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Welcome To The Final 5

Good morning, everyone!


And just like that, we’re down to 5. In what has been a strangely long but short season, we went from a busy house of 8 just a few days ago to a pretty empty house of 5. Two big personalities in Tom and Natalie were evicted last night, and now we’re stuck with a few pretty boring people and Lolo/Tamar for the last few days of the season.

Ricky came away with his first HoH last night which made the next eviction extremely predictable. Dina and Kandi should be nominated and one of them should be the next out.  The Bedroom Bunch should make up 75% of the final 4, and the biggest question will be who the fourth place finisher will be.

Here are some random thoughts about the episode last night:

  • Two hours feels too long to watch a show when you’re not skipping commercials. We’re too spoiled these days
  • If there ever was a twist to save someone, last night was it. Either that, or it’s just a major coincidence a fan favorite was given an extra comp for safety where the only penalty for winning was something he already had (couldn’t play HoH). That was basically the ‘save Tom’ competition and you can’t change my mind!
    • Speaking of that comp, it was hilarious to see Ricky and Lolo think it was a sprinting competition.  Lolo zipped through the rooms and was back at the podium with a minute to spare.
    • During the second run, all of them took their time but still finished with 30 seconds to go. In that case, it is hard to judge time so it’s hard to blame them for not wanting to time out.
  • “Cousins” – ugh. Not much I can say about that skit. Big Brother is usually great with that stuff but I was shocked to find out it was only 2 minutes long. Felt like 20.
  • It was good to see some good sportsmanship last night. A lot of praise went around from people who had a rocky relationship with each other this season, and even Natalie gave Tom a handshake when she left. Sure, she gave everyone else hugs, but it was still nice to see her take the high road rather than act bitter and just walk out.
  • Now, speaking of sportsmanship, that leads me to a Tamar rant…
    • It was absolutely fantastic editing to show Tamar flip out on Tom minutes after she wanted Kandi to threaten him for her. That was basically the season in a nutshell. Tamar, Lolo, and Natalie playing victim to Tom while he was just playing the game. They took everything he said personally and tried to make him out to be the bad guy. He’s a bad player, yes. Great at comps? Yes. Bad guy? No
    • Playing victim made her look even worse when she decided to dance to Tom leaving. I know she’ll never care because she really thinks Tom was a bad guy, but damn did she look stupid doing that.

Moving forward, Ricky and Tamar are in the final 4 (yay?) and there is not much chance for any surprises. Tamar is safe so it will likely be Dina/Kandi nominated and if one of them wins, Lolo will replace them. It will be a 2 person vote which means Ricky is the tiebreaker and that should guarantee Lolo’s safety. Wednesday, we’ll finally get to see the Bedroom Bunch compete against each other, but the show also ends so we won’t get much time to enjoy it.

Natalie was my favorite to win, but she’s out, so that changes things up. I don’t see Kandi in the f4 because she is the only person who has a chance to win over any of the Bedroom Bunch (sorry, Dina). If Tom is indeed voting Lolo to win should she make it, that likely means Kato would as well. I think Lolo would have an advantage over Tamar and Kandi but Ricky could get some votes from the very male-heavy jury.

I think at this point, my rankings to win (prediction, not who I want to win):

Best odds – Lolo
Worst odds – Kandi
Best odds at final 2 – Lolo/Ricky
Best odds of AFP – Tom


Who do you think will win?


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  1. Alda

    I feel Lolo and Ricky will be the final two.Who would have thunk it? For the win-Lolo. Neither one would be my favorites.It is what it is at this point.

    • Ann

      I don’t want Lolo to win but more than that I REALLY REALLY REALLY DON’T want Big Face Tamar to win. It would just hurt my soul if she won. It’s not as if the $250k is coming out of my pocket, it’s the fact that she is an obnoxious, repulsive, nasty, mean & hateful person & I can’t say enough about how much i hate that child-woman. She needs to #STFU & grow the fuck up.

      • Mel

        Same here Ann, I don’t usually care that much if I like them or not as long as they play well. Not this time, this could be awful! Lol
        I’m trying to focus on the positive but damn, it’s hard. I’ve told myself it would be cool for a F4 of all women. (Too late for that) I’ve also thought it would be cool if the remaining 4 players were all poc since that’s never happened. My problem is, it doesn’t matter if there women, men, robots, black, white or polka dot…I just don’t like them!!

      • Beez

        Mel, this has already made bb history. There’s never been 4 p.o.c. in the final 5.

