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Care Package Voting And Thursday Feeds



Before I forget, here is the link to the Care Package voting.  I am personally pushing for Alex so she remains safe this week, even though it’s a pretty lousy CP otherwise. Watching her obey Kryssie is going to be weird to watch, but she will get her safety. She deserves it after the mess that was last night after the HoH competition.  Beware: rant head.

Let me give a little backstory before I talk about last night.  This past week, Scott was obviously HoH and he went after the LNJ (Late Night Jamboree). During the final safety ceremony, all the girls went outside to join the house so Scott can give a speech to just one group rather than run around the house giving different speeches. Them being there triggered Neeley, but she remained quiet until the next morning when America finally didn’t vote the way of the LNJ and nominated Danielle. Apparently, the girls smiled and were relieved or something (I actually didn’t watch that specific nomination), but this set Neeley off into a rage fit. She went into the London room and ranted for a solid 15-20 minutes how disrespectful the girls were for smiling and being happy they weren’t nominated.

Ok, I get it, Neeley wants to play mature and show absolutely no emotion whether you win or lose. That’s fine if that’s how she wants to play. It’s a bit extreme considering she doesn’t bash her own allies when they celebrate, but at least she wasn’t stooping down to the level of going overboard with celebrations herself. She’s too classy for that, and doesn’t want to rub stuff into others’ faces. Oh wait, that’s the way it SHOULD have been.


After Kryssie won the HoH competition last night, the groups went into the house, and Neeley immediately went into the Tokyo room to celebrate.  Someone as classy as Neeley would just give a fist pump or a small dance, right?  Wrong.  She went on for about as long as she was complaining about the girls (15-20 minutes) dancing against anyone who would walk by.  It was pretty shameful to see, and things only got worse from there

Celebrating is bad!
Celebrating is bad!

While Neeley was doing her dancing, the others were around talking about just how amazing they were, and understandably relieved they got the power this week. That is when Kryssie decides she needs to get up, go to the other bed and fart into Alex’s pillow.

What the hell type of behavior is this? Hey, if you want to act like an ass, own it. Doing things like partying and farting into pillows then turning around and crying when things don’t go your way is embarrassing to anyone who has watched Big Brother.

For that reason, to knock them down yet another peg, I suggest this:

  • Neeley for America’s Nom
  • Alex for Care Package
  • Neeley, Jason, and whoever for HaveNot (Justin? Simply because he hasn’t had it yet, not because he deserves it)
  • So again, vote for the Care Package Here

I didn’t even get into the pouting by Kryssie after the eviction when she told off Scott for backdooring Shane (after accusing him earlier in the week of splitting up the showmance because he’s single and jealous). That is just a little side note just in case she wants to attempt a backdoor attempt this week. She railed on Scott for not giving Shane a chance to play and save himself, so if she tries the backdoor attempt, she will be the ultimate hypocrite.  (Legitimate backdoor attempt, not an accidental one where say Shelby was her target, is nominated, but saves herself then Scott goes up)

Alright, my rant was long, so these updates will be short. I will close it in a bit to resume a story I am working on for my creative writing class (I may post it if it’s good. It’s related to BB)


  • 1:45pm – There are a few people outside by the couch chatting. Morgan and Alex are in the Tokyo room
    • Before I forget, also vote for your week 4 fan favorite 
    • Morgan leaves and Jason enters.  He has had a little side thing going with her, I wonder how much this will stick
    • Alex and Jason are talking and she thinks it’s for sure going to be her as a target this week.
    • Alex mentions she heard Scott had a horrible campaign speech today, mentioning Kryssie’s bum knee or something.  Jason sums it up by saying “He insulted her, then told her to target me and Neeley, then insulted her again”
    • alex-jason
    • Note – Jason is FAR more tolerable as a player when he’s sitting privately talking game with someone than when he’s outside smoking. I really enjoy this side of Jason.
  • 2:20pm – Weird, they are called into storage room where there is a clothing rack
    • clothes
    • So far, it just seems like it was just a gift of new clothes, maybe for the Q&A
  • 2:50pm – Jason is up in the HoH room retelling his conversation with Alex. So much for having a sneaky alliance
    • It’s amazing how Jason goes from sounding like an intelligent speaker to a catty diva when he’s around his alliance.  And that’s the group who complains about fake?
    • Neeley mentions how it’s funny nobody is really approaching Kryssie. It’s because Kryssie is extremely unapproachable
  • 4:45pm – Zonked out. I guess Julie did her Q&A, so I’ll flashback for highlights
    • purple-house
    • Julie tells them thanks for wearing purple. It is spirit day and that is to support bullying against LGBT. That explains the wardrobe options a few hours ago!
    • She asks around about last night and the eviction. She also asked Morgan about the America’s Vote not going home and her thought.  They probably asked Morgan because she was the one who suggested that they use that to their advantage and keep Danielle so America will nominate her every time she’s eligible. Of course, some in the BB community freaked about being thought of as a pawn in Morgan’s game, so they raged (as they went on to continue to be a pawn in Jason’s).
    • Julie asks Jason that one viewer wants to know why he isn’t having as much fun this year. Jason blames it on it being too early, and he had fun last time and was evicted early. Does that confirm his strategy is to sit and smoke in the corner all summer?
    • Julie then tells the house that there will be 3 people in the finals.  Someone (Alex?) wondered this the other day. She said a final 2 may be too easy to know who won based on America’s votes throughout the season, so they may do 3 to leave some element of surprise.
  • 6:00pm – The house is sitting around all talking.  I guess Paul really does bring friendship to houses
    • house-together
  • 6:40pm – Lockdown over
    • Alex and Kryssie head into the HoH room.  She tells Kryssie that she knows she’s a target
    • Kryssie tells Alex that she doesn’t have a decision yet

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    At the end of day I think Jason and Alex would make a great team if they stick to it. Many do not like Jason but he is a smart player and understands how the game really works and Alex, well she is just Alex and I do not think they realize how good she really is.

