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Caleb Blows Up The House, Doesn’t Realize It



This weeks PoV competition was already going to be pretty huge. If Frankie loses, there was a good chance Cody and Derrick were going to take that opportunity to send him home.  Caleb being Caleb decided to randomly tell Frankie that … in not so many words.  Last night around 9:20 or so, Caleb and Frankie were sitting around playing pool when Frankie started grilling him a little more on being put on the block.

Ho Hum, no big deal, Caleb just casually tells Frankie it’s basically because the guys didn’t trust him, so he had to be contained by being on the block. Frankie naturally is pretty bothered by this and wonders where it’s coming from. Caleb pulls the ‘well, if anyone WOULD pull Victoria from the block, it would be you‘ routine, clearly making it worse. Frankie tries to point out that he had all the power last week and Victoria was still going home. Why in the world would he want to screw things up now?

Caleb stumbled around his words for a bit while Frankie continued with his shocked reaction.  Cody then approached and was lucky enough to get caught up in the conversation and Frankie now grilling him.  The loyal soldier Caleb threw himself on the grenade and said he was the one who put Frankie up, not Cody or Derrick.  He just feels the best way to get to the final 4 with the guys would be to prevent the evil mastermind from possibly screwing things up.  See, if Frankie was not on the block and won the PoV, he could very easily pull Victoria from the block and send either Cody or Derrick home.


That’s where this gets both funny and sad for Caleb.  Derrick staged his fake fight with Victoria last week, and many people bought right into it for some reason.  Derrick has also managed to convince Caleb that he would lose against any guy in the final 2. Even if you disregard the fight, Derrick still has the biggest motive to keep Victoria in the game because he basically admitted to Caleb he could only beat Victoria.  When you combine that with Derrick only losing to Frankie by about 20 seconds in the last PoV, that makes it even more dangerous to keep Derrick off the block – from Caleb’s point of view at least.

Sure, none of them are aware of the reality that Derrick will likely win against ANY of the remaining houseguests, but poor Caleb is too dense to even connect the dots on the lies Derrick has been telling him.  Derrick has been playing a great game so far, but he got sloppy there and almost had to make a move this week because of it.  If Frankie does not win the power of veto, he has to go. Caleb can be left wondering what happened, but that won’t matter because Derrick has the numbers against him as well, and now has the motive.  Caleb can’t be trusted (at least with his mouth) and has to go before Victoria as well.  Boom, final 3 of Derrick, Cody and Victoria and you can just write the check out to the best player this season – Derrick.

However, should Frankie win the power of veto.. well.. Victoria will likely go home, and the numbers will be even heading into the final 4.  Cody and Derrick versus Frankie and Caleb.. and based on the season so far, I certainly wouldn’t put my money on the former when it comes to competitions.

Hopefully veto competition is today.  I need to see who wins.


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  1. Caleb may have just screwed up Derrick’s game. LOL Caleb is still under the impression the four guys are together to the end. He doesn’t have a clue about anything. I’m sure, if and when he watches the show, he will insist he was ‘in’ on everything and no one manipulated him in any way. Poor, delusional boast mode cowpie. Frankie will now be trying harder to win that POV.

    • ShoeLover

      Lol! Oh mouse, your way with words, clever!!! Boastmode Cowpie! That’s funny right there!!! Yep, yep!

      • Jannie

        Still not sure what will happen.
        We discussed this on the previous thread, but Derrick also told Mango that if anyone were in the final two against Victoria that he(Derrick) would vote to giver her the money because whoever took her would be taking “the cowards way out.”

        So if the final three were Cody, Vic and Derrick, I’m predicting a Derrick/Cody final two.

        Sorry, he doesn’t deserve to be there either.

