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The Death Of A Salesman; Wednesday Night Feed Updates



With Amy on vacation, there won’t be an overnighter tomorrow or Friday, so I am going to be up late covering the feeds. I figured it would be best to start a night feed considering my afternoon update thread was full of nothing. They slept most of the day. That’s about it.

However, before I begin, here are some thoughts about the veto episode on CBS

  • How did Frank or Bridgette not win PoV when it was just them vs Michelle? It’s bad enough the person sending Frank out the door just flirted with Natalie all summer before finally making a move, but they lose two straight chances against “Big MEECH”? Frank won’t live that one down
  • I hate the nickname “Big Meech”
  • Paul is hilarious in a pathetic way. He runs around the house talking about how he’s going to tell this person or that person off. He finally builds up the courage to do so, and makes a complete ass out of himself.  Why are people so worked up that Frank was trying to save himself?  That’s the whole point of the back door, and why people use it. When they go through the front, they have to deal with the unfortunate side effect of the person on the block trying desperately to save themselves for as long as possible. The only thing worse in that situation would have been had James been the one crying, but it’s almost as bad because it was Paul and crew who pushed James to break his word.
  • I will be shocked if Bridgette has a boyfriend when she leaves the house
  • Finally, Michelle. I covered that awkward argument, but re-watching it with the edit definitely highlighted how silly it was, and how foolish she was acting. This episode is definitely not one Michelle will keep on her Big Brother highlight reel.
  • Victor is growing on me

Ok, now it’s time for some updates…

  • 7:13pm – Frank is chatting alone with Nicole while James and Natalie are (shocker) in the HoH bed
    • Sounds like they are trying once again to make amends.
    • Frank says that he forgave her for everything (he did), but Nicole says he didn’t forgive her for the Bronte thing
    • Frank says he was pissed last night. Nicole said she had nothing to do with that (pulling Bridgette aside and nailing her for an hour)
    • He asks to watch over Bridgette next week if he’s gone
    • Nicole has “literally not done anything bad”
    • He tells her not to take his speech tomorrow personal. She asks if he’s calling her out. He says no. He is just going to tell a few people not to take it personal
    • He is going to compliment Bridgette and talk shit about the house. But phrase it indirectly.
  • 7:26pm – Frank mentions how the DR keeps saying things like “well crazy things have happened” and are trying to push him to campaign against Bridgette
    • He tells Nicole that he keeps telling the DR he’s not going to do that. It sounds like they’re trying to give him advice on how to stay, but it would require screwing Bridgette
    • Either Nicole is humoring him, or she’s seriously considering keeping Frank and having him work with her and Corey.
    • Nicole says that if she keeps him, they have to get Da’Vonne out asap
    • He says if he stays and wins HoH, he will put up Day and James
    • A few minutes later, James joins the conversation and the two of them are bumping up Frank telling him the reason he went out early is because he’s a good player
  • 7:40pm – Frank, Nicole and James keep talking about production, so they change the feed to the guys in the safari room
    • boys-safari
    • They talk about how much in control they are.  Feeds switch to Bridgette and Natalie
    • Natalie is doing damage control for James. She is saying how he didn’t want to win, but he only did because she promised a kiss
    • Nicole comes in and goes to the bathroom. When she leaves, she tells the girls if they hear anything about her, confront her about it. I guess she (Nicole) is tired of whispers
  • 8:00pm – Natalie is talking to Bridgette upstairs now by the chess board
    • Bridgette is saying she feels gullible for believing Frank hasn’t said ‘slut’
    • Natalie is reassuring Bridgette that nobody wants her out. They all want Frank out
    • Natalie “He’s not campaigning against you, he’s campaigning for himself”… so, he’s doing what he promised?
  • 8:30pm – Natalie is done with her campaign against Frank. I still don’t understand what they’re gaining by trying to get Bridgette to hate Frank
    • Meanwhile, Day and James are in the HoH room talking.  She is talking about how Nicole has had some loose lips this season
    • Day looks on the monitor and sees Natalie talking to Bridgette. James says he told ‘Nat Nat to do her thing’. He trusts her 100%.
    • It’s going to be hilarious when Da’Vonne gets James out
    • That conversation breaks up. I need an ‘eye strain’ break
  • 8:51pm – Message over the speaker “Victor, that’s REALLY annoying. Stop that”
  • 10:15pm – Back from break. Frank and Bridgette are in the kitchen, while Nicole, Nat, Victor, Paulie, and Michelle are up by the chess board.
    • Frank is explaining more Star Wars to Bridgette.  I could geek out with Frank about Star Wars for hours
    • Right now he’s talking about The Phantom Menace
  • 10:30pm – Z is talking to Day in the bathroom about how Nicole and Paulie were all close upstairs. I saw Paulie’s leg on top of Nicole and wondered if Z was jealous. The answer is yes
    • Z is now telling Michelle the same story in the safari room. Definitely jealous
    • zaki
    • Z goes and puts on her ‘bombshell bra’ and wanted to make Paulie jealous.
    • She runs into Victor in the bathroom and asks to sleep in his bed tonight. Victor is like.. uhhhhh, I don’t know
    • Back to the safari room
    • Nicole enters the room. Uh oh
    • After some weirdness, Nicole asks “You’re not weird because I rubbed his hair, right?”. She says “Not mad at you, mad at him”
  • 11:00pm – Victor tells Paulie what Z said. Asks if they’re fighting.
    • Paulie said Z thinks of a new thing every day to try to piss him off, so he’s not surprised
    • paulie
    • Victor is going to tell Z to sleep in his bed and he’ll sleep in the other room
    • I didn’t know I was blogging for The Bachelor.
  • 11:30pm – Nicole is retelling the Z story to Corey in the bathroom.
    • Z apparently said if it was Natalie, she would have flipped out
    • Nicole said she has never seen jealousy like that before
    • She also has to keep a 10 foot radius from Paulie. Crazy
  • Zaki is pouting in the kitchen. Knocked over a cup, I think it’s Paulies…
    • z-cup
    • Yup, it’s Paulie’s.  This is what the season has become
    • zaki-pouting
  • 12:00am – Ok, these feeds are very slow. I’m tired. Heading to bed.

