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Celebrity Big Brother – Thursday Updates

Good morning, everyone!


I just realized we’re currently in the longest stretch without an eviction since the opening week, so it’s nice to see things slow a bit for a minute. The slowdown has made this feel more like Big Brother has the strategizing and whispering has been in full effect this week. Tom may have schemed his way out of his alliance which allowed Natalie, Lolo, and Ricky to form a closer final 3.

Natalie pulled off the veto win which is such a Kaycee move to do (I’m going to keep comparing her to Kaycee because I’m already calling her the CBB2 winner now), and that will allow the girls to regain control of the house over Tom. No matter what he had plans to do with the backdoor, it is super unlikely Natalie will use the veto because she knows it will risk Ricky going on the block and that’s just not going to happen. Joey and Kandi should be the final players on the block this week and one will go home Saturday night. Perfect time if they’re an NFL fan.

I don’t really see them keeping Joey even if Tom wanted to. The three-way alliance has half the votes and Tamar has been on and off with Kandi all season. She’d be an easy person to convince to keep Kandi so long as the two don’t argue right before the eviction.


On the other side of the house, Tom has been flipping back and forth on his plan to go after Ricky but the best thing he can do at this point is to stay the course. If he just says they’ll get Joey out, Natalie will never have to show her cards and Tom will think they’re still in a solid final 5. If Tom does say he still wants Ricky out, Natalie will be forced to go against him and he’ll at least know she’s not really working with him. Tom has been making a series of bad moves during his HoH reign and I feel he’s going to make one last bad move by flipping back to vote out Joey.

Had he nominated Tamar and Kandi with the intent to backdoor Joey, he would have flushed out Tamar’s power while also controlling who is on the block after the veto meeting. He still could have backdoored Ricky if he wanted and Lolo and Nat would be forced to fake work with him for at least another eviction or two. Instead, Tamar still has the power, his alliance is falling apart, and now he really has almost no control over who goes home this week.  Oh, on top of that, the girls have actually reeled Joey in quite a bit so even if they do keep him, Tom is going to think he’s cool with Joey but the girls are actually closer to him now.

Put it simply, this was a bad week for Tom and he’s screwed.

As far as not knowing who actually had the power, that isn’t even an argument because Tom said a few times he thinks it’s down to Tamar and Kandi. Plus, anyone with half a brain could have noticed how terrible Tamar was at lying and quickly realized she was the highest contender at having the power. It’s so frustrating to see someone having a solid game and then overthink themselves to screw their season. Oh well, that’s the show for you.


Houseguests are sleeping, so I’ll be updating this thread a little later when things get rolling. Veto meeting could be today or tomorrow but I’m expecting today just to give editing the extra day to put that in Saturday’s episode.


  • 12:45 pm – I’m not going to do many updates in this thread because of the book I wrote above. I’ll probably do an update or two before the veto meeting then do a full update thread after
    • Right now everyone is hanging around the house waiting for the meeting.
    • Tom is pacing his room and getting more paranoid. He even tried to listen to the people outside playing chess (Ricky and Kandi)
  • 7:00 pm update – I decided to take a break today!  PoV was not used, Joey or Kandi will be the next one evicted.
    • I’ll have an overnight tomorrow and we’ll have a better idea on who will be the one leaving. There may be some drama tonight but I have other plans today so I’ll catch up tomorrow!

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  1. danmtruth

    Agree Steve
    Tom has now one to blame but himself He miss played the girls Down playing any idea they come up with worrying about if he could take Ricky out latter in the season So he convinced himself That it was a good move to take him out now
    One of the strong points of level6 Was keeping the eye on the prize Keep the team together Work on one plan at a time
    Tom had a plan for a final 5 Numbers Than panic set in and gettss his Now his best case is

  2. AIO_7

    “Put it simply, this was a bad week for Tom and he’s screwed.”

    TEHEHEHEHEHE …… Tom over thought it and over played it. I can see everyone but Kato putting him on the block.

  3. Ann

    I knew what he was up to when Kandi asked him if he was in any other alliance & instead of answering her, he answered her question with a question asking her what she was doing. That would’ve pissed me off & I surely would’ve let him know it. Tom played himself by over thinking things. Once his HOH is over he is going to be in deep doodoo.

