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Friday Night Double Eviction Coverage!

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Good evening, everyone!


Sorry about no post today, I needed few mental hours away from the blog and the show, so I’m playing catch-up right now.

As you know, Tom had a complete change of plans thanks to Kandi getting in his head and he not only went away from his target (Ricky), but also took him off the block! That is some fantastic gaming by Kandi even if it doesn’t work out. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen someone so determined to get someone out, have all the power to make it happen, then pull that person off the block. This is a huge social victory for Kandi regardless of the results, so it’s good to see!


Last night on the feeds, Nat and Lolo had an emotional talk about how Nat was going to give up her game and ask to be voted out. Well, that depended on the results from ‘praying about it’ went. Apparently, Nat’s God is not a fan of that plan because moments later, she was already working Tamar on how to get the votes to stay. It was kind of funny to see and I’m sure Lolo is going to love watching that when the season is over.  That said, it wasn’t as sinister as I made it sound. I mean Natalie didn’t go around actively campaigning to stay, but she also didn’t act like someone who was supposed to ask to be voted out. It would have been hilarious had Nat began shit-talking Lolo, but then again we probably wouldn’t have seen that on the feeds if it happened (yes, I’m still bitter).

Tonight is a double eviction and they’re somehow going to squeeze what is easily handled in 1 hour every other season into a 2-hour episode. Hopefully, they’ll have enough time!  Seriously though, they already teased a segment of Ross and Metta acting out some sitcom where they become roommates which will kill some time, so expect a lot of filler throughout the night.  Then, after tonight, there will only be one more episode until the finale next Wednesday! What did you think of the season so far?  I covered my thoughts in a recent post.

Time for some updates:

  • First hour may be a snoozer just showing highlights of stuff we already knew but we’ll see
  • Tom tried to give Ricky a high 5 or low 5, I don’t know what that is called, but Ricky left him hanging. Dick
  • Veto comp was the one where they show colors and players have to remember the order
  • Time to show us what they didn’t show on the feeds. Let’s see how much they actually show
  • I assume they cut out a lot of it but I like how they showed Tamar saying “tell him if he puts me up, it will be the worst mistake of his life” then go scream at Tom about him ‘threatening’ her. Tom realizes that Kandi isn’t really on his side, but he has to make with what he has
  • During the veto meeting, Tom nominates Lolo but tells her that he wants her safe. He then wishes Natalie well.
  • First eviction time
    • Kandi – Natalie
    • Tamar – Natalie
    • Ricky – Natalie
    • Dina – Natalie
  • They’re competing in a safety competition. Winner is safe but has to sit out the HoH comp
  • Basically this is a ‘save Tom’ competition.  I’m happy but damn that is obvious
  • The competition is called living art. People are hidden around the house all painted. They need to run around in 90 seconds and try to count how many in the house.
  • The answer was 22, Tamar wins.  Maybe they should have studied longer. People had 30 seconds to spare
  • For HOH they have to go back through the house and count how many are now missing
  • Now they’re going a bit slower
  • Lolo wins HoH. Yay?
  • Lolo asks if she’ll be the tiebreaker as HoH, but there is no tiebreaker
    • Lolo nominates Tom and Kandi after a long, long pause
  • PoV Time
  • More questions
    • Memory one from the skit of Metta and Ross
    • Lolo dominated the earlier memory comp this season
    • Question 1 – all tied at 1
    • Question 2 – all tied at 2
    • Question 3 – all tied at 3
    • Question 4 – Lolo and Ricky at 4
    • Question 5 – Ricky leading at 5
    • Question 6 – Tamar, Ricky, Kandi tied at 5
    • Question 7 – Tamar and Ricky tied
    • Tiebreaker – Tamar won
  • Tamar doesn’t use the pov
  • Votes  –
    • Dina – Tom
    • Ricky – Tom
    • Tamar – Tom
  • Tamar does a dance in front of Tom’s face to show one last time how awful of a person she’s been this season



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