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Celebrity Big Brother 2 – The Drama That Never Was

I’m sitting around the car dealership because I got suckered into one of those events where they give you a free gift card if you go just so they can try to screw you over while there. I check Twitter and see people freaking out about the feeds being down, so I pop on the feeds to see what was going on and they were down. Okay. After a little research, I found out they were down because Lolo and Tamar had a very heated argument which may or may not have gotten physical.


Tamar is going down the list of people to start shit with inside the house and I guess today was Lolo’s turn. The two had a brief interaction around 9:30 am where Tamar mentioned something and Lolo told her she’s always popping off and needs to calm down. Tamar gets up close to Lolo and … feeds cut.

About 15 minutes later, all is quiet again and Lolo is doing a little cleaning in the storage room.  She leaves and walks by Tamar who is talking to Kandi.  Tamar says to Kandi as Lolo walks by “call me a bitch, I’m gonna start yanking” (or something like that). Lolo says “then do it”. Tamar turns around and says “then say it”. Lolo repeats “then do it”. They begin to argue and feeds cut again.

Now, I’m going to be crazy here and ask why you would cast people with short fuses knowing full well there will be arguments if you’re going to cut the feeds when they happen? What kind of bullshit is that? This is exactly what I don’t heavily promote the feeds the way I used to a few seasons back. The comps are rarely shown and half the time the best arguments are cut. It’s bullshit.  I can almost guarantee the feeds will be down for another hour or two and they’ll return with nobody talking about it. Maybe one or both will have been evicted due to a fight, maybe not, but we certainly won’t see the best stuff. The stuff they cast these people for.


Enough ranting, let’s get to updates:

  • 11:00 am – Feeds down
  • 1:30 pm – Feeds down. They’re on the re-run loop now so they probably went into nominations
  • 2:25 pm – Feeds still down
  • 2:45 pm – Rumors on Twitter that Lolo got kicked. Nowhere near a reliable source, however, so take this with a HUGE grain of salt. I am trying to verify the proof
  • 4:50 pm – Feeds still down
  • 5:45 pm – Still down
  • 7:20 pm – Feeds are finally back
    • Lolo is still in the house. The random person on the Internet was wrong? Shocking!
    • I think Dina and Tamar are nominated but waiting for confirmation
  • 8:25 pm – Tamar and Lolo are hanging out in the bedroom chatting. It’s like nothing happened.

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  1. mona77450

    Missed the drama this morning. Hopefully Kato will put one of them on the block. I don’t see the need to put up Ryan at this time. Not all competitions are strength-based and he won’t succeed at any memory comps.

    • AIO_7

      I agree. I been thinking for the last 24 hours that if I were HOH this week that I wouldn’t play strategically. I’d put up Tamar just to get the crazy out of the house. It would probably be unanimous, with no blood on my (Kato’s) hands.

  2. Ann

    What in the hell is the point in spending your money on the live feeds when you don’t get to see everything? That is the very damn reason I refuse to subscribe. I gave that shit up last season & watch after dark.

  3. Ann

    Why is Tamar wearing these dark wrap around shades from the eye doctor in the picture above? Did she get some kind of procedure done & decided she liked the shades & kept wearing them?
    Have I mentioned how much I can’t stand her???

  4. Apopkedave

    Just put TAMAR back up on the wall. And take them shades off.

  5. Sassy

    Lots of rumors on Twitter, but I’m patiently waiting for Steve to fill us in on the truth.

  6. hogwild

    As i said on another thread this is why I come here for upadtes and don’t waste my money paying for the feeds.

  7. AIO_7

    Just tried to tune in to the feeds and got this … blech!


  8. Sassy

    Did feeds ever come back after the altercation?

  9. danmtruth

    AIO 7 That was not fair with no warning
    These are two strong will people Or as some would say hardheads
    NASCAR knows many people come to see the big crash Many come to CBB to see the big fight Yet Production does not tend to show it

  10. Ann

    All production shows is that loud mouthed Tamar. Why the hell not show the shit that she starts when it’s getting good. Why advertise 24hr live feeds & then cut it off whenever they feel damn good & ready?