  4. danmtruth

    It is crazy how quickly things changed Funny thing is in his mind it will all be the girls fault

  5. AIO_7

    A man alone? Tom checking out the inside feeds …


  6. danmtruth

    They have not had the POV meeting yet
    Production is having fun feeding into Tom By having the cameras move and follow him Tom loves to talk to the camera He is trying to figure out why no one is talking to him He is worried that the weaveline sister have not come up to talk to him Tom also give the loosers lament that he could have won the POV Tom has also fallen in love with the monitor in the HOH room
    Tantrum bonding with NEM asking questions about her family and her husband Gushing how great NEM life is and how she deserves it

  7. danmtruth

    It is nice that Tom feels compelled to tell the cameras all his thoughts
    So Tom feels it is telling how the weaveline sisters have not talk to him So he goes thru the different ideas They don’t use it they vote out Joey This tells him the girls are with Ricky If they take anyone off the question is who to replace them with He thinks Tantrum has the power – than again who doesn’t he thinks have the power – Might shake things up and nominate someone from the alliance That means Lolo as he thinks Ricky has the power – where have I heard that before – again he just keeps spinning

  8. Ann

    So when Big Face tongue wagger uses her power, will Loco Lolo, Purple tracks & whoever else is in her alliance still trust her?

  9. WhereisPablo

    I do not like Tom…..I tried.
    I kinda like Dina…..I tried not to.
    I have always liked Kandi, but she isn’t playing…..yet.
    I don’t care for NEM, but she IS playing.
    Lolo needs serious help and Ta doesn’t deserve an opinion.
    Kato and Joey exhaust me.
    I guess I want Ricky to win?

    • AIO_7

      Pretty good synopsis.

    • danmtruth

      That sums it up Pablo everyone was mentioned except Joey

      • Ann

        Oooh, oo, oooh, can I say something on the Joey comment Please??? My hand is up.
        Joey is an OCD, anal retentive, jackass, wannabe relevant has been.

        Tamar #STFU

    • Shivani33

      Pablo, so funny! I sure understand what you’ve said here. Dina has surprised me. She is much more soft and gentle than I imagined. The only thing that I remember about Tom is how short his marriage was to Drew Barrymore. She might have gotten tired of him in a week because he probably never shut up and she needed some sleep. Kandi, so far, might as well not be in the house at all. Joey is hilarious, but unfortunately it’s mostly by accident. I try to ignore Lolo and Tamrat.

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  11. Ann

    Omg guys, my kids don’t know that I know it but I overheard them talking & they are taking me to see Luke Bryan next month. I’m so excited I might pass out. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LUKE BRYAN. I guess they got tired of hearing me talk about him. Whatever it is, I don’t care because I’m going to see Luke.

    Oh shit, I hope they don’t know something that I don’t like I’m dying or something like that. WTH,,,,,,, why are they doing something that nice for me all of a sudden?

  12. Mel

    I do think Tom trying to get out Ricky was an ok plan. He knows Ricky is going to come for him, it’s a short season and he’s hoh now. His plan wasn’t bad but his method was terrible. He made the alliance with Ricky AFTER he knew he shouldn’t work with him. Mistake. It gave Nolo more of an arguement by saying he was in the 5 person alliance with them. This helps them hide that they already had a 3 person one. Nolo and Ricky began before the alliance with Tomato. Kato had pused all along for them to completely trust the women even when Tom has doubts. Another mistake. It’s good to look at all the options but unfortunately, Tom isn’t capable of doing it internally and then having one or two talks with the group about it afterwards. He also changes his mind almost hourly and tells the group when he changes the plan. He knows Kato tells everything but he doesn’t hold back any of the info to prevent him from sharing it. Tom has some good ideas but zero self control. He said he wasnt going to mention going after Ricky to Nolo until after the veto comp but within a couple hours, he did it anyway. It gave them 2 days to argue over it and to regroup and find a way around it. Tom also thinks if he now says he’s fine with getting Joey out, everything is fine and they’ll forget all his flip flopping. He was always going to get targeted but now, it may be by most of the house. He’s seriously targeted Joey, Kandi, Tamar, Ricky and even considered Lolo in the last 2 days. He can’t make up his mind enough to be a good player. He was one of the best ones at first but he really cracked. Lol

    NEM had to work to convince Lolo to trust Ricky for a while. She and Kato had the trust with each other which held the 4 together for a while. She handles Tamar way better than Lolo but she still stands up to Tamar when she needs to. She’s playing the best game imo and if she’d talk to Dina and Kandi more, even if she isn’t working with them, I’d think she was playing a VERY good game.

