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Friday Night Double Eviction Coverage!

Good evening, everyone!


Sorry about no post today, I needed few mental hours away from the blog and the show, so I’m playing catch-up right now.

As you know, Tom had a complete change of plans thanks to Kandi getting in his head and he not only went away from his target (Ricky), but also took him off the block! That is some fantastic gaming by Kandi even if it doesn’t work out. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen someone so determined to get someone out, have all the power to make it happen, then pull that person off the block. This is a huge social victory for Kandi regardless of the results, so it’s good to see!

Last night on the feeds, Nat and Lolo had an emotional talk about how Nat was going to give up her game and ask to be voted out. Well, that depended on the results from ‘praying about it’ went. Apparently, Nat’s God is not a fan of that plan because moments later, she was already working Tamar on how to get the votes to stay. It was kind of funny to see and I’m sure Lolo is going to love watching that when the season is over.  That said, it wasn’t as sinister as I made it sound. I mean Natalie didn’t go around actively campaigning to stay, but she also didn’t act like someone who was supposed to ask to be voted out. It would have been hilarious had Nat began shit-talking Lolo, but then again we probably wouldn’t have seen that on the feeds if it happened (yes, I’m still bitter).


Tonight is a double eviction and they’re somehow going to squeeze what is easily handled in 1 hour every other season into a 2-hour episode. Hopefully, they’ll have enough time!  Seriously though, they already teased a segment of Ross and Metta acting out some sitcom where they become roommates which will kill some time, so expect a lot of filler throughout the night.  Then, after tonight, there will only be one more episode until the finale next Wednesday! What did you think of the season so far?  I covered my thoughts in a recent post.

Time for some updates:

  • First hour may be a snoozer just showing highlights of stuff we already knew but we’ll see
  • Tom tried to give Ricky a high 5 or low 5, I don’t know what that is called, but Ricky left him hanging. Dick
  • Veto comp was the one where they show colors and players have to remember the order
  • Time to show us what they didn’t show on the feeds. Let’s see how much they actually show
  • I assume they cut out a lot of it but I like how they showed Tamar saying “tell him if he puts me up, it will be the worst mistake of his life” then go scream at Tom about him ‘threatening’ her. Tom realizes that Kandi isn’t really on his side, but he has to make with what he has
  • During the veto meeting, Tom nominates Lolo but tells her that he wants her safe. He then wishes Natalie well.
  • First eviction time
    • Kandi – Natalie
    • Tamar – Natalie
    • Ricky – Natalie
    • Dina – Natalie
  • They’re competing in a safety competition. Winner is safe but has to sit out the HoH comp
  • Basically this is a ‘save Tom’ competition.  I’m happy but damn that is obvious
  • The competition is called living art. People are hidden around the house all painted. They need to run around in 90 seconds and try to count how many in the house.
  • The answer was 22, Tamar wins.  Maybe they should have studied longer. People had 30 seconds to spare
  • For HOH they have to go back through the house and count how many are now missing
  • Now they’re going a bit slower
  • Lolo wins HoH. Yay?
  • Lolo asks if she’ll be the tiebreaker as HoH, but there is no tiebreaker
    • Lolo nominates Tom and Kandi after a long, long pause
  • PoV Time
  • More questions
    • Memory one from the skit of Metta and Ross
    • Lolo dominated the earlier memory comp this season
    • Question 1 – all tied at 1
    • Question 2 – all tied at 2
    • Question 3 – all tied at 3
    • Question 4 – Lolo and Ricky at 4
    • Question 5 – Ricky leading at 5
    • Question 6 – Tamar, Ricky, Kandi tied at 5
    • Question 7 – Tamar and Ricky tied
    • Tiebreaker – Tamar won
  • Tamar doesn’t use the pov
  • Votes  –
    • Dina – Tom
    • Ricky – Tom
    • Tamar – Tom
  • Tamar does a dance in front of Tom’s face to show one last time how awful of a person she’s been this season

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  1. AIO_7

    Two hour show tonight, Folks.

