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Frankie’s Game Is Just About Over



Checking in from the honeymoon!  As I expected, the feeds did indeed go down today and won’t be up until sometime tomorrow evening after possibly the west coast airing of the eviction.  As I type this, they’re likely having their eviction show and Frankie should be receiving the bad news.

Where did his game go wrong?  That’s hard to say exactly.  He managed a lot longer than he originally anticipated as was able to ally with the ‘alpha males’ of the house early on.  His social game was pretty decent and even had the support of America behind him (before he made certain comments about Victoria that is).

Being a member of Team America, he was behind quite a few of the lamer challenges, like putting on a play instead of saving Donny, but he also had a few good moments like his reaction to the fake rat.   The moment of the season came when he was the #1 target and knew it was time to come out as the brother of a big singer.  Caleb was sitting out of the battle of the block just before that, and suddenly they became best friends.


I think Frankie’s biggest mistake was simply playing too well. Winning all of those competitions did not go unnoticed by the house.  That’s all there really is to it.  Frankie going home is typically the reason why most people throw competitions throughout the season, especially early on.  In Big Brother, the better you are, the more of a threat you are.  This isn’t Survivor where starting a fire and cooking can keep you in the game a lot longer than deserved.  In Big Brother, floating is better and that’s why we should see Victoria still in the house when the feeds return tomorrow night.

Sorry for the weakish post. I had a long day but had to give you guys an update!  If you notice comments not being approved for some time, that’s because I’m not in the hotel room to check. So please be patient!

Have a good Monday night!



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  1. Rita

    Congrats on your wedding Steve!
    The hardest part about not having the live feeds today is wondering what BB is going to edit out of tomorrows show.
    Even so I’m sure it will be a great episode.

  2. From Big Brother Spoilers over on Twitter (@BBSpoil) from about 20 hours ago…kind of old info, but thought it worth sharing:

    Frankie got called to DR. He walked in and you could hear him say to production “Can’t you just let me leave this house in peace?”.

    Rude little twerp, ain’t he?

  3. For those that think Derrick really does have true feelings for Victoria (either like a sister, or more), you’ll probably change your mind after reading this, lol.

    Once again, from Big Brother Spoilers over on Twitter from about 20 hours ago:

    Derrick to Cody- Victoria’s like a f*cking 16 year old. I went in the DR and crushed her. She’s gonna look like a clown on national TV.

    Victoria leaves the fire room to go brush her teeth. Cody, in the rock room, punches his fists in the air like he wants to punch her.

    Victoria- What were you talking about? Derrick- About funny moments in the house. What, do you think we were talking about YOU? (they were)

    Derrick to Victoria- Don’t slip up. If you slip up everything is ruined. I don’t understand why you’re up walking around. Victoria- You hate me.

    Derrick to Victoria- Your paranoia is f*cking crazy right now. You need to f*cking relax.

    • oooooh poor girl. Hate to see her get humiliated like that.

    • Rita

      I saw it. This was after Victoria had 4 glasses of wine and Derrick was getting concerned about her spilling info to the boys while intoxicated.

      Derrick did talk to Victoria and he could have been nicer but have you ever tried to talk to a drunk person when you are sober?

      And as far as what he said to Cody, Derrick and Victoria are still pretending to be unfriendly to each other. Derrick doesn’t want Cody and Caleb to know she will vote for Derrick to win. You would have to watch the full 45 – 60 minutes prior to that discussion to see why he meant by her acting like a 16 year old.

      When BB gives the HGs alcohol Derrick has completely avoided taking even a sip of beer to keep his head 100% in the game. My guess is seeing Victoria drunk (laying in bed with Caleb and flirting with Caleb) put his paranoia into overdrive.

      • Thanks, Rita! What you posted most definitely puts things in a little different perspective. These different BB Twitter sites that try to keep fans like myself up-to-date on what’s happening in the live feeds do a great job (some better than others, LOL) – but it’s clearly not the same as being able to watch it as it’s happening, real time.

      • When Victoria was laying in the Bed with Caleb she started to talk about this week’s activities (after the eviction) which kind if tipped Caleb off that she may know Frankie is going and not her. He gave her a surprised look and then stared at Derrick. Derrick caught it and ignored it, after that is when he yelled at her about drinking.

      • Caleb has told her all week she was staying

      • It did but when talking to feedsters talked about how much he thought about her and almos told her he was cop

    • Derrick really does care about Victoria. He was frustrated with her because she was drunk and doings and sayings she shouldn’t. He was trying to shock her back into reality. She wasn’t herself that night.

  4. On last night’s BBAD, Victoria went inside and left Caleb, Cody and Frankie outside. One of them said they can’t wait until she’s out of the house. Frankie started talking about Final 4 — as if he is expecting to stay and be part of it. So maybe he thinks they might be keeping him after all?
    Based on Cody and Caleb’s convo later that night it’s pretty clear they are voting him out. But wouldn’t it be fun if Frankie thought he was going to stay and then got voted out? 😀

  5. danmtruth

    Zach did not want to go to the jury house but finaly went He seems haphazard to be their . They all signed contracts so tough it out Mango.
    Glad your back SB . Us kids started to get unruly with out you.

  6. SteveBeans, hope your wedding day was wonderful fun and I wish you and your new wife and daughter all the best!!!
    Franko, I hope you are doing well and getting better, much love to you!!
    Everybody else, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and Dear Frankie, GTFO.

  7. I think your synopsis of Frankie and Frankie’s game is a bit too kind. What went wrong with Frankie, and why he has become the most hated house guest this season (and in many seasons) is simply that he allowed his personality to take over the game and it wasn’t pleasant to watch. And what we saw of it, it showed a shallow, selfish, jealous, hateful at times, unable to control his touching of the other house guests, lack of any empathy, backstabbing on a personal level, fame wannabe, and pretty much suffering from narcissistic personality disorder trying to ride his sister’s coattails to fame. He constantly degraded and put down other guests especially Donny and treated his closest ally in the house Zach as total crap especially prior to the eviction lecturing to him as if he had no value. He moved his game beyond game play and made it personal against other house guest such as Nichole. His continued “acting” to the cameras became very old. Even Julie seemed tired of his shtick. I have a strong feeling many of the house guests down deep did not like him, but tolerated him because of game play. He has been over rated a bit in terms of his wins, etc. as one HOH was given to him by Derrick. He does not have the same social game as Derrick because no one in the jury likes him maybe except Zach who seems a bit blind, but will find out once he leaves the house. Frankie also underestimated and over trusted Derrick and Cody who wanted him out for awhile and now with the rewind were given the perfect opportunity. Furthermore, Frankie or Skankie as other sites refer to him actually failed to or was afraid to make any big moves in the game so I think that also caught up with him. I hope the boos (if it is a live audience) are louder than for Christine as he gets booted. Karma is a bitch!

    • Karma IS a bitch, and Frankie is one, too. RK summed Frankie up in splendid fashion. Nothing more to add.

    • Rita

      Very true. I agree with everything you say here.

      But I have to add to one of your point “tolerated him because of game play and because they didn’t want to anger Ariana and Ariana’s fans”.

      They all seem very tired of each other and especially Frankie but cannot say anything yet.

      When Victoria thought she was leaving and called out Caleb and Frankie for being the biggest slobs in the house it actually helped, they are all trying to be neater. She was referring to Frankie when she spoke about the toe nails. And when they had the discussion about pet peeves Frankie was called out for his smacking his lips while eating, which he does all the time.

    • RK: Frankie could easily have made a big move as he had the opportunity to do so. However, he believed in his alliance, was loyal to them and expected loyalty in return. Instinctively he knew he should be breaking up Derrick and Cody; but he chose not to because he believed the two of them when they said they would be in the final 3. People love to say that Derrick is a good player; but being insincere, two faced, controlling and having others do all your dirty work for you does not constitute a good player in my opinion.

      • That is exactly right about derick. He had ppl do his dirty work. That is great, but when you get to half way, you gotta start making moves, if not for your own game, but for us fans! That being said, nobody played better than derrick this season.

      • I don’t think Derrick went into the big brother house or any of them actually for the fans. They went for the money just like the rest of Iis would do.

      • I agree, Rachel. And I believe that is one reason why Frankie is being evicted now. He chose to remain loyal to the group of men in his alliance instead of opting to make the “big” moves. Derrick knew that Frankie intended to get Victoria out of the house and, had the rewind not occurred, Victoria would have been evicted in all probability. This was not good for Derrick’s game since both Victoria and Cody are his willing slaves…eh, I mean, supporters. And he also knew that Frankie might be hard to beat if it came down to the final 3. So, did Derrick use strategy there? Yes. But I prefer to see a player with at least SOME integrity win the $500,000. I’m not implying that was Frankie by any means. I’m just saying that integrity and loyalty are not in Derrick’s vocabulary.

