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Celebrity Big Brother 2 – Winners and Losers

Good afternoon, everyone!  We’re in the last full day inside the Big Brother house and there is really nothing at all to talk about.


Lolo won the Power of Veto which means she has the chance to nominate Tamar if she wants, but she doesn’t want, so that’s that. Kandi or Dina will be going next (spoiler alert: It’s Kandi).

With that out of the way, let’s get to some of the season’s winners are losers….

Winner: Big Brother Casting, Production, Editing

I went into this season fully expecting a shitty cast full of players who are just using this as a 3 1/2 week audition for their careers. Instead, we got a real solid bunch of people who came to play the game, and many of them played hard. It felt like a real season of Big Brother which is something that the first season just never did for me. They did a great job with competitions, especially the paint one which was really impressive. To see some of the people camouflaged into walls was shocking. Editing of course did a good job with what they were able to work with and produced a lot of content in a little time.


Loser: Feed Director & Feed Watchers

I really don’t know who to blame here, nor do I know if there really is a feed director.  What I do know is that for all the good things mentioned above, whoever was pulling the strings to protect the image of these celebrities killed any fun the season had. The feeds had a chance to be epic, but instead, they were down a large chunk of time, and we got to avoid almost all drama this season. If you bought the feeds, I am sorry. That said, the feeds in the summer edition are usually better as they typically show the drama unless it gets really bad.

Winner: Tom Green

Heading into this season, people almost forgot Tom Green existed (and many younger people didn’t know he existed to begin with). I assumed he was going to pull some dumb stunt for his career and get kicked out of the house, but he never did. Instead, he showed that he is actually pretty intelligent (although a bad strategist) and a true professional by keeping his cool when half the house was trashing him. He picked up a lot of fans and very well may win AFP unless the masses of people who got Tamar that power come out to vote again.

Loser: Lolo Jones


There is a very real possibility that Lolo Jones may actually win CBB2, but no matter what happens, she is going to take a hit with her image.  She came across as rather crazy, short-tempered, and jealous over things like Ryan’s Olympic success. The overall reaction I see about her from the fans has generally been negative, and it’s unlikely this will help launch her career into anything other than failing to qualify for the 2020 Olympics (yup, my prediction is in).

Winner: Kandi Burruss

This was a hard decision to put her as a winner of the season because nothing that happened throughout the season will actually impact her personal life, but to me, that is what makes her a winner. She was cast as someone who already had a rival coming into the house (Tamar), but never fed into the drama that Big Brother wanted and handled herself with a shitton of class. She was the brains behind the very short-lived Tom/Kandi partnership and was a good influence on those around her.

Loser: Tamar Braxton


I am a bit nervous about putting Tamar as a loser because a) she very well may win the season and b) her fans are rabid and may flip out on me for it, but this is how I see it. However, it’s just hard to ignore some of the stupid things she both said and did this season. For example, playing the victim role in being ‘bullied’ by Tom and Kato yet having no problem trying to bully and intimidate others (including Tom) when she lost her shit. She was anything but entertaining on both the feeds and the CBS episodes and she lost what little support she did have when she acted like a poor sport by dancing in front of Tom when he was evicted.  I understand people feel a certain way when rivals leave the house, but the fact that Tom wasn’t nearly as bad to her as she pretended he was made us not feel sorry at all. She tried to act like she was Cody/Jessica sitting on one side of the yard with the rest of the house screaming insults, but it was never even close to that.

Winner: Ryan Lochte

If anyone knows anything about Ryan’s history, you’ll know that he’s a very good swimmer. What you don’t know is that he really came off as a douchebag. It didn’t help matters any when he and some friends were caught acting like assholes during the Olympics and pretended he was robbed at gunpoint to pass blame.  For his success as a swimmer, he was equally as unsuccessful at any type of PR in his life. However, Ryan helped change that this season. Sure, he still came across as a dope, but he was much more likable than expected and managed to come off looking good just by not doing anything dumb. Who knows if that would have been the same had he spent the entire 3 weeks in the house, but all he had to do was not act like an asshole and it was a victory for him.

Winner and Loser: Joey Lawrence


Joey Lawrence gets a rare winner and loser title because his season was just flat out weird. He refused to say what he’s best known for, which is ‘woah’! We eventually got over that aspect, but he managed to look like a terrible player who refused to get into alliances yet get into alliances anyway. He was a non-factor inside the house and best known for his Jackson Galaxy beard impression. However, he managed to flip all of that around in the short interview he had with Julie on his way out the door. It was nothing short of brilliant where he finally decided to be open and candid about people like Lolo where he correctly pointed out she “runs hot”.  Joey may have had a very boring and uneventful season, but he made up for it with his interview.

