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Celebrity Big Brother 2 – It’s Over! Live Blogging

Good evening, everyone!


And just like that, we’re all done with the season. It felt like a long season, but it actually went by fast. Tom Green managed to avoid being eliminated first which helped provide some entertainment for the season. Ryan Lochte turned out to not be as big of a douchebag as he appeared in interviews throughout the Olympics. Dina Lohan was surprisingly nonexistent (mostly because I just expected a train wreck with her, but we got a piece of furniture instead). Ricky Williams went from being an idol of mine to kind of a dick (I still can’t believe he refused to shake Tom’s hand during the veto ceremony. Never meet your idols, I guess). And finally, Mooch wasted a good week of the show by his fake publicity stunt appearance.

Note – I still can’t believe I didn’t call it right away. They had 7 guys to 5 girls and Mooch is best known for having one of the shortest White House stints ever. The entire thing made complete sense once I heard that he was gone, and I still believe it was planned that way. Some speculated that Big Brother just tried to cover up him quitting, but I just don’t see it. He would have made an even number of jury members had he stayed and there is absolutely no way they would ever put one gender ahead by two people. They go out of their way to balance up the cast every season and last year had 6 girls with 5 guys.  Next year (if there is one) should be 6 girls again unless they change up the format and add even more people.

Big Brother 21 is only a few months away, and we’re still not even sure it’s happening. Although they are actively casting for it, the only reason I’m doubtful is the lack of press release by CBS.


Tonight, we will have either Kandi or Dina get eliminated and then there will be another HoH competition. The winner will evict two people and the remaining person will make up the final 2. Personally, I think they should have a PoV competition after the HoH and the person holding veto automatically gets in the final 2, but that takes away from the drama of someone standing in front of the house and evicting people.

It’s a 2-hour episode tonight, so let’s begin….

  • I just got a notice that my plan expired for my thumbs up. I’m not going to renew it for a night, but I’ll have the comment thumbs-up back for Big Brother 21!
  • The HOH was the competition where you needed to race back and  hit a button every 20 seconds
    • Dina timed out because she didn’t know she had to go back and push the button.  Wow
  • On to the POV competition
    • Dina once again fails miserably while Tamar just stands there and screams like an idiot
    • Lolo wins a pretty cool looking competition with ease
  • Ok, time for the first eviction:
    • Tamar – Kandi
    • Lolo – Dina
    • Ricky breaks tie and evicts Kandi
  • HoH time is a trivia
    • Lolo – 5
    • Ricky – 6
    • Dina – 6
    • Tamar – 5
    • Tiebreaker – Ricky wins
  • Ricky chooses to take Tamar to the end
  • Lolo is butthurt about being evicted, as she should. Dina is in her own world
  • Lolo says ‘$50k after taxes isn’t that much’ referring to Ricky’s eventual 2nd place prize.
  • Final vote –
    • Jon – Tamar
    • Ryan – Tamar
    • Joey – Tamar
    • Kato – Tamar
    • Natalie – Tamar
    • Tom – Tamar
    • Kandi – Tamar
    • Dina – Tamar
    • Lolo – Tamar
  • Tamar wins Celebrity Big Brother 2

(check back for updates)


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  1. danmtruth

    I like the idea of the POV comp than the HOH eliminates one Now down to 4 one last HOH comp and that person chooses Just gives underdogs a better shot
    In any case #KandiAFP

  2. AIO_7

    [Mooch] … “and I still believe it was planned that way.”

    Probably, but CBS might have expedited his exit once Mooch was on the block and didn’t want to appear as a loser.

  3. AIO_7

    IT’S ON !!!!

  4. Alda

    I don’t know what is going on.Below your name it says-Word Press Like Button[?] What is that?

  5. Mel

    I was initially disappointed but it’s actually relaxing to just watch the show and not give a shit who wins. Lol

  6. danmtruth

    Alda the thumbs up & down

  7. NKogNeeTow

    I think at the end of BBAD last night, Julie said she’ll see us this summer for the next BB. I could be wrong but I can’t go back and check because I’ve already deleted it. I’m hoping there is though.