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  12. danmtruth

    Can’t we see two adults working out there differences ,,,,, physical altercation is a big tabbo everyone going in knows that These two are so wrapped up in needing to be right Protecting there image and reputation is everything

  13. Sassy

    Lolo being booted was the rumor that I read too, but an unreliable source. The person said she knocked the googles off Tantrums head.

  14. mm22

    I feel bad for the fans that pay for the live feeds
    and production shuts them off anytime they choose-
    I could understand them cutting the feed after a fight
    “started” but to speculate something was coming and
    cut feeds all the time just piss fans off

  15. Colby

    Whether the fight was staged or not, and whether anybody got booted or not, they are probably keeping the feeds down to film noms, POV picks, and possibly even the POV comp. Especially if Monday is an eviction day.
    It always takes them a long time to get ready for filming, and probably more so with this bunch of Diva’s.
    Or maybe a bunch of them walked, but I doubt it.

  16. mm22

    Yup colby I think you maybe right other things
    are playing out n being filmed now I really can’t see
    CBS throwing lolo or tamar off the show can u?

    • Ann

      I don’t think so either because they can’t keep Tamar’s face off our friiken tv screen. Lolo & Tamar having bad blood between them would make good viewing if they would just let those paying to watch 24hr feeds actually get to watch.. It doesn’t look like they’re going to be able to get Kandi to feed into Tamar’s old childish whiny bullshit.

  17. hogwild

    If all this turns out ot be another so called twist like it was with the Mooch I might have to tell CBB to kiss off.

    • Sassy

      I think they have planned a “twist” for each hg, in the event they quit or are booted. It will be BS if they do another. They are getting off easy with the first one, a second would cause chaos in the twitter sphere!

  18. Sassy

    While looking for new info on whatever happened, I ran across some interviews of Jonathan since he’s been out. I was never his biggest fan and now, I’m not a fan at ALL!

    He tried helping everyone in the house, because it wouldn’t be fair if he didn’t… Yawn!

    He think either Ryan and Lolo are IN a romantic relationship or they at least had one in the past. (Big leap to make! No one is assuming Jon and Dinah had a romantic relationship). Everyone knew someone prior.

    Ryan picked him to align with. (No, Ryan chose you as his partner because he couldn’t remember any other names! Jon approached Ryan about the alliance)

    Mooch was his favorite person in the house. He would have taken him all the way to the end. (Then why was he not in your alliance? And why didn’t you tell Ryan not to nominate him?)

    EVERYONE thought he was going to win it all (not surewho he means by everyone, but he emphasizes it). CBS really screwed him and them, by throwing in the Mooch twist. (Believes it’s a real planned twist).

    “Now that I’m outta the house, things are going to get dark fast!” He was the mediator, keeping things calm. (I never saw that as a thing, but maybe, I’m not watching feeds other than BBAD). He says tempers are high and it’s only day 10, he can’t imagine what’s it is going to be like in day 20. (This was said BEFORE the incident today). He also talked about Lolo needing to calm down, and the childish picture flip off.

    He hopes Ryan does NOT win it all, he doesn’t need the money, just needed to repair his image and that is done, so he can go anytime now. He want Dina to win. (Guess Ryan is a betterfriend to him than he is to Ryan).

    He can definitely see him and Ryans bromance going down as one of the ALL time favs. (Hmmm, a 10 day bromance will never qualify as a fav…)

  19. LO1004

    The Lolo rumors might be true. There are photos of her leaving the CBS lot. I guess we’ll see if CBS ever turns the feeds back on.

  20. Seattle Kari

    This is what I don’t like. Tamar is the instigator. Tamar gets in everybody’s faces, and follows people around and won’t shut the hell up.

    Lolo loses her patience and slaps her because she won’t shut up? And then she is the one possibly kicked out? That’s bullshit.

  21. Sassy

    Here’s what happened on the feeds today, I hope you can see it.


    • Alda

      Just watched it.Tantrum needs to go! She’s going to find someone to bully everyday till no she gets everyone on edge.She’s a dangerous woman!

      • Sassy

        Maybe that’s her strategy. She pushes people to their breaking point so they quit or get booted and she wins by default. It would be a new strategy.

      • Colby

        Well, look at the crap they let Josh get by with while doing Paul’s dirty work. I guess anything goes as long as they don’t touch each other.

      • Sassy

        I think that’s right Colby. They want the drama, but the physical contact takes it a step to far.

