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Eviction Day In The Big Brother House! BBOTT

Deal with it!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  In just a few more hours, we will be down to 11 in the Big Brother house. The big question is, which 11 will that be?


It appears America has all the power this week, and surprisingly that isn’t automatically going to the Jason fan club.  Many unofficial polls have Monte and Danielle at a dead heat. I honestly thought anyone on King Jason’s side would be guaranteed safety if it came down to America voting, but this week is throwing me off. Perhaps Scott’s speech inside the live DR session last night made an impact on the voting, or maybe people are just sick of Danielle in general. Either way, it’s going to be tight.

I have been saying it since Saturday that Danielle (and a lesser extent, Kryssie) have been manipulating the house against Monte. Danielle was the one who too Monte’s comment about Justin stealing his clothes out of context and turned it into Monte being a super racist, and Kryssie joined in and helped Danielle by trying to say Scott was the person spreading the rumors. In full context, Justin has been VERY open about his run-ins with the law, saying he has been arrested 10 or 11 times (nothing stuck). He has also mentioned he’s been shot at multiple times.  Needless to say, Justin has had a life not many people can understand, but again, he’s been open about it and jokes about it. Now, when two of the plastics were wondering where he got his clothes, Monte joked that he probably stole them.  He said it was probably one of the reasons he was shot at.  He then said he was only kidding and bet Justin designs his own clothes because he thinks he’s an incredibly talented person.

Fast forward to last night, and after everything has come out, Scott must have also learned that Kryssie was the one who was trying to make it seem like Scott was hinting Monte was racist. In the live DR session, Scott explained that he understands the game, and understands people try everything to get a leg up on others. That is normal, and pretending Scott was trashing Monte would have been fine under different circumstances.  However, he was pissed how Danielle and Kryssie painted Monte as racist and a homophobe because that goes beyond Big Brother. There have been quite a few people who have had their real lives turned upside down for the way they acted on reality shows.  Look at the treatment of the clown crew of Aaryn (yes, her comments were far worse), GinaMarie, and Spencer.  Look at Christine who was indeed flirty with a guy, but was absolutely trashed in public for flirting on a game show with $500k on the line.


(note about Christine – It was also pretty shitty how she was destroyed for simply flirting – not even a kiss – yet Cody got away free without being labeled a ‘homewrecker’.  We all know if Cody was the married one, he would be bashed a bit, but Christine would have also been labeled a homewrecker because of double standards)

Enough ranting, here are some updates today.  I have to pause for a few hours around 1pm BBT because I need to attend a wake.  I will most certainly be back in time for the eviction


  • 10:45am – Morgan and Alex are practicing for the HoH competition.  All week the house has been waking them up, but giving them random facts (like the tallest building west of the Mississippi is 73 floors)
    • They talk about how stupid Monte is because he has been walking around the house asking people if they’re studying.
    • Morgan says she thought he would be smarter, but he’s definitely not the brightest bulb
  • 11:30pm – Shelby, Alex and Whitney are up in the HoH making fun of how bad Monte’s game has been this season

Check back for updates


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      • Helen

        They posted a link to someone else’s blog

      • caRyn

        I know, but I am not getting what the deal is. Meaning is VMSAZ not happy with the blogging here, not happy with the people commenting here, the BB hg, trying to get us to switch to another blog, show us what we are missing on another site, etc. This is the third blog time here on BBJunkies that I have asked VMSLAZ for clarity and no response. Help me to understand is all I am asking. VMSLAZ comments here to be heard (evidently) so spell it out for me.

      • caRyn

        Correction – This is the third time here

      • Avatar

        Hell, I thought I was reading a book.

      • Avatar


    • AIO_7

      It’s a good link. There is some helpful information there for someone like me who doesn’t have the time to take the live feeds.

  1. Avatar

    Steve I love your content and I loved your content for the BB18 season also. But in regards to this: “Monte’s comment about Justin stealing his clothes out of context and turned it into Monte being a super racist” I feel that this WAS malicious because you can’t fix the world with “just kidding” and I strongly believe predisposed, involuntary bias took place when Monte made that comment as he certainly wouldn’t make that comment to shane, jason, scott, etc. No, not because “Justin has been VERY open about his run-ins with the law,” but rather because if EVERY MALE in that house had a “run in with the law” that comment would NOT have been made to anyone except Justin due to his skin color and cultural background. It’s unfortunate, but Monte spoke in an involuntary manner (I don’t want to say racist because it was a natural reflex and he is actually a decent person) and that involuntary, natural bias comment offended many and will lead to his downfall. He would’ve played a much better game if he shutup or shouted in whispers for the most part almost like shane’s gameplay.