Honorable mentions:

  • Winner: Kato (he came off as a decent guy)
  • Winner: Natalie’s Hair (Whenever she is mentioned, people talk about how much they love her hair)
  • Loser: Jonathan (He was super boring and spent most of his time making Mean Girls references)
  • Neutral: Dina (meh, not much to say about her)
  • Neutral: Ricky (came in with the persona of a chill stoner and left with the same persona)

What do you guys think? Who were the winners and losers of the season?


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  1. hogwild

    I’m pretty much indifferent about the cast and season no one really impressed me though it was nice to see Tom not do the crazy stuff he did years ago Tantrum and Lunatic by far came off the worst.

  2. Avatar

    This is exactly how Lolo behaved when she was on The Challenge. She is a poor sport and clearly lacking any social skills. I hope I don’t have to watch her on any other reality shows in the future. I thought this season was so underwhelming.

  3. Shivani33

    A lot of smarmy shit has gotten stuck in the drain since Les got caught with his pants down night and day while Julie Chen Moonves keeps trying to strut around like an embarrassed robot. It has reverberations and seems to have affected the show with too much jockeying for fearful censorship. Why bother casting so-called celebrities, hiding their “dirty laundry” and instead showing long segments of Ricky’s nostrils while he sleeps and Dina doing her hair and makeup while off-camera, one can STILL hear Tamar or Lolo bellowing ?

  4. Shivani33

    I haven’t forgotten Tamar telling Kato that if he thought he’d had trouble with OJ, just wait. Yes, she said this while playing the game of CBB. She used a tragic double murder as a game move. For crying out loud. Then she goes on & on about how Tom and Kato acted like bullies to her. I’m looking through you, Tamar.

    • Ann

      Shiv, I was calm, cool & collected just sorting my laundry & decided to see if I could catch up to NK with my torches. Instead, you reminded me of that obnoxious, repulsive, loud mouth, big face moose bitch Tay saying what she did to Kato & treating him & Tom like garbage & now my blood is boiling again. If my girls were still kids & even thought about Tay as a role model I would be livid & I guarantee you I would’ve nipped that shit in the bud. I have ZERO tolerance for her & anyone who acts like her.

      • Ann

        Hot damn Shiv, put your running shoes on too because I will be coming for you after or maybe before I track down NK with my torches. You got me sidetracked & I messed up & put a red shirt in the friikin washer with my whites so now I no longer have whites, I have pinks..Omg Shiv, I let Moose mouth get in my head & YOU Shiv messed up my laundry. Now how do I fix this without having to use chlorine bleach? Help anybody!!!

      • Shivani33

        I love pink. But I’ll ask my 3 imaginary maids what to do . The trouble is, they are always AWOL at the racetracks down in Hialeah.

      • Avatar

        I agree that real people shouldn’t let their kids choose celebrities for role models. I like Tay, but her antics were even a bit much for me.

        @Ann – I really feel bad for your kids who have no choice but to have you as a role model. Your mouth is disgusting. Calling someone a moose mouth bitch is pretty disgusting. I hope your kids at least have a good dad.

        @Shiv – Tay really should not have made any references to OJ. I can see how the families of the victims would feel,pain. What I don’t understand is how you don’t have anything clever to Sat about Kato who could have made a difference in the crime by speaking up. I was glad when he was evicted.


      • NKogNeeTow

        Ann, they have these color blook sheets that look like dryer sheets. You put them in the washer and they absorb the color/bleeding from other colors. I think it’s made by Clorox. Rits (they make clothes dyes) also has something the whitens whites and removes bleeding colors.. If you can’t find Rits in your laundry section of the grocery store, try a fabric shop.

    • Seattle Kari

      I didn’t hear or see that part. My God what a disgusting pig she is.

    • Avatar
      WhereisPablo (545 comments)

      I agree Shiv, she is disgusting. I haven’t forgotten though that Kato used a tragic double murder as a springboard to “fame” without shame. And one of the victims was his close friend. Equally disgusting in my opinion.

      • Shivani33

        Yes. Kato told the press back when the murders happened that he was closer with Nicole than OJ, saying that the two of them were closer in age and had more in common. Yet he was almost cited for contempt of court while testifying. It was very frustrating. He was a wall of non-information.

        Even my cats are more famous than Kato. They show up for dinner. They are alert and honest. Kato is only known for renting a room at Simpson’s Rockingham house. I found his being cast as a contestant pretty damn revolting. Nothing cute about it.

