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Friday Feed Updates – Jason’s Last Stand



Last week, Jason decided that he was in far too good of a position in the house considering he was the only one with a working relationship with both remaining factions.  He decided to spit in the face of logic and common sense and created a fake deal with Alex, Morgan and Shelby that he had every intention of breaking. In an effort to ‘get in their head’, he told them he would be backdooring Justin and sending him home, which overwhelmed the girls with emotion thinking they actually had a shot to stick together. In addition to that plan, he made a ‘final 5’ deal with the girls+Danielle so once Justin was gone, he’d peg off the others.

He then went downstairs and his alliance all laughed about how they fell for it and had hope. They laughed even more after the veto meeting and the girls tried to blow up his game, but everyone already knew about that fake alliance.  Seeing as he nominated Morgan with Alex still the target, there was absolutely no need to do any of that, and it was clearly done maliciously to kick them while they were down. This is not a fan of anyone speaking, it’s just an observation of good versus bad gameplay.  Like chess or other strategy games, every move you make should have a reason to it if possible. There was no legitimate reason to troll the girls other than to give them false hope then make them feel like shit.

In a regular season, it would be considered an absolutely horrific move because he would have kissed 3 jury votes goodbye, but in this season it was just foolish and immature with only a slight chance to actually hurt him in the game.  Well, that slight chance has come around with the help of a care package and Shelby winning HoH, and now Jason is stuck in a situation where he’s scrambling to stay in the game and trying to cut deals with the same people he lied to on multiple occasions (one of them being a person he admitted to talking shit about – Shelby).


That’s where we stand today as Shelby and Morgan try to figure out who to nominate while worrying if they’re going to get screwed over once again by America’s Nom.


  • 10:35am – Jason begins his plea with the girls and tries to convince them the house is split into three teams of 2 (similar to BB18), except it’s not. It’s 4v2 and anyone with a brain can see that
    • He is saying Justin and Kryssie are a pair, and he and Danielle are. So, the girls need to target Justin because during the DE when Danielle could have, she got “cold feet”
    • Unimpressed Morgan
      Unimpressed Morgan
    • Jason’s logic in getting out Justin is not making any sense. He is saying Justin can’t even re-arrange mirrors, and the final comps will probably be more mental.  This makes him and Danielle even more of a target
    • Shelby calls Jason out about his shit. She said not only did he back out on deals, but he was cruel about it when he did (referring to the trolling incident)
  • 11:05am – Jason goes on and on for awhile and finally leaves
    • As soon as he leaves, the girls say “He thinks we’re stupid and we’re just going to jump on whatever he says”
    • Shelby said she may entertain the idea, but she’s going to hold off on anything until after she sees America’s Nom
  • 11:30am – Shelby and Morgan agreed not to talk much game right now because there isn’t much to talk about yet so they’ll probably spend the day tanning or something
  • 12:07pm – Scratch the no game talk. Danielle is up in the HoH room making her pitch
    • danielle-pitch
    • Danielle is saying if she’s off the block, she has a higher chance of going on the block than Morgan
    • Danielle wants to go home and reflect back on the game and say she made a good game move.  She didn’t, she choked and wasted a shot at Justin
    • She is saying NOW is a good time for Justin because he can’t receive the care package this week.
    • Shelby points out that guarantees Danielle a CP, and Dani tells her that she’d use the CP to help her
    • Dani uses the line that Jason used about not doing the final 5 deal because there was 3 of them and 2 of her/Jason.   Also pushes the ‘I can work with you now that Alex is gone’
  • 12:28pm – Kryssie’s turn, let’s hear her plea
    • kryssie
    • Kryssie is trying to play the card of… shit, I don’t even know what she’s playing
    • She is saying that Justin isn’t going to campaign, he’s just going to win veto. Ok
    • Kryssie hints that Danielle wants to get the money so she can put new rims on her car.  She keeps hinting how she doesn’t want the money going to someone who doesn’t need it
    • Kryssie is going for the ‘poor people final 4’.   I do know Danielle gets a pretty penny from child support
    • She tells Shelby that Jason’s ‘final 5’ deal was essentially to fuck over Morgan and show her what it feels like to lie (which goes against what Jason/Danielle have told her)
  • 12:55pm – A little behind, but Justin makes his way to the HoH room
    • He says he knows for a fact she’s probably going to be putting him on the block this week (Shelby does a little laugh then lets him continue)
    • Morgan and Shelby both explain to him that by taking out Danielle, they can guarantee him the care package and are willing to work with him rather than vote him out like he thinks
    • justin-cp
    • He asks what they think the CP will be, and they tell him it will probably guarantee him the final 4
    • He asks with who else.  Shelby tells him he can bring whoever he wants. Kryssie or Jason
    • Shelby then clarifies that she heard he assumed he was going on the block but that’s not nearly a guarantee. They’re willing to work with him to keep him safe this week
    • She says “I know you hate me” and he says “I don’t hate you, or you (Morgan)”
    • They tell him that they can get Danielle out this week if they work together and guarantee Justin go to the final 4 if he may be willing to make a deal
    • He points out that Dani is a big threat, and they agree.
    • He says he wants to do what’s best for his game, and Shelby directly says “What’s best for your game is if you get the care package next week, and that will happen if Danielle leaves this week”
      • (note – They’re not speculating, either. There is one more care package left, and only Danielle and Justin are eligible to receive. One goes home, other gets it)
    • The girls point out how Dani and Jason are going to win, and that is why they’re banding together. They’re the two biggest threats and need to save each other
    • Shelby “Do you want to think about it?”  Justin “No!  I want to do whatever”
    • Justin says he’ll throw the HoH next week if they keep him and guarantee him the CP. He asks how to put it in writing.

