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Celebrity Big Brother 2 – Wrapping Up A Wild Week

Good morning, everyone!


We’ve already had 3 episodes of Celebrity Big Brother on CBS this week and people are probably more confused than when the week started. There have been so many different alliances, twists, flips, and random moments that It’s honestly been hard to track even as someone who watches the feeds all day.  Fear not, I am going to do my best to clear things up from this week…


This is an area where it’s a complete mess. There are so many different alliances going on that I’m not even going to focus on most. Every season there are big alliances, but inside the big alliances, tighter bonds form and those are the key.  For example, last year in the big alliance, Brett and Winston were obviously tight. Rachel and Angela were very tight until she flipped to Kaycee then Tyler (Kaycee remained in the 3 person sub-alliance, but the bond was Tyler and Angela).

Here is what we have this season:

  • Tom and Kato
  • Lolo and Eva (Natalie)
  • Ryan and Jon
  • Jon and Dina (not super tight but very close)

Joey is obviously sided with Ryan and Jonathan right now. Kandi is closer with Ricky who is close to Lolo and Natalie. Tamar is kind of on her own and spends most of the day hating Kandi.  Tom, Kato, Lolo, and Natalie have a loose 4-person thing going.  But in the end, if you want to know how people really stand, what the pairings I mentioned above


The twists are something we’re all still trying to wrap our heads around but will definitely be fully clued in tonight during the live eviction.  On CBS, last we saw was Ricky having the Power of Veto and Mooch still in the house. When the feeds went live, Tom was talking to Kato about his Power of Veto and Mooch was gone. People assumed he quit, but given the talk in the house, he was never really a cast member. My personal guess is they asked him to come for the ratings and he said he could only do a few days because he wasn’t missing the World Economic Forum in Davos. They wrote him in as a twist which I’m sure will mention his brief stint in the White House.

With the twist, because he was never a ‘real’ houseguest, Ryan was forced to nominate someone to replace him. That person was Kandi. Additionally, Kato somehow ended up with the PoV as part of the twist and saved Tom which put Joey on the block.

It’s been a wild week.



There has been a lot of drama with Tamar and Kandi this week, but it’s really only been one-sided. Tamar has spend the week bitching about Kandi whenever she could, but Kandi really seems to want nothing to do with Tamar. It’s like production told them to fight and Tamar is taking her role seriously while Kandi just doesn’t give a shit.

Last night in the house, there was a very awkward situation between Ricky and Tom that I wanted to get into. Sitting outside, they were talking about careers and things of that nature when Ricky started to act fairly condescending to Tom about his standup career. He basically told Tom to just do his routine right there which Tom actually tried but didn’t feel comfortable because it’s apparently a very political routine and he doesn’t want to go that route inside the house. Ricky grilled him more on it telling him he’s a comedian, he should have immunity from any of that and he should also be able to do his job anywhere. When Tom tried to explain a room full of energy while performing is a bit different than a campfire, Ricky still didn’t get it. Tom told him to go play a football game right there in the backyard with no other players but Ricky still didn’t get it.

It was really a weird scene that Tom was feeling very uncomfortable over until it finally died down and the topic changed. I do think that incident will likely change the tide of the show moving forward because Tom originally wanted to have a 5-person thing with Lolo, Kato, Nat, and Ricky but I can’t imagine that working out in the long run.


Tom did float around a plan to try to get his alliance to vote out Joey tonight and steal Jonathan (which imo, is a bad idea), but his alliance really didn’t seem to want any part of that. It seems Jonathan will be leaving tonight and hopefully moving forward we’ll be all caught up on twists and will know exactly what’s going on in this house!


Not sure if I’ll be live blogging today because it’s eviction day and I expect a typical eviction schedule, but I’ll be here for the live eviction tonight at 8pm est!


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  1. Mel

    Steve, there were 2 seperate veto comps.

  2. Mel

    Tonight’s hoh comp is endurance and will be shown on live feeds.

  3. LO1004

    Is there a time stamp on the Ricky/Tom encounter?

  4. AIO_7

    “With the twist, because he was never a ‘real’ houseguest, Ryan was forced to nominate someone to replace him. That person was Kandi.”

    I didn’t see Kandi at all last night while watching BBAD. Didn’t see Jon either. I only watched about an hour, so I may just have missed them.

  5. AIO_7

    I’m not a huge fan of Tamar, but I’m still laughing about when she busted Lolo and Eva scheming to come up with a name for their final 2. They looked like deer caught in the headlights.

