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CBS Released A Top 25 Post

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Casually checking Twitter, I see that Amanda Zuckerman was acting butthurt about being snubbed from the most popular 25 players of all time.  She even mentioned All-Stars, but that was probably just coincidence from my last post.


I went to check out the list, and naturally it was a horrible slideshow that took forever to load, so I’ll do you all a favor and give you the list like it should be done…

  1. Dr. Will (BB2*, BB7)
  2. Britney Haynes (BB12, BB14)
  3. Dan Gheesling (BB10*, BB14)
  4. Daniele Donato (BB8, Bb13)
  5. Derrick Levasseur (BB16*)
  6. Diane Henry (BB5, BB7)
  7. Donny Thompson (BB16)
  8. Drew Daniel (BB5*)
  9. Frank Eudy (BB14)
  10. Hayden Moss (BB12*)
  11. Ian Terry (BB14*)
  12. James Rhine (BB6, BB7)
  13. Janelle Pierzina (BB6, BB7, BB14)
  14. Jeff Schroeder (BB11, BB13)
  15. Jordan Lloyd (BB11*, BB13)
  16. Keesha Marie Smith (BB10)
  17. Kevin Campbell (BB11)
  18. Lisa Donahue (BB3)
  19. Marcellas Reynolds (BB3, BB7)
  20. Matt Hoffman (BB12)
  21. Mike “Boogie” Malin (BB2, BB7*, BB14)
  22. Nakomis (BB5, BB7)
  23. Rachel Reilly (BB12, BB13*)
  24. Robert “Memphis” Garrett (BB10)
  25. Zach Rance (BB16)
    (* – winner of their season)

What do you think about the list? Does Amanda have an argument?

I say she does.  It’s a decent list, but some of them are questionable at best.   How are you going to snub Chicken George or Dick Donato? Adding Danielle (as #4), yet leaving Dick out was intentional. Whoever wrote this clearly was not an Evel Dick fan.

Diane Henry in the top 10?  What?  Maybe we know who the writer of the list was.

Frank at #9?  Look, Frank the Tank was a fun player, but I’m not even sure he deserves to be on the list, let alone in the top 10. That’s just crazy. Top 30, yea.  Top 10, no.

Dr Will at 1, but Boogie at 21?  This would be like splitting up Jeff and Jordan (which they didn’t). Clearly the writer of this list had some personal grudges going on.

Rachel at 23?  This is one of the bigger shocks. Rachel is one of the most popular Big Brother players in recent times. Not only that, she won a season! How can she barely crack the top 25?

So, back to Amanda’s tweet.  Does she deserve to be on it?  What about other players from her season like McCrae, Andy, or Aaryn (the classic villain).   While McCrae is pretty forgettable (especially after he threw his game away for Amanda), the other three were probably too mean for the list.  I mean, they left Dick out.  There is no way they’d include someone like Amanda or Aaryn, despite how entertaining they were.

How would you rank a top 25?


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  1. Comments (65)

    Before I put my order out there, I want to stress that this is popular vote, not a vote based on game play (it would be so different).

    1. Dan Gheesling
    2. Britney Haynes
    3. Danielle Reyes (I think I spelled that right….from seasons 3 & 7)
    4. Dr. Will Kirby
    5. Boogie (I didn’t like him my first time through his 3 seasons, but on rewatches, I found him fascinating)
    6. Jenelle
    7. Keesha Smith
    8. Eric Stein
    9. Dick Donato
    10. Danielle Donato
    11. Ian Terry
    12. Lane
    13. Nicole (Season 16. I can’t remember her last name)
    14. Rachel Reilly
    15. Enzo
    16. Zach Rance
    17. Memphis Garrett
    18. Hayden
    19. Jordan Lloyd
    20. Jeff Schroeder (idk which one I like more, so Jordan gets ahead simply because she won AND made it further the second go around)
    21. James Rhine
    22. Matt Hoffman
    23. Nakomis
    24. Donny Thompson
    25. Jun (it was between Jun and James from season 9, but I am apprehensive to put anyone from season 9 on this list!!)