      • danmtruth

        Pablo this is what I never understood about Kato His claim to fame couch surfing at a house with a double murder He than went deaf and dumb Just played dumb naturally

      • Avatar
        WhereisPablo (545 comments)


  5. AIO_7

    For a reminiscing show I guess last nights wasn’t too bad.
    One scene I can’t get enough of is when the witch sisters walked into the room and started up about their F2 name and Tamar was in the room. BUSTED!
    Also, that Sea Bass fight went to fish on the feeds as soon as it started. Last nights show showed some of the aftermath; but we still should have been able to see it when it happened.
    Now we also know why Dina was dressed up that morning (and it was morning, though Champagne was served and BB was trying to give the impression that it was at evening time that McGrath showed up to reminisce).

    What’s left? My only hope left is that Dina can somehow pull out the win. If not her then maybe Ricky. Maybe Kandy, Tom or Ryan for AFP.

  6. Seattle Kari

    Forgive me if I repeating things I said a while back but my brain is just mush. I haven’t left my apartment but maybe once over the last week because of this damn snow. These people that are laughing at that right now understand the Seattle doesn’t get this and we have a massive amount of hills that then you throw ice onto it when it freezes at night. They’re saying this is the most snow we’ve had in February in 70 years, and the second most all over since the early 1900s. Yeah this is something different for us. Sea level usually gets 2 to 4 if that and we probably have had pretty damn close to 10.

    I live on a hill and I cannot deal with the fear of spinning out so I stay home. I think I might have said this before but my husband works at a big hotel at the Sea-Tac Airport and I’m so grateful he can just stay there. Hopefully the melt down has begun as it turned to rain last night… at least in some areas.

    And now back to Big Brother, LMAO!

    I really enjoyed the beginning of the season that I had good hope for the people that were there. It seemed like it was going to be okay. Now I cannot even pull my head out of my ass enough to even watch the show because of all the idiotic drama that comes out of Tamar and Lolo’s mouth.

    The shit that they’re saying, immature behavior and overdramatic bulshit is disgusting. The only one I would like to see win is probably the one that’s going to get evicted. Like it everyone is saying she really doesn’t need the money and she hasn’t played really hard nor won any of the games, but she’s the only decent person left. Everybody else I could care less about..

    I haven’t even been watching the shows I’ve just been following what’s going on here.That coming from a huge big brother fan says something and I can’t help but wonder how many people feel the same? How the heck you all cover all of this is beyond my ability to comprehend. Amazeballs, LOL!!

    Okay I’m taking my whiny complaining over dramatic self out of here for now.

    • danmtruth

      Kari I’m sure most of your friends here feel for you and all the snow Not fun to be skiing in a car down hill No control is not a good feeling
      Tamar game play was to stir up trouble than take the moral high ground The problem is the other players went along with her

    • Mel

      Hang in there Kari. I don’t have snow but some flooding over the road I need to get to civilization so I feel for you. This happens to me a few times a year so I’m at least used to it. It can definitely cause cabin fever but it’s smart to stay home and out of the mess if you can.

  7. danmtruth

    Ann as always a good post Sorry ijust use color cat catchers Not sure after the fact what to do
    Stave and all your little helpers NK & Mel ( one L) this has been some long days and nights putting up with the HG Not to mention the confusing decision made by producers in cutting the feeds or just what to showcase
    Lolo might have lost the most It is hard for anyone to defend her actions
    Tamar is in a no loose situation Her fans will love her Not sure if she picked up any new fans or if she carried if she did
    Not sure about Kato He seems more in the ehhhh Him and Tom knew how to play to the camera I just found nothing real or likable He just seemed to always be playing a character
    Lohan lamp never fit a HG so well for Dina

  8. AIO_7

    I’m not really listening, but these two are talking about something .,..


  9. Mel

    Sorry in advance, it’s a long one:

    I agree with Steve about the comps and thought they were really good this season. Poor Joey, he probably felt the hoh Bat comp was meant for him. I read a short list of rumored actors to play Batman and Joeys names wasn’t on it. He only did BB for a shot at Batman and ended up as the new Mr. Clean instead. I also agree regarding the cast. They were an interesting group of people and I thought it was cast well even if we didn’t like some of them.

    I disagree with Steve about season 1 and 2 tho and the episodes they produced. Last years cast was 100% better at BB. They had real strategies that weren’t based on imagined bullying. Both seasons had players who wanted to win but last years cast actually knew how to do it. I thought they were more enjoyable to watch since they were funnier and better at the game. Brandi and James fighting was a good time since it wasn’t the entire house fighting. Honestly, Brandi was just great, period. Even the players I liked this year we’re terrible at BB. Ricky had the most acttual strategy but he pissed off so many people unnecessarily. (Including us) Kandi played the best game combo of strategy and being nice which CBB requires. She’s missed several chances to better her situation because she just doesn’t get the game entirely. Tom was a good time to watch but he put more thought into helping produce a funny show instead of his actual game.

