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Saturday Report – Noms Plus Boredom

As expected, the house has slowed to a crawl now that they’re down to the final 5 with two of the players (Kandi/Dina) being fairly isolated from the other three.


The biggest news of the house is the prep for the final 2 as the realization that in games like Big Brother and musical chairs, once it gets down to 3 people, there are still only 2 chairs to sit in. For someone like Lolo, that is panic time because she is starting to stress hardcore about the money.

I guess that’s one reason why this d-list celebrity Big Brother thing works the way it does is because the prize money is actually decent for 3 weeks of work. For multi-millionaires like Kandi, $250k is obviously nice, but not something she’s going to go crazy over.  For someone like Lolo Jones, that money is a huge boost leading up to the Olympics.  Let’s not forget, Jones has had an average running career and has mostly remained famous because she was famous. She was just one of the media darlings from the 2008 Olympics who had a ton of potential but tripped over a hurdle and finished in 7th place. She was actually in the lead when she hit the hurdle so that instantly made her famous.

One of the reasons we know that Lolo isn’t doing so great financially is because she lets everyone know whenever she can. She is really pushing the pity card despite quite possibly having more net worth than someone like Dina Lohan (who recently filed for bankruptcy) and maybe Ricky (who had his money stolen by a financial manager).


The one thing that is almost certain is that Kandi should be evicted next unless she wins the veto. If she does get evicted, that could lead to finale twist where the final HoH winner ends up picking someone like Dina because they have better odds at winning. Of course, by making such a move, it risks two potential jury votes, but it may be a risk worth taking. We’re going to keep listening to see if anyone hints at making such a move over the next few days. Ricky is the person I think could do it the most.

Speaking of Ricky, he nominated Dina and Kandi as expected.  Not sure when the PoV competition is going to happen, but seems like Kandi has to win or she’s gone.

Have a good day, everyone!


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  1. LynnD

    Ok starting the last episode now & then Im all caught up.

    Just wanted to share that I’m sitting here thinking what a fruit loop Tom is. Then low & behold I see what he has in his hands being used as wings. Another LMAO moment.

    Right now still team Kandi & up in the air about Tamar (but like I said I have seen no live feeds only edits)

    Happy Sunday.

    • Mel

      You got caught up pretty quickly! I’m impressed.

      • LynnD

        Thanks Mel. The last month has been crazy insane for me. I needed some downtime and decided to catch up on BB to decompress.

    • Seattle Kari

      What the hell he was doing holding cereal box of acting like a stupid bird is unbelievable. How old is he? 3? Or was he seriously just that bored? Or does he think he’s being funny? I don’t know.

    • Seattle Kari

      Tamar is an over-the-top exaggerated loudmouth braggart who doesn’t take any personal self accountability for anything. She’s absolutely disgusting.



    • Ann

      Oh God, I’m sure Lynn didn’t mean to say she was still up in the air about Tamar. She just had an accidental slip of the fingers on the key board or maybe a slight lapse of judgement because she’s so tired from benge watching the season trying to catch up. Please forgive her, we will.
      Now, my sweet little Lynn, we (your BB family) know you didn’t mean it & we forgive you. Now repeat after me & then say it with us…..#BigFaceTamarSTFU….Now yell & say it out loud….#BIG FACE TAMAR STFU…….Now, that feels much better doesn’t it??????

      • LynnD

        Thank you Ann. You are so correct. ❤

      • Ann

        I kept checking back all day today Lynn to see if you had caught up & changed your mind yet. You had me a little scared for a minute there. Lol
        Kandi is my number one choice & Dinggy Dina is my number two. I just have zero tolerance for Tamar & Lolo.