      • Caleb was the first to say about a week or so ago that if Vic was in final two he would vote for her. He said it in front of several if not all of guys. But Caleb has been with Derrick and Cody with putting Frankie up if they won hoh and getting him out if he didn’t win pov. Caleb likes franki but is more loyal to the majority. He’s a loose cannon but he’s also convinced he would win no matter who he was against and if he did not get into final 3 he would get AFP. HE ALSO BELIEVES DERRICK WOULD LISE AGAINST ANY OF THEM. Caleb just can’t keep his mouth shut

  2. Omg boast mode cowpie! Best name ever.

  3. Hope that Frankie doesn’t win POV and gets evicted. So sick of him, he’s ruined the BB season for me. BB cameras love him and follows him, as if it’s his show ??? Who are his followers on YouTube….12 year olds ?? I can’t take anymore of him.

    • I quit watching BBAD because of Frankie.

      • It’s okay to watch BBAD now mouse. I can’t stand to watch Frankie either that’s what is making it great right now. I’ve been waiting all season for some kind of something to happen and it has. Frankie is scrambling and after watching him make everyone one else scramble it’s sweet revenge!!! I’m loving it. Run Frankie Run. Lol

      • Frankie is so female. I can’t Stand him running and jumping around like a woman. And that hair I wish some one in the house would shave it while he sleeps. And while I’m at it whats with the hats on backwards with the whole in the front. If thy made hats like that fine put the stupid hat on the way it’s meant to be. Frankie should have gone awhile ago. If he wins it’s there own fault for not letting evivting him from the house

    • I agree he is just over the top.. I have some gay friends and they told me he is making the gays look bad…Next season i hope when the first person say’s im doing what the house wants get’s booted out of the house immediately..

      • Jannie

        The last 24 hours show just how clueless Caleb is in this game.

        Derrick has dragged Victoria, Cody and Caleb to the final five and they have pretty much done nothing. Only Caleb has won comps, but then he hands his power over to Derrick.

        Love him or hate him, the only person in the house who is capable and deserving of being in the final four besides Derrick is Mango. I think he has Derrick figured out, he has just been too afraid to go against him. Now he will make his move if he wins the POV.

        I am rooting for Mango to win the POV because I want to someone FINALLY screw up one of Derrick’s plans.

        You can’t complain that the game is boring and then want Mango out. If he leaves it will be a snoozefest.

      • Cody has won comps. He’s won Hoh comps.

      • Jannie

        Not as many as Caleb.

      • Ok, I hate Frankie as much as the next guy but anybody who feels like Frankie is “making gays look bad” is a fucking idiot. Did Arryn “make blondes look bad”? Did Devin “make black people look bad”? No. Ridiculous. Absolutely fucking ridiculous. Frankie is making Frankie Grande look bad and that is IT. Please do not generalize.

    • I hope his followers aren’t 12 year old girls!! Have you watched any of his stuff? I would never let my girls watch him!

  4. Yeah Der game is getting really close to being shown. Vic has his # but also knows he would take her to the final 2 and she would him so I think either way with her he is good. But Caleb can def put his foot in his mouth. He makes me lol but can be stupid too. He is just young and hasn’t figure it all out yet.
    Hate I have to wait till Sunday I was thinking last night I would get to watch LOL I guess the blonde came out in me.

    • Lulu

      I agree that Vic has Derricks #. Last night the thought went through my head that everytime someone gets him figured out, they suddenly are his target and gets evicted. I think if Caleb had kept his mouth shut, Vic would be the next one out.

      • if Victoria is the one that blows up Derrick’s game, she will be totally redeemed in my eyes.

        I hope she does.

      • I think if he was smart he’d put up Derrick! Funny how the jury people know Derrick is running the house now. They had no clue when they where in the house. Except Donny maybe He filled them in.

      • That is why if Derrick is in the F2 he will win. He’s set himself up nicely.

      • Jury knew Derrick was running house. Hayden Donny and Nichole knew for sure before they left. Think jacosta knew also but since she never talked game I can’t say for sure and don’t know if zach knew. That’s why they are in jury because Derrick knew they were wise to him. But there was nothing they could do about it cause they had no numbers

      • Jannie

        Lulu – I think it’s the exact opposite. If Caleb had kept his mouth shut Derrick and Cody’s plan was to blindside Mango, and then automatically get rid of Caleb because he can’t play in the next HOH.

