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Houseguests Push Button, Jeff Puts A Ring On Jordan



There is not going to be any live feed updates today.  There is only so much I can take watching 4 guys sit around a house chatting about nothing, so I needed a little break. Don’t worry, feed updates will resume per normal tomorrow until Friday. I will be home on Saturday night, so I can update any BB news that happened in the house, but then I am going away for a few days.  I’ll likely be able to bang out an overnight recap in the morning while I’m on vacation, but I won’t be able to live update from Sunday until about Thursday.

Also, as the season is winding down, be sure to follow my personal facebook page for any updates on new blogs or anything going on throughout the winter.

So, the nomination episode had a lot of time to kill… and I mean a lot.  What you saw with the guys sitting around talking was pretty much the house from Thursday night until nominations, and the conversations were mostly random and non game related.  I don’t think it was ever explained tonight, so you’re probably wondering what the button was all about if you missed Thursday’s show.  Well, if the button is pressed, on Wednesday’s live show, Julie is going to tell the nominees they’re both safe and the house essentially has to redo the week… with the only difference is Derrick will be able to play in the HoH (according to sources).


This  means the HoH competition was fairly meaningless, though the players didn’t know it.  Frankie and Caleb destroyed the competition until the end when Caleb dropped a ball he was supposed to balance on a shovel and that gave Frankie an easy victory.  Another day, another competition win for Mr Grande.

The doorbell rang, and former houseguests Jeff and Jordan entered the house to pretend there was a luxury competition.  When Jeff took Jordan out back, he proposed to her, what seemed like their entire family came out to celebrate and then some country musician played a song for them.  Considering the Jeff and Jordan segment took about 20 minutes of the episode, that’s how little there was to actually put into the show.

The celebration finally ended, and Frankie had to put up two nominees who are really going to be safe this week.  He chose everyone’s favorite punching bag, Victoria to sit up against Cody.

I did almost forget, at the beginning of the episode, they did show the house reaction when they heard the boos for Christine on Thursday night.  Cody doesn’t think he did anything wrong, but they did piece together it likely had something to do with her snuggling with him.  Although on the feeds they gave out numerous other reasons why – like they speculated Christine trashed the entire house in the DR and was the evil dick of the season.  That is actually their running theory, but to push the narrative along, CBS aired the discussion about Cody and Christine.


There is an episode on Tuesday night and the live show will be on Wednesday this week!

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  1. Avatar
    Willie Jones Jr (722 comments)

    Thanks for doing the updates!

  2. Avatar

    Franko I answered you but you may not have seen it.. I’ve been getting “thumbed down ” all day. It had nothing to do with me “loving ” you..

    I hate that someone’s petty disdain for me (btw, I’m an anonymous poster on a TV show blog and they don’t know me personally) caused you to think that they were downing you.

    I know who it is and they’ve made themselves so obvious its just silly.

    • Jannie

      Don’t sweat it, Willie.
      Every time I mention Victoria in a negative light, I get thumbs down.

      BTW, I only give thumbs up – if I don’t agree w/someone’s post I just move along.

      • Avatar

        Thanks Jannie.
        I’m beginning to like Vic, but mainly because I feel bad for her..
        I’m not a thumbs downer either.. its just weird…

      • Avatar

        I feel sorry for Victoria too. She is so immature and naïve and is going to be crushed if/when she watches how she was talked about.

      • Avatar
        Jenny (383 comments)

        I like her as a human. Yes, she is spoiled and naive. But she’s a good kid. I hope she can grow from this experience. I know she’ll be so hurt when she finds out Derrick was just bs’ing her about being the best girl player. Victoria, dear, you’re a pretty girl, you’re a sweet girl, you don’t have to be perfect. Best of luck and I hope you realize this is all just a game and there’s a lot more to life than being famous.

    • Avatar
      Colby (426 comments)

      Willie, I also got the thumbs down on pretty much any comment I made for several days. I don’t know who it was, or spent time to analyze it. It doesn’t bother me. I don’t care.
      Just know that most love your posts.

  3. Avatar

    Ok. Those of you that know I have been researching the Derrick education and police jobs I think I have got it all straight now. Derrick went to junior college at 18 with baseball scholarship. He finished in 2 years and was going to 4 year college when he decided to join police dept. he became policeman at age 20 and has been policeman for 10 years. so bio that said he did undercover before he became sgt and has been sgt for 10 years was wrong. Probably just typed it in wrong. Derrick has finished his four year bs degree and got masters degree in business management while working as cop.