      • Alda

        Ann,on another site a black woman stated that she is rooting for Tamar because she is a “real”black woman.WOW!! So proud of her actions.WTH.

      • Ann

        You know Mel, I hadn’t even realized that 4 of the 5 players left were POC because I guess I’ve been so busy being disgusted with Big Face & Lolo that it didn’t cross my kind yet. Anyway, race & color is not a factor to me because I cant stand anybody who acts like those 2. Lol
        I can’t see Dino Dina getting to the end because it wouldn’t be a smart move to take her. I sure would like an update on her boyfriend situation after the show. Hopefully her friends & family can talk some sense into her after seeing her talk about him on national tv.

      • Ann

        Wow Alda, obviously the idiot that wrote that is not very bright at all. In fact it’s down right embarrassing.

  2. Shivani33

    Well, I’m just going to be open to a miracle happening here. But since Marissa won last CBB, it looks like miracles are kinda busy.

  3. WhereisPablo

    I must have missed something. How is Tamar safe from noms?

    • Mel

      No one wants her out and even if he had to put her up as a replacement, Ricky will control the final vote even if it’s split.

      • Sassy

        If he puts up Dina and Kandi, I’d like to see Tantrum win POV and take Kandi down. He would have to put up Lo, and K/T could vote her out. Wishful thinking, but it’s still a possibility!

  4. Avatar

    Tamar may not win the game, but it is possible that she may win AFP. First of all, if you watch one episode of Braxton Family Values, the dancing Tamar did, was expected from anyone who’s watched the show. All of what you see about Tamar is just Tamar…very expressive. On the BFVs show it is sometimes shocking to her sisters and parents, and it wrecks their nerves. She may win that AFP just as she did with the secret power. This is how—she has six family members on the Braxton Family Values show. They all have their own fans, plus Tamar has her own fans. One of the sisters, Toni Braxton, has a major international fans, and she tweeted last time to vote for Tamar and so did the others.

  5. MickeyLumbo

    Does “TeamTantrum, PartyOfOne” have no shame? While demonstrating many clear examples of bullying and unsportsmanlike behavior throughout the season, Tantrum’s ridiculous “ta-ta taunting tom” dance exhibition, as Tom walked out the door last night, was inexcusably childish. What a fine example of how to act like a mule! Since TazmanianTiana is still in the game, my hope is she takes the agonizingly disappointing 3rd place tiara.

  6. Mel

    I agree with Steve about the safety comp. That was definitely the save Tom comp. I disagree about who would win tho. There’s odds of getting to the F2 and then there’s winning. Ricky has the best odds of making it because he has 2 people who I think will take him. Lolo and Tamar. As far as who would win out of all 5, I think Dina has the best shot to win. No one in the house beats Dina. Kandi is the 2nd mostly like to have the votes, followed by Ricky, Lolo and then Tamar. Before last night, I would’ve reversed Lolo and Tamar.

    The bedroom alliance knows Kandi and Dina would win and discuss it often. Not only do they acknowledge Kandi and Dina would win, (except for Tamar) both Lolo and Natalie plan to vote for Dina if they or Ricky arn’t in the F2. Maybe it was anger talking and they could change their minds but if 2 out of the 3 of them are at the end, it only leaves one of them voting for a winner. If you include Tamar with them, it’s 2 votes.

    Kato will be in Tom’s head (they’re already together btw) and he may not even need Kato’s help when he hears what the women said about him. Jonathan and Joey have been quite vocal about their feelings on the women in the house. Ryans interviews led me to think he won’t be ok with the women either and I’d expect Jonathans opinions to influence his vote. As people have been evicted, they’ve spent time with past hg’s too. The Willett sisters, Kaitlyn and Marissa have been hanging out with the hg’s and you can bet influencing them. Marissa was tweeting last night about how crappy Tamars dancing was last night. I see Dina or Kandi EASILY getting the votes of Jonathan, Ryan, Joey, Tom and Kato and that’s already 5 so it wouldn’t matter how the remaining players voted.

    Unless something crazy happens, Dina and Kandi will be Rickys noms and one of them WILL go home. Dina or Kandi (whoever remains) will have to win the final hoh comp to get to the end. No one is going to take them unless Tamar decides to stick with Kandi. (Tamar also can’t control Kandi staying with the vote. She and Lolo could tie it and Ricky can evict Kandi anyway) I don’t Tamar will try to save Kandi and in order to do it, she’d have to win this veto coming up, use it on Kandi, force Ricky to put Lolo otb and then Kandi and Tamar could vote out Lolo. That would leave them plus Dina going against Ricky in the final hoh. That’s the only way it would work. If Kandi or Dina win the veto and save themselves, Ricky can make Tamar the replacement nom and Lolo and Ricky can vote out Dina/Kandi, the one still otb.