  2. Avatar

    I think them working together is not going to happen. During lockdown last night he was telling neeley all about it. It probably would of been a good idea, but jason cant help but be jason. There was a glimmer of hope when he was talking to the cameras tuesday night. He was trying to convince himself to do the smart game move and not just stay with the people he likes. He is who he is and just cannot keep his mouth shut and play the game. He has a lot of insight at times, but no follow through. As for neeley, she danced a few times last night. Her speech about bridging the sides of the house may have been believable a week ago, but this week she has sunk just as low as the lnj with her insults and name calling. I voted alex for care package. It will be painful seeing her follow krusties commands but at least she will survive another week. Neeley will get my vote for americas nomination.

    • Helen

      IMO Jason is not going to work with Alex at least right now. Jason is actually trying to determine the hierarchy in the plastics as he told LNC early this morning. They think Alex is top dog but who is she closest to? So Jason tells Alex bits and pieces….who does Alex tell? Who is she closest to……that is what Jason is trying to do.

      • Avatar

        I know that is what he is doing. He has been very vocal about it with the lnj. If he fills in his group about the plan that was discussed how are they going to work discreetly together. Can they go forward together after this… time will tell. He has had some great insights this season. Not doing what he did his season, but work with the players who he thought could take him farthest was one. Maybe he is banking on his followers to carry him. If he could just restrain himself a little with the things that come out of his mouth just maybe more of us would get on board.

    • Helen

      Alex does not follow krusties commands with care package. She will be krusties servant and follow big brothers commands….big difference

      • Avatar

        Yes and no. Technically yes, but it may feel different. She will be serving her (doing things for her). By adding follow big brothers commands it prevents things from going to far. You know what that side of the house is capable of with all their lewd comments. This way it is kept clean.

      • Avatar

        Thanks Helen, now I feel better about having voted for her. I definitely wanted her safe but Kryssie’s grossness worried me.lol

      • Avatar


      • Mell

        Glenda, you can’t vote for Danielle if that helps you narrow it down. Lol

  3. Avatar

    I agree with Steve’s noms. I probably will pick someone from Alex’s side as the 3rd have not simply because I think everyone should get a turn and Justin should be one of the last since he’s cooked for everyone else. So maybe Whitney as she hasn’t been one yet.

    • Helen

      Those were my three once my wish for Krustie went in the toilet…..Neely Jason and Whitney. Neely for 3rd nominee

    • Mell

      I’m voting Neeley, Whitney and Morgan. I know Morgan’s been on it but she bugging me acting like Justin is a creeper when she flirts with him and she’s the one who told him if he was bored, he should come cuddle with her. She won’t have to worry about him this way. Shell be in another room.

      • Avatar


  4. Helen

    Any person that gets HOH after Krustie should insist that BB do what the hospital calls a “terminal clean” on that room before using it again!!!! Sorry

  5. caRyn

    10:42 am (PT) Scott went into the HOH room to campaign to Kryssie and he stated everyone can stay. Jason and Neeley were there. This three minutes is worth watching. I liked what Scott had to say. I didn’t like that Neeley wanted him to spill tea about his alliance and when he didn’t throw his alliance UTB Neeley spoke negatively about Scott once he left the HOH room. Nelley wanted Scott to give LNJ information and turn on his side of the house and give them (LNJ) options. Nelley spoke more than Kryssie. Is this Neeley’s HOH? Watch it for yourself. The conversation rubbed me the wrong way.

    • caRyn

      Jason and Neeley talk smack about Scott after Scott leaves the HOH room.

    • Helen

      Neely rubs me the wrong way!! She wants people to believe she is pure and honest player while alls she ever does is put people down and talk badly about them.

      • caRyn

        Did you watch the feeds and see what I am talking about once Scott left the HOH room? Danielle enters the room and they tell her what Scott said. Neeley said let The Plastics come to us – we will decide who we want to backdoor. Jason mirrors Neeley’s words. Kryssie sitting right there.

      • Avatar

        Little miss sit in the corner and act all quiet and innocent while stirring crap behind the scenes for 2 weeks, has finally shown her true colors. Neeley is a miserable self absorbed hypocritical hot head. And that is the nice PG version description of her! She really had me fooled, I actually liked her and thought she was above all of the backyard pettiness.

      • caRyn

        I was team Neeley the first two weeks. Probably because she did sit quietly and observed. I knew she had a quick temper and wished she could control it a little better for the sake of her game. I am not team Neeley anymore. I am still watching the feeds from this morning and I am so disappointed in what I have seen yesterday and today. Nelley defiantly has double standards.

    • Avatar

      Double standards. The BS talks about the other side 24/7, they just try and say it sweeter.

