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Celebrity Big Brother 2 – Post Eviction Updates Plus HoH Results

And another one bites the dust!


As I look at the numbers and see that there are still 4 guys in the house after 3 have been evicted makes me confirm even more that the Mooch was a last minute addition just for publicity. Last season had 6 girls to 5 guys while this season should have had 6 guys to 5 girls until the Mooch was a late addition. They’ve always tried to balance it and if Mooch was a real cast member, there is no doubt there would have been 6/6 not 5/7.

Anyway, Ryan is out through a traditional back door where he couldn’t even play in the veto. Good move by Kato to get someone strong out and build trust with Dina at the same time. I’m not sure the damage is fully healed, but tonight went a long way in securing my prediction of Dina joining Tom and Kato once Lolo and Natalie go with Ricky.

I have no clue when the HoH comp will be but I’m sure they’ll mention it. It likely won’t be aired on the feeds but should be back before After Dark (assuming it is tonight, which it should be)



  • 6:30 pm – Joey and Tamar are talking a little
    • Tamar mentions he has another 20 minutes to sulk but has to put his big boy pants on which means there will be an HoH tonight
    • Joey “I hate alliances” is talking with her about forming up with Kandi and Dina to form their own 4 person alliance. They both realize that Dina has been kissing up to the other side so it’s going to be tough
    • Joey meets up with Dina in the hall and she doesn’t give him a good answer. She doesn’t even sound remotely interested in aligning with him but he’ll probably believe anything she says because of desperation.
  • 8:30 pm – Feeds have been down for about 90 minutes now. I’ll update when I learn who is HoH!
  • 9:00 pm – POP tweeted no After Dark tonight because they’re still competing
  • 11:20 pm – Feeds still down. So that’s about 4 1/2 hours. I can’t imagine them being down much longer
  • 12:00 am – That’s it for me. Feeds still down but I’m heading to bed. Update in the morning


After a very, very long competition, the feeds eventually came up an hour after I went to bed. The winner?

Tom Green!


I haven’t watched any of the overnight to see who he may be targeting yet, but I wanted to just update this before I began my overnight post (if there is much to even talk about)

Check back for updates


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  1. Sassy

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I want Joey or Tantrum to be HOH. I would like to see the Tickle group broken down a peg.

    • danmtruth

      Sassy it is always good when the power group gets a detour thrown at them To see how the respond Like last season even when level 6 was not HOH they still found a way to make things happen With this twist coming I can see Tantrum or Joey getting it Funny thing is I’m not sure either one would know what to do with it
      My vote is for Kandi

      • NKogNeeTow

        As I said on the last thread, I’m torn between Kato (because like Steve, I also like that he wasn’t afraid to go after a strong player (physically, not mentally). He set out to get Ryan and he did; Tantrum (because she’d keep the house so pissed off, that would keep them on their toes (do they keep her to keep a moving target in the house or let her go to keep peace?); or Kandi, because she seems to be the sanest one in there and keeps a pretty cool head on (she just needs to step up and DO something).

      • LO1004

        I want Tamar to win HOH just so I can see Lolo’s butthole pucker a little. And don’t get me started on Natalie Eva Marie. Pick a damn name. And fix your roots, you’re a hot damn mess.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Girl you are cracking me up tonight. If I didn’t know better, you and Annie sound almost like twins…lol

      • LO1004

        Lol I’m f*cking pissed

      • mm22

        My vote is kandi – loved her dress she looked great last night

    • LO1004

      YES! Make them bitches beg for their life. I’m here for it. At least T talks shit to people’s faces – all the rest in the red room are always running their mouths behind people’s back.

      • Sassy

        Dodo is starting to turn on the dramatics. In tears after Ryan left asking Why? She started it with her paranoia and flipping off his pic. I’m not fond of attention seeking fake emotions.

      • Ann

        Didn’t she vote to evict him? Her one vote wouldn’t have help to keep him anyway but what is wrong with that idiot?