  22. danmtruth

    Kari that is the thing Tantrum does this and has no consequences It takes 2 too tango it takes 2 to have a fight Yet CBS is box into a corner If this is true you have 4 houseguest gone in the first WEEK
    Tantrum is that person who keeps pokking the bear with a stick Than wants people to save her When as she is pushing the stick in the fence She gets to close Than the bear grabs her and mauls her face off

  23. Sassy

    Newest rumor is Lolo was seen leaving the CBS studio today. Supposively there are photos, but I haven’t seen them yet.

  24. Apopkedave

    They need to start over with a better group of stars.

    • Sassy

      I like this cast MUCH better than CBB1. They need a few people in the house for us to complain about, otherwise we would say it’s boring and tune out. I watch because I’m mosey and all up in their business. This cast has not been boring.

      • Apopkedave

        Yes, I stopped watching the first celebrity half way thru, too boring. Tantrum is just too far out there and Lolo isn’t too far behind her. But I’ll still watch a little more.

  25. hogwild

    It seems to me Tantrum is just doing this to raise her profile after the show is done and if this is the case than as I posted earlier CBS needs to do a better job checking these people out beforhand and if it becomes clear that is the only reason they are there just boot them. Lolo might not be my favorite person on the show but if you are going to boot someone boot the insitgator.

    • Alda

      If they keep Tantrum on much longer,they’ll all be gone but her.

      • hogwild

        CBS should seriously consider kicking her out I have to think fans are already getting sick of all this and it will only turn people off CBB going ahead if there is third and if this continues on the way it’s going that seems questionable.

      • Sassy

        I think Tantrum will be OTB. The rest of the house doesn’t want her hostility to be directed at them next. I bet they will dig deep into Sams leftover med bag and get Tantrum some happy pills.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Make no mistake about it, CBS knew what they were getting when they signed her on. She had a brief stint on The Talk when they were trying to find a replacement for one of the former host who left. She was just as annoying there and she was on The Real and here and she DIDN’T get the job. They (BB) like the controversy. They always plant someone in there to stir the pot.

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  27. danmtruth

    Just don’t understand how they can let Tantrum stay in the game

  28. mm22

    Wouldn’t be surprised if lolo never touched
    Tamar but just said **** this and left

  29. Seattle Kari

    I’m going to give a reason why I feel the way I do and it’s very personal about my own life so bear with me.


    Not only do I have extreme hormonal imbalances due to a medical disorder called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome but I’m also now into menopause and my hormones are all over the place and I can become a raving bitch at the drop of a hat.

    Sometimes I will do what Tamar has done and be so angry and irrational that I follow people around and don’t get the hell out of their faces. It was really bad when I was in my mid-thirties.

    There was one time I was in my husband’s face call him all kinds of nasty names. I feel absolutely horrific about it now but it’s like I had no control over it at the time. Frankly I’m surprised why he hasn’t run screaming a long time ago. God knows I’ve deserved it.

    At any rate, my husband lost it and hit my arm and pushed me back to get me the hell away from him

    I take full responsibility because I was the instigator regardless of my medical issues. Everybody has a breaking point and just because someone had somebody else doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re the ones at fault.

    That being said, it looks like Lolo has a history of a lot of anger as well, so God only knows what the hell is really going on, but I think they both should have them to go personally

    • danmtruth

      Thank you for being brave enough to share Kari Yes Lolo has a long history of anger management These we’re two people who are used to getting there way

      • NKogNeeTow

        I said it in a previous thread that Lo was a nasty piece of work. I’ve seen her go off a throw a tantrum before and it wasn’t pretty. I can’t remember when it was or where, I just know that it changed the way I look at her. She’s a beautiful girl but that personality needs a tune-up. I don’t know whether it’s all that pent-up anxiety from the virgin thing or what but she needs some kind of help.

      • Sassy

        Nk – I’m sure all the supplements ect she takes messes with her mind too. Being a high level athlete, they have “special” concoctions.

    • Ann

      Kari, I in no way would associate your issues with Tamars. Tamar is the baby of her family so she is spoiled rotten to the core & used to getting her way with her family & her husband. She thinks she’s right no matter what, its her way or the hiway, she’s self absorbed, nasty, mean, selfish, wants all of the attention & thinks she’s better than everyone else. Her issues are that she’s a nasty person.
      Honestly, I have no patience for someone like her & it wouldn’t take much for me to snap on her ass.