      • caRyn

        Yes, Neeley has double standards. Nelley said it is disrespectful when the other side celebrates a win yet she celebrated Kryssie’s win openly. Nelley wants Scott to throw his side UTB yet Neeley didn’t throw her side UTB when Scott and Alex were HOH. Basically, Neeley is do as I say and not as I do. It has nothing to do with trash talking. All of the hg are guilty of that. Plus, I don’t and have never cared about trash talk.

  6. Mell

    I hope Scott isn’t the 3rd nom. I don’t want Danielle to think we are punishing him for breaking up the shomance and thats probably where she will go with it.
    That’s not a strategy, only a wish.

  7. caRyn

    Nelley: Alex has no personality why did they pick her to be on the show?

  8. Avatar

    America Nom NEELEY Have Not JASON NEELEY JUSTIN America Vote NEELEY Have not would be weaker in veto and HOH comps

  9. Avatar

    @stevebeans your suggested nomination are wack. Whitney’s boring country hill billy butt should be up for a warm seat on the block right next to the 48 year old virgin Scott and the undercover freak who wants dark creole meat Justin but is too Lilly Proud to ever admit it.

    • Avatar

      Lilly Proud is Morgan

    • Avatar

      This entire site bashes and critiques LNJ every move they make. Biased reviews, one sided all the way. I have yet to read one comment where the plastics are being critiqued for anything they have stated! And yes I have the live feeds and read up on jokers what i may have missed. Now, the singling out has moved from Danielle to Neeley!! I didn’t see that one coming!! lol

      • Mell

        You’ve missed a lot of comments. I complain about the other side often.

      • Avatar

        @Mell, sorry I don’t mean to categorize everyone. I have enjoyed most your commentaries/updates on all the hg’s. You have your favs as do we all! I’ve never seen you dissect one side over the over. I actually like Scott (I’m not sure if he’s a plastic) from that side but my of fav players are on the LNJ (Jason and Justin).

      • Mell

        Cyn, yes it’s quite hard to pick a side this season. I like players from both. It got so messy last night with everyone telling secrets it may be getting closer to not knowing who’s on one side anyway. It’s just going to be a big tangled pretzel which makes it more interesting. He isn’t my favorite but I like Scott as well.

  10. caRyn

    Noon (PT) Danielle said she is going to go back to being the Danielle that got her into the group (LNJ) and get rid of the Danielle that almost got her kicked out of BB house.

    • Avatar

      Interesting. Obviously you need to be strong for this game.

    • LindsayB

      I think the version of Danielle that almost got her kicked out was her true self. People tend to show their true colors when they are comfortable. Now she has to go back to being fake and talking about how fake everyone else is. Wait a minute… how’s that different???

      • Mell

        Yep. She may be able to pull it off for a while because it’s easier to do that when you feel safe and comfortable like she will this week. No way that lasts!

  11. caRyn

    1:45 pm (PT) Jason and Alex talk. Justin was in and out of the convo. Alex was told that they (Jason and Justin) want to keep her over Scott.

    • Avatar

      Thanks for this. I have been trying to go thru this afternoons feeds but its not easy on puffin. I heard her (Alex) conversation with Morgan a few mins earlier. I was forced to jump in 10 min increments for some reason. Maybe there is still hope for them (Alex, Jason, Justin) working together. Not sure about Scott though. Why Jason would tell his crew about it is strange. Maybe he is thinking, its out there so now no one will suspect. Can he keep this time quiet?

      • caRyn

        I haven’t seen the conversation between the sisters so I will watch it. I also want to see Jason, Justin and Kryssie talking in the HOH room.

  12. Avatar

    The isomorphic comments on this page reeks… Everyone one is up @stevebeans butt and amens each other’s bull crap comments. I’m sure mostly misfits are posting at this point and hating on the people in the house that are weird and mostly likely resemble themselves.

    • Mell

      Princeton, My comments rarely sound like everyone else’s on here (you could have just said that instead of trying to fit “isomorphic” into your comment) “I’m sure” you havent spent enough time on here to make such a blanket statement about people. Most people here disagree daily, debate strategy and enjoy ourselves while we’re here. (Thanks Steve for giving us a great place to do that!) I’m curious how you can declare someones suggestions as “wack” unless you know what they are trying to achieve long term. People have been fired up this season on many blogs) since it’s been very entertaining this fall and that makes us very opinionated at times. We certainly don’t all sound the same or have the same opinions. You seem to have an issue with several people being in agreement. Do you suggest we just wait at the keyboard before commenting until you tell people what the correct opinion is? I dont care for Morgan or Whitney but the “dark creole meat” statement was more community college and less “Princeton.”

      • Mell

        I apologize to anyone who gets offended by my Community College comment. I was merely making a point and I’m not insulting any form of education anyone is obtaining. It isn’t where you learn, it’s what and IF you learn. That was my point but again, I’m sorry if anyone took that the wrong way.

      • caRyn

        It’s all gravy, baby.

      • LindsayB

        Mell, I don’t always agree with you (often do tho) but I adore you. People like Princeton and Gia who don’t like this site are more than welcome to frequent another.

      • Mell

        LindsayB, what a lovely thing to say. (you know, the adoring part, not them leaving. Lol) If we all agreed and didn’t disciss, I would’ve still woke up thinking I could vote for Scott for a have not. I had forgotten. Thanks Ryn!