    Rickys kind of an ahole sometimes but I still really like him and with people turning on Tom, it looks good for him. He may have rubbed too many people the wrong way to win tho.

    It’s hilarious that Nolo decided to keep Joey at almost the same time Tomato decide to let him get evicted. It’s also funny that a week ago, Tamar wanted to vote out Kandi and now she may be the only person wanting to keep her.

    • danmtruth

      Mel thanks for showing how simple mistakes get you in trouble fast It is a fine line between thinking of your options and driving yourself crazy with WHAT IF’S Tom also got tunnel vision where his ideas is the best
      I am glad we have till Saturday with this group I see things only getting more crazy As Everyone has more time to think about things We all know how hard alliance breakups can be

  13. Alda

    I agree with dan.They love you Ann.

  14. danmtruth

    Ann get fangirl crazy and have fun don’t think you will have a problem looking excited
    On to Bravo and Top Chef ,,, another guilty pleasure

  15. Alda

    Veto was not used.Ricky tells the guys he wants Kandi out.

    • Ann

      Why does have he want Kandi out when there are big targets to go after?

      • Mel

        Joey went to him and the women and made an alliance. They said they’re going to work together and go after Tom and Kato. Ricky was fine with getting Kandi out anyway before that happened. It may all change by Saturday tho.

      • danmtruth

        Agree things are very fluid At first I thought maybe Ricky was testing Tomoto to see what they would do There has been so much alliance building The weaveline sisters with Joey Tantrum and Ricky A new final 5 to try and control things 5 seems to be the magic number

    • Sassy

      Ricky is/was Kandis ONLY friend and he wants her out now? This house is crazy! Are they setting a record for how many different combinations of alliances they can have in the quickest amount of time? I LOVE all the shake ups!

    • mm22

      Why won’t they just leave kandi alone she’s not going to win let her visit alittle longer I like her

  16. Mel

    Tom is losing it. He wants to bang pots and pans and announce to the house that his alliance with Nolo and Ricky is over. Kato is explaining why it’s not a good idea. Lol

  17. danmtruth

    That would be fun to see As I said Let the crazy start Long way to Saturday
    Pots and pans ?? Come on Tom let’s be original Yet I bet his song will be times better than Rockstar

  18. danmtruth

    ** 100 times **

  19. danmtruth

    Kato talking people being bad actors Saying how Ricky has changed the girls minds That they can’t hide how they truly feel That Kato can feel the girls are acting different Yet Tom & Kato still think they will control who goes home

  20. danmtruth

    Tom is going to ask Production for 2 bottles of wine Please give this group some alcohol !!!

  21. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD (Sorry, I’m getting a late start):

    Everyone appears to be in the HOH(?), drinking wine and talking. Tantrum keeps saying that she doesn’t really drink wine…yet she just asked for some.

    They are talking about Game Of Thrones. *I love that show, don’t understand a damn thing that’s going on but I love it. And I’m thoroughly enjoying this recap! For all who care, the final season starts in April*

    Tantrum is listening to music. Kato is telling some of his Instagram stories.

  22. NKogNeeTow

    Kato is telling Tom that he wouldn’t do the Amazing Race. Tom is telling him how the race works and some of the task. Tom tells him you win a million dollars and get to see the world. Kato says he’ll pass.

    Everyone is engaged in different conversations so it’s kind of difficult to tell who’s talking about what.

    Kandi starts to talk about how she hates when they get off-brand cereals. Kato wants more wine. Ricky/Kandi/NEM/Tantrum are talking about music.

    Ricky is explaining about signs. Dina wants to know more about Pisces. Ricky starts to talk about how drugs can help you not run away from your problem and uses a scene from Black Panther as an example (*or some crazy shit like that*)

    *Too many convos going on at one time, sending my ADD into overdrive*

  23. NKogNeeTow

    Now Tom brings up LSD. Ricky starts to tell something about how they did an experiment using kittens. Tantrum asks where the root comes from and everyone starts to laugh. Ricky says it comes from South America. Kato wants to know can they get some in the house because he wants to ask some of the people in the house a few questions. (*Don’t ask, I’m totally lost*)

    Tom offers SwingLo wine but she declines. Joey is telling Ricky about the layout of Hollywood. Ricky asks him if where they are is considered The Valley. Joey gives him a California geography lesson. Ricky asks if people there move according to how their status. Joey says yes, they start off in one place then move to more exclusive parts of Cali as their status goes up.

    Kato is called to the DR downstairs.