    I hope Tamar surprises me but I see her not going for the veto, (unless she’s worried about going up) and telling Ricky and Lolo she wants to give Kandi a pity vote since he can break the tie and send her out anyway. Tamar could keep her hands clean that way.

    Other options: With 3 comp wins, Ricky and Lolo could see Tamar as a bigger final hoh threat and betray her during this hoh. They could also begin to see Dina as a bigger f2/vote threat over Kandi and take her out. I don’t think either one will happen and I think for Kandi to stay, she has to win this veto or convince Ricky or Lolo she wants to work with them. They won’t believe it because they’ll know Kandi would take Tamar to the F2 if she won the last hoh.

    • danmtruth

      Not sure if you’re saying this was just put together to save Tom specifically There was to much preparation needed for that competition Still you would think Tom would have used more of his time In any case looking at the answers Yes many went thru the house to fast
      At first it seemed odd that Tantrum didn’t pull Kandi off She knew no matter Tom was being evicted
      Outside of Kandi there can’t be any one for a casual fan to cheer for
      Because they are not sequestered The vote should be hard to call

    • Sassy

      Tamar is perceptive, and she has to know, Ricky and Lo have a final 2. In order for her to get to the end, she either has to try to save Kandi or win the final HOH. I think she might go with the odds and save Kandi if given the option. If she’s able to save Kandi and evict Lo, she has better odds. There’s a possibility that Ricky or Kandi would take her to the end. Without Lo, who would Ricky take if given the chance?

  7. Mrs. Frisby

    I sometimes don’t understand my attraction to BB the crappy people seem to most always thrive in this game, I guess it is the hope that the good will overcome and it is still entertaining as hell to watch. I hope Kandi pulls it off.

  8. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Steve I totally agree with what you said about that Cousins sketch. I was shocked when Julie said it was only 120 seconds long. I was thinking that torture lasted at least 5 minutes.

  9. Mel

    Just saw NEM interview. She’s not voting for Dina anymore based on whatever her husband told her was going on in the house. She’s upset over how Dina and Kandi were behind her back apparently. She still thinks Tom was a roller coaster and the hardest to live with.

  10. Mrs. Frisby

    Kato won’t be able to be in the jury, OJ found him.

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  12. Mrs. Frisby

    I was surprised that there was no talk about Drew Barrymore.

  13. hogwild

    I would do a write in vote for Baldwin to win.

  14. AIO_7

    Dina up, and doing dishes. (Wonder why she is all dolled up?)


  15. danmtruth

    Lohan lamp needs to Stay out of her daughter’s closet She must know her only hope is winning vetoes From here on
    What is going on with Tantrum and all her coughing Looking for sympathy now from Ricky #STFU Tantrum

  16. danmtruth

    Can I assume we won’t be seeing Mooch at the finally As that would be 10 voting?
    Besides Tantrum being a self described super fan Her main game play was lying about people Before you say that is part of the game Remember she was the one who first started the fight with Kandi That Kandi wanted no part of feeding into that drama Moved on to Lolo but saw her room was siding with Lolo So her throat punched was quickly just a joke Next was Tom the bully Again she starts fighting Than turns the narrative to best help herself The over the top reaction when Lolo won Just another slap in the face to Tom Yet her mean game play will get rewarded

    • Sassy

      Lying and scheming is absolutely part of the game, but the difference with the celebrity season is they get to WATCH EVERYTHING before they vote. So the lying and scheming will be known prior to them making their choices… They get to read everything on social media. In a normal season, they still have to decide who is telling the truth in the jury house, this is different…

      • danmtruth

        Sassy I agree 100% You know Tom & Kato are at that bar talking This vote will be much different Even Lohan lamp said she will watch just to see if what she thought at the time was correct

  17. Alda

    That would be worth the admission.

  18. Alda

    Ricky and Tamar are discussing backdooring Lolo if Dina or Kandi win the POV.They make a final two deal.Here we go.Of course,that’s Tamar’s idea.