  8. AIO_7

    Marissa and her phony sad face.

  9. danmtruth

    Dina just walk away Let the grown ups play

  10. NKogNeeTow

    Does Dina REALLY think she’s a threat? BWHAHAHAHAH

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  12. AIO_7

    If Ricky were smart he would have gotten rid of Lolo on his HoH. Dina or Kandi haven’t won jack.

  13. Mel

    Really? They’re not going to just let the Mooch thing slink away like the shameful event that it was?

  14. danmtruth

    Is Dina drinking again !?! Yep your a threat to ,,,,,,,,, oh wait no one knows your their

  15. NKogNeeTow

    I think Lo may have cheated in the Veto comp. When she tripped the alarm, instead of leaving the football where it was and going to hit the reset button, she rolled it first, then ran and hit the reset button.

    Dina was pathetic as usual, but funny saying she was athletic.

  16. AIO_7


  17. NKogNeeTow

    Did Loco just say she’s broken into her ex’s houses many times? STALKER ALERT!!!

  18. mm22

    So sick of seeing loco’s “bitch face”

  19. danmtruth

    NK I was Thinking about that when they gave the rules It was smart on her part if they did not say you could not do it Push the envelope on the rules
    Will they show the money talk About who needs the money the most

  20. Alda

    Lolo thinks she is the HOH.

  21. Alda

    Of course we can’t upset Tamar.

  22. mm22

    God get rid of that green top loco

  23. NKogNeeTow

    Tamar’s DR: “Sorry Lolo but I’m voting Dina out of this house so, go meet your catfish girl”,,,lol

  24. AIO_7

    Omarosa is in the audience.

  25. NKogNeeTow

    Don’t like Julie asking Mooch political questions. I’ve got no stomach for it in BB. Get enough of that shit in real life.

  26. mm22

    Yup nk i was thinking the same

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  28. danmtruth

    Not the time or place add to that he is not the sharpest

  29. NKogNeeTow

    Come on Ricky, keep Kandi…PLEASE!!!!

  30. mm22

    I think you can see thru dina dress

  31. danmtruth

    Not the time or place add to that he is not the sharpest
    Kandi is being honest
    Dina not even sure how many people are in the house

  32. NKogNeeTow

    Dina laying it on thick, but I guess a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.

  33. mm22

    Wow tamar votes dina I’m shocked

  34. NKogNeeTow

    Ricky, the dirty bastid. Hope he loses.

  35. danmtruth

    Ricky sees Kandi as a bigger threat to win

  36. NKogNeeTow

    Kandi, very emotional talking to Julie. I LOVE HER!

  37. AIO_7


  38. NKogNeeTow

    Steve, you have the votes switched.

  39. Alda

    Dina found her grannie’s roaring 20’s dress!

  40. Painter1

    Like to see Dina win HOH just to see the faces drop lol

  41. danmtruth

    The last decent person in that house She was very honest in her talk with JCM Nice to see the commercial for HG for BB21

  42. AIO_7

    Lolo is good at games like this.

  43. AIO_7

    Who is Kevin Frazier?

  44. Painter1

    Oh boy Ricky got this if he keeps Dina

  45. Alda

    Ricky will take Tamar.I have to puke.

  46. danmtruth

    Tantrum tried the price is right game play Go low hope Everyone goes over Oh well

  47. danmtruth

    Dina ditzy as always
    Tantrum how fake
    Lolo just as fake

  48. NKogNeeTow

    LO IS OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Painter1

    Think Ricky blew it.

  50. AIO_7

    Just last night Ricky and Tamar made an F2 covenant.

  51. Painter1


  52. danmtruth

    What a bitter Lolo

  53. NKogNeeTow

    Now Lo doesn’t want to be friends with Ricky since he didn’t pick her. Surprise, surprise. Sour grapes again.

  54. AIO_7

    Sour grapes Lolo.

  55. Alda

    OMG,Tantrum will beat Ricky.