    I actually couldn’t stand the episodes because of what they had vs what they chose to use. I’m not talking about the fighting they were trying to hide. There were so many other good moments and convos but we got Katos bowel issues and stuff that was 2 weeks old.. They usually follow a storyline even if it isn’t true (Hayleigh the mastermind is an example) but at least the audience can follow it. Most of the tv only viewers I’ve talked to don’t even know what’s going on. They’ve said none of it makes sense because there hasn’t been enough story set up for them to get why something happened. It just felt so random.

    The entire Mooch situation should put an asterisk on the season imo. If he quit and they hid it, that’s bad. If it was planned and they didn’t use him for anything game related plus let the audience in on it, it’s worse. He shouldn’t have been in the DR clips talking like a player. He should’ve been in there laughing at the other players over how he was tricking them. You know they’ve done a bad job with a twist when the viewers think they lied even if they maybe didn’t.

    The season was fine for me since it’s CBB, it’s done differently and we don’t have to take it so seriously. I dont have high expectations so I’m not disppointed. I won’t enjoy watching Kandi leave if that’s what happens because everyone else sucks but it’s not that big of a deal. None of them have played an actual good game so I don’t care who wins or loses. No matter what happens, no one was robbed imo because no one played good enough to win.

    I liked how they changed the rules and made the players stay to get any money. It eliminates players like Keasha last year who reality show hop only to leave early and take home a check. None of them live as most of us live but still, they could all probably use the money. (Except Mooch and Kandi, they could’ve quit and not lost any sleep)

    I can’t stand Tamar but I won’t even be upset if she doesn’t save Kandi. She’s already saved her once and shouldn’t jeopardize her game to do it again. Kandi’s my fave but she’s had just as much opportunity to win the comps as Tamar. Kandi also hasn’t tried very much to work with the other side of the house so if she leaves, there’s an explanation for it. She shouldn’t have gotten into it yesterday with Lolo, shouldn’t have told Lolo she knew Lolo had the votes to win but she should’ve been telling Ricky and/or Lolo she’d take them to the F2. It’s what Tamar’s been doing and so far, it’s worked.

    I’m not worried about Kandi anyway. She’ll leave and continue to be more successful than the rest of them put together IF she loses. She may have picked up some new fans who weren’t familiar with her before.

    If Dina wins, she’ll be conned or catfished and probably lose the money. (Dina’s my last choice to win even tho she’s been nice in the house. She’s done nothing and still thinks the veto winner puts up the replacement. She been on the feeds talking to Tom and acting like she’s being tormented and bullied. She isn’t. I cant root for that)She’s the most likely to win if she gets to the end tho.

    If Lolo wins, she could finally get her health insurance but she’ll still be an asshole. I don’t think there’s a script for that problem. Tamar will continue to be Tamar because that’s who she is. (Kandi will possibly stop talking to her again once she sees how much crap Tamar’s said about her so as least we’ll have that) Ricky can buy a bunch of new yoga mats and a whole lotta weed if he wins.

    If anything, this has me in BB Canada mood. Their feeds are out A LOT. They’re also free so I can’t really complain. I’m ready for tomorrows winner so I can move on to the next one. (BBCAN starts March 6th for those interested) I’m not excited to see who wins tomorrow like I usually am but I’m interested to see who wins and I’ve mostly been entertained by how bad they are at the game. This is BB lite anyway.

    • danmtruth

      Long one but worth it Mel
      Joe only became frustrating after he left His interview with JCM when he got evicted was a 180 from how he seemed on the show On the show he was OCD germaphobe Who had an OPINION on everything Couldn’t stop talking on anything healthy food Than in the interview he came across as a funny stable guy

    • LO1004

      I think the season would’ve been more enjoyable had Joey, Ryan, and Jonathan stayed longer. They’re just nicer people and I’d rather be rooting for any of them over anyone left besides Kandi.

      LOL. @ Dina thinking the veto winner names the replacement. I shouldn’t say I’m surprised I like her, but I sort of am. She has annoying habits, but she’s good people. And she also looks put together.

      Whether Kandi makes it past F5 or not, I’ll still be watching her on Housewives and that’s all that matters.

      The rest of them I don’t really care about. I’m just hoping this summers season was as good or remotely as good as BB20 was.

      • Ann

        What makes Dina think that the VETO winner names the replacement nom?

      • LO1004

        She doesn’t understand the game lol

      • Ann

        I don’t even know why I asked because that Ding Bat will believe damn near anything that’s said to her. I still can’t get over the boyfriend of 5yrs that she’s never met but she’s going to marry. I wish they would show more about that than what they showed us. You know that was an interesting conversation because loud mouth was not & I’m sure she did not let that go without questioning poor Dina down & making fun of her. That’s probably why they didn’t show it.