  19. LynnD

    Hey BB Fam. I have been so crazy busy that today is the 1st time I have had a chance to watch any Celebrity BB. So I am binge watching and am on episode #7. I also have not been able to read anything on this site There is so much I want to say Im sure has already been said. So for right now I just want to say that this season is WAY better than last season. Also I do not have the live feeds for this season and I feel like I am missing EVERYTHING. Is having the live feeds just that much better & intense? Or is the editing just that bad this season? I feel invested in a few players just not many or very attached. Comments on how you feel about players is welcome. I will just put out there the only one actually working my nerves today is Tamar. I will also say I watch RHWOA and LOVE Kandi and I am rooting for Natalie & Lolo.

    • Ann

      Once you get a little further into the season, let us know if you’re still rooting for Loco Lolo & NEM. Lol

      • LynnD

        OH NO!

        I have also realized none of these idiots can keep their mouth shut. Or stick to a plan. Do they not take note of who is in a room before they open their mouths and speak? LMFAO.

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      Hey Lynn! Trust me, you’re not missing much not having the live feeds. We’ve been complaining all season how every time something good happens on the feeds they immediately cut to fish. Other than a few random good clips you can find on YouTube, I’d say you’re getting pretty much what we got just by watching the CBS episodes.

      • LynnD

        Thanks Gerardo (Moonves) Bwahahaha LOVE the name change. I have actually missed my BB Family.

        Am I alone is wishing JC would pop up and play a puppet master with a few of them. It really would make this so exciting.

    • danmtruth

      Lynn great to see you on I hope your being that busy was your choice
      This has been a much better season to watch Key word watch CBS were up to their old tricks We did get to see last season over A few times
      We had some strong personalities this season Will love to get your perspective

    • mm22

      Lynn u will continue liking kandi and probably no one else

  20. Shivani33

    Ricky done with noms. Kandi and Dina of course. Tamar is all Ricky’s new best pal. She and he don’t trust each other, and it’s palpable. But both can look each other square in the face as players right now. Talking together about replacing Kandi with Lolo if veto is used.

  21. Shivani33

    Ricky comprehends that if Tantrum wins veto, she might choose to save Kandi. He isn’t interfering with Tantrum’s free will if she wins veto. So they’ve discussed Lolo being nominated if need be. But WHAT ELSE is Ricky going to tell Tamar? With 5 left, it’s slim pickins’.

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      I agree, I think Shitty Ricky is just covering his back with Tamar in case she wins veto and takes Kandi off the block. If I were him, I’d be planning to backdoor Tamar if anyone other than her wins the Veto. She’s won the most comps, he’s probably the last person she’d take to F2 if she wins the last HOH, and even if she took him to the end I think she’d beat him.

  22. danmtruth

    My question is why would they want to keep Dina till the end Just Thinking she can’t win any veto or HOH? Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn

  23. Ann

    Hey Lynn, have you changed your mind yet or are you still rooting for Loco & NEM??? Lol
    Throwing my head back, yelping like a wounded moose with my mouth wide open & tongue sticking out so damn far that it’s dragging the ground. #STFU Tamar

  24. Shivani33

    Dina Lohan is still overjoyed to be perceiving herself as one of the normal ones in the house. This is her #1 epiphany from living in the house! Finally she can think of herself as the normal one amongst a group. This probably hasn’t happened to her since back before she married Michael Lohan. She is not just the og pimpmama getting carried out of parties. She is whatever the hell is left of her now. Celebrity Blind Squirrels it is, danmtruth.

    • danmtruth

      My liver could not take the drinking game Take a drink whenever Lohan lamp mentioned her daughter We were at Sardies with Liza Minelli after Lyndsey did a show with her Jim Henson and the muppets were so nice when Lyndsey was on the show GIVE IT A BREAK not to mention adding in what her other daughter’s are doing

  25. Mrs. Frisby

    NEW!!!!! Get on the ground floor for this GREAT business opportunity, State of the Art, Once in a lifetime investment, Marvel at your very own Limited edition Big Brother endorsed “LOHAN LAMP”. The “LOHAN LAMP” will never be too bright always that perfect dim effect you have come to love from Big Brother, the key attribute of the “LOHAN LAMP” is no electricity or batteries required, just add alcohol for the LUSH illuminated feature. If you like this product try the Big Brother Annoyance Megaphone it has two settings ‘Tantrum’ & ‘Loco’ good for anytime you feel like a victim. But if you’re looking to relax into a spiritual retreat try ‘Ricky’s Sloth Bed Cookies’. Colon feeling blocked or constipated, these miracle gems will solve that problem to. None of these products unfortunately can guarantee HOH, POV, or prevent OTB, but sometimes been known to cause a bitter jury. Use at own risk, brought to you by BB and season of feed cuts.