      • Seattle Kari


        Big difference because I take accountability and have medical reasons behind my outbursts. I’m not sitting here doing it on purpose to get attention.

  30. Colby

    Per Jokers, feeds are back and LoLo is still there.

    • hogwild

      I am starting to get the feeling all of this is being scripted by production if so they get the big middle finger salute I would post a meme for that but I’m not in the mood to look one up or create one right now.

      • Colby

        I can see production doing that.
        It sure got a lot of attention on social media while they kept the feeds down all day, and will make people want to watch the show to see if they show anything about it.

      • Sassy

        We will never know whether or not production started the rumor or whether it was intentionally scripted.

    • Ann

      I hope she is still there just to torture Tamar & make her feel uncomfortable being there. I guess I’m petty because I would be any & everywhere Tamar was if I was Lolo just to get under her skin. Show her she can’t move you Lolo.

      • NKogNeeTow

        See, I’m just the opposite. I tend to be more like Kandi. When you start getting on my nerves, I just ignore your azz and make sure you KNOW you’re being ignored. When you let someone know they’ve gotten to you, they have power over you. I am too stubborn to give anyone that power. The women in this house are either too sensitive or just plain aggressive.

  31. Mel

    Hey guys!
    The leaks saying Lolo left are bullshit. The OK MAGAZINE article headline even said it was “suggested” Lolo left. How is finding a suggestion/tweet make something news? That’s nuts to even claim a suggestion is an actual headline. People saw it on Twitter and ran with it. I mean, I can announce that Steve got turned into a giraffe today while he was at that car dealership he when he drank some coffee laced with magic fairy giraffe dust. There ya go, it’s news now.

    The pics floating around are photoshopped by a Twitter acct that does alot of them. They’re good at it and they’re funny but today, people didn’t realize it was a joke because of the other stuff being reported.

    I’m not saying there couldn’t have been an altercation but I seriously doubt it. Lolo does have a short fuse but she was also fed up with babysitting Tamar only to have her get mouthy with her later. This isn’t the first time they’ve gotten testy with each other. NEM has also put Tamar in her place a couple of times the last few days. Tamar is all bark and if she gets upset enough or if she gets too many people standing up to her, (which seems to be happening) she’ll walk, not fist fight. (She keeps putting on her bug shield lately when she argues too, strange)

    I agree with Steve about the feeds. Stop cutting them when it gets good!!! They also did it when Ryan and NEM started talking about rehab/therapy and NEM’s 12 step program. They did it when Ryan began telling his version of what happen in Rio. They’re talking about themselves, not other people so they should let us see it. I don’t think CBS is rying to “protect them from themselves” because if they were, they’d NEVER show Tamar on the feeds or the episodes.

    I’m guessing only but I think they were cut when the arguement happened to make sure it didn’t get too heated. Lolo was also freaking out about green hair so she may have pitched a fit and had them deal with that somehow. They’ve likely had noms and possibly an individually timed veto comp today since things will move quickly from here.

    I could be wrong and Lolo, NEM and Kandi could’ve killed Tamar and it’s taken all day to get the blood off the walls. Trying to get a carpet cleaner in on a Saturday and last minute on top of that could take a while too. There’s bound to be pieces of weave and bits of sunglasses/bug shields everywhere to clean up! Joey probably needed a therapist called in just to help him deal with the mess.

    • Mel

      Oops, I typed that only to hit send and then see the feeds are back. Lol

    • Sassy

      Your right Mel. There were several magazines running with the story along with Twitter. They all started with Did she leave and basically read the same. They probably cut so all of them could see their therapists to decompress… Glad Tantrum is alive and Lolo is still there. When I posted the pic, I said it could have been taken at anytime. I’m sure they cut on Ryan talking about Rio, because there is a confidentiality agreement, and with AA, your not suppose to really share with nonmembers.

    • NKogNeeTow

      “There’s bound to be pieces of weave and bits of sunglasses/bug shields everywhere to clean up! Joey probably needed a therapist called in just to help him deal with the mess.”…RRROOOFFFLLL

  32. hogwild

    Ok so now that we can all breath a sigh of relief over Lolo still being in the house (sarcasm) who the hell is on the block?

