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Celebrity Big Brother – HoH Results And More

Good morning, everyone!


It was a long day for me yesterday, so when Julie said that Monday will be busy with the HoH, PoV, and eviction, for some reason I instantly took it as they were going to have the HoH that day. I was too tired for it to click that they’ll show the pre-recorded HoH and have a live PoV and eviction. So, I watched some Ted Budy tapes then fell asleep. Oops.

Apparently, there was an HoH which made complete sense. With a normal brain, obviously, they wouldn’t go two days without an HoH. Re-watching the feeds, I didn’t miss a whole lot. The plan is going as expected as someone other than Kato won HoH and that was…

Tamar won the HoH


On the feeds, the group spent most of the time hanging out or bashing Tom and Kato. I guess that’s the theme for the next two days as the group of 6 will bitch about the pair bullying them. Really. One thing that can be said about the remaining group is that there aren’t many situations they won’t exaggerate about for dramatic purposes (Note – I say ‘remaining group’, but Dina and Kandi are basically excluded. They are acting like adults about it all).

If you listened to the Bedroom Bunch re-tell the season (my nickname for Lolo, Natalie, Ricky, and Tamar), you would think Tom went around making physical and mental threats to everyone and Kato was an abusive racist who flipped out on anyone who got in his way. The reality is, Ricky and Natalie are instigators and Tamar/Lolo both ‘run hot’ (as Joey put it) and completely blow up any situation.  Needless to say, it’s getting pretty easy to root for Kandi or even Dina moving forward.  I’d say Kandi first because she has been the target of a bit but handled it all with class. We haven’t really seen Dina deal with anything.

Oh, and speaking of Joey, we needed ‘interview Joey’ this season. Where the hell was he? Last night, he was honest and funny and didn’t hold back when describing the house to Julie. If that Joey played the game, I would have been rooting for him since day 1 – even with his unwillingness to say WOAH.  Oh well.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday and if anyone doesn’t know, I’m a Pats fan, so I won’t be around tonight to blog. And before you say it, I’ve been a fan since the late 80’s, early 90’s when I was old enough know what football was. No bandwagon here!  Also, I did training for that job and it’s a professional driver for corporate clients. They allow smoking in the car – WTF?? Look, I don’t care if you smoke but no way I can work at a place that will make me sit in a car with someone smoking. Just can’t do it. Looks like the job hunt is back on. As a result, my Big Brother schedule shouldn’t be interrupted much.


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  1. hogwild

    Not a fan of either Superbowl team if there was a way both could lose it would make my day.

  2. Sassy

    Sorry about the job Steve! I’m shocked they still allow smoking in cars.

    • Alda

      My nephew had to go to Kansas City for work.Some of the restaurant/bars were so filled with smoke he walked out.

      • danmtruth

        It is odd how many bars and restaurants were first opposed to the smoking ban Thinking they would lose so many customers Yet time has proven just the opposite People like coming home after a nite out Not smelling like an ashtray

  3. danmtruth

    Hog ease up Bear fans here just hopping for a close game All I can say is remember supper bowl XX I know ancient history but history none the less
    Steve nice recap I just can’t get on the Dina as a good person After her bliwup with Kandi the other night Not to mention how she is happy to do whatever Kato or Tom ask There is being in surviver mood Than there is being pawn with no hope if getting anywhere but 3 place
    It is getting boring listening to the weaveline sister complaining about Tomoto I agree with whoever said At lest Tomoto has a plan while the girls it’s all about just being mean

    • hogwild

      Can’t Dan not a Saints fan either but still ticked they got royally ripped by the refs oh well maybe there will be some funny commericals.

      • danmtruth

        Agree on the Saints getting the shortend of the stick That’s the problem with all Star ref teams prove just like in all Star games You need people to do the work in the trenches It is better to have a team that works together all season Than these official teams thrown together who do not know how the other works

    • Sassy

      Also a Bears fan, and if The Patriots need a new field goal kicker, the Bears will gladly give them theirs!