Check back for updates


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  1. AIO_7

    Skidmark is up talking with Shelb and Morg right now. He is telling them that now his promises to them are “legitimate shit”, said it several times. What a shit stain. Shelby doesn’t seem to be buying it.

  2. AIO_7

    I think it’s cute, Shelby licks her BBQ Pringles’ before eating them. I’ve never tried that before.

  3. Helen

    I only hope Shelby is as smart as I have thought she is……do not put up Krustie!! I think it assures Morgan will get put up by America………I hate that americas nom is continuing this week!

  4. kneeless

    I was just thinking of what ifs. I can’t imagine what this game would have been if Jozea would have been chosen over Jason!

  5. kneeless

    Oh Jason, when things are going your way, all is good & you say & do anything to talk yourself up. When things aren’t going your way, woe is me. Poor guy (insert me sputtering)!

  6. Helen

    I literally can not stand Danielle’s voice……..I have to turn the feeds or turn them off whenever she opens her phony mouth

    • AIO_7

      All four of them; I never want to watch their camera feeds.

    • LindsayB

      Danielle telling Shelby she needs to prove herself by not nominating her. Stupid bitch. She’s so full of herself and so full of shit.

      • Avatar

        If it was me, as soon as Danielle walked in the door, I would tell her to turn around & walk right back out because I didn’t want to hear anything she or Shitstain had to say. Save the bull-shit big mouth. I just couldn’t listen to them.

    • Avatar

      I have to turn it off too Helen. I hate Danielle’s voice & Jason’s too. I’m sick of looking at Krusty with those nasty green house shoes on, those things look awful.

      • kneeless

        I switch it whenever those 4 are on. I can’t believe they have such a huge following. Dani & Jason are & going to be so loyal…until they don’t have to be!

      • Avatar

        It would be interesting to do a poll of age ranges and locations of the fans of each group. I am not getting political at all but if you look at how the election went all but Justin’s state went Dem and Morgan and Shelby’s were Rep. Just observations and thought processes.

  7. LindsayB

    It’s worth suffering through Danielle’s voice to hear Shelby call her out on all her shit.

  8. Avatar

    Jason playing the pity card after he loss to Shelby in hoh. Justin saying it’s all good boo. Please they suck on that side of the house. Krusty even giving him advice on how to win look for the black circle on the walls. Then I almost fell out of my chair telling Dani what six tee shirt she wears med or small. Lmao right like she wears a size 8 in pants. Krusty go to the plus size section of walmart. Shelby vote krusty out so she’ll take a shower. She looks like a skunk with the hair do

  9. Shivani33

    Shelby isn’t going to put up Krustie and her green flippers and waste her HoH on nada!