      • LindsayB

        Yes, differing opinions inspire thought and interesting conversations. It’s not ok to come with an opinion mixed with a slew of insults to those who disagree. It doesn’t surprise me that most of the people who present that way are also fans of the LNC.

      • Avatar

        Mell thanks for the commentary i’ve been off all day due to the earlier post about whack. The thing that bothers me the most is the easy way that the word hillbilly( Not hill billy, btw) is thrown around. Yes I was born in Ky. but that’s not why it bothers me. It’s the fact that it is used as a slur insinuating we’re all dumb. Come on, really!

      • Avatar

        @Mell you’re rather defensive. And I’m sure @stevebeans could careless about my opinion on his blog that I have been reading for years. Obviously there are somethings that keep my attention and other things like the minion tribe echoing each others rants that makes me want to, I don’t know, maybe sneeze … It’s not that serious but I’m allergic to bs so I tend not to like it. As far as the community college stab vs. my name Princeton, Mell I’m certain your intellenctul fortitude rest slightly below sea level baaby, but that has nothing to do with big brother.

      • Mell

        Princeton, thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. It gave me a nice laugh this morning. Unfortunately, it went over your above sea level intelligence if you thought I was insinuating you went to Princeton. It was merely a play on a word. It could be your school, your name, or your pet’s name for all I know. I was annoyed, not defensive because quite frankly, I didn’t assume your comment applied to me. I disagree with Steve and others on here often. I just don’t feel the need to insult him or anyone else because of it. I also doubt Steve cares about either of our comments. My response was based on how I felt about it. After all you’re commenting yesterday, I still know nothing of your opinions on this season of Big Brother. I hope you will take some allergy medication for that sneeze and fill me in sometime. You also know nothing of my intellect but insult it if you wish. However, I would appreciate you not calling me baby.

      • Avatar

        Mell, your comments were not offensive. Its the way “Princeton” feels the need to attack people for having opinions other than his. I went to a Community College and I am proud of it. I guarantee my IQ is higher than his is. And I like reading everyone’s opinions on here that’s what makes this site and country great is our ability to share our opinions and hopefully have other intelligent people consider the point being made, doesn’t mean they have to agree with it but consider it.

      • Bastosko

        New troll has arrived. For someone who has “been reading for years” with only 11 comments to date, hmmmmm. Also someone from Princeton would hopefully be able to either do a spell check or at least re-read what they wrote and correct the grammatical errors.

      • Mell

        Angie, I also enjoy the opposing comments. I’ve changed how I saw things several times over the years based on hearing another point of view. I’ve probably enjoyed them the most this season simply because we are so involved. I can’t speak for everyone else but sometimes I have to laugh at myself with how carried away I get. You would think those 40 votes are going to decide some life-changing event for me. My husband is not a BB watcher and sometimes he will laugh at me and say ” you do realize you’re not getting any money at the end of this, right?”

      • Avatar

        @Bastosko you have a jaw dropping 29 comments on this site. Have you posted anything interesting or of relevance? No. With alll of your incomplete and run-on sentences (comma) I’m sure @stevebeans will be ecstatic to hire you as the new Big Brother Junkies Editor and Chief. (FOOH) @Mell whose intellect is on trial here? Certainly not mine, baaby. My use of isomorphic appears to have temporarily unnerved you, given all the energy you exerted trying to look it up. Yet you still could not resist the urge to voice your complaint. Now move on. With all the hundreds of comments you have taken valuable time to post it is clear dwelling beneath murky waters have paid off well.

  13. Avatar

    You hit the nail on the head,may always, SteveBeans! Agree with everything you said, 1000%!!!

  14. Shivani33

    Neeley said during a pre-game interview that she used to be 80 to 90 pounds heavier. Her victory wardance didn’t bother me. I think of it as a cathartic form of exercise. Now, if she would accept the celebrations and the smacktalk of others with the same permissiveness she has for herself, that’d be cool. She hasn’t interested me as a player of the game, though. When she gets indignant and rants, it’s boring to me, just hot air with zero impact. So far, it seems as if she planted her butt in the backyard and is getting carried. That makes her easy to evict. Could be wrong with this assessment, but what has she done so far?

    And what about Whitney, the Invisible Woman? Days can go by without a single comment regarding her.How clever or not-so-clever is she? She tried to tell Justin that she was “casted” as a sweet, naive girl, but he told her, “I see you.”

    • stevebeans

      Honestly, I have no problem with Neeley’s victory dance. She was stoked, and should be. I am annoyed that just days ago she was the one raging because the other side showed a little happiness at noms.

      • caRyn

        Shelby danced in the bathroom and thought she was out of sight but Neeley caught Shelby dancing in the mirrors. Nelly has double standards.

      • Mell

        Steve, I agree. The celebration was normal but she took the right to do it away from herself because of her prior ridiculous comments. I’ve been pulling for Neeley too. She seemed like such a calm presence in the house. I guess I’m not anti Neeley at this point but I’m not really rooting for her anymore either.

      • LindsayB

        Agreed. Neely’s a hypocrite. Being excited about something isn’t the problem, It’s the double standards that seem to be the common trait that all the LNC has.

      • Mell

        I didn’t let go of who I wanted Neeley to be until this morning. I went to bed in denial. I think I made every excuse I could think of for her behavior the past week. Ya’ll know, I kept bugging you with it! It is what it is. She is very much a hypocrite and I am disappointed.