  4. danmtruth

    Steve I do agree that in this day and age they would allow smoking I’m cars Can’t believe they don’t care about second hand smoke dangers for there driver’s Not to mention trying to keep the car clean and get that smell out Good luck Steve something better out their for you
    My faves are Kandi & Tamara As I said I see Kandi playing a good slow game Not pushing herself in front just letting others take each other out Tamra has said she is a big fan Talking about season one and on She seems to be directing her and Kandis alliance Working both sides of the house Tamra early on talked of an all girl alliance she might have found it
    Tom talk of it might be time for OTEV Not sure if they have time on a live show to do that It takes time for production to reset after each round My guess is some kind of true/false or A)B questions
    So we should get Noms today One night to let them stew on it Then let the paranoia set in to let them hatch the crazy plans
    Loco and NEM need to take this round off Shut the Fu#k up and TRUST Tamra plan But that will never happen

    • Sassy

      I thought Tom was thinking it was the spelling game, where there is a set amount of time to collect letter and spell a word. I may be wrong, it wouldn’t be the first time. The HOH was a question thing, so I wouldn’t think the comps would be that similar. I’m guess a game of chance.

  5. mm22

    So is tamar putting up tom n kato

  6. Mel

    Even tho I mentioned wanting Kandi or Tamar to win the hoh last night, it didn’t mean it was a good idea! Tamar was not only safe, she wasn’t a target that’s high on the list. She needed to sit back and let Tomato and Nolo/Ricky fight it out.

    She plans to nom Tomato which will only make it harder for Tamar, Kandi or Dina to make it to the end. Both sides need split apart but I’d go after a trio before going after a duo. Tamar may not know about the 3 person alliance of Nolo/Ricky but she knows Nolo has a F2 and she doesn’t trust Ricky. She did talk to Ricky last night and made it sound like they were tight. I was surprised to hear her say she was glad they met. With all the cheating and bad marriage info she was spilling the first week about Rickys marriage, I just assumed they knew each other.

    Since Tamar blew up and called Kato a racist and Tom making it hard for her to use her power without looking bad, she may not have felt safe enough if Kato won and may think it’s better to let the power expire without using it. I still think she was safe and if she hadn’t blown up, she for sure would’ve been.

    I’ve been gradually letting go of rooting for NEM after she started behaving like Lolo but I was trying to hang onto Ricky. That’s impossible after last night. Tom made a point to tell everyone (after the hoh comp) that they all should just smile and be happy the next few days. He’d lost but was trying to tell these psychos they could still be adults about eveything. NEM said she was happy and Ricky said they smiled a lot when Tom wasn’t in the room. It was sooooo unnecessary. It’s awkward enough to watch young adults behave this way but these people are in their 30s 40s and 50s.

    Kandi told Kato she couldn’t be seen talking to him very much, not in a mean way tho. It may mean she’s still working with them to a certain extent. Dina, on the other hand is buying into Nolo faking being her new BFF’s. She’s started trash talking Tomato too. Kandi tried to tell her they hadn’t done her wrong but Dina just complained to Ricky about Kandi.

    Ricky tried to get a pat on the back because Kandi stayed and she let him know Tamar was the reason she was still there, not him. She pointed out that he planned to vote her out. He lied and tried to backtrack and Tamar helped him do it. I don’t think Kandi’s buying it tho. Kandi tried to get Tamar to see NEM was the biggest target in the house before the hoh comp but I guess Tamar doesn’t see it that way.

    Tamar talked a little crap about Kandi but she also had a convo with Kandi saying they had to act a certain way so it may be fake. Who knows with those two?

    Last time I checked, Tamar was still sleeping so I don’t think anythings going to happen too soon.

    • Mel

      NEM, Lolo and Tamar did some loud gloating after the hoh comp from what I could tell from convos. Forgot to mention that.

    • Sassy

      I’m amazed with such a short season, these HGs, who are used to the spotlight, can’t behave better. I give Tantrum a pass, because it sounds like that is her catch for people and how she behaves on a normal basis. Not saying it’s alright, but it is why HER fans like her. On the normal seasons, we would just be starting to see the fractures, but these celebs went full force from the beginning! I like the season, just don’t like the players, if that makes any sense.