      • LynnD

        Ann I was beyond exhausted. Tamar is on my last nerve. Definitely not someone I would ever trust with anything. She can’t keep that big fat trap shut! Love Kandi & I am rooting for her to win. (How is she doing on the feeds? I see she is on the block) Was glad to see Tom go. He definitely was NOT the brightest lightbulb in the room. Kandi had to do his thinking for him & apparently he could not make a decision on his own. SMH

      • Ann

        Lynn, I got pissed & canceled the feeds a while back because it’s not worth it anymore. Every single time something good starts to happen they cut to fish. I can’t even stand to watch CBBAD because it’s so flipping boring. Thank God for NK staying up watching & reporting for us. It’s a hell of a lot more interesting to read NK’s comments than to watch it, she’s got some flare to her writing. Lol
        Tamar’s man voice just chaps my ass, I can’t stand her. She’s a liar & always plays the bullying card when she’s the one doing the bullying. I know that lying & manipulating is part of the game but damn it’s the way that she goes about everything.
        In the beginning I didn’t think Kandi was playing but it turns out she’s been playing all along. She’s my favorite.
        Lolo tap dances on my nerves acting like a child having fits & blaming everybody else when things don’t go her way. I feel sorry for Dina getting scammed by this boyfriend but hopefully she’ll figure it out.
        I don’t like Dope head Ricky. I’m so nervous about the end but as long as Tamar & Lolo don’t win, I’m happy.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Ok, I’m about to say something vastly unpopular and you guys are gonna come after me with torches like the villagers after Frankenstein’s monster (with Ann leading crowd), but in the end, I’m rooting for either Kandi or Tamar to win. I know, I know, Tay can be a loud mouth piece of work, but I still think she played better than Loco, Ricky, and Dina. Even thought Loco, Ricky, Dina and a few others in the house don’t trust her, she still managed to handle herself well enough to not float to the end (like Dina). Kandi survived so far, by playing low key. Ricky lasted because he planted enough seeds of doubt to get the house against Tom. Loco just bitched her way to the end. Tay might be boisterous and obnoxious, but she also knows the game and she has kept me somewhat entertained sometimes.


      • Ann

        Here I come NK with a torch in both hands…..As much as it kills my soul to admit this I now have to. I at least tried to see it that way, honest I did but then I came to my senses & if I could’ve reached, I would’ve kicked myself in the ass for even entertaining that thought. Let me tell you why. It’s because this is her true self, not just playing the game. She acts & treats people this way even outside of the house. She is the same obnoxious, loud, over the top jackass that she is shown to be now. I’m just saying that she does because she was like this on The Real, she was like this on the Braxton family show & now look. I tried to tell myself that she was just acting for the camera but her own sisters say she’s like this (I read it). The thing is she’s always shown herself to be the obnoxious person that she is on BB & she’s not just doing it to win.
        Anyway, I’m giving you a 30 second head start & then I’m coming with both torches lit…..

  2. Mrs. Frisby

    Already longing for Tantrum’s or Loco’s obnoxious outburst or even Tom’s cereal box flapping, so boring. Hell I’ll settle for Joey’s 5 hour beauty regiment, that was more intriguing than this.—-Oh wait Sam just showed up and started a “Mud Hole Stomp” on the unsuspecting house guest.

  3. Mel

    I don’t really think we need a memory lane episode when the season isn’t even a month long. If they show a lot of the stuff that didn’t make the episodes, it won’t be too bad.

  4. Mrs. Frisby

    Oh that reminds me is there a celebrity amazing race, and did Chuck Liddell (The Ice Man) get on that show.

  5. AIO_7

    Does 2nd place win any money? If so, how much?

  6. Seattle Kari

    Hi everybody! I hope you’ve had a good weekend and are getting some nice rest.

    I liked the season when it first started out (other than Tamar and then Lolo not long after) but I’ve gotten to the point where I can barely watch it anymore because of those two.

    I follow your updates hereand thank you for that! The night feeds I don’t know *how* you keep up with that Woman!! 😉 I would fall asleep instantly. I’ve tried watching after dark and it just… Oh my God it’s like brain rot and I need what little brains I have! 😉

    At any rate I will watch but I’m not in a huge rush to do so when it’s on TV anymore. I follow what goes on here like I said and I’ll watch the episodes via OnDemand when there’s nothing else on.

