Last week, Jason decided that he was in far too good of a position in the house considering he was the only one with a working relationship with both remaining factions.  He decided to spit in the face of logic and common sense and created a fake deal with Alex, Morgan and Shelby that he had every intention of breaking. In an effort to ‘get in their head’, he told them he would be backdooring Justin and sending him home, which overwhelmed the girls with emotion thinking they actually had a shot to stick together. In addition to that plan, he made a ‘final 5’ deal with the girls+Danielle so once Justin was gone, he’d peg off the others.

He then went downstairs and his alliance all laughed about how they fell for it and had hope. They laughed even more after the veto meeting and the girls tried to blow up his game, but everyone already knew about that fake alliance.  Seeing as he nominated Morgan with Alex still the target, there was absolutely no need to do any of that, and it was clearly done maliciously to kick them while they were down. This is not a fan of anyone speaking, it’s just an observation of good versus bad gameplay.  Like chess or other strategy games, every move you make should have a reason to it if possible. There was no legitimate reason to troll the girls other than to give them false hope then make them feel like shit.


In a regular season, it would be considered an absolutely horrific move because he would have kissed 3 jury votes goodbye, but in this season it was just foolish and immature with only a slight chance to actually hurt him in the game.  Well, that slight chance has come around with the help of a care package and Shelby winning HoH, and now Jason is stuck in a situation where he’s scrambling to stay in the game and trying to cut deals with the same people he lied to on multiple occasions (one of them being a person he admitted to talking shit about – Shelby).

That’s where we stand today as Shelby and Morgan try to figure out who to nominate while worrying if they’re going to get screwed over once again by America’s Nom.


  • 10:35am – Jason begins his plea with the girls and tries to convince them the house is split into three teams of 2 (similar to BB18), except it’s not. It’s 4v2 and anyone with a brain can see that
    • He is saying Justin and Kryssie are a pair, and he and Danielle are. So, the girls need to target Justin because during the DE when Danielle could have, she got “cold feet”
    • Unimpressed Morgan

      Unimpressed Morgan

    • Jason’s logic in getting out Justin is not making any sense. He is saying Justin can’t even re-arrange mirrors, and the final comps will probably be more mental.  This makes him and Danielle even more of a target
    • Shelby calls Jason out about his shit. She said not only did he back out on deals, but he was cruel about it when he did (referring to the trolling incident)
  • 11:05am – Jason goes on and on for awhile and finally leaves
    • As soon as he leaves, the girls say “He thinks we’re stupid and we’re just going to jump on whatever he says”
    • Shelby said she may entertain the idea, but she’s going to hold off on anything until after she sees America’s Nom
  • 11:30am – Shelby and Morgan agreed not to talk much game right now because there isn’t much to talk about yet so they’ll probably spend the day tanning or something
  • 12:07pm – Scratch the no game talk. Danielle is up in the HoH room making her pitch
    • danielle-pitch
    • Danielle is saying if she’s off the block, she has a higher chance of going on the block than Morgan
    • Danielle wants to go home and reflect back on the game and say she made a good game move.  She didn’t, she choked and wasted a shot at Justin
    • She is saying NOW is a good time for Justin because he can’t receive the care package this week.
    • Shelby points out that guarantees Danielle a CP, and Dani tells her that she’d use the CP to help her
    • Dani uses the line that Jason used about not doing the final 5 deal because there was 3 of them and 2 of her/Jason.   Also pushes the ‘I can work with you now that Alex is gone’
  • 12:28pm – Kryssie’s turn, let’s hear her plea
    • kryssie
    • Kryssie is trying to play the card of… shit, I don’t even know what she’s playing
    • She is saying that Justin isn’t going to campaign, he’s just going to win veto. Ok
    • Kryssie hints that Danielle wants to get the money so she can put new rims on her car.  She keeps hinting how she doesn’t want the money going to someone who doesn’t need it
    • Kryssie is going for the ‘poor people final 4’.   I do know Danielle gets a pretty penny from child support
    • She tells Shelby that Jason’s ‘final 5’ deal was essentially to fuck over Morgan and show her what it feels like to lie (which goes against what Jason/Danielle have told her)
  • 12:55pm – A little behind, but Justin makes his way to the HoH room
    • He says he knows for a fact she’s probably going to be putting him on the block this week (Shelby does a little laugh then lets him continue)
    • Morgan and Shelby both explain to him that by taking out Danielle, they can guarantee him the care package and are willing to work with him rather than vote him out like he thinks
    • justin-cp
    • He asks what they think the CP will be, and they tell him it will probably guarantee him the final 4
    • He asks with who else.  Shelby tells him he can bring whoever he wants. Kryssie or Jason
    • Shelby then clarifies that she heard he assumed he was going on the block but that’s not nearly a guarantee. They’re willing to work with him to keep him safe this week
    • She says “I know you hate me” and he says “I don’t hate you, or you (Morgan)”
    • They tell him that they can get Danielle out this week if they work together and guarantee Justin go to the final 4 if he may be willing to make a deal
    • He points out that Dani is a big threat, and they agree.
    • He says he wants to do what’s best for his game, and Shelby directly says “What’s best for your game is if you get the care package next week, and that will happen if Danielle leaves this week”
      • (note – They’re not speculating, either. There is one more care package left, and only Danielle and Justin are eligible to receive. One goes home, other gets it)
    • The girls point out how Dani and Jason are going to win, and that is why they’re banding together. They’re the two biggest threats and need to save each other
    • Shelby “Do you want to think about it?”  Justin “No!  I want to do whatever”
    • Justin says he’ll throw the HoH next week if they keep him and guarantee him the CP. He asks how to put it in writing.

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