        Predictable and boring, just like the entire season.

        Don’t think Victoria has Derrick’s #. I don’t give her that much credit. Unless by number you mean Victoria has a plan to get to the finals with him and then beg the jury to give him the money because she has an immature teenage crush on him. She is so delusional(like Caleb) that she honestly thinks that she has been Derrick’s “partner” in this game and has been in on all of the scheming.

        If Mango leaves, then Derrick has 100% control of the house – CBS may as well cut him the check now.

      • I agree Jannie. Victoria doesn’t have anyone’s number. She is getting too much credit. I watched this conversation between her and Derrick when they set up this staged fight. Derrick started that idea and then just sat back and watched her spin like a top to do his biding adding little touches of gold to the conversation. He’s a lock got F2.

      • Jannie

        And then he called her a genius and convinced her that SHE came up with the plan!
        Yep, he deserves final 2, I just want there to be some stress for him before he gets there!

      • I think Vic knows Derrick has big time power. She may be immature and all but she’s really not stupid. When they had the real fight few weeks ago it was because she knew he could keep her off block if he really wanted. She’s not buying that he has to do what house says.

      • Jannie

        I think Izzy could have beat her in an IQ contest.

        Nice girl, but not too bright.


      • I had actually said this on a thread last week and had given it some thought but if you watch her on feeds or BBAD she doesn’t have a clue.

      • Last week when they did the morph competition for the first time, Victoria pushed the button then just stood there looking blank. Then she asked, “Do I start?” OMG The girl is clueless.
        It would be funny if she did win and took herself off. Caleb wouldn’t know what to do! Can you imagine the total terror on Cody and Derrick’s faces wondering if she would evict them over Frankie and, if it was a tie vote, what would Caleb do. Fun times!

      • Even if she was given answers she couldn’t move fast enough from board to buzzer and if there was mirror she would stop to look in it

      • Nobody could be that good an actress. Vic not stupid but not in game at all. Every time she thinks she almost won. Did look like she was doing decently on teeter totter comp. but she is clueless. I’m worried about all the thinking she’s doing looking at wall this week.

      • Jannie

        “I will win this because I’m a photographer who notices every detail.”

        I don’t think her performance helped her business back home much.

        I wouldn’t hire her.

      • I’d believe that if she gave some kind of indication in the diary room that she was throwing comps or at least acknowledging that she’s bad at them. Most of her DR comments indicate that she thinks she wins a lot of comps and does well in them.

  5. MAN, I was cracking up watching this on BBAD last night. Caleb can’t hold water! And then when Cody and Derrick were standing there as Frankie kept going on “what do I have to do for you guys to TRUST me”….they BOTH looked so pissed (at Caleb). They better PRAY Frankie loses the POV comp. Or that house will go on its head, because you know Frankie WILL WIN his 500th HoH comp next week. Well, at least there’s finally some drama!

    • I honestly didn’t think Caleb would nominate Frankie – he’s so under this “spell” that Frankie has over him, it’s not even funny. I’m guessing Cody & Derrick must have said something to convince him it was the right thing to do, but then he still manages to screw things up by actually telling Frankie what he did, LOL. Who does that?? *rolls her eyes*

      • Lulu

        Derrick wanted Cody and himself to be with Caleb continuously up until noms so Frankie would not have a chance to talk to Caleb by himself. That
        would have risked Caleb changing his mind and putting up one of them. It worked.

      • Jannie

        Derrick convinced Caleb that it was only fair to put up Mango because:

        A). Cody was just on the block

        B). Derrick hasn’t been able to play in the last two HOH’s(rewind)

        And Lulu is right – they purposely kept Mango from getting anywhere near Caleb alone.

      • I heard that last night and thought wow! Cody was just on the block and poor Derrick didn’t get to play the last two. Big deal. Have they been concerned that Victoria has been on the block 7 times or how many times they put Donny up? Self-centered bunch of hypocrites.

      • It was a game move by them and it worked. Coming from Derrick that’s all it was. To Cody yes it was a little hypocritical because he plays more of a personal game. They had to do something to get Caleb to put Frankie up and it worked. It’s a game.

