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Well, that was an awkward exit. One thing Michelle did say yesterday was that she was going to blow up Nicole’s game if she’s evicted. While she certainly made that attempt, it sounded more like she had just come home at 3am after a night at the bar and was trying to tell the house a story nobody wanted to hear.  She said something about Nicole is floating through the game, people need to go after her, and something about Dan Gheesling’s cousin before taking Paul’s blowup pelican and walking out the door. Nicole told James by her saying that was the justification she needed to get Michelle out this week, as Nicole was clearly Michelle’s target. Michelle just sounds very bitter that Nicole beat her to the punch.

I was just about to rant about the HoH competition not being shown, but at 7:40pm, they came up, so let’s get to some updates..

Letters down:  

  • Natalie – 2/3 down 
  • James – 1/3 down
  • Paul – 2/3 down 
  • Victor – 3/3 down – Victor wins!
  • Corey – 2/3 down 
  • They all put the eggs in the HaveNot bin, and think nobody will be HN, but I bet it will be the last person to get it in the bin (not sure who it was. Pretty sure James was one of first)
  • Scratch that. Corey, James, and Paul all hit the HN box. Natalie didn’t, but she’s immune. Victor HOH.  Not sure if they will go with the last of the 3, or just make nobody HN

Other updates

  • 7:40pm – The house has to knock the letters HoH down in order to win. The first person to knock all their letters down wins
    • They have to place the egg on the platform and roll it down to hit the letters
    • egg-rolling2
    • Feeds keep going to Jeff loops, so I’ll get updates when I can.
    • James takes a swing and misses
    • james-hoh
    • Natalie says “This competition is eggshausting” Clever
    • Corey knocks down another letter.  He has 1 left
    • Nicole says “Corey is on a roll”  these puns
  • 8:00pmVictor gets his second letter down. 
    • James is going for the ‘Have’ to not be a havenot
    • Natalie knocks down her second letter
    • Victor, Natalie, and Corey keep taking shots for the win. Looks like it’s down to those three
    • Meanwhile, Natalie dropped an egg on her slide. That is going to make the final letter tougher for her
    • natalie-slide
  • 8:15pm – Victor nearly gets it on his attempt, but misses
    • Paul is inches away from hitting his second, but misses
    • Natalie is about to give it another attempt
    • Natalie just basically tossed her egg down the ramp and then slammed the ramp up and down and broke her egg. Not sure what kind of attempt that was
    • Corey shoots…. and misses
  • 8:25pm – Corey rolls it down and it hits the letter but doesn’t knock it down.
  • 8:30pm – Corey and Victor about to give it another go
    • Victor misses
    • Corey’s egg literally hits the H and just sits there.  He has a few eggs blocking his letter now
    • corey-eggs
  • 8:32pm – Paul making a comeback. Knocks down another letter
    • We’re now in a 4 way tie. Victor about to give it a shot. The rest still on the other side of the fence.  Oh, James too, but he’s out of it for now
    • Victor tries again, miss.  He is cruising through the fence. Just missing a lot
    • James knocks one down! About time
    • Paul and Nat with another attempt….
    • Paul misses
    • Natalie misses. Corey and Victor next
    • Victor pulls a Corey and the egg hits the letter and blocks it
  • 8:37pm – Corey goes…. and misses
    • Victor is cruising through the chicken wire. He would have won this competition guaranteed if it was like the other years where they just had to stack eggs
    • Victor with another shot coming. Natalie sort of close
    • Victor wins HOH
    • victor-paul
    • Victor is inside celebrating alone in the HN room
    • victor-happy
  • 8:50pm – The others have joined Victor
    • final4
    • There is 100% chance that Victor will target James this week. James needs to win PoV or he’s leaving
    • Nicole is retelling the Michelle thing.  I guess in part of the rant, Michelle said that Nicole fucked her way to the finals. Ouch
  • 9:15pm – The house in the kitchen talking about Michelle’s exit and all agree she could have gone out classier.
    • They’re all talking about how their speeches were nice, and she was probably crying on stage after seeing that
  • 9:45pm – Victor and Nicole are chatting in the bedroom. James has kind of had a dazed look to him since the competition ended. Pretty sure he knows he’s doomed
    • james-dazed
  • 10:00pm – Jamnes and Natalie are up alone talking about how they know they’re screwed. They know they’re both going up
    • Natalie is saying if she wins veto, she is going to use it on James
  • 10:15pm – James says he’s going to play Big Brother and try to campaign to Victor about how Nicole and Corey had a f4 with them but betrayed them. Honestly, I’m not sure James can do anything at this point, but it’s good he’ll try
  • 10:45pm – After having a small talk with the final 4, James and Nat go off on their own to lick their wounds. They talk about where they went wrong, etc.
    • When they talk casually, they keep talking about the family videos.  Michelle apparently shit on her parents video saying they looked like they were being held at gunpoint
    • James is regretting throwing the wall comp. See, this is why Victor didn’t fall for Natalie’s begging.
    • Natalie is proud of herself for getting this far without knowing the game. While it’s something to be proud of, she needs to remember Liz, Victoria, GinaMarie, Danielle, and Porsche made the final 3 in each of the seasons I’ve been blogging. There is always that one girl who knows nothing about the game who gets carried along to the final 3, and Nat will probably be that person.. although the ‘final 4’ alliance seems solid
    • Natalie is upset she didn’t go after Corey and Nicole and they betrayed two people who would have had their backs (Paul, Victor).  James says he’ll talk to Victor about it, but he has pretty much accepted they’re screwed.
  • 11:05pm – Victor called to DR, so HoH room soon.  I think I’m going to head to bed. I will check overnight to see if James actually had an impact on Victor