I’ll post an update tomorrow afternoon if anything exciting happened overnight


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  1. Jenny M
    Jenny M (1321 comments)

    I hate Michelle. I hate “big Meech” even more. She’s a snotty little bee-atch.
    Corey is dumb as a rock. And he has freakishly tiny nipples. To match his tiny little brain.
    I actually feel bad for Bridgette – she tried to talk to Michelle and Michelle was a jerk to her.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I’m so sick of this group, I don’t feel sorry for ANY of these people. Everything they’ve done, they’ve brought it on themselves. Each and every one of them have lied, been vindictive, shady, catty, snotty, deceitful, nasty and/or down right unlikable at least once during this game. I’m tired of them playing it safe, voting with the house, ganging up, calling people out, setting people up and all the other juvenile antics they’ve been up to. I just keep waiting for somebody to step up and set something substancial in motion. Until then, NONE if them get my sympathy and so far, I really don’t care who wins. Hopefully by the end of the game, I’ll have picked a favorite. Right now, not so much. They are ALL equally annoying in their own way.

    • Avatar
      SRP91 (106 comments)

      As someone who also has freakishly tiny nipples I take offense. It’s like a disability, no ones proud of it, somehow it just happened…

      But Corey is pretty stupid. I’d call him Rain Man, but that might be mean

    • Avatar

      Yeah I feel bad for Bridgette and Frank I love seeing them together and say what you what about Frank he is not campaigning against Bridgette I find that manly and good about him and him and Bridgette deserve each other and I hate the house for what they are doing to them god I hate them Frank and Bridgette are my favorite and I hope Frank comes back cause he is good and honest man

      • NKogNeeTow

        Yeah, he’s so good and honest he’s running around the house and telling everyone that Gidget wants to go home, so they will keep him. He’s a real peach.

      • Jannie

        I bet Frank’s girlfriend loves seeing them together, too!
        And I love the way he calls her fattie boombattie.
        He’s a rotten peach ?

    • Elaine
      Elaine (2441 comments)

      Hate that Big Meech nickname. Seems like insecure Michelle would be all over it too…”Who is calling me big?…Am I big?”….on and on. I think at this point she likes anybody paying attention to her.