  4. Avatar

    I didn’t watch the seasons Jeff and Jordan were on but after this short tender segment it made me wish they would have stayed in the house after the engagement and played out the rest of this season. Now I see why everyone is so gaga over this couple…sweet as can be.

    • Rita

      I saw the season with Jeff and Jordan and watched the last few episodes today on youtube. In one Jeff was playing pool and casually asked Jordan if she wanted to get married. She said Yes and told him she wanted a square cut diamond. Jeff’s comment was cute as he never put down the pool cue and said “I can’t believe I’m engaged”. I thought for sure that would have been in the episode tonight but it wasn’t.

    • Avatar

      It was great and Jordan who is as sweet and nice as can be and as ditzi as a blonde can be won. One of the few times a really nice person won. She was my favorite. Didn’t win much at all and there were very good competitors that year he was in school for chemical engineering or chemistry. Something like that and couldn’t get married til he got out of school figured they would have been married long ago she has been ready but he wanted to be more established. They were also on amazing race.

  5. Avatar
    Jenny (383 comments)

    Tonight’s episode made me bust out laughing when they showed Frankie winning HOH and said “Frankie crop-dusted the rest of the house”. I don’t know if that was intentional, but where I come from, “crop-dusting” is slang for someone passing really bad gas as they move through an office or other environment with lots of people.

  6. danmtruth

    Posted on the other thread it was fun to see the engagement. Yet I think it would have been more interesting to see more of the jury house. To see the reaction when Christine walk in. To hear the the talk between the evicted house guest. At this time much more interesting people in the jury house Would love to see how Zach is doing . From what I read he was ready to forgo the jury house and go home. Hear if Christine says anything about being booed .

    • Avatar

      Ive always wondered why we don’t see more of the Jury… that’s where the real action is..

      • danmtruth

        Fun to hear if Christine comes clean on all that happened . Life must be good for Jocosta and all the jury members . Would just like to hear what they are thinking Do they hold a grudge? Do they vote who they feel played them ? How are they thinking

      • Avatar

        I doubt this group would hold a grudge. They seem so nice.
        Jury seems like a restful vacation.. I remember Helen was painting in Jury last season..
        I hope Christine relives every single boo and every theory of why she was booed.

      • Avatar

        I need to do some digging to remember where I saw this, but on one of the Twitter accounts posting updates on the live feeds, etc., someone posted a screenshot of a tweet that TMZ supposedly made stating that Christine was so pissed off at being booed, etc., that she refused to go to the Jury House at all, that she just wanted to go home.

        I’m guessing it either wasn’t true or she changed her mind, as if that was the case, I’m sure we would have heard about that by now.

        Will keep checking for it!

      • Avatar

        Okay, did some checking and wanted to correct some info I posted – it appears the post was made by someone on a BB fan site using the initials “TMZ” – not the TMZ TV show. It also appears from reading more about it on other sites, that it does not appear to be true.

        On one of the sites, someone who was in audience at the night Christine was evicted shared some helpful information. He said that when you go to a taping, they tell you to react any way you want when the evicted house guest comes out. (It apparently was a huge issue after everyone booed Aaryn, because someone claimed they were told to boo and lawyers had to get involved, and the thing they settled on is that it’s OK to tell everyone to react how they want to react, but just not encourage cheers or boos.)

        One more interesting tidbit I wanted to share – apparently the last time there was a DE and there was the possibility of Frankie being evicted, his family made up basically half of the audience, just in case…(it only seats about 70 to 80 people.) So if/when Frankie does get evicted, if we don’t hear as many boos as you think we should, now we know why….

      • Avatar

        In their contract hat they go to jury if someone refuses then I think they don’t get any of their stipend

      • Avatar

        Really think we might see jury this week.

      • leafhopper
        leafhopper (184 comments)

        I’m thinking that what is going on in the jury house might be similar conversations to what we are seeing here….. and that would give away the finale vote. This is just my opinion, but if BB wants to keep the last few weeks interesting showing that the jury has already made up their mind might not be in their best interest. Of course they could do creative editing just like they have done with everything else.

      • Avatar

        They normally show the jury house on eviction nights as a lead up to the vote.

    • Avatar
      Jenny (383 comments)

      Agreed. I would much rather watch the people in jury. Well, everyone except Jacosta. I have had enough of her for a lifetime.