    • Mel

      Yeah, that was great and Natalie trying to fix it was even funnier.

      • danmtruth

        I just wounder if the way Lolo went defcon 10 about the throat punch Was brought on a little to change the talk The discussion about the F-2 name was quickly stop To address the throat punch comment

      • Ann

        I think Lolo was pissed at the throat punch comment because look at the way Ta said it. Ta was dead ass serious when she said it thinking Lolo was scared of her. Lolo was dead ass serious too when she told Ta that shit was not cool & she can fight too. Ta back peddled & she knew she had better.

      • LO1004

        Dan, I was thinking the same thing! It was deflection at it’s finest.

      • Ann

        It very well could’ve been deflection, I can see that but at the same time I saw the nastiness when Tamar said it & it pissed me off so I thought surely it had to have really pissed Lolo off. One thing is for sure, it could not have happened at a better time. Tamar you idiot.

  6. Ann

    Mel, you are 110% right about Tamar on the last thread. I’m sure it was a friend trying to put a spin on Tamar’s bullshit. She was the reason I didn’t watch The Real, she was flat out sickening & embarrassing. The other hosts couldn’t get a word in edge wise or finish a sentence without her butting in. The lip smacking, neck swinging, loud talking & talking about herself in third person was just too damn much for me. That shit was not cute. She’s not at all what she thinks she is. She thinks everything is her way or the hiway. I wish somebody would show that bitch the hiway. Soon all she’s going to be remembered for is getting fired from the Real, walking off shows when that bald head baby cant get her way & all of the other negative shit she pulls. I especially liked when she back peddled after saying she was going to punch Lolo in the throat & Lolo let her ass know it ain’t that type of party & she better watch her step.

    • danmtruth

      Just glad Kandi is steering clear of that BS Not sure about the whole Mooch twist yet As aplant they would know he would only be on the show for one week on air Along with how ever long they were in the house before filming Was it also part of the plan to have him nominated than ? With him going and a new veto being played That resulted in Tom coming off Ryan has nominated 3 out of 8 house guests elligable to go up Jon was a given by the first twist Kato & Eva were safe because they were not picked to play in the HOH comp This is like Cody had to nominate so many people the first week on his season

    • Seattle Kari

      Tell us how you really feel Ann, LMAO!

      • Ann

        Alright Kari…..it’s just that she tap dances on my last good nerve. It’s down right embarrassing to see a woman (especially a woman of color) act so stupid. It’s bad enough that we get stereotyped for that kind of behavior but this woman is on national tv & has the opportunity to teach our young women how to act, how to come up & be somebody positive & to be a role model but Instead she acts like a fool. I really wish they would get rid of her ass.
        Now Kandi is not feeding into Tamar’s bullshit & it just chaps her ass that she can’t get Kandi to apologize & do what she wants. What she will get from Kandi if she don’t leave her the hell alone about some shit that happened a year or so ago is an ass whipping. Kandi is not bothered with that old mess but Tamar just have to be right & she won’t let it go.
        See what you did Kari, you got me started again on Tamar…..Lmao

        I hope I didn’t offend anyone about my stereotype comment & if I did, I truly apologize.

      • mm22

        Ann -just gotta say I love your

      • Seattle Kari

        I’ll never understand why people have to act out that way. If they don’t want to be stereotyped with that, (and they complain about it), then why do they continue to act that way when it’s a personal choice?

      • danmtruth

        Ann you have nothing to apologise for As I said in an old thread even though I am not the demographic she aims for I still cringe while watching her Knowing she feeds into the worse of stereotype I hope I don’t offend but to me she is almost doing blackface pantimine and not in a good way There are so few people of color on shows like this it is a shame Many people will look at her as being a typical person of color Instead of Ricky Kandi or Lolo All who show intelligence and class

      • Ann

        Thanks mm22 & I totally agree with you Dan & the answer to your question Kari is ignorance. As a woman of color I’m downright ashamed & embarrassed to see her or any woman act ignorant like that.

  7. Seattle Kari

    Curious if anybody noticed this or that was just on my TV. After Tamar Lolo and.. (I’m sorry, the wrestler girl…) Had their little talk show thing they went out to the kitchen. Tamara was talking in my TV suddenly went completely quiet. When she was done it looks like it came back on when the other girl started talking.