  2. Avatar

    Michelle is absolutely RIDICULOUS. Like I said before, she needs to check out of the BB house and stop at the closest high school and enroll. She is obviously still a high schooler. She just straight up said she was jealous. Come on, grow up! Ugh. I can’t stand her. I try not to talk bad about people, but with her, I just can’t help it. She so worried about what people think about her, seriously, it’s like her top priority in life. The bad thing is, she makes people not like her and say what they say because of the way she is! It’s her own fault, not everyone elses, She doesn’t even realize that! Ughhh! I too, can’t believe they let her beat them! I wanted to scream at the tv! Paul went from not being liked to growing on people and being more liked and now I’m thinking he’s going back to disliked very fast! That confrontation was stupid, pointless and made him look like he has no idea how BB is! Which he doesn’t! Someone needs to give him a chill pill or he is going to be walking out that door! If he would hush and calm down, he could go far. Like all these recruits who are clueless on BB tho, he can’t keep his emotions separated. And I agree, Stevebeans, I hate to admit that Vic is growing on me too!

  3. Jannie

    Instead of “big Meech” she should be called “Meanchelle” That girl is a real piece of work.
    She admitted tonight that the only reason she is so horrible to Gidget is because she has a thing for Frank. I hate girls like that.
    Hey CBS, can we get some HG’s next year who actually think with their heads and not their genitals?

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2712 comments)

      Michelle is one of the most pathetic houseguests I have ever seen in 17 seasons of watching this show. I cannot believe she actually admitted that the entirety of her issue with Bridgette is actually just jealousy over Frank (and by the way…what exactly am I missing here about Frank that has these girls losing their minds over him? I just don’t get it).

      And all of Michelle’s dorky, over the top celebrating after that POV win was just cringeworthy. I’m not a fan of either Bridgette or Frank, but after this past week Michelle is definitely at the bottom of my list. I want to see like a quintuple eviction this week, there are so many of these losers that I can’t bear to see or hear anymore.

      • Jannie

        She, Aaryn and Christine are three of the most horrible girls to play the game. I am embarrassed for my gender…

      • Jenny M
        Jenny M (1321 comments)

        omg, her celebratory “dance” was so bad… poor girl has no rhythm!

    • Alda
      Alda (1851 comments)

      I wonder if Frank’s girlfriend is proud of his alliance with Bridgette?Does Meech or Bridgette even care that he has a girlfriend! Oh wait! What is Bridgette’s boyfriend thinking?? Hmm.

      • Jenny M
        Jenny M (1321 comments)

        I haven’t seen Frank do anything that looks like he is anything but friends with Gidget. She might have a crush on him but he has kind of kept her at arm’s length. I remember when she first got in the house she said she couldn’t share a bed with any guy, and talked about how she left little notes for him to find while she’s gone. Haven’t heard her mention him since!

    • JadedMage

      they would have to cast people older than 18 then! seriously most of this cast is under 25, what life experience do they have? None. they have no clue how to get along is situations where you cant stand people but yet have to be nice to them, or how to manipulate so that people have no clue who said what…

  4. Jannie

    So The Godfather, Pawl Bunyan, Bambi, and Slick are sitting around gloating about how “in control” they are of the house.
    Good job picking out the returning vets…all four are still there but they couldn’t even figure out a way to stick together. They could have ruled the newbies, but they are horrible players
    I think Frank would have kept it together with the four, but Day likes to stir the pot and James and Nicole would rather be swooning than playing the game.

  5. Avatar
    SRP91 (106 comments)

    So what are the odds that after Frank walks out the door tomorrow and hugs Julie Chen, and then the camera cuts away to inside the house, the production people ask to see his sealed envelope for a minute? If they’re trying to give him ways to stay in the house, I’m thinking they really want him inside that house. I’m not saying the envelope thing is fixed, but I’m expecting Frank to be competing in the HOH competition this week.

    • Avatar
      Shawn Watson (38 comments)

      I wouldn’t care if it was fixed. I just wanna see the looks on their faces ( especially Paul) when Frank walks back into the house.

      • Avatar
        SRP91 (106 comments)

        I’m with you there. Frank was my favourite his season, and since we don’t get the feeds in Canada, I don’t hate him like others do. I’d love for him to get back in and tear the house up. Getting rid of the hipster would be a good start.

      • Avatar

        Yeah Frank and Budget are my favorites this season everyone else are boring,at first I thought James will be my favorite this season but seeing him like a puppet to the house I lost some respect for him and Da and Nicole and Micheele and Paul I just HATE them so much

      • Jenny M
        Jenny M (1321 comments)

        pretty sure that was an autocorrect but I think Budget is a pretty funny nickname for her!!!