      • Totally agree about Derrick. It’s going to blow Cody, Caleb and Frankie away when they finally realize that many of the moves they made in the game supposedly for their alliance, per Derrick’s direction, were actually initiated/thought up by Derrick for his own game.

      • They were all going to have to turn on one another in the end this loyalty thing is rediculous. Being loyal usually in well played game gets you backdoored. I never have really liked Derrick but in this season he has outplayed them all. I’m idealistic and always want the one who plays the cleanest most honest game to win. That’s why my favorites never win. Lol. This year I liked Nichole Donny and started liking Hayden more before he left. I would not last long in this game cause I could not keep my mouth shut. But these ppl are in the house for money and money alone (well some want the fame also). You have to lie some. But I don’t like the needless lies people tell others about what other HG said. Nichole has gotten more trash talk than almost anyone. And she played an essentially clean game. Things were said about her and others that did not further the talkers game. I consider that unescessary and unwarranted. All HG left have been really bad about this

      • One thing I cannot understand – these people are blind to Derrick talking to EVERYONE…..but Derrick knows exactly who is talking to whom and when…..his surveillance is better. Caleb was the one who dropped the ball. He will be out before Cody or Victoria – UNLESS he wins PoV next week – since he cannot be HoH 2 weeks in a row.

      • Another fact that boggles my mind is that Derrick was never placed on the block…not even as a pawn. If someone suggested it, he immediately shot that thought down. To an intelligent person, that would have signified just how much control he had of the game. Derrick never being on the block is basically unheard of in Big Brother history. If that didn’t clue the houseguests in that Derrick was wheeling and dealing behind the scenes, and alert the jurors as to his gameplay, then they really are totally clueless.

      • I think he got away with it because he would respond calmly and just kind of guide the conversation to someone else being put up. Unlike Christine who immediately said “oh HELL NO!” and stomped her feet. People remember that. They probably don’t remember how it is Derrick managed to not be put up. I’ve heard them say things like he’s not a big threat.

      • Frankie has never been loyal to anyone. He wanted Donnie out every week even tho on tv he kept saying he was team America. He told Nichole to put Derrick, Cody, Caleb and I don’t remember the fourth but he’s thrown everyone under the bus in his alliance.

      • He was reason Amber left also

      • Frankie wanted Amber out because she was too big a distraction to Caleb, who he wanted to get his head back into the game; AND, as was reported to his alliance by Christine, Amber was starting to talk about forming an all-female alliance. She became a threat to their game at that point.

      • Frankie wanted Donny out because Donny was so well liked by the other houseguests. Frankie knew that a person with integrity and a great social game would be very hard to beat if he was sitting next to that person in the final 2. I think the only reason both he and Derrick kept Donny around for a while was simply because Donny was part of Team America.

      • Derrick wanted Donny out more than Frankie did. Derrick tried to get him out several times.

      • “Derrick wanted Donny out more than Frankie did.” You’re probably right about that. As I’ve mentioned before, Frankie got most of the blame in the house for the evictions when in fact it was really Derrick. I think Frankie wanted to keep Donny around because he was worried about any repercussions from breaking up Team America. Derrick knew that Donny had figured out he was masterminding everything and that was why he insisted that Donny be evicted.

      • Derrick wanted to keep Donnie in the house but because Donnie refused to swear to Derrick that he didn’t want him out Derrick got him up and out.

    • Exactly, RK! The other male house guests felt they had to put up with Frankie’s groping advances, or risk being put on the block.
      Yea, for Karma!:)

      • Sorry, Carel, but Frankie didn’t hold as much power as you attribute to him. As for the groping or advances, had they male house guests complained to Big Brother in the diary room about it, be assured it would have been stopped.

      • We don’t know what was told to production but Frankie was told to stop by all males and they pushed him away and it continued. This is called sexual harassment. We r not talking about hugging and cuddling. We are talking about groping of privates and his obscene sexual harassing comments. No means no!! Bb should have put a stop to this. If this had been shown on the TV show cbs would have been fined at the least Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction is nothing compared to this. This is much worse than last years racial comments. This is not only sexual harassing comments but sexual harrassing behavior

    • You are right on the money. Well said! Frankie is not a good person. I googled him and read some of his Facebook crap. He is a racist bigot who hates blacks, fat people and Jews. He is an attention junkie trying to ride his sister’s coat tails (which we already knew). Sexually promiscuous, (anonymous sex in bathroom stalls). A real sick person.

      • he is an “online drama queen”. They get attention on purpose. Their entire personas are all about creating, promoting and continuing drama and the best ways to keep such going is to be bigoted, racist and crass.

      • are you serious? Are you sure it’s his real facebook page? I can see him saying he hates fat people, but I’d be floored if he actually made racist comments. He’s so busy trying to be loved by the whole world… I would not expect him to be a racist let alone post it for the world to see.
        Attention junkie, yes. I don’t care about his sex life as long as whatever goes on is between consenting adults.

      • I seriously doubt that it’s his real Facebook page. He’s purportedly an entertainer. He could never exist as such if he made comments like that. Someone who dislikes him is taking advantage by posting all that nonsense in his name.

  8. Why in the world would ZACH not want to go to jury? He is loved by almost everyone…I’m even more impressed by Derick now, not even one sip of alcohol-he is great and his priorties are where they need to be, not sure I can say that about the others, and Cody’s dream of getting out Frankie is coming true on Tuesday…my dream is that Cody track follows Mark Walberg’s and he become an underwear model and then a huge movie star-not based on game or anything lol-but would like to see him in movies I wonder how much Nicole will be kicking herself once she sees the show and realizes how much Cody liked her and she just shrugged him off…I’m convinced that Derek is ninja-the part I find most hilarious about some of the evictions he’s had a hand in-once the hitmen’s target and or Derek’s target is on the block and solidifed then it dawns on them oh my goodness Derek is the one mostly responsible for their evictions and he really isn’t who he is playing to be-but because they are on the block-it seems like paranoia when they are telling/warning some of the other houseguests about Derrick and they don’t believe him until it’s too late and they are on the block themselves:-) Also I need a bit of a refresher..for final 4 hoh wouldn’t it be in Derrick’s and Cody’s best interest to throw the comp and give it Victoria-she would then be inelgible to play for final 3 hoh right? Which means it would be down to Cody and Derrick to play for it-gosh crossing fingers for Cody to get that one-going to feel so bad for him if Derick takes Vic over him to F2 even though it is Derek’s plan..that is the guaranteed win-but hate that Derrick most likely won’t throw Cody a bone-I guess in Derek’s mind it isn’t worth throwing the dice with $500k on the line..

    Team Derrick
    crossing fingers for Cody to get that final hoh so he can be in the F2

    • Rita

      Final 3 all get to play for HOH.

    • Only one hoh left and it will be Tuesday probably.

    • jimbo

      Okay, the love of dim-witted Cody was hard to take in your post. He’s a real simpleton, and, as for gameplay, always scared to make ANY moves on his own. Derrick owned him like Victoria.

      • danmtruth

        Can’t get over the number of dumb things Caleb said. Telling Cody he thought about nominating him Telling Frankie there was talk of backdooring him the week he won POV to pull himself off The claiming he had a catch phrase “what dadt” ?? Never remember him saying dadt .

      • The catchphrase was “heard dat” and like you, I never heard dat. It sounds like a riff off of “Who dat?”, a fan chant of the New Orleans Saints.

        Thank you for bringing it up and causing me to doublecheck my facts before posting. The phrase “who dat?” actually goes all the way back to being used as a common dialogue element between performers and the audience at traveling minstrel shows in the old south. I guess if they force the Redskins to change their name they will go after the Saints fans next.

      • danmtruth

        Now that’s deep DanDaMan . Yes I know the Saints connection of Who Dat . Did not know the other part . I think it’s just Caleb trying to come up with a marketing trick for after the show. Just like Jocasta and her bow ties Only problem she did not last long enough or do anything interesting to be seen on TV

      • And here I thought it was my SEAHAWKS chant..
        who dat?….not heard dat.

      • Hey Jimbo-not really a fan of his game play on big brother-however he had alot of sweet moments with Nicole when he didn’t have to put up a facade around the guys in house. Also Cody is in a very dangerous spot-if you watch some of the clips of him and Derek bouncing game moves around on the live feeds and who to vote out to get to F2 and the consequences of each move and possible back lash-Cody does contribute alot to these conversations. I’d have to go back more in the season to see if he contributed alot earlier in the season to see if he contributed that much early on..and I can’t imagine being in Cody’s place if these were mostly Derek’s ideas most of the time-if they were Derek’s week after week his nominees are being evicted-I can’t really blame him for wanting to lay low to have a possible shot at the $500K, and from Cody’s view they are the ones going to F2 per Derrick no question so why would he risk going against that, thus far Cody has had no reason to distrust Derrick-it’s blatantly obvious to us out in the real world that for him to have any shot at the 500k he needs to evict Derek, but not sure it is so obvious in the house.

