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Celebrity Big Brother Saturday Updates


Good morning, everyone. Quite an epic endurance competition we had last night, right??  The way those players sat in those chairs for a whole hour? Brutal. That’s almost like half a movie! I am sure they’ll attend BB alumni events to talk about the tortures of those challenges. Jk, they won’t have anything to do with Big Brother after this.

For those who didn’t look on the header, Omarosa was the winner of that competition after she struck a deal with James.  She offered him safety which typically means nothing but seeing as James really isn’t a target of hers, it’s hard to imagine she’ll break that word. She’s already thinking about the possibility of a Brandi/Mari/Ross situation (2 nom, 1 replacement if needed).

I also just realized that there are only 8 days remaining in the show with 8 people left in the house! I’ve heard that the show will have a final 4, so I’m anticipating the remaining schedule to look like this:

  • 2/18 – Episode to show HoH competition and noms
  • 2/19 – Live eviction episode
  • 2/21 – Taped episode to show noms, PoV
  • 2/23 – 2-hour double eviction episode
  • 2/24 – Taped eviction that leads into the final 4
  • 2/25 – Live finale
    Bold = live episodes 

That is my guess, but I could be wrong.

It also appears that Ross, Mark, and Metta will be on slop for a whole 2 days which means they’ll be ending it on Sunday night at midnight. That fits the typical timeline of slop as they usually end it the midnight before a new HoH competition if I remember correctly. Again, more war stories for this cast to share.  2 full days on slop. Brutal!

Here are some updates for today…

  • 8:40 am – Wake-up call in the house
  • 9:55 am – All the girls are up in the HoH room talking about stuff.
    • Ari had a little top slip and Brandi is all cool about it. “I saw it, it’s cute” lol
    • The girls trashing Mark for taking up so much time in his speech when he knew he was staying. Felt bad for Shannon
  • 10:23 am – Brandi brings up Ari’s slip again. She says it would be a problem if she had a bologna sized areola lol.
  • 10:50 am – Not a whole lot going on right now.  I may be off and on to update throughout the day as I need to work but I’ll do my best!
  • 5:30 pm – On the road update
    • It looks like the house was told of the veto twist. I didn’t get to see what it is. Will update that later
    • Feeds are down for noms. I’ll check back in an hour to see who is nominated. Right now it appears to be Brandi and Ross
  • 8:15 pm – Sorry,out driving in the snow. Brandi and Ross are indeed the nominees. Will update the header later on and likely post a recap of the evening if anything interesting happened.

Check back for updates


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  1. hogwild

    The hardship these people are having to endure is heartbreaking.

  2. Mel

    I wish they would get rid of slop or do it for a couple of days like this one. They don’t make it a part of the show anymore if you don’t watch the feeds, half the time, you don’t even know who’s on it. Feed them so they have energy to compete and fight. Also, if they didn’t want to nap all the time and lay in the bed, maybe there would be less romance.

  3. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Brandi probably realizes she made a big mistake last night so she’s trying to get out in front of it. She admitted to Omarosa that she was the one vote for Shannon, and claims she did it out of compassion for her. She claims she knew it would’ve devastated Shannon to leave on a unanimous vote. Omarosa agrees and seems to accept that explanation. Brandi acknowledges that she probably pissed the rest of the house off, and if she had it to do over again she probably wouldn’t have done it. Confessing was probably a good move on Brandi’s part, because Marissa and Ross were planning to use it against her later.

    • AIO_7

      I think that Brandi also did it for Shannon’s vote at the end. If you watched the final hour of BBAD last night it caused a HUGE rift between Brandi and the others in the Big 4. This should give Omo. the opportunity to buddy up with Brandi and get rid of one of the (now) Big 3.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        True, especially since Shannon was so emotional about being evicted. Could’ve been a smart move on Brandi’s part except she shouldn’t have told anyone about it. Now she’s going to have to either do some serious finessing to get back in good with her alliance or she’ll have to end up switching sides altogether (which would definitely make things interesting since she doesn’t really like Omarosa or James).

  4. AIO_7

    If Omo. doesn’t get rid of either Marissa, Ari, or Ross and start to chisel away at the Big 4 (probably now the Big 3) then her HOH is wasted.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Not that I want to see her go, but her best bet would be Ari. She seems to be the strongest/smartest of the 4. She keeps a level head and she’s direct without being confrontational/in your face. That makes her much more dangerous than the other 3.

  5. Alda

    I think she’ll focus on getting Ross or Marissa out of the house.I don’t think she’ll go after Brandi.

  6. Colby

    Sounds like she is going to put up Marissa and Ross, with Ross as the target. That would fit into the getting rid of the guys ’cause a girl needs to win plan, so maybe the girls wouldn’t be so upset with her.