  10. Avatar
    WhereisPablo (545 comments)

    The only “winners” as far as public perception goes, in my opinion are Kandi and maybe Joey. The rest met or did not even reach my low expectations at the beginning. Particularly, Tamar, Loco, Tom, Kato and Ryan.

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  12. Mel

    Kandi’s not out yet! She’s trying to work Lolo. Dina and Lolo have had the “she doesn’t need the money” talk about Kandi too.

    • danmtruth

      That could be a great twist Kandi tell Lolo how she is doing god’s work With Lolos help she can do so much more So Lolo takes her down Tamar goes up than let the fun begin

      • Mel

        I don’t know if Kandi addressed the money thing with Lolo. (I had a call during the convo) Kandi did tell Ricky it’s one of the reasons the jury wouldn’t vote for her so she did at least have a come back. He mentioned the Mooch saying she’d win the game. (He’s been hung up on that for a while) She told him Mooch didn’t vote. Lol

  13. mm22

    Winners: just kandi
    Losers: everyone else

  14. danmtruth

    Pablo this is what I never understood about Kato His claim to fame couch surfing at a house with a double murder He than went deaf and dumb Just played dumb naturally

  15. Mel

    Rickys been sooooo condescending today, more than usual. He’s met with Dina and Kandi each and pretty much told them they didn’t do anything and what they pushed back on and said they did do, he let them know it was wrong. He’s suck a d**k. He was actually one of my favorites the first week or at least I thought he was going to be. (Insert a walk of shame right here) Natalie was also one of my early picks. (Ya, I suck) Kandi was always favorite person in the house and thank goodness! I wouldn’t be able to show my face around here again with those picks. Lol

  16. Mel

    Not BB related but for anyone else following, El Chapo was found guilty today after a week jury deliberation.

    • danmtruth

      Guilty on ALL 10 counts ! The judge thanked them for taking there responsibility so seriously Glad he did not slip thru the system

    • NKogNeeTow

      Mel, where did you watch the trial. I use to follow all the good trials when they had Court TV but then it was removed from the line up and I can’t find any good court/trial stations anymore. I followed the Casey Anthony trial, the Jodi Arias.

      • LO1004

        I followed those trials too – CNN usually live streams them.

      • Mel

        We couldn’t watch the trial but there were a few reporters who covered it everyday in depth. Keegan Hamilton posted all the testimony, bizarre events that happened, judges comments, etc. He also did podcasts every week. There were some interesting things that happened in court along with the evidence and he did a really good job with it.

      • Ann

        Same here NK, it was removed from my tv lineup too. I watched those trials too. I almost past out when Casey got off.

  17. danmtruth

    Michael Lohan at it again This was brought up last thread If you care to get a bit muddy Here is what Dinas husband has to say https://popculture.com/

  18. Alda

    I have a question.Watching Lolo on BBAD,do any of you notice how peculiar she acts?What I mean is when she is in the kitchen she is moving like she’s on speed.Then when she eats,she shovels the food in her mouth in massive pieces.She always eats with her elbows up and slams her fork into her food. Another thing,she wanders the rooms back and forth at a fast pace.Maybe it’s me,but she seems off the wall.

  19. Alda

    Ann,something is just not right with her.

    • Ann

      Have you noticed how she paces & it looks like she’s mumbling to herself when she gets mad & it does not take much to make her mad. The girl has a short fuse, that’s for sure.

  20. Shivani33

    It sounds like the group of Lolo, Ricky and Tamar have agreed to send Dina packing!

    • Ann

      Just until the tide turns because things change on the dime in the BB house. In a few minutes they’ll be back to wanting to send Kandi home. Too bad they’re not talking about sending Moose mouth home.

      • Shivani33

        Tamar has a final two with everyone except Dina. If Dina is evicted, hopefully Lolo doesn’t make it to the final three. I keep looking for a way for Kandi to win. I do think it’s a bonehead choice for the 3 to vote out Dina. I like it a lot.

  21. NKogNeeTow


    Tay and Lo are talking in the workout room. Lo asked Tay why she doesn’t want Kandi to go. Tay says because she’s (T) not a hater. Lo is trying to convince Tay to vote Kandi out. She uses the excuse that Kandi doesn’t need the money and the rest in the house does. Lo says Kandi doesn’t need it because she makes that kind of money in 2 episodes. Lo says that Kandi told her straight up that she would take Ricky to F2. She says they should go into the finals with Dina. Lo is trying to make Tay think that the reason this decision is so hard is because of her not wanting Lo to use the Veto up because Tay didn’t want to be on the block. Lo is working Tay hard. Tay says then she’ll just have to talk to Kandi to see if they are really friends. Lo becomes nervous (she doesn’t want Tay to talk to Kandi because she’s lying about Kandi). Tay doesn’t seem to be budging and Lo finally has to say she needs Kandi gone for HER game.