    PS will somebody’s take this goddamn snow please?! I live in Washington not Minnesota. Lol. Sorry I know I’m just whining again about things nobody else gives a damn about, but it has just been crazy and it’s going to continue to be at least for the rest of the week..plus. I’m just grateful we don’t have the Sub-Zero temperatures as some of you had to deal with. I cannot even imagine that!

    Have a great rest of your Sunday!

  7. Shivani33

    Press reports that already Michael Lohan is going after every penny Dingo earns from CBB, even her base pay as a contestant. How rapacious. Can this arsehole not even buy his own toilet paper and bubblegum?

  8. danmtruth

    The family that keeps digging to lower depths Thy name is Lohan

  9. Shivani33

    Meanwhile, Nene Leakes is being overshadowed by Tamar’s ability to compete for attention as a potential harpy hag on RHOA. Da people have spoken. Nene was just temporarily suspended from RHOA for throwing a punch, as she runs around the U.S.A. complaining about her husband, Gregg Leakes, being such an emotional burden on HER as he battles or decides not to battle cancer. Also, I just watched a video of Toni Braxton holding her hands over her ears as Tamar tries to sing her a song. She sings like a goddamn deceased chunk of lambchop.

    Don’t cry if you do not have the feeds. The tower of babble called Lolo has been busy reading the Bible, while Ricky sleeps with visions of cookies sloths dancing through his oh so enlightened head. Bring on the Veto!

  10. mm22

    Come on kandi u need this veto win-obviously tamar
    won’t help u if she wins it even tho you’re her girl n
    she’s watching out for u-what a shithead friend

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  12. Vikki T

    Here is what I found on how much each of these folks will make (not sure if article is 100% accurate): Participants will receive a $100,000 guarantee, and that every time they survive one of the eight evictions, they will earn another $5,000. The winner of the entire competition earns $250,000 and a favorite house guest, chosen by the viewers at the end of the season, scores an extra $25,000.

  13. Vikki T

    Houseguests were shown their videos.
    Ricky – wife with new haircut
    Dina – daughter Ali
    Tamar – son
    Kandi – husband and kids
    Lolo- training partner
    Everyone felt bad for Lolo as there was no family.

  14. Gerardo for AFP

    Tamar has been planting seeds in Lolo’s head to make sure she votes Kandi out in the event that Kandi wins the veto and Tamar becomes the replacement nominee. Having heard Lolo’s constant refrain about her financial difficulties, Tamar pounces on the opportunity to detail Kandi’s far superior financial situation to her. Explaining that Kandi is “rich rich”–only 2nd to Mooch in net worth. She tells Lolo that each of Kandi’s restaurants earn over $10M per year (not sure how Tamar knows this info), and even spouting off Kandi’s per episode earnings on RHOA (according to Tamar, Kandi earns in excess of $100K per episode). Lolo just keeps repeating “I didn’t know that” with every additional piece of info Tamar recites.

    I’m hoping this backfires on Tamar– Lolo realizes that taking Kandi to the end could be advantageous (since everyone knows she doesn’t need the $250K), spurring Lolo to target Tamar this week and keep Kandi… I’m probably just fantasizing, but it would make my day/week/month/year to see that happen.

    • Seattle Kari

      Please please please please PLEASE

    • LynnD

      Do these house guests think maybe Kandi isn’t there strictly for the money? I believe (but don’t know for sure bc only Kandi knows 100%) that she is not hard up for the money. I think she is there strictly for the challenge!

      • danmtruth

        Just killing time and cashing a check That’s Kandi

      • NKogNeeTow

        Kandi told Loco the other night that she’s there mainly for the exposure. She and a few friends started an organization that will help battered women, students who need help with college funds, homeless and females trying to start their own businesses. She said that her friend were working the start-up end while she’s away and she’s eager to get back home to make sure everything is on track.

  15. Shivani33

    Ever the charmer, Lolo said that she rather have found out who won the Superbowl or received a video of her dog than getting that video from her pal.