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  27. NKogNeeTow


    *I’m getting a late start but so far nothing is happening except Ricky and Kandi playing chess, so it doesn’t matter*

  28. NKogNeeTow

    Ricky and Kandi still playing chess.

    In the bedroom, Tay and Lo are laying in bed, talking to Dina standing in the door. Dina leaves and Lo and Tay talk about Dina telling Tay that Kandi and Ricky are playing chess. Dina comes back in and asks if BB knows that everyone is tired from last night. Tay is talking but it’s hard to hear because her mic is on the bed behind her. Dina gives Tay a pack of fake fingernails. Tay asks Lo which kind she has. Lo tells her and Tay asks to see them. Lo tells her no “because you be taking all my shit”. Tay says she just wants to see them so Lo lets her. Dina tells them that they slept a lot yesterday but she’s still going to bed. Instead, she sits on Ricky’s bed.

    Tay continues to mess with the fake nails as Dina rambles on about whatever it is Dina rambles about. (*Am I containing my excitement well?*) Dina is telling Tay how to put the nails on. Tay says they look so fake. They talk about what Marrissa wore at the end of her CBB. Dina is trying to figure out what time the Finale will be. Tay says she can sleep another 13 hours but says she’s going back to sleep. She says she won’t sleep that long though. Dina tells her to try turning out the light.

    Dina is talking about playing cards in Vegas. Tay gives her all the nails back. Dina tells her to pick the one she wants. Tay says they are all too small for her. They talk about when they have to get up. Tay says in 7 hours. Lo says she wants to play pool. Lo tells her that if she gets up, she will play pool with her.

  29. NKogNeeTow

    Loco says she will get up. Dina says she can’t believe they are still there. She says the house is so boring. Tay gets up and leaves. Dina sits on Ricky’s bed and looks at his pictures. She says she can’t believe he married a White girl. She says his kids are gorgeous. Lo says that she thinks Tay knew (that Ricky’s wife was White). Dina and Lo start about social media, then about how the cameras follow them. Dina looks at the picture one more time and says cool family and puts the picture back. Lo starts making faces at different cameras. Dina says that Ricky mentioned he has another daughter. They start to discuss what they want to wear for Finale. Dina says she has 2 dresses. They then start talking about the upcoming Veto challenge. Dina says she thinks it will be go-carts. She says after the eviction, they have to be there 2 more days. She says that “Mark” (Production?) told her that in the next few days, everything is going to change. Lo says that fans watching the show, know the schedule. Lo jokes about how Julie told her she was about to lose her HOH. Dina asks Lo can she believe everyone’s gone. They start to talk about past comps. Lo is telling Dina which one she (D) would have won.

  30. NKogNeeTow

    Tay in the bathroom putting on makeup. Kandi comes in and washes her hands. Neither women talk, then Kandi says “I can’t believe y’all slept that long”. Tay and spits on a q-tip then adjust her eye makeup. Kandi goes in the kitchen and she and Tay have a convo about mushrooms between the bathroom and kitchen. Tay tells Kandi that mushrooms are a mold. Kandi says she doesn’t believe it and will look it up when she gets home. Lo comes in and sits at the counter to eat. She asks Kandi if she’s going in the hot tub tonight. Kandi says no, it’s too cold outside for her. She says she doesn’t know how they do it.

    Dina comes in as Kandi sits at the counter to eat. Lo finishes her cantaloupe then washes her hands. Dina says they don’t even know who won the Super Bowl. Kandi said she asks the DR staff if they made bets on who would be the F5 but they wouldn’t tell her. Dina says she asked too. Kandi asks if they told her. Dina said yes, then the camera cut back to Tay in the bathroom.

  31. NKogNeeTow

    In the kitchen, Lo is telling them about a medal she didn’t win but that 2 of the coaches got fired so she felt that God looked out for her. She said she could have been nasty about it and gone to the media but God stepped in. She says that any team she’s ever been on, she has always helped them. She said that one girl on a team, wrote her a letter accusing Lo of just using her to get a gold medal. Lo says she said the girl was really using her. Lo says that the girls on the team thought she was better than she was. She says one of the coaches told her that the girls on the team just didn’t like her. She said the girls just started making up things about her. She said she just shut down. She said the team went to a hotel and the hotel put her and 2 other girls in the same bed. She said she got to the hotel first and went to the manager. The manager switched her to a nicer room by herself. She said when the team got there, she told them that she had a nicer room and the hotel switched it. She said when they saw the room, they started in on her. She said that at that point, she realized she got so much peace (having her own room).

