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Celebrity Big Brother Post Walk-Out Updates


Sorry, but I can’t even label this an eviction tonight. I’ve been sitting here at a loss for words at just how frustrating it is watching a bunch of D-Listers “play” this game.

Let’s quickly break down the cast….

  • Metta – Quitter
  • Keisha – Quitter
  • Shannon – Basically quit after getting nominated
  • Chuck – I honestly don’t know because I was on vacation
  • Mark – Floater
  • Marissa – Whiner
  • James – Kind of there to play
  • Ariadna – There to win
  • Omarosa – There to win
  • Ross – There for the experience
  • Brandi – There for the exposure

Marissa and Ross I put in similar categories as kind of there to play, but also just there to get some exposure and have this experience. That’s okay. Every season needs a few people like that. James seems like a Cody (Nicole’s Cody) where he’s there to experience it and maybe win but doesn’t really seem to care if he loses. I hate to bash Shannon because she really appeared to want to stick around for awhile, but she basically gave up after being nominated.


I’ve seen nothing out of Ariadna or Omarosa to make me think anything but they’re both there to play and win at all costs.  Ari may not be the best at the tactical part of the game, but she clearly wants to win and is fierce. Oma wants to win, period. She’s willing to lie and manipulate houseguests but isn’t mean or awful like Alex last season. I wish she’d come back on a regular season to see how she’d do against more people who actually want to win (and I know, about half the people on a regular season are just there for the exposure as well)

Maybe I’m just frustrated because this night had the potential to be a game flipper but instead Metta clearly throws the PoV competition (not like he had a shot, anyway) only to “beg” to go home.  I use quotes because I believe he threatened to not vote for anyone who voted for him to stay because this was clearly a move nobody really wanted to make.

What are your thoughts? Am I overreacting? Has the season been as bad as it appears to me?  Also, I will update this thread when the HoH competition is over.


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  1. hogwild

    It has been everything you say I sincerely hope CBS does not repeat this mistake.

  2. Painter1

    Agree what a bomb. CBS needed to be clear with these so called celebrities. No stay No Pay

    • Mel

      They know. Metta has more money than all of them put together. Money was never going to keep him there. They kept talking him out of quitting by using guilt. He’s still a guy who’s used to doing what he wants to do so that was only going to work for so long. This is the third reality show that Keshia has left either first or very close to it. She shows up for the base pay and calls it a day. For a celeb bb, even D list, having only 2 isn’t too bad. Lol

  3. Avatar

    I think CBS got lucky that nothing else was on and people watched this joke of a season over the olympics. I just can’t stand Rods or his tribe. I just ugh!

  4. Mel

    I disagree about Ross and Brandi. They are very much there to win

  5. Sassy

    I just don’t even know what to say about this mini season. It had such potential but turned out to be a bust. I am SOOO disappointed!

  6. Seattle Kari

    I guess we knew this wasn’t going to be the best in advance but… Wow! Why didn’t they just have him self evict?

    Maybe he just wanted people to see his Panda clothing that he’s trying to sell?

    I heard rumors that he left the house and went home before this. Does anybody know if that’s true?

  7. Shivani33

    Stevebeans called him a Floater, but around here he’s a.k.a. as the Botox Zombie. He’s 50! 50!!! 50 years old and now is HoH.

    • Shivani33

      Ross is already nagging him about Omarosa needing to go. McGrath is strutting around with a sudden case of HoHitis and trying to calm Ross down by saying about Omarosa, “it’s not a matter of if but when.” But so far Mark seems more determined to show Brandi the door. Plus, he said he’s most tight in this game with James and that James sees it the same way, anti-Brandi. Mark sprinted out of the room as gracefully as possible when Morassa lumbered in to monopolize any and all discussion.

    • NKogNeeTow

      You just made me laugh Shi. You reminded me of Sally O’Malley on Saturday Night Live. “I’m Sally O’Malley and I can kick, punch and kick. AND I’M 50!”…lol

      • Shivani33

        I’ve been laughing, too and I’ve never seen the Botox Zombie be this lively. He’s always seemed philosophical, but now he’s downright pontifical. He needs a robe and maybe a great big cross and some altar boys with incense.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Don’t forget his pontif hat. Ross and James can be the altar boys. Marissa and Ari can be the Nuns and Brandi and Omarosa can fight over who will be Mother Superior. Now if he ask someone to annoint his feet, I’m through!

  8. Shivani33

    Omarosa offended Marissa by telling her that she ought to make the beds in the open bedroom and keep it nice. Morassa acted like she was being treated like a maid. She got mad at Omarosa for telling her that non-cooks don’t get to say where the kitchen spices go, too. It’s pretty evident that Morassa doesn’t DO cleaning or cooking. Come to think of it, does she even take showers?

  9. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, I’m starting to fade now. Night Shi 🙂

    • Shivani33

      Good night, NKogNeeTow. Ross doesn’t realize that Mark and Omarosa have an agreement in place that she didn’t nominate him when she was HoH, and that Mark promised not to nominate her if he won this HoH. She can become a renom via Veto, but he’s going to keep his word to her and not nominate her. He knows the house majority is against Omarosa and believes that she won’t be able to last much longer anyhow. Ross is in a strong position to win the game, but I wish Ariadna could beat him. I like her!

  10. Alda

    Mark is HOH? I must be dreaming.I couldn’t make it through BBAD last night.Haven’t slept for a few nights.My son had been in the hospital.I finally slept a few hours and wake up to this news.This should bring a little excitement to the house.Last night’s episode was so dull.I think Mark will definitely be gunning for Brandi.

    • Mel

      Alda, hope your done is doing well. I was surprised too. I don’t usually stay up to see results and just find out ever my morning coffee, I was surprised too. I watch some clips of Ross trying to amp up the paranoia about Omarosa to Mark. It was funny watching all of his efforts fail. Mark was very straightforward about it. He simply told Ross that he knew Omarosa was a target of his but Brandi was a target of Mark and James and she needed to go too. He’s going to have to put in a lot of work to get Mark paranoid about Omarosa lying because Mark just doesn’t care.

    • ericawesome

      Sorry to hear about your son, i hope that he`s feeling better! I was so mad when they evicted Metta, but now his comment before the break made sense ‘If you win the Veto can you put yourself up?’ I was like oh Metta you’re such a newb…but that’s probably why he didn’t care to win it. Glad that Mark won! He’s my pick to win!

      • Alda

        Thank you.We all worry no matter how old our kids are.I agree with you about Metta.I guess James threw the HOH to Mark.Can’t wait to see how this plays out.The alliance of four thought they were invincible.Maybe,not so much.

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