  16. Shivani33

    Ariana Grande’s new song “Break up with your Girlfriend, I’m Bored” uses part of NSYNC’s song, ” It Makes me Ill” as a bridge. The song was written by Kandi Burruss, who has income rolling in from 6 or 7 business ventures as she plays CBB. Just because she earns her money doesn’t make her undeserving to win this game. Even Tom Green changed his mind and now wants Kandi ( or maybe Dina) to win. The other guys voted out before him told him the bad news about Lolo being a schmuck.

    • LO1004

      I don’t understand how every season this becomes ‘who needs the money’s vs ‘who earned to win the game’. I’m over it. Lolo doesn’t deserve shit. She can piss and moan all she wants about her finances, but that’s no one’s problem but her own.

      • Ann

        You’re right about that. If Lolo is having all this financial trouble then she needs to stop buying those supposedly high dollar hair extensions, move her ass into a smaller & more affordable house & drive a vehicle with lower payments. Stop shopping at high end stores & keep her ass at home & eat salads. Hell, if she’s that damn broke, McDonald’s is always hiring.

      • mm22

        It would just be hard for me to watch dina the tattletale or ricky the slug win
        after doing very little in the game-They’re not really voting kandi out because she
        didn’t get blood on her hands/doesn’t need the money they’re voting her out because she
        treated her fellow hg with respect n would get their votes -tamar Lolo n ricky know this
        that’s really why the pieces of shit want her out

      • mm22

        *McDonald’s is always hiring* so funny ann -she would fit right in at ours
        poor attitude – rude service – and it’s always someone else’s fault

    • NKogNeeTow

      Exactly Shi! We’ve always said the money shouldn’t go to someone just because they need it. It’s not Kandi’s fault that the rest of them don’t have any money.

  17. danmtruth

    Lolo has been getting paid appearance fees to run in Europe for years As all top athletes do
    There is no financial need clause in BB voting
    It says a lot about Lolo that the only person they got to do a video She turns around and disrespect them

  18. Alda

    Say it isn’t so.Tamar won POV?

  19. NKogNeeTow


    I literally tried for the last hour and a half. I’ve got nothing. For once, I give up.

    Goodnight everyone and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

    • Gerardo for AFP

      You deserve the night off NK! It’s unfortunate that there’s no one really left for there to be any drama with at this point. Shitty Ricky, Kmart, and Loco are all treading lightly around each other these days and Kandi and Dina are generally low-key, so not much going on. I wish they’d do POV tomorrow so we could get some paranoia going again for the last couple of days.

  20. AIO_7

    The five of them in the kitchen area …


  21. Sassy

    Is the POV tonight on the show? If so, it’s going to be another quick luck competition. Ho hum yawn.

  22. AIO_7

    If you don’t have the feeds then you are missing all of the fun …


  23. Ann

    Do we know for sure if the VETO comp has been played & who won for sure?

  24. Alda

    So,I go to the PO today.On the way home,I have a lovely accident,and my car is towed away.Did I mention we only have one car? Good Times.

  25. Shivani33

    Lolo got mad at Ricky and told him that she’s tired of him telling her how to feel, think, etc. It was a strange reaction. He was just telling her that she won’t find love’s magic if she keeps guarding her heart. Maybe it cut too close to the bone. Tamar stepped in to get things back to being civil. Then she sat around nodding, smiling and agreeing with Ricky’s ideas about relationships and astrology, maybe gloating that Lolo went all negative on Ricky. Then the feeds went down. Maybe the veto contest is happening. Or maybe it’s just Lolo again.

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  27. Mrs. Frisby

    It’s almost that time, the LOHAN LAMP has been holding back, she is about to turn it on and shine! It is going to be Dina Fully Loaded, the latest and greatest Comp Beast is going to emerge and take BB by storm.

  28. Alda

    Thank you all for the kind words.I wasn’t hurt.Just my anxiety is off the charts.xo

  29. mm22

    Is anyone watching? Haven’t we already seen
    most of this crap?