  56. Sassy

    Can Lolo be any more of a Bitch????

  57. Alda

    Karma bit Lolo in the ass.Team#Tom and #Kato

  58. hogwild

    Lunatic really is a whiney little sore loser bitch no class at all.

  59. mm22

    I miss the thumbs up I can’t keep my place

  60. danmtruth

    First a person of color will win
    Second Ricky made a final 2 with both
    Lolo just showing what a sore loser she is

  61. NKogNeeTow

    Why does Dina annoy the f*ck out of me?

  62. AIO_7

    That non hand shake that Ricky gave Tom may come back to haunt him now.

  63. Alda

    Tamar played with integrity?????Lol

  64. mm22

    If you have to pull n tug down your clothes everytime u stand up there probably to tight ladies

  65. AIO_7

    I think Ricky will get Ryan, Joey and Jon’s vote.

  66. danmtruth

    Tantrum pulling the I need the money what a joke

  67. NKogNeeTow

    Tay and Ricky giving their final speeches. Lo had her resting bitch face while Tay was giving her speech. But when it came to Ricky…she had a nail spitting expression…lol

  68. Mrs. Frisby

    BS they are both full of it

  69. Painter1

    Loco, bitter -Dina has she been drinking WOW

  70. NKogNeeTow

    Based on Lo’s voting speech, I’d be surprised if she gave her vote to Ricky. What do you guys think?

  71. hogwild

    Anyone vote for Lunatic as AFH?

  72. g8trgirl

    Lo=bitter Betty. Get over it.

  73. mm22

    Loco is voting tamar

  74. mm22

    I hope when the jury watched the show back they were pissed n will not give the money to tamar

  75. danmtruth

    After the vote going into commercial and Lolo is STILL bitter !! Relax this is why you can’t get or keep sponsor
    Sorry Ann this won’t be a good night looks like Tamar will win and we will have to listen to her all year

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  77. Mrs. Frisby

    Tamar needs to tongue punch Ricky’s fart box!

  78. AIO_7

    Still a sound bite, Kato.

  79. danmtruth

    AIO7 that all Kato is just a phoney joke machine
    Tamar saying she wanted to tell Tom she had the power but did not have a chance to talk to him Really it drove him nuts I bet he wishes he knew that before this vote It turned his HOH upside down

  80. Mrs. Frisby

    It would suck having your fame like Kato, how would even get a job or anything, I never actually gave any empathy to that situation. Over it, sound bite.

  81. mm22

    Here we go the vote

  82. AIO_7

    Ann must feel like she just got punched in the gut.

  83. Alda

    This whole world is nuts!

  84. g8trgirl

    Someone call 911 for Ann.

  85. Alda

    Ann,where are you? Somebody call 911.

  86. NKogNeeTow

    Wow, guess I’d better pack my bags and go “incognito”, Ann is gonna kill me…lol

  87. danmtruth

    It might be a unanimous vote Bad choice Ricky

  88. hogwild

    The good news is I had no idea who Tantrum was before CBB and I will have forgotten about her by this time tomorrow.

  89. mm22

    Did u see rickys “oh shit I should have taken dina” face after the third vote for tamar

  90. AIO_7

    Tom wins AFP !

  91. Mrs. Frisby

    Just as bad as BB19, entertaining but ughhh!! Yah Tom!

  92. AIO_7

    I think Tamar’s mom wears a wig too.

  93. Alda

    Happy for Tom.At least America didn’t vote for Tamar.

  94. NKogNeeTow


    Julie just said she’ll see us this summer for regular BB. YEA! I don’t know about anybody else, but to me, it just wouldn’t feel the same without her.

  95. Painter1

    Well at least Tom got that win. With that ,see ya all in a few months.

  96. danmtruth

    Tom winning AFP is not as upsetting as having to pick between those two Now Tantrum will feel BB has to include her in any upcoming season

  97. Mrs. Frisby

    Maybe the feeds were edited to make what’s her face look bad, she must of been a ray of sunshine compared to Sloth Williams.