    Let’s get NEM out, then hopefully Lolo or Tamar.

  2. AIO_7

    …”but then again we probably wouldn’t have seen that on the feeds if it happened (yes, I’m still bitter).”

    So am I; and the tricks that Production pulled on Wednesday nights BBAD was just as bad. A few people must have contacted CBS because on BBAD last night we actually got to see the game play.

  3. AIO_7

    “What did you think of the season so far?”

    Great season! But CBS screwed us on the access to it.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I liked it a lot too. The blocked access/content on both BBAD and the feeds were disappointing but other than that, I liked how quickly the “season” went. I think if they had had a longer time in the house, they would have gotten worse.

  4. mona77450

    What kind of trick is TPTB pulling tonight?

  5. g8trgirl

    White men can’t dance and Tom just proved it.

    • Shivani33

      My grandson said Tom looks like he should be in a science project, the hypothesis being that “Canadians can’t dance.” Inhad to remind grandsonny about my beautiful grandma from Prince Edward Island. It is dance off time.

  6. delabear

    So how much do you think Tom’s PR firm has paid CBS for the airtime and edit?

  7. Shivani33

    Tamar checked to figure out who Ricky is the closest with in his bedroom trio. She confirmed that Ricky is closer with Natalie Eva Marie than Lolo. Well, shucks. No surprise about that. Lolo is one of the main reasons the feeds get cut. She gets all steroid raging and singlehandedly destroys her “Olympic dreams” image. How long, Lawd, how long?

    Tamar talks so loudly! Maybe it was the only way she could be able to get her sisters to hear her as a baby. Tone it down. The whole world doesn’t need chainsaw level anymore. I hope she can cry on cue, because she might need it to keep being such a winner. Tee-hee.

  8. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)


  9. Mel

    Toms amazing, terrible, fantastically awful dancing has been one thing I’ve enjoyed on the feeds.

    I liked the theme for the veto comp.

    If Tamar is actually with Kandi then Tamar is a horrible player. She either didn’t realize she jeopardized Kandis ability to influence Tom or she just didn’t care.

  10. Mel

    Tamar laughing at the end of the veto player pick mdee me laugh, I have to admit.

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  12. Shivani33

    We all just know Dina’s boyfriend will be in the studio audience with a diamond ring, right?

  13. Mel

    I’d like Tom so much more if he wasn’t always trying to “entertain” us and do what he thinks we want to see. That’s exactly why he used the veto. He has it so therefore, he just has to use it. He could’ve just played the game. That would entertain me.

  14. AIO_7

    NEM thanks God for her make up kit and mirror too.

  15. AIO_7

    I’m thinking that Tom might have realized that he didn’t have the votes to get out Ricky; hence the veto.

  16. Mel

    I thought they were going to show Tamar telling Kandi that Tom wouldn’t put her (Tamar) otb since Tom always wants to do what the fans want.

  17. AIO_7

    This benefits Tom most of all.

  18. hogwild

    I would have voted Nat out as well she was the stronger player between her and the lunatic Lolo I’m not sure the lunatic will be able to function with out her in the house.

    • Sassy

      I don’t know if she is a stronger player, but she was more liked. They are starting to think about the end game. Kandi thought NEM had a better chance of winning final votes, therefore she wanted her gone.

  19. Mel

    DR’s are such a lie. Rickys always been tighter with Natalie.

  20. mona77450

    I hope Tom can save himself

  21. Mel

    Lolo actually had a good speech. (Tamars part didn’t make sense) She knows she’s staying tho, look how they’re dressed.

  22. Painter1

    They rushed the safety comp had more time to check out the house.

  23. AIO_7

    Did you hear the crown groan?

  24. mona77450

    Ugh! Bad news for Tom…

  25. Painter1

    Loco wins HOH Tom and Kandi? Sweet if Ton wins veto spoiling Locos HOH.

  26. AIO_7

    I wouldn’t mind if they did that ‘safety’ thing more often.