    • Avatar
      Colby (426 comments)

      In earlier seasons they used to show clips of the evicted person arriving to the jury house, the jurors anticipation of who it would be, and their reaction to who it was (though I don’t remember anyone being really mean about it, you could tell if they were glad or not). I miss that.

      • Avatar

        They used to show more period. More family and hometown stuff, more Jury.. not sure why they changed that format…
        It was more of a family show.. I guess they’re moving away from that and into more salacious stuff..

      • Avatar

        They always show reply as each person goes in. Near the end they sometimes show them siscussing game and arguing about who they think did best I remember them doing that last year.

      • Avatar

        Last year was such a hostile jury.. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall..

      • Jannie

        Remember?? They showed everyone entering jury w/ a video tape showing how and why they got evicted.

        I miss that and the hometown stuff with the HG’s families. They did a few this year, but they used to do a lot more.

      • Avatar

        Yeah. They should try to work on the stories they have instead of scripting ones to fill up the hour…

      • ShoeLover
        ShoeLover (623 comments)

        Yes, Miss the family home town interviews. They were probably worried about negative reactions from last year’s families. Slamming doors and screaming get that camera outta my face!! Now that would have been a heck of a lot more entertaining than Amanda huddle up in bed all day!

      • Avatar

        You’re right. That’s the problem in general. . The HGs have nothing to do all day..
        Maybe if they had to work a little they wouldn’t be laying in bed all day..

      • Avatar
        Colby (426 comments)

        Willie, I think maybe they have not shown as much family and hometown stuff because the family will not agree to it. As reported from many, they already get hate mail, threats, etc. from the nut cases of the world. I’m sure they are not willing to encourage any more of that by putting themselves out there.

      • Avatar

        That stinks. As my mama says “Can’t have nothin”…
        I liked the older format of BB.. when ppl weren’t crazy…

      • Avatar
        mindyboo (379 comments)

        Well then you must have misssed the season Rachel and Regan were in jury together fighting like cats and dogs. They eventually became good friends after the show was over.

      • Avatar

        I remember. . He called her pimple face right?
        Regan was a good dude.. he actually taught college right? Not like lying Andy. ..

    • Avatar

      They don’t ever show jury house unless it’s on eviction day right? I’m looking forward to how the house is feeling about who’s left in the game.

      • Avatar

        There show short conversations discussing some ppl still in house. Usually it kind of splits up in alliances on who they think will win. But you really can’t tell who they will vote for. Last year Candace was still really hot about Aaron and her group when in jury seems she gave the final two pretty hard questions at finale. I’ve watched pretty much every season but pretty much forget the ppl and the season once it’s over seldom does the person I like get to the end. I tend to like the nicest ones that I think play the most honest and cleanest game so my favs usually don’t get to end. But from what I remember the jury votes for the one that was best player. Can’t remember a jury voting for someone for person reason. But it seems like final two are usually two ppl from same alliance so what one had done the other has also. To me last year was rare. Final three was pitiful. Spencer and Gina Marie I think should not have even been there. Andy had no competition no matter who he took with him

  7. Avatar

    Steve Beans latest I read is that Derrick will Not be able to play for HOH per complete reset. Julie Chen said he would, then retracted and said he wouldn’t.

    • Avatar

      I hope Derrick plays.
      (And not Mango)..

    • Avatar

      I finally figured out why Derrick won’t play ( guess I’m alittle slow. ). It’s because the rewind button wasn’t pushed until Frankie’s hoh. So if rewound it would not include Derrick to play. Frankie’s hoh is null and void so game goes back to before hoh started last week and Derrick was hoh so naturally just like last week he would not be eligible to play.

      • Avatar

        That stinks too.
        Stupid twist… better not backfire on us. . I mean them…

      • Avatar

        It’s really not a twist but only fair although I would like Derrick playing as one more chance to beat Frankie. But it would not be right cause if they let him play the reset would have to bring his evictions and week back also. Reast starts with Christine leaving

  8. Avatar

    Ok. I’m a bit confused. Cody I admit is a fairly
    Handsome guy. We wouldn’t blame Christine for
    Being attracted to him. He doesn’t seem to believe
    She was booed for possibly being inappropriate
    With him. He’s only denying it because I assume he
    Doesn’t want to look bad for possibly flirting back with her.
    Now, from a lot of comments I’ve read on this site
    And in my own opinion, Christine isn’t the prettiest
    Girl on earth. Wouldn’t Cody be more concerned that
    He managed to have the ugliest ( not to be rude but it’s true)
    Girl in the house to flirt with and not even picked a more
    Attractive girl ie nicole, Victoria, Brittany? I bet you
    He is going to be teased royally when he gets
    Home by his friends. People may really think he’s gay now.