  7. Mel

    She’s after Ross and trying to decide the best way to get rid of him Marissa or Mark as the other one? Omarosa was up front with Marissa about it and told her she was considering it but asked her not to tell Ross. Marissa’s biggest game problem is her mouth. (We already know it’s our problem) Hypothetically, even if the hgs didn’t mind her talking, it’s ruined any game she could have had. She kept talking over Omarosa while finding out she might go otb. If I was about to be nominated, I’d want to hear what the HOH was saying so I could have a better argument against it. She doesn’t get the concept of learning information by letting people tell her things. She told me Omarosa that she’d go home over Ross which was fine but then she told Omarosa that Mark would also go home over Ross. If she doesn’t want to go otb, why wouldn’t she act like Ross would go home over mark? I’m not even picking on her annoying habits right now, strictly game and her game really sucks.

  8. Shivani33

    What about this Diamond Veto, Spotlight Veto or VIP Veto ? This could have a big effect upon whatever Omarosa does with her nominations, yes? Omarosa said that you don’t always have to go after an elephant with your HoH noms and could just aim for getting rid of smaller game, i.e. a less significant player. She could just get rid of whar’s-his-name, Mark. Maybe she’ll nominate Ross and Mark while pretending to support a women’s alliance. Mark is a safe and noncontroversial chunk of deadwood.

  9. Mel

    I thinks the women are in as good a shape if Mark goes home over Ross because all of them are onto him anyway and Mark takes away one of Ross’ numbers. They can still target Ross by taking away the people who will vote to save him if they can’t get him out now. Since they have the stupid veto meddling vote this week, I don’t think it matters who she puts otb initially.

    I heard we’ll have another live veto comp this week again.

    • Shivani33

      I agree with your assessment. And thank you for mentioning Julie’s messed up cherries trying to figure out where the hell to go underneath that silp gown last night. She too OLD for that look, and maybe her stylist is getting away with murder.

    • Colby

      Maybe. But I don’t know. I still think they need to split up the foursome. I would hope she would put up Ari or Brandi if Marissa or Ross comes down. Even though they are onto Ross, that doesn’t mean they won’t use him to get farther with the 4. And, they plan to go after Omarosa next (Yay!) so she may as well do some damage.

  10. Shivani33

    May I be a little bit mean, please? It would be loverly to see Marissa flattened into the shape of a crepe and then slid out under the door. STFU, Marissa!

  11. Shivani33

    Sorry for the triplicate comments. *going to sit in the dunce’s corner.*

  12. Alda

    If Omarosa wants to target Ross she better put up one of the women.If she puts up Mark with Ross,Mark will be voted out by the women over Ross.Then she would have accomplished nothing!

  13. hogwild

    When Ross is mentioned does anyone besides me think of Ross from Friends? I don’t know why I do maybe it’s because he was annoying as well

  14. Mel

    Hg’s know there is a veto twist and Omarosa thinks she may need to switch her noms now.

  15. Mel

    While we’re waiting for noms, has anyone changed who they are pulling for before it started until now?
    Here’s where I started:

    For-Metta, Ross, Marissa
    Against-Brandi, Omarosa
    Neutral- the rest, Was very against Shannon after her nom

    For-Arianda, Brandi, Metta, Ross (he’s playing sloppy but he’s playing hard)(In that order)
    Neutral-everyone else

  16. Mel

    Looks like noms may be Ross and Brandi. Omarosa just made a deal w/Mark to keep him off the block if he’ll return for one week if he’s hoh. (He doesn’t want hoh so she isn’t getting much)
    She told him everyone mentions him easily for a nom and she doesn’t want to do it.
    Not my choice but good move for her. They’re the two who absolutely won’t consider working with her and apparently, she knows it.

  17. Mel

    Omarosa says she’s going to put Brandi otb and hope she has a meltdown. She told Mark that if one comes down, Marissa goes up.
    She also said that she said stuff to James to see if he would run back to the group and tell, he did.
    She could be lying to Mark but unless she wants to see who he runs and tells, she doesn’t have much to gain.
    Mark said he’ll just act like she told him that he may be going up and he won’t tell.

  18. Alda

    I know i don’t want Omarosa or Marissa to win.I don’t dislike Brandi like I did at the beginning.I like Metta a lot.I’m surprised I’m not as excited about Ross anymore.Mark and Ari are ok.Jury is still out for me with James.These feelings are subject to change in the next few days.