    Dina gets called to the DR. Ricky comes out and sees wine on the counter. He gets really happy and goes up stairs for a minute. Tay tells him to hurry back because they don’t know how to open it.

    • Ann

      I get sick of hearing Loco blame her messups on other people. Any time something is not the way that that sore loser thinks it should be or she can’t win, you can surely believe it’s somebody else’s fault. She acts like a baby & cries & throws a damn fit.

    • Shivani33

      It sounds like Lolo is giving a presentation. Fictionalized, emotionless monotone blather. Nothing is ever her responsibility. Somebody always screws her over, if not one somebody then a whole herd. I don’t think even Lolo buys what she keeps selling.

    • danmtruth

      Don’t know how to open a wine bottle? ! ? Who are you trying to fool PLEASE don’t know WTH
      Lolo story might be about her bobsledding days It didn’t go well We are talking about people who lived and trained with each other For over 4years Only to have Lolo dropped on them At first they tried to put her in the number 1 sled The driver said NO She would quit and take her sponsor money with her So they bumped another girl from a second team The room thing was her demand The 2 coaches got fired because they were the ones who agreed to putting her on the team

  32. Ann

    I’m not going to sit here & listen to this donkey smack on whatever in the hell it is she’s got in her mouth. I refuse to do it. Then to top that off, Lolo is talking a mile a minute & I just can’t.. I’ll wait & read your comments NK.

  33. NKogNeeTow

    Tay and Lo leave the kitchen and go back to the bedroom. Lo asks Tay if she talked to Ricky earlier. Tay says yes. Lo asks what she thinks about his deal. Tay says about him putting me up. Lo says about the other deal. She says that Ricky said that if it comes down to L/T/R, he would just let them play and the winner decides to take him. She says that she asked him about in the Final, what would his speech be. She says his speech is hella good. She said his deal didn’t sit well with her. She says she doesn’t know at all. She says that when she thought about it, it basically means that he’s guaranteeing himself in the final which leaves one of them (L/T) out. Tay asks for clarification. Lo says he just basically wants to guarantee himself in the F2. Lo breaks down how he didn’t get any blood on his hands or really piss anybody off. Tay says she thinks it should be left up to whoever wins, to decide who to take to F2. Lo says that she’s going to talk to him because if she or Tay take that deal, it leaves the other one no choice. She says she wouldn’t stand a chance against Kandi or Dina because they had no blood on their hands. She says Ricky said he was going to talk to Tay but she was asleep. Lo says she feels that everyone in the house is making 3-way deals. Lo says that Ricky plays chess with Kandi, and Tay has a relationship with her. Tay says Kandi is likable and she is cool with everyone. Tay says that Ryan and Joey told her to her face that they wouldn’t vote for her (T), they would vote for Dina. Lo says “So you’re basically saying we’re both f*cked”. Tay says “Well if they are down to me and you, they have to vote for one of us”.

  34. NKogNeeTow

    Ricky is upstairs on the landing talking to Kandi. Kandi tells him that she thinks Tom thought that because he and Ricky were the only guys left in the game, that’s why he took him down. She says Ricky was the only person Tom thought he had a chance with. Ricky says that he told Tom that if he didn’t put him OTB, he would have him/Nat/Lo to ride with him till the end. He says that Tom didn’t take the deal so by the time he took him off the block, it was too late. Kandi said that the double eviction threw everyone off and if they had time to think a little more, things might have turned out better. Kandi says technically it was just too much over-thinking over the last few weeks. Ricky asks her who was over thinking. She says Dina. Ricky laughs and says who was she talking to. Kandi says she was just talking in general. She said everyone was doing it and she asked them to please just stop. Ricky said he was telling everyone that too.

  35. NKogNeeTow

    Ricky says the good thing is “You’ve got time” He then says the hot tub should feel good. She says that she doesn’t want to. He says it might do her good.