Closing this thread, post tomorrow!


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  1. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    How is Michelle gonna talk smack about Vic being a “flip-flopper” when SHE was the one who flipped on him??? Or did she forget that Victor was evicted just last week because of the plan she and her clueless BFFs “Jatalie” came up with? What was he supposed to do…sit around and wait for them to take him out a third time?? Get the F outta here Michelle! Good riddance!


    • Avatar

      That was one of the worst exits I’ve ever seen on BB. She showed she’s a sore loser. She’s going into the jury house very bitter. She and Paulie can comfort each other now that neither can win. I think this may be a very bitter jury.

    • Jannie

      Yeah, wasn’t she always saying that Vic never did her wrong?
      And to call Nicole a floater?. Sorry, big crybaby, but you were the biggest floating loser in the house.
      She listened to Jatalie instead of playing her own game. She should have been campaigning all week.
      Not a fan of Nicole, but she was smart to get her out.
      Big crybaby may have been a super fan, but she wasn’t much of a gamer.
      See ya!!

      • caRyn

        Michelle cared more about her speech than being OTB. She just took it for granted that she would be staying. Also, I do not remember Michelle mentioning that she would like to hear from her parents. She didn’t even get emotional at how touched the other hg were about seeing their families.

      • Avatar

        I am glad Michelle is out ,what a bitch , Nocole didn’t do anything to her she was jealous, of Nocole, I want Paul out and Victor, Nocole did the right to vote Meech ass out, talking that BS. By girl get the hell out.

    • Avatar

      thank God she is out, she used her tears for sympathy and it really got old and annoying.

  2. Avatar

    If Natalie wins, I will be so sad.

    • Avatar

      Definitely DO NOT want Natalie to win. Hoping that Victor or Paul can pull off the win. Didn’t care for them at beginning of the season but I’ve changed my mind. Kinda rooting that they will be F2.
      QUESTION for you guys. IF they are F2 and one wins and gets the second place cash, what IF they also win AFP?? DO they get that extra cash too??

      • Avatar

        either James or Nat will win Fav. Player. look at who won the care packages

      • Jannie

        Yes, please let Paul or Vic win. Pretty sure that if Gnat or Lamsey won, Nicole and Corey would just float back over to that side.

      • Avatar

        No they wouldn’t get to keep both. The Afp would go to the person with the second largest amount of votes.

      • Colby

        AFP is totally separate than who wins the game. AFP is by vote, so whoever gets the most votes wins. There is no reason they can’t win both. They allow it on Survivor. There have been 4 players (including Boston Rob) that have won both the title of Sole Survivor and the Fan Favorite Award in the same season.

    • Avatar

      i want Nat to win. she and James are the best 2

      • Avatar

        I agree with you, Daniel. Nat & James are my favorites. Although Victor deserves to win the game at this point! A part of me wishes he’d win this HOH comp & then put Nicole & Corey on the block.