  19. Mel

    Omarosa trying to do F4 with James, Mark and Metta except they won’t tell Metta yet. Haha
    James was hesitant at first. Now he’s talking himself into it, saying Ari, Brandi, Ross and Marissa will stick together, Omarosa best female to sit at the end with, etc. He told Mark that he offered a F2 to Ross but Ross wouldn’t commit. (Why tell Mark?) Mark and James saying they offered themselves, got no takers. They’d rather keep Ross over Brandi but think they need to keep Omarosa for votes. Metta told Omarosa he’d get rid of Ross too.

    • AIO_7

      ” They’d rather keep Ross over Brandi”

      That’s kind of cray.. Ross and Ari are practically a showmance. Truth be told, Omo’s best move would be to get rid of Ari. I think that she is the glue that keeps the Big 4 together.

      • Sassy

        I agree, Ari would be the smartest move. She is better at the game and has a calmer head. She’s less likely to have a meltdown. BUT she is probably my favorite right now and I don’t want to see her leave.

      • Mel

        Sassy, She’s my fave too. Omarosa said she didn’t want her to get to the end but Ari’s maintained the best relationship out of all the.women.I think Omarosa trusts her somewhat…for now. The guys would rather keep Ross because they have a 3 person alliance with him. They talked like they’d cut him loose and move right on tho. James has also trusted Ross up to this point.

      • NKogNeeTow

        She’s my favorite too Mel and Sassy. As much as I’d like to see her win, if they DON’T want to see her win, they’d better take her out soon than later. Unlike her alliance members, the longer she stays, the smarter she gets. That effect elides the other 3.

    • Sassy

      I should read all the posts before commenting. I think they would be smart to make their own 4 alliance. The other one is falling apart already.

  20. Alda

    This is going to be an interesting week.Omarosa was all for an all girls alliamce.Now,she could end up with three guys and herself.What a hoot!

  21. Alda

    Anyone interested,the episode of Omarosa picking out her wedding dress is being repeated right now on the TLC show”Say Yes To The Dress”.

  22. Avatar

    Just can’t seem to get into this celebrity season…. seems predictable…

  23. hogwild

    All this #Marissa stuff is really making me miss all the #STFURaven post from BB19.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Me too! Don’t get me wrong, Marissa is annoying as hell. But she just doesn’t compare to the Queen of STFULandia, Raven aka Little Miss Munchie. Alas, I suppose we’ll just have to settle for #MarissaSTFU for now. We’ll always have our memories…

      Ah what the hell, once more for old times’ sake…*clears throat* #RAVENSTFU!!!!!! I’m sure she still needs to STFU wherever she is now anyway… *tear*

  24. Colby

    So, has anyone here voted on the veto twist?
    If so, which one? and why?

  25. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Everyone was just outside playing some game where they pretended to take questions from Twitter. Each HG took turns making up a question and posing it to another HG (pretending as if the question came from a fan on Twitter). When it got to Brandi, she asked James if he had an alliance with Omarosa and Mark.

    Now most of the HGs have gone inside and Oma, Mark, and James are sitting outside discussing Brandi (Metta is there too but in outer space as usual). James and Mark are pissed at Brandi, saying they don’t understand why she’s so nasty and constantly coming at them, and Omarosa is stoking the fire. Not sure what Brandi is thinking– she’s on the block as it is and if she’s not careful the target could easily move off of Ross’ back and onto hers this week.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I liked the way James answered her. Shut her ass right down! Brandi is going to talk her dumb ass right out of the house. If she and Omarosa aren’t going to go at it directly, then she can go NOW. I was looking forward to the fireworks.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        I swear I do this every season. There’s always one HG who I initially think is useless, then as soon as I try to give them an ounce of credit they immediately turn around and prove my original hypothesis correct. This year it’s Brandi. I just said the other day that although I didn’t originally expect much out of her, but she seems to be playing a great game so far. Then as soon as I said that, she immediately started playing like a moron.

        And I agree with you about the Omarosa part. I thought it would be interesting to watch Brandi go at it with Omarosa but it seems like she knows better. I guess Brandi knows that O is the wrong sociopath to mess with, so she just trashes her behind her back instead.

      • Sassy

        Several of them pretend NOT to be scared of O, but I think deep down, they all fear her a little.

  26. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Now Omarosa is literally begging for Instagram followers– she says she lost many followers when she started working for “you know who”. James mentions that he doesn’t pay much attention to social media and hopes one day his generation will learn to have conversations with each other and hear the other side out. Omarosa then starts praising Bernie Sanders for the movement he started with the younger generation…

    I don’t mean to get political (I actually despise politics), but I just think it’s funny how she’s gone from Donald Trump to Bernie Sanders in less than a month. She clearly has no real allegiance to anything or anyone and will say and do anything to get ahead. She’s a very dangerous type of person.

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