  7. AIO_7

    Poor guy, he used to have a good social game …


  8. AIO_7

    Dina is going to have a nip-slip if she is not careful …


  9. AIO_7

    As NiK calls them … “Los Lonely Boys.” …


  10. danmtruth

    Tomoto in the kitchen -Alone again naturally – (name that artists ) crying about how embarrassing it was the way they celebrated winning What bad sports they are Tom points out being Canadian He is used to playing hard than lining up and shacking hands I guess he has never seen like every pro game except mybe probaseball Where they do not have a formal handshake line In any case bad sportsmanship aside I think they forgot how they told anyone who would listen How THEY won So MANY comps and we’re odds on Facebook favorites to win the rest Or the gloeting they did Time and perspective are a funny thing

    • Mel

      I think the disconnect for Tom was caused by people throwing around the words bullied,, threatened and attacked. He played the game hard, was too cocky, talked at people instead of to them and assumed his plan should be THE plan for the group. If they could’ve told him that instead of using the terms they did to describe him, I think he would get it more. He knows he didn’t do the things they’re saying so he discounts their position entirely. Tom was very pushy about what he wanted as hoh and trying to find out who had the power but I’m not sure I’ve ever heard him raise his voice.

    • AIO_7

      (name that artists )

      Gilbert O’ Sullivan.

  11. Mel

    So far today:

    Kandi has talked to Tamar about the need to split up the alliance of 3 people. Tamar doesn’t agree and told Kandi she may end up on the block but won’t go home. I didn’t see it all. I think she means if Tom or Kato wins the veto. Kandi said if that happens, she could go home. I agree Tomato is a bigger target but Nolo has been regretting keeping Kandi already.

    Tom’s new plan is to throw the veto, Kato win the veto, get Tamar to put someone else up that will go home because everyone will think Tom is defeated. He plans to act depressed to make this happen. Strategic genius he is not…

    Lolo is pissed at something. Shocked right?

    Tamar said she was told she needed to do a “nice” nom speech by production. She could be making it up but maybe not. I’m sure they don’t want Tamar calling Kato a racist at the nom ceremony and then having to figure out how to edit the footage so they can still use it.

    • Sassy

      At least Tomato is still trying. It’s not a good plan and won’t work, but at least they have a plan. At least they are gaming til the end! Why Kandi as a replacement? Why not Dina?

    • danmtruth

      In the past people have been called into the DR and told to take it easy on the no speaches Agree this is a slippery slope Tamar was one of the early people who started to call Tom a bully It is no secert she was a victim of domestic vilonce
      Tom was sloppy with his shake down of Tamra It was out of an old mob movie He told her that he need to find out if Kandi had the power The interesting thing is Tamar had it so knew that Kandi did not have it Tom than did the heavy hand if she did not find it out Than if Kandi pulls herself off Tom would need to put someone up So he “might” have to put her up Tom was sloppy in his attempt Tamra was upset that Tom did not take her seriously When she said as a business women she knew a threat when she heard it Tom made the mistake of laughing at her A nervous laugh but still a laugh This is all it took for Tamra to tag him a sexiest chauvinistic pig who tried to bully her This gave locololo and NEM dirt to pin on Tom so off they went Sad

  12. Shivani33

    Dina is trying to blame Kato for the Fritos in her bed. Dina was eating Fritos in her bed last night. She might not remember. Lol. Meanwhile houseguests found a stash left by Joey in his room. It was 1,001 water bottles, gluten-free junkfood cookies and crackers. And then Dina asked, ” why did he have a shower cap?” Busy day. Lolo is mad about somethin’ somethin’. Ricky looks chubby.