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  28. NKogNeeTow

    Tell the truth, we all knew that she’s nom Tom and who didn’t know that she would nom Kandi? If Tom wins this Veto, Kandi is toast.

  29. AIO_7

    It’s been a pretty good show.

  30. Painter1

    Tamar takes down Kandi ,Dina goes up Tom gets saved so they can take out Loco and Ricky. Hmmmmm

  31. Alda

    So sorry to see Tom voted out.Tamar is a piece of shit!

  32. mona77450

    Pulling for Kandi now.

  33. hogwild

    So this is what we have left two flying under the radar Ricky and Kandi one Tantrum and one Lunatic and one who you barly know is in the house Dina for me that really is a don’t give a dam final five.

  34. hogwild

    At least Survivor is back in a week and a half.

  35. Mel

    I’m not upset Tom left only because of the odds. If Tom stayed, most scenarios would’ve had Kandi leaving.

    Tamar needs a muzzle during live shows. She can dance all she wants since she’s the one who will look stupid but I would like to be able to hear Julie during the show.

  36. Alda

    All i know for sure is I want Tantrum out next.She can’t make the final cut,she just can’t.

  37. Mel

    My random thoughts:
    Lolo was always going to nom Kandi.

    I didn’t care Tamar won the safety. She was never going home tonight so it made the twist irrelevant which I like to happen. It also gave Kandi and Dina better odds to win the hoh.

    Tom doesn’t know all but he knows a lot of what Lolo said about him and he still said he’d vote for her. He’s a bad player but a good human being.

    How long before Lolo starts saying how unfair it is that she can’t compete in the next hoh?

    • Alda

      Mel,I feel the same way.I think Tom is a good person inside and out.I would rather get voted out holding my head up high,then making a fool of myself like Tantrum and embarrassing myself on national television.

    • Sassy

      She already said it on the show! 2 seconds maybe?

    • NKogNeeTow

      Agree with you again Mel. It was pissing me off with that act Loco was putting on, like she couldn’t decide. She knew good and damn well it was always going to be Kandi. I also agree with what Tom told Julie about how people act in the house (the only thing that he didn’t see was that the power madness he spoke about, also applied to him too). It’s something about people being locked in together that brings on a pack mentality. They break up into mini-tribes and do everything as a cellular unit. I like the alliances yet hate them at the same time.

      • Sassy

        I think she did it as a show, because there was never any doubt! She “thinks” she’s putting on a show for Kandi, as if Kandi would all of a sudden say, oh poor thing, difficult choice, we should be friends!

      • LO1004

        I try to wrap my head around what it would be like to not be able to go outside for that period of time. I think it would seriously effect my mental well being. I have no idea how they do it.

      • Painter1

        I was hoping for another BB first in that Julie would announce that Loco forfeited the HOH for stalling and it went to who was in second. Who was that?

      • Sassy

        I think Ricky was next, it would have been the same.

      • Ann

        Me too…

  38. LO1004

    This was a pretty predictable evening, but I will say I felt for Tom when Tamar decided to act like as asshole on his exit. She’s the biggest hypocrite and I wonder if keeping w the mood of production working so hard to shield us from their piss poor attitudes, if she’ll get a boot up her ass for that awful show. At this point the only one left who actually deserves the win is Kandi and if she wants to make that happen, she gonna have to win a comp.

  39. Sassy

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around how nominating Tamar is bullying. What show does she think she’s on? This isn’t the Leave Tamar Off The Block Show. If nominating someone is bullying, this show is The Who’s the Biggest Bully.

  40. Sassy

    Is HOH tonight? Or do they get a break?

  41. Mel

    Lolo’s already started whining, not full blown tho. She’s saying how upset she’s going to be if the next hoh is endurance. That didn’t take long.

    • LO1004

      Lolo seems to be really trying (unsuccessfully) to fix her image. She was seething in that episode as the host of the Veto. And I noticed she’s starting to play victim in everything she says. Oh, I messed up their live tv *eye roll*. I don’t wanna campaign against my ride or die *yes you do*. I don’t wanna split up the house *you’ve done more than that already*. I have no ill will against Tom *you hate his face*. I’ve had my fill of her.