      • It’s a pity that most of Cody’s “sweet” moments with some of the houseguests were basically a sham. He was continually running to Derrick and spilling all the secrets they confided in him.

    • No, that’s not true. The winner of the F4 HOH still gets to play in the F3 HOH

      • Final three don’t have an hoh only one hoh left and that will be between Derrick, Vic and Cody Caleb can’t play in it. Then one of them goes home wed and three left as of wen night. No hoh after that

      • Yes there is. The final HoH between three players has always been a three part competition and the overall winner is the final HoH and decides who is the last evictee and who goes to the final with them. Last season Andy won the final HoH, sent Spencer to jury and took GM to the F2.

      • Yes this is right. It’s not a traditional HOH like everyone is thinking. Whoever wins doesn’t get the HOH room or basket or anything but the F3 is called an HOH comp.

      • It’s not an hoh it’s just how they play the final three. If After Andy won first comp then winner of second comp could have then beat Andy in last comp and they would have been the one choosing who to take. this is not an hoh.

      • Then why did Julie say that the winner of the F4 HoH would get to compete in the final HoH comp?

    • On the topic of Cody as an actor. On the 2nd version of the seed-saw HOH contest, Cody looked a lot like Superman, with his curl of hair down in his face. Not that that indicates acting skills, but he just looked like a perfect Superman.

      • Yeah the first time I saw him in those glasses, I think he may have had wet hair so it was slicked back too — I immediately saw CLARK KENT. lol

  9. My favorite part of big brother this year, is Christine being booed.&her fa e was shock.that nasty, fugly, wana be hoe.got all she deserve.

  10. I’m guessing I must have missed this, but did BB ever give a reason why this next eviction will be taped, and not live? I could be wrong, but haven’t all of the evictions so far this season been live? If so, you would think they should have a good reason to make what will hopefully be Frankie’s eviction taped (not live). It’s bad enough that production rarely showed on TV the side of Frankie everyone saw on the live feeds, but to then give him the luxury of not having to go through the audience response of a live eviction (like Christine had to,) is obvious favortism in my opinion.

    Why is this being allowed to happen?

    • They said not enough time to get it all done and get ready for wed live show. But Tuesday could have been live and wed taped.

      • If they evicted Frankie live Tuesday they would have less that 24 hours to get Wednesday night’s show ready. By taping the Tuesday eviction show already they are currently working on the game leading up to Wednesday night’s eviction – HoH, nominations, veto comp and veto meeting. We will see the entire cycle in one night but they will be able to have more complex competitions than a live show and be able to show more of the squirming and maneuvering leading up to the vote since they don’t have to do everything on the fly.

        This also serves to drive the viewership of the CBS episodes and they seem to count the ratings of the last few episodes more than the overall season’s performance.

    • Rita

      It was already scheduled that way before they even knew Frankie was going home so I don’t think there is any favoritism here.

      • I agree with the scheduling. But still think the editing will be in Frankie’s favor. And the audience allowed in for the taping will be controlled.

    • Agree! Frankie should receive more boos than Christine.

  11. Rita

    Here’s the Twitter RUMOR about tonight’s eviction:

    Frankie was evicted 2-0 audience cheered ::, and Victoria won Before & After.

    It came down between her and Derrick in a tie breaker. Derrick guessed too high.

    • Well, if that rumor is true, Victoria won a very important competition. She gets to put Cody and Caleb up on the block. Notice I didn’t say Derrick. The fact that she doesn’t nominate him will show the other two that she’s really in Derrick’s pocket. We’ll see if either one of them can save themselves with the POV. What would REALLY be interesting would be if Caleb won the POV and removed himself from the block. Victoria would have to put Derrick up against Cody. Derrick up against Caleb would be too easy. We all know Caleb would be evicted. It would be karma if Derrick ended up being evicted after Frankie. Well, I can dream….

      • Rita

        It would be crazy if it ends up being true.

      • Rita

        Jokers posted this:

        Frankie is out! 2-0! Derrick is new HOH!

        That makes more sense. I’m not looking anymore.

      • Rita-Derrickk is new HOH..I wonder which is true Victora or Derrick for HOH-crossing fingers it’s derrick-because that means-he was never voted to be on the block-go ninja go ninja go-that will at least make for an interesting week-Derrick’s choices would most likely be VIC an Caleb-but Caleb can possibly pull himself off then both of his alliances are up on the block-yikes maybe the one time Derrick had his heart set on setting the never on the block goal cost him fall out with most likely Cody-then leaves Caleb to win final 3 HOH-to the one who thinks someone rigged for Derek, I’m not so sure about that..on the other hand having Caleb as final HOH might work in Derek’s favor-i really can’t imagine in what world Caleb would take Vic to F2, what will be funny to me at that point is if Derek can beat Caleb in F2–

      • There is no final 3 hoh. Whoever wins hoh puts up noms for wed eviction then no more hoh. Final 3 have comp. whoever wins sits out while two play comp. whoever wins that one plats first winner. That’s who closed which of two to take to finals. After wed no more hoh no more pov.

      • I’m not seeing that on Joker’s. I don’t understand.

      • Rita

        They took it down. I should have been more careful before spreading what appears to be bad information.

      • The last post I saw from jokers was at 11:00 last night and Frankie was still there so they hadn’t had the eviction for that. It’s ridiculous for people to pay for live feeds if they aren’t going to get to see the entire show all the way through.

      • I looked at Jokers and did not see that update. Can you share the link?

      • More reasonable. Derrick or Cody win hoh. Caleb and Vic go up. Caleb wins pov. Now Vic up and Derrick/ Cody up. Caleb only voter and finally gets thought in his head and votes out male which means Cody or Derrick goes home. That’s what I want to happen for excitement

      • I have thought it would be so appropriate if Victoria wins. I haven’t seen any big moves in the season-so her floating would be no less than a strategy. I’d vote for her. It would show those boys.

      • It would be hilarious if she won. But I’m sure true BB fans would be pissed.

      • I’d be beyond pissed….I cringe every time I STILL see her name.

    • Rita-can you imagine Caleb getting voted out-when Victoria is HOH…lol I would love that, not a fan of hers but that would be incredibly funny.

    • Do you meaner they cheered cause he was evicted or cheered because they liked him? They wouldn’t have cheered glad he got evicted because audience can only be cbs people and must be high security as they don’t want to take chance that who is evicted gets out to public

    • Who said that on Twitter? Ariana or one of her puppets?

    • Live feeds are down so how would anyone know that?

    • unless it was tweeted by someone claiming to be in the audience (who I’m pretty sure wouldn’t have been able to see who won a comp) then I wouldn’t pay attention to it. I believe the feeds are down.

  12. danmtruth

    So Derrick let’s Victoria win She does his dirty work Cody Caleb will be on the block He than votes Caleb out If Caleb wins POV he takes himself off votes out Cody. If Cody wins POV He comes off votes out Caleb Derrick has his dream F3 him Vic and Cody

    • Yes, that would be Derrick’s “dream” final 3. It couldn’t have worked out any better if Big Brother had fixed it for him….oh wait, they did.

      • Derrick played his own game. BB had nothing to do with. Now if you want to talk BB interference point that at Frankie.

      • Yes, there was interference from Big Brother concerning Frankie…the rewind. They gave Derrick and crew another opportunity to get Frankie evicted. With Derrick controlling all the other weak-minded players in that house, it was inevitable that whoever won the HOH after the rewind would put Frankie on the block so he could be voted out. The odds were not in Frankie’s favor that he would automatically win the HOH again after the rewind; nor could it be assured that he could win the POV and take himself off the block if required. Big Brother wasn’t fixing the game in favor of Frankie, rather it’s been fixed in favor of Derrick all along.

      • Really think reset was probably decided at beginning of season. If anything cbs favors Frankie. They chose him to come in game because of his sister and how he acts. Thought viewers would love him.

    • That doesn’t make any sense. The HOH in the final 4 doesn’t actually have any power, they just have safety. F4 nominations mean absolutely nothing because whoever wins the veto will be the lone vote regardless of whether or not they started the week on the block. If Derrick threw the F4 competition, I would immediately remove him from the company of Dan Gheesling and Will Kirby because that would be a profoundly stupid move.

      • Ya you need the win in final 4 comp in big brother. Nobody fixed anything for anyone, if derick won then yay

      • F4 HOH is guaranteed to be in the F3 and makes a determination who will be in the F3. If Vic or Cody wins the F4 HOH it will be Cody, Derrick and Vic in the F3. Remeber Caleb can’t play in the F4 HOH, so he has to depend on Cody or Derrick to save him.