    In the bedroom, Tay and Lo are talking about hair and makeup for the final. Lo asks if they go directly from the live final show to the after party. Ricky walks in and they start to talks about the hot tub. Ricky gets excited about popcorn with jalepenos in it. Ricky leaves. Tay tells Lo that after the show, she just wants 1 night to go to Bourbon St. and get f*cked up. She says she has a concert in Baton Rouge but she doesn’t know how it’s going to go because she’s had no rehearsals. Lo says that the concert may be sold out. Tay says it is. Ricky comes back in and tells them the temp of the hot tub. Lo tells Tay that she’s going to stay so they can hang out. Tay tells her to yes, stay because after her concert, she will be right back. Ricky tells Lo, she can stay with him. Tay says he lives only about 20 minutes from her. Tay says that the bedroom crew are going to burn the gram up.

    Ricky and Lo says they are going to get in the hot tub. Tay says she can’t because she’s going to have a DR, but says she definitely needs it to get rid of some of that chocolate she ate. She asks Ricky if they got lamb chops. He said he forgot to check. Tay and Lo say they are grateful for today because they got to sleep so much.

  36. Mrs. Frisby

    Oh No, Tom Green won’t be able to be in the jury, ICE just nabbed him and are deporting him to Ontario.

  37. NKogNeeTow

    Tay/Ricky/Lo discuss packing before the Veto comp. They discuss cleaning the house before they leave. The Sloth says they have time. Lo says she can’t believe that she didn’t work out today. Tay says something has got to give. They are wondering what the Veto comp will be and talk about the HOH that Ricky won. Tay is talking about all that went on at once (the eviction, HOH, Veto, eviction). Tay says that when she leaves she is only getting 3 phone numbers (R/L/N). She thanks Allison (Groedner), Shawn and her fans.

    Lo asks Ricky what he would say to Tom. He says he asked him how did he feel when he realized that it was just him (R) and Lo left in the comp. Tay starts to cackle in that loud, annoying laugh that she does. They start to bash Tom. Ricky says that everybody has their strong points and Tom was just really bad at the memory stuff. Tay says that Tom probably realized that once he saw that she was staying he was thinking Damn, I should have put your ass up.” Ricky laughs and says that what he thought when he says how well Tom was doing in the dice game “Damn, we should have gotten rid of him sooner”. He says that if Kato and Tom had managed themselves better, they could have gone far.

  38. Shivani33

    Lol at Ricky, the tantric sloth, trying to get Kandi to come in the hot tub with him. Pardon the double entendre. Kandi. will. not. get. in. that. hottub.

  39. NKogNeeTow

    Tay asks Lo to take out pork chops for her to cook. Lo is going to roast brussel sprouts. Lo yell towards a room and asks Kandi if she’s going in the hot tub. Ricky and Dina go and sit outside. The firepit is out. Lo and Tay are cooking and Kandi comes in and asks Lo if the chicken is ready yet. She says almost. Kandi goes in to tweet. Dina fixes a cup of tea.

    Tay tells Dina that in 4 days she gets to see her little nugget.

  40. NKogNeeTow

    Kandi asks Tay how long has it been since she stopped eating chicken. Tay says over a year. Lo is making a sauce for the chicken and telling Kandi how she made it. Tay says you can also use it for pork because pork is the other white meat. Tay asks Kandi if the chicken is good. She says yes. Tay says it smells good. Kandi asks where Dina went (she’s outside with Ricky). Kandi tells Tay that they have a real colorful ending. Tay says yes, 4 black people. They are silent for a moment then Tay says she’s going to marinate her pork chops. Not much convo going on between the 2 of them. (*If they wanted to talk about F2, now would be a perfect time, no one is around*).

    Ricky is in the pool. Kandi is alone, eating at the counter. Tay comes back from the SR. (*Now would be the perfect time to ask Tay straight up, what they are going to do, but no game talk*) Tay asks if Lo is in the DR. Kandi says she doesn’t know. Kandi asks where Dina is, then goes and looks for her. When she doesn’t find her, she comes back and she and Tay start to whisper. Kandi is telling her that she thinks they are going to talk Dina off and put Tay up. She says that either one of them has to win. Tay says she knows.

  41. Mrs. Frisby

    “I hate their faces”- I love this saying now, it’s a little sinister sounding and yet strangely endearing.

    • Mrs. Frisby

      Now I know why I like this saying, it reminds me of (Jinxy) Jinx the Cat’s saying; “I hate them meces to pieces” referring to Trixie and Dixie the mice. What a blast from the past, hadn’t thought of that cartoon in years.