      • Avatar

        Haha! Gotta love the consistency here. Thumbs down numbers show this group’s collective thoughts that Lanes/Gnat don’t deserve much – esp re winning.

  3. Jannie

    Corey is sooooooo stupid. Really? Lamsey offers to throw the HOH comp for the $5,000 and he doesn’t accept the deal? That would have left only Gnat to fight for HOH.
    The “final four ” would have been sitting in a pretty good spot.
    Instead he gives it to Vic to vote out the crybaby- something he was going to do anyway.
    Only Bunyan or Vic deserve to win.

  4. Avatar

    You guys… My jury house dream came true. Michelle, Z, and da in the jury house with Paulie. This is fantastic and would be oh so entertaining to watch. Now I’m hoping Vic will win, put up Nat and Corey as a pawn. Whoever wins veto take Corey down and back door James. Then if Paul wins HoH next week (or vice versa), he can go after Nicole, but if he doesn’t win, he didn’t burn any bridges with Nic/Corey by getting James out, so they’d likely go after Natalie and not Paul/Vic.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Man I want to see what happens in that jury house when Michelle arrives so badly!

      If Vic wants James out this week he needs to go ahead and nominate him and Natalie. There are only 6 players left so they will all play in the Veto comp (I think). If Vic nominates Natalie, James will move heaven and earth to try to get that Veto and save her (and then they will live happily ever after in James’ head for all of eternity). If James isn’t nominated and then wins the Veto, both he and Nat will be safe this week. At least if James is already on the block and decides to pull a “Knight in Shining Armor” move to save Nat, it will seal his own fate.

      • caRyn

        If Natalie and James are OTB and James wins the veto he would give it to Natalie. I would love to see it. Victor said this whole time he wants James out next. This will be an easy week for that plan to pan out.

      • Avatar

        Good point. He would likely give it to Nat either way. As long as he goes home, I don’t really care how it happens lol.

    • Avatar

      I would much rather have live feeds of the jury house than the BB house for the next couple weeks. Oh to watch Paulie as Michelle walks in would be priceless. He must be going through all stages of hell being cooped up with Zakiyah,Davonne, Bridgette and now Michelle. Bahahaha

  5. Avatar

    Victor deserves to win the game at this point. Does anyone else hope that if he wins HOH he turns & puts Corey & Nicole up on the block? I would LOVE that.

    • Avatar

      James and Nicole both need to go. I mean, so do Nat and Corey, but all in good time.

      • Avatar

        Rat and flip flopper Nicole needs to go. All she does is lie to people and then turn around and lie to the other person she lied about. I can’t stand her and she doesn’t deserve to win. All she did was lie and do stuff in the bed with Corey who has said time and time again that he is not going to have a relationship with her after the game is over. Paul and Victor will be in the final 2. You are right Nicole no one will vote for you to win but not for the stupid reasons that you are saying. It has nothing to do with you being a girl it has everything to do with you screwing over every other girl that was in the house because obviously you are jealous of any and every other girl. I understand why that girl doesn’t have any female friends.

    • Avatar

      I feel the same way you do! I’d like to to see Vic, James and Natalie, final 3. I know it’s not the popular opinion, but those are who I like! At this point, everything that has happened, I don’t think Vic will flip. He’s a loyal guy. I’d LOVE to see Nicole and Corey have to work a little bit! They haven’t had to do anything all season!

    • Avatar

      I’ve been pulling for James to win the whole game but after this week I want to see Nicole and Corey’s butt up on the block. It would be the smartest move to make as they are more of a threat to Vic winning. If one comes down then you could use Nat for a pawn. Honestly I don’t see anyone beating Vic but he still needs to play smart. Plus I would take Nat to end over Paul but I doubt Vic will do it. But I think up against anyone he sets next to be wins hands down. So he better be careful about these noms this week.

  6. Avatar

    WAY TO GO VIC…this week will be good

    • Avatar

      I love that he’s not afraid to make big moves. He’s proven it in the past. We’ll see what this week holds!

