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Celebrity Big Brother 2 – Winners and Losers

February 12, 2019 | 104 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!  We’re in the last full day inside the Big Brother house and there is really nothing at all to talk about.

Lolo won the Power of Veto which means she has the chance to nominate Tamar if she wants, but she doesn’t want, so that’s that. Kandi or Dina will be going next (spoiler alert: It’s Kandi).

With that out of the way, let’s get to some of the season’s winners are losers….

Winner: Big Brother Casting, Production, Editing

I went into this season fully expecting a shitty cast full of players who are just using this as a 3 1/2 week audition for their careers. Instead, we got a real solid bunch of people who came to play the game, and many of them played hard. It felt like a real season of Big Brother which is something that the first season just never did for me. They did a great job with competitions, especially the paint one which was really impressive. To see some of the people camouflaged into walls was shocking. Editing of course did a good job with what they were able to work with and produced a lot of content in a little time.

Loser: Feed Director & Feed Watchers

I really don’t know who to blame here, nor do I know if there really is a feed director.  What I do know is that for all the good things mentioned above, whoever was pulling the strings to protect the image of these celebrities killed any fun the season had. The feeds had a chance to be epic, but instead, they were down a large chunk of time, and we got to avoid almost all drama this season. If you bought the feeds, I am sorry. That said, the feeds in the summer edition are usually better as they typically show the drama unless it gets really bad.

Winner: Tom Green

Heading into this season, people almost forgot Tom Green existed (and many younger people didn’t know he existed to begin with). I assumed he was going to pull some dumb stunt for his career and get kicked out of the house, but he never did. Instead, he showed that he is actually pretty intelligent (although a bad strategist) and a true professional by keeping his cool when half the house was trashing him. He picked up a lot of fans and very well may win AFP unless the masses of people who got Tamar that power come out to vote again.

Loser: Lolo Jones

There is a very real possibility that Lolo Jones may actually win CBB2, but no matter what happens, she is going to take a hit with her image.  She came across as rather crazy, short-tempered, and jealous over things like Ryan’s Olympic success. The overall reaction I see about her from the fans has generally been negative, and it’s unlikely this will help launch her career into anything other than failing to qualify for the 2020 Olympics (yup, my prediction is in).

Winner: Kandi Burruss

This was a hard decision to put her as a winner of the season because nothing that happened throughout the season will actually impact her personal life, but to me, that is what makes her a winner. She was cast as someone who already had a rival coming into the house (Tamar), but never fed into the drama that Big Brother wanted and handled herself with a shitton of class. She was the brains behind the very short-lived Tom/Kandi partnership and was a good influence on those around her.

Loser: Tamar Braxton

I am a bit nervous about putting Tamar as a loser because a) she very well may win the season and b) her fans are rabid and may flip out on me for it, but this is how I see it. However, it’s just hard to ignore some of the stupid things she both said and did this season. For example, playing the victim role in being ‘bullied’ by Tom and Kato yet having no problem trying to bully and intimidate others (including Tom) when she lost her shit. She was anything but entertaining on both the feeds and the CBS episodes and she lost what little support she did have when she acted like a poor sport by dancing in front of Tom when he was evicted.  I understand people feel a certain way when rivals leave the house, but the fact that Tom wasn’t nearly as bad to her as she pretended he was made us not feel sorry at all. She tried to act like she was Cody/Jessica sitting on one side of the yard with the rest of the house screaming insults, but it was never even close to that.

Winner: Ryan Lochte

If anyone knows anything about Ryan’s history, you’ll know that he’s a very good swimmer. What you don’t know is that he really came off as a douchebag. It didn’t help matters any when he and some friends were caught acting like assholes during the Olympics and pretended he was robbed at gunpoint to pass blame.  For his success as a swimmer, he was equally as unsuccessful at any type of PR in his life. However, Ryan helped change that this season. Sure, he still came across as a dope, but he was much more likable than expected and managed to come off looking good just by not doing anything dumb. Who knows if that would have been the same had he spent the entire 3 weeks in the house, but all he had to do was not act like an asshole and it was a victory for him.

Winner and Loser: Joey Lawrence

Joey Lawrence gets a rare winner and loser title because his season was just flat out weird. He refused to say what he’s best known for, which is ‘woah’! We eventually got over that aspect, but he managed to look like a terrible player who refused to get into alliances yet get into alliances anyway. He was a non-factor inside the house and best known for his Jackson Galaxy beard impression. However, he managed to flip all of that around in the short interview he had with Julie on his way out the door. It was nothing short of brilliant where he finally decided to be open and candid about people like Lolo where he correctly pointed out she “runs hot”.  Joey may have had a very boring and uneventful season, but he made up for it with his interview.

Honorable mentions:

  • Winner: Kato (he came off as a decent guy)
  • Winner: Natalie’s Hair (Whenever she is mentioned, people talk about how much they love her hair)
  • Loser: Jonathan (He was super boring and spent most of his time making Mean Girls references)
  • Neutral: Dina (meh, not much to say about her)
  • Neutral: Ricky (came in with the persona of a chill stoner and left with the same persona)

What do you guys think? Who were the winners and losers of the season?

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