  30. danmtruth

    45 min of my life I will never get back
    I will say Kandi has some of the best eye rolls also #STFUTamtrum

    • NKogNeeTow

      Lol Dan. I rather enjoyed the show…until Marrissa showed up. At least it wasn’t until the end. A few comments:

      1. I thought Tay’s comment in the DR about Loco’s virginity (“How you know you like sand if you never been to the beach”) was funny. I also laughed at her when she was crying in the DR with her sweatshirt pulled and tied over her head, saying she wasn’t going to be okay.

      2. Tom’s outlook on life after cancer is terrific.

      3. Dina said her family has been vilified by the press. WRONG! The press caught Dina and her ex Michael drunk and fighting in public. The press caught Lindsay stumbling drunk/high out of clubs. The press caught Ali when she was anorexic.

      • Ann

        NK, you know I always agree with you & love to read your comments but I can’t go along with number 1. I was wishing I could reach through the tv, snatch loud mouth & stomp & mudhole in her ass. I just cringe at the very thought of her voice. That’s pretty much all I heard tonight was her voice no matter what was being discussed.

      • Ann

        Just for that NK, you get to be locked in the room with Tay, Marissa & Lolo. Lol

      • NKogNeeTow

        ROFL..Well if you think that’s bad, just wait until you read my comments near the top of the thread ^^^

        *Pounding on my desk laughing…LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL*

  31. mm22

    Lolo get a tissue n stop wiping your nose in your palm
    – she does it all the time – ick

  32. hogwild

    I watched for a few minutes saw them doing the promo for Americas favorie houseguest voting can honestly say no one in that group is a favorite for me.

  33. Ann

    I damn sure don’t want to see the back of Tamar’s f’cking throat again or her damn tongue.

  34. mm22

    Dr room segment was really funny even when they were crying hahaha

  35. Ann

    I can’t, I can’t, I just cannot…..what in the hell is hung in the back of Tamar’s throat that make this bitch hack, cakle, yelp & hang her nasty ass tongue out. I hate this girl, she is not funny.
    Something is wrong with Lolo. That girl has some serious problems.

  36. hogwild

    #STFU Marissa.

  37. LO1004

    I’m not even gonna lie, kids. I’d totally be the Joey Lawrence of the house. Grossed out by everything, anti-bac on me at all times, washing my hands every second, cleaning after people bc it would piss me off more to look at it until they handled their shit. I get it, Joe!

  38. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD is supposed to start at 1 AM instead of 12, so I’m not sure whether will get it tonight or more reruns of Schitt’s Creek. Since the show ended with the Veto comp it’s hard to tell. If it does come on, it will only be 2 hours and if it’s anything like last night, I’ll be posting a one-line goodnight message tonight too…lol

    Kari, they just said on the news that Seattle had more than 14″ of snow and more to come. They also said that it’s now snowing in Hawaii. YIKES!

  39. Mrs. Frisby

    Ah man, I thought we were going to see the HOH & POV tonight. Oh well, watched BB on mute with captions and was able to watch the Passage simultaneously. A little crossed eyed now.

  40. Avatar

    Lolo won POV. uhhhhhh

  41. NKogNeeTow


    Everyone is in the living room except Loco. Kandi says it would have been great if she had won something because now she has control. Ricky asks her if she’s worried about Wed. She says no, it is what it is. *Guess that means she lost, but no one has mentioned the winner yet. Ricky asks her why does she say she doesn’t have any control. She says because at this point there is nothing she can do. He says she can talk to people. She said she can’t control the vote but she will talk to people. He tells her to never give up. She says she never gives up. She said she just has to think things through.

    Tay is having trouble with her voice (*a gift for Annie*). She says she told Production to take Lo to the DR first since she was worse than she is. She gets a warning from Production. Kandi is filing her nails. Dina said she wishes they had something fun to do. She says maybe they get to go out there. Kandi says they’re no going to let them do that. Tay is drinking tea and asks if anybody is going to miss this place. Ricky says absolutely not. Kandi said she enjoyed all the games and even if she didn’t win anything she still had fun. She said after being in the house, she’s been thinking that sometime this year, she’d like to have a Celebrity Big Brother theme party. She said she’d lock the guest in the house and give them games.