  13. Seattle Kari

    If you have a good driving record and you don’t want to deal with a smoking in a car, I would check out hotels near your closest airport. My husband works for a hotel at the Sea-Tac Airport and he makes his base play plus tips. He’s actually really lucky because in the SeaTac area they make more per hour versus even Seattle. He’s making 1609 now plus tips.( It’s crazy though half as income still goes for our rent and we pay less rent than the average two bedroom. Much less!)

    At any rate I would recommend doing either shuttle driving for an airport hotel for the best tips. Just a thought! I can agree with you on the smoking thing that’s nasty!

    Good luck with your quest!

  14. Mel

    Tom and Kato on the block…as expected.
    Tip: If you don’t want to be in the middle of the ugly side of BB, stay off Twitter today.

  15. Alda

    Kato and Tom are on the block

  16. Alda

    I hope one of them wins the veto,and LOCO goes on the block.

  17. danmtruth

    Tamar will keep her voting block Why not put Dina up ?

  18. Alda

    I want Loco on the block so she goes nuts and stirs up more crap.Then,hopefully she’ll get voted off next.

  19. hogwild

    Off topic I know and I watched very little of it still that is the most boring Superbowl in my lifetime.

  20. Sassy

    Here’s some of the Twitter gossip:

    According to Jonathan, he was on slip at some point “I was on slop after ringing the dinner bell during the “giddy up” challenge to go back in the game. It never made air but I got to experience it! Why is no one talking about this? It was awesome!”

    After much debate, this is Tomato’s current plan. “Tom- Fight for the veto hard, use it for yourself, get me the fuck out of here. I will be glad you did. Kato- If you excel at it (the veto comp), go for it. Tom- I’m planning on going for it and planning on using the veto on myself”

    Lots of chit chat about Lolo being nasty and explosive.

    People are acting like Tantrum has already won the game.

    They had a Super Bowl party. Tomato sat in one spot, Kandi by herself and the other 4 at the kitchen counter. Don’t know where Dina was, maybe there was 5 in the kitchen. Tantrum asked for alcohol, Ricky wanted Margaritas, and Tantrum said something to Dina about how she acts when drunk. Dina pretends not to know what she was talking about.

    • Sassy

      There’s also a lot of chatter on the bedroom bunch. How they have handled or lack of handling, method of handling situations. People either think it’s disgusting or they love Tantrum, while still hating Loco. Doesn’t seem to be a lot of Kandi supporters. There is a lot of talk about a black alliance or first black winner, but they don’t consider Loco black. They want to see Kandi, Ricky, and Tantrum team up, but want it handed to Tantrum in the end…

  21. Seattle Kari

    One heck of a close game until that final quarter. They held each other off pretty well. Congrats on the win Pat’s. You sure as heck did coverage in the endzone like flies on shit didn’t you? Lol

  22. NKogNeeTow

    Before I start BBAD, I’d just like to take a moment to say TOM BRADY SOLD HIS SOUL TO THE DEVIL! Rant over.


    Lo/nat/Kandi/Ricky/Dina sitting in the kitchen talking about regular BB and the pool. Lo ask Kandi if an endurance comp was to stay up late could she do it. She says no, at home she can stay upK= late but not in the BB house. They find out that Lo’s birthday is 8/5, the day before Kandi’s husband’s. Lo said that once she was celebrating her birthday and blew out the candles and her hair caught on fire. She said she’s never had a birthday party except as a child. Kandi said a few years ago she and some friends took her husband to Vegas for the weekend to see J-Lo.

    Los Lonely Boys have isolated themselves to the balcony playing pool. Tom is saying that he hangs out with normal people. Kato says he wants to talk to Tom but not there because it might be misinterpreted.

  23. NKogNeeTow

    Kitchen crew is still talking about birthdays. Ricky says he’s usually working or taking a class on his birthday. Tay says she does too.

    Upstairs, Tom says Ricky has a look on his face like he doesn’t know what he has gotten into. Kato says Ricky is the king of the women. Tom says it kind of makes sense since he, Ricky and Kato are the last 3 males that the girls have not picked off.