  24. NKogNeeTow

    Tantrum says she’s going to get her lamb chop and go to bed. She tells Tom he throws a nice party and thanks him for the drinks and snacks. Everyone leaves to go downstairs and check outside. Once downstairs, they find that the BY door is still locked, so they sit around the counter and talk. *I need for these people to break off into groups so we can get some dirt!*

    People are fixing their plates to eat lamb chops. Joey makes a face and NEM says she doesn’t eat lamb and walks out of the room.

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  26. NKogNeeTow

    Tantrum is telling Tom and Kandi how she fixed the lamb chops.

    In the bathroom, Joey was whispering to NEM about someone being too much work. She leaves and he starts to floss his teeth.

    Tom is having an orgasmic experience over rice and gravy.

    Outside is now open and Joey is walking around outside, brushing his teeth. He checked the temp on the pool and came in and announced it was 79.

    Tantrum is telling Tom how to make gravy. He says he LOVES gravy but he doesn’t know how to make it.

    SwingLo has taken her food outside and is eating alone. Ricky comes out and sits with her. He tells her it was a nice party. Tantrum comes out and Ricky tells her he is getting in the pool.

    Lo tells Tantrum that she made her laugh. Tan tells her she’s glad she met her. NEM comes out and Tan says that they have to have NEM cook for them. NEM tells Tan that she uses too much butter. They start to talk about the different types of salmon. Kandi comes out and Tan asks her what kind does she buy. Kandi says she knows it’s pink, then they remember it’s called sockeye.

  27. NKogNeeTow

    Tomato/Dina are sitting on the outside sofa. Dina reminding everyone again that Lindsay was in Mean Girls. Ricky in the hot tub. Tomato/Dina start to talk about movies.

    Dina asks Tom if he can compete in the next HOH. He says no, he’s out of there. Joey comes out and gets Tom. When Kato and Dina are alone, he tells her for now, don’t trust anyone but he and Tom. Dina tells him that Tantrum totally has the power. He asks her why she thinks that. Dina says because Tantrum is a little too confident. She says they are good players but they all are good players. He asks her what she means. She says it’s captain obvious.

    Dina leaves and Tom comes back and says there is no more wine. Kato starts to tell Tom what Dina said. Tom checks to see if anyone is listening. Kato says he’ll laugh out loud every so often to throw everyone off. Tom says imagine if he was Kandi or Joey and he called them up and told them that he wanted to be honest with them and told them about his alliance with Kato/Lo/Nat/Ricky. He says he’s going to tell them that his plan was to backdoor Ricky until NEM/Lo double-crossed him and that’s why they are on the block. Kato gets it and then says or you can just tell Joey and see how he reacts. He says if Joey is shocked, then he’ll know. Tom says he is thinking of saying it to Tan. Kato says he really doesn’t trust her and he thinks she’s in with someone. Tom says he was thinking of just telling everybody (about the alliance). Kato says to tell them. Tom says it doesn’t make any difference anyway because everyone already knows. He says that if he tells Kandi, he will tell her that he never really wanted her to go and that N/L knew he wanted to backdoor Ricky but the fact that they knew it and didn’t use the Veto to pull her off proves that they don’t care anything about her. Tom says that he’s going to tell them not to tell, to see if they do. Kato tells Tom to take another look at N/L. Tom says they haven’t been able to look him in the face all day.

    Kato says the only thing that’s working against them (T/K) is that golden power. Tom says it can’t be Kandi or Joey because they are still OTB. Kato says that it’s in “that” bedroom between the 4 of them (N/L/T/R). Tom thinks they have already talked to Joey (*for once, he’s right*). Tom says he’s going to tell Joey that he and Kandi were pawns. Kato tells Tom to do it before Joey gets into the shower (*Joey is legendary for his long showers*),

  28. NKogNeeTow

    Tom gets Joey in the HOH. Joey says talk fast because he doesn’t want to cut into his shower time (*really Joey?*)

