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The Death Of A Salesman; Wednesday Night Feed Updates

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With Amy on vacation, there won’t be an overnighter tomorrow or Friday, so I am going to be up late covering the feeds. I figured it would be best to start a night feed considering my afternoon update thread was full of nothing. They slept most of the day. That’s about it.

However, before I begin, here are some thoughts about the veto episode on CBS

  • How did Frank or Bridgette not win PoV when it was just them vs Michelle? It’s bad enough the person sending Frank out the door just flirted with Natalie all summer before finally making a move, but they lose two straight chances against “Big MEECH”? Frank won’t live that one down
  • I hate the nickname “Big Meech”
  • Paul is hilarious in a pathetic way. He runs around the house talking about how he’s going to tell this person or that person off. He finally builds up the courage to do so, and makes a complete ass out of himself.  Why are people so worked up that Frank was trying to save himself?  That’s the whole point of the back door, and why people use it. When they go through the front, they have to deal with the unfortunate side effect of the person on the block trying desperately to save themselves for as long as possible. The only thing worse in that situation would have been had James been the one crying, but it’s almost as bad because it was Paul and crew who pushed James to break his word.
  • I will be shocked if Bridgette has a boyfriend when she leaves the house
  • Finally, Michelle. I covered that awkward argument, but re-watching it with the edit definitely highlighted how silly it was, and how foolish she was acting. This episode is definitely not one Michelle will keep on her Big Brother highlight reel.
  • Victor is growing on me

Ok, now it’s time for some updates…

  • 7:13pm – Frank is chatting alone with Nicole while James and Natalie are (shocker) in the HoH bed
    • Sounds like they are trying once again to make amends.
    • Frank says that he forgave her for everything (he did), but Nicole says he didn’t forgive her for the Bronte thing
    • Frank says he was pissed last night. Nicole said she had nothing to do with that (pulling Bridgette aside and nailing her for an hour)
    • He asks to watch over Bridgette next week if he’s gone
    • Nicole has “literally not done anything bad”
    • He tells her not to take his speech tomorrow personal. She asks if he’s calling her out. He says no. He is just going to tell a few people not to take it personal
    • He is going to compliment Bridgette and talk shit about the house. But phrase it indirectly.
  • 7:26pm – Frank mentions how the DR keeps saying things like “well crazy things have happened” and are trying to push him to campaign against Bridgette
    • He tells Nicole that he keeps telling the DR he’s not going to do that. It sounds like they’re trying to give him advice on how to stay, but it would require screwing Bridgette
    • Either Nicole is humoring him, or she’s seriously considering keeping Frank and having him work with her and Corey.
    • Nicole says that if she keeps him, they have to get Da’Vonne out asap
    • He says if he stays and wins HoH, he will put up Day and James
    • A few minutes later, James joins the conversation and the two of them are bumping up Frank telling him the reason he went out early is because he’s a good player
  • 7:40pm – Frank, Nicole and James keep talking about production, so they change the feed to the guys in the safari room
    • boys-safari
    • They talk about how much in control they are.  Feeds switch to Bridgette and Natalie
    • Natalie is doing damage control for James. She is saying how he didn’t want to win, but he only did because she promised a kiss
    • Nicole comes in and goes to the bathroom. When she leaves, she tells the girls if they hear anything about her, confront her about it. I guess she (Nicole) is tired of whispers
  • 8:00pm – Natalie is talking to Bridgette upstairs now by the chess board
    • Bridgette is saying she feels gullible for believing Frank hasn’t said ‘slut’
    • Natalie is reassuring Bridgette that nobody wants her out. They all want Frank out
    • Natalie “He’s not campaigning against you, he’s campaigning for himself”… so, he’s doing what he promised?
  • 8:30pm – Natalie is done with her campaign against Frank. I still don’t understand what they’re gaining by trying to get Bridgette to hate Frank
    • Meanwhile, Day and James are in the HoH room talking.  She is talking about how Nicole has had some loose lips this season
    • Day looks on the monitor and sees Natalie talking to Bridgette. James says he told ‘Nat Nat to do her thing’. He trusts her 100%.
    • It’s going to be hilarious when Da’Vonne gets James out
    • That conversation breaks up. I need an ‘eye strain’ break
  • 8:51pm – Message over the speaker “Victor, that’s REALLY annoying. Stop that”
  • 10:15pm – Back from break. Frank and Bridgette are in the kitchen, while Nicole, Nat, Victor, Paulie, and Michelle are up by the chess board.
    • Frank is explaining more Star Wars to Bridgette.  I could geek out with Frank about Star Wars for hours
    • Right now he’s talking about The Phantom Menace
  • 10:30pm – Z is talking to Day in the bathroom about how Nicole and Paulie were all close upstairs. I saw Paulie’s leg on top of Nicole and wondered if Z was jealous. The answer is yes
    • Z is now telling Michelle the same story in the safari room. Definitely jealous
    • zaki
    • Z goes and puts on her ‘bombshell bra’ and wanted to make Paulie jealous.
    • She runs into Victor in the bathroom and asks to sleep in his bed tonight. Victor is like.. uhhhhh, I don’t know
    • Back to the safari room
    • Nicole enters the room. Uh oh
    • After some weirdness, Nicole asks “You’re not weird because I rubbed his hair, right?”. She says “Not mad at you, mad at him”
  • 11:00pm – Victor tells Paulie what Z said. Asks if they’re fighting.
    • Paulie said Z thinks of a new thing every day to try to piss him off, so he’s not surprised
    • paulie
    • Victor is going to tell Z to sleep in his bed and he’ll sleep in the other room
    • I didn’t know I was blogging for The Bachelor.
  • 11:30pm – Nicole is retelling the Z story to Corey in the bathroom.
    • Z apparently said if it was Natalie, she would have flipped out
    • Nicole said she has never seen jealousy like that before
    • She also has to keep a 10 foot radius from Paulie. Crazy
  • Zaki is pouting in the kitchen. Knocked over a cup, I think it’s Paulies…
    • z-cup
    • Yup, it’s Paulie’s.  This is what the season has become
    • zaki-pouting
  • 12:00am – Ok, these feeds are very slow. I’m tired. Heading to bed.

I’ll post an update tomorrow afternoon if anything exciting happened overnight


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