      • Not if he wins pov then he’s safe and has only vote for who leaves

      • No, you’re wrong. Think about it. Caleb can’t play in the HOH but he CAN play in the POV. If Cody won the F4 HOH like you said, and nominated Vic and Caleb and then Caleb won POV and removed himself from the block, the only possible replacement nominee would be Derrick and then it would be Derrick and Victoria on the block with Caleb casting the only vote. That’s how it’s always been (since S3) on Big Brother. The F4 HOH has no power over who comes to the F3 with them (unless they win the veto as well)

  13. I think BB should allowing booing, its the only excitement we got this season.
    Im not a Frankie fan, but I really don’t care who wins after Frankie goes, just because unless, something weird happens, the ending is predictable, Derrick/Cody.
    If I was Derrick I’d make sure Victoria is F2, because as bitter as that Jury is, I think they’d give him
    To be fair to Christine, I want Cody booed equally as well. It takes two (2) to be adulterous, “stone” him too.

    • She got booed cuz she was in denial about being in love with cody as a married woman. How the hell is cody at fault? And how the hell is hand holding, cuddles, and non sex adultury! It would suck if my husband or wife did that to me, but it isnt really adultery. It is just slutty and hurtful. Cody hurt nobody. Christine shouldve been less of a slut.

      • Read what you wrote again, and then re ask yourself that question. Christine is married and Cody knows she’s married. She shouldn’t be flirting and he should have shut her down at the get go. It takes two (2) and his ass should get booed. (I rhymed)

      • Cody acted like that with every girl in house but they all rebuffed him. Except Christine. She’s the one that did the rubbing and stroking etc and she was married but nothing sexual went on not even kiss. But inappropriate behavior for married woman. Cody likes the attention but really thought nothing was wrong even after zing bot and guys told him how it looked. He did not believe then. He’s at fault but not like Christine. He just likes the attention. He’s just stupid.

      • Yes, non sexual flirting between two (2) parties, where one or both are married, is adulterous. Even if she alone was doing the “stroking”, he was complicit.
        He’s a bright (scheming) and VICIOUS boy. What he is, is a typical user(er)
        BOOOOO CODY!!!(since I won’t be in the audience) BOOO!!!

      • Unless of course Christine and her husband are swingers [as some comments from other house guests have suggested] and practice consensual non-monogamy. It would not surprise me to find out they are polyamorous.

      • I have thought that for quite a few weeks. I can not remember exactly what Christine said back along about the third week but it caused me to think that perhaps her marital relationship was open or polyamorous.

      • It takes two. Nobody said it was adultery. How about just respect for marriage or relationships. You think it would be OK with him if some other guy did that with his girlfriend or his mother? Yes, it was more her responsibility, but he didn’t have to take advantage of it. He should have more respect for himself than that!

      • Cody does share responsibility for the whole Christiaa thing. He knew she was married. He also what people thought about it because iof the Zingbots Zing. He’s not pure of the driven snow either.

      • Rachel you have very low standards for marriage. I would completely be horrified if my husband was cuddling, holding hands, playing with the hair, and caressing another woman.

    • I really don’t get feeling jury is bitter. Maybe Christine. I think they will vote for who they think played best game. That will be Derrick if he gets there against any of them

      • I agree. Everyone seems to think that because the jury came in and ruined the house that they are bitter. Not true. BB set that up. Had nothing to do with how they felt. Christine also said she would vote for Derrick because he played a great game.

      • I was quite surprised bb left in the comments from jury about Derrick. They all appeared pro Derrick to me. Did you think that also?

      • I think everyone pretty much knew who was running the show by now. It’s kinda hard to know what someone who only watches the show thinks because all of us on here at least come on here to find out the behind the scenes info. But I think that jury will vote for Derrick no matter what.

      • Sorry going backwards on posts. Didn’t read my own post. Lol yeah I think Derrick has it sewn up. I do wonder tho if Frankie might not try to pollute the jury against Derrick. I don’t think it will help because no one likes Frankie. But something to ponder.

  14. Congrats on the wedding! Just a BB fan that loves all the game talk. Your updates are awesome!
    Hopefully Derrick for the win. He has dominated all of them and really just demonstrates a superb focused game play. I agree that in a way its very much like Dan did. Bye Frankie! (Thanks to RK for posting that wonderful synopsis btw.) Ugh. Enough with the theatre acting, he is just increasingly intolerable. I stopped watching BBAD last night after he said he wanted to tour doing a one man show. Whaaaa? Nooooo.
    Loved him at first but the ugly came out. Was dissapointed that Nicole couldn’t make it happen. The end of this season may have been more interesting if Donnie, Britt, Nicole and Hayden could have stayed longer but it was never an even plainfield. They were the fun bunch to watch! But instead insert picture of Victoria’s blank stare here ——. She woke up like 7 days ago. You have to wonder…strategy?…nah, no way…or is it?
    I did think that something seems really off with the scheduling this season. There has been some lack of continuity throughout. Soo much planning turned into poor planning maybe?

    • OMG yes he did say he wanted to tour with his one-man show. I think he really believes we have all fallen in love with him and can’t wait to see MORE of him!!!! After all, he’s an internet mogul, and a former Broadway star… and oh wait, he’s just an attention whore who I think last worked at some exclusive club where he gets paid to hang out with famous people and “entertain” them with his flamboyant behavior.
      Oh and despite the fact that he’s 31, he’s about to turn 29.
      either way he looks at least 40. What on earth will he do when nobody thinks he’s cute anymore?

  15. So glad Frankie will be gone and won’t have to deal with him talking directly into the cameras like he’s doing his own private show all the time. Beyond tired of his snobby comments and just him completely. And while I’m complaining might as well throw in Jocosta’s bowties. How many of those dang things does she have? And why?

    • Because she wants to be unique. I think jocasta is lame, but being annoyed at her bowties of all things is just stupid. Her attitude and ignorance is what is annoying.

      • Jacosta is not ignorant. She had Derrick figured out before she left house. She just had no game play

      • Jocasta didn’t even seem to realize she was competing in Big Brother and only knew anything about Derrick because Donny told her.

      • It would have been better for Derrick to take Jacosta or Britney than stupid Victoria. I can’t believe she us even sitting in there. Girls become women in that house next year, band together and send the guys out! Nicole should be there not Victoria!

      • Karen: Brittany was too intelligent for that house. She sussed things out fairly early on that the men would form an alliance. If she wasn’t voted out so early in the game, I believe she would have managed to get a group of women together to form an alliance. Joey initially attempted to do that as well; but she went about it all wrong–much too aggressively and very obvious to the men, which is what made her a target. Unfortunately, Nicole (who is loose lipped) was confiding too much in Christine at that time. Any and all “girl alliance” talk would have (and did) gone straight back to Christine’s “alliance”.

      • Brittney was an absolute moron. Which Brittney were you watching? She had the absolute worst social game of the season. Horribly bitchy and stand-offish for no reason. She gave herself way too much credit “oh I’m nominated because I’m the only one with enough self-respect to not flirt with Cody”. It’s like, get off your high horse you conceited bitch. Nicole and Jacosta weren’t flirting with Cody either and they weren’t being targeted that week. The reason she was being targeted is because nobody wanted to work with her. In case you can’t tell, I HATED Brittney. The only person I hate more than Brittney this season is Zach (seriously, when did everyone collectively decide they liked him? I can’t believe that asshat is even in consideration for America’s fav)

      • Joey tried that, remember? And she ended up being the first one voted out…

      • I think it had a lot to do with Amber and Christine lucking into alliance and they went back and told. For girls alliance they needed most of them it was early in game and Joey should have felt out each girl individually. Nichole and Christine were very close from day one Nichole did not have loose lips. And Christine for very long time never said anything about what Nichole told her. It was not until ppl told Christine lies about what Nichole had said about her did Christine turn on Nichole. And it was all lies

      • Diane, I think you perused my above comment a bit too quickly. I did cover Joey’s attempt at forming an all girl alliance. Of course the male alliance would make her the first target for the females.

      • What would the difference be if he took Jacosta instead? She was still a floater.

      • I think Victoria is much easier to manipulate than Jocasta.

      • Trudy honestly I don’t think anyone but Donnie had Derrick figured out. True enough he shared this with everyone. But no one would listen. They all thought Frankie was the puppet master but surprise those hands in the back of Frankie were Derricks. Don’t you think?

      • I can’t remember Donny telling anyone in house about Derrick except when he was fighting for his life he told Cody and Christine but don’t know if he really even said his name but everyone knew who he was talking about and they didn’t believe him and immediately told Derrick. When Hayden went out he whispered to Nichole it was Derrick and I think he said Cody too. When Nichole came back in the house Donny talked openly with her about him. But she knew already from Hayden before she left first time. Plus when Cody and Derrick blindsided her after promising to vote (was it Frankie) out that gave them away also. Jacosta knew but she never talked game so don’t know when she figured it out so could have been in jury not sure. I think she had good insight into ppl from some of comments she made but she had no game at all-but she was not stupid. Guess Donny talked to everyone in jury also. So really don’t know for sure when some of them really found out. Don’t think zach knew. Really only ones I think knew anything were those not in alliance. Caleb still doesn’t know! Vic has known for some time because she’s around him so much. She knows he’s holding the power. They even had a fight about it once.