    Now the kitchen crew are talking about celebrities with gaps in their teeth…Madonna, Michael Straihan(sp). Tay says she thinks are nasty. Tay gets called to the DR. Now the conversation turns to tea. Ricky says green tea is not herbal. Ricky says he wrote a book twice but trashed them both because his life kept changing so much that he decided to wait until he’s older to write it.

    • Sassy

      Poor Lolo, she doesn’t get to celebrate her bday because she is usually stuck in shitty places in Europe between races. Ummm… She obviously missed out on a lot while traveling the world. The crappiest places are usually the BEST!!

  24. NKogNeeTow

    Nat keeps sneezing. Kandi is telling them about the business of real estate (she seems pretty adept at it). Telling them how cities reinvest in businesses to keep the economy up.

    Pool game still going on upstairs. Tom says the best they can do for their energy tomorrow is to stay up all night. Kato says no. Kato says he has to have proper sleep for his day tomorrow. Kato says he wants to sit outside tonight.

  25. NKogNeeTow

    Nat and SwingLo are in the parlor saying that the room alliance is back on. Nat says if it is, can they rename it. Lo says to call it The Dream Team because it could be a dream or a nightmare. Nat screams and says she loves it. They discuss going into the pool. Nat leaves to wash her face, while Lo finishes up her tweets.

    Kandi/Tay/Dina are playing cards. Kandi says her daughter wants her to win but her husband is probably saying “If you don’t bring your ass home…” Tay laughs at her.

    Upstairs, Kato is talking to Tom about the downstairs crew. Tom is talking about where the power is in the house. He says that’s the way Hollywood people are (*I don’t think anyone in the house is from Hollywood*). He says he finds it disappointing but what are you going to do.

    • Sassy

      NoLo is so proud of Lo for being so crafty and funny about the name. I think everyone is delusionally tired.

      Tay is acting like everyone is here to play for her and “they” shouldn’t feel bad about going home. Kandi just laugh and Tay glares at her.

  26. Sassy

    Newest drama on Twitter: Swaggy and Fessy had some kind of “fundraiser”, where they charged people $15 to watch online. They used Kevin’s cancer as their hook, stating a portion of the proceeds would be donated to his family. The event supposively made thousands and They sent Kevin a check for $500! His daughter is pissed!! Shaggy doesn’t see anything wrong with using Kevin’s cancer to raise money for himself. No where did he say what percentage of the profits he would send to Kevin, just says a portion! Talk about a disgusting human!!

  27. NKogNeeTow

    Nat is in the bedroom looking through a drawer for something. Ricky is lying on his bed. She says she wishes she could take a picture of Lo’s drawer and send it to her husband. She leaves the room.

    Tom is still somewhat hamming it up for the cameras and gets up close to one and smiles, then goes back to his pool game. Nat gets told to put on her mic.

    Nat is back in the room with Ricky. He asks her where everyone is. She says the girls are still playing cards and the guys are upstair playing poker, then corrects it to pool.

    Ricky tells Nat that if one of them doesn’t win HOH, then one of them will go home. Ricky thinks the next eviction might be a double and that’s the one they have to win. Tay comes in and tells them that Kandi is hardcore mad because she lost the card game (*probably an exaggeration*). Ricky says that she hates to lose. Tay tells Nat she has to win the next HOH. Tay says she wants to win one more because she wants another letter because she’s greedy. She asks if Lo is in the DR. Nat says no, she’s washing her face. Tay says she’s going to wash her face but they can’t go to sleep before they do a room prayer. Tay leaves and Ricky looks at Nat and smiles and asks her how much does she trust that. Nat says not much because Tay changes her mind every day. Nat says that Tay will be the same until she and Lo get into it again. SwingLo comes in and they stop talking.

    • Sassy

      Ricky is making sure the seeds of doubt are running strong. He is not gonna try to win anything, he knows he’s good with everyone but Tomato. He wants the girls to pick each other off.

  28. NKogNeeTow

    Tay is back at the table talking to Dina and Kandi, who are still playing cards. (There doesn’t seem to be any animosity between Tay and Kandi, at least not noticeable).