  42. NKogNeeTow

    Kandi makes some kind of noise and Tay asks her if she could please stop and was she aware that she does it 24 hours a day. Kandi says “Are you aware that you do this 24 hours a day”, then makes this lip-smacking noise. Tay says she’s very aware, she just does it. Kandi says “Then just leave me alone then” and they both laugh. Tay is having trouble breathing and Kandi says “Tamar can’t breathe Y’all”. Tay says something and gets a warning. Tay yells, “We’re not talking about Production, we’re talking about the TV”. Kandi wonders if the viewers can hear their production warnings *yep*. She says she wonders why viewers would want to watch them all sitting around doing nothing. Dina starts to tell a story about Dubai and Lindsay *insert drink here*.

    Dingy says she’d like to try sky-diving. Kandi says she wouldn’t want to try that. She asks Ricky if he’s ever done it. He says yes. Dingy said Pres. Ford (*it was Bush*) did it for his 90th birthday. Kandi says her daughter wants to do it.

  43. NKogNeeTow

    Kandi is telling them about how when she goes on tour, they really don’t get to see that much because they are busy working. She tells them about a hotel in Jamaica where the tables are in the ocean, they bring your dinner to you and you can sit there while the water runs over your feet. She says that when the Housewives go to places with water, the other girls don’t like to go in because they don’t want to get their hair wet. Ricky brings up psychics. Kandi and Tay are talking about how on some of the Housewive shows, they bring in psychics. Kandi is telling them about one of the housewives shows. They get a warning from production. Tay yells that they aren’t talking about BB. Then tells Kandi to continue. Another warning. Tay yells that they are talking about the housewives shows and they are on Bravo, then tells Kandi to continue. Another warning. Tay yells “Y’all are just trying to do to much”. Kandi says, never mind. She then asks Ricky when he plan to launch his app. Loco is back from the DR.

    • Gerardo for AFP

      Big Brother: “You are NOT allowed to talk about anything interesting…”

    • Ann

      Who in the hell does that Moose mouth think she is to tell production what the rules & give Kandi the ok to keep talking? NK, there is nothing that any one of those other players could do to make me want Moose face to stay there over any of them. I hate that bitch. If she’s sick, please let it be something that causes her to have to keep her damn mouth shut for the rest of the game.
      Kandi is not letting them get to her & drag her down. Kandi handles her shit like a Boss.
      Dina’s dumb ass is starting to get on my nerves.
      Ricky looks like he needs to be scrubbed with steel wool.

  44. NKogNeeTow

    Shaman Ricky is telling Kandi about the astrology and the universe. Kandi says her husband had a tee shirt company with stuff like that on it and the shirts sold themselves. Ricky says he and his wife are thinking about starting up a tee shirt company based on astrology. Kandi says people eat that kind of stuff up. Ricky tells her some of the slogans he wants to use on his shirts. Kandi tells him to use the company Todd used (repyourseasons.com). She said they would handle the shipping and everything. Dina asks Kandi if she wants to play cards and get ready to play. Tay was in and out of the DR quickly. Kandi says she might wait until she knows when she’s called to the DR.

    Lo is waiting for Ricky in the HOH. She says she wants to talk. She tells him that first, she wants to tell him that she values his opinion about what to do. She says tomorrow will be busy so they need to talk now. He says that he always tries to be helpful and not take things personally so feel free to talk. She says she needs to decide what to do with the Veto. She said there are a few things they need to go over before making the decision. She said first, it would be easier not to use it. She thinks Tay is nervous/anxious about it because she cornered her in the bathroom. Before she could get to #2, commercial. *We’ve been screwed again!*