  16. Maybe on the last show mango will get boo’d or do they have that audience stacked too?

  17. Have seen folks sharing their fav. moments this season – mine was when Julie announced that there would be no apple pie for dessert – “not even close” – the look on Spanky’s face was priceless – also Donny’s – he actually did a little laugh.

  18. If Victoria did win Hoh n that’s a big if..then derrick being a smart player will tell Victoria to put him n Caleb up.wait! Calm down.this is why,Cuz if Caleb wins pov he will take himself down obviously! Then cody will go up then derrick will have sole vote.if cody wins pov then he leaves it the same then cody votes out caleb.its perfect for the hit men.i hope I got that right Cuz I took an ambien before I wrote this.

  19. danmtruth

    Donny knew it Wasent going to happen.frankie thought he could be a star ,,,, shot down
    As for Jocasta she came in with a game plan of how to market herself after the show. All the bow ties the praying. Someone need to explain how the mikes worked. That she did not need to YELL all he responses . Her downfall she put so much effort in to her image she forgot to play the game
    All the crying about the jury people trashing the house and how they had to pick it up. Please the production crew brings in a cleaning crew every other day

  20. Shoot just thought about it n I’m wrong.o well I’ll figure it out tomorrow

  21. I just posted to Frankie’s mom’s twitter. Because she said there was no difference for her family (which to me includes justin bieber, she is using him as well) tweeting for frankie than anyone elses. I said, “yes, there is a difference. Open your eyes to reality.”

      • Frankie’s mother (@joangrande on twitter) said on her twitter that she and her family has the same right to tweet for Frankie as the other contestant’s families. She used hashtag #NotSorry. She is also putting @justinbieber in her posts so that they show up on Justin’s feed and they have used Frankie’s twitter account to get Justin to post to it. So when voting for America’s Favorite Player they will be able to push out millions of requests for votes via twitter/youtube/instagram etc. and that is what they plan on doing.

        She doesn’t see it as unfair. The woman (to me) is delusional and thinks everyone has 15 million twitter followers and it’s just natural. Reading her twitter feed is a sappy bunch of people with blinders on who act like Frankie is Mother Teresa. “He’s doing such a great thing for the luvs in Africa” (The Grande family uses the word luvs to talk about their followers and the people beneath them – my opinion…like it makes them feel better calling them luvs rather than peasants.)

        Anyway, a lot of people fired back at her telling her that no, your “family” tweeting for Frankie to win AFP is NOT the same as the other families. I had to join in and express my opinion to her. Hoping that maybe after she hears it 100 times there might be a sliver or reality break through her entitled head.

      • Most of ppl that share tweets with that family are not bb watchers or fans. And in fairness to other HG voters should be ppl who actually watch the show. That they have access to millions(?) of ppl in tweets to persuade them to vote in contest they have no idea what’s going on in it, have never watched it etc is not right or fair. If I contact all my friends and remind them to vote that’s ok but I would never ask anyone to vote for something they knew nothing about. And if someone asked me to vote for something I knew nothing about I would no bother. So maybe all those that share tweeting with her will also not bother to vote for something them know nothing about. Can’t you text or call in votes? I always do online cause it’s free and I can vote max amount. I also vote for my husband cause he watches but would not bother to vote. You have to set up account at cbs to vote there. Maybe ppl that r not fans will put in effort to do that. We can only hope. GO DONNY. AFP

      • Should be NOT put forth effort to vote

      • Rita

        I hope Frankie doesn’t win AFP. And if he does I hope CBS is smart and also gives out a prize to 2nd place considering it is completely unfair. Not just a little unfair like last year with Elissa.
        If ANYONE but Frankie wins (it seems like Donny and Zach have the most fans on Twitter) it will make it even more enjoyable to watch.
        I’ll bet most of Ariana’s fans won’t waste their time logging into CBS to vote.
        I really wish they allowed Live Feeders to vote 40 times a day in addition to the website link, that would give the real people in the house a better chance.

  22. Sorry for the random question but I missed this. Do they know that Derrick is a cop? I know there was an issue with a picture he received and had replaced but I never heard how he explained it. Thanks in advance for the help.

    • As far as we know, they don’t know yet. Supposedly Derrick had considered telling Victoria, but didn’t. And as far as the picture he received when he was HOH, I don’t believe they ever went into much detail about that. They’ll all find out soon enough though!

    • Teresa, I read on a blog that Derrick’s wife said that the picture he returned had Tenley and a family member that Derrick didn’t want to see in the picture. It had nothing to do with Derrick being in a cop uniform.

  23. I just want to say a few things. If Derrick makes it to F2 he wins this game hands down. I’ve been saying this since Donnie left. I know I’m going to get slammed for this but I don’t think there ought to boos for anyone. These players are going to find out very shortly what people felt about them. I see no reason to pour salt in the wound. Christine will have to deal with her husband and her family and probably her community for the way she played. It wouldn’t matter how many boos Frankie got. He’s so delusional that he would just say that it’s because he’s gay. So there really no reason for the boos.

    • leafhopper

      I agree with you Sandra ftsm, with regards to Derrick. I don’t think anyone likes to see anyone hurt intentionally, however, this season has been so boring that the boos that Christine received has been just about the biggest “twist” that we have see thus far. I think the reason she was booed was because she was so mean and disrespectful, and by booing her the audience was being just as mean and disrespectful as she was. Just like that old saying “two wrongs don’t make a right”. But, having said that – it did make for a great show just to see her reaction and the audiences reaction, to validate that cheating (what she did in the comp with Donnie), backstabbing and badmouthing her “friends” and disrespecting her marriage, are not something that America is okay with. I am not saying that it was the right thing to do, but it was entertaining.

      • I agree with that. I mean I would’ve loved seeing Frankie’s face when he got evicted and yes it was entertaining to watch Christine come out. I just find it ( personally for me to ) harsh to want to boo anyone that comes out.

  24. From what I understood and read, BBAD last night was a repeat… of the night before??? Not sure.. but I read that yesterday on one site.

  25. Just a question. I am on the west coast and am dying to know who wins HOH. Since SB is on Honeymoon will someone from east coast please post after show is over. Thank you.

  26. SteveBeans welcome back from your honeymoon. Hope y’all had a great time.

  27. From Big Brother Spoilers (@BBSpoil).

    Comments, below, are not mine!

    Rumor is that Victoria won the Before or After HOH comp. (Wouldn’t surprise me. Derrick did terrible when they were practicing.)

    Rumor is that Frankie did NOT get booed. He got cheers.

    was at #BB16 taping earlier, and Frankie was evicted 2-0 audience cheered ::, and victoria won before & after

    So Christine gets booed, but Frankie makes a rape joke and doesn’t get booed. (It wasn’t all CBS employees. There were guests.)

    • I don’t believe there was any audience in eviction except for production. If there was who won would be all over internet. That part of tape had to have high security. And if there was cheering there is no doubt in my mind that production was told to cheer for him because they couldn’t be told to boo. Production involved with cameras etc that staff bb house all the time in DR etc do not like Frankie. We have learned this from what we have heard after some of competitions that were not edited out or from what HG have said. They cheered one time near end when Donny won a pov. And gasped when Frankie won that puzzle. HG have said lots of stuff they have heard that indicate dislike of Frankie. Frankie has taken what he’s heard as bb amazement that he has won so much etc

      • A person who attended a previous live eviction posted a few weeks ago (on another BB blog) that production is not allowed to tell the audience whether they should cheer or boo the evicted HG. He said they just tell the audience to react how you feel towards that player.

        On the other hand, if it is true that he came out to cheers, anyone watching the game this season or even just reading about what Frankie’s said/done in the game, will know CBS/BB did something to shelter him from the outcome he should have received, which is all kinds of wrong (CBS/BB inserting themselves into the game like that.)

      • Doesn’t cbs hold Ariana’s record contract? Of course they aren’t going to let Frankie be booed.

      • Or just maybe the audience who was there when Frankie was evicted cheered because they felt sorry for him being screwed over by the male alliance he fought so hard to keep together to the final four.

      • Oh please no one liked Frankie.

      • But audience had to be only bb or cbs staff. Fans would have already gotten secret out to world. That’s why I say if there is cheering on show tonight it’s because cbs told staff to cheer. It would not be fans cheering because fans not there and cbs can tell their own employees to cheer whereas u r probably right about them not influencing a real audience. I’m saying this is not real audience so cbs can tell them what to do cause they are cbs employees

      • ShoeLover

        Yeah I can picture the old light up applause sign flashing as Frankie walks through the door.

        That is your cheer que CBS Production Employees, er huh eh-hem audience our lovely audience!

      • I hear ya, Trudy, but it still isn’t right – for those that see this on TV, they (CBS/BB) are presenting to viewers their own version of how they want people to see Frankie. It’s just not right for them to be interjecting themselves into even that aspect of the game (the eviction).

