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Do you think CBS told Brandi she could have more alcohol if she saved Omarosa this week?

Celebrity Big Brother-Saturday night recap

brandi celebrity big brotherNominations weren’t a surprise, Ross nominated Omarosa and Keshia. He met with Keshia in the hoh prior to noms and told her he didn’t want her to go home. They cleared things up from the past few days regarding who knew what and who did what. It’s covered in the past couple threads if you missed it. Mark and James see Keshia as the bigger threat but most everyone else doesn’t. Not everyone sees Omarosa as a threat anymore either and Brandi should get most of the credit/blame for that. Brandi and Ari are determined to work with Keshia instead of Shannon but Brandi takes the lead of putting it into action. I’m not sure how much game Ari and Brandi talk because truthfully, since I don’t like Brandi, I ignore her as much as I can. I’m going to need to stop that because these 2 definitely have some game. Ari has been a pleasant surprise who I didn’t think I’d like but I do.


Brandi was already pushing Ross to make a big move but when they met in the hoh, she may have made progress in pushing him to backdoor Shannon if they have the chance.  He’s felt it was too soon but Brandi told him that he’s definitely a target and James & Shannon will be hard to get out. She tells Ross there’s no way   S & J won’t turn on him and mentions how much they go off to talk in private. (Ross was already worried about S & J having a F2 so it’s a good button to push) Brandi &Ari want to reel in Keshia to work with them since Keshia’s upset with Omarosa and she doesn’t think Omarosa has numbers anymore to do anything. Ross doesn’t want James after him but he ends up telling Brandi about the F4 with Marissa, Shannon and James so that makes me think he’s closer to ditching     S & J.  He already has a F4 with Marissa, Brandi and Ari. Brandi and Ross make a F2 deal in this meeting. He meets with Brandi and Ari later in the day and they discuss it again. HelloRoss is becoming HelloRossGonnaGetBusted.

After noms, Ross met with Omarosa and it went better than he expected. She was very gracious and said she understood. (She was one step away from hugging Ross and telling him she was proud of him) She said her time away was a gift because she was able to step back, gain perspective and remember that it’s just a game. She said she got to meet 11 great people.  Ross told her how worried everyone was over her health. She said the time in the house has been great because it allowed her to take a break from real life and have fun with people for a couple of weeks so she was greatful. She said she was glad it wasn’t a back door plan and he said he appreciated her honestly about wanting the 6 women to stick together.  She insinuated that Shannon put it all on Ross and said he was the mastermind. He denied this and she told him that if he’s in the F2, he needed to own it and the decision behind Chuck leaving could be the reason he wins. She said she’s glad she didn’t know in advance, didn’t lie to Chuck and he’ll see the footage and know it. (Is she reminding him she could voting so he shouldn’t lie to her? Either way, she’s good) I’d say she’s sincere about her time away. It’s always going to help if you can step back and decompress. It’s an advantage in my opinion, especially when it’s someone with a big mouth and strong personality. I won’t complain about it though because I’m rooting for someone who keeps trying to have the BB version of a prison break. I lost the right to say anything about it.

Ross and Marissa have already talked about it before but they give the “Shannon situation” some real consideration. They think it’s a good move to get Shannon out but worry James will target him and think it’s an unnecessary move because Ross knows Shannon and James are targets anyway. They arn’t worried about Omarosa and Keshia in comps. I should point out that Marissa is the most irritated by Omarosa’s trip to the hospital. She just wont let it go and made comments about skipping her own medications so she could have a vacation to the hospital. She also made a snide remark about being able to beat Omarosa in comps because she said all it took was spinning around a couple of times to have an asthma attack. They also know Keshia’s using a breast pump around the clock and they may know how tired that can make her. Neither think Omarosa or Brandi can win in the end and I think they like the alliance with Brandi and Ari the most. They trust them more than they do Shannon. (Marissa seems sincere but don’t forget, she and Shannon are real life friends. Marissa’s pissed that Shannon lied to her about Keshia)  I do wish Ross would stop deciding who can win with such certainty because he may be in for a surprise. I think any of them could win depending on what they do the rest of the game. I also didn’t have Marissa pegged as “the bitchy girl” but I like it! She needs some lessons from Omarosa to take it to the next level because I could never see Omarosa saying “like” every 4th word the way Marissa does.