      • Avatar

        He hasn’t made any big moves other than getting Paulie out. A big move would be to put up Nicole and Corey and getting Nicole out of the game. Just like Nicole didn’t make a big move. A big move for her dingus butt would have been to have gotten Paul out. Getting Michelle out was a personal decision and not a game move at all. And for the record she can stop saying she won HOH because James dumb butt gave it to her. She didn’t win anything. She was given her other HOH also so she has not won anything but that POV because Paul kept folding.

      • Jannie

        Nicole absolutely made the right move in getting Michelle out. Did you hear what was said when Michelle left? Not a fan of Nicole’s, but I would sure get out the mean girl who had it out for me over the guy I was in a final four with…yes, Paul and Vic have a great chance to make it to final two. But they deserve to be there, Michelle does not.
        If Michelle were in the finals, she may very well win as it looks like a very bitter jury.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Damn this guy is a monster in these competitions! Whatever you think of Vic, you gotta give credit where credit is due. Definitely one of the best competitors (probably THE best) in BB history.

    • Avatar

      Yup my man Victor won!!! That means Nat and James will go on the block and either James or Nat will be evicted from the house and also I’m rooting for Paul and Victor F2,baby

      • Avatar

        I think

        VIC would take Paul …but I don’t think Paul would take Vic …I hope I am wrong

      • Avatar

        @nachomammo I don’t know whether to go thumbs up or thumbs down with your assessment. I want to believe Paul would take Vic to F2, but also recognize that would not be a smart move – and Paul has proven to be a very smart person. So… Ugg. Friendship is difficult. Funny thing is, Vic is like a happy pup you can do no wrong to. He prob wouldn’t card coming in second to Vic, but jurors might not vote him sdcond if it’s between him and Paul.
        Hope they (Vic) make it out okay. Vice already seems to have his priorities straight so I’m not so concerned about him. He (Vic) is (I say) a good guy. Karma has his back.

      • AIO_7

        I think Paul would take Vic. 100%.

    • Alda

      Couldn’t be happier! I will sleep well tonight!

    • Avatar

      Yay!!!!! I’m SOOOOOOOOO glad Victor won!!!! He really is a beast in comps. He deserves to win the $500K. Hope he makes wise decisions this week.

      Now, I have a problem understanding some of the posts with all the “nicknames” people use. One of my main things is the &amp I see all the time. What does that mean?? I know I’m old but I just don’t get what that means

      On another note. As some of you know I’ve been in and out of hospitals many times over the past 3-4 years. I’ve been in hospital 5,times since last July and EVERY time I’m there longer than expected cuz of complications. I’m getting ready for yet ANOTHER stat soon, trying to finally figure out what is the major problem. IF I EVER GOT NICOLE FOR MY NURSE…….I’D INSIST ON HAVING ANOTHER NURSE. Maybe she’s OK as a nurse BUT I just would NOT want her taking care of me. I could NOT deal with whiner in my room. Lol

      • Jannie

        “frrrraaaannnnkkkkoooooooo!!” Lol. 🙂
        I can’t believe she is a nurse. I mean, I know she is, but the chick has no common sense. She just seems like such a ditz. My sister is a damn good nurse and one of her best qualities is decisiveness and compassion, things that seem to be lacking in Nicole’s character.
        Good luck with those teats…sending good thoughts.

      • Jannie

        Wait, not teats(damn spell check)

      • Avatar

        Jannie, thank you for your good thoughts. I’ve seen so many specialists that it’s hard to keep up when the next appointment is and who I’m seeing. It’s frustrating.

        Now about nurses….my mother was a nurse as were two of her sisters and two of my cousins are nurses. I have the utmost respect for most nurses but I’ve run into a few who I refused to let back in my room. I have a feeling Nicole would be one of them. I’m REALLLLLLY not a difficult patient AT ALL even when I’m feeling my worst. I actually try to have a sense of humor. The last time I was in the hospital the “hospital” doctor fought to get me when she saw I was back cuz she knows my history and we get along so well. The entire nursing staff on the floor knows me cuz I’ve been there SO much. They can see me walking the hall and tell if it’s a bad day. They’re very kind. I cannot imagine Nicole bring THAT kind of nurse.
        I’m not trying to be mean but I JUST DON’T SEE HER BEING A GOOD NURSE.

  7. Avatar

    Nicole gave Victor or Paul the game. James should not have given up to her boo hoo pity party about wanting a letter from her mom. If she seriously thinks James and Natalie are the threat she better wake up and realize that she is mistaken, bc right now she’s being played like a fiddle!