  33. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Sup BB Fam! Just caught up on the first few episodes and thought I’d share my initial thoughts. I don’t really care who wins yet, so I’ll just give you my thoughts on their personalities for now.

    **Totally fanning out seeing Kandi in the BB house! I can’t believe Celebrity BB casted an actual… well, celebrity. I don’t know how far she’ll make it given that she doesn’t know much about BB, doesn’t seem to do well at comps, and had the misfortune of being put in the same house with Ta’Moron (more on this trash below). But still, I’m getting a kick out of seeing Kandi on here.

    **Ryan is proving himself to be even dumber than I thought he was… and I thought he was pretty dumb.

    **Diana, girl why are you here? Stop trying to make Diana Lohan happen. It’s NEVER going to happen. Bye girl, block me back, deuces. (And yes, I know her name is Dina. I just don’t care)

    **Ricky, looks like post-NFL life has been…interesting for you. Well, good to see you anyway.

    **Lolo aka Dodo seems to seriously be stuck at an age 12 mentality. She is frightfully immature and annoying, but I’ll become the president of her fan club if she actually did slap Tamar…

    **And finally, Tamar aka Tantrum aka Kmart aka Ta’Moron– I didn’t think it was possible to hate you more than I already did. Thanks for working overtime this week to prove me wrong. I don’t know how much the other HGs are getting paid, but whatever it is, it’s not enough. They should demand a raise for having to listen to you. And what the hell was that straw you had on top of your head on eviction night? Keep the bald look, that hay hat ain’t gonna cut it.

  34. danmtruth

    Mel you need to write the CBB scrips It’s like the WWE We are giving to much credit to CBB in calling them a twist
    So Lolooser is back and Tantrum is on the block Hmm Let’s have the POV some kind of high wire act

  35. hogwild

    God I didn’t get the outcome I wanted in the Saints/Rams game and I know you have more important things to deal with but please if you have a spare moment please get Tantrum out of the house.

  36. Mel

    If Joey and Ryan can be believed, the veto comp and eviction will both happen on Monday so that means the feeds were off all day for noms. They also said how they thought “they were gonna fight fight.” I guess the arguement kept going for a bit this morning because Ryan thought it was “fun to watch” but Ryan wasn’t there when it started so they kept at it. Joey talked about how tense things were earlier. I don’t know if that was also about this mornings argument or if Tamar took the nom badly. He could be referring to that. My guess earlier was obviously wrong…not the first time.

  37. Mel

    With Tamar and Dina otb, will Tamar play the game, go to bed or just go off on everyone?

  38. Seattle Kari

    If production blew this disagreement completely out of proportion, shut down the feeds to make the paranoia of the audience even worse, that’s pretty fucking shitty.

  39. Mel

    Joey said something about emotional eating while Tamar was in the kitchen. She made it clear she isn’t emotional….ever…about anything. He started fixing it real quick.

    Dina was talking to Jonathan thru the cameras earlier. (Mistake imo) I get it, she was the only vote for him and feels alone. She needs to fix it but instead, she yelled to Joey last night not to drop when Kato tried to make a deal and walked around the house saying “game on now.” Kato was probably her best ally before the hoh comp. After noms today, she said (in private) to Tamar “game on now” again. (No, Diana, it was game on a week ago when people were bonding and making alliances, not last night, not today)

    Tamar, surprisingly, was playing corn hole earlier in the dining area. She isn’t isolating herself or yelling at people….yet. She will be pissed that Ricky was playing cards with Kato tho.

    Tamar and Lolo were in the same room just talking normally with each other.

    Kandi was cooking.

  40. Mel

    Tamar said she won’t ever talk to Kato again and she’s done with Ricky too since he didn’t check to see if she was ok today. She wants to stay close to NEM and Lolo so she isn’t going to talk game with them ever again.

    Kato said something about her missing her son in his nomination speech and also something about someone not cleaning or helping around the house. Dina and Tamar arn’t happy about the speech. Tamar thinks he came after her and brought her son into it. She did say she was missing her son a lot lately and Kato doesn’t have the best speech ideas so she could be overreacting or not. She thinks he told her she should go home and take care of her son but I can’t believe her until someone else confirms it or we see it on the show. Track record, ya know.