      • You r right. They had to give Caleb reason for making it right in his mind to put Frankie up. Plus Frankie had never been on block on eviction night

      • Can you imagine ( I admit this alittle malicious of me ) if Caleb had ever been captured by the enemy. All our world secrets would’ve been told immediately. Lol

      • Oh you mean when Caleb was a General or the Head of some Military Intelligence. . Yeah he would have told it all…

      • Jannie

        They would probably return him because he would talk their ears off about all of his many talents. 🙂

      • thanks for the laugh. still chuckling

    • Derrick and Cody should’ve known that Caleb has foot and mouth disease already. But that no other options other than manipulating Caleb into putting Frankie on the block since Cody again didn’t win HOH.

    • I said last week Frankie should have put up Derrick and Cody to make big move. But he couldn’t. But with rewind he’d have really been in trouble now but what’s worse than going on block. Big moves win game and no big moves in this season. That’s what I have against Derrick. He’s played best game but it’s like putting first graders against seniors. He’s made no big moves and when he had chance for big move he has not done it cause he wimped out. Plus he’s laziest HG in house. Always laying around in bedrooms, by or couches. Don’t see him upright often. Plus can’t keep his hands off his face or head–always stroking himself.

  6. So when in real time do they play POV? I know it won’t air anytime soon but want to know when we might find out if Frankie wins or not. pleaseletfrankielosepov pleaseletfrankielosepov pleaseletfrankielosepov

    I’m not getting my hopes up on seeing troll doll poptart FrankieMango go out the door until after the POV.

    • Since they changed the air time this week, I’m confused about the POV too. They have the live eviction Sunday so surely it’s some time today. Not holding out any hope that Mango will be defeated, but we can always wish.

      • Correction: According to Morty’s the eviction will be Tuesday night then the next eviction Wednesday night leaving the final 3 with a special show on Friday. Not much use watching until Tuesday. I’m just getting anxious to find out the POV winner. If it’s freaky Mango Frankie, I’m pretty much done with the show.

      • Jannie

        mouse – you have always had a good handle on the game, but you do get that if Mango goes home then Derrick has complete charge of the game, Caleb goes next and you can bet it’s Cody and Derrick in the finals. All that will be left are Derrick and his sheeples.

        Too predictable! Derrick will beat ANYONE left there for the $500K – even Mango. Keep him there and the game is still a toss up.

        So why not have Mango win the POV and let’s make the next 10 days interesting??

      • Actually what would be more fun would be Fakie leaving, then Cody winning next HOH and Caleb voting Derek out with Cody breaking the tie. None of them will deserve the win, but Fakie and Derrick are just not likeable. It would be funny to have them feel they are in control, only to lose to those

      • I think we would all like to see Frankie leave than see any more of this season think most of us really don’t care who wins except frankie

      • Jannie

        I would rather see Mango win than Cody or Victoria.

      • Well that could never happen. Only chance anyone has is Derrick. Franki. Caleb.

      • Jannie, you may be right about it being boring afterward, but I just SO want to see Frankie’s face when he gets kicked out and the audience boos him.

    • It’s a night comp. it ran into BBAD last time and it starts at 9:00 BB time I think.

  7. Caleb seems to have moments of clarity and then he does a 180 an sinks back into being delusional.

  8. Live evictions are Tues n Wed nights, Sun is for noms n veto….. just sayin

  9. My opinion about the final 5 has swayed back and forth the last few weeks.
    I “like” Derrick, but he has played an invisible game and I am tired of it. If Vic is the one that exposes Derrick’s game to the rest of the house she will be a HERO imo and thus (surprisingly)deserves to WIN.

    Frankie was really bugging me for a while there, but I now prefer his game play to Derrick’s.

    I didn’t like Caleb at all when Amber was in the house, but he has turned out to be a funny guy and very entertaining.

    My perfect final 3 TODAY would be Frankie, Caleb and Cody.

    I just don’t like a contestant (Derrick) that makes BB look like a cakewalk. (such as Andy’s win last season.)