      • Oh. I completely agree with that Diane. I know if I hear cheers when Frankie leaves that cbs was responsible for it. And it’s such a big time misrepresentation of how big brother fans feel about Frankie. I think it would be a slap in the face and big insult to their viewers and bb fans

      • Christine deserved boos. But Frankie deserves even more. But now since it wasn’t live and he’ll get applause, he’ll think he was loved by everyone.

    • I’m saving comments about Frankie’s exit from the game until I watch the show myself. I don’t like to go on speculation.

  28. Bye Bye Frankie, its a shame about the rewind, would have been far more interesting to see Victoria go and let the 4 battle it out. However, what we have now is Derrick in control, the perfect set up for him. He controls the rest of the house which do his bidding at his command. Oh they may think they are playing their own game but its ALL Derricks game. Even tho Caleb thought it would be better for his game to put up Cody/Derrick he still put up Frankie, wow. So we know Cody will not use the POV and he and Derrick will vote off Frankie then turn on Caleb. Caleb does have a chance to win and that is by winning the HOH again and putting up Derrick, Cody and Victoria and see who wins POV and work with who wins it unless of course he does…if he does not get HOH or POV Caleb is gone next week.

    • He can’t play in hoh but he needs to win pov and then vote the male out as he would have only vote if he wins pov. Don’t know if he will realize even at that point that he needs to vote male out esp since all that is going to happen pretty fast. They have probably already done hoh pov and pov comp we should learn that on bbad after show tonight. Those of you who have live feeds will have to update us here between what happens after show and when bbad comes on 3 hours later

      • Live feeds are down until after the show Tuesday.

      • Yes mouse. I meant to say after show tonight when live feeds come back –bbad does not come on for three more hours. I don’t get live feeds so want those of you who do to let us know what’s going on in those three hours

      • What is with the thumbs down on every little thing Trudy says. Whats the problem. Disagreeing is one thing but this is down right childish.

      • Ha ha I don’t even notice cause I don’t look. Don’t worry about it cause ppl who do that don’t have the guts or intelligence to disagree in post or just have no ideas of their own. But til I read your post I had not even noticed. Someone on here does that on everything I post if I say the show comes on tonight I get thumbs down so now never even look

      • I think someone has a little crush on you, Trudy! You know, like in grade school when a boy liked you and he’d trip you in the hallway? 😀

      • I don’t pay any attention either Trudy.

  29. danmtruth

    Derrick and Frankie were the two who came in with a end game. Derrick sat back the first couple of weeks . Had the bomb squad drop in his lap.At that time he was not 100% behind it. As the game progress and he saw that the bomb squad was the only organized group he made his deal with Cody. At the same time he started to make his deal with Victoria. Derrick sat back and started to manipulate the other players . Having one on one conversation to plant an idea so when they got in a group. He does this to two or three players The other player talk about the plan like its there idea or that everyone has been talking about a plan. Yet no one is sure where the idea came from Very good work on Derrick part
    Frankie in these last few weeks has seemed to mellow a bit Once more I think production has been feeding him info in the DR . As I first said Frankie and Derrick came in with a plan . Derrick was to win Frankie was to get as far as he could . I hate to bring up the conspire theories but it does seem like Frankie was a plant. When the golden button first appears Frankie blurts out “rewind” than caught himself and let other people speculate . Never mention it again . There were many other little slips like that . Just a thought

  30. I think Caleb is hilarious. Now that Zach is gone he’s definitely the funniest. I laughed so many time while watching the last episode. haha It was great to watch them watch the jury during that competition!! 🙂

  31. danmtruth

    At first Frankie was that’s good the poor jury house people get a chance at 5K . Than as they watch they acted surprise that the house got trash. Have they not seen other luxury comp? Most were like this looking for hidden things. Trashing the house is always part of it. beside they did not do the cleanup. The production crew sends in a cleanup crew

  32. ShoeLover

    Whew! Finally caught up from the hundreds of comments just to get my BB JUICE!

    MR Franko,

    I am pleased to know you are back home and continuing your journey to a healthy recovery. I hope you are resting well and taking it slow so you can be with all of us nutty BB FANS next year!! I know I will be back!

    Now I have a little novel on how I believe Derrick will win BB. Its from my perspective if I was one of his victims.

    all the house guests walking about the house with an odd, almost desperate, look of fear on their face just dying to talk to anyone they can find alone and tell them they don’t have much time, it’s not safe for them, they know too much, and believe it’s curtains for them. BUT…it isn’t too late for the other house guests.

    ( Now keep in mind, while the DOOMED HG imitates a gazelle scanning the horizon when danger is all around )

    Delicately, the indangered HG shares urgent and valuable information that has jeopardized their existence in the game…

    Derrick, is the threat. His relaxed and persuasive personality is addictive to the point you slowly forget the childhood dreams being the most loved and respected HG ever to single handedly rise above and outshine the best of the best to play BIG BROTHER. BUT.. Derrick has mastered the art of persuasion you begin to believe his opinions and strategies is best for your game, tossing the OCD meticulously detailed, NO-FAIL $500,000 in my hand game plan you had created were soon forgotten the second Derrick said, “Here’s a thought…”

    After awhile the calculated plan Derrick has had from the get go is now in full swing. HG are being eliminated with big blinding smiles on their faces waving obediently to Derrick as they walk out the front door. And all is happy go lucky hanging on all that is Derrick.

    Until… you are approached in the only safe house area in Big Brother, the potty.

    Shocked and confused. Flashbacks of over heard conversations from others play over and over in your mind and a couple of words begin to form a pattern. Derrick is the threat Derrick is the threat. You find yourself in the same position as the doomed HG. Now your the gazelle scanning the horizon desperately seeking others to warn them of the REAL Derrick.

    Derrick, from day one, put his plan in motion and has played his game focusing on his goal of winning $500,000. Derrick’s ability to talk to people and gain their trust is a true talent. Yes he is a police officer but, think about it… Most police officers I know (5 in my family) are quick problem solvers, observant in every day life activities and will notice a moment of something good, safe, or something bad, dangerous, life threatening most times before we even have time to react. I am sure it can be learned behavior in training but most already have that ability to read actions and emotions, problem solvers, and then of course detail oriented, piece together little details of a crime and nine times out of ten explain with precise accounts what happened.

    Now when I see Derrick talking one on one with others, he is able to have that person give their complete undivided attention and they almost automatically want to trust him and at the same time have that awkward bossy big brother HOLD like control on them. Nobody wants to tattle to Mom and Dad about Big Brother Derrick, because if he finds out it was me, he might lock me in closet with the lights out and that sucks. (trust me, I know) so when ya think of all the HG in Jury, not one really made a huge effort to tattle on Derrick because they knew if he found out or heard similar story he would know it was them. And then it’s so long and bye bye, this is Derrick’s house!

    Kinda corney lame but when ya think about it does make sense. Derrick has run the house with his ideas and suggestions and engaged just enough to keep those ideas and suggestions fresh in everyone’s minds and so their focus turned to Derrick’s goal of winning the game. ALL the house guests ate it up shared their reasons as why Derrick is so awesome and would like to have known him before BB, but have ya noticed they have even shared they wouldn’t be caught dead being on his bad side either. Yes there were moments in the house I thought YES, they are starting to chat about Derrick and questopn why he hasn’t been nominated and how he is able to have more control that the HOH AND of course conversation end for fear Big Brother Derrick would bust in and then they would be next to go. I would love to be in the Jury house and hear them all piece together how slick Derrick was in tricking them to play his game and forget they were there to play too.

    The End!

    • ************
      thank you so much for the comment. I am home today but I am extremely tired because you never sleep when you’re in a hospital. I’m getting ready to go pick up multiple new prescriptions which apparently are going to cost a small fortune.
      just the word of warning, be careful making personal comment about any of us or you too will be bombarded with negative comments.

  33. When Christine looks back at the DVDs for BB16 she will realize that her big mouth and attraction to Cody cost the women and herself any chance of winning this year. Had she not told the guys about Joey and the girls forming an all girl alliance she could have been the plant that got the guys out earlier.

  34. Does anyone else get the feeling that Caleb would like to cut Derrick and go to the end with Cody?

  35. Joker feed:

    12:21 PM HoH basket had a #1Dad license plate. Only can be Derrick’s. NT

    12:18 PM D was in the HoH room during leak. One of the hoh items on the table says #1 Dad NT

    12:12 PM Right before feeds cut. Victoria was saying Derrick didn’t need to be nervous about the POV comp like she has to be. NT

  36. Seriously, if there isn’t a major upset before the finals, e.g., Derrick gets voted out or Victoria wins the grand prize, this will go down in history as the most BORING and totally predictable season of Big Brother. Everything has gone so smoothly all season long for Derrick. Everyone played HIS game for him; he never went on the block; he never fought hard to get HOH because he knew he was safe; and he sat back and mentally counted how he was going to spend the $500,000…actually $550,000 plus the monies he won through Team America’s tasks. For those of you who don’t think this game was rigged in favor of Derrick, really just think about it. When has a season of Big Brother ever gone so smooth for one particular player who was NEVER put at risk?