  22. NKogNeeTow

    On the landing, Lo is playing pool. Kandi is laying in the chair, Tay sitting on the sofa. Loco and Kandi are talking about pool. Tay is disappointed in her lack of exercising since being in the house. She says she thinks she’s gained at least 15lbs. since being there. Lo compliments Kandi on her figure. Kandi says she hasn’t eaten bread since she’s been in the house, only protein. Dina joins then and sits down. Kandi starts to tell a story about a rapper that use to go to a gym she belonged to, and the cam switched to the Sloth laying in bed. *Lo is afraid to leave Tay and Kandi alone because she doesn’t want Tay comparing notes about the lies that Lo has told on/about Kandi*

  23. Ann

    If Moose mouth wouldn’t have shaved her head she wouldn’t have to keep wrapping it with these damn scarves like Aladdin.
    NK, look over your shoulder. Do you feel the heat from the torches?

  24. NKogNeeTow

    The girls are still sitting upstairs. Just general chit-chat. Tay yells to Production that they can get them a bottle now. Loco yells, last day in the house. They all clap and say good job. They start to talk about their families coming and get a warning about production. Tay yells that it was Lo who tried to make them talk about it. Lo is sitting on the pool table, rolling the balls. Dina says she’s glad they got the videos. Tay is reading her horoscope then hands the tablet to Kandi and tells her to read it out loud.

  25. NKogNeeTow

    Kandi is reading everyone’s horoscope to Tay and Dina. *Gonna be a slow night guys but we expected it since it’s the last night in the house*. They are trying to figure out something about the horoscopes. Tay yells Ricky’s name out to ask him. The camera shows him laying in his bed downstairs, asleep. Kandi reads the horoscope for her and Todd (her husband).

    *I’m still hoping that Tay and Kandi get a chance to talk and Tay not vote her out, even if Ricky is the tie-breaker and does. Just as a big FU to Locl*

  26. NKogNeeTow

    Kandi is still reading horoscopes.

    Loco is in the bedroom talking to Ricky, telling him about her conversation with Tay. She’s saying again how Kandi not needing the money. She’s telling Ricky the reason each one needs the money. Ricky said that Dina’s story about needing the money touched him. He said he tried to find reasons to keep Kandi but after listening to her, he can’t. He said even in her Veto speech, he wasn’t impressed. He said her speech was all about her (*Well who the f*ck should it be about?). He said she said in her speech, that she didn’t want to leave because she has never been a quitter. He said the rest of the people didn’t want to leave because they needed the money. He says he just can’t see a reason for keeping Kandi. He said he understands Tay not wanting to vote out her friend so she can vote to keep Kandi, Lo can vote to keep Dina and he’ll break the tie and evict Kandi. Hearing this, Loco has her first real orgasm…(* Okay, I made that one up, but the look on her face hearing those words come from Ricky, yeah, she had a certain after-glow about her*). She says she now feels good about what’s going to happen tomorrow. (*Personally, I’m still hoping for a last minute miracle like Ricky surprising Loco and voting out Dina, but it ain’t gonna happen*)

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  28. NKogNeeTow

    Tay/Dina/Kandui still upstairs on the landing. They hear Lo downstairs and asks her about asking for liquor. She tells Tay that she can ask for it when she goes in the DR. Tay leaves and Dina and Kandi are talking. Dina is wondering where everyone goes after the show. Dina puts up her hand and whispers to Kandi that she wants to see the expression on Kato’s face after (then you couldn’t hear/see the rest). Production tells Dina to knock it off.

    Lo is in the bedroom going over dates/numbers with Loco. He is still in his traditional sloth position (*Thank God I don’t have to look at him in bed anymore after tonight*). Lo is repeating the numbers in the order Ricky has given them to her. He tells her not to worry, they have some time. She leaves. Ricky turns over and closes his eyes and mouths the numbers. Tay comes in and Ricky tells her he wants to sleep. She jokes and tells him they are going to keep him us all night. She tells him that she had a talk with Lo about Kandi. He says that he knows they are friends and if it makes her feel better, she can vote to keep Kandi and he’ll vote her out. She leaves.