  45. NKogNeeTow

    Lo is telling Ricky that “she” is better at memory comps. Ricky says he understands and everyone would say the same thing. Lo says that she knows Tay /Kandi has a relationship. Lo says that after what Kandi said in the bathroom last night, she was pissed (Lo said that Kandi told her that she(Lo) would get more votes than her (K). Lo is thinking of maybe taking Dina off and put Tay off and tell Tay that she would be safe. Ricky tells her to just realize that it might backfire. Lo said that after the game today, Tay asked her if there was anything going on that she’s missing. Lo said that made her mad. Now she’s questioning Tay. She tells Ricky that she’s just trying to get rid of the stronger player. Lo says that’s why she wants to send Kandi home but she wants to make sure who Tay and Ricky first. Lo says she just wants to keep her alliance intact. Ricky tells her that she has to realize that if she doesn’t do what Tay wants, Tay will be upset. Ricky tells Lo don’t worry about it because either way somebody is going to be upset. He says it doesn’t matter which one goes. Lo says she doesn’t think Tay will ever vote for Kandi to go. Lo says if Tay votes for Kandi to stay, then he will have to be the tiebreaker so she needs to know who he’d vote out. She says her decision to use or not the Veto depends on him and Tay. She said she has spent the least amount of time with Kandi and after what she said last night, it was clear….then commercial.

  46. NKogNeeTow

    Tay has joined the HOH. She is telling Tay that the conversation she had with Kandi (Kandi said that Lo would get more votes at the end than her, which tells her that Kandi would not take her to the end if she was F2). Lo is asking Tay if they would vote out Kandi, but if she does, Tay would have to go up but she’d be safe. Tay says she just doesn’t want to go up. Tay asks Lo how would she feel with Dina being in the F2. Tay says Dina has come closer to winning comps than Kandi has. Tay asks them if they can imagine K/D winning the final HOH. Ricky smiles. Tay says to him, you know what I’m talking about. Tay says she just wants the 3 (T/R/L) to thug it out till the end. Lo says Kandi and Dina waited until the end to start playing. Ricky said he just wanted people to compete. Lo keeps going between Kandi or Dina but it sounds like she’s really trying to convince them to vote out Kandi. Lo says she guesses she’ll do what she always does, pray on it then talk to them again tomorrow. Tay is complaining about being sick again, then listens to music. Lo asks Ricky if he’s getting in the pool tonight. He says no, he’s just going to take a shower. Lo says the comp was crazy and she thought Ricky had won. He said he was just trying to take his time. Tay gets a warning to turn the music down.

  47. NKogNeeTow

    Lo is saying they just have 2 more sleeps (in the house). She says now it’s getting exciting. She said she would have never imagined that for the Veto comp. She said she didn’t see that comp at all in season 20. She said she was tired and couldn’t find the prop for one of the questions. She said she made all kinds of jokes about it in the DR. She says that at least they all got to play in the finale. She tells Tay congratulations. Ricky says he’s going to take a shower. Lo says she’s going to play pool but first, she’s going to tweet. She asks Tay if she’s staying up in the HOH for a while. Tay asks Lo if she’s going to cook. Lo says she doesn’t feel like it but she’ll turn on the oven for Tay. Lo asks her if she’ll just pray tonight that they all make the right decision tomorrow, then leaves. Tay is sitting on the HOH sofa alone and looking kind of defeated? sad?

    Ricky joins Lo in the parlor and she tells him he was right about Tay and that she didn’t want to go OTB. She says again that they just have to pray tonight. She brings up the conversation with Kandi again. She says she’s leaning towards not using the Veto and they just decide tomorrow. She says she’s just going to step out on faith like he does. She thanks him and he leaves.

    Kandi and Dina are in the kitchen. Kandi is putting away dishes and Dina is fixing tea. Kandi says she can’t believe she survived this. Dina tried the door and the outside is open. She goes out and comes back and tells Kandi it’s so nice there. She says she might go out. Kandi washes more dishes while Dina cleans off the counters.

  48. NKogNeeTow

    Kandi still washing dishes. Dina walking around pretending to do something. Lo is tweeting. Tay might be still in the HOH listening to music. The Sloth should be in the shower. Dina starts to say something about Ali and the cam goes to Loco tweeting to Jesus. In the kitchen, Dina is telling Kandi that she is the glue that keeps her family together. Kandi says that while she’s away, she hopes her husband is being the glue and that she hopes everything is okay. Dina says it’s fine. Kandi says they have 2 days and not even 2 full days, more like a day and a half. Dina says Wednesday is going to be fun. Kandi and Dina sit down to play cards. Kandi says after the card game she’s going to take a shower. Dina tells her to go upstairs to take it. Kandi says they are all up there so it would be a little awkward. Dina whispers that they are all up there planning. Their conversation shifts to their card game.