      • LO1004

        Right. And I’d bet money he wouldn’t have voted her out if roles were reversed. In fact, he had the chance to back door her and didn’t. Bc he’s nice. And she’s a monster.

      • Ann

        LO1004, lets face it, the girl is psychotic. Lol

  2. danmtruth

    Now the fun starts As has been pointed out There are definitely lines drawn in the alliances Add to that Peoples emotional attachment change by the minute

  3. Seattle Kari

    Get that bitch out of there please..

    That’s all, LOL

  4. NKogNeeTow

    What tickles me (no pun intended) are all these alliances within alliances within alliances.





    Now Joey wants: Joey/Tantrum/Dina

    Nobody wants Kandi, which I think puts her in an even better spot because she can be a vote for either side.

    Joey is just basically a walking man without a country.

    • Ann

      Joey don’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. He’s just stupid enough to go around the house asking everybody to be in an alliance with him because he’s just that desperate without Ryan.

    • Sassy

      Kandi is to expendable, her and Joey have no real friends in the house.

      • Ann

        I was thinking the same thing. She tries to stay out of the drama but she’s just not getting in there so that she knows what’s what with who. It would greatly help her game if she actually played the game.

      • mm22

        I want kandi to step it up n play I think staying out of the drama is just her personality she seems pretty easy going but can she strategize to stay in this game I hope

  5. Shivani33

    We’ll see but it looks like the Power of the Publicist voters, i.e. America’s twitterers, are voting a lot for Tamra and Joey. I hear that Kandy hangs out a lot with Ricky. Tee hee. Not surprised.

  6. Shivani33

    Kandi and Ricky are my two favorite kind of quiet players who both see a lot and don’t need to say much. Not yet!

  7. Avatar

    what’s going on with the live feed?

  8. Avatar

    The live feed is streaming last season. Is it because of the HOH competition.? I’d like to see kandi win Since everyone seems to have forgotten her.

  9. Sassy

    I wouldn’t mind NEM leaving next. She doesn’t add anything to my viewing pleasure.

  10. Sassy

    No BBAD at all or will it come on after the HOH? This is Probably intentional. They are doing a better job keeping things from us this time. I like the suspense/surprise but my nosy side hates it. Maybe I’m the bipolar one! I usually get the feeds during the normal season but if this is their trial to keep stuff from us, then I don’t want to watch feeds.

    • NKogNeeTow

      POP just scrolled across the screen that the HG are in competition and BBAD will resume at it’s regular time tomorrow night. They are running an episode of Schitts Creek. Yippeee! I get to go to bed early!

      Nite Y’all and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

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  12. Seattle Kari

    I am really glad I don’t subscribe to the feeds. Especially this season what a waste of money..

    Thank you so much to those of you out there that do they keep us updated. And thanks for letting us know about no after dark tonight it means I can go to bed after The Good Doctor, LOL..

  13. mona77450

    Feeds are back on. Looks like Tom won HOH.

  14. Avatar

    7:45pm – 1:07pm The live feeds were blocked for the Head Of Household competition.

    HOH Winner: TOM
    Tom – I wasn’t scared. (Tom has the HOH key around his neck.) I thought it was fun especially when the guys were coming at you. Did they tell you – don’t hit them? Joey – yeah. Tom – I’m sure that has happened where people have punched them right in the face. Tom – maybe we should make a cheers to Jonathan, Ryan and Anthony. They all raise their glasses and cheers. Joey – that was a really impressive challenge that we just did. Tom – we were all really neck and neck during that competition. Joey – we were all within a minute of each other. Natalie – I was scared and talking through it .. saying thank you to my brothers for making me scared to do a challenge like this. They had me stay up to watch Nightmare on Elm Street.