  8. Jannie

    Go Vic!
    He deserves to win it all.
    And I agree with Kate, it would be great to have him turn on Nicorey. I just can’t stand either one one of them.
    They have to remember that Nicole is good at mental comps…get her out.

  9. Shivani33

    Bravo to Victor again!!! He and Paul hugging and beyond thrilled, then a whole group hug. HoH Victor ( let me say that again) HoH Victor has been blunt about wanting James evicted. Do it, please. How about Nicole as a pawn, lol. It’s about time.

  10. Avatar

    What a waste of the 5000thousand Vic was voting for Michelle to go to jury, but we are talking about a idiot. He acts like he knows all . He makes a bed partner for Nicole or is it Vic. This season has been very entertaining, please big brother please give them so cards board game. . Babies don’t sleep as much the hg

  11. Avatar

    They all are stupid!!!!!!! So many big moves could of done been made.. I like James but,I don’t know what game he is playing….. Nicole walks around bragging about her HOH she won Lol she didn’t win James was Stupid and gave it to her….. Vic is gonna put James and Nat up……

    • Avatar

      I wonder what Vic will do if James tells him that Nicole lied to him about having a F4 with Natalie and James.

      • Avatar

        I don’t think Vic would believe him because since Corey & Nic gave him the $5k bribe, he thinks that was their proof of loyalty to him. Vic & Paul probably would confront Nic & Corey about it but Nic would lie her way out of it. If anything, Paul would take the time to sit back & think about it & figure out James is telling the truth but the problem would be getting Vic to see it because Vic is loyal to a fault. I think it would be very interesting to see the whole confrontation & see Nic trying to lie her way out of this while Corey stutters with his eyes bucked & eyeballs swinging side to side bobbing & weaving while being called out in front of the whole house. That’s just my wishful thinking.

      • caRyn

        Victor is loyal, but his first loyalty will be to Paul. The idea to lay low didn’t work for James last week. I hope that the house doesn’t lay low this week. Either side talks and Paul will blow it up.

  12. Rita

    It’s going to be another boring week unless BB throws in a new twist.

  13. Helen

    Good grief. Natalie makes me want to throw up….watching the feeds and she just had the nerve to call Victor…..babe!! She is so fake

  14. Mell

    I almost wish Corey had won. (Almost) I don’t think he would have gone against Paul and Vic unless Natalie or James had won. Since James and Nat will be going otb, I wish Corey would have had to do it himself. He and Nicole get to be innocent again this week.
    I like Vic better than Paul but Paul seems to be doing better as far as the jury may be concerned. Vic is obviously better at comps (than basically anyone) but this is another example of how Paul is playing a better game overall.

  15. Mell

    James knows he’s going otb. Do you think he also feels like a dumbass because he and Natalie have to unpack since the DE (he guaranteed) didn’t happen?

  16. Jannie

    Did anyone notice that Paul and Vic were the only ones that got emotional when they saw their families?
    And I found it interesting that almost all of them had parents with accents. Vic’s family seems like some fun people.
    What was up with Lamsey’s message? Really, his daughter and his baby mama? Where were his parents? Wondering if his parents have seen Bailey since Lames went in the house. Hmmmm…..

    • caRyn

      Paul, Victor and Natalie cried. I could see Corey was touched. James and Nicole had a poker face smile. Michelle was uncomfortable. What was strange to me was that Michelle didn’t even tear up seeing how moved the other hg were to see their family. Maybe it was because she was OTB and voting was about to begin. I thought they just wanted to show the other half of James’ family since this season.

      • caRyn

        Correction – leave out the word – since. Sorry.

      • Avatar

        James mother passed away recently so maybe the rest of the family wasn’t ready for something like being on tv right now. Plus James daughter lives far away from where he & his family live. He said he has to drive I think something like 17hrs twice a month to go see her.

        Meech’s parents speech was so dry & looked forced or maybe like they really weren’t into it. Meech didn’t seem to be excited to see them either. Maybe her family is just not close like that.

        When Nicole’s mom talked about going on that girls vacation, I wonder if she meant the vacation that Nicole won & is planning on taking Corey. Was that her way of saying you & I will be going on that trip, not you & Corey. Lol

        I loved Vic & Pauls families. It’s so clear that they are very tight knit & close & loving families.