    • Avatar

      It looked like he had tears welling up, like hearing that stuff bothered him…
      No one wants to be a homewrecker.
      He could have picked a better looking and more available woman to showmance…

      • Avatar

        On BBAD one night Cody an another houseguest said he thought Christine was best looking girl in the house and whoever the other person was ( maybe Derrick ? ) agreed. I don’t like talking about someone looks but I have to admit I was shocked. Also on BBAD one night, and I may have gotten this out of context, Christine and Cody were sitting on the couches outside talking about one of Cody’s exes ( I think ) and he made the comment that he was her best gay friend now. Christine said, really?! I need a best gay friend. I really don’t know if he is or not and doesn’t matter I just wondered at the time if he made a Freudian slip.

      • Avatar

        I don’t doubt Christine is a good time.
        She seems like she wouldn’t say No.. if you get my drift..

        I really think Cody does have a little sugar in his tank sometims

    • Avatar

      He tried with Brittany, Amber and Nichole. Really Cody was just as bad as Christine. He knew she was married. He did a lot of hugging and rubbing. Had she not been married it would have been no big deal. Zing at mentioned it and it bothered Christine she said but didn’t alter her actions Cody talking badly about her now which I don’t respect because I know he liked her as friend. She would have fought for him and never taken him out or voted against. I know he hurt her more than anything. I think Cody is needy and craves attention and Christine was only one that gave it to him. She was just flattered to be amount the “in” crowd and had good looking guy paying attention to her. Cody said he didn’t want Christine to go up but again Derrick talked him in to it. He has reason to be afraid about what America thinks and should be ashamed

      • Avatar

        I feel sorry for Christine. Poor girl.
        I didn’t like how he pretended he didn’t know how she felt…
        he may get booed ..I didn’t think so at first.. but after tonight…

      • Avatar
        TangoTango (152 comments)

        I don’t think he will get booed! Maybe Frankie…but not Cody.
        Just my thoughts anyway! Overall, people like him much more than Frankie or Christine.

      • Avatar

        Yeah maybe not. . I thought they were editing him badly last night. .
        Hopefully we hear some Mango boos this wk.. I’m ready for him to go.. him and Cody…

    • danmtruth

      Annette good points. At first I believe Derrick sent Cody to Christine to keep control over her.Naturally Christine was amazed that such a good looking guy was paying so much attention to her. As time went on and Cody spent so much time with her. He soon found that he was enjoying his time with her. She was funny she hung on his every word. As with any pretty boy with a girl not as cute. He denied any sexual feelings. She is just a good friend ,I look at her like one of the guys. Problem is she was very much into him. All the touching all the stroking of his hair. Being in that house she was able to stay close to him at all times . The only difference between her and Caleb stalking of Amber . Is Amber made it very clear she wanted no part of Caleb Compare to Cody who feed into Christine’s fantasy. All the other house guest felt the same . It was easy to blame the ugly girl trying to date above her . Than say anything to the guy dating below his standard Cody deserve just as much blame

      • Avatar

        Right. She did just as much flirting and rubbing. He knew she was married. Plus zing at did not even stop them many of HG talked to him about what he and Christine were doing and how it looked but he acted as if he could not believe they could be right one night Caleb and Frankie I think acted out how he and Christine had acted in by night before and he kept denying it. Said he didn’t act any differently with Christine than any other girl in house. He really didn’t seem to comprehend he had done anything inappropriate. To me they are both to blame. Ppl didn’t like Christine but mostly it was because of her behavior with Cody. Lots of ppl not liked by audience don’t get booed when they leave. You have to do something pretty bad to get booed. Amanda and Aaron got booed and they deserved it Frankie would get booed. Cody should but don’t know if he will don’t think anyone else would get booed

  9. Avatar

    I am a real fan of Jeff and Jordan. Enjoyed watching that season play along both for the game, and because they really seemed like a nice couple.

    Having said that, I hate when things are staged, and we the viewers are supposed to believe what is happening is real.

    Like tonight’s engagement.

    Jordan couldn’t even pretend to be shocked or surprised. She was more shocked seeing a country singer come out and play for them then Jeff getting down on his knee.

