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Big Brother Spoilers – Friday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone! It’s always weird watching the feeds the day after a showmance has been broken up because sometimes they go into full-blown depression mode while other times their game completely changes. For Bayleigh, it’s the latter.


Rather than mourning his loss, Bayleigh has dramatically stepped up her social game. She has accepted that’s part of the game and spent a lot of time last night with the very people who voted out Swaggy. This is night and day compared with the Bayleigh who spent all day in bed with Swaggy and it’s good to see. She is there to play the game and sulking over his eviction is just a guarantee to get herself evicted. The best thing she can do is what she’s doing. Play her ass off, make it deep into the game, and try to make the final 2.

Meanwhile, Scottie has a big decision to make this week and it’s not going to be easy considering he has Tyler in his ear. He wants to get rid of one of the bros, but he has had multiple people telling him all different stories on who voted who when it came to Steve. Sam is telling him the truth (they didn’t) while the bros are telling them they voted to keep Steve. A quick run through the numbers will show who is lying, so those two could be in trouble this week.  I expect either one of them to be a target, but it won’t be simple to get them out. He can nominate them both and risk one saving themselves via veto. His replacement would probably be an Angela, and Tyler wouldn’t fight to save her over a bro.

The other option would be a backdoor attempt, but that is also risky as both are big competitors so if he goes that route, it may be safer to just try the double pawn scenario. Put Angela and Rachel or Kaycee on the block and hope neither bro gets picked to play veto. With 2 pawns on the block and Scottie playing, that’s a 50% chance to pull someone off. When you factor in the odds of picking players for the other 3 slots, chances improve quite a bit on the backdoor plan.

Basically, here are the big three options

  • Direct attack – 100% chance that Winston and Brett play giving them a combined 33% chance of one of them winning veto
  • One pawn – Winston or Brett will play, but there are 11 players to choose from and 3? houseguest’s choices. My statistics professor would kill me if I tried those odds so I won’t embarrass myself
  • Two pawns – Risky approach but relies entirely on the veto selection.  With Rachel/Angela nominated, that leaves only a handful of people who would likely not use the PoV and just keep them up

Tough decision. Direct attack is best if you have 3 people you don’t mind going out. One pawn is fairly safe but opens the door up to neither target going home. Two pawns is a gamble.

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Enough rambling, time for some updates…

  • 10:45 am – Haleigh is laying in bed with Brett rubbing his hair while Rachel talks with Faysal in another room
  • 12:00 pm – Feeds are down for trending (most likely)
  • 1:24 pm – Feeds back
    • Bayleigh is telling Faysal that she got the good app (now confirmed)
  • Meanwhile, Brett/Winston/Rachel are in the HN room talking
    • Brett tells them a story how Bayleigh apparently snapped on Rockstar this morning over turning off the water
    • It was brief but showing Bay is clearly stressing
  • Haleigh got the crap app
    • She chose the reading one
    • She has to stand there for some amount of time reading something
    • My guess is she has to carry around a book and start reading on command when they tell her
    • She has to read an entire book out loud
    • JC is talking about Hamlet. Not sure if that’s confirmed
  • 1:45 pm – Kaitlyn is telling the group how she had her colon cleansed. Awesome
    • Meanwhile, Scottie is telling JC how dangerous Brett is. Brett is super charismatic and needs to go sooner than later
    • JC is pushing to get Rockstar out. Scottie tells him that if he makes a big move, he’s going to need RS as a target for the other side
  • 2:30 pm – Scottie is up in the HoH room with Bayleigh and he tells her how Rockstar’s name is being thrown around a lot
  • Scottie is doing some last minute chats with people. It sounds like he’s going to go with the direct approach and just nominate the bros
    • Scottie told Bay about something Tyler told him. He said Kait and Swaggy had a fight about Joe (Kait’s bf) and some crush Kaitlyn had. Feeds cut. Yea, sounds like he definitely pulled his release
  • Going to close this thread and rest my headache. I’ll start up a new one after noms

Check back for updates


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BB24 Michael Bruner
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