    Do you think it’s possible that she was muted out completely because of something she would say? Or perhaps it was just my TV screwing up so I’m just curious if anybody else noticed it probably about halfway through After Dark.

  8. hogwild

    I find the whole deal with Mooch pretty silly if you knew he was only going to be there a few days why bring him in at all? Ratings might be the reason but if he’s only there for a few days it wouldn’t seem to be much of an impact I’m sure it will have an impact tonight as everyone tunes in to see what’s gone but all this hardly seems worth it for a one night ratings boost.

    • danmtruth

      That’s my thought Higwild Not saying Production did not do it The thing is it smacks of panic It ratings for the first week is all they were looking for

      • hogwild

        My take Dan and this is straight speculation is the network wanted Mooch to be this seasons Omarosa and he had no interest in that so both sides worked this out where he could leave and the network didn’t look bad for trying to bring in someone who might go off on Trump two seasons in a row.

      • mm22

        I don’t think the mooch self evicted those plans to speak at a conference in swizerland didn’t pop up overnight he had to have arranged it prior-I could be wrong

    • Mel

      It’s a bad look for cbs no matter what happened imo. If he self evicted and they try to cover it up, lie and make up a twist….bad. If it was planned and agreed on in advance but they let him play in comps and leave whIle he was sitting on the block….bad. Not to mention, the audience wasn’t in on it which always looks shady. Did anyone really think he was going to have much to say? No, so it wasn’t worth the trouble. It’s an entirely different situation than Omarosa. She was pissed and wanted to trash talk. Plus, she’s more of a polarizing personality even without the WH stuff. It’s typical cbs, when something organic happens and is well received, they always think they can manufacture and recreate it. It’s why they think they always have to have a shomance, a nerdy virgin, a couple bros, one gay person, etc. on the regular bb.

    • Colby

      I read somewhere, before the house guests were announced, that there were rumors that Sean Spicer would be a house guest.
      Wonder if that was true and something happened, so they got Mooch to agree to come in last minute with the agreement he would leave in time to get to his conference? That would make the statements about him not being a real house guest make sense.
      Who knows?

  9. Mel

    Heres where I see things at this point:

    As of now, it looks like Jonathan will go even tho Tom keeps bringing up that he thinks they should keep him. Kato just won’t go for it and neither will Lolo and Natalie. I didn’t get Tom’s logic anyway. He mostly wants to keep Jonathan because Ricky wants to vote him out. Tom also thought he could join up with Natalie, Lolo, Jon and Ryan. He doesn’t realize those four already had an alliance and if he gives the guys time to repair the damange, Tom would be on the outside. Before yesterday, I’d have said Tom was playing the best game. Kato is loyal and regardless of who leaves, I’m glad to see he didn’t cave into what Tom wanted. He’s playing the game too and he let Tom know it.

    Jonathan and Ryan have done a terrible job with Natalie and Lolo. It isn’t Jonathans fault he went on the block but the way he handled everything since then is his fault. If Jonathan was going to save Dina during the first noms, he should’ve told the ladies first. He played well when he made an alliance BEFORE they knew who won hoh to protect himself. He played terrible when he left them out of everything afterwards. He and Ryan didn’t even talk to them very much. They’ve been doing too much of the bro thing and that’s why he’ll leave, not because of the twist. He has good potential but hasn’t been the social guy I thought he’d be. Ryans days are numbered imo. He doesn’t have a clue and won’t have Jonathan to guide him. Ryan was my choice for “most likely to need things explained more than once” preseason.

    Lolo has too much of a temper and should be a target before Natalie. She’s already had words with Ryan, Joey and botched at the whole house about food. Flipping off the guys pics was childish and so was feeling betrayed over Ryan having a twosome with Jonathan. She has the same thing with Natalie! Natalies playing very well imo. She’s athletic but won’t be seen that way over Lolo. She deals well with Tamar, has a good thing with Ricky and Tom/Kato. Everyone seems to like her and I do too. She was “most likely to have to tell people who she was.”

    I’m scared Joey could skate by for a long time. He’s barely been mentioned as someone to vote out tonight. The week before the show, I gave him “most likely to bore me” and so far, it’s true.

    Dina isn’t playing the game. At least she isn’t playing badly…she just isn’t doing anything at all. I can see her going home on an hoh when someone doesn’t want to deal with putting Tamar otb. She’s going to be expendable to people. I could also see her getting to the end and winning if someone drags her there.