      • Jannie

        Ahhh, Ann, I didn’t realize James’ daughter lived so far away. I guess it’s good that Bailey’s mom seems to have a good relationship with him, even as he makes a lovesick fool out of himself on national television.

  17. Jannie

    From Jokers:
    Nicole is worried because her parents didn’t say they were proud of her.
    Geez, would you be proud if your daughter was acting like a tramp and making you tube pornos on national television?
    I bet her parents are mad…her brother looked pissed and had nothing to say.

  18. Avatar

    Yasssssss victor!!! I hope he wins!! He deserve it!

  19. Shivani33

    Nicole telling Paul and Victor that she and Corey didn’t ever really have an alliance with James and Natalie, and meanwhile in another room, James telling Natalie that he’s going to tell Victor the truth about that and how they all had a F4 agreement together to get Victor or Paul out during Natalie’s Co-HoH. Nicole has covered that whole story pretty well already by blaming it all on Jatalie. James just said that he and Natalie have to talk to Victor about this subject tonight. I don’t think Victor will be surprised by the conflicting stories. What he does know is that both times he’s gone and come back, he and Paul stayed loyal to each other, and nobody else gave a rat’s ass either time.

    Minutes later, the whole group is hanging out blabbing non-game stuff, and James is sitting there silent and strained, looking constipated. He is terrible at hiding his emotions, but Natalie is really good at schmoozing. Finally, James gave up waiting for an opening to get Victor alone. He and Natalie left and got back in bed. Natalie said, “what are we gonna do? Our game is done.” The other four waited politely after Jatalie’s departure and then all of them began cracking up and howling.

    • caRyn

      Victor wants to do to James what he did to Paulie. Victor doesn’t forget. It also pissed Paul off when James rubbed it in that they were voting to save Michelle. James stated the obvious and it was so unnecessary.

  20. Avatar

    Respect girl,s Natalie is the only one that had respect,, the gal .s much .

  21. danmtruth

    Ok had some time to digest what all went down First the eviction with Michelle trying to top Paulie’s as the most cringe worthy of the season. The HoH with a nice twist Did James forget he was not bribed to throw the comp ?
    First Big Meech. What more can be said . She kept self proclaiming herself as a super fan. Than she first complains Nicholes HoH were the most boring Yet when she was HoH she let Nat & James tell her how to use her eviction choice. Was it to get her enemy Nichole out No she listen to James & Nat That worked out well As for Nichole not ta’king game Perhaps if she went to the HoH room she would have HEARD the game talk As Michelle complained a bout Vic having his head up Nichole’s butt Meech had her head up James & nat’s and we saw he useless that was As a super fan you would think she might have seen that coming What big revaluation did Michelle leave the house with That Paul &Vic are a strong pair Wow shocking
    Franco if I can call you friend ,,,, you had me laughing out loud That was spot on and funny about Not wanting Nichole as your nurse

  22. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Lames Lames Lames. Poor, simple, foolish Lames. For the past two weeks you’ve been running around the BB house with such an unfounded cockiness, talking as if you knew exactly what you were doing in this game and had crafted some perfect strategy as a BB “vet”. Now that you’ve officially destroyed your own game, you’re now discussing with Natalie how your head “hasn’t been in the game lately”. Lately, huh?

    You, my dear Lames, are finally reaping the rewards of your many bounced checks in this house. As I said earlier this season, players like you, Lames, irritate me to no end because you seem to think that the objective of Big Brother is to lie to as many people as possible, and to “bounce checks” any time you get an opportunity. Of course most every BB player lies and breaks their word at some point in the game. But there’s an art to “bouncing checks”, and it’s an art that completely escapes you Lames. Now you and Nat are commiserating over the realization that you finally bounced one check too many… If you had not screwed Paul and Vic over two weeks ago, you would probably not be in this situation right now. There is something to be said for keeping your word SOMETIME in this game. Openly flip flopping all around the house will eventually catch up to you Lames, and you are finally learning that lesson the hard way this week.

    Well, enjoy your $25K AFP prize Lames. Although I have absolutely no clue why America is so fond of you, I guess the AFP is really what you came for anyway and unfortunately you’ll probably win it again. As for me, I’m shutting off BBAD and calling it a night, as the producers seem intent upon forcing us to watch Natalie smack on an orange in an extraordinarily obnoxious manner.