I don’t know if I can root for someone who wants to keep  cat ears alive on BB.

There was some funny talk about whether or not Metta could be America’s player which Marissa said would explain some of his behavior. She thinks we may be telling him to sleep with Orwell the owl every night, announce who he’d put on the block and other things that seem a bit crazy. Metta said he didn’t want to leave anymore and wants to compete but that may change by the time this is posted. Here’s a shot of Metta doing some serious plotting:

The house may have gotten nervous last night but the feed watchers got excited when this happened:


Do you think CBS told Brandi she could have more alcohol if she saved Omarosa this week?

The hg’s went to bed fairly early by BB standards and I don’t think Brandi has to fake a memory loss today. They’re all convinced the veto comp is this morning so they wanted some rest. (Julie said it would be played live on Monday)

Here’s a few more tidbits from yesterday:

  • We found out Omarosa got to talk to her husband on the phone while at the hospital. She said it was monitored. Everyone asked her about it throughout the day and seemed happy for her. (Marissa wanted to hit her with something again, I’m sure)
  • Metta talked about his career, giving away his championship ring and trying to leave sequester when they were still at the hotel. He said he took his bag and “ran into them on the way out.” I’m assuming he meant production and it would appear he’s been try to escape since the beginning. (I think they use guilt on him every time he snaps. It’s just my theory because he’s a nice guy who doesn’t want to let them down or mess up the show. The usual threats of not getting paid and having to reemburse them for expenses wouldn’t work on him because if he wants to go, he could afford to go. Money won’t keep him there)
  • Shannon made popcorn with coconut oil instead of butter and it was a hit. Shannon’s a vegan so I wonder if she has gas a lot. I’m not a vegan so I’m just curious. I’m not really a fan of gas or giving up meat but I do use coconut oil often. Shannon may have made dinner last night too and here’s a shot of James helping. I heard Brandi say that she had a boyfriend but Shannon cut him up.

  • James confided in Mark yesterday that Metta’s comments are starting to get to him. Metta announces that he’s going to nominate James and Shannon if he gets hoh in front of everyone A LOT. He started adding Mark to his list but I’m not sure why. Marissa probably thinks we told him to do it.
  • Ross and company thinks some of Omarosa’s new attitude is because of happy pills. She didn’t tell them what she was on but said they made her very happy. Marissa is jealous over this too and wants something to help her sleep now.
  • New air filters and some humidifiers were put in the house at Omarosa’s request. All the hg’s are happy about it and some of them slept better with the low hum the humidifiers make. Marissa’s sure that’s why they all napped during the hoh lockdown yesterday.
  • Omarosa asked the hg’s for a warning before they vacuum and she gave Keshia a long list of what was wrong at the hospital. Along with the asthma attack, she was dehydrated, had vitamin D and Potassium deficiencies along with some other stuff. She talked about her iv’s and multiple other treatments. Some of it seemed a little exaggerated to me but I don’t have asthma and am trying not to judge. However, you won’t convince me that getting nailed with a plastic ball caused 2 vitamin deficiencies. I also keep having flashbacks to The Apprentice and Omarosa going to the hospital when things weren’t going her way.
  • Ross said something about being tired shortly after Omarosa returned and she told him he didn’t get poked and prodded. (Raven sighting?)

Tonight, we should see the hoh comp, Omarosa getting sick and noms. Ross said he liked the back and forth with Omarosa during the ceremony so I’m curious about that. I also want to know if Shannon and Omarosa did any smack talking during the comp since someone mentioned it. I mostly want to see what Marissa nailed Omarosa with and I heard Metta hit a cameraman too but we won’t get too see that.