  15. Avatar

    All the opinions I’ve read chastise LNJ for not trying to work with Scott and the ball smashers, but TBS has kept to themselves. They tried to recruit Justin, but not on the “up and up”…Morgan flirts with him to convert him, but it doesn’t seem to working. I believe TBS are nothing but a group of mean girls who will try to eliminate people by whom they feel threatened. They were annoyed by Danielle because she started a showmance with Shane, and they were so jealous they couldn’t see straight. The showmance is over (of which I’m relieved), so now it’s time to break up The Ball Smashers!!! They’re alliance is too annoying to keep intact.

    • Avatar

      Sorry…Their alliance.

    • Avatar

      @auntmille Absolutely!! Danielle and Shane went too far too fast, but it happens in the bb house often. A season with no hookups would be blah. They both have to live with that choice (though all the whore comments seems to be directed towards Danielle and not Shane) but the girls/plasticballsmashers were defiantly jealous.

    • LindsayB

      My opinions about LNC isn’t because they won’t work with the other side. It’s because they are nasty hypocrites. Plastics aren’t perfect but they are more about game play and strategy vs insults and double standards.

      • Mell

        It’s obvious neither side wants to work with the other unless they have no choice but I don’t mind that part. It feels more like old BB…WAR. I’ve liked some people in LNC since the beginning but not the group. They do bring out the worst in each other. The war has been entertaining but I’m ready to have more mixing and overlapping side deals. That’s when it gets messy but in the game..not with the insults. We may have had an entire seasons worth of those already.

      • Avatar


        I think you’re insulting inviting Princeton and me off of the site. You’re guilty of the same things you’re criticizing. It feels Very PLASTIC to me.

      • LindsayB

        Gia, it wasn’t an invite. You seem very unhappy with the overall tone of this site. I was just making sure you know your options. I would hate for anyone to feel like that have to (god forbid) be subjected to opinions other than your own. I don’t expect you to understand that though. I think you like to sit around and deliver judgment with a side of nasty…. just like the LNC.

    • Avatar

      1,000% agree with you! I have nothing against people and their opinion. But it’s like everyone is bashing LNJ for the same behavior plastics are displaying. And those girls never liked Danielle from day 1 because they felt threatened by her appearance alone. It was so evident and typical catty, jealousy crap women display with each other.

  16. Avatar

    @Whitney is like the ghost of bb past silently haunting current house guest. Feeding her slop may bring her to life.

    • Mell

      Prnceton, I disagreed with your earlier but I’m in complete agreement with this one. I honestly don’t even know why I don’t care for Whitney but I don’t. (I hate to admit that) I don’t care for Morgan but I know why so it’s different.

      • LindsayB

        I’m still up in the air about Whitney. Something about her makes me feel like she is just laying low right now but will come out with a vengeance soon and surprise us all. Or she might just be a bump on a log.

      • Mell

        I don’t know why I don’t like her. I can’t pinpoint it. Her game hasn’t bothered me yet or lack of it. She is quiet but she’s not a target so she’s doing ok I suppose. Time will tell with her.

      • Avatar

        I think I posted on here earlier that I live in the same town as Whitney, so naturally I want her to do well. I will say that I’ve yet to figure her game out. You can see the fire and determination in the comps, but it’s like she disappears after that. I hope she has a plan but I’ve not saw anything yet.

      • caRyn

        I didn’t pay attention to Derrick until late in his BB game. Silent and deadly.

      • Avatar

        I think Whitney throws little tidbits that lights fires and then she shuts up and no one remembers she started it. She started the argument between Danielle and Monty that day and no one seems to recall her doing that. I’ve never been a fan of sneaky.

  17. caRyn

    2:28 pm (PT) Danielle and Jason talking game. Danielle said Alex is the bigger threat over Scott and Scott may not have a place to go if Alex is evicted. Danielle spoke about mistrust within LNJ (Justin) but Jason said hg can say general statements that can be taken the wrong way.

  18. caRyn

    1:39 (PT) Alex talking with Morgan. Alex said she spoke with Justin and asked Justin to put in a good word for her with LNJ because she could have put Justin OTB and she didn’t. Alex said Justin doesn’t have her back at all. Alex filled in Morgan about working with Scott, Jason and Justin. Justin told Alex earlier that Kryssie was thinking of targeting Alex and Scott. Morgan will tell Neeley that Scott is targeting Neeley and that Alex doesn’t want to win comps but Scott does so they think Scott is the bigger threat. Morgan is going to tell Neeley that she can protect her from Alex but not from Scott.

  19. caRyn

    Julie’s Q & A @ 4 pm (PT) was good. I am glad she made the announcement so we know what to expect.

  20. Avatar

    Now when Alex gets the care package Kryssie will say it’s because America loves Kryssie and we didn’t want her to go after Alex but someone else. Kryssie will say something like that

    • Avatar

      I was thinking of that this morning as I was casting my final votes for Alex. I hope Alex realizes not all voted her for the “punishment” portion of the care package but for the safety. LNC will see it as the punishment for sure. I just hope Alex isn’t made to do something disgusting like shave Krispies back and a$$ hair.

  21. caRyn

    6:39 pm (PT) Neeley and Morgan talking. They agree to protect each other. Nelley told Morgan she is not a target – she is actually at the very bottom. Nelley said she will deny it if asked that she said that. Morgan told Neeley she is not Alex’s target. Nelley said if I do not hear anything come back to me from this convo I know I can trust you.

