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Celebrity Big Brother – Friday Feed Updates


Good afternoon, everyone!  It’s Friday! It’s also more than 1/3rd of the way through the season already.  Yea, definitely not a fan of these 3 week seasons, but everyone expected a short season for these people.

Speaking of these people, I keep wondering what the endurance challenge will be tonight. They can’t give them something like the wall because it will be over in a painful 10 minutes after listening to most of them act like they’re being tortured. The same goes for sitting on a swing or anything that they can throw. Ross, Brandi, Mari, and Omarosa will drop within minutes. Shannon will be gone. Ari can’t play. That leaves Mark, James, and Metta hanging on until Mark throws it then Metta gives up because he’s bored and wants to play bingo or some shit.

If it’s a slip and slide contest, I’ll be absolutely shocked if they give them the full containers to fill because that will last all night long with TONS of whining. Again, that comp will come down to James and Metta which James will win.


Needless to say, James is almost a lock to win whatever endurance challenge they throw at them except maybe the chicken coop that may give a few others a slight chance.


  • 9:30 am – Half of the alliance is up in the HoH room chatting while Metta is cooking.  I say just ‘the alliance’ because there is basically only one. Brandi, Mari, Ari, and Ross.
  • 9:50 am – Feeds down for HoH lockdown while they prep for tonight. I forgot how often feeds go down the day of live evictions.
  • 12:30 pm – Shannon is making a last-minute pitch to Mari and Ross
    • Shannon says that James’ ride or die is on the block and if you keep him, they’re going to go after the house
    • Ross says “I’ll consider it” no, you won’t
  • 3:00 pm – Was out for a bit.Feeds currently down and probably going to be up and down until the live show.
    • There will be a live eviction thread and then an endurance competition thread tonight!

Check back for updates


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  1. AIO_7

    Someone not in the Big 4 needs to make a move on them. If they can’t see the bond that the Big 4 has then they are blind. They (The 4) even did a 4 way spoon last night. (I’m not sure if the gourd was involved)

  2. Painter1

    Last night Metta was giving Shannon some sound advice. He deals good with being in the public eye and I liked when he said there is ALWAYS going to be haters, just bring them along for the journey. He talked about his experience with basketball and was letting Shannon know she is special and could see the good in her.

  3. Avatar

    Do y’all know if tonight is a double?

  4. Alda

    Phil Keoghan is on live now.He just said that he heard Chuck Liddell and his wife Heidi would like to be on The Amazing Race.Phil said he’d love to have them!

  5. Alda

    I hope they have to do the slip and slide comp.That would be hilarious.

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