  10. AIO_7

    The house is on inside lock down.

  11. LindsayB

    Krusti just sold Danielle out!! She told Shelby that Danielle wants to buy new rims when her prize money. The whole LNC is scrambling to passive aggressively sell each other out to Shelby. This is beautiful.

  12. caRyn

    I am glad Shelby has her HOH room to herself if she wants.

  13. kneeless

    I love how Justin isn’t spilling the beans to his alliance. Good one, ya dig.

      • LindsayB

        He told Krusti the deal offered by S&M to get rid of D then Jason. He said he wants to agree to it now but not hold up his end next week. He’s willing to lose D to save himself, K, and jason.

      • LindsayB

        They talked some more but I switched cameras so don’t know if it went any further. Danielle and jason are freaking out.

      • kneeless

        When he first left Shelby he was telling Jason & Dani he really didn’t get anywhere, it is what it is, I gotta win veto, etc

      • LindsayB

        He’s selling dani out and Krusti is on board. S&M told him that jason and Danielle both offered Justin up as the sacrifice this week. Justin and Krusti are convinced that everything jason is doing and saying right now is to get Danielle out and be loyal to them. Oh my. Jason has so many people wrapped around his bony fingers.

  14. Avatar

    I hope that Danielle or Jason finally go home this week.

  15. Avatar

    Krusty is taking a shower!!!!

  16. Shivani33

    Justin already knows that Jason and Danielle have been setting him up for a fall, and he’s okay with getting Danielle evicted, but his loyalty to Jason stays strong. Today, both he and Krustie have shown Shelby their willingness to cut Danielle. Justin represented himself much better than Krustie did during their exchanges with their probation officer, oops! – their HoH Queen.

  17. kneeless

    I get frustrated with fans, hg’s and all who want people who deserve to win. It also bugs me that folks want only BB aficionados & folks who know of BB to win. In a perfect world, that’s my choice as well. But don’t punish the players who are chosen, it’s BB & production who is at fault (for lack of a better word). In otherwords, no we Don’t like returning players, we don’t like those who have never heard of or seen BB, but don’t shoot the messenger. The messenger isn’t the issue. Sorry for the rant!!

    • Avatar

      I have to say I’m guilty of hating when someone is clueless to BB. To me tho, there’s a big difference when someone like say Paul is clueless but asserts himself and really embraces the game and we get to see him end up loving the game. Then there’s people like Krissy who is clueless but acts like she’s an expert. Last night she was still saying how many times she’s been backdoored! Ummm she’s still in the house! Will someone please tell that moron what a backdoored is!!

  18. Shivani33

    “We can’t trust anyone, but we can trust him (Justin) more than Jason & Danielle.” This is what Shelby said to Morgan when Justin was done with his HoH visit.

  19. kneeless

    I think Shelby will make a good lawyer!

  20. Helen

    So although Justin didn’t tell Jason and Danielle about his talk with Shelby I guarantee Krustie will!

    • Shivani33

      I’m thinking that Krustie really does want Danielle out of her way, so that Krustie can have Jason more to herself! She might stick to confiding in Jason that she and Justin are loyal to him to the end and try implying that Danielle doesn’t evoke that same loyalty. Krustie has been saying not-so-good stuff about Danielle for several days, and Dani is the one in their group she can do without, emotionally and ego-wise, too. Not to mention that she has to realize that Danielle is better at playing the game, which, by now, means Danielle is a threat to Krustie’s survival.

      • Helen

        I am hoping that Krustie gets americas nom and that either Shelby or Morgan to win veto and pull her down……it will make points with both Justin and Krustie….

      • Mell

        That’s very true. She was filling Justin’s head with alot of stuff after the 1st hoh comp. She has Justin thinking she saved him during the DE which isn’t true at all.

  21. AIO_7

    After her bath, Krust’s bleach blonde hair looks all poofy.

  22. LindsayB

    So…. As of now it looks like Shelby will nominate Jason and Danielle. Let’s assume that Krusti is America’s nom. (I know it could be Morgan, just follow my hypothetical thing here). If Danielle wins veto, which is very possible, Justin would be replacement nom. Who do you think goes home if it’s between J,J, and K? This is more about trying to figure out the true hierarchy if Danielle isn’t an option. Thoughts?