  22. caRyn

    7 pm (PT) Justin tells Jason he doesn’t trust Neeley and Danielle. Jason said they don’t trust Justin and think Justin is the one that is going to tell the other side. They want to work with Justin but don’t want to tell him anything. Jason said they trust Justin more than Justin trust them. Then the feeds cut to weekday replay.

  23. Don

    Why and how the heck is Danielle drinking a protein shack. Is she not a has not?

  24. Helen

    Interesting that Krustie told Alex her noms will take into consideration who America votes as have nots…….please let’s get Jason Neely and Morgan on up!!!!!

    • Mell

      I’m on board Helen. It took me a while. I won’t promise that I won’t go for Whitney over Jason. I’ve even said that on here tonight so there arn’t 2 Mells on here. I’m just very indecisive today! It took me a while because I hated to put Neeley on slop and make her a nom. I’m not rooting for her after her behavior but I’m not trying to torture her like I was Danielle. If all the polls look like it’s between Scott & Neeley, I’m for sure voting Neeley. You guys sold me!

      • Helen

        Well Krustie just let everyone know that America will for sure put up someone from the “other side”. She KNOWS this!!!!!!!
        Neely for sure….not necessarily to go home ….just to make Krustie sweat!

      • Mell

        Helen, she does know everything about everything remember…

      • Helen

        @Mell. Just had to copy this from jokers….
        Kryssie says to Jas/Danl/Neel that they can still depend on Am. to nom. someone we dont like, that we arent working

      • Avatar

        I’m Whitney, Scott and Morgan for Have nots or Jason. Scott seems demonic and programmed by video games. Odd behavior

    • Shivani33

      Lol. I keep playing an old Muddy Waters song on blast at Krustie. “I’m a King Bee.” She’s got no stinger, no eggs, no honey. When it comes to her Jamborees, she’ll keep them as safe as she can. No blame for that! She just loves to hear her own voice talking through her hat while she hallucinates and emits gas. No matter WHO gets slop and has to sleep in the rotten room in the hive, I think she knows who she’s going to target – but is waiting to see if she needs to adjust it after the Care package. She is smart to keep things from her own group, since people blab. It gives her more wiggle room. She has her enemies in her crosshairs and will only “listen to America” if America tells her what she wants to hear.

  25. Avatar

    Yea I don’t want Neely on slop but I do want her on the block this week even if she won’t go home just to clam her down

  26. caRyn

    1:57 am (PT) Shelby and Alex talking in Have-Not room. Alex is basically coming up with different things Scott has said to Alex so that Alex can use that information to tell the other side to keep herself in the game over Scott. Alex said The Plastics come before Scott.

  27. Avatar

    Conversation between Alex and Krusty in hoh room before feeds cut for evening recap. Same time Morgan spoke to Neeley in yr. then when feeds came back girls in ba discussing it. LNJ in hoh also discussing it. Im so burnt out with these late nights. My eyes are bugging out from watching the past 10 hours. Thats it for me tonight. Time to put something on i can fall asleep to. Night all.

  28. Mell

    Morgan told Alex she may have to throw Shelby utb. The stupid plan LNC had to get BS to talk may work at least a little.

    Neeley & Danielle don’t trust Justin anymore.

    Jason needs to clean it up a little. Everything he is telling Alex to gain trust, she is telling Morgan, Morgan is saying to Neeley an LNC is blaming the leak on Justin.

    I can’t beleive Alex’s head didn’t explode during Krissi’s lecture in the hoh. She earned another week just for sitting through that with a mostly straight face.

    Danielle and Neeley want to evict Alex instead of Scott. They are certain Morgan will work with them after and she won’t take Alex leaving personally. Yeah, that’s gonna work out great

    Scotts plea to Krissi was the best part of the BB day. It was really funny.

  29. caRyn

    2:42 pm (PT) Jason, Justin and Kryssie talking about pros and cons of taking out Scott or Alex. Later Neeley comes into the HOH room and they fill Neeley in on the convo.

  30. caRyn

    7:32 pm (PT) Neeley tells Danielle, Jason and Kryssie about her convo with Morgan and how Morgan knows their plan of who is going OTB. Kryssie said Justin said something. Nelley said the two top girls on that side are Alex and Morgan. Jason said he won’t say anything else to Justin. (It isn’t Justin telling the other side, it is Jason).

    • Mell

      I’ve not been eager for Jason to go but he needs to zip it. I know he did it to see who Alex told. It did work and that’s how they realized Alex and Morgan are closer than they thought. (if they only knew) He has the info so now it’s time to shut up.

      The demise of LNC may not be their attitudes. It may be their unwillingness to acknowledge that the other side may have loyalty to. They see LNC as true friends and the others as random people trying to work together. They should wake up and see the BS are playing the game too. Arrogance becomes so many people’s downfall in this game.

  31. Avatar

    Jason is playing a risky game about blabbing to everyone. I wonder what would happen if he gets caught.

  32. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute… did I read that correctly? Krustie farted into Alex’s pillow??? What the hell is wrong with this disgusting pig???