  42. NKogNeeTow

    Lo has now joined Kandi and Lo in the kitchen. Lo is eating while Tay is fixing her pork chops. Kandi is still wandering around looking for Dina. Dina comes in and Kandi says “Oh there you are”. Dina says she’s going to take a shower later or maybe tomorrow. Lo says they aren’t doing anything tomorrow but packing. Kandi tells Dina that they packed twice before but didn’t go anywhere but this time someone is going for real.

    Kandi and Dina are now sitting at the table getting ready to play cards. Dina and Tay start to sing Mark Magrath’s song and get a warning. Dina says they aren’t sing, they’re talking. Tay gets called to the DR. Kandi asks Dina how much water did she drink today because she’s only seen her with everything but. Dina says she’s drinking some now. As they play cards, Kandi says she guesses she’ll play her heart. Dina says just don’t win the Veto, then laughs (*Kandi smiled but she knew Dina wasn’t joking*)

  43. NKogNeeTow

    K/D/L are playing Rummy. They say that the most fashionable person in the house goes to Dina and the person who’s been OTB the most goes to Kandi. Dina says that her daughter Ali was asked to be on The Voice. They start to talk about The Masked Singer. Kandi says that she thinks one of the singers is T-Pain. She says that he’s known for his rapping and auto-tunes but people don’t know that he’s a really great singer. Kandi and Lo can’t wait to get out to see who the masked singers are. That is their favorite show. The suspense is driving them crazy. They are making guesses who they think all of the other singers are. Kandi is obsessed with The Walking Dead. She and Lo can’t wait for Game of Thrones to start. (*Unless it has Lindsay or Ali in it, Dina has NO idea who the f*ck they’re talking about*)

    Lo says she has acid reflux. Kandi starts humming and gets asked to stop singing. Lo asks her if when she gets out, is she just going to start blaring out songs. Kandi laughs. Lo asks Kandi how many episodes of RHOA does she thinks has aired already. Kandi says she’s not sure.

  44. Ann

    What movies or shows has Ali (Dina’s daughter) been in? I thought Lindsey was her only daughter.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Ali is the youngest girl. She did some modeling when she was a teen then went through a bout with anorexia and dropped out of sight. She resurfaced a few years ago as some kind of singer, which no one has ever heard of her music.

  45. NKogNeeTow

    The Sloth is in the pool and Lo is outside the pool talking to him. She says she needed this day. He says they need a couple of days when they weren’t stressed. She says she’s going inside to eat and get out of the rain.

    The Rummy game rages on. Lo is talking to them but obstructing her mic so you can’t understand her. Dina says she just wants to see her kids and see what the heck is going on and see how her Mom is doing. Lo asks them who are the 5 people that they would like to have dinner with after the show. Kandi says her husband, 3 kids and her mom. Dina says her kids but it all depends on the situation. She says Ali could be there or in NY. Lo says she’s still trying to figure it out. Kandi says she’s been there a whole month so she wants to see them as soon as possible. Lo says it’s expensive to fly your family there. She says that if she flys her mom out, she can stay in her hotel room.

    The Sloth is still in the pool doing aqua-sloth things (walking in circles). Every time he walks past the door, he looks in (*probably wondering if them women-folk are conspiring against him*)

  46. NKogNeeTow

    Sloth pool time is over. He’s in the bedroom wearing his HOH robe and reading his letter, then puts it away. Looks at his picture, gets up and leaves. While walking through the living room, it sounded like he was talking to himself.

    At the table, Lo is telling Lo and Kandi about a dating site. She says she’s going to cancel when she gets out. She says she met a few of her boyfriend on it. She says she’s on Tinder, Christian Mingle and all the others. Dina says when she was visiting a girlfriend for a weekend, her friend signed her up for one. Lo asks which one, Dingus says she doesn’t know.

    And with that, BBAD is OVAH! Goodnight everyone and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      Lolo and Tamar were just discussing how they’re both on a celebrity dating site that apparently you can’t discuss publicly or you’ll get kicked off. Lolo says Amy Schumer used to also be on it and discussed in publicly, but you just can’t name any names. Now they’re telling Dina she should also join the website. (Clearly if these three are on the app it’s not an actual “celebrity” dating app, but I digress).

      True to form, as this was a semi-interesting discussion, BB immediately cut to fish. A couple minutes later we’re back and now they talking green beans. Yes, green beans. I am so over these feeds.

  47. Mrs. Frisby

    Enough bourbon, boredom, & texting for me. Thank you all for your posts, time to do some air traffic controlling while the government is still open. Bah Weep Gra Na Weep Ninny Bong!

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