    Tom says maybe he should go down and get some water. Kato tells him no, to just stay out of it. (Not sure what the “it” is, no one is arguing).

    Nat and Lo are in the SR putting away cooked food that is sitting on the counter. Lo says that some of the food should be thrown out because it’s been sitting out. Nat tells her that she kind of feels sorry for Tomato because of the way they seem isolated. Lo says that she doesn’t and that they (Tomato) are opponents and she still believes that Kato has some fight in him. Lo is tellling Nat that the weird thing is that Marissa won last year and she didn’t say anything personal but this group is telling everything. (*I don’t know what CBB Lo watched, that damn Marrissa never shut up a minute about her personal life, clean down to when she had a period*). Tay comes in and says something about liking to play with people who aren’t bad losers (referring to Kandi). Lo says that’s why “those 2” are upstairs by themselves now. (*There is quite a bit of food in disposable pans. Did POP give them a Super Bowl party?*)

    • Sassy

      Yes, they had a super bowl party and were told who was playing. Tomato sat at the far side of the table. Kandi sat on the opposite corner by herself and everyone else was in the kitchen at the counter. It was sad…

  29. NKogNeeTow

    Tay/Nat/Lo/Ricky in the bedroom. Tay is telling them how big her butt is. Lo says she wishes she could wear outfits like Tay. Tay says she can. Lo says no because you need curves.

    Los Lonely Boys decide to take a chance and venture downstairs (they wait until nearly everyone is clear from the kitchen area…only Kandi and Dina left playing cards). Kato goes to get towels to cover the outside sofa while Tom gets a drink of water.

    Lo is telling Tay that she had spinal surgery when she was a child because her spine was attached (*isn’t everyone’s?*)

    Kato is asking Kandi and Dina about days, then Tom joins them (*My guess is Tomato picking the girls for info to use in the comp, and they are falling for it. Funny thing is that any of the bedroom crew walks out, Tomato will scatter like roaches when you cut on a light*). Kandi is telling Tomato damn near everything about days and they are soaking it all in. (*I HOPE she is giving them false info but I think she might be to honest for that*). KANDI, SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP!

    They hear the girls coming and Kandi says “I don’t want to talk about this anymore”. Tay asks them what they’re doing. Kandi says “Just counting days”. Tay says why are you talking days when we have 9 days left. Tomato quickly run outside (*see roach reference in the previous paragraph*). Tay sits down and asks Kandi why were they talking about days. Kandi says she was just asking them something about when someone was put ups (*I stand corrected. She CAN lie*)

    • Sassy

      It doesn’t matter if Kandi talks days with Tomato, they will be gone before that comp. I think Tomato is intentionally playing dumb to confuse them.

      I like how Kandi called out Tay. Asking if she not suppose to talk to them? HOHitis!

  30. NKogNeeTow

    Tay/Nat/Lo in the bathroom talking. Dina walks in and Tay says “Dina that did not look good”. Dina says “I know, then walks into the toilet. Lo and Nat leave and Tay looks in the mirror. She washes her hands.

    Nat/Lo are back in the bedroom and Lo asks if they should go over the days. Ricky covers his face and Nat and Lo go over the days alone. Nat says just go over events, f*ck the days. Lo lead off by going over the order when things occurred in the house. *I need the cam back in the bathroom because I just KNOW Tay is gonna grill Dina like a steak and Dina’s gonna give her more info than she needs.*

    In the bedroom, Ricky is correcting Lo on some of the dates. Ricky is telling her not to try to rem and ember the day because it might trip her up. He says to just orient herself to just the HOHs and evictions (4/10/13) and the Veto days.

  31. NKogNeeTow

    Tay is in the bedroom telling them that Tom(?) was trying to make it look like it was something that it wasn’t (when they ran out the kitchen to outside).