      • Mel

        I agree. She’s made several comments about letting people see that the others shows she did was bad editing and not who she really is. I don’t watch the challenge but I’ve heard she was the same way in it. She left first on DWTS and was a little rude and definitely had an attitude in that show. Tamar has been reassuring her that cbs is a “class act” and Lolo doesn’t have to worry.

      • LO1004

        I heard she was a dick in the challenge too. It’s exactly who she is and no amount of editing can wipe resting bitch face off.

      • Sassy

        NoLo convinced themselves that America likes them and they were inspiring women. Cough, cough, cough. Delusional.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Everything you all heard about her is true. I don’t watch MTV that much anymore and I haven’t watched The Challenge in a few years (I did watch a few episodes last year with Paulie on it). I’ve seen Loco in a few competition shows and she was just as much of an ass on them as she is here. How does that saying go, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

      • Avatar

        Loki was on DWTS. What season, please? I am having so much trouble with those 2 womens’ attitudes….it’s nice to see I’m not the only one! One more quick question….is anyone having trouble accessing the live feeds? Thanks folks. Love this board for multiple seasons!

  42. Mrs. Frisby

    Tamar, what a piece of excrement, who acts that way. I hope it’s just for BB and her child is not subject to that behavior. (I know, no one talks about her child) It concerns me though, that a child may see their parent act this way and think this is acceptable.(gross)

    • Mel

      This behavior is actually what she’s most known for….on everything she’s on.

    • Mel

      I remember reading a story from when she was on The Real. They played some kind of silly game and she threw a fit when she didn’t win. She cussed out a producer and the audience and some sponsors were there and could hear. This is a talk show, not a competition like BB.

      • NKogNeeTow

        She was one of Toni’s backup singers and got mad and quit because she wasn’t getting that much attention. Funny thing is, she seemed to forget that Toni was the established STAR and nobody even knew Tamar’s name. The youngest sister (can’t remember her name) was Toni’s original stylist. She demanded a raise even though she had started getting less and less dependable (sometimes wouldn’t have outfits completed or ready on time). Toni game her the raise and she got mad that it wasn’t enough and quit right in the middle of a tour. Most of those sisters have issues.

      • NKogNeeTow

        DAMMIT! I think I’m getting my families mixed up. The stylist may have been those other 2 sisters that had/have a show on. Don’t ask me their names (the Campbell sisters? One is named Erica), my brain is fried from fatigue. I know they sing religious music.

    • Beez

      She really is one of the most obnoxious people I’ve seen.

  43. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    When do I get to vote for Kandi for AFP?? And CBB President and Empress!!!

  44. Mrs. Frisby

    Kandi is the only one left worth while.
    Tantrum- Crap
    Loco- Crazy Crap
    Ricky- Sloth Crap
    Dina- Drunk Lamp

  45. Mrs. Frisby

    Does Toni Braxton act like a donkey or is that
    exclusively Tamar’s persona?

    • Mel

      I think all the sisters fight on their show with each other but Tamars known for being the most obnoxious. She’s the youngest so she’s probably always been allowed to get away with crap if I had to guess.

    • Sassy

      Is Tony on the show? I know she was against the show in the beginning but her sisters guilted her into it. She was really sick for a long time.