    • LindsayB

      I know!!! How people can defend her is beyond me. Early on I thought I would like her self proclaimed realness. I’m not even mad that she sits around burping and farting…. to each his own on that. Rubbing sweaty armpits and farting into pillows crosses the line. That’s not “keeping it real” it’s blatant disrespect to other people. Krusti would throw an absolute fit if someone did that to her pillow. I started off liking more of the LNC vs the plastics because of the general sterotype that people like the plastics would be a group of mean girls. My opinion changed very quickly when the LNC turned into hypocrites and nasty people all around. Plastics aren’t perfect but I respect their game play. LNC are people I can’t respect on any level.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Exactly Lindsay. It’s one thing to just have bad manners, but to me Krustie really crossed the line with that BS. The Plastics do plenty of things I don’t agree with as well, but Krustie just always seems to stoop to unfathomable levels of grossness.

      • Mell

        Agree Lindsay. I avoided choosing a side but I definitely leaned towards LNC. I just couldn’t do that anymore. I haven’t written off every person in it but I’m certainly not rooting for them as an alliance. I can get behind the smack-talking group but not the sweaty armpit Alliance. That isn’t just OTT, that’s disgusting!

  33. caRyn

    7:49 pm (PT) Danielle tells Kryssie and Neeley: Jason seems to be protecting Alex. Justin and Jason are together and Jason said if he were to flip sides Justin would flip with him. Danielle said Kryssie and Neeley need to have the information in their heads and they need to think of their options. Kryssie said they need to get Alex out this week. Nelley thinks Morgan will work with them. All three don’t feel they can work with Alex. Danielle said Jason’s game last season was collecting floaters and this season Jason has been able to get the hg out that he wants without getting blood on his hands. Danielle said Jason feels no one will take him to the end because of Jason’s social media followers. Danielle said if Scott is evicted Jason will slide into Scott’s place with The Plastics.

  34. Avatar

    I’ m voting for Alex or Morgan as 3rd nom. I feel like the house will feel less hostile without her. She feels so staunch with a little evil streak. I think her sister will look out for her, but not the other way around. She said she would turn on her younger sister. You know how older siblings can trick younger ones.The sisters have to be broken up. The other Plastics have no chance against them.

  35. caRyn

    8:01 pm (PT) Danielle wants Kryssie to put Alex to the test. If Alex said she will throw comps let Alex prove it. Put up two pawns and if Alex gets chosen to play in Veto see if Alex throws the comp. Even if Alex does, backdoor Alex and say she went back on her word with Kryssie so now Kryssie is going back on her word with Alex.

  36. caRyn

    Care Package (PT):
    Thursday 10 am – Friday 10 am

  37. caRyn

    8:07 pm (PT) Jason and Justin talk. Justin told Jason not to tell anyone anything. Justin told Jason he was making him look bad. Justin doesn’t want LNJ to think he is saying anything to the other side and vice versa. Jason said he is done saying anything for this week. Justin said that with Alex and Scott is dead. Justin doesn’t trust Danielle and Neeley. Justin and Jason need Neeley and Danielle for numbers. Jason admits to Justin that he was the leak. Justin said they think it is him though and told Jason don’t ever do that again. Justin would like Alex to stay to work with her.

  38. Avatar

    Is it just me or are the Plastics ultra-boring? They just stand and look and let everyone else talk and entertain them. The others talk to fill the silence. I would never pay for or watch feeds just to see them. From a marketing standpoint BB is going have to fill the show with more interesting people, not just stuck up plotters.

  39. Avatar

    I know I saw it somewhere but can’t seem to find it again… What time does the Care Package usually get dropped? I watched last week and caught it but can’t remember when it was with all the other times I have been watching.

  40. caRyn

    Shelby now thinks Scott, Jason, Justin and Alex are working together.

  41. caRyn

    During the night Kryssie spoke with Morgan in the HOH room. After Morgan left Shelby and Krysie talked and after Shelby left Whitney and Kryssie talked. Justin stayed in the bath tub during each conversation. Morgan and Shelby had no idea Justin was in the HOH room. Whitney knew and when Whitney left the HOH room she said loudly – bye, Justin. The Plastics figured out that Justin was in the HOH room after Shelby’s convo with Kryssie because Neeley was looking for Justin and The Plastics thought Justin was outside with LNJ.

  42. caRyn

    6:40 pm (PT) Kryssie and Alex talk in HOH room. Alex said she knows that she and Scott are the targets and that it was hinted to her that they were. Alex said she didn’t use the Veto because no one talked to her about using it. Alex said she wants to fly under the radar and she isn’t a threat. Alex mentioned how she put Kryssie OTB but said she felt she was being lied to by LNJ about Monte. Alex said she knew Kryssie was safe and Kryssie was never Alex’s target. Kryssie said the problem with that was Alex never approached her. Alex said she didn’t because she thought the LNJ was going to blow up and she was trying to keep the house calm. Alex felt cornered at that time by LNJ and then realized there were two side to the house.

    • caRyn

      6:44 pm (PT) 10-20-16 Kryssie said to Alex you don’t know what it feels like being OTB until you have been OTB. Kryssie said even though Neeley was told she was a pawn she was still OTB sweating just like Kryssie has been sweating being OTB. Kryssie said she hasn’t made a decision of noms. Kryssie explains Scott has some preexisting personal thing against Kryssie that he won’t talk to her about and Neeley knows Alex doesn’t give a crap because Alex broke her promise to Kryssie and that there is a way to play the game without being a d*ck. Alex should have treated Kryssie like a human being and said beforehand I know we had a deal but I plan to put you OTB as a pawn and I am not going back our deal. Kryssie said that is the problem that everyone that got defaulted to Kryssie’s side of the house has with everything that has been happening on Alex’s side of the house. Not just you (Alex) but the entire group. Kryssie: For Scott to go after Shane on a personal level was dumb of Scott as a game player because everyone knows Danielle is a better game player than Scott and Shane. Scott didn’t tell Kryssie she was a pawn last week. Kryssie said she plays the game with integrity.