    And then, hardly any reaction when the families show up.

    Happy for them, it just seemed so fake.

    With respect to the booing replay, it actually seemed louder on tonight’s replay than it did on Thursday.

    Hoping that Cody gets hoh after the reset !

    • Avatar
      Lilly (644 comments)

      I agree with you dmc, I also think the best scenario would be for Cody to win HOH, then he could put Frankie and Caleb, or Frankie and Victoria, and then Frankie goes home.

      • Mello_One

        I’m happy for Jordo & Jeff also. I think it was very nice of CBS to allow them to come back into the BB House Backyard for Jeff to propose to Jordan, because that is were it all began for them.

      • Avatar

        I’m afraid that in that scenario that if you put Frankie up right off the bat that he would win pov and take himself off.

      • Avatar

        I hope these dummies didn’t blow their chance to win by keeping Mango.

        Maybe production will have a contest Vic can win.. id say a makeup applIcatIon challenge, but Mango seems to be good at everyone..

      • kneeless

        Good one Willie, a comp Vic can win! lol!

      • Avatar

        You r right but I almost think u have to take the chance. He knows if he goes up he’s target so plays hard for pov. He also knows if he does not go up and someone else wins pov he’s going up with no chance to get off. He’s figured it out and knows he has to win everything. He’s worried cause he can’t play hoh next week but when reset happens he gets to play in hoh!! (Could be productions way or not having Frankie sit out hoh next week?)

  10. Avatar
    Colby (426 comments)

    I personally am tired of Cody getting a free pass in the Cody/Christine situation. He said tonight it was just game. No!
    Was it more her responsibility to enforce the boundaries? Absolutely! And she is paying for that.
    But it takes two.
    Is it OK just because he is a single guy? Not in my book.
    How about him not showing any respect for marriage or any relationship?
    Would it be OK with him if some other guy did that with his girlfriend, or his Mother? I doubt it!
    Did he learn a blatant disregard for respecting the boundaries of a relationship from his Father? I hope not!
    Even Skanky Frankie saw a problem with it.
    Why does everyone just keep sweeping it under the rug?

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  12. Avatar

    I always enjoy damn truths posts!

  13. Avatar

    There are two moments that stand out to me this season (not much for 2+ months of watching) – they are Donny talking to Zach about his family with emphasis on his brother – and Jeff and Jordan tonight – whether that was staged or not makes no difference to me – they are the 2 most popular players ever and it seemed appropriate to have the proposal in the BB house.

    • Avatar

      OK I admit it i’m just an old softy – and a bit of a romantic.

      • Avatar
        Colby (426 comments)

        Me to. Loved the whole Jeff and Jordan thing. It was a serious tear-jerker. (And certainly more interesting than anything going on in the house this season).

      • Avatar

        Me too they met in bb and they have continued to be involved with it yearly. It was good for cbs ratings. Sure it was their idea

    • danmtruth

      The point you make about Donny and Zach talking about Donny’s brother is a good one. Most in the house like to throw out there that Donny had no social game. No Donny did not talk about the game nor did he have conversation just to get game info. No Donny talk to house guest to LEARN things about them as he is interested Not for game play but just to enjoy the time together I bet Donny knows more about more of the guest than anyone else. How is that not social?

      • Avatar

        Absolutely danmtruth!! I agree Donny was very social. He was a very genuine person I think at all times that’s why I loved him so. If anyone has noticed the ftsm after my name it stands for Sandra for the souther man. Loved loved Donny. Question though. When will we get to vote for AFP?

      • Avatar

        Does anyone know when we get to vote for AFP? I asked but got no reply.

      • Avatar

        Soon. Maybe next week since the finale is the 24th. Sorry its a crappy answer, but irdk..

        16 days left.

      • Avatar

        Thank you. I figured it was soon but wasn’t sure.

      • danmtruth

        They confused Donny being genius because he was just honest. They did not know how to react Donny .He enjoyed getting to know people not to trick them but to get to know them .

      • Avatar

        They didn’t know how to act around an adult with common sense? Great casting CBS.
        Its this generation in general. Young and dumb.

      • Avatar

        I agree Willie and have thought that for awhile just didn’t want to get slammed by a bunch of younguns.