    • Mugummy
      Mugummy (64 comments)

      Like most folk, I hate obvious production fixes (pretty girl = higher ratings crap), but will say: Frank goes, I go. And I didn’t even care for him until rt his whole Day-stirs-pot shit. And that Paul is a complete bandwagon a*hole. He acted the same way when he was siding with the “messiah” (ugh!). Paul is the boil eaquivalent for BB that needs to be lanced. I can’t look at it anymore.

      • Mugummy
        Mugummy (64 comments)

        All this to say, wouldn’t mind a bb envelope fixing at this point. I’m already 50% tuned out because of the horrible house and 100% tuned out if Frank does leave.

    • Avatar

      I with y’all! I don’t care if they did fix it! Send Frank back in! The looks on their faces would be priceless!

    • Avatar
      Harry Johnson (13 comments)

      The answer to your question 8% odds

  6. Avatar
    Kola (32 comments)

    That Big Brother episode was utterly pathetic. This house seems overly emotional and zero strategy. Frank is on the block, what is he supposed to do? Paul getting mad at that? Isn’t that how the game is supposed to be played. Frank was actually making sense in his pitch to Michelle, but the way the house is, their hatred for him and wanting to be part of the pack, he would have offered anyone $490 000 and they still won’t take the deal. Utterly beyond reason , its shocking.
    King Paulie essentially said even before the veto is used, (paraphrasing) that the votes are not in your favor just give up. What kind of audacity is that, and the only reason the house guests are overlooking that is because they are simply beyond reason, no other way to describe it.
    The roadkill should have been kept. It would have be useful for this spineless group to maybe make a move.

    • Avatar
      Shawn Watson (38 comments)

      I agree, they should kept the roadkill till final 5. They took away Franks strong suit when they killed roadkill. I liked Paul when in the first few episodes but he really became annoying. The guy has to be part of every conversation and he’s constantly butting in. How long till the people who actually have to live with him get fed up with his behavior?

    • Jannie

      Exactly, Kola. Did you see how they all kept walking by and a few even stopped in to break it up? Hey dummy’s, it’s Big Brother! Of course Frank will try and get Meanchelle to use the veto.

      • Avatar
        Kola (32 comments)

        Ugh, yes. If Frank doesn’t do anything when he’s on the block, what’s even the point of watching the show. If that is the precedence they want to set. They should just call a house meeting and elect a winner unanimously right now and be done with it.

      • Avatar
        MB2 (59 comments)

        Not only was it rude to Frank but even though I hate her it is rude to MeanMeech. Whenever you win something you gain a position of power and you have to use that power to help YOUR OWN game. It is for Michelle and Corey the week before what the best move is.

    • Avatar

      I agree! I hated the teams and I’m glad they’re gone, but roadkill was interesting!

    • Retired
      Retired (100 comments)

      I think the Roadkill should have been kept too. There should have been a rule that it should be kept a secret. If you told, it would have been taken from you

  7. danmtruth

    I forgot to mention it before Big thanks to of all people Nat for cleaning the bathroom She put on hazmat gloves to scrub the toilet and shower. Than pick up all the clothes and towels on the floor. What slobs . Now les than 10 hours it is starting to be trash again . Da and Zzzz are playing beauty shop Sorry for the rant but come on you all live in this place Try to keep it clean !

    The godfather still fears Bridget Calling her a wounded animal that must be putdown fast. He fears she will float into the back ground than a strong player teams up with her to make a strong team That is why they needto keep an eye on her

    These people keep giving list of who they want out inwhat order

  8. Kari B.
    Kari B. (779 comments)

    I know this might sound terrible but I literally cannot stand to listen to Day talk anymore, so I have to hit mute. I just wish she’d go bye bye…

  9. Michele Ryan
    Michele Ryan (235 comments)

    I have to say the “House Meeting” was a good move and a bit surprising for me. I like how this season is playing out. Frank has done an amazing job (at this juncture), he’s also done a terrible job and then had to reinvent himself. Gidgett . . . is really very annoying, sad to say. Michelle was very good with this PoV. I’m torn with whom should go home, of course the house will make it’s decision. One more note: Frank appreciating Paulie & Da’ for “having a back bone.” That is his opinion and it’s his, he basically said everyone else doesn’t. This will not do well for him when and if he exit’s Thursday night. Gidgett, will have to adjust. Da’ may very well be the next one to leave, barring her winning HoH Thursday.