  15. Avatar

    HOH is TOM
    Tom – I wasn’t scared. (Tom has the HOH key around his neck.) I thought it was fun especially when the guys were coming at you. Did they tell you – don’t hit them? Joey – yeah. Tom – I’m sure that has happened where people have punched them right in the face. Tom – maybe we should make a cheers to Jonathan, Ryan and Anthony. They all raise their glasses and cheers. Joey – that was a really impressive challenge that we just did. Tom – we were all really neck and neck during that competition. Joey – we were all within a minute of each other. Natalie – I was scared and talking through it .. saying thank you to my brothers for making me scared to do a challenge like this. They had me stay up to watch Nightmare on Elm Street.

  16. mm22

    Not really a fan of his but a pov n hoh go tom

  17. mm22

    Top three I like are probably not going to win 1.kandi-just hasn’t shown she’s strategic 2. Kato-playing the game but
    now a target 3. girl with changing hair colors- 3 names n I can never remember any – she got my third spot cause there wasn’t anyone else to put there

    • Sassy

      For the first time, I don’t have a favorite. The ones I thought I’d like, I didn’t and I like some, more than I thought I would, but I’m not rooting for any of them, other than to break up the alliance.

  18. danmtruth

    Production saw how well that power of safety worked Not only for that week But to have it kept as a secret That can be used in 2 weeks With the game being shorten that’s a long time The other thing is will they tell the players this power is out their Or just let them play the game than the owner of it surprise them My bet is it will be a secret
    Just to make sure I understand it The person can use it to keep themselves safe from a no or a backdoor at a POV Say Joey gets it he can use it before Noms but than can be backdoored or if not nominated can use it after the POV contest but use it before renoms If he thinks they will take someone down and put him up
    If Tomoto starts getting closer to Dina Than forget to keep talking to NEM & Lolooser I see those two breaking off and trying to fourm an alliance with Ricky & Kandi As they are done with Tantrum

    • Sassy

      There’s only 2 weeks left! There is no way this power is good to the end. If so, that is crazy!!

      • Mel

        It’s good for 2 evictions

      • Sassy

        I just looked it up:

        “The Power of the Publicist will allow the chosen Houseguest to remove him or herself from nomination at one of the next two Nomination Ceremonies or Veto Meetings. The power can only be used once and expires after the Veto Meeting on Feb. 4, 2019, whether it is used or not.”

        It doesn’t say whether it has to be enacted prior to noms.

  19. Ann

    Kandi is my first choice to win but she has seriously got to step it up. Staying behind the scenes may keep her out of the messes that Big Face Tamar & Crazy ass Lolo got going on because Kandi is not one to play with when it comes to that kind of bullshit because she can & will pop off like a stick of dynamite if pushed too far. She needs to come forward strategize, get in the loop of things & find out what’s what & how to get further in the game because right now she’s making herself more & more expendable. At this moment I don’t think she deserves to win because she’s only playing chess with Ricky & not Big Brother.
    Ramar deserves to STFU………I hate her, uuuuugggghhhhaaa.

  20. Mel

    I’ll be shocked if Tamar doesn’t get the power at this point. Top 3 seem to be Tom, Tamar and Joey. All 3 were trending last night but Tamar was the only one I saw this morning.

    If Ricky and Kato get their way, Kandi may be the target. Joey is still in the running but last convos looked like it could be Kandi.

    Tom wanted to go after Ricky last time but since then, he feels better about him. Lolo did a great job of making that happen. It doesn’t do Tom any good to do his own thing if he doesn’t have the votes and I’m not sure he wants to anymore. Kato can’t keep his mouth shut about anything even with Tom practically begging him to stop talking.

    The alliance of Lolo, Ricky and NEM is the strongest in the house. They share info and are (so far) playing Tom and Kato very well. Tomato really thinks the 5 are loyal and don’t realize they’re being used. Getting out Ryan was great for them, terrible for Tomato.

    • Sassy

      I saw on Twitter it was close between Joey and Tantrum for the power, but no one else was even close. Some Tantrum fan created a tweet about Tamar being a missing person, asking others to retweet…

      • Mel

        There were a bunch of them. The missing person, one was about her being there long lost mother and some others. I didn’t want her to win but they were pretty funny and creative. I have to give them that much.