      • Avatar

        Didn’t think I’d like Donny when he came into house unfortunately judged by appearance and his speech. But within about the first week I was crazy about him because he showed what a wonderful and kind person he was. Quite intelligent also. Interested in everything and really likes ppl. About only criticism I heard from him was relationship with Cody and Christine. And he just said he’d never seen anything like it with a married person. I did not like myself when I realized I had judged someone by appearance and their grammar. I know better than to judge someone from first impressions. Who can not love Donny?? Americas favorite!!!

    • Mello_One

      I agree john ruth, especially about when Donny was talking in detail about his Brother to Zach. Its really sad that just a few of the HG got to see that side of Donny in the BB House, because he is really an interesting, good individual.

  14. Avatar

    As i was sitting here reading the blog i had a crazy idea. Why because i am bit on the crazy side. It would be great if someone start up a petition to CBS stating super-fans would like to see CBS bring in 3 super-fans to help with the show for the next season. People could nominate the super-fans and then after narrowing it down to 10 let the fans pick the ones they want. The super-fan would help make up twist and competitions and things to keep HG busy during day and food challenges.

  15. Avatar

    I think what would really be funny, is if Victoria won hoh and puts Frankie up with this reset lol..I’m not a Victoria fan for her to win, but of all times to win a hoh now is her time!

  16. Mello_One

    After reading Jokers Update today, I’m getting the feeling the remaining HG are well aware of the reset/rewind on Wednesday, and that the nominations are going to be changed, or reset.

    • Avatar

      Derrick I am almost sure knows after seeing conversation between him and Victoria last night. He seems worried about what this would mean to his game. Don’t you think?

    • Avatar

      Don’t think they know. Caleb has been closest in guessing. Derrick knows there is going to be something that can be bad for some and good for some. That’s what worries him. Afraid it will mess up his game. At this point in game I think the only one it can hurt is Frankie if he does not win hoh or veto. Anyone else should not be hurt as they put up Frankie. Course Frankie if he wins could make big move and put up two guys. That’s only way others can be hurt. But if Frankie goes on block and then wins pov he can play in the next hoh and pretty much has game in his hand. I think production working toward that. I think they want him to win or in final two. Don’t think they want to take chance he goes out before that and gets booed.

  17. stillstandingpam
    stillstandingpam (68 comments)

    I have to admit I was bored to death with the jeff/Jordan celebration. it’s not that i’m a hater – they seem like a nice couple and I liked them on their seasons, but I would have rather seen the jury house. in general this season has been a snooze-fest. (yet I continue to watch). re: Frankie, as creepy as he is, is a beast at comps. re: cody and Christine – both r adults and each has to be responsible for their actions. and cody had to realize Christine had a big crush on him.

  18. Avatar
    Karen (332 comments)

    Frankie can smell money and needs it for is smancy stuff. He has used all his beauty things all summer. No other houseguest has been given so much beauty stuff. But I hope he doesn’t win it all. But America picked him so so he is liked!

    • leafhopper
      leafhopper (184 comments)

      Ha! you said “smancy” i like that word! I agree, America DID like him, but after he told the HG who he was related to in order to save himself, he really started to show his true colors. He became mean and hateful towards the rest of them. When he turned on Zach, his BFF in the house, the one who would have never turned against him, was when the rest of them should have seen that his word wasn’t worth anything.

      • Avatar

        America voted too early for TA. no one had time to really judge anyone. They need to wait at least after 2-3 weeks. Frankie was already not liked after 2 weeks

  19. Avatar

    America picked him because he stood put.
    Zach would have been picked, but at the time he didn’t stand out yet.

    Joey stood out, she was picked,,,blue hair
    Donny stood out,,, beard
    Americans are simple.
    It was early in game.

    Too bad Frankie was picked, his head just got bigger,


    • danmtruth

      Great points as usal mom. If you look at the fan voting on jokers it shows that exact thing.Early on Frankie was a fan fav.But as time went on he sunk pretty fast.

    • Avatar

      Mom you asked last if Victoria knew if she was going home and if she was sad. Conversation last night between her Derrick says she knows but didn’t seem upset about it. She just seems to have excepted that as her fate but we all know it’s a rewind so who knows how this will affect the game.

  20. Avatar

    Good morning Franko,
    Have a great day!

    Love ,

  21. Avatar
    James (25 comments)

    I think the most disgusting thing is when Cody makes that nose noise thing he always does. Has anyone else noticed he is always adjusting his underwear (a nice way to say it). 🙂

  22. Avatar

    Thanks God BB Australia has started!!!

  23. danmtruth

    He has shown no sign of thinking and acting on his own

    Why is it when most of these people get in the DR. They insist in YELLING there mindless dribble.