    • Avatar

      Shit, Lindsay, you just scared me with that hypothetical thought. That won’t be good if some how Douchielle is OTB & wins VETO. Not good at all. Her ass needs to go but if Morgan goes up will she be evicted? If so, Shelby will be all alone with those beasts.

    • Mell

      Best guess: Danielle votes out Justin, Morgan votes out Jason, America votes out Krissi and Shelby breaks the tie. (America could skip Krissi so they can vote out one of the guys possibly knowing Shelby won’t vote her out anyway.)

    • Avatar

      They (LNJ) were all talking in WR. If there are 3 of them OTB and the 4th wins veto they want to force Shelby to BD Morgan. They will then vote her out. Not sure if Kryssie & Justin were agreeing for real or pretending.

      Kryssie is telling Justin that Jason is really looking out for both of them. Hope these things are discussed in live DR tonight so we know who is lying about their deals. They will never believe this guy is a rattle snake.

      A little while after Jason spoke with S/M this morning he was out side talking to us. In one breath he said his F3 was him, Kryssie, and Morgan. Then he wanted AN to be Morgan so they could vote her out. Going back on his deal already like the snake he is.

    • Avatar

      The only thing I’m going to miss after the game is you guys. I wish there was TWD junkies, Survivor junkies & Amazing Race junkies.

  23. LindsayB

    Justin is getting all sorts of fired up. It’s nice to see a fire lit under his ass, ya dig.

    • Avatar

      Hold it down for me for about an hour Please Lindsay. My grandson wants his Nana to watch some goofy cartoon with him & he’s my heart so I can’t say no. Will you keep me updated with the players please? Its only for an hour or less? THNX “YA Dig” “FRIENDSHIP” BooBoo!!!

      • LindsayB

        So much friendship Ann!! Not much going on. Girls are in HOH saying the same stuff over and over again. LNC is outside doing a combo of some game talk (weird now cuz we don’t know where the alliance really stands) and some stories. Having a hard time watching cuz I don’t want to listen to Douchielle.

      • Avatar

        This is freakin ridiculous, are Justin & Krusty really that stupid? Do they honestly believe Jason’s check bouncing ass is really looking out for them? Something has got to happen. They act like a bunch of brainwashed idiots.
        Shelby & Morgan had better be super smart about their decisions because Shitstain & the Wicked Witch are planning their demise.

  24. Mell

    I’ve read a couple interviews Alex has given and….I still don’t like her. Some highlights:
    -She still doesn’t like Krissi because of talking about giving up. (Morgan has done that several time this week alone. I don’t like the quitting talk either but I don’t like it equally) Alex quote-“If you’re even having doubts and dont want to be there get out of the house.”
    -She started to take the blame for the mess that happened with Whitney but she just can’t quite get there. She said it but then backtracked and wants to actually blame it on Whitney.
    -She thinks Morgan had an amazing social game and was shocked becauae she isn’t very nice in real life. (Been saying that all season and I wonder if Alex still thinks it was a good idea to encourage Morgan to give her speech on Wednesday)
    -She had to change her game up because she was “winning a bunch of comps and became enemy #1.” She thinks that may be why America turned on her since she stopped winning. (I didn’t realize Alex was such a comp beast…the new Janelle)
    – She thinks America may have turned on her because she was close to Scott and she thinks it’s obvious they hate Scott.
    – She was bummed she missed a returning player come in the house but then she was okay with it when she realized it was Rachel.
    – She apparently thinks she’s worthy of being chosen for an All-Star season and she’s quite sure she would have done very well on a normal season.
    -Evel Dick & Rachel are 2 of the returning players she would choose to play with on the All-Star season. (I doubt that since she couldn’t handle LNC. She wouldn’t make it one week with Rachel and Dick)

  25. Avatar

    Since there are only 6 HG left, I wish they would ask them more questions and give them more time in live DR. Maybe Justin will actually talk to us tonight. Im curious to know what he is thinking. Will he keep his word or not?