    • Avatar
      Kola (32 comments)

      Fair point about thinking the house meeting was a good move. But I’ll argue that it was a fluke and largely driven by group-thinking. I wonder how the season would have turned out if Frank never slapped Day’s butt.

      • Avatar
        Jackie (14 comments)

        Or if Day asked him to stop the first time he did it and not blowing up after she needed a reason to get him out.

  10. Avatar
    Morgan (86 comments)

    I’m sure they’re nice people and all, but Z and Nat are just a liiiiiitle bit scary when it comes to their showmances. I mean, it’s bad enough they’re putting boys before their game, but the jealousy and possessiveness is a whole other level of crazy.

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  12. Avatar
    Jiman Kim (12 comments)

    Don’t know why James is being an idiot and trusting Da so much considetibg the showmance comment she made. Nat is really showing she cares for James by taking the heat with Bridgette than throwing him under the bus. Lets hope James picks up some stuff from Nat and starts playing the game. He can only really trust Nat right now.

  13. CLangley

    Gahhhhhhhh Da is driving me bat crap crazy with all her Nicole talk. Does she not have anything else to freaking talk about??? Every time the camera goes to Da, no matter who she’s with, you know she’s gonna be talking about Nicole. I’m just screaming at my tv when she’s on it. Shut up already!!!!! Lol

    • JD

      Da’s strategy is the same as Vanesa’s. She caused drama got the house to get rid of her target Frank. Boom it’s done he will be gone tomorrow. Now she’s got her sights on her next target so she’s got the drama up against Nicole. Create drama, get sympathy, get attention, make it look like you’re a victim, no blood on your hands and boom the house evict your target. Da is playing a better Van game than Van.2 did.

      • danmtruth

        JD nice pick up on how Da is trying Van strategy She now has her girl Zzzz ready to cut Paulies thwart when she needs too. The only problem is when will Da or Zzz win a HoH to be able to do something

        Ncogneto your comparison of Zzz to Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction why back is now in full bunny boiling bloom
        Who is more jealous Big Meech of Bridget and Frank Or Zzzz of anyone who looks at Paulie ?

        I said it earlier If Jozea were smart he should had kept his mouth shut ears open Did all the girls makeup . He would have had a full time job and been safe Is it just me or has this group spent more time applying makeup than in years past It looks like Zzzz is getting ready for a fashion shoot every other hour

    • Avatar
      Trudy (1443 comments)

      Omg!! You are reading my mind!!

    • ChiKelz

      @clangley I’m normally right with you, but not on this one with Da. Da is doing a lot of talking about Nicole, but she isn’t doing as much as Nicole, Corey, Paulie, and Frank were a week or so ago. The only reason it seems like a lot is because she has to use it to get the others to see past her poor sweet Nicole BS image. She has to get them to see that she is dangerous and has been playing both sides of the house since day (no pun intended) one! Trust me if she said it in pasing and didn’t hammer it in with the facts and connectingt the dots; they would say “it’s Da causing drama”! She for numerous reasons has to have the facts to support her accusations! I think the other reason she stays on the camera is because she is very seldom awake for BB After Dark so they are taking advantage of her playing the game after 10:00 pm! LOL

      • CLangley

        Oh I agree with you too. I’m just saying Da acts like she’s the only allowed to run around and talk crap. She’s doing exactly what she’s complaining about. When everyone was talking about her it was bc all the drama with Tiffany and Frank that got stirred up. I just wish she could find something else to do other than plotting and coming up with scenarios bc her obsession is driving me bonkers. Lol like someone said earlier she’s like V2, actually I think she’s playing more of a Vanessa game.

      • ChiKelz

        @clangley you’re right! I really don’t think she has anything to talk about. Realistically, she probably has very little in common with the others. When I think about it, what real conversation of substance could you have with any of them???? LOL

  14. Avatar

    I’m curious, how heavy can the cups with lid and straws be?! It must be quite heavy as Borey seems unable to life his to his mouth. Pick it up, buttercup!

  15. Avatar

    I guess they can’t be too heavy since Z was able to knock Paulie’s over when it was almost full.

  16. Renee

    I agree with Steve B’s reaction to Paul. He is hilarious in a pathetic way. He reminds me of “that one friend” that most people have that thinks he’s a tough guy when he has too much to drink. Albeit they are not drinking, he has THAT mentality. It also appears the other houseguests see him that way too. He is constantly Pissed about everything and talking smack on people. They pay him no attention and let him rant. He doesn’t even realize they are ignoring him. If you really want to have fun, take a drink every time he says he is pissed or is going to says he is going to confront someone. It makes the live feeds much easier to watch, lol.