    House guest still talking about post BB days Caleb,Cody,Frankie who will be on the talk. what shows they will be invited to. Caleb thinking(?) that boastmode cowboy will be the hot Halloween costume

    Let us see more jury house !

  24. Avatar

    stevebeans, Congrats on your up coming wedding. Wishing you and your new wife to be all the good luck and happiness in your up coming life together. Also thank you for all that you do for your fellow BB fans. I will still being praying for you and your family.

  25. Avatar
    TangoTango (152 comments)

    I want anyone BUT Frankie to win the HOH this time around. The only way to get him out will be to backdoor him….and Caleb screwed up that chance last week. So….Frankie will probably stay based on Competitions alone,and Derrick knows this. I can’t wait to see when Julie announces what the Button will do! Rewind…Oh I can’t wait. Hopefully, AFTER the votes have been announced. Boring or not, atleast this will be a litte exciting after a very slow predictable season. Sure wish Derrick could compete though (not likely he would win) but atleast compete. I honestly don’t think Victoria could win anything even if she was given extra hours to do the challenge. Last night, OH MY WORD, she kept saying she could have won if her balls hadn’t kept falling out. Seriously, that is what the competition was. But she said it as if that wasn’t really the goal of the game, just a side trick she was unable to perform. Whoa!
    Glad to see Cody actually seem to show a little remorse for the Christine thing. I hope he gets a few boos so he will know America didnt’ approve of his relationship.
    As for the jury…..man I wish we could see in the jury house. How have they adapted to the one who stabbed them in them back. To finally have a person who was “in the in crowd” and not an outsider. I am sure she if full of useful information for them all. Will she throw the guys under the bus….will she defend her actions? Will she tell them she got booed coming out of the house? Will they care? lol
    Well, if nothing else…it should get a LITTLE more interesting now that we are down to 5!
    Hurry up Wednesday….I CAN’T WAIT!

    • Avatar

      I think we’re more terrified of what may happen than excited..

      Id hate the rewind to be an exact of this week with Mango winning HoH and PoV.

      • Avatar
        TangoTango (152 comments)

        Oh I agree. I want anyone but Frankie to win. Poo…I would even like to see Victoria win for once. Lol. But he knows he has to win or he will be evicted. So he is the only one who is actually fighting to stay in the house!

  26. Avatar

    Hoping, praying, beseeching, whatever is needed for Frankie to NOT get HOH or POV in the rewind! I want him to go out this week and the audience to blow the roof off with their boos!!!!!

    • leafhopper
      leafhopper (184 comments)

      So…They hit the rewind AFTER/WHILE Frankie was HOH, there fore, that is when the rewind SHOULD start – right? So, Frankie should NOT be able to participate in the next HOH or POV, and Derrick should. Does that sound right?

      • Avatar

        Only one who can’t play in reset hoh is Derrick. Frankie play cause it’s like his hoh never happened if Frankie wins hoh he can’t play the next week Frankie needs to loose hoh and be put up and needs to lose next pov so he can’t take himself off. I think chances od Frankie not winning at least one of those are low he knows if he doesn’t win he’s going home. If he does win hoh his smartest play would be to put up two guys he thinks are strongest players. That helps him in long run. He has nothing to lose at this point he would be stupid for his game to again put up Cody and Victoria. I have no idea what he would do but I think production wants him in final two

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  28. Avatar

    I tried to post this a minute ago but my phone went haywire. Anyway I was saying I wish they would change up the hoh and pov games so HGs don’t always know what games are coming up. Time for all new ones!! It’s been the same for years and it makes it very boring. Also start handing out harsh punishment for singing and talking about people, places and things their not supposed to. Very aggravating to have them burst out in song when your trying to hear someone else talking game sending us to another part of the house. Make them be respectful it’s annoying. Don’t give them games ( jenga, badminton etc..) until final five or so when it gets boring in the house. Make them get their butts out of bed. Feeds aren’t worth getting with so many distractions. Just saying

  29. Avatar

    Oh and go back to when they made them clean house every week before eviction.

  30. kneeless

    Random thought, Christine admitted she was in the Bomb Squad & Detonators alliances because she was in the right place at the right time. She just happened to be in the room when those alliances began. I wonder how the game would look now if Nicole had been the person in the room rather than Christine. I know it makes no difference now but since the HG’s are boring, anyone care to speculate?

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