    • Too many ‘followers’ and going with the house this year. Most of the guys acted like they were at a frat party and the girls were on vacation.

    • Jannie

      DingDong – I agree except that Victoria will NEVER expose Derrick’s game. She is entranced by him and has some delusion that they are playing the game together and that she helps him make all of the decisions. Have you seen the way she gazes at him with the love sick 12 yr old puppy dog eyes??

      The only way the game stays interesting is for(and I hate to say it) Mango wins the Veto and stays in the game.

      Caleb has become much more entertaining, but in a creepy, delusional kind of way. He may be starting to crack and will be shocked when Cody and Derrick send Mango packing – he will be next.

      My perfect three would be Derrick, Caleb and Mango – Derrick as the puppeteer, and Caleb and Mango as the comp beasts. Then let them fight it out.

      Cody doesn’t deserve it – Derrick did all of his thinking for him this season.

    • I’ve said this I don’t know how many times but how is it Derrick’s fault that everyone else is so gullible? It’s a game and he is the master of it this year. BB is not only about who wins comps it’s about manipulating people and playing that social game. Derrick has done all three of those things. Frankie’s game has been messy and the rest of the house is clueless that this is really Derrick’s and Frankie’s showdown and as right now Derrick has him over a barrel unless Frankie can win pov. Sorry but I’m loving it. IMHO

      • Jannie

        I definitely think Derrick deserves to win it all, but I want him to sweat a little at the end – the only way that will happen is if Mango is still in the game.

      • I think he’s sweating it a little now. If Frankie wins pov his game could really go bad unless he or Cody win hoh next week. It could be Derrick on block with Cody.

  10. Checker brain Caleb is no match to the Chessman Derrick, and muscles are not just on Caleb’s arms but in his head. I still personally like the Cowboy from Texas though.

  11. From Morty’s yesterday afternoon…
    3:36PM BBT: Victoria asks Frankie what happened, and he says, he just T-bagged Derrick. Derrick tells Caleb, in the the HoH room, that Frankie was just standing over him with his towel half open. Caleb asks him, if he about died. Derrick says, yes, and Frankie almost got nut punched.

    This is the part I dislike about Fakie the most …

    …If Derrick did nut punch him …would he be ejected from the house?

    • Lulu

      That reminds me of a couple of weeks ago Fakie and Cody were in the kichen, Fakie told Cody his nuts were as big as lemons. If that wasn’t bad enough… he pulled them out to show him! He is just gross! Why has cbs let this go on and on?

      • Jannie

        Honestly we are all grossed out by Mango’s behavior. But for some reason the mentality in the house accepts it. Does anyone watching BBAD ever hear THEM complain that he is disgusting and harassing them?? It just shows what mouse called “the Frat house” mentality going on in there. If they don’t care, why should we?? It shows the character of the players that are left in there – they all laugh at his antics, no one has complained in the DR that they are being harassed.

        They are all gross – and Victoria is happy and thrilled to be their princess.

      • So gross!! Why oh why does BB allow Frankie’s disgusting behavior to continue? I assume the other HGs haven’t spoken up because Frankie seems to be the type to cry/play the homophobe card. What a vile and disgusting person!

      • I think if you reread Damama’s blog you’ll hear Derrick complaining about it. We don’t know if Derrick or anyone else has complained or not to BB.

      • And I will state this again like I have before. When you make a statement blaming the other HGs for Frankie’s behavior it’s the same thing as blaming a rape victim for being raped. This disgusting behavior lays at no one else’s feet but Frankie’s. And I for one am getting tired of comments like this. I think it’s just as disgusting. Sorry but that’s the way I feel.