My new feeds game is seeing what I spot more often:

1. Metta holding Orwell  2. Keshia holding a breast pump  3. Brandi holding a wine glass


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  1. hogwild

    I vote for 3 Brandi holding a wine glass.

  2. Alda

    Can you imagine if Raven was in the house with Omarosa? I think she could one up Omarosa on her ailments and meds!!

  3. hogwild

    Do these people ever go outside? I don’t think I have seen anyone outside even one time. Also what’s up with the booze in the house I don’t recall anyone on regular big brother geeting a fully stocked bar in the house.

  4. Alda

    They do go outside.But,it’s a small sitting space with a couple couches and it’s carpeted.They go up a few steps and they do have a hot tub.They sit around wrapped in blankets.I didn’t think they’d be so cold in Los Angeles.

  5. Sassy

    I completely expected Chorus girl to be bitchy! Her fake pleasantries could only last so long, but I thought she would be able to fake it a little longer since she is being filmed 24/7. I usually have a favorite by now, but I can’t decide who I like most or least… It switches each time one of them says or does anything. Shannon is probably my least, just because she cries the most.

  6. Mel

    This should be another vote that we can’t predict and I love that! No one can agree and the possibility of a Shannon back door is still on the table.I think Keshia may leave over Omarosa if it’s between them.

  7. NKogNeeTow

    I’m going to do a bit of flip flopping myself. The 2 people I wanted the most to go, I now want to stay, Brandi and Omarosa. Not because I like them, but because I don’t. They both think they are HBIC (Head Bitch In Charge), so I’d like to see them both stick around to see them duke it out (not win, just see who comes out on top between the 2 of them). So far, I’m still hoping that Ross wins, with Shannon as a distant second.

    And yep Mel, I remember on The Apprentice, when a small piece of plaster fell on Omarosa’s head and you would that thought that someone cold cocked her with a brick. She claimed she was dizzy and to sick to go on for the day, so The Donald gave her the rest of the day off. As she left the building, she stopped and played double dutch with some little girls outside, while everyone else was inside working hard. I think that’s when I knew I didn’t like her. I was wondering how much of her “asthma” attack was real. She sure doesn’t run out of breath when she’s running that big mouth.

    • Mel

      I kind of want the same with Brandi and Omarosa and for the same reasons. I think Ross may be screwed tho. I think everyone in the house knows about the maybe backdoor of Shannon except Shannon and James thanks to Marissa. If she stays, she’s going to find out.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I know what you mean. I’m thinking the same thing about Ross but keep hoping I’m wrong. Ari is flying under the radar pretty good so far, but I think Marissa might wind up talking herself out of the house if she doesn’t shut up and stop trying to out talk everybody…plus she doesn’t wash her hands after going to the bathroom (that drives me NUTZ!).

  8. NKogNeeTow

    Omarosa and Shannon sitting outside talking about spirituality. O tells Shannon how much she loves the Lord and how God feeds her soul. Somehow every time she mentions the Lord’s name and starts talking about the Bible and how christian she is, I cringe a little, and I imaange somewhere, crosses all over the word are spontaneously combusting. Then she goes on to talk about her husband and how he’s such a man of God and people just flock to him.. All the while, forgetting to mention how many people have accused him of stealing and bilking people out of their money. I just wish she’d just leave religion out of her conversations.

    Ari and Brandi hid Orwell under the sofa in the lounge. Metta hasn’t realized he’s gone yet, but when he does, he’s gonna slam dunk SOMEBODY!

    Ross is worried that if he gets Shannon out and James wins next HOH, James is going to put him up. Brandi keeps trying to convince Ross to get rid of Shannon, but Marissa tells him not to play for the house, to play for himself. I’m with Marissa on this one. Ross was leaning towards sending Keisha home but now is considering sending Omarosa. They talk and talk and talk and talk. Brandi says she’s confused now (so am I)..Now they’re back to putting Shannon up and out. Ari tells them that if any of them win the Veto, to take Keisha down, put shannon up, vote her out and let Keisha take out James. My head hurts now.

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