    I feel like Marcellas, Amanda, Jessie (S15), Diane, and Lisa got snubbed on my list, but I don’t want to bump any of my 25 to make room.

    I also put together a Top 8 of my favorite BBCAN houseguests

    1. Peter
    2. Kevin
    3. Alec
    4. Neda
    5. Ashley
    6. Sarah (from season 2…mumzie or whatever)
    7. Jordan (his game SUCKED, but I still love the guy)
    8. Pilar

  2. Comments (65)

    I just checked out the slide show and I noticed on Lisa Donahue’s slide, it says nothing about winning season 3…just that she was one of the final two. Then, I noticed you, stevebeans, didn’t cite her as the winner either. What is the deal? I am guessing it was an over site on your part, but whoever put the slide together had to realize it…and just didn’t put it in there.

    • Comments (407)

      I actually didn’t watch seasons 3-6. I came back for the All-Stars and have paid attention since (for the most part).

      Speaking of, I forgot, they left Adam (bb9) off the list! Lol. He is quite popular (though for reasons CBS probably doesn’t want to talk about). Man that guy is awful

    • Comments (65)

      Wait! You haven’t seen Danielle Reyes’ first season?! WHAT!!!!! You have to watch it once BB17 is over, you HAVE to. There are two things I remember about that season, Julie Chen hits Marcellas on the head (and naturally says “that’s probably from your mother”) and Danielle should have won. I believe her not winning is why they began sequestering the jury members. She was phenomenal.
      You aren’t missing much with 4. But I think the birth of the back door on season 5 is important for a big brother fan….but a lot of the fluff on that season is down right annoying. I loved season 6…it’s one of my favorites. (Not that you asked for my opinion on your “lost years” lol)

      Adam is awful in so many ways! And he is probably the most talked about or second most talked about (Dr. Will) winner, but as you said, not for anything good. Oh, season 9….what a colossal train wreck.
      Speaking of “A Baller”, Jordan Parhar pointed out recently that he was sentenced to 4 years in Jan of 2011, which means, unless he got into more tousle while locked up, he should be a free man. You think he will be on BB17? (In case my sarcasm didn’t translate well, that was not a real question.) He also said the Matty from that season should be out to. Maybe he made the cut for BB17…..

  3. Comments (123)

    i Loved this List when i read it yesterday… it has alot of the early players that to me were the Best to play…

    BTW, Lisa WON Season 3… but CBS forgot to write it down, lol…

    this List was made with alot of mistakes… they named alot of HG with the wrong names… like they called Rachel as Linda, lol… it has been fixed already….

    also the List was made Alphabetically except for Dr Will… check it…

    as for who wasnt on the List… this was a Most Popular List NOT the Best HG’s to play BB… 🙂

    • Comments (407)

      You’re completely right! I must have been super tired to not even notice the order. Maybe putting Will first threw me off that it was an actual ranking. Plus sorting by first name is something a hack like I would do. I’d expect better from CBS…. Maybe not.

  4. Comments (682)

    Never liked Amanda.

    How many people on that list were taking Adderall during their time on the show?

  5. Comments (1)

    The list is not an actual ranking. The players (with the exception of Dr. Will) are listed in alphabetical order by first name. It is a listing of the top 25 players in total, but not in order. I wish CBS had clarified that – a lot of the fury comes in the raking of these 25…

  6. Comments (10)

    Steve I followed you last year and decide I would get live femeds this year. But we get it in Canada. Do you know why? Our money is good too lol

  7. Comments (10)

    Steve I followed you last year and decided I would get live feeds this year. But we can not get it in Canada. Do you know why? Our money is good too lol

  8. Comments (2)

    The list is in alphabetical order you dumbass.

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