  98. Mel

    No one played well but the F2 did at least play hard. My upside is that Lolo is still pissed and Ricky realized he doesn’t know everything. We can’t have it all…lol

    BBCAN starts on March 6th! I’m moving on and getting ready for it!

    • Sassy

      That’s my upside! I didn’t want any of them to win, but it was strangely satisfying to see Lo get betrayed and be so petty! And to see the smug sloth lose by his own choice was also satisfying. I guess I’ll take that for now.

      • mm22

        Both loco n tamar got to much airtime both were horrible humans so seeing one of them betrayed n pissed as hell was worth my time

    • Mel

      I’ll keep up with BB Canada on my Twitter. It’s @mclick888 for anyone who wants to chat and follow along too. Otherwise, see ya’ll in June!

    • Seattle Kari

      I wish I could watch it. I live near enough to the Canadian border to get CBC but I don’t think I can get the other channel.

      If you have any info you think might help go ahead and email me? [email protected]. put something in the title so I know it’s you if you’re cool with this.


  99. Seattle Kari

    well, at least Tom got AFP.

    Thank you again to all those who keep us updated!
    See y’all this summer!!

  100. Mrs. Frisby

    Tough call who to take, Loco might have been a little better. Oh well guess it wasn’t in the stars.

    • Sassy

      I don’t know, I don’t think he could have won against anyone! I mean Kato and Tom didn’t vote for him and they both got the wrong end of Tays overly emotional, trigger worded rants. His pompous self, thought he did a good job of staying neutral, but there was no neutrality in his actions. He should have come out of the BR more often and spoke to others. He came across as a know it all manipulator.

  101. Alda

    Thank you once again Steve.Hope everyone has a safe rest of the winter,a glorious spring and God willing we’ll all be back in the summer.Love you all.XOXO. Over and Out!

  102. Shivani33

    It is a bit weird to feel better about who lost than who won.

  103. LO1004

    I know Lolo’s butthole puckered in a massive way when she heard Tom got AFP. And Ricky losing by a landslide… Those two things made my night. It’s been fun, see y’all in June!

  104. Avatar

    What a waste of time, and I have no one to blame but myself. This is the last CBB I ever watch…..until next year when I get sucked back in thinking “it has to be better this year”.

    Would love for Mrs. Moonves to be a contestant. Truly I would. I am very happy she will be back for the real game this summer.

    I will miss reading all of your comments and look forward to once again watching the regular season with each and every one of you.

    Stay Blessed!

  105. mm22

    It was nice to see the hg make new friendships-
    Note to kandi: don’t lend dina any money!
    Note to dina: see ya on an episode of catfish!

  106. NKogNeeTow

    And with that, we cut out the lights and lock the doors until this summer. Have a safe and warm winter, a peaceful spring, and see you all in 3-4 months. Guess where I’m going? It ain’t Disneyworld, TO BED!

    Goodnight everyone and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  107. Tiare

    Tamar wins. YAAAS! (sticking tongue out)

  108. MickeyLumbo

    Worse case scenario for me was to see Tamar rewarded for a season of selfish, narscistic, psychotic, vicious, personal attract, over dramatic, lying scheming low class ghetto behavior while reading description and being a hypocrite. Shameful. Disgusting ending. Congrats to tom. Ryan i guess you were favored and then precieved as a threat. I wanted you or kandy to win.i mostly lost interest after you and Jonathan were voted off. This was the toughest seeing i have ever watched… and wonder if i could ever do it again. It was really bad this season and i am furious that someone with such HORRIFIC social skills (none) and FAKE multiple personalies can be crowned the winner. The world and CBS is … f’up. I am pissed at this outcome.. Not TO MENTION THE LACK OF PROMISED LIVE FEEDS. ARE YOU CURIOUS? WE GOT MORE OUT OF THE WATERGATE HEARINGS.

  109. mustangsally

    Was so happy to hear Julie Chen Moonves say she will be hosting BB come June. Thank you Julie!!

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