    Dina and Lo are in the kitchen. Lo asks her if she talked to Ricky today. Dina says yes. She says she wants to be in the F2 but thinks that everyone doesn’t think she’s a fighter. Lo tells her that no one thinks that and that she will let her know tomorrow, what’s happening. Production sent Tay to the SR for a surprise from POP, sparkling cider (*Dina must be pissed*), chocolate covered strawberries, fruit, chocolates, cheese, crackers and various snacks. They yell out a thanks to POP. They all

  29. NKogNeeTow

    Lo is talking about her makeup artist. Tay says she doesn’t drink cider.Tay says she’s going to wipe her face off. Kandi asks if they are done (with DR). Ricky is walking through the room and says Kato forgot his game. Someone asks if he’s going to give it to him when he sees him tomorrow. He laughs and says like that would happen. Then he says, he’ll be cordial.

  30. NKogNeeTow

    Kandi is sitting at the table with the cards. Lo is rinsing out glasses. Ricky leaves the kitchen and Lo asks if he’s going to bed. He goes into the bedroom and Tay is there. He says he feels so much better. Lo come in and says “Are you done” then sits on her bed (it’s unclear who she’s talking to). Ricky lays on his bed and says the jalapenos were hot. Tay passes through and asks Kandi a question.

    Kandi is playing Solitare. Lo walks into the kitchen. Kandi looks up at her but they don’t say a word to each other. Dina returns from DR and is telling Lo that she didn’t hear a lot of what she said (the person in DR), and gets a warning. Tay is in the shower.

  31. Gerardo for AFP

    #TeamKandiTeamKandiTeamKandi that’s all I came to say

  32. NKogNeeTow

    Dina is sitting outside alone, looking worried. Tay is still in the shower. Kandi is still playing Solitare. Lo is sitting at the table putting on makeup. Ricky is being Ricky. Dina comes in and says it’s nice out there and she’s going back out. Loco asks who’s going back out there. Dina says everyone should. Kandi says not her. Kandi and Dina start to play cards.

    Tay is in the bathroom, talking to Lo in the kitchen. Lo says she’s going to eat pizza and go to bed after her DR. Sloth comes in and asks Lo how’s the pizza. She says fine once you add jalapenos and feta. Tay sneezes in the bathroom and someone says bless you.

  33. Avatar

    Has anyone seen Ricky bath since he has been in the house? I just thought of it, it’s weird. I can recall everyone taking a shower at some point and not him.

  34. NKogNeeTow

    Kandi tells Dina that Lo hardly said anything to her at the table. Tay comes out and asks if they are playing cards. They ask if she wants to play and she says no. Lo is in the room talking to Ricky (who is still you know where), she says “she’s all about the cards” (*I’m assuming she’s talking about Kandi). Dina is telling Kandi that she doesn’t even know who she’d vote for in the end. She tells Kandi that she’s(D) never been one to suck up, that’s just not her (*She lies, Dina sucks up harder than a vacuum. I should have nicknamed her ass Dyson*). She then slyly says she has no idea who they are voting for tomorrow and they won’t tell her, then again slyly asks Kandi if they told her anything. Kandi says no (*I pretty much think or at least hope that Kandi is on to her too*). Dina says she could do this again. Kandi says she couldn’t be away from her family another month. Dina says she just wants to find out who had that power. She says she thinks it was Tay or Ricky.

  35. NKogNeeTow

    In the bedroom, Ricky is telling Tay that he feels that between the 2 of them, they have the best chance. He says he has the day down and she has everything else. Tay tells Ricky that he wasn’t going to say anything to Kandi. He says he appreciates that. Lo comes in and Tay tells her that she’s not sleep (Ricky is doing something to her back). Lo looks for something the leaves. Tay looks a little sad (*I think it’s because she doesn’t want Kandi gone, but not sure*). Kandi is in the bathroom removing makeup. Lo comes in to take a shower. Dina comes in wearing a robe and gets ready to take a shower. Ricky is still adjusting Tay’s whatever. Kandi goes into the toilet and Dina and Lo discuss the showers.

    Dina and Lo in the showers discussing what to do with their hair and what time the lock down is tomorrow

  36. NKogNeeTow

    Ricky is laying on his bed and Tay on hers. She says she gets to leave there and be a great mom. He says he feels that being there has been like a reset. He says that he doesn’t like to make predictions but when he looks at his chart and hers, he sees good things for them tomorrow, for both of them. He says its interesting because Kandi is in Jupiter, but it moves around. He says it’s at the top of Tay’s chart and usually at the bottom of his but tomorrow it’s supposed to be at the top of his chart so it looks good for them (he and Tay). *He is full of shit* Tay says Kandi and Tom’s chart wasn’t looking too bright tonight. Ricky asked Tay if she read it. She said no, Kandi did. Ricky says that’s what he predicted. *Again, full of shit*

    Lo is now in the bedroom putting on a face mask. Ricky says goodnight Nat. Tay asks Loco why she’s putting on 2 mask. Lo gets up and goes over to Nat’s bed where someone has placed a wig head wearing a long wig and hat, on the pillow. Lo pulls the covers up under the head. Lo says Dna has been quiet. Tay says she would not want to be the one delivering that news. Lo tells Tay that Kandi won’t get any info in time. She said she will just walk out of the house and on stage to jury.

