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Celebrity Big Brother- Monday show recap & updates


After all the debating today, Keshia left on a unanimous vote and it had nothing to do with strategy. I’ll give you my thoughts on the show and backtrack a little at the bottom with some feed updates from today. I liked Julie’s blouse even if it was a little too sheer and she looks fantastic in that color blue but the shoes, I hated. I’ve seen her wear that exact shoe in multiple colors so maybe they’re really comfortable but they’re hideous and matching the color to her shirt made them worse. The coughing shade was great!

Didn’t the set for the veto comp seem to take up a lot of space compared to the simplicity of the comp? We had Marissa versus Omorosa 2.0 with Marissa winning again. If Keshia was trying to help Omorosa, she shouldn’t have chosen her to go against someone that early in the comp. She didn’t get knocked out that round but she could have.


I thought the back door plan for Shannon was actually going to happen when I saw Shannon go in the house and the other group stay outside to talk. I still thought it even after Keshia started crying because at first, she was saying they better not lie to her. (I think this was in reference to her conversations today when she told Brandi she would stay and help them get rid of Shannon if they promised to send her home on Friday)  Did you guys notice how fast Brandi looked over at Ross when he said they may not win the HOH and be able to do what Keshia wanted? You just know she was giving him a STFU look.  We knew it wasn’t going to happen when Marissa started telling Keshia that she would do what Keshia wanted.

Was this the first time “breast milk” was said in an eviction speech? It has to be. I wasn’t even thinking about Keisha at this point, I started wondering if Metta was jealous. I doubt Keshia did any damage to Shannon in her speech but at least she said something game related. Omarosa’s speech was…..blah, blah, blah, blah. You didn’t really think I was going to quote all that crap did you? I also kept trying to determine if Brandi’s expression was emotional or pissed off when they were on the couch during the vote. It’s one thing for Ross to turn her idea down but  she’s worked really hard the past couple of days to have her plan fail because of low milk production and a broken breast pump. So Keshia left, wearing very pretty shoes by the way, and is off to feed her baby.  I found her fairly boring on the feeds anyway so I don’t really care. When you watch the intro, Keshia is the only person who doesn’t move and maybe that was a sign so moving on….

Conversations from this afternoon:


As I mentioned before, Brandi promised to send Keshia home Friday if she would stay snd vote out Shannon.  They had Marks vote and didn’t really need Keshia’s but I think Ross is the only one of them who trusts Mark so maybe they thought they had to have her on board. The feeds were off a lot today and I think Keshia may have spent a big part of it saying she wanted to leave tonight. I couldn’t understand why Brandi was spending so much time trying to get Omorosa evicted if they had a back door plan but I get it now. They must have realized they were going to have a hard time getting Keshia to stay.

During group talks, the more Shannon and James pushed for Keshia to be evicted, the more Brandi pushed back for Omorosa. Brandi was being Brandi and at one point said to James “clearly I don’t like you.” She also accused one of them of having something going with Omarosa. Shannon made the argument that Keshia went behind their backs and talked to Chuck so Brandi pointed out that Shannon went behind their backs and talked to Omarosa. Later, I heard Marissa telling Shannon the fact she and James were pushing so hard to keep Omarosa made it look more suspicious. When the feeds came up again, I heard someone saying they were glad they were able to come to an agreement to let Keshia go. After that, they were still talking about the back door plan. I went into tonight with no clue who was leaving.

James and Mark talked and James said Brandi needed to leave next. He mentioned that Brandi was a bully. He said all the women manifest drama. He said they were all mean to each other and mean to him.

Ross got VERY excited to get a vacuum cleaner today and was showing it off. Omarosa needed to take precautions for the vacuuming with a face mask. I wonder if she could have simply gone to the hoh room while they cleaned but nah, not dramatic enough.


So what’s the over/under on how many hours it takes for Shannon to find out she almost got backdoored?

