He was pretending to be lost and saying he didn’t have anyone and was starting over. She didn’t buy it and later told Felicia, Corey would be so greatful to Reilly that he’d vote with them. (Not her first rodeo)

Cirie and Izzy don’t trust Cameron either. Later, while finally talking game with Red, he said he really liked Hasim and had bonded with Cameron. They want to bring Red into their group but the Cameron thing is worrying them.

It’s a good read because Cameron wants Cirie gone just like Corey. Cameron seems to want her gone because he says she’s had her chances already had reality TV. I think Cory, on the other hand, know she’s dangerous because he knows a lot more about her game than most of the others.

America might if she knows as much about Survivor as she does BB but we don’t know yet. Izzy obviously knows and follows Survivor closely enough to recognize Jared. Cory, whose brother played Survivor, knows as well. I’m only covering this because most of the house has seemed to develop the attitude that Cirie lost every time so maybe she was just a social player who wasn’t very good at the game. (Hahahaha) It’s the reason I don’t think there’s been any talk about needing to get her out soon.

Cirie also had a chat with Kirsten and told her the truth. Kirsten was trying to figure out why she was being targeted. Everyone else was avoiding it but Cirie basically told her, she had been caught running her mouth too much. (I don’t know why more people don’t do this. Once somebody’s already on the block, why not just tell them the truth?)

The hoh group finally got around to filling out their 8. They made Matt understand they don’t want any part of Luke when Matt suggested him. They’re also convinced he’s a doctor because he used big medical terms like “bladder.” (No, I’m not making this shit up) The reality is, Luke simply hasn’t been social enough and didn’t even bother talking to Reilly until after she made her un-noms. Both the upstairs and downstairs groups have realized Luke is playing stupid. (He’s been over doing it) It’s just one more thing to make him seem sketchy.

The Handful finally brought in Corey. However, this time they didn’t do as good of a job as they did when they took this alliance from 3 to 5. It became very obvious there was already a 5 and then Corey was invited to join. Obviously he agreed but i’m sure he noticed.

America got brought into the fold and then came Jared’s invitation. If you remember from the day before, this whole thing began when Jared spoke to Reilly about wanting to form an alliance. They’re still including him as the eighth but they tweaked the members. Jag understood before Reilly, they didn’t need an 8 person alliance that heavily favored the people Jarred wanted to work with over their people.

Here’s the problem I don’t think any of them have factored into this situation. Obviously, they don’t know Jarred and Cirie are related so I don’t fault them for that one. I don’t understand why Jared was chosen as the 8th member at all. He’d already made it clear to Reilly (by spilling too much) the people he was closest to in the game. Other than Matt, none of those people are included in this alliance. In the same way that they don’t want to be extra numbers for a Jared alliance, why do they think Jared will give up all his people and do the same?

Naturally, Jared got his opportunity to fill in the blanks for Cirie, Felicia and Izzy. It cleared up some of their questions as to whether or not Red was being included with the 8. Now knowing he isn’t, they’ll probably be more comfortable bringing him in with them. They also know Blue is out and that they waited too late to try to bring in America.

Basically, the house is starting to divide into 2 groups. It’s all going to blow up since Jared is telling Cirie OR we’re going to be watching a whole bunch of people lie and pretend like they don’t know. Either way, I’m thinking good times for us!

I’m so happy we have quite a few people who are real fans of the show. Some are even bigger fans than I was willing to believe and probably because we’re used to them all lying about. I knew Izzy only started watching seasons in January but she claimed to have watched most of them twice and really did some research. (It feels very Taylor from last season) Obviously, she’s not familiar with the feeds and that explains some of her mistakes. She gets a bit too excited and conspiracy theory but overall, I like what she’s doing.

She’s also the one who got the old lady gang thinking about a possible twist. I’m not saying she’s right but it’s not a bad guess. She got them to start planning for possibly being divided into 4 groups because of the 4 metaverses. She thinks that could happen after this eviction and they have 16. It’s not a bad guess imo.

I mean OLG in the most respectful way. I have no idea how old Izzy is but it’s way younger than me. Bowie is almost a decade younger than me, Cirie is my age and Hasim is a man. Felicia is the only one who older. In my mind, I just refer to them as OLG because they give off the vibes from the Old Lady Gang on RHOA. They’re a fun group!

Felicia, Reilly, Cameron, Red, Blue, Corey and America all know the show too. There may be others too but those are the ones that stick out. Corey and America are superfans who get into the feeds too. It was obvious with Cory but America has surprised me with some of the stuff she knows. She’s one of us so I’m definitely rooting for America!

All this messy gameplay isn’t because they’re recruits, they’re just really bad at it! I’m loving it too. Most of them can’t stop talking and give up way too much info. Take Jared for example, he gave up so much info to start in alliance with Reilly and it was for nothing because it isn’t even the alliance he wanted it to be.

Reilly’s told everything to everyone and has been getting a little hohitis. It’s too bad because I really like her. Cameron, who is not the HOH, also seems to have some hohotis.They were pretty cocky last night about their plans and none of them should be. Theyve mostly all figured the others out and even before Jared spilled.

Izzy, Cirie and Felicia don’t trust Cory or Cameron and want them gone. Cameron and Corey don’t trust them either and want them gone. Reilly told the entire house Jag was her #1 and also told everyone she needs an 8 person alliance. Jared spilled he’s loyal to Cirie, Felicia and Izzy plus that he’s a trio with Matt and Luke. I mean, are we really gonna judge Kirsten too harshly for talking too much at this point? I think she IS an actual recruit and she isn’t playing any worse than some of the others. She just happened to already be on the block.

Things are moving pretty quickly in this house so far. That means about everything I just typed will be irrelevant by the time I post it. I’m curious to see how Cirie and her group will move now that she knows about the 8. Will they want the veto used on Felicia if they has the chance or is it better to not rock the boat? (I say not) Are they going to put in some effort to pick up Luke as a number since no one else seems to want him? Are they going to try to separate Red from Cameron and swoop him up? How will the veto shake things up? Cant wait to find out!

Have a great Saturday!


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