      • I just can’t figure out why the males haven’t complained. Or said anything to Frankie. Saw Cody grab his hand the other day to stop his stroking. Heard Caleb tell Frankie one day that ppl were going th think he was a fruit. Think it was Caleb once that said no and moved some. He’s been all over Derrick several times lately but haven’t seen Derrick do anything. This is not their fault but all Frankie but I don’t understand them not being more adamant about him touching them and if they are afraid to do anything on TV then they should be telling bb. But they really should be stronger about telling him no and to leave them alone or not to touch them. And ppl keep talking about frat house but only in some of their silly antics. In every frat house I know Frankie would be laying on ground from a punch if he touched any of them. And Caleb who acts like the big manly man beast most cowboy SLEEPS with him!! Sometimes I feel it’s broke back mountain!!

      • Just because someone is harassed and chooses not to complain or doesn’t voice his/her upset with such behavior does not mean that harassment is acceptable, appropriate, or excusable. There are countless victims of harassment and/or hostile, sexualized environments who do not speak out. Obviously there are much worse forms of harassment, but Frankie is clearly going out of his way to bully, grope, fondle, and mark his perceived territory. He’s gross and should he win CBS is allowing an awful message to millions of viewers that disgusting albeit crafty behavior gets you somewhere in this life. His earlier talk about rape is something no one should ignore or forget.

      • Thank you so much JT for saying it better than I did. We had the same thought.

      • Everyone is saying this so it’s something everyone sees. Seems cbs has a part in stopping this all it would take would be to tell him not to do it. I read all online comments and watch bbad (do not get live feeds) so I kind of get confused on what I’ve seen on bbad, and what was on the show. Is it only on bbad where we see his groping and stroking. Or has that been on TV show also. Seems to me Frankie acts much better on TV than his real self on bbad

      • All his grossness was on bbad or I read it on Jokers or Mortys …and youtube vids …NEVER shown on prime time TV

      • That’s how I feel but I can’t figure out why it’s been allowed to go on.

    • If he had done it to a girl it would have been discrimination, but it is ok to do it to a guy. I don’t think so! He is just disgusting and vile! FRANKIE MUST GO!

      • He came on to Nichole big time night before she got evicted. I just about died. She pushed him away hard and said “no Frankie!). They were drinking and she was acting more tipsy than she actually was but it looked as if Frankie was testing what she would do. I mean is he not gay??? Maybe he wanted to be one of the guys? Cody was coming on to her also but she was having nothing to do with any of it.

    • Yes. Punching will get you thrown out which is exactly why Frankie gets away with this behavior. This is exactly why I don’t have anything nice to say about Frankie. He’s a disgusting piece of work for a human being.

  12. This is where everyone should see the real side of Frankie, he should have never been team America, BB should wait a few weeks before picking a team America if it happens again, because we need to get to know the players first. Frankie would never be part of TA had we known him. I pray he gets evicted, please Derrick or Cody win the POV…… Frankie should be evicted just for doing what he did to Derrick… @($*%&

    • I agree! In the past, when an America’s Player was created, it was done several weeks into the season so that by then we had a chance to make an informed decision on who to “represent” America. BB dropped the ball this year by starting it so early, before we could see what a jerk Frankie is.

    • I just wish that BB honored America’s vote. America chose Donny as part of a 3 person “team.” When they turned on Donny, Team America was over. They should have stopped all missions and money, making clear to Derrick and Frankie that there are consequences for betraying a group America put together. It’s “Pair America” now and it would have made for better TV to simply quash further missions. It’s not like the missions are interesting or game-influencing anyway. To me, there is no Team America without Donny.

    • I heard Frankie tell Derrick last night he was 29. Isn’t he 31? Could swear he was

      • Yeah according to everything on the internet, Frankie is 31. No idea why he is trying to lie about his age. Especially when he could pass for 40 easily.

  13. Anybody out there watching the feeds……..I keep reading the houseguests have been studying the memory wall in anticipation of the POV and the morph competition. Has anyone of them eluded to the fact that they may see the exact same pictures and gone over the answers to try to memorize?

    My real hope is that they keep the picures the same, but perhaps change the eyes in two of the pictures to mess them up.


    • I want them to add a 4th morph …so you would have hair, eyes, nose and mouth …that would be a lot tougher

    • Lulu

      I was hoping they would have the comp early, maybe 8:00 am. I think it would be funny to watch them do it on an hours worth of sleep. Plus, it would cure them of sleeping all day.