    Enjoy the jury house, enjoy your inevitably platonic relationship with Natalie, and please NEVER EVER return to my television screen or my life again.


    • Avatar

      @getardo I do love your synopsis! Agree literally 100%! Can’t wait for Lames to get out and get a clue. (James – if / when you ever read thus – you seem like an amazingly nice person, but still very clueless. I root for you in life, but definitely not on BB.)

    • Avatar

      Gerardo you sure said a mouthful.The sounds Natalie was making as she attacked that orange was cringeworthy! I’ve never seen or heard anyone eat an orange that way. She certainly needs to invest in an etiquette class. That grossed me out!! James has strutted around like a peacock boasting about his knowledge of the game, everything he predicted was wrong, yet Natalie and Michelle believed everything he said. Michelle saw that James had negotiated with Nicole to keep him and Natalie safe when he threw the hoh contest, with no mention of keeping her safe, and she still followed his advice to not talk to Nicole about keeping her safe. What kind of super fan would listen to that advice. The night before eviction he finally advised her to talk to Nicole, but by this time her mood had changed and she felt like she would be kissing butt to campaign to stay. For a super fan she made terrible choices. I hope they don’t give James afp, it seems that and looking for a girlfriend is what it seems he came to play for. I ALMOST felt sorry for him when he talked to Michelle about his feelings for Natalie and how she was treating him. He had to know she wasn’t that in to him, he was the 4th man in the house she set her sight on. He would have had better luck going on Dating Naked. I hope he finds someone that can love him the way he wants to be loved.

    • caRyn

      Had Victor not come back into the house after James voted him out would have been considered a bold move. There are two times when James goes silent – when he doesn’t believe what someone is saying or when he is worried.

  23. Avatar

    Big game move time. Put up James and Corey. If their side wins Veto then fine. The other shomance goes up. Either way Paul holds the exit power. Vic and Paul have this locked. Vic win Paul fan favorite. They have to get rid of Nicole. They can beat everyone else

  24. Avatar

    And what a waste of a Care bribed NPackage. Nicole should have bribed Gnat Gnat to vote Michelle last minute to vote Meech. Would have saved her game and added girl power. Exit might not have been so dramatic.

  25. Avatar

    Have you guys seen the rumors that Meech was stealing from the house guests?

    • Avatar

      Yes, I did & James went through her bag & found his hoodie that had gone missing. She admitted to taking a shirt out of Tiffany’s bag right before she was evicted & Meech wore it after Tif was gone & Meech laughed about it saying she hopes Tif saw her wearing her shirt. Meech had a pair of either Paul or James pants or shirt bald up in her bag too. Did u see how she took pablo right out the door & threw him to the audience? I’d be willing to bet she has everything else that came up missing that’s not hers.

  26. Helen

    While I somewhat understand Victor wanting Lame James out, I don’t really understand why Natalie would not be his first target? James was only able to vote Victor out because Natalie put him OTB. I admit I have to agree with Borey Corey on this one..Natalie needs to join her BFF Crazy Michele in jury house….Take Lames out next week.

  27. Avatar

    I like Victor and am glad he got 5k. I read on jokers site that Corey told Victor he gave up 5k to keep Paulie on block. Gave the impression it was payback as this kept Cory safe. I think this was a surprisingly smart move by Cory.

    • caRyn

      Nicole thought for some reason that Victor was going to flip and vote out Paul. She told Corey and Nicole and Corey both decided to give the bribe to Victor so that Nicole was secure in Victor’s vote. When the bribe was used, Victor and Paul didn’t know the real reason behind it.

  28. Helen

    I really do hope Victor wakes up soon and realizes that Nicole and Corey need to go probably before James and Natalie cause they are about to ship him out again when given the chance. Unfortunately I think Victor will stay true to them which is a shame because he deserves to win this game IMHO.

  29. Avatar

    I would love to be able to see what’s going on in the jury house.

  30. caRyn

    BBAD on Wednesday night – Super-fan Michelle’s last night in the BB house and she is in bed putting the end of the clothes hanger in her mouth and stirring it around. No campaigning and no game play. That is how her season ended.