    Kandi still isn’t totally safe but Tamar told her they should fix things this morning and Kandi hugged her so I’m pretty sure she’s staying. Tamar also told Natalie she wouldn’t vote out Kandi because she would look mean if she did and said she isn’t mean.
    Translation: Even tho I’ve tried, you bitches won’t listen. I’m already nervous about you two girls working with Tom & Kato and making me the 5th wheel. I’m going to pretend to fix things with Kandi since she isn’t going home no matter how I vote….until I imagine something new to blame on her.
    Tamar was my “most likely to self evict.” (Got that one wrong) Tamar would be less of a target later on if Kandi stayed in the house as an enemy but she’ll never see it. Kandi is well liked but she hasn’t made strong connections with enough people imo. She was smart to stay out of the mess but once she’s off the block, she needs to play more. She was my favorite hg going in but not one of the best players. She only has the guys and doesn’t really have them. Tamar worked faster to connect with Lolo, Natalie and Ryan. Ricky is playing Kandi and Tamar both. That leaves Kandi with Tom and Kato….who want to work with Natalie and Lolo, not Kandi.

    Ricky was playing one of the best games until yesterday. I was excited to see him stir the pot and break up Ryan/Jonathan and Lolo/Natalie. They may have been annoyed with the guys but Ricky is the reason they’ve stuck to the plan. At one point, the ladies considered getting rid of Kandi to shut Tamar up and he had a lot to do with shutting it down. Unfortunately, he doesn’t stir the pot behind the scenes so if Tom gets the hoh, he’s in trouble. He’s very nice but very arrogant. Natalie really trusts him so that could help.

    I still think Tom, Ricky and Natalie are playing the smartest even with the mistakes they’re making. Ricky made an enemy out of Tom. Tom doesn’t have the people he thinks he has so Natalie wins the week for me as the best positioned player.

    • Sassy

      Great wrap up, Mel. I agree with the exception of Dinah. I think she is playing well. I don’t typically like floaters but this season started pretty hot and heavy with alliances/nonalliances. She hasn’t upset anyone and she flirts with the older guys. She’s sitting in a pretty good position because no one will be targeting her in the next couple of evictions. The Only way she will end up OTB in the next couple is if these egotistical celebs think ousting her will cause less blow back to their reputations, which is really their only concern…

  10. AIO_7

    Eva and Tamar seem about ready to bro-down …


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  12. Seattle Kari

    About Dina..

    I was listening to the things she was saying last night on after dark, and she is way more down-to-earth than I ever would have anticipated. With all the drama about her daughter, I fully expected this woman to be a raging mess kind of like Brandi was last summer.

    She talked about wanting to help kids that needed a place to stay, and that she wants to buy a house close to a grade school and be able to bring the kids in. She seems to truly have a good heart was from what I can tell.

    That’s the one thing I love about the celebrity show you can really see who people are at some level beyond the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Even though they’re on camera it’s different…


    • AIO_7

      I haven’t found any reason to dislike Dina.

    • Sassy

      I like Dinah more than I thought I would. She has either relaxed over the years or she’s putting on a new face for CBB. She was a mess years ago. She used to party with Linsey before she was of age. She enjoyed having celebrity status through her girls. She was not much of a role model and in the tabloids frequently. She was a HOT mess!

    • Ann

      I have to say I guess I had Dinah pegged wrong too. I thought she was going to be just some chain smoking lush who was going to try to act young & get on everybody’s nerves.

    • danmtruth

      Experience is the name we give to mistakes we learn from Dina has her share of experience in life Yet she does seem to have accepted that she has made mistakes and learned from that I give her credit

  13. AIO_7

    Tom, Kato and Lolo collaborating …


  14. Mel

    As of an hour or two ago, Tom was still quietly trying to save Jonathan. He’s mostly paranoid the ladies are lying to him and he doesn’t want to be on the wrong side of the vote.

    Tom told Kandi how he’s had her back making sure she stayed. Lol

    Tamar has gone off on Ricky today and tried to get heated with NEM bUT NEM wasnt having it. (Everyone calls Natalie something different so I’m just going with the initials.

    Tamar keeps saying Ricky has to go soon, he’s agressive and she’s afraid of him. (He’s been confrontational with his conversations but NOT agressive)

    Dina doesn’t know how anyone is voting but she’s voting out Kandi.

    After Tamar WENT OFF on Ricky, she got a little upset because NEM didn’t ask her if she was ok.

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