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Big Brother Season 17 Premiere Live Blogging!



Here we are! The long winter is over, and the critters are ready to start playing the game we all love – Big Brother. This is my first live update thread of many this season, and it’s the beginning of a two-night premiere (similar to last year).

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Unfortunately I wasn’t able to fully guess the ‘last 2’ twist this season before the show began.  What I mean by ‘last 2’ is the reason there are 2 slots missing and more specifically why they are missing. People were able to figure out that the two people were quite possibly alumni from The Amazing Race, but that left more questions than answers.  Why not reveal them?  They’re not famous alumni.  Will they be part of whatever season-long twist I’m sure Julie has planned?  Or, will they just be two people there for a week as part of the twist Julie already revealed?

Anyway, the show is about to start, so let me get a plug out of the way


You can stream the show!



Ok, here are the updates…..

  • 8:00pm – And we’re off!
  • 3 new twists – one is a fan favorite, one is only America will know about, and the other is BB takeover.
  • Meg was hanging out with Andrea from Survivor, so there is that.
  • Audrey hints about the surprises she’ll bring to the house.
  • The first 8 in the house – Audrey, Austin, Meg, Danny, Clay, Da’Vonne, Jace, Shelli
  • 8:15pm – Calling it early, Shelli and Clay hooking up.
  • Audrey does her introduction and BB plays the dramatic music. Reveals transgender.
  • Audrey looks for an all-girl alliance with Shelli and Da’Vonne.
  • 8:30pm – Julie calls the players into the living room to reveal a twist….
  • They will be doing the 2 HoH / 4 nominee twist again.  After commercial break, they will nominate the first HoH
  • 8:35pm – HoH competition time.  Standing on wall, first person to catch 10 fake tomatoes and put them in their container wins.
  • James is in the lead during the HoH competition
  • Everyone fell off at the same time, so they checked the replay and James hit the ground last.  He should have won anyway, so that worked out.
  • 8:45pm – Julie reveals the second twist.  She tells them that each week there will be a new twist every week (BB Takeover).
  • Twin Twist – One of the players has a twin and they will be swapping places randomly through the first few weeks.  If they last 5 evictions, both players can enter the game.

(check back for more)


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  1. g8trgirl

    Hi Steve,
    Back for another season. Can’t wait to hear your take on things.

  2. Hi all, it is good to be back for another season.

  3. Rita

    OMG! Big Brother is BACK! I may need to move my TV outside so I can get some sunshine this summer.

  4. Ok where is everyone? No one talking about what they watched or are watching. Hello

  5. Rita

    The twin twist is back? Yuck. I hope they don’t get HOHitis like Adria and Natalie did in BB5.

  6. So excited to start a new season. Stumbled upon this site last year and became addicted. All I can say so far is its got to be a good season no Frankie

    • I found this site last year too! I liked Zachary and Donnie but I like to give newbies a chance. So, I won’t compare. Just hope they PLAY the game…. Really play.

  7. hello Steve,
    I am excited to start my third year with you. I look forward to your great commentary throughout the summer.

  8. I am so excited!!!!!!

  9. I’m so happy it’s back!! Now I’m going to watch it again on DVR. Cannot wait for tomorrow…….

  10. Looks to be an interesting season, I am excited to see how they twist it every week, …but the twin thing irk’s me a bit.

  11. Alda

    Hi Everyone!Good first night.Lets see what tonight brings.

  12. Alda

    Hi Everyone!Good first night.Let’s see what tonight brings.

  13. Alda

    I thought last night was boring.Hopefully these house guests get a little spunk to them soon.I watched After Dark also boring,except for Vanessa having a meltdown already.Remember she’s a millionaire already,so I look for her to go home sooner than later.If Jace and Austin don’t start mingling,their days will be numbered too.

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