  46. Mel

    I’ll say this about Tamars game since I’ll probably never say anything else good about her. She’s the best positioned person in the house right now and has been for quite a while. Some of it’s been luck with bigger targets and people fighting plus she had the power thing but she didn’t have to use the power so it didn’t help her. She’s done a decent job of having Kandi and the bedroom alliance thinking she’s with them. Her alliance talked about getting her out at 5 instead of 4 early on when she was driving them nuts but that’s about it. She’s managed to play the middle and not have people after her. She’s told lies about Kandi and Dina to keep them bigger targets. She’s also won 3 comps and got out her 2 biggest targets with 2 of the wins. She still isn’t anyones target unless something changes. The scary thing is, if this was a jury sequester season, she could take Lolo or Ricky and probably win. It would be the kind of win Josh got over Paul but it would be a win.
    Without the sequester, I think she might even lose to Lolo and everyone else could beat Lolo. She can’t see a world where people would prefer Kandi to her so if she gets to the end, I hope she goes with Kandi and loses…by a lot. Nolo and Ricky have all said Kandi would win but Tamar pushes back on the idea and refuses to see it.

    • Sassy

      I agree. She is either the first or second choice by everyone left. I’d love to see Kandi squash her, but I’m not sure that would happen. I don’t think it will be a bitter jury (other than Nat). Jury may see Tays wins, HOH, Veto, and safety as more important than social game. Ryan probably isn’t even watching the episodes.

  47. danmtruth

    Well once again it seems like production is misleading people who only watch the live show They did not show how Kandi got Tom to realize NEM was a bigger threat to him than Ricky
    Tantrum is a total embarrassment Her dancing when Tom was evicted was tasteless It was way over the line and uncalled for
    Don’t kid yourself Tom is no angel Or without fault He knew full well that he was pressuring / threatening Kandi if she did not vote out Ricky He would put her friend up to try to force her It is part of the BBplaybook Just don’t pretend that you weren’t doing that Is this Harvey Wienstine level intimadation Not even close Tom was just trying to push people into a corner to do what he wants them to do

  48. Mel

    Gerardos comment reminded me that voting for AFP has started. Going off of the last vote, Tom and Tamar will get a ton of votes. Kandis probably 3rd. She was 4th to Joey in the power thing but he’s been gone long enought, he probably won’t matter.

    Voting for Tom will probably help keep Tamar from getting it if it’s close but I think Kandi can pull ahead so I’m voting for her. Besides, we learned this summer, they’ll adjust it if they want anyway.

  49. Mrs. Frisby

    Hell if I didn’t want Kandi to win against everyone that is left, I would love to see Tantrum lose to Dina- Ouch. I guess with the choices left it would be Kandi-1, the Lohan Lamp-2.

  50. Mrs. Frisby

    Tasteless/Classless gameplay is o.k. on regular BB were the money they’re playing for is more important but you would think image would be the biggest concern in celebrity BB. If Tamar lives her life this way that is IMO pathetic.

  51. Mrs. Frisby

    I can see Kandi having issues with Tamar but any issues Tamar has with Kandi are probably issues with herself. What a douche.

  52. Mrs. Frisby

    Is there a Canadian Celebrity BB, if so maybe Tom will get on that or Tomato will make a cameo on the Canadian version of BB?

  53. NKogNeeTow

    Wonder will we be getting BBAD tonight?

  54. Avatar

    I think if Dina is in final 2, there is a good chance she could win Johnathan will vote for her, he probably get Ryan to vote for her, maybe Joey,Kato & Tom, just a guess hope not

  55. Mrs. Frisby

    The new twist is that there is no longer a jury, Anthony Scaramucci is coming back as the judge to pick the winner.

  56. NKogNeeTow

    Just lost another entire comment on BBAD

  57. NKogNeeTow

    In the bedroom, Ricky tells Lo and Tay that if Kandi doesn’t win Veto she’s going home unless one of them saves her. He said because 2 times she told him she didn’t believe in alliances.

  58. Shivani33

    Anybody still awake? Ricky is HoH. BBAD showing the sloth on his bed wearing the key.

  59. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, my entire first post on BBAD dis-a-damn-peared! This damn system will allow me to edit and delete but not retrieve. Shit shit shit!

    Anyway, my first post was about Ricky is the new HOH

  60. NKogNeeTow

    In the bedroom, Ricky and Lo are talking when Tay comes in still coughing. Lo asks if she’s ok and she says no. Ricky is telling Lo how Tom had to do something to change the energy. He says it’s just like sublimniial stuff and energy, you just have to have faith (*just some mumbo jumbo bullshit*) Ricky tells them that when the HOH is open, they can have it. Tay is still having coughing spasms.