  37. NKogNeeTow

    Lo and Tay are in the bedroom alone. Tay is saying that she has no muscles and her friends will as if she swallowed a donut hole. Lo said she told her that Ricky likes her because he was ready to go to bed and is making her (T) some tea and gave her a massage. Tay tells Lo that she is her first roommate. Lo asks what about her sisters. Tay says they don’t count because she grew up with them. Lo says she will always have roommates because that’s the way they do teams. Lo asks Tay if she’s ever gone to any of the live shows. She says no. Lo asks about when Toni was on DWTS. Tay says Toni was on with Kim Kardashian and Brooke Burke. Tay says when she did it, it was lit. She says she hopes she hasn’t missed the wedding (her DWTS partner has a wedding coming up).

    Tay asks the camera to shake the camera. Lo ask them one last camera shake for the last show. The camera doesn’t oblige. Tay asks Lo if they are on live TV right now. Lo says they fought so hard (she and Tay), but she feels that they have come a long way and she trust her more, then adds “so I’d better not get burned”.

  38. NKogNeeTow

    Dina is still fixing her hair. She said that she wishes they could still at least the HOH bathroom (she seems to think that her hair will come out better if she fixes it in the HOH bathroom…It’s Dina, don’t ask*). Kandi tells Dina that she just thinks she’s going to bed.

    In the bedroom, Lo is telling Tay about Baton Rouge (she has a concert there immediately after the show). They then sit in silence. Dina is still trying to curl her hair in the bathroom.

    In the bedroom, Tay asks Lo what she’s thinking about (she looks like she’s in deep thought). Lo says abut her achilles heel. She said one of her doctors told her she might want to think about retiring. Tay says Ricky rieally helped her. Tay starts to sing then asks Lo what she thinks her boyfriend looks like. Lo says Tay already told her, he looks like black Jesus and he’s rich. The cams cut to Dina in the bathroom.

  39. NKogNeeTow

    Lo and Tay are talking about the Saints and how they lost. Tay is asking her about the flying time from Baton Rouge to the French Quarter. Lo tells her. Lo says the French Quarter is romantic. Ricky brings Tay her tea then leaves.

    And with that, BBAD is OVAH! Julie tells us she’ll see us this summer. And I’ll see you all back here after the show tomorrow. Until then…

    Goodnight everyone and have a GREAT day tomorrow! 🙂

  40. Sassy

    I liked this season, even though I didn’t like the players. I’m never a fan of the trigger words, especially when they aren’t true! Lo, NEM, and Tay use those words as part of normal conversation to get their way, and it worked, but I just can’t root for people like that. I don’t care who wins tonight, but I have enjoyed the season. 3 weeks was enough with this group, it felt like 4 months.

    I’m tired of The Who needs the money the most. If this show was really about that, they would pay homeless people to play! Shoot, they could probably get a group of homeless people to play by offering the roof over their head and food, throw in a few free outfits, and they would think they got a bonus!

    I liked dopey Ryan, who did rebrand himself, UNTIL the last episode when they showed him talking about his Rio incident. He still does not take responsibility and is giving 1/2 truths! I can’t stand him again.

    Kandi comes out the only real winner, even if she leaves at 5 th place!

  41. mm22

    I hated the winner last cbb and anticipate the same tonight

  42. danmtruth

    Everyone is afraid to talk and might slip up and say something that could hurt them

  43. Mel

    Marisa is tweeting a predicted win for Lolo against everyone except Kandi. She’s very good friends with Jonathan so she may know something we don’t about how they’re feeling now. Jonathan, Ryan and Joey are hanging out together so I’m expecting them to vote together. Lolo has post some suck up tweets to Joey and Tom too and maybe they worked.

    The last of the feeds showed Tamar mad over Kandi leaving and still trying to get her to stay. I don’t think she told Kandi the news tho.

  44. AIO_7

    We’ll, buh bye to the CBB2 feeds …


  45. Alda

    If for sure Kandi is voted out,who do you all want to win? I have pondered this over and over and I think I’ll go with Ricky.My reasoning is because I dislike the women more then him.

  46. mm22

    My list:

  47. Alda

    Dina’s boyfriend is a real guy.Jesse Nadler is a 53 year old investment consulktant.

  48. Alda


  49. mm22

    Alda how did u find that out

  50. Mrs. Frisby

    Dina- “We must be good, better than them, we are the threat.” Awesome

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