    Tom tells him he just wants to tell him why he’s really OTB. Joey won’t shut up long enough to let Tom tell him so Tom starts to interrupt him. Tom tells him that mid-game he formed an alliance with N/L/K. Joey said he figured about Kato but didn’t know about N/L. He tells Joey that he didn’t want to knock out Ryan, he wanted to backdoor Ricky. He said he wanted to do it this evicition. Joey asks then why didn’t she take him off the block. Tom says because the girls double-crossed him. He said he had been trying to get the girls alone since the Veto comp but they keep coming up with excuses to stay away from him. Tom says that Ricky realized that T/K had a strong relationship with N/L and he (Tom) realized Ricky was going to blow them up. Joey still can’t get over that fact that NEM didn’t take him off the block. Tom says that he knows Ricky has an alliance with the girls now. Joey says that it makes sense and he sees now why Ricky is in a room with all girls. Joey says he and Jon use to hear them talking all the time so it is all clear now. Tom says that he just wanted Joey to know that he and Kandi were never the intended evictees and he is sorry they are in that position. He says N/L are acting really weird all of a sudden. He says he’s going to talk to Kandi and tell her the same thing but he’s not telling anyone else in the house. Tom is telling Joey how yesterday Lo came into the room acting manic and she yelled at him and told him she can’t back-door Ricky and just kept throwing Joey’s name out there. Tom says he didn’t want Ryan to go but Lo was the one who wanted him put up.

    In the bedroom Tantrum is talking to N/L. She says she’s trying to figure out when Kato became a bully.

  29. NKogNeeTow

    Kato has now joined Joey and Tom. Joey is telling them that he can’t even play this celebrity thing because he doesn’t want to get sucked in. Kato tells them that so far they have 2 votes (K/D) but who else? Kato says he doesn’t trust Ricky at all. Kato says he’s got Dina, she had some wine and is talking a lot. Tom asks should he tell Kandi. Kato says he’s not sure because they are all in the room together right now. Joey says that he was never part of any alliance and Jon came to him and told him that they were coming after the 3 of them. Joey says he said was shocked. Kato says he has got to get Dina away from Ricky (she’s outside talking to him in the pool). Kato says he’s not that worried about Dina because he knows he’s got her, he just has to get her and tell her to not believe anything that Ricky says.

    Outside, Dina is rambling on to Ricky (who is still in the pool) about how Lindsay is such a little angel. Ricky is looking like he’s listening but not really.

    In the HOH, Joey is telling Tomato that he hates direct lies. Tom asks again if he should tell Kandi. Joey says he doesn’t know because she’s been in the room with the girls a lot. He says that Kandi and Tan have been very amicable and usually they are at each other’s throats.

    Drunken Dina has finally left Ricky alone and gone to it on the sofa with Kato. Tom comes out to join them. They are talking low so Ricky won’t hear them. Kato tells them Ricky was just looking at them. Kato tells Dina not to tell Ricky anything. She says she hasn’t told him anything.

  30. NKogNeeTow

    Dina has left and just Tomato are talking alone. Kato tells Tom that when the show is over, he has to tell him something that he’s going through that he won’t believe. Tom tells him to tell him now. Kato says no, he doesn’t want it on camera. Kato starts talking in riddles. Kato says they can go to the HOH and he’ll show him in the bathroom. Tom says he knows what it’s like because he’s gone through a through a few things of his own. He tells Kato that he’s (K) is handling it like a champ. Kato says he’s not letting it impede him (it sounds like he’s talking about he has cancer). Kato says when he’s done, people are going to think he’s such a hero for how he held up. (*Tom mentioned something about Kato having problems going to the bathroom*)

  31. NKogNeeTow

    My puter just locked up and when it came back my entire comment block was deleted and it was GOOD dammit. I’ll just have to pick up from there.

    Tom was called to the DR. Dina is outside talking to Ricky then comes into the parlor with Kato. Kato tells her he wants to talk to her but he’ll wait until tomorrow because she’s too loud right now (*she has clearly had to much to drink*), She tells him to stop being a baby and just tell her. He says alright, and tells her again to not talk to anyone but him or Tom because they don’t know who they can trust. She starts to tell him something about Kandi but he cuts her off.

    Kato and Dina are not in the parlor laughing and Kato tells the camera that he can’t find a man for Dina while she’s wearing that hat (pink cowboy hat). Dina starts to whisper to Kato about someone but you can’t hear who. She tells Kato that he should have known they were going to flip on him when they ditched Ryan. Kato says he can’t talk her. Dina tells him that those little girls know nothing about life. Dina ask Kato “You don’t think people are watching this? You don’t think that people who leave out of here are going to be judging?” Kato says it’s just a game. Dina starts going off about Kandi again (*guess we know who she’ll be voting for*)

    Everytime Kato tries to tell Dina something she keeps talking and he’s getting frustrated with her. He says he only trust Tom her and 1 more person. She keeps saying tell her who. He says “J”. She can’t figure out who “J” is. She finally has to tell her. Kandi comes in to tweet. She asks if they need to be alone. Dina says no, to come on in because she wants to talk to her.