    Ricky goes to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. He passes Kandi coming into the kitchen and asks her if she’s alright. She says yes. He goes back into the bedroom and sits on the bed drinking his tea. Tay is still coughing profusely (probably all that evil trying to come out) and Lo tells her she might need to see a medic. Tay says that once you’ve had a blood clot, you always think you have a blood clot.

    In the bathroom, Kandi is taking off makeup and Dina is telling her that she may need to see someone about the burn (not sure what kind of burn or where it’s located).

  61. NKogNeeTow

    In the voice of Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost, “Kandi, you in trouble girl”.

  62. NKogNeeTow

    In the bathroom, Kandi and Dina are still talking. Kandi was saying that she couldn’t breathe. Dina tells her to wait until he opens up the HOH and go use that shower. Dina leaves to get coffee. She goes into the kitchen and notices the oven is on and yells out does anyone have the oven on. She leaves and goes to the bedroom to asks if anyone left the oven on, then walks out and goes to the SR. Tay and Lo come into the SR and they go through the brown laundry bags. Ricky comes in and goes through the laundry bag too. Tay looks for the first aid kit. Ricky grabs something off of the counter and everyone leaves Tay in the SR while she looks through the kit.

    In the kitchen, Lo is getting ready to bake a pizza. Dina and Tay are walking around. Tay yells “Come on HOH” then says “I want to see some pictures” (you mean of the wife that you told everyone that Ricky cheated on?). Tay goes into the bathroom where Kandi is getting ready to take a shower. Tay leaves and goes back into the kitchen and looks in the fridge and says it’s looking good and funky. Dina says she’s not cleaning it again and they just need to throw it all out because they’re not going to eat it anyway.

  63. NKogNeeTow

    Upstairs on the landing, Ricky is sitting alone with his head in his hands. Kind of looks like he’s smiling but it’s hard to see because of the position of his hands.

    In the bathroom, Kandi and Tay are showering. Not much talking going on between them. Camera is just lingering on the bathroom. We get overhead shots of the bathroom. Closeup shots of both women. Finally, Tay gets out of the shower and says something in a low voice, to Kandi. It’s hard to hear what is being said because of lack of mics. Tay yells “Yes Lord, it was a poppin day”, then leaves the bathroom.

    Up on the landing, the Sloth is now laying on the sofa sleeping.

    Kandi is now out of the shower.

    The Sloth is now up and looking over the balcony, then goes downstairs and shuffles his feet (I hate that) through the house toward the bedroom. He goes into the bedroom then throws himself across the bed, face down.

    In the bathroom, Tay tells Kandi she is ready to see her baby, a sister or two and her mama.

  64. NKogNeeTow

    Lo is in the SR, gets something out of the freezer as Tay yells and asks her something. Lo tells her she will go back in and look and goes back and gets a salad from the SR fridge.
    In the bedroom, Dina is going through her suitcase then the closet. She pulls out an outfit and packs it, then goes through her hanging bag. Now she’s cleaning out her drawer, putting things in a large baggie and packing it.

    In the kitchen, Ricky has joined Tay and Lo. Lo says she just wants to get her gift basket and she wants some Junior Mints or Peppermint Patties, either one of them would make her day. Dina is still packing in the bedroom.

    Kandi is now in the kitchen looking through the fridge and sneezing, while Ricky plays Solitare at the table. Tay comes back and Kandi is going through the fridge asking Tay about things to throw out. Kandi cleans the fridge while Tay cooks.

    *I noticed this year they didn’t change out the table to a smaller one. This one is HUGE*

  65. NKogNeeTow

    Lo is complaining about the oven taking too long. The pizza is not done so she puts more cheese on it. Whatever it was that Tay cooked, she tells Ricky he knows he wants some. He says he does not. Ricky stands over the trash can and clips his nails (in the kitchen) then leaves. Lo washes the dishes as Tay gets ready to eat. Lo takes the trash to the SR while Tay eats.