    • Ann

      I was thinking the same thing Mel, I need to see for myself exactly what was said because I’m willing to bet she took it in a totally different way than he said it & she’s blowing it all out of proportion. One of her ways of getting attention. All I know is I want her gone. Did she say anything to him when supposedly said that to her cause we all know she’s big & bad (NOT) & wouldn’t let someone talk to her like that.

  41. danmtruth

    Even tho Tantrum & Lolo we’re talking it was low key Tantrum has been very low key Tantrum said Kato is dead to her She will never be friends with him Tantrum also does not want to be friends with Ricky She is making a big deal about Kato saying she need to get back to her son I wounder if he was just trying to give people an excuse to vote her out Like it was a mercy thing Tantrum is trying to say he is insulting her like she is a bad mother for being away It will be interesting to see which story sticks Even Lolo said people thought Tantrum was feeling down about missing her son
    Let’s see how it pans out

  42. Mel

    I’m out for the night guys. I have an audio book I want to finish and I’m 2 days behind on the El Chapo trial testimony. I was really hoping the prosecution would finish their side of things before CBB started. I also really doubt this prosecutor gives a shit about my news update and entertainment needs tho.

  43. NKogNeeTow

    Hey Everyone!

    BBAD just started and Lo is still bitching about her hair. Now she says her tracks are coming out.

    Ryan is swimming in that pool thingy. He says the temp is 95 degrees and it’s nice. Lo and Tantrum say they might get in since it’s warmer in the pool.

    In the kitchen Dina/Tom/Joey, and Kato are eating and talking, just general chit chat.

    Outside, Lo still hair-bitchin.

    In the kitchen, Joey is explaining to the group about the finale show. He explains to Dina what a backdoor is.

    Outside, Tantrum/Tom talking about being OTB. Tantrum seems a little low key (so far).

  44. NKogNeeTow

    Ryan/Joey in the pink bedroom talking and exercising.

    Outside Tantrum/Tom still talking. She says she’s surprised she’s OTB. *I’m not. Nothing like a good ole trip to the block to bring em down a few pegs* Tantrum sounds a little muffled, Production needs to give her a “no obstructing mic warning. They are talking about the comp. Tom is saying he should be in better shape. He says Tantrum did pretty good. She said she would have liked to have stayed on longer.

    Tom says he would like kids, then says hi to his girlfriend Jessica. He said she said she was going to watch the live feeds. He said they watched a lot of BB together. He thinks she’s probably laughing at her, especially when he burst into tears the first day. He says he can’t hide his emotions.

  45. NKogNeeTow

    Joey/Dina have joined Tom outside. Tom is telling Dina the story of McDonalds (the movie version).

    Tantrum is in the HOH talking to Kato. He tells her to never assume anything. He says anything can happen in the show and she might win Veto. He tells her she’s great. He says he’s fine with everything. They agree that it’s just a show. He says everything he’s doing in comedy is to make everyone feel better. She says she was hurt and thrown off by his reasoning for putting her up. She said she took it personal because one of his reasons was that she didn’t clean up. He said he thought she was crying because of her son, she said it was because she and Kandi couldn’t get along. She says it’s better now. She said she went to Kandi and they hugged it out and now get along. Kato said he thought she was crying because she wanted to be with her son. She said no, she was saying she’d rather go home than to stay there and fight with another female. She said she trust Production though. She says she just wanted to explain herself to him so he won’t think she was coming out of left field. They say it’s no hard feelings between the 2 of them.

  46. danmtruth

    Joey is crazy dude I would say decafe but I’m afraid he will do a hour talk about the health benefits or how it causes cancer Dina pleas drop Lyndsey name again It has been a whole 10 min since the last time you mentioned her name

  47. NKogNeeTow

    Ricky/Ryan outside talking about drug testing during swimming comps. Ryan says he was suspended because he didn’t know that if you take anything over 100mil will show up on a drug test.

