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Welcome To The Final 5

February 9, 2019 | 106 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good morning, everyone!

And just like that, we’re down to 5. In what has been a strangely long but short season, we went from a busy house of 8 just a few days ago to a pretty empty house of 5. Two big personalities in Tom and Natalie were evicted last night, and now we’re stuck with a few pretty boring people and Lolo/Tamar for the last few days of the season.

Ricky came away with his first HoH last night which made the next eviction extremely predictable. Dina and Kandi should be nominated and one of them should be the next out.  The Bedroom Bunch should make up 75% of the final 4, and the biggest question will be who the fourth place finisher will be.

Here are some random thoughts about the episode last night:

  • Two hours feels too long to watch a show when you’re not skipping commercials. We’re too spoiled these days
  • If there ever was a twist to save someone, last night was it. Either that, or it’s just a major coincidence a fan favorite was given an extra comp for safety where the only penalty for winning was something he already had (couldn’t play HoH). That was basically the ‘save Tom’ competition and you can’t change my mind!
    • Speaking of that comp, it was hilarious to see Ricky and Lolo think it was a sprinting competition.  Lolo zipped through the rooms and was back at the podium with a minute to spare.
    • During the second run, all of them took their time but still finished with 30 seconds to go. In that case, it is hard to judge time so it’s hard to blame them for not wanting to time out.
  • “Cousins” – ugh. Not much I can say about that skit. Big Brother is usually great with that stuff but I was shocked to find out it was only 2 minutes long. Felt like 20.
  • It was good to see some good sportsmanship last night. A lot of praise went around from people who had a rocky relationship with each other this season, and even Natalie gave Tom a handshake when she left. Sure, she gave everyone else hugs, but it was still nice to see her take the high road rather than act bitter and just walk out.
  • Now, speaking of sportsmanship, that leads me to a Tamar rant…
    • It was absolutely fantastic editing to show Tamar flip out on Tom minutes after she wanted Kandi to threaten him for her. That was basically the season in a nutshell. Tamar, Lolo, and Natalie playing victim to Tom while he was just playing the game. They took everything he said personally and tried to make him out to be the bad guy. He’s a bad player, yes. Great at comps? Yes. Bad guy? No
    • Playing victim made her look even worse when she decided to dance to Tom leaving. I know she’ll never care because she really thinks Tom was a bad guy, but damn did she look stupid doing that.

Moving forward, Ricky and Tamar are in the final 4 (yay?) and there is not much chance for any surprises. Tamar is safe so it will likely be Dina/Kandi nominated and if one of them wins, Lolo will replace them. It will be a 2 person vote which means Ricky is the tiebreaker and that should guarantee Lolo’s safety. Wednesday, we’ll finally get to see the Bedroom Bunch compete against each other, but the show also ends so we won’t get much time to enjoy it.

Natalie was my favorite to win, but she’s out, so that changes things up. I don’t see Kandi in the f4 because she is the only person who has a chance to win over any of the Bedroom Bunch (sorry, Dina). If Tom is indeed voting Lolo to win should she make it, that likely means Kato would as well. I think Lolo would have an advantage over Tamar and Kandi but Ricky could get some votes from the very male-heavy jury.

I think at this point, my rankings to win (prediction, not who I want to win):

Best odds – Lolo
Worst odds – Kandi
Best odds at final 2 – Lolo/Ricky
Best odds of AFP – Tom

Who do you think will win?

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