    • Jannie

      I’m bummed if Derrick won HOH, not because I dislike him, but because I wanted HIM to be that one and only important vote for the final three.

      Yes, he has to make the nominations, but he will have a million reasons and excuses for what he does there.

      I really wanted HIM to have to stand up and be the one vote that sent either Cody, Caleb or Victoria thru that door to the jury.

      I wanted DERRICK to finally have to stand up and reveal his strategy to the house with his vote.

      Arghh…no direct blood on his hands once again!

      • This edition of BB could not have gone any better for Derrick, other than if it was scripted…LOL, smh…

        Derrick the Cop, winner of Big Brother 16, how boring, & predictable!

    • You give absolutely no evidence whatsoever to support your theory. You just say “well when has a player ever gone through this smoothly”. How does that mean it’s rigged? That just means he’s been playing a damn good game. Give me an actual example of a way they could have rigged this in Derrick’s favour. I genuinely want to know. Yea sure, the rewind benefited Derrick’s game but Julie announced the rewind button to the audience before Frankie even won that HOH. That could have just as easily been Derrick’s HOH being reset but he’s gotten by with some luck and a lot of skill.

      • Dan Ghessling has a smooth game. He was only on the block one time I believe in this BB season and he won the money. After watching all 16 BB seasons, IMO it is not all about winning comps, it’s about getting yourself in the best position to win the money. It doesn’t matter is your float your way to the F2. It’s not about how you start, all about how you finish.

      • Dan put himself in a position where his fellow houseguests thought he had given up the fight, that he was very vulnerable and not a threat to them. THAT was how he was able to keep himself in the house. Derrick just seemed to float on by on a breeze…..

      • I agree. A lot of people can’t understand how Derrick went through undetected. It was actually 2 things. I’ve stated before that Derrick is just a phenomenal manipulator. He has had this whole house in his hands. The second thing I believe is the other house guests really weren’t that smart and they got played. Like I’ve said before like him or not you have to give it up to him.

      • He also recognized when someone was on to him. That’s why Hayden, Donny and Nicole had to go. They could have flipped the house on him.

      • Such hostility in your tone, B-rizzle. I voiced my opinion, just like everyone else here has been doing. I don’t owe you any facts or evidence. You don’t believe it could be rigged in favor of Derrick? Conversations that take place with the other houseguests in the diary room, subtle comments to them and/or questions by BB production staff can easily lead them into following along with Derrick’s suggestions. It’s beyond luck that Derrick is still there. I think Big Brother read the blogs and thought that they had found a “hero” in Derrick. After the scuzbag that won last season, and the disgust expressed in so many posts afterwards, BB production probably thought the viewers wanted to see a “likeable” houseguest win this time around. Derrick fit their bill. He’s a policeman, married with a child. So Derrick laid low. He didn’t boot stomp around the house demanding people do his bidding (like Amanda) but he definitely controlled everyone. When he saw he couldn’t control a person, or they were catching wise to his actions, he made sure they got evicted from the house. Again, through the competitions that took place, these could easily have been rigged in favor of Derrick so the necessary evictions would take place. I believe he had a lot of help and not just from the ever-so-willing and trusting houseguests. Hey, if he gets booted before the final 2, I’ll be proven wrong; but if he wins, I stand by my opinions.

      • Once again, all moronic speculation. “I have no evidence to support my claims but unless I’m given evidence to the contrary, I’m going to stand by my claims”. Your mindset essentially is “guilty until proven innocent” which is a more “hostile” way to go through life than even I, the devil himself (in your eyes, apparently) could bare. You don’t “owe” me evidence? Of course you don’t “owe” me anything but if you don’t want to sounds like a fucking idiot, you probably shouldn’t make unwarranted accusations just because they seem kind of convenient. Also, perhaps now you’re able to recognize a hostile tone when you see one. My first comment was benign.

      • Stevebeans: I hope you’re enjoying your honeymoon; but we have a poster here who is extremely aggressive and offensive (B-rizzle). Would love it if you could get him/she/it to pull in the reigns on the offensive comments. They don’t belong on your website.

      • Hahahahahaha, B-rizzle is only offensive to those who eschew logical thought. When you claim something as fact you risk being called moronic when you cannot provide any proof to support your opinion.

      • DaDaMan: When I claim something as “fact”, believe me I will state that it is a fact. What I expressed were my opinions that I felt the game was rigged in favor of Derrick. Are only fans of Derrick allowed to express their opinions? I am very logical as well as analytical. So logical that I know there are several malcontents and halfwits on this site, as proven by B-rizzle’s reply and your agreement with it.

      • You didn’t state an opinion. Saying “I think orange ice cream tastes better than vanilla ice cream is an opinion”. Saying “I think the game is rigged for Derrick” is not an opinion. It’s mere speculation. It’s bordering on a fact but since you have no real logical reasons (only emotional reasons), it’s easily dismissed. And are you that much of a selfish cunt that you’d tell a man to take time off from his honeymoon because you can’t handle a few mean words? Jeez, is it nap time for you yet? Or do you have to wait until after your class is done finger painting. Wah wah wah.

      • B-rizzle, I’m a lady or otherwise I would tell you where to stick your unsolicted and unwelcomed comments about my posts about my posts. But then I’d have to stoop to your level. You behave like an immature child. What are you? About 15 years old and and angry at the world because your mama took your x-box away? I know exactly what you’re doing. You want me to stop posting here because you don’t agree with my opinions. You’re a tiny little cretin who can’t deal with an articulate woman so you figure your intimidation and insults will make me leave this site. Grow up. Oh, and by the way, here is me stating something that is not not conjecture or an opinion, it is FACT proven by the garbage you’ve been spouting. You’re an a-hole.

      • When a person says “I think” they are stating their opinion not fact this forum is for ppl to discuss what they think in all aspects of game and HG. If you disagree state your opinion also most ppl respect ppls opinion. But there is no reason to get nasty with someone just because you don’t agree I have not seen you do this before have only see one other person be nasty to ppl for no reason except that he doesn’t agree with them and he’s the only one also being nasty and insulting to Anita but everyone here knows he does that.

      • You remind me of a monkey flinging his poop at his enemies, spewing out as many vitriolic insults as you possibly can. Way to hang your hat on being articulate and ladylike yet trying to provoke me in the same breath.

        I am perfectly ok with dealing with articulate women, it’s just hollow-minded morons that I have a hard time with (which is surprising because I’m surrounded by them so often).

        No, I’m not a 15 year old who lost his x-box. I’m a 3rd engineering student on the dean’s list… same thing, right?

        Finally, I’m perfectly content with you continuing to be an active member of this site. It’s no skin off my back. I just think you’d be doing the world a favour if you could somehow work a bit of logic and reasoning into your comments, that’s all.

        Cheers! Given how ladylike you are, I take it you won’t waste your time responding to the filthy likes of me? So, I guess this is goodbye. Good luck in your future endeavors AnitaM. I hope you maybe read a book sometime and learn how opinions work.

      • @Trudy, I’m afraid that’s not true. An opinion is something that has no right answer e.g. “I think oreos are better than chocolate chip cookies”. This is an opinion because there is no grand jury who gets to decide which cookie is truly better.

        When Anita said “I think the game’s been rigged for Derrick”, that was not an opinion, it was a theory. Theories have to be supported by evidence otherwise they are worthless. Literally, the only “evidence” Anita had was “Derrick has seemed to get through this game too easily”.

        Anyone can come up with a dumb theory. What if I said, “I think scientists have been lying to us all these years and the Earth is really flat”, then you asked me why I felt that way, and I just said “I don’t know, it just seems flat”. Would you not think I was an idiot? Should my theory be exempt from criticism because this is a “forum for opinions to be shared”?

        The reason I may have seemed hostile in my first comment (which was quite tame) was because Anita literally had no reason to think it was rigged for Derrick which makes me think, she was only saying that because she dislikes Derrick as a person and wants others to dislike him too. I took exception to this because I quite like Derrick and although his relationship with Victoria could be considered inappropriate, I think he’s a stand-up guy. That’s why Anita apparently sensed some “hostility” in my first comment. Then, it escalated from there because she’s a sanctimonious bitch… but that’s not entirely relevant.

    • If this game was rigged for anyone it’d would’ve had to be Frankie. Actually Derrick will win the 550,000 thousand plus what he won as Team America and the 5,000 thousand for the luge game

    • DR is way too influential with HG. They make hints etc and something that was a sure go gets changed because of that. I don’t think it should be that way. But I tended to think bb was really influencing HG for Frankie to win. And Anita your opinion just as important as anyone else’s. Don’t let some ppl intimidate you.