    In the HOH, Tantrum says that anything could be taken out of context there. Kato is telling about his joke about the 7n dwarfs, that went over Tantrum’s head when he originally told it. He explained it to her again and now she understands it was just humor. She asks him if he thinks she’s a threat to him. He says he’ll explain everything to her after the Veto comp. She tells him to just know that she is there playing for her son and doesn’t want to go home to him yet because he’s playing for him. She says she’s glad they cleared things up. She said she was wondered why he said she was a dirty bitch because she didn’t clean *those weren’t his words*. She said she thought the deal was, whoever cooked didn’t have to clean.

    She says that the day after the show, she has to leave for Baton Rogue. He asks how can she just go like that, without rest. She says you just do it. They leave the HOH and Kato announces to the house “WE’RE FRIENDS”. They then go outside and announce to everyone they’re friends.

    • Ann

      Just like I said, that obnoxious cow (Tamar) took what Kato said & blew it way out of proportion. He had better watch his back because she can’t be trusted. She’s as fake as that long wig she was wearing on that beady little head of hers.

  48. NKogNeeTow

    Dina/Kato/Tom outside talking about the HOH comp. Dina said she was going to jump until Tantrum started freaking out about jumping. Kato said it was good that she jumped. They then start talking about heights. Dina says she went to the highest building in Dubai, but can’t remember the name of it. Tom starts to joke around and calls it different things (The Wiz Kalifa). Dina says no, but it’s the Wiz something.

    Not much going on at the moment. Everyone is pretty low key, even the Chihauhau (*guess*)

  49. danmtruth

    The other thing that sets this different from normal BB is all the housguest are older on CBB I was going to say something about maturity Than I hear Joey and his amazement that Ryan swin trunks came from Target It blew is mind Maturity out the window We still have Tantrum & Lolo that’s a big bucket of maturity lol Wow we are getting YOU’R NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION it’s a show now

  50. NKogNeeTow

    Outside, Dina/Kato/Tom still talking. The conversation has gone from religion to dogs. *Time for the cameraman to find another room….pleeeze*

    Tom announces to the viewers that they are sitting here doing “Fireside Chat” in the BB house. Kato says he’s going to bed early then they start talking about their upcoming. Kato mentions something Christine said about Monday’s schedule. They get a warning about not being allowed to talk about production.

    Upstairs, Kandi/Ricky playing chess.

  51. NKogNeeTow

    In the kitchen, NEM/Ryan/Tantrum talking. NEM keeps talking about her DR session and keeps getting warned. Cams cut to BY. Tom talking about Jane Fonda documentary to Dina/Kato/Lo. Dina is telling them about how she knows her from the movie she did with Lindsey.

    Cams switch back to the kitchen. Ryan and NEM joking around. NEM says it’s hard for her to remember things. Ryan says he can never remember things. Tantrum says outside gives her the itchies.

    Ryan says he thinks he might go to bed early. Joey comes out of the DR and Ryan starts teasing him and gets a warning about not talking about DR sessions.

    Outside Lo is called to the DR. Tom/Kato/Dina/Tantrum are sitting around talking. Dina says whenever she goes to DR, she gets grilled. Kato tells her don’t say anything or she’ll get warned. Tom leaves to go inside.

  52. Seattle Kari

    All this talk about tantrum made me remember something I saw on after dark last night and I meant to mention it. I didn’t see anyone else comment on it, but maybe I just missed it.

    I laughed out loud when Tamar was sitting in one of the rooms and was saying that she could have “stayed on that wall a lot longer” than she did.

    Umm, ok..

  53. NKogNeeTow

    Ryan/Joey raiding the SR. They find gluten-free pizza and go through the fridge and freezer to see what other goodies are in there. They can’t decide what to eat so just leave.

    Ricky/Kandi still playing chess.

    NEM/Joey/Ryan in the LR talking. She tells them she can’t wait to watch their DRs.

    Kato/Dina in the kitchen, Dina still wondering where her children are.

    *I don’t like physical fights but at this point, I could stand a good argument or two. Somebody give the chihuahua a Coors Light*

  54. NKogNeeTow

    In the kitchen, Kato is telling Joey that they’re all going to be OTB at one point. They laugh about it. Joey says he’s going upstairs to take his shower because he’s done his last DR for the night. Kato tells him to take his time in the shower because he’s not going to bed until 11:30.