    • If like the HOH comp, it’ll stay the same. But even if they change something or add something all of them have studied that wall with Derrick and Cody being the two who I have seen study it the most. Derrick said he a photograph memory and was only 23 seconds behind Frankie last time. This is his game to lose right now. Frankie is so rattled over the fact that they have studied it so well and that he is on the block that he just might blow it.

    • They think there is no way everything will be same cause it would be too easy. They all knew those answers after comp anyway cause they all talked about it. They think actual pics of bodies will be same but faces will be changed with different mix of features. Derrick studying big time!! Most have been studying but Derrick really doing it a lot. He’s determined to win pov.

  14. Does anyone know if the TA mission was also included in the rewind?

  15. danmtruth

    All season we have been complying about the make up of the HG. Last night Derrick said something to Victoria had me confused. He said that she was invited by the producers unlike him who had to go thru an addition process . I know that Hayden had meet the producers giving them a ride. That’s how he got on the show. Makes you wounded how Frankie got on the show. How close to scripted reality are we getting

    • Just like Elissa got on the show last year is how I think Frankie got on this year. They put Frankie in there because either way you looked at it he would be talked about. Rather he was a good guy or not he would be drama. It is a reality show in as much as any other reality show is but, it’s still a show and BB still has to make money and how do you do that? By putting the most controversial people in there. They dropped the ball on a lot of the HGs but not him. Frankie and his vile behavior equal money.

    • Hayden said he was asked to be on BB ..he gave a pedicab ride to the right person …Amber and Britt were also recruited .. I think , maybe Joey too… not sure

  16. Frankie just left DR crying. I’m sure he’s waiting for everyone to get up so he can be petted, consoled, and pampered.

  17. He left crying because BB told him if he and Derrick make final two together that they get 50K for being Team America at the end.. which I find to be total bull.. apparently they told Derrick this too.. Not fair, seems to me that they want to see those two in the end…. and I hope Derrick doesn’t go along with it.. ugh!

  18. From Joker’s:
    1:35 PM Derr and Frankie talking in WC. Apparently DR has told them that if they are in the F2 together the winner will get a $50K bonusprize ($550K total) due to Team America.
    Now somebody try to say Production isn’t controlling things!

  19. Holy Crap.. from Jokers …

    :35 PM Derr and Frankie talking in WC. Apparently DR has told them that if they are in the F2 together the winner will get a $50K bonusprize ($550K total) due to Team America.

    • damamma, I was just going to post the same thing you and Colby posted. I know a final between Derrick and Mango would be the best match up.
      But production wants to control the game. That’s definitely not fair.

    • i just read that over on Jokers! I’m not happy about that. I truly hope that Derrick ignores that & gets Frankie out ASAP!

      • Don’t let greed sway you Derrick ..500K should be enough, keep your eye on the prize and ignore the cherry on top and send Fakie to enjoy the jury house …It depends all on the POV ….please make Fakie go away

      • YES, damamma, I was just thinking the same thing! Besides, Derrick has that extra $5 grand from a competition and his TA winnings.

      • leafhopper

        now would be a good time for the bull horn guy to come back and start yelling again- or the plane with the banner – “Not worth the $50K”

      • Jannie

        That’s disgusting and not fair to the game.

        Am going to right now to complain!

      • Derrick is trying to give his family a better life …that was his focus all summer

        If Der wins ..betcha he starts his own biz, maybe youtube media mogul … never mind that is Fakies claim …and Calebs wish… .. hopefully DER GETS to retire early from the PD

      • Believe me you can’t retire at his age with $500,000. Much of it would be spent to live way before retirement. Plus a child to educate. But could put enough away for her college and put good amount in retirement fund. Remember taxes take a lot. He will still have to work or will be broke not too far down the road. Think how much he probably makes a year and take away at least 50 % for taxes in RI. That puts his $575,000 down to about $300,000 max. So divide what he makes a year into that and he probably live 5 years on winning plus that’s without putting anything away for education and retirement. Winning can guarantee college and good lump to retirement and leaves them with much improved life financially but really doesn’t affect that he still has to work

      • I think Derrick will go ahead with the plan to get Frankie out. At this point Derrick knows that 500,000 thousand is in his hands if he does. But if he fails to win the 500,000 he would still win 50,000 for coming in second if in the final 2 which unless Frankie wins the pov he has locked down. Keep your hands out of it BB!