  26. Mell

    I’m curious about DR tonight too. For now, this seems to be the truth:
    -Justin wants Danielle out even if Morgan is otb. He wants to honor the new deal for this week and then stick with Jason & Krissi.
    -Krrissi wants Morgan out if possible, Danielle out if it needs done to save the guys this week or next and then Shelby out. She is settling for nothing less than the F3 with J&J.
    -Jason wants Morgan to stay if possible. He’s fine with Justin going and wants Danielle & Shelby going after each other. He wants Krissi & Morgan with him in F3.
    -Shelby & Morgan want Krissi in F3.

    Next week may suck for Shelby fans. (Me) She’s almost better off if Morgan is AN and leaves this week. If Morgan stays, Shelby can’t play for hoh. Unless Morgan wins it, Shelby may be the target for LNC. With Morgan & Shelby still in the house, it will be 3 vs 2 and I think they’ll try to knock one out before they turn on each other. It won’t be Morgan because that’s who Jason thinks he can beat and he’ll be able to spin Shelby’s comp wins for the rest of them.
    If Morgan leaves this week, it will be time for the group to start taking each other out. Jason will want Danielle and Justin out before Shelby. She would be by herself and won’t be as much of a threat. If she can survive the week, she plays for hoh again.

    Wait and see, if Morgan stays this week, the price will be Shelby leaving next week. If you’re a big Morgan fan, don’t worry about it but if you’re Shelby fan…I’d be concerned.

    • Helen

      I am always freaked out…every week!! But……if Justin sticks with this there is at least this to think of…..
      He is guaranteed a care package that puts him in final 4 ONLY if he completes something….we have no idea what that something is……will he be able to? We don’t know….if he can not will Jason want to take him out there eliminating his potential competition for finale? Justin also has more of a dislike for Morgan than Shelby. He thinks she is fake….kryssey also has more against Morgan than Shelby.. …
      So although I am concerned I think it’s a risk well worth taking

      • Mell

        You’re right about them disliking Morgan more but Jason has them wrapped around his finger. If Jason wants Shelby out, that’s who will go. With 2 BS in the house, they are more likely to stay LNC. I agree they could band together and try to get out Justin. Shelby and Morgan will think they are working with Justin and Krissi but they really arn’t so unless Morgan wins and they have to go with the flow, they will be loyal to Jason. The care pkg won’t matter because it can’t help anyone but Justin anyway.

  27. LindsayB

    Shocking BB news!!! Danielle is sleeping!!!

  28. Shivani33

    Jason has been cam-talking a lot and asking for a sign from America, in terms of who gets America’s nom. He’s saying that he’ll follow that sign and has mentioned AN choices of Morgan, Danielle or even himself. He even said if Danielle is AN, he’ll think it’s a good idea for him to switch sides and team up with Shelby and Morgan. He is feeling the heat and putting himself down a lot, saying that he just doesn’t know what to do.

    I made him a rag banner in white and red with blue lettering. It says “Cusser’s Last Stand” and has skid marks. I hope that he can cheer up, though. It’s not over yet. Especially with his fans backing him, he could come out on top or at least make the final three. He’s not my choice to win, but I feel his pain tonight. Jason loves this game. Thanks to @AIO 7 for the skidmarks inspiration!

  29. LindsayB

    I can’t find the exact wording for next week’a CP which looks like is going to Justin if all the well laid plans work. If I remember right they have to perform some kind of task but we don’t know the task right? Do you think it’s going to be some kind of how bad do you want it task? Like shaving your head or something? Or is it an extra comp of some kind they have to complete?

  30. LindsayB

    Krusti is such a vile bitch. She’s worse than Danielle. I hate her. It’s insane that she thinks her nasty attitude makes America loves her. Supposedly she’s purposely making herself look ugly every day because of preconceived notions that people might have about her pin up alter ego. Ummmmmmm….. yeah……. ok.

  31. Helen

    I hate to say this,but listening to live DR tonight I almost think Shelby may be in trouble rolling with Krustie!!
    Course who knows anymore….they all lie ….all the time!!

    • LindsayB

      Krusti says social game is her jam and that she’s had to down play her physical abilities in comps so she wouldn’t be seen as a threat. She is so full of shit.