    Dina says she never got in a fight with anyone there (*Dina’s way of telling Kandi that she deserves to stay more than Kandi does?*). Kandi said no, she just fought with her (*with a Mona Lisa smile on her face*)

  49. NKogNeeTow

    Lo is telling Tay that it is freezing outside but she just needs the fresh air. She asks Tay if she took her shower, and she says yes. As Lo is putting on her hat and coat, she tells Tay that she feels like a homeless person. Lo says she played the Veto like she was going home, then laughs. Tay sneezes and says she hopes she didn’t get sick. As she’s going to the bathroom, she tells Kandi and Dina “Y’all playing cards AGAIN?” They say what else do they have to do. Kandi wins and Dina tells her that they are going to Vegas. Dina tells Kandi she’s glad she’s still there (so she can have someone to play cards with). Kandi shuffles for the next game.

    Lo passes them on the way outside. She is layered down with clothing. She gets a bowl of cereal and goes outside and sits down alone. Dina jumps up and runs behind Lo as she’s leaving out the door and whispers something to her. Kandi asks why she’s whispering. Lo continues outside.

  50. NKogNeeTow

    Lo is still sitting outside alone. The card game is still continuing inside. Dina is telling Kandi that Ricky taught her something. Kandi asks what. She says that he told her to watch how Kandi plays and do what she does. Kandi laughs and says “Oh he thinks he knows me does he”. Loco is just staring into the fire having a “Tom” experience (over thinking, she already KNOWS what she’s going to do. Unless God visits the BY and whispers in her ear, Kandi is T-O-A-S-T).

    And with that, BBAD is OVAH! Goodnight everyone and have a GREAT day tomorrow!


  51. mm22

    NK u were so funny tonight the #’s were my fav -thanks for the laughs-
    I haven’t seen ann yet so u r safe for the night

    • Ann

      Don’t you think for one minute that I’m not out there with torches in hand hunting NK down. She did some heavy duty ducking & diving but she had better watch her back & know that no matter how fast those running shoes carry her, I just might be around that next corner waiting. If you smell something burning somebody had better coming running with the water hose turned on high if you want to save her.
      NK, did you feel the heat on your heels while you were running? I’m still looking for yoooouu….Lol


  52. danmtruth

    I would like to think I’m a brave man But sorry NK not sure I can guard you against a torch carrying Ann
    Just great # sums up the remaining HG
    Vote Kandi America Favorite

  53. Sassy

    Lo is going to be devastated when she finally gets to watch last nights episode. She “thinks she’s trying” to rebuild her reputation, she will blame it on the editing and once again be a victim of everyone hating her and being mean to her. Poor Lo, she’s a victim of being trapped with her awful self 24hours a day.

    I kind of liked Ryan on the show, but last night when he retold his story and is STILL lying about it, I hate him. At least be honest and own up to what you did. People didn’t like him, not because he was drunk and acting a fool in another country while representing USA, but because he continued to lie on his apology tour, blamed everyone else, and fail to take responsibility. He and Loco are 2 peas in a pod!

    Ricky is creepy!! Dirty Ricky, not just because he looks dirty, but also how he stares at the girls, drooling in the pool, pretending to cover his head while they dress, while peeking around. I’m not sure of what his backstory is other than a football player. I heard him say he got in some trouble off the field, not surprised…

    Dina – NO ONE cares about Linds!! Have another drink!

    Tantrum – I have said for awhile, she is who she is. She’s obnoxious and messy, and will throw around tough words (bully, sexist, threatening…) to get her way. I am not a fan of hers, but if Kandi leaves, she may be the better of the evils! She will like her edits, she thinks she’s funny and cute. At least she owns her rude self. Unlike Lo, who just can’t figure out why people constantly attack her lovable self.

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