Wednesday- hoh comp and noms






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  1. LO1004

    I think Ross getting his vacuum and Omarosa wearing a mask b/c of it was the most entertainment today’s CBB provided. And I’m really upset about Julie’s shirt. It was a beautiful color on her, I just wish someone had noticed and made an adjustment for her.

  2. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    I’m probably in the minority on this one, but I find both Ross and Marissa extremely annoying. Below are possible reasons why:

    ***Maybe it was all the flip flopping they were doing the past few days.
    ***Maybe it’s the fact that they were strongly considering backdooring someone (Shannon) who was not in any way a threat to their games and in fact is a strong competitor that would probably be an asset to them (As “superfans” they should know that they need to play for themselves, NOT for the house).
    ***Maybe it’s the fact that both of them talk like Jimmy Fallon’s “Ewww” character (thanks LO1004, I couldn’t place that voice until I saw your avatar lol).
    ***Probably it’s all of the above (plus Marissa never washing her nasty ass hands after using the bathroom)

    But whatever the case, they both grate on my last nerve.

    P.S. #ByeRudy #STFUOnYourWayOut

  3. Sassy

    Julie said the finale is in less than 2 weeks and we still have 9 people in the house? Hmmm…. They have got to start doing some double and triple evicting soon. I LOVED O’s speech. When she ended it with “Do what is best for Keisha.” My daughter and I laughed til we cried! We had to pause until we could see through the tears!

  4. NKogNeeTow

    Sounds like Ari is the new HOH.

  5. NKogNeeTow

    Obnoxious, Brashi and Ari and dancing around in the aqua room and plotting Shannon and James’ untimely demise (some things never change)…..well, until Brashi has it out with Obnoxious again and tells Ari to get rid of her first (Ari believes everything Brashi tells her). Brashi starts talking to the camera and saying “Keisha, we did it for YOU” (yeah, right).

    Ari is coughing and has to use an inhaler (bet that pisses off Obnoxious, Ari’s coughs sound REAL).

  6. NKogNeeTow

    H..R.Puffenstuff (Mrissa) is fixing a pizza and put 1 handful of cheese on it and an equal handful in her mouth (still didn’t see her wash her hands yet). .

    Shannon is running down her travel itinerary to Metta, while Mark sits there reading a can of Planters Nuts and looking like he wishes she would shut the hell up. He should be grateful about one thing…as long as Puff is stuffing her face with cheese, she’s not talking.

    I was wrong. Puff is eating a big bowl of something WHILE talking.

    James is just standing there, looking f*cked.

    Metta is in the shower doing some lame ass rap that makes him look crazier than usual. He finishes by apologizing to his family for embarrassing them.

  7. NKogNeeTow

    Puff is now on a big bowl of cereal.

    Everyone is walking around coughing.

  8. NKogNeeTow

    Ross proposes that from now on, the night before an eviction, they have a family dinner since they will never be together like that again. Metta agrees.

    Metta says the game is like a roller coaster ride and he hates roller coasters.

    Obnoxious runs down the rules of “dish etiquette”. She ask James to recite them. He does but he’s not enthused.

    The group discuss what to do and what kind of dinner to have for Valentine’s Day.

    Puff is still trying to out talk everyone She’s now telling the group, they need Obnoxious to organize everything.

  9. NKogNeeTow

    Obnoxious is now giving the group a verbal tour of the WH. She also tells them that she and “Donald” created a show together but he wouldn’t let her be executive producer. She said she had to concede because they were using his building, his helicopters and his money. She goes on to say how smart Melania is and speaks 7 languages and she (O) doesn’t know why people doesn’t think she (Melania) isn’t smart. One thing for sure, when she’s talking about anything to do with the WH, everybody stops and listens.

  10. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD is out and so am I. Everyone have a great day!

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  12. Alda

    Just finished watching BBAD. I’m so glad I have a dvr and can fast forward through the fakeness.

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