    Kandi comes in and sits down and starts to tweet. Kato says “Kandi, I just want you to know I’ve always been good to you”. Kandi just looks at him, then Dina says “Kandi, did you tell anybody in the house that if I were OTB you would vote me out?” Kandi says no. Dina keeps asking her and Kandi keeps saying no. Dina basically calls her a liar. Kandi is starting to get a little riled and ask where this is coming from. Dina tells Kandi that she told her that she was her ride or die (or something like that). Kandi asks her then why did she vote her out the last eviction. Dina doesn’t answer but starts to get loud and keeps asking the same questions over and over and demanding Kandi answer. Everytime Kandi starts to answer, Dina interrupts. Kandi tells her to let her answer and to stop interrupting her. Kato is just sitting back listening. Dina attacks Kandi and tells her she went to the other side.

    Kato is now in the middle of the convo. Kato is trying to tell Kandi something and Dina keeps interrupting and he gets mad and yells at her and asks her if he can just have 10 seconds to finish. Kato asks Kandi if she had the power. She says no. Kato asks if she thinks that Tan has it. Kandi asks why are they worried about a power when they don’t even know what it does. At one point it was almost like Dina and Kato were tag teaming Kandi but she handled herself well. Kato finally walks out and says he can’t deal with this, then walks back in.

    Dina starts to back-peddle and says that she loves Kandi. Kandi says she loves her too but she can’t understand where all this is coming from. Dina says she thought they were close then she saw Kandi getting close to Tay. Kandi says that she thought they had a special friendship because she thought she(K), Dina and Joey were all in the same boat. Dina said she doesn’t want to be in the same boat. (*This is why some people shouldn’t drink. Didn’t I tell you she use to be messy?*)

    Kandi is now gone and Kato is reading Dina the riot act and telling her that’s why he didn’t want to say anything to her because she can’t keep quiet. She says because who’s protecting her. Kato tells her that from now on, please forget everythng he’s said to her and begs her not to say anything else because she’s going to blow everything. He tells Dina that she is in the safest spot of anyone in the house. He is REALLY pissed with her. He tells her to not bring up anything else and if she feels she needs to talk, come to either him or Tom. He says she is talking to much and is the person who could blow everything. He tells her that he and Tom are targets and she is safe so she should be grateful. He’s so mad he tells the camera “Do you guys understand what I’m saying. I’m asking her to stop talking and she won’t stop talking”. He says he’s going to brush his teeth and goes to the bathroom.

    Kandi calls Dina to the pink bedroom, where L/N/T are, and ask her why did she do that in front of Kato. Dina is explaining herself.

    With that, BBAD is OVAH! Alright children, mother has read you your bedtime story and you left her here all alone so she’s going to bed.

    I’m really sorry about the previously deleted comment guys. It would have explained a lot.

    Goodnight and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

    • mm22

      So sloppy dina showed up last night –
      Kato n dina why corner kandi?
      I would have rather heard kato n
      Tom corner lolo n nem

      • danmtruth

        Tom’s plan once more kinds of backfire He was hoping with the wine to loosen the weaveline sisters into saying something to help them Plan failed NEM did not drink Lo had very little The only one to get game play messy talk was Dina
        It sounds like Tom & Kato got into Joey’s Dusty empty wearhouse of a brain As he gave up some of his precious shower time to go on Tom’s revisionist history lesson ride It was now Lowho wanted to backdoor Ryan ?!? News to me I only remember Kato wanting to make a BIG MOVE and Tom agreeing that they had to
        Let’s see what today brings as Tom so badley wants to do a house meeting reveal blowuot of his alliance with Love NEM and Ricky First rule of cover your ass Get the story out first No matter the lie you say The other people are on the defensive

    • Sassy

      I was just starting to think she had changed. Nope! It’s the alcohol, changes her into something else… I may have to watch BBAD.

    • LO1004

      That entire exchange w Kato/Dina/Kandi was painful to watch. Dina doesn’t let anyone get a thought out, how frustrating.

  32. Seattle Kari

    Hey Ann, you’re going to “shake it” for him right? * evil giggle!*

    He is one hot guy! Enjoy the concert I’m envious!

  33. pkcable

    How did Tamar end up with the power? lol

  34. AIO_7

    New thread, Y’all.

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