    Tomato is telling Kato that everyone got so caught up that they didn’t tell them the plan and if they had, it would have been a great decision. Kato says he told the DR how the comp was 7 against 1. Tom says it made good TV. He says how the house is acting will make for good TV. Kato says it will be good for them (Tomato). Kato tells Tom he should try his hardest to win Veto. Tom says he will. Kato says that when he’s (Tom) is in the house without him or Dina, he can take the house. Tom says it wouldn’t make sense to go against their alliance now. Tom says he know he has Kandi. He says it’s better to get rid of Ricky/Nat/Lo. Kato says if he wins HOH he will put up Ricky/Tay. Tom asks him why put up Tay, she could help him win. Kato says because of the way she’s acting. Tom says he would put up Nat/Ricky. He said he’d keep Lo because she would cause havoc. Kato says he knows what he’s doing and he’s counting on at least winning the Veto. Tom says it doesn’t matter, just to get rid of one of them. Kato agrees and says that at least 1 of them in that room needs to go. Kato says he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore because this is his peace time… then starts to talk about it again.

  32. NKogNeeTow

    Los Lonely Boys are still sitting outside. Tom asks if Kato thinks that Kandi or Dina win Veto will they use it on them. Kato says yes, but he (T) can ask them, he doesn’t want to. Tom says but if they do use it then they will be targeted next. Kato says that if Dina doesn’t think she’ll be the next one to go after them, then she’s crazy. Tom says if he was Ricky, he’d want to pick off Lo first. Kato says the final comps will be questions. He says Dina will be out. Tom says because Dina doesn’t do well in comps. Kato says the group only care about the F5, then the F4 (R/N/L/T). He says that none of what Tom says matters because of it, unless he(K) wins an HOH. Kato says the only way the house’s alliance disintegrates is if he or Dina win and HOH. Tom says he and Kato will be sitting on stage as F2. Tom says what if the power is that they have to take 2 people off the block. Kato says that because the power wasn’t used yet, it rolls over. (*They are truly delusional*) Kato starts to do bird calls. Tom says that if a bird lands on Kato’s finger that he has the power. Tom says it would be hilarious if Kato has the power. Kato says he doesn’t. Tom says what if I have the power. Kato says he knows he doesn’t or they wouldn’t be in that position right now. Tom says the best thing about this game is that you can steer adults into any situation.

    • Sassy

      Tom is annoying me! Kato has a better grasp of the game or workable strategy, except, when they talk about the power. Kato is also right about Dina being crazy! She thinks she’s part of the cool crowd now and will do what they want her too.

  33. NKogNeeTow

    Tom is telling Kato that he told someone that he really wants to exit gracefully and he thought about not trying to win the Veto but he doesn’t want to look like a quitter and he (Ricky?) said cool. Tom said he told him he figured that either he (R) or Tay had the power. Tom says he just doesn’t want that negative energy in the air and he doesn’t want to not go to the after party but the way Ricky was glaring at him from the hot tub the other night… Tom says that he thinks it’s good for Kato that tomorrow at breakfast, if there is some ounce of cordiality left in these people, then maybe he (K) can make it to the end of the game. Kato says he’s the opposite, that if Tom leaves, he will just be focused on winning. He says that he’s not looking to make friends if he wins HOH, he’ll just let them come to him. Tom says they will come. Kato says he already has friends. Tom says it’s very possible that one of them (T/K) could be the next HOH. He says that every comp, they (TK) have either won or almost won. Kato thinks that the bond between he and Tom are closer and that they will go drinking when the show is over. Kato says that he’s glad that he packed, it made him feel like he’s accomplished something. Tom says it’s interesting no having anything to drink or smoke for the last few weeks. He said before, he smoked maybe 4-5 cigarettes a week. He says he’s not really a smoker because he doesn’t inhale. (*That sounds somewhat familiar*)

    The Fearless Foursome are in the bedroom. Nat asks what time it is. Tay says Tomato is sitting outside in the rain. SwingLo asks if Kandi went to bed.

    Tom says that at least he got some good southern cooking.

  34. Avatar

    I’m surprised Tom has not suggested if one of them wins veto they should use it on themselves and right before eviction night the one still on the block self evicts forcing Tay to pick someone without safety. Might be a little out of the box but no crazier than some of Tom’s other schemes.