      • Hope u r right about this one. Derrick could now throw hoh which I expected him to win.

    • They are doing that just so Frankie will stay. It should have been said from the start.

      • :47 PM To clarify the conversation with Frankie / Derrick in the BR at 1:35Per their conversation, they do not have to be in the f2 together for the winner to get the 50k bonus, IF the winner is a TA member, the winner gets an extra 50k. FRom jokers

        …this would be OK with me ….not exactly sure what the real deal is yet

  20. Not right that they were told this at this point, really gets me mad, I hope Derrick does not comply and votes his backside right out of the house…… this is wrong on the part of BB……

  21. Who’s to say that America really picked Frankie in the first place? What would stop BB and CBS from simply choosing Frankie for “Team America” regardless of any vote? They obviously favor him.

    • I so agree. All this is going to do is piss off America even more. It seems to me just when they may get Frankie they do what they can to fn save him.

    • My thought exactly JT. I stated this earlier in the thread that people were chosen specifically to boost ratings. Frankie was obviously chosen for that reason. What I have a problem with is that now their trying to influence Frankie and Derrick with money. That’s when they take it too far. Not fair to the rest of the players they should just give up now and go to the jury house. This game originally was set up for everyone to have a shot at the money and for us to manipulate the game at home with Team America. Why bother with a reality show if it’s not going to be reality. Disgusting BB. You suck.

    • True so very true. I thought the last TA mission was not true vote as the other was much harder

      • I like survivor and amazing race much better. Started watching bb first season cause nothing but reruns were on. If it was in regular season probably would not watch. It’s the one reality show I watch that’s too scripted and influenced by production. Don’t think it started out that wat. Think it’s gotten more and more that way

  22. Yeah…they wanted Fakie in the end it was obvious. I hope Fakie and then Derrick get voted out soon. I can’t stand this show…I have only been reading feeds since Donny left. Donny should have lasted longer, I have a feeling the DR told Fakie last time when he was being considered for eviction as well, but he was able to turn the tide with his alliance the first time. Then Derrick talked Cody out of evicting Frankie which was strange since Nicole would have worked with them and would have been easier to get out later.

  23. I want Frankie to stay he makes the game more interesting. I don’t watch after dark so i don’t see any of the things that happen there. But in my opinion if Frankie leaves the game is over.

  24. And BB did not just put Frankie in team America you all know that America voted to put Frankie on the team just because of who hes sister is. Frankie didn’t start acting jerky until he told the house who he was related too.

  25. I think BB threw this money to Frankie and Derrick because Frankie probably went in there and stomped his little feet and hands, and to pacify him they decided (just like I think they’ve done all year.) to do this. What thoughts does everyone have about Allison Grodner doing this? I say just like in Alice in Wonderland ” Off with her head”. She’s destroyed the show. Congradulations Allison. I won’t be back for next unless she’s gone and show returns to it’s original format.

  26. Franko if you read this later I sure hope you feel better. I said a prayer for you last night.

    • *****************
      Sandra ftsm,
      I just read this thread. I’m trying to catch up. I haven’t checked previous threads to see if any messages were left for me I won’t do that after I read the latest thread.
      I’m feeling much better but trying to digest all this is been going on and what has been found out about what’s going on with me. I have some major issues that will cause me much trouble for the rest of my life. I really don’t want to get into all of it right now.
      fortunately, my heart is not weaker but my lungs are in really bad shape. I will try to explain more another time. I’m still having test run but will not be leaving the hospital for at least several more days. I appreciate the thoughts and prayers of all people on here who have been so kind to me. I will say it again it’s amazing how much has been shown to me!!!!
      THANK YOU!!

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