      • Mell

        And…She’s just gonna keep on keepin’ on. She also didn’t talk about the election because it isn’t a good idea to say too many controversial things. Is she even more annoying in DR than ither times or is it me?
        can’t she go home this week??????

      • LindsayB

        Yeah, it was risky for them to discuss the election at all. They were all unhappy about it so at least the votes shouldn’t be affected by it.

      • Avatar

        Just like the small to medium size shirts she wears….
        If that cow somehow squeezed her big ass in a small or medium anything, they would need the jaws of life to rescue her big ass.

      • Helen

        Yes Ann. You can fit 10# of s**t in a five gallon bag….does not mean it’s gonna look attractive when done! LOL

  32. Avatar

    The 3 LNJ put on a totally different self for live DR. They just make me sick. We see who you really are.

  33. Helen

    Poor Justin…..Danielle and Jason don’t like him anymore!!

    • LindsayB

      They only “liked” him when it was convenient. He’s was a number to them. That’s it.

      • Avatar

        Is Justin still loyal to Shitstain & Douchiell or does he understand that they’re gunning for him hard?

      • LindsayB

        He’s loyal to shitstain but not the princess.

      • Avatar

        Why is it that he can’t understand what Shitstain iis trying to do to him? Who does Shelby plan on putting Otb? I so want her HOH to go like wants it to.

      • LindsayB

        As of now she’s putting up shitstain and Douchielle. Her and Morgan made a deal with Justin and Krusti to get D out which guarantees the CP to go to Justin. They will follow thru with the plan as long as Morgan isn’t OTB. If she is they plan to go back on their deal.

  34. caRyn

    So many complaints about hg. Constant complaining about hg complaining. Constantly calling them names other than their given names and constantly insulting their looks. It has been 45 days. It gets old.

  35. Avatar

    Hey guys! I haven’t been on much but I have to say I love reading all of yalls comments, and not many Debbie downer troll-like people on this thread! Did y’all run them all off or did Ann beat them up one by one? Lol! That double eviction was so crazy! I hated seeing Alex and Whitney go but loved the looks on the misfits faces when Morgan got the care package! Loved seeing them sit in silence with tears flowing! I’m really hoping Justin and Krissy stick to this new Jambalya Crew alliance. I have faith in Justin but I don’t trust Krissy at all! I hope they can at least get Danielle or Jason one out this week! I’m so ready to see one of them go! The majority is going with KRUSTY KRISSY FOR 3 NOM! Hopefully we can all stick together and get her up! This season is crazy and I hope this is the last AN.

    • LindsayB

      AmberB it’s been quiet because there is nothing for LNC celebrate right now. I’m sure the power in the house will shift back and forth a few more times which will encourage more diverse comments.

  36. Shivani33

    Putting Krustie on the block as AN is a choice that can help Shelby’s nomination moves, leaving only one person voting on Jason’s side. But she isn’t the target and isn’t likely to be evicted. Everyone playing views her as a poor competitor and thus, would be willing to take her into the Final 4 or maybe even Final 3. It will be very difficult for both Shelby and Morgan to make it much longer. As things are currently, Shelby is the bigger target of the two. Certainly if Danielle is voted out this time, Kryssie will not be on Shelby’s or Morgan’s side anymore, unless some sort of miracle occurs. While it doesn’t look at all likely that Kryssie can win BBOTT, she is the one pawn left in the game, while the players work to pick off the bigger fish who are seen as more apt to win. She has become the dark horse in this sweepstakes. Never mind how delusional her perspectives are of herself or how nearly universal her unpopularity is; she’ll probably be one of the last ones standing. Unless she quits…

    • LindsayB

      I wonder if she will ever see the irony in her desire to only have strong competitors at the end while every single person left in the house has no problem letting her slide to the end cuz she’s the weakest player.

      • Shivani33

        Forecasts indicate that it’s very doubtful that Kryssie will much of a breakthrough. In the meantime, Jason is like the eye of his very own hurricane. Danielle is one turbulent side of it, storming Jason’s ears with anti-Justin bags of high wind. Kryssie is the other side of the eyewall, stirring up anti-Danielle bags of high wind. Finally, we have a week where everyone is playing.

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