  37. Derrick deserves to win. Frankie a plant? Possible.
    Does Derrick take his pawn (Victoria) or his muscle (Cody).
    I’d go with Victoria because he has already practically convinced her to give him the 500K if she she won.
    Victoria has said Derrick is “the Robin to my Batman”, I might actually believe her. Have you guys seen her alone in thought?
    That girl is either up to something serious or fantasy shoe shopping?
    She would deserve to win in my book based if only on all the abuse she had to endure to get that far.
    Then she can afford a lesson on how to “eat quietly”.

  38. Just in from Jokers: Feeds back for a short time. Looks like Derrick is the HOH and Frankie is gone.

    12:21 PM HoH basket had a #1Dad license plate. Only can be Derrick’s. NT
    12:18 PM D was in the HoH room during leak. One of the hoh items on the table says #1 Dad NT
    12:12 PM Right before feeds cut. Victoria was saying Derrick didn’t need to be nervous about the POV comp like she has to be. NT
    12:08 PM Live feeds from 11:54:47 AM to 11:59:32 AM BBT Day 89 09-16 NT
    12:08 PM During the leak Der/Vic were talking about what sounded like the upcoming veto. Didn’t sound like Victoria was HOH. NT
    12:06 PM During the live feeds leak the HG’s were wearing shirts with the word veto on them. Frankie was not on the feeds and Victoria was. NT
    12:00 PM Back to Jeff Highlights NT
    12:00 PM Cod, Cal, Der, Vic on feeds NT
    11:59 AM Live feeds back! NT

  39. Rita

    http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/favorite-houseguest-vote/. Time to start voting for AFP! You can vote 20 times per day until September 22nd.

  40. Rita

    https://twitter.com/bbgossip/status/511960904196714498. confirmation that Derrick won HOH. See the #1Dad license plate by the HOH basket?

  41. I wonder who Derrick put up on the block. Did he put both guys up saying he will backdoor Vic because she is mad at him or did he put Vic and Celab up telling Vic its best for game and she is safe.

  42. Just got in my first vote for Donny for AFP. Only 19 more votes to go!!

  43. The voting is up on CBS.com/bigbrother for favorite Houseguest
    click on MORE on the top right hand side of the menu and the menu drops down with choices pick favorite houseguest vote!

  44. Time to vote for America’s favorite player. Voting ends Monday

  45. My 20 votes for Donny accomplished.

  46. Does anyone remember Season 1 when it was the audience who chose the person who got evicted. Big Brother was not a Big Hit that year and they totally revamped the game. I remember during an All Star Game (when at least one player from each season was chosen), Chicken George from Season 1 played. He even remarked how different the game was (and was a bit confused). I wonder how Big Brother would do if the audience could again choose the evicted HG (now that Big Brother is an established hit). That way, we’d all get the right people out! 🙂

  47. Why r feeds up??! Doesn’t make sense. Ok 60 votes for Donny from this household today and he will get our 60 everyday. I’ll cast last 60 right after mn on sunday

  48. If u go to cbs.com schedule for Sunday 21 sept it has pilot for new show at 7, good wife at 8, and then the same pilot again at 9. Central times surely this is mistake and bb on at 7?

  49. It’d be interesting to see who everyone is voting for America’s Favorite. Another Donny (spelled correctly

  50. Feed leak! We know who is gone and who is HOH !

    • Sry to say but glad Frankie was finally evicted !! Way to overly annoying ! Now he talks about honor, and integrity ? What a joke, what about when he backstabbed Caleb with getting rid of Amber. When he had no one else to count on he decided to join the bro group. Makes up scenario story to make himself look good. He went out right with the fairy dust……

      • Where are all those people who wanted to boo Frankie when we walked out? Who the hell would want to cheer him??? I’ve been waiting for those boos all week! He’s taken over the most annoying houseguest award from Mike Boogie, and that was a quite a feat!

      • Jannie

        To be fair, all the guys wanted Amber out. She was a distraction for Caleb and Derrick had the final say that she was leaving And Frankie was in the guys alliance from to start.

      • I do understand what ur saying, I do. But Caleb was so mad at Frankie that he refused to play that Veto competition with him but why wasn’t Caleb so mad with Derrick & Cody ? I’m sure Frankie told Caleb it was all of them. Anyway, I do agree Derrick is the mastermind for everyone leaving, but Derrick’s play doesn’t even come close to Frankie’s game which was better socially & was 2 annoying for some of us fans. What I didn’t like is Frankie used his famous sister as an excuse to get them to like him again & for some ODD reason it worked ??

  51. As a very loyal reader and never poster on this site I would like to say THANKS to all of you regular posters. Just like last year, I watched Big Brother for about 3 weeks, became familiar with the house guests, then found that Steve Bean’s updates and your wise insights are soooooo much better and more entertaining than CBS’ highly selective and heavy handed edited broadcasts. Just like last year, I end up following you folks, at least 10 times a day and only watch CBS when they air live evictions. I love that you regular bloggers have such a strong sense of “fair play” that you not only show disdain for some of the houseguests but you also “call out” the “meanies” who show up on this site and “dis” and bully some posters.
    I also appreciate all the Big Brother House Guests who have willingly put themselves under a microscope for our viewing and blogging pleasure. Yes, they may be highly annoying and manipulative while playing the game and seeking big bucks from CBS and/or adoration from the american public. They are also taking a huge risk that they will be booed, scorned and disliked by the majority of us. I think of myself as a really good, honest and loving human being but……would I want to lay my life out to cameras, microphones and intense scrutiny 24/7 for 3 months? Hell no!!!!!!! So….thanks to the Cody’s, Zach’s & Donny’s, etc of this world who put themselves out there for us to disect and analyze.
    You regular posters give me faith in humankind. Your love & care for Sweet Franko is heart warming and he deserves your love!!!! Take care of yourself, Franko. I also like that you regulars offer up your wisdom for relationship longevity and share in the joy for SB’s recent nuptials. You’re just good folks! I like y’all! THANKS!
    Now, IMO Derrick is a good guy and I am so thankful that in “real life” he is on our side. I can only hope that there is a police officer in my community who is as smart, wise and diplomatic as Derrick. I would be very please to find an officer in my town who could find and manipulate the “weak link” that may lead to the conviction of the perp who burgled my house or victimized one of my friends or family members. Derrick has ruled this season while keeping his cool and remaining loyal to his wife and family. His aptitude for applying his smarts, experience and education has been admirable and impecable! Derrick gives me some faith in law enforcement!!! .I hope he doesn’t quit his job when he wins the $500, 000. Further, I LOVE, LOVE Donny. What an amazingly wonderful man!!!!! He is the one who gives me absolutely enduring faith in humankind….go vote again and again for him to win America’s Favorite!
    Thanks again, Big Brother Junkies Bloggers! Congrats Steve Beans and your beautiful bride. Franko, take care of yourself and bask in the sincere and well deserved love that the other Big Brother Junkies show for you!!!! My first and last comment!

  52. So I don’t understand how everyone is saying that the live feeds are down and that someone was voted out either Sunday or yesterday. I am currently watching BBAD from 9-15-14 and all 5 HG’s are still in the house.

  53. I have said this before, I don’t feel we are getting all of BB. I read that the feeds are down a lot. All comps should be shown live except the endurance ones of course. It appears that CBS is not airing all of the show. The Producers need to start actually start producing a better show and earn their salary. This year they have not done a good job!
    I do think Derrick should win the $ since he played a good game. Frankie has played a good game too, better than Cody, Caleb or Victoria. It is all about playing the game vs a personality contest. I also don’t care for him, but give credit where credit is due.

  54. My BB fantasy…one season….maybe next….is to have all my favorite past season houseguests…..back to play…ie.. ZACK.

  55. danmtruth

    Just shows how the production do a hero cut. To make one house guest look good. As many people called it. The audience was filled with production staff who just sat there as window dressing. Imagine if Frankie came out with his glitter throwing to a room full of booing people. As it should had been . Julie gave a softball interview. Feeding into his ego. Talking about being himself and playing with integerty and honesty. What!?!!? Where does ridiculing people fall in there. What about calling for a women to be raped fit in with your integerty. The first night you brag about the main rule is to lie. Insted of saving Donny you decided to put on a show. That went over so well you lost 5K. You tried to Backdoor your alliance early . That’s why they never trusted you. What production could have done was tape the show all the way to the eviction . Put Frankie in a sequestered room for last night when this happend. Than bring you out live tonight to a live reaction. To hear true reaction to the eviction from real fans.

    • Well said & the inappropriate touching of the guys was classless. There have been gay men on the show & didn’t act like Frankie with his vulgarity. SHAME on him !!!! And saying to Cody when he left, I’ve had better, implicated to some ppl (including me) the sexuality of Cody which doesn’t in any way matter but shouldn’t have been said in the 1st place which puts a question in some peoples mind concerning Cody which Frankie didn’t have the right to speak for Cody.

  56. Donny has my 20 for last night and my 20 voted after midnight tonight!!

  57. Tonight’s TVGN after dark is LIVE tonight!!!

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