  31. danmtruth

    How nice Michelle can join Paulie in his pity party in the jury house. They can talk crap about the other players and how smart they were. Funny Paulie’s all bro alliance is going strong . Just without him. Meech all your super fan talk and Vic,Paul, and Nichole out played you
    Nat & James why again did you two try to go after Vic & Paul after making a deal with them ? James big moves need to be smart big moves . You still did not have the numbers Sad to see the vet in the game James was the weak link In many ways Nat had better instincts on what was going on in the house Yet James was priority s were not clear Was for James to win AFP again , To find a showmance To win the game It was never clear The only thing that was clear was keep Nat safe at all coast James hung his game play on being able to win endurance comps Than at the critical time James did as he always done. He folded giving his hang on the wall comp to Nichole . Thus putting there fate in someone else hands. This after he talk about taking Nichols boy toy out the week before.
    Nichole & Corey are another odd combo She is much more invested in the relationship than Corey. As a team everyone thinks Corey is a comp threat Yet he has not won or been a competitive I’m not sure how these two can make any decisions This is where production steps in . It was production in DR that suggested teaming with certain people It was production that kept pushing for a decision on using the bribe. There indecision making and falling into paranoia look how Nichole obsessed on the fact her mother did not say she was proud of her Does she not understand how edit these things are How strict they are with what they can say Of anyone beside James she should had coach her mom on what she would need to hear In fact her mom could had said it Production cut it than in the DR ask her why didnt her mom say it Just to ramp up the drama It should be a clear path to the final 4 If those two do anything to try to blindside Vic and Paul would be foolish
    Paul and Vic in the best place They have a clear view on how to make it to the F4 Most important they STICK to it

  32. Avatar

    Yea Victor has been able to come back from eviction twice, but that doesn’t mean he deserves to win this game. He’s second most deserving behind Paul. Paul has been able to survive 5 times on the block being a target and a pawn. He started the season in the minority against the 8 pack and was able to team up with Paulie and form PP which helped him completely flip the house with him in control. Then after he realized Paulie was a dead man walking he cut the fat and had to work from the bottom again this time against Jatalie Michelle and Nicorey. However he has somehow once again escaped BB Death by using the power that he and Victor hold together and being able to sway Nicorey to his and Victors side. As much as I can respect comp beasts, without production helping him twice all of Vic’s wins wouldn’t even matter. All the wins he does have he hasn’t been able to really take control unless consulting Paul. (It was Paul who planted the seeds to cut Paulie) Unless Paul is backdoored he can’t lose honestly

  33. Alda

    When James threw the HOH to Nicole because she wanted a letter from her mom so badly,why didn’t she show any emotion last night when she saw the video of her family? I thought that was sketch!

  34. caRyn

    What was up with Nicole yelling at James after Michelle walked out the door. Nicole totally took her frustrations out on James. It wasn’t like James was campaigning to Nicole to keep Michelle. Nicole made a decision and then when Michelle went off on her she blamed James for Michelle’s outburst. Nicole talks about how she almost fainted when she voted Michelle out and then later Nicole pats herself on the back for winning HOH and veto and then breaking the tie with her vote.

    • Jannie

      She was just trying to cover her ass. Lamsey and Gnat were expecting her to vote out Paul, so she needed to act like she didn’t have a choice.
      I will give it to her, she has done a good job of playing both sides of the house. We all know that if Gnat or Lamsey had won that last HOH, she would be leaving Vic and Paul in the dust.

  35. Avatar

    Well since Michele has gone and taken Pablo with her, there is only two left, Mr. Jenkins and Baldwin. I wonder who is next?

    • Shivani33

      I know it’s silly, but I cried a little when Pablo was kidnapped. The vindictiveness! As someone who has made lots of toys just for fun, I found that to be one of the coldest acts done all Season.

      • Avatar

        I said in an earlier post that she had one of the worst exits I’ve ever seen. She seemed very bitter. Did you notice that when she walked out the door before she stopped her bad she tossed Pablo to her left like trash? She’s a very very sore loser. Maybe production picked him up and took him to the diary room to be united with Paul. I hope so. Her actions as she left, all of them, were childish.

  36. Avatar

    Julie seemed to enjoy it.

  37. Avatar

    James will probably take Mr. Jenkins with him. I too hope they find Pablo and return him to the house.

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