    • caRyn

      The way I took the comment about stealing clothes was Monte implied Justin is a thief (due to his run ins with the law). I didn’t think it was racist. If Danielle took it as a racist comment I don’t know why she didn’t handle it right then in there. It’s not like she has an issue with speaking up/out.

      • Avatar

        Yes it is racist and you cannot correct yourself by saying just kidding because you would never have made that comment if it was someone else. If you have never been in that kind of situation you wouldn’t understand and Scott wouldn’t understand that. He would only understand being bullied in high school for being a nerd if he was bullied at school by jocks for being a science geek. Monte has not liked Justin and Danielle from the moment they walked in that house and i still say why is that. Danielle is a very pretty young lady and he has called her ugly and that she is not. No one says anything about the mean girls in the house that just doesn’t like Danielle because she is close to Shane. They only want to get rid of her so that Shane can be with them because they are jealous. Further more she is much prettier than them and is not fake.

      • caRyn

        There is no way to actually know and really only Monte knows the truth behind what he said. Bottom line – We can assume, but we don’t know for fact. I will not put a “label” on anyone unless I am 100% sure.
        And again, Danielle should have addressed it herself if that is the way the comment came across to her. If I wasn’t sure I would ask at the time it was said.

    • LindsayB

      I’m not quite sure how you can say what Monte would or wouldn’t have said if the subject would’ve been somebody else. You are only making assumptions which is a dangerous thing to do. You may be right, but you could also be very wrong. Why don’t you judge someone on what they actually say and/or do versus what you THINK they might say or do.

    • Avatar

      Could not agree more with you regarding Monte comments. I don’t believe Monte is racist but he easily stereo types people in categories. Does he not realize perception is everything at this point. Everything you say will be looked at microscopically and it may rub people the wrong way. Especially with all the racial profiling going on in the country, people are sensitive and will interpret what these HG may or may not be insinuating. Also, has anyone notice the division in the house? One side is the well assorted group and the other side, not so diversed.

  2. caRyn

    The Plastics are going to change their name if Monte leaves to Ballcrushers. Ha!

  3. Avatar

    Does anyone know who America is most likely voting out according to the polls

  4. Helen

    Well this should be a nail biter tonight…..polls and voting closed. Big brother network has been 100% accurate thus far this season with polls….Danielle won with a very slight margin. Reddit …Danielle won. Steves blog…Danielle won
    Jokers has Monte as the winner…..

    • caRyn

      You know I wanted Monte out this week so the votes are on the overnight side of the house next week. That being said, good luck. It is a win, win either way. I know you want Danielle out this week so this will be an exciting night for us.

      • Helen

        Yes. I also want Monte out cause he is such a tool but for the sake of Alex he just needed to stay one more week…..Danielle just needs to go home and get her house packed up for her move to North Carolina……..

      • caRyn

        Gurl! You know I could say some things (about Danielle) but Imma gonna stop right here. (I picked that up from Nelley.) I will keep my lips zipped.

      • Helen

        Yes I know caryn. My rationale for voting out Danielle was the LNC will probably take HOH tonight. That puts a much bigger target on Monte than Alex…also it gives Alex a little time to mend fences with Neely who I also like..
        Maybe silly but I’m a dreamer

    • AIO_7

      Helen: Please define “won”.

    • Avatar

      i hope danielle goes home please send her home please

  5. Helen

    Lol sorry. More people voting for Danielle to go home at big brother network,Reddit and steves blog. Jokers had more voting for monte

  6. AIO_7

    I just watched a 25 minute post BB 18 interview with Paul. I was impressed that he didn’t use the “F” word one time. A lot of saying “FRIENDSHIP”. He also said that his Halloween costume was going to be him in a SHIP with FRIEND written across his shirt.

  7. Avatar

    Yea but how accurate is joker because it’s. been pretty accurate all season and monte won by a lot. I hope Danielle gets the votes so I hope the other polls are more accurate today

  8. kneeless

    If Monte stays it might be interesting to keep voting him a have not, if we get to vote again. I know that’s mean but…

  9. caRyn

    If Shane hadn’t of won the veto or if he had given it to Danielle, Shane might have been walking out the door tonight. Nelley said she would have voted Shane.