    After last evening’s POV episode, I took the opportunity to watch a few hours of live feeds. The camera was zoomed in on Corey for a long period of time. He was just staring into space. He reminds me of Moose Mason off of the old Archie comics. Was he trying to figure out what to say or was he thinking of PB&J again?? What a waste of a spot in the house.

  17. JD

    Although CBS has done what seems to be fairly obvious game moves to keep players in (cough Rachel ) I think it would be WAY to obvious to keep Frank and it would be too soon to have the golden ticket show up. I think this is it for Frank tv. I really would love to see all their faces. Probably best highlight of the season and I would actually watch the episode. That being said because Da and Godfather Paulie are playing and are good tv one of them might “win” the golden ticket. Paulie’s head would explode because his ego wouldn’t be able to fit in his body. Da will scream so high dogs will howl around several blocks of the BB house. If I am right please not Paulie.

  18. danmtruth

    Corey as Moose Mason perfect !

    I have mention it before . These players are very worried about how they are perceived in the outside . So for a prize comp have them stand on a stage by rank . Do they think America has them in the top 4 middle 4 lower 4 if you are correct you get a prize Wrong punishment Either doit all at once and watch people scramble to stand on the top platform . Give the house 3 chances to get in the correct grouping With the money going down each try . Or individual 3 chances again but in the end tell them where they rate . Leave it upto them if they want to share there ranking

    Slap of reality

  19. JadedMage

    This. Is. The. Worst. Season. Ever. Almost all of these people are jackasses, Big Beech should be smacked, so should Z and Paul. I cant stand Da or Paulie (he gives NJ a really bad name, he thinks hes jersey shore 2.0) James turned into a douche, Nat Nat and Nicole are floaters, Corey is as dumb as a brick! WTF??? CBS!!!! The ONLY people I like in the house, Frank, Gidget and Victor! I have to say, I’m going to side with Victor as the Victor at the end of all this…He is the only one that actually deserves it!

    On a side note, would it not be so totally cool if Frank did have the round trip ticket! OMFNG that would actually make this show worth watching this year!

  20. Ingodog
    Ingodog (119 comments)

    I would love to see Frank win the golden ticket and walk right back in the door. And them for him or Bridgette to win HOH, love to see see the look on Bitchelle face. You jealous little mean girl, I can’t get over how rude she was to Bridgette in the bathroom.

  21. Elaine
    Elaine (2441 comments)

    It will be interesting who gets next HOH…..oh who are we kidding? It probably won’t be interesting at all. Noms will be predictable, probably Bridge for one. I am tired of James talking about how he makes big moves. He put up the house choices for noms. LOL. I will miss Frank in the house. It would have been fun to see some realignment if he could have talked Michelle into using the veto. And I think he might have accomplished it. Now we will be left with big egos of James and Day, who will take full credit for getting Frank out. I know for sure, I am not rooting for any of the vets to win. Go newbies! LOL

  22. Renee

    If is definitely clear that people are not as interested in this season as they were seasons past. Today is eviction day. This would typically have 2xs as many comments on the thread on eviction day.

  23. Avatar
    Jackie (14 comments)

    I don’t remember any HOH (this year) using the title to help further their game. It seems like they just do what the house wants. That is a time to secure alliances, future safety, create trust and get out a player threatening your own game. What did James gain by putting up Frank and Bridgette?

  24. Alda
    Alda (1851 comments)

    Nicole playing dumb in front of Paulie as to why Z is mad.Nat thinks it was because of her and she’s upset.Nicole ,as usual is not taking any blame.How sketchy will this look when Z finally talks to Paulie.I can understand how Z feels when she sees Nicole rubbing Paulie’s head and Paulie putting his head on her shoulder and leg over Nicole.Let that happen with Corey and one of the girls,Nicole would be crying.

  25. Quwana

    Good afternoon everyone!!!!….just finish reading this update and all I can say is lol if Frank manages to stay the house will finally be a battle field dying for some game play that puts blood on someone’s hands…If he does manages to pull this upset I hope he aligns himself with Day and start targeting these teams of 2…I keep forgetting Z is a member of the house….and her feeling any type of way about Paulie getting attention from another house mate is insane…for real…girl bye!!!! I also can’t deal with this new House Rules thing that has been going on in Big Brother…did they forget the House doesn’t get the money???? Well tonight should be a good one HOPING DAY WINS HOH but who am I kidding lol

    • kneeless

      I too, would like to see Da win & see what she would do. I know there are a lot of folks who are big fans of Dallas but I don’t think she’s that bad. At least she’s palette game! She may be stirring the pot but she’s at least doing something!