    Kato/Ryan/Dina/NEM playing tabletop cornhole game. Only 2 can play at a time so Ryan/Kato up first. *Just a sophisticated game of “potball”, but I’ll take this one over that one*

    NEM yells upstairs to Joey that she’ll see him in 3 hours. *He has a reputation of taking long showers*

  55. Avatar

    I can’t watch any more BBAD until tantrum is voted out. Celebrity is often confused with obnoxious. The show will be much better without her on it.

    Hopefully that is Monday.

  56. NKogNeeTow

    Still not much going on. Cornhole game still being played.

    Joey/Ryan using paper towels as a football in the kitchen.

    In the pink bedroom, Dina/Tantrum talking. DingDong telling Tantrum that Jon could come back because a lot of times they bring people back. *Does she realize that this is a 3 week show?*

    Dina/Tantrum are whispering, but it’s hard to hear because of someone yelling in another room. Tantrum is telling Dina something about Ricky. She is telling Dina that they were saying she was in her bed crying because she missed her son, but it was because she was sad that she and Kandi weren’t getting along.

    They are talking about the comp. Tantrum is saying that NEM threw the comp.

    • Ann

      I call BULLSHIT……she was not crying because she was sad that her & Kandi couldn’t get along. That heffer was crying because she wanted the last word & didn’t get it, she was crying because Kandi didn’t bow down to her & say she I’m sorry, she was mad because Kandi wouldn’t do what she wanted, act like she wanted & say that she was right. Instead, Kandi laughed in her face for still being salty over something that happened over a year ago. Stupid girl needs to grow the hell up & STFU.

  57. NKogNeeTow

    BY: Lo/Kato/Tom/NEM talking about trusting people int he house. Lo tells them they have to be careful about cheering people on. She gives the example of when Dina was cheering for Joey during the HOH comp.

    NEM says they have to decide what to do. They want to backdoor Ryan but wonders about what to do if he wants to play Veto. NEM says let him play. They continue to discuss Ryan’s untimely demise when he sticks his head out the door. They invite him to come out for a cup of tea. He says he’s going to bed.

    Tom says what if Joey wins the Veto and uses it. They say, then they backdoor Ryan. Tom keep throwing out names of what-if-who wins the Veto.

  58. NKogNeeTow

    The Four Horsemen (Kato/Tom/Lo/NEM) solidify their alliance. Kato leaves, and Tom and Lo say they just like to talk about all the scenarios. Tom says the best thing is to get the strongest ones out first and ask who they think it is. NEM says Ryan.

    *Apparently Lo did leave the studio. She just told Tom and MEM that she was out half the day because she had “shit to take care of”. NEM’s reply was “Oh you did? I wasn’t aware of that”. So it seems like the rumors were 1/2 right*

    And with that, BBAD is over and so am I. Goodnight everybody and have a GREAT day tomorrow! 🙂

  59. Seattle Kari

    They probably let her leave for a little while to cool down so she wouldnt kick Tantrums ass too terribly hard…

  60. danmtruth

    They should have let her see someone to take care of her hair She is still fixated on it You can see the green She is also complaining that it’s all matted in a big Knott
    We have seen in normal BB production has pulled sharp knives out Replacing them with the plastic/ceramic kind Is it me or after the lockdown I have notice no one wearing sunglasses ? Am I just being paranoid
    If they do backdoor Ryan his face of shock will be a classic Along with clueless Joey
    Speaking of motor mouth dude I had to laugh when he was in the SR He grabs his Mike to bring it closer to his mouth Calls out to have his DR session to be done soon Because that would be helpful and he would appreciate it Ending it with yeh dude let’s see if we can make that happen thanks dude ??

  61. mm22

    Joey sounds like he is talking to production than his housemates

  62. mm22

    And I just gotta wonder how long did production think dumbo would last? If he wins I’ll eat my words but to bring in a special pool so he could continue training is some expensive
    special treatment I hope he’s gone soon

  63. danmtruth

    I wonder if there are restrictions on who can use the lap pool It sounds like Ryan does 2 or more sessions in the pool He did say last night enyone could get in Sun for a short while
    I just laugh watching Joey grab his mic and hold it to his mouth Like Production could not hear him regularly It’s like people who meet a blind person and they talk louder and slower Why ?? They can’t see they can hear fine As for Joey Production hears you I’m sure they wish they hear you a bit less

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