  10. Avatar

    So today the next HOH who are you guys hoping wins. I want Morgan to win because without monte now I want to see her start playing her own game and see the kind of player she is apart from her sister

  11. Avatar

    I love to see Neely win this HOH. But who knows at this point.

  12. Helen

    Might get interesting if Danielle does get our vote….the LNC is convinced America is going to vote Monte because he was made have not and nominated…..they are going to be looking pretty closely at one another trying to figure out which one of them may have flipped……just a random devious thought

  13. caRyn

    I just want the hg to play hard and try their best to win – play the game. I don’t want to see anyone throw the comp. Any hg is thumbs up except Danielle and Shane.

  14. caRyn

    With the votes being tight and liking hg on both sides of the house (and it has only been two weeks) this fall season has been really good.

  15. Avatar

    Just think about this….If Danielle got to stay & turned right around & won HOH, that girl would bring unholy hell down on the BB House & would be unbearable to live with. The plastics would need all kinds of BB twists, turns & tricks to help them & there won’t be a care package good enough to save their BB lives.

    • caRyn

      We could put Shane OTB. Give the Care Package to The Plastics – maybe Shelby. Make Shane a Have-Not with Shelby.

    • Helen

      That’s the only reason I didn’t vote out Monte….I like hg on both sides and there are a few snarky people on LNC (Danielle being one) it’s just going to be a pick em off one by one. BORING

      • Avatar

        Me too Helen. I’m right there with ya. We’re on the same exact page!

      • Helen

        I will say…IF we did vote Danielle and it all goes left tonight those girls..Alex Morgan and Shelby have no one to blame but themselves. Leaving Monte and Scott down with the LNC to get in their ear is plain stupid. Monte has a big mouth and Scott is weak.

      • Helen

        LNC has Monte cornered in the TBR while the girls giggle and plan weddings!!! They don’t trust Scott and they know Monte is dim. Why oh why are they not watching out? Maybe they do deserve to lose?

  16. caRyn

    Watch Alex on the feeds at 3:37 pm (PT). Sooo funny.

  17. Helen

    Did Danielle even bother to pack her bag?

  18. Shivani33

    Shane seduced Monte and then saw over and over again that Monte just doesn’t listen. Monte wants his own monologue, and that’s all. So Shane broke up with Monte and seduced Danielle. ( Of course, Monte doesn’t believe that Shane has really left him.) Now Danielle seems to be moving in with Shane and turning him into a stepdad, while Monte wants booty but hears alarm bells going off left and right. He might be relieved if she gets evicted. Then he can seduce someone else, no stingers attached. How about Scott from Bangor, Maine who’s never banged? Or Shelby in her caddy costume? There’s always Jason…America’s little honeypie. Shane wants to be HoH to make Whoopi in private. And to get lots of skittles. One way or another, tonight Shane is losing one of his lovers. Aw, shucks.

  19. Helen

    I think Scott is going to flip tonight …….vote will be 0 krissey. 4 Danielle. (1 America vote) 5 Monte (1 vote from Scott)
    That’s my prediction

    • Avatar

      I hope you’re wrong Helen, I want Danielle to walk out the door tonight…..Gonna be a close vote either way.

      • Helen

        Yeah me too. Just got a bad feeling we did help Alex and Scott is going to pull a cornbread move again

      • Helen

        Of course that would mean Scott is going to mess up his game. They don’t know where the extra vote is going and don’t know how close it is…..so maybe I’m just paranoid and delusional. Lol

  20. caRyn

    Shane just told Justin he doesn’t have to win this HOH.

  21. Avatar

    I’d like to buy Kryssie for what she’s worth and sell her for what she thinks she’s worth…..I could make a pretty good profit!

  22. Helen

    Omg!! I just realized if the vote is 5 to 4 with Danielle leaving,LNC is going to be freaking out wondering who flipped. They think America is voting with them!!!!
    Oh please oh please make this happen!!!
    Stir some s**t up!!!!

  23. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Watching this episode and listening Danielle constantly refer to “Shane and I”, “OUR game”, “secure OUR safety for the week”, etc. really reminds me why I hate showmances so much. If Danielle stays this week, I just pray that either her or Shane gets evicted next week. I don’t know how much more of them I can stomach.

  24. Avatar

    The wait is killer I just want to know who America voted for. I’m so ready for either one to leave one after the other I just hope Danielle fair to shake the house up and make the other side nervous for HOh

  25. Avatar

    SCan we put Danielle up this week? Please? This eviction was such a let down. I hope Julie tells Monte the voting percentages in his interview. I’m curious to know what they were.

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