  21. danmtruth

    Kato is Tomoto’s Achilles’s heal He just won’t shut up
    If God forbid Tantrum gets the power Do you think there is anyway she can keep he mouth shut Can she NOT tell anyone My guess is no She will get mad. Than blurt it out Losing part of the power

  22. Katheryn

    It appears that Tom won and Kato and Ricky is pushing him to put up Kandi and Tamar, then back door Joey. I sure hope he doesn’t listen. LOL

    • Sassy

      It will somehow be a combination of the 3. Sounds like they want Joey or Kandi out this week. Not sure why they just don’t put them both up together. At least one would still be there after Veto.

  23. Mel

    Tom has his own ideas but I’m not sure what he thinks a big move would be. I don’t think he wants Joey to go home so if he doesn’t go with the flow, I think he’ll take out Kandi. It isn’t a big move but he may think it is simply because his alliance wants Joey out.

    Ricky got Lolo and NEM fired up last night by telling them Joey was talking shit about them. I don’t know if he was or wasn’t.

    Dina knows Tamar lied about her yesterday by saying she wasn’t planning on using the veto if she won it. It’s actually the 3rd time Tamars made up a game lie about Dina but I don’t think Dina knows about the others.

    Ricky and Joey had some kind of conflict while the hoh comp was going on but I don’t know the details.

    Kato thinks Kandi is a big threat because she asks questions. He told Kandi all about Tomato. She said everyone already knew.

    Before the comp, Tamar told Joey to get ready because they had to win. This isn’t confirmed but it sounds like Tamar didn’t play in the comp simply because she didn’t want to do it. She could also just be exaggerating.If this is true, it will be even worse if Tamar gets the power thing. It’s only good for use thru the veto ceremony on Feb 4th.

    Lolo and NEM are getting a little worried about Kato. He has a bond with Dina and that makes them nervous. Kato’s actually more loyal to them than Tom but maybe they don’t see it.

    Rickys playing a good game but if he pisses people off unnecessarily, it could cost him the win. NEM is playing well but she needs to connect more with more people to get the votes. Lolo is playing the most strategic imo but again, she may be creating too many hard feelings. Tom has the most strategy in his head but he can’t act on it because of Kato. He also believes the ladies are loyal to Tomato and that Ricky is just the 5th wheel so he’ll be out if he doesn’t figure it out. The best working alliance is Lolo, NEM and Ricky imo. Kandis still my favorite person but certainly NOT my favorite player.

  24. Shivani33

    Is it true that Tantrum refused to participate in the HoH comp which Tom just won? And that she refused ” because she’s a girl” and got away with it? Oh my goodness.

    Also, Kandi, Kandi! Come out, come out, wherever you are! People in the house are ready to boot Kandi, at least in part because she seems like an easy out to them, due to her lack of interaction and enthusiasm. What a waste. She is making lots of money from her other business ventures while she hangs out in the house. She made mo’ money last week in one day than most people earn in a year. So maybe she really just doesn’t give a damn. This could just be some kind of a weird vacation to her.

    • Ann

      Why do they want Kandi out so bad? She can’t win a physical competition & it seems that she’s not really playing the game. Is it because getting rid of her won’t cause anybody to get any blood on their hands? Shouldn’t they try to keep her to use her as a number at least? I don’t know, I don’t have the feeds & my daughter doesn’t have POP which means no After Dark so I can only watch the shows until I get to go home this weekend.
      All I do know is I want Tamar gone more than anything.

  25. Shivani33

    Sorry, but a wise orange kitten is helping me type. He seems to want to get on social media to say that the way to Kandi’s heart has always been through her stomach, but I told him that he is really projecting.

  26. danmtruth

    2 years ago when they did the haunted house Did not someone just stand still and timeout
    Once more Tantrum is playing victim If she wins the power it won’t take long to get it out of her Unless Production spells it out to her I’m not sure she will understand when is the best time to use it

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  28. AIO_7

    New thread, Y’all.

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