      • Quwana

        I totally agree like her more this year than the other If by a miracle she does she needs to back door Paulie…

  26. kneeless

    Usually by this point in the season I have a clear cut favorite. This year I still have no clue who I’m rooting for. If they ended the season tonight, I think I would be OK. This is coming from someone who has watched every season. Give Glenn the money & call it a season!! But no worries, I will continue to watch!

    • Jenny M
      Jenny M (1321 comments)

      I was watching BBAD (from my DVR) every night – now I kind of fast forward through it or just delete it because… I just don’t care. I don’t want to see Nicole in bed with Corey. I don’t want to see Corey with his shirt off. Or on. I don’t want to see Corey.
      The James & Natalie show is cute but not interesting to watch. Paul is still annoying. Paulie gets MORE annoying every day. I loved Day at first but now she annoys me. Z is a fatal attraction psycho. Michelle is a jerk. Victor’s laugh is awful.
      Frank can be charming but seems to be clueless about how to relate to women. Bridgette… enough with the damn cookies and the baby voice.

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  28. Avatar
    SRP91 (106 comments)

    Just watching last night’s episode now. Rasputin calling someone else a snake is ironic. It’s unbelievable he doesn’t realize that everything he keeps saying about Frank is pretty much true of Rasputin himself.

    Michelle making her first appearance on TV pretty much since the first episode.

    I’ve wanted to like Da’Vonne, I’ve tried to convince myself that I was just being too hard on her, and that I needed to reevaluate. However with how awful she was in her goodbye video to Tiffany and then with how she acted in the DR after Frank and Bridgette went up (as if she had anything to do with it), she’s just a dick. No other way to say it, she’s a dick. I hope she goes home soon.

    If Frank goes home tonight, I hope Victor wins, if he goes soon, I’m done with this season. I just don’t like these people.

  29. Avatar
    nachomamma (179 comments)

    Just got done watching last nights episode…. Paul’s little hissy fit was pathetic… anyways tonight should be interesting to see the hidden room search ,
    …and a random question, where are the envelopes right now ….does anybody know?

  30. Avatar
    SRP91 (106 comments)

    Rasputin’s hissy fit was pathetic. He’s whining to the guy who everyone else is against because he was trying to save himself? Playing it out, if Frank had convinced Whatshername1 to pull him off the block, what does that have to do with campaigning against Rasputin?

    Why not just go to Paulie and ask who he would instruct James to put up?

  31. Avatar
    SRP91 (106 comments)

    It’s always nice that Paulie tells everyone that the POV is or is not being used. How did that not catch anyone’s attention? That house meeting should have been the down fall of his game bro, but instead bro, everyone else bro, is just going to say “yeah bro, he knows what’s best for us.”

    How does Michelle just let everyone else decide what’s going to happen? She’s supposed to be a super fan yet she doesn’t even try to think things through on what’s best for her game? Maybe not using the veto was what’s best for her, but instead it came down to her not using it because everyone else didn’t want it used. Of course an outsider can see that she has zero power in the house, zero alliances and will finish 8th or 9th. Listening to Frank would have given her the chance to form a group of 3, which at least gives her something, if she weren’t so ridiculously petty. If Da’Vonne had gone up, she would have gone home.

    Someone needs to tell Rasputin that saying you’re “so over something” means you’ve moved on, not that you should then complain about that thing nonstop going forward.

    • Avatar
      nachomamma (179 comments)

      I think Paulie is playing Derricks game . I am sure Derrick gave him some pointers how he did it..and he found his Cody in the bearded one…he changed his appearance just like Derrick did ….friend to all …running the show …with a side of showmance …ish

  32. kneeless

    I was just watching BBAD from last night. Did something else happen besides Nic rubbing Paulie’s head, or whatever it was? Did Z flip out that badly because of that? I can’t believe that set her off like that. Go to Paulie, talk to him, hash it out &move on. OMG how petty, I didn’t even know they were “official,” (as the kids these days say)!!

  33. Avatar
    passdripple (9 comments)

    I would like to see DayBridge team up some how…….then get NicJam to join them

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