      • caRyn

        6:48 pm (PT) Kryssie: When you make moves you need to make moves like an adult because America is watching and has an opinion. You have to be consistent and you have to be a decent human being. Scott is an obvious nom choice but Kryssie isn’t bored with Scott yet. Alex is not Kryssie’s obvious choice. Alex said I have heard otherwise and Kryssie said not out of my mouth and Alex said your name hasn’t come out of my mouth either. Alex said I can’t speak for Scott and his decisions. Alex supported Scott because Scott supported Alex. Alex admits she regrets how she handled her HOH – she was just trying to keep peace in the house. Kryssie accepted the apology from Alex but Kryssie said that is why LNJ feels the way they do about Alex and how they see Alex breaks promises. Kryssie won’t forget about what Alex did and Kryssie sees how Alex hangs out with Scott and that is advantageous for Kryssie.

      • caRyn

        6:52 pm (PT) Kryssie said Alex you pal around with the one person that has a personal vendetta against me. Alex has already proven Kryssie can’t trust her and that Alex doesn’t care what happens to Kryssie. Kryssie said Alex will start playing a personal game because Scott will be in her ear. Alex said Scott decided to work with them once Alex thought LNJ was lying about why LNJ wanted Scott OTB. Shane confirmed LNJ was lying to Alex. Alex didn’t think she could work with LNJ after that. Kryssie said if Shane said that to you that should have been a red flag for Alex and she shouldn’t just take Shane’s words to be the truth. Kryssie said Alex shook hands and made deals and instead of talking to those people Alex made deals with individually, Alex just took Shane’s word for it and decided that that was what was going on. Kryssie said she is here to play with people that deserve to win and people she can beat. Kryssie said Alex hasn’t made eye contact with her in the last week and has been avoiding Kryssie. Kryssie said there are a lot of people in the house and Alex is taking the word of one person and Alex isn’t playing Alex’s full game. Alex said she isn’t taking the word of one person. (Alex is frustrated.) Alex offers to not target Kryssie and Neeley and Alex will throw all comps and Alex will work with Kryssie and wants to get to know them better. Convo stops there with BB recap.

  43. Avatar

    I’m going to vote Alex as our nominee. She has been all about the paranoia this season with voting so I’d like to see how she handles it, plus she’ll get a chance to play Veto and stand a good chance of winning it. Also going to vote Dani for the care package. This is a throw away, she’s already safe and I think it would be funny to have her run errands all week for Krissie. Last Alex, Whitney and Neeley for have nots.

  44. Avatar

    *Sorry I meant Morgan, Whitney and Neeley for have nots.

  45. Shivani33

    @Caryn Thank you for all that you post here. I appreciate the way that you give details about interactions. Whenever I’m not paying attention, your posts provide such useful info. For one example, your account about Danielle telling Kryssie and Neeley to watch out for Jason’s relationships with “the other side” is really interesting to learn. And without your input, I would have missed it!

  46. Avatar

    Did anyone take a screen shot of Neely in her Gremlin wig? I have been telling a couple of people about it and would love to show them a pic of her. I would get it myself but videos aren’t working on my phone and I am on a government computer at work and cant access the cbs page because it is blocked.

  47. Mell

    One of my pet peeves with HG’s ( I only mention it because Krissi does it so often) is when they decide that other HG’s don’t deserve to be there and why. Whether we like them or not and whether players like someone or not, they all deserve to be there. They may not all deserve to win but everyone in that house has signed up to play this game, agreed to be away from home for a certain length of time and are fighting for a prize at the end.
    Krissi may be the worst I’ve seen at saying that and analyzing everyone’s game as if it’s her job to give them a grade at the end. Instead of pointing out to people what they’re doing wrong, players should take advantage of the mistakes others are making. Keep your mouth shut and use it to your advantage. Players like Krissi would rather hear the sound of their own voice.

    I’ve been very opinionated since the beginning about wanting the sisters split up. I don’t like the built-in advantages. I never have. They look so much alike that I’m in shock it hasn’t already happened. If it doesn’t happen soon I may have to change my position completely and hope they pull it off. I may have no choice except to appreciate the fact that to people who look that similar are managing to get away with this. No one has spoken privately to the cameras or in the diary room about it and that’s what makes me think no one is on to them and keeping quiet.
    It was announced yesterday that a drive by shout out was coming and to watch for it. It’s from the same person who did it this summer and if I’m not mistaken, the one who did it in BB16 so when they announce it, they usually follow through. I also think they’re pissed because their Twitter account got suspended (again) due complaints over showing video clipsof feeds they weren’t supposed to. (again)

  48. Avatar

    My problem with Danielle is the fact that she is a teacher and has a small son and she is having SEX and in Love with someone she just met and it is on the INTERNET. THAT NEVER GOES AWAY !!! Some day she will have to explain that to her son and his friends when they find it on the internet. You are a mother, act like one!!!

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