    And with that, BBAD is OVAH! Thank the good Jesus. It was only an hour tonight.

    Goodnight everyone and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  66. Seattle Kari

    I haven’t been able to watch the newest episode yet but I will soon. I’ve been too busy watching the white stuff all outside my window. I know we don’t get what a lot of you do but dear Lord this is crazy for Seattle you’re talking about a continuing for the next week plus. This doesn’t happen! We have about 6 in at the Sea-Tac Airport and some of the outlying areas have a foot! it started falling about 12:30 p.m. and it’s supposed to go for 24 hours..

    okay enough of a Seattle forecast that nobody else gives a damn about, LOL.

    I hope Ricky puts up Tamar and Lolo and we have another double eviction… 😉

    • danmtruth

      It is pretty to watch the snow gently come down What sucks is having to go out and deal with it Shoveling it or walking thru it Stay safe
      The Lohan lamp (thank you for that it fits her ) might be in the best spot Everyone is targeting someone else The shame is Kandi is probably not going to get any support from anyone As for her and Tantrum To me it killed Tantrum that Kandi could care less about fighting with her Tantrum is very jealous of her success

  67. Sassy

    I’m just frustrated because there’s no one to root for or like in this cast. By default I want Kandi to win, solely because she’s a decent human and that is more than I can say for the rest of them, but she deserves to leave if she can’t win a single comp to save her life… I’m still hoping she wins Veto, but I’m not betting on it.

  68. mm22

    I didn’t think it possible to dislike two people more than I already do-but I do- last night show both acted like asses

  69. danmtruth

    Mm22 I think you are talking about Tantrum and Lo I hope? There are so many to choose from When you are talking about piss poor behavior For me NEM, Tantrum, and Lo top my list Ricky is just a sloth Lohan lamp is just as useless as a lamp on set with all the back lighting Kandi seems to be the only person not playing to the camera much

  70. Cat Lady

    I don’t like any of them that’s left..maybe Kandi..but she disappointed me how she had to break Tom’s confidence.. But I would love it if Tom won America’s Favorite Houseguest..that would show those bitches and I include Ricky in that.. Vote for Tom..

    • danmtruth

      I must disagree on the Kandi breaking Tom’s confidence She only went to Tamar after Tom tried to strong arm her into voting Ricky out Telling her if she did not agree to voting Ricky out He would pull Nat off and nominate Tamar Even tho I don’t feel that Kandi is that close with her Just the fact Tom would try something like that Showed Tom did not trust Kandi
      We all see the same thing With different perspectives Ijust felt Tom was a bit heavy handed It made for fun viewing Yet it was poor game play He did the same thing a few other times Telling players if they didn’t do as he wanted They or a friend “could ” go on the block That is part of the game Tom just came across as a bully

  71. Shivani33

    It didn’t really hit me til today that Tantrum is turning 42 on March 17. Her behavior is not even womanly to me. So immature, so self-centered. Clueless about it, too. Watching Lolo get herself some food late last night, I saw that she holds her spine like someone who has been harmed and is (always) aware that another blow is probably coming. So much rigidity and tension. For the first time, I felt some concern and compassion for her. Heaven help her. Goddamn it. Where is the love? No one deserves to go through life like that.

    • danmtruth

      In some ways I do feel sorry for Lolo She is like a lot of athletes I’m sure early on in her life It was a mix of praise and pressure At a early age she is always reminded that her future and her family is dependent on you That’s a lot of pressure to put on a young person Add to that she is a Olympian it is just compounded The thing is she went to college/ LSU How a person grows and matures is the issue At a early age adult are praising her Often some coaches use the same training methods as you use with animals This is what people forget many coaches are not concerned with the emotional growth of the person
      So yes I do have some sympathy for her Yet she is a grown woman she needs to take control of her life She can’t keep using this as an excuse

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