  35. NKogNeeTow

    Kato asks Tom if he had won Veto would he have backdoored Ricky. Tom says for sure. Kato says that makes him feel good. Tom says the way that things panned out was better because this way they found out they weren’t in a real alliance. Tom says that if Lo had been put up, what a day that would have been.

    Kandi/Tay/Dina in the kitchen. Tay and Kandi were going to clean out the fridge until Tay mentions a cheeseburger slider. Kandi says that sounds good. Tay says “Oh is that what we’re doing?”

    Tomato still talking about Joey leaving and what-if’s (Ricky). (*Tom seems to have a real hard-on for Ricky and Lo. What the hell did they do to him to make him want them gone so badly?*) He can’t get off the subject of Ricky. He says that there were a lot of things that went on in the house that were outrageous. He says it just depends on which character is getting upset.

    In the kitchen, Dina wave at the camera and mouths the word “Hi”. She asks Kandi where the card are. Kandi says in her pocket and she was going to take them upstairs. Tay and Dina start talking about popcorn.

    Outside, that meaning of paranoia (T/K) is discussing how the Fearless Four are fulled with paranoia and are afraid to separate because they think if they aren’t together, 2 will talk about the other 2.

  36. NKogNeeTow

    Tay sitting at the counter eating quietly. Dina throwing something in the trash. Kandi standing in front of the open fridge (getting ready to clean it?)

    Outside, Tomato is talking about satellites. (At least they are finally off of game talk. Those 2 are draining when it comes to game talk).

    Tay/Dina/Kandi are talking about Dubai. Dina tells them she will get Lindsay to call them and tell them what to do (about Dubai…of course we COULDN’T go a night without Dina reminding us about Lindsay). Kandi is telling Tay that when she travels she gets suites so she can feed her kids. Tay says absolutely.

    Outside, Frick and Frack are at it again. Tom now says that he prefers that Kato start working with Ricky because it will cause dissension because it will worry the women that there are 2 men working together, causing phycological tension. He says then put Lo/Nat up. Kato says he can’t have Ricky/Tay together, they have to be split up. Tom says if Kato wins HOH, Ricky will be nice to him again.

  37. NKogNeeTow

    LLB are still outside. Tom says he asked one of the producers today if he had ever had himself and 16 of his staff move into the house together…Cam cuts to inside where Tay/Dina/Kandi are talking about the Bahamas.

    Tomato are getting ready to go in and Tom says something about are they not allowed to mention about production about anything. They go inside and Tom asks if they saved any of the party food. Kandi says yes and he goes to the SR to get some. Dina watches herself in the mirror as she washes dishes. She complains that every time she puts something in one sink, stuff bubbles up in the other sink. Tom comes back and asks if anyone want chicken. Tay says she doesn’t eat bird. Kandi tells Tom that she just cleaned the kitchen and ask that he clean up behind himself. He calls her Joey Lawrence and she laughs and says she just doesn’t want things to get crazy in the kitchen again.

  38. NKogNeeTow

    Tom sitting alone in the kitchen eating.

    Dina/Tay/Nat are in the HOH and Tay is telling them that Tom said he quit an alliance. She says that something isn’t right. Dina says that maybe Joey and Ryan were in an alliance. Dina says it’s a game and they met people they wouldn’t have met. She says why would he have ill will against anyone, it’s just stupid energy. Tay says she needs them to know….then the damn cam cuts to Tom saying it all comes down to this, alone and eating an entire chicken. He says it’s pretty good actually, it’s sweet. Then we get to watch him eat while a good convo is going on in the HOH. He put the juice back in the fridge and goes to the bathroom.

    Kato is in bed with and eye mask on. We get a close up of Orwell sitting on the counter.

    And with that, BBAD is OVAH! Goodnight everyone and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  39. Avatar

    Tom tells Kato, “If the alliance doesn’t fit you must